Hi all, here’s whats going on for the next few weeks, and yes there is a bit to read.

This weeks race has a new starting point to mix it up a bit for the Godings club handicap race. The 57 km race is starting at the Intersection of Hendy Main rd and Greenfields Drive Moriac. See attached map.

The course;
Southerly direction on Hendy Main to Grassdale Road (club Room Corner), left into Grassdale to Blackgate Rd turnaround, back to Nobles Road turn around, the right into Forest Rd, then two laps finishing in Larcombes Rd (A) for a total of 57 km. A great hit out before the open race. Its 4.5 km to the start line so make sure you allow enough time to get there 5 min before your start time! Yes must be entered on Sunday by 8.40 am so Dave has enough time to get to the start line!!!!

The Moriac General store is open at 8 am Sunday if you want a pre-race coffee hit and there are toilets there too, if you do pop in tell them where you are from! Go GSCC!
Entries to Dave like normal by Friday night please. [email protected]

Course route, see link and map attached;



We have had two great crit nights to start the season, this Thursday will be the first official crit $6 entry fee, (lets hope the weather is good). The Best Western Geelong Motor Inn Series starts November 1st.

Congratulations to Mal Cole for wining the Camperdown to Warrnambool and Jenny Denouden for finishing second, Nigel Pearson 5th, Kelvin Dyson 7th, Nick Oakley 8th and Chris Fenech 9th. Great results by the GSCC. Mal was interviewed by the Warrnambool Standard, the link is on our facebook page.

Clean up day help please!

This Sunday 22nd will be a clean up day for preparation for the GSCC open and the 40th Anniversary race. The committee have been working hard to make these days a success. So please all chip in, either before hand or after the race there’s always lots to do, if we all put in it doesn’t take too long.

Some of the many jobs to be done please, bring your gloves, mops, brooms and tie your hair back! 😉
• Sweep out, dust, dirt and cobwebs from the toilets, mop and clean toilets, clean towels, toilet paper.
• Sweep out and tidy up the change rooms
• Tidy up, clean, sweep and vacuum the main club room
• Sweep, mop tidy up and clean kitchen
• check BBQ and gas
• load up fridge with drinks
• Mow lawns, weeding
• Check generator fuel and starting ok
• check signs, marshal flags and vets etc

Open race help please!
For the open race on the 29th October the club require around 14 marshals to ensure all locations are under control by club officials. If you arent planning on racing and can help please email Vincent or myself ASAP so we can put you down on the roster. I need to provide the marshal list to the VVCC race referee with your details and marshal locations. If you can this will help us out heaps!

•Raffle Items and plate of food
•Please bring along raffle items for the open race and 40th Anniversary race we would like to fill three hampers for both races. These can be brought along this Sunday please, or well before the open race Sunday week. Non perishable quality items.
•These raffles help the club to pay for all the extra items required for the bigger events. Please bring some sandwiches and cakes to both the open race and the 40th race. Also help afterwards selling tickets would be great too!
•If you know of a coffee van operator that would like to come to the open race on the 29th please let me know.

Don’t forget to enter for the open race via the VVCC website before Tuesday 24th Oct. . www.veterancycling.com.au/events.html#geelong

GSCC 40th Anniversary Race 5th November 2017

This is going to be a great event proudly sponsored by ‘Complete Rehab Care’
See the attached flyer for all the information…… Its going to be a great day.
The committee have been working hard to have things organised for a great race and lunch to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of our great club. We hope you can hang around for a good while afterwards and invite your families for lunch too! A great BBQ will be on, BYO alcoholic drinks if you wish, or purchase soft drink and water though our canteen, there will be a coffee Van onsite for the day. Please bring some salads and cakes for dessert. Please ask past members that you know there all invited. We will be requested RSVP very soon for the BBQ. Invites has been sent to the , Warrnambool, Eureka and Northern clubs.