Led by committee person Tina Stenos and with assistance from Kim Howard, Jessica Douglas and Lynette Park GSCC recently conducted a successful 2 weekend women only introductory bike program. We have some amazing women riding bikes in our area and it was great to be able to tap into that talent. Based on her on own initial skill level and fears Tina wanted to share her experiences from just riding a bike thru to racing a road bike and all the bike elements that go along with it to promote more women on bikes.

The first session on the 27th May 2017 had five participants joining Kim Howard and Tina along with Lynette Park and covered basics bike skills.

On 3rd June 2017 the session doubled in participants with 10 women attending. With the help of Kim Howard, Jessica Douglas, Lynette Park and Tina the groups were split and covered bike maintenance, gearing and cornering. ‘The sessions just flew by and by the time we knew it, it was over’

More is being planned for the next session, hopefully in the next 3 weeks. GSCC thanks Tina for coordinating the sessions and being able to secure Kim, Jessica and Lynette to assist in encouraging more women to ride and especially thank those who attended.