Dear members,

I’m writing to you all to let you know of a great initiative being led by Tina Stenos, Jessica Douglas, Kim Howard and Lynette Park.

The ask, is for you to request your lady friends to join Tina, Jess, Kim and Lynette on this great introduction to road cycling.

This is one of many programs to build our club and share the great camaraderie and support we have in the club today.

As we all know, cycling together is not only safer but much more fun, however, how does one start? It’s interesting to hear, and acknowledge, the different motivators and barriers women have to taking up cycling. This program, through it’s great leadership and structure, attempts to address the specifics of the ladies cycling journey. A journey that will inform, build confidence and ensure lots of fun. The value of this program is that it’s specifically for women and led by women. The end goal, like many of our members, may not be racing but that’s OK too.

Please share the message, and the brochure below with your lady friends and encourage their involvement.