Another great day’s racing with 34 starters competing over 5 grades.

Course was lap  of the Paraparap circuit (3 for A-C, 2 for D&E) out to Nobles and return

C Grade

Today’s C Grade Starters consisted of Frank Gasperic (26), Paul Bird (27), Brian Weppner (31), Vincent Haveaux (32), Andrew Booth (33) and Tina Stenos (34).

The jostling for position started even before the start with Paul and Brian kindly leading us out up Hendy Main Rd instigating a very orderly roll through.  The pace was reasonable and very civilised indeed.

The rolling through kept on all the way until Forest Rd where Frank showed us how it was done with no one willing or able to come around.  Frank took us through to Gray’s and then Brian kindly come around to give Frank a well earned rest kindly followed by Paul and Andrew.  The pace was brisk but still sedate compared to what I know these guys and gal can do.  I was sitting back observing and enjoying the ride.

Back in Hendy Main and Paul was very well entrenched in the front with most of us following his lead for a few rolling turns back to Larcombes Road.  Into Larcombes and nearing Forest, still no move from anyone but, it was still early having just clocked 14 Km into the race.  Around the corner we go up for the second Forest Rd climb but this time I thought I’d test the legs and see if anyone was interested in a bit of fun yelling out to Paul, who had done more than his share, to jump on and follow.  No takers but lots of ribbing.  Over the climb and into Grays Rd on my own with the rest working hard.  Frank never too far from the front and the others working very well to catch me half way up Grays Rd.

Looking around I notice Andrew, Paul and Brian felt the effort with Tina nicely tugged in for the ride.  It was at this point Tina wanted to know my name and the others commenting on my being a marked man.  I settled all the way back trying to get behind Frank trying to get my breath.

Paul again led the effort closely followed by Brian and Andrew slowly making their way to the club house, Frank was falling back with me behind him when I noticed the dynamic trio of Paul, Brian and Andrew applying the accelerator, with Tina firmly behind them. A gap appeared which after some thinking Frank closed and it was back past the club house towards Larcombes but at this point the pace got down to the mid twenties.  No one wanted to exert any more effort than they had to.  Sitting back I was wondering if anyone else was going to have another go.

Into Larcombes Rd we turn, nice and orderly and I was trying to calculate how much longer to go.  Was there another lap?

I took off 500 meter from Forest Rd with 25.4 km into the race wanting to inflict a bit more hurt.  I didn’t look back until the bottom of Forest seeing Frank and others pushing hard.  All I wanted to do was keep my power to an average over 240 Watts to ensure I had some matches to burn later.  The first time I looked back at the top of Forest, all I could see is Frank firmly positioned very close to my wheel.  I couldn’t see what damage I had inflicted onto the others.  I kept on around to Grays Rd noticing Frank and I had a substantial gap by this stage.  I urged Frank to work with me and maintain the gap especially, as Brian was closing in with Paul and Andrew not far behind.  After some grunting Frank put in a strong effort and we did some very quick turns to run off up the road.  This with only just over 30 km into the race with another 20 to go.  What were we thinking!!!  Frank came around at one point saying “I don’t have much left” and me thinking, neither have I.  The rolling turns kept on coming but this time we didn’t roll through as quickly but we shared the front fairly evenly.

Around the corner past the club house I got to the front and just kept looking for that 200 plus watts, 35 kms in.  I looked around and couldn’t see Frank.  Took another look and he was 50 meters behind.  What should I do, and where were the others?  Where’s that 200 plus watts, where’s that gell???

As I know this is probably a bit too long, here’s the summary.  I took off with 14.1 km to go keeping a comfortable distance from Frank and the others behind.  For the last 14.1 kms I averaged 31.3 km/h, and 185 watts.  Frank of course came in second with Andrew Booth taking third place after a hard fought sprint. The dynamic trio of Paul, Brian and Andrew kept working hard to catch us but this time the break made it in.

Thanks all for a great race.  I’m now at home feeling the effects, i.e. in a lot of pain…


B Grade

In perfect conditions, especially after yesterdays Eastern Open at Newham conducted in freezing 4 degree temperatures,  for racing 11 riders took the start line for GSCC B Grade Scratch.

As usual Carl Judd was missing from the early pre race team meeting which had decided to let either Jimmy Knott or Barry Clay (self promoted from C grade but as Vic Mason said, last seen picking up his number from the clubrooms) go up the road.

As soon as Jimmy got to the front, Shane Korth dropped off and had to also hold back Josh Williams (another who missed the pre ride tactics meeting!) to let Jimmy Knott go up misery lane on his own for the first time. Jimmy made more head turns and twists than a headless chook until Vic Mason decided the bunch could ride sub 20km an hour up misery lane. Vic then set off at a cracking pace with the bunch all committed to bring him back.

Turning into Forest road for the first time, Dave Spence decided to see who’s leg’s he could crack with a couple of stinging attacks but the bunch wouldn’t let him go off the front.

Turning into Grays Road for the first time, Marcus Coppock, Peter Ladd and Shane Korth decided to stretch the bunch out and make these little guys suffer for the Forest Rd attacks…

Coming around into Hendy Main Rd the pace dropped off and nobody wanted to lead up misery lane which continued throughout the whole race.

Vic Mason got caught on Misery lane 2 laps out   of 3 and Peter “I’m staying off the front” Ladd had the joy of leading most of Lap 2 from the start of Hendy Main Rd all the way up misery lane.

Carl Judd made one little move up Forest rd on Lap 2 but was otherwise unsighted to the very end.

Mark Cummings put in a couple of solid moves on the final lap but the bunch pulled him back each time.

Jimmy Knott was wound up all day and kept surging but to no avail as he was continually pulled back.

On the way to Nobles Road, Chris Fenech decided enough was enough and cracked the pace up with a bit of help from Vic Mason.

Heading up Nobles rd the entire bunch was together and stayed that way until the turn around with nobody willing to make a break for home.

Heading back down Nobles Rd, everyone was together when we crested the final bump and Marcus Coppock decided enough was enough and hit the gas with Josh Williams hot on his tail.

Josh decided to make a break for it before the corner and went full gas gaining a 20 metre gap which Shane Korth closed down.

Josh lead around the corner with Mark Cummings, Dave Spence and Shane Korth all very close and the rest of the group lining up for a sprint finish.

Josh ran out of gas with a couple of hundred to go, Mark Cummings hit the front with Spency on his wheel.

Spency went past Mark and opened up his final sprint with Shane Korth on his Wheel and the others all lined up in single file.

Spency died in last 75 metres with Shane Korth  hitting the lead only to be beaten on the line by Carl Judd and a fast finishing Chris Fenech in third.

1st Carl Judd

2nd Shane Korth

3rd Chris Fenech


A Grade Race Report June 28, 2015

Nathan Ashton, Richard Lyle, Brad Haskett, Tony French, Rick Buckwell, Dave

Warren and Darren McCallum made up the small A grade field for todays scratch


The race had a very “gentlemanly” feel early, with hand shaking and introductions on

the line prior to race start setting the mood for what would follow.

The first leg up misery lane into a slight head wind started gently with the established

crew letting McCallum sit on the front for a bit whilst they decided if the new boy

was going to be a help or hindrance. With no firm decision made, but clearly

frustrated with the pathetic pace set by Darren, the bunch found a rhythm and began

working turns in a very civilized fashion.

Seemingly fresh and recovered after Tuesdays early morning effort where he towed

the bunch almost the entire way to Torquay and back at speeds normally reserved for

motorized vehicles, it was Ashton who came to the front and lifted the pace for the

climb up Forrest rd. Knowing only too well his ability to time trial, the bunch was

giving him nothing. With Brad keen to “see it and raise it”, and Rick looking like he

not only knew the question was coming but also had the answer, the rest of the bunch

sent chains down the block, put stems firmly between teeth and made it over the top

as one.

With most of the bunch still content to share the work and keep the pace respectable,

there were several more attacks from Nathan and Rick over the next few laps. With a

few moans and groans however and some experienced heads, they were promptly shut

down with no one having the legs or the inclination for a follow up attack.

With a couple of km to go, it was again Rick and Nathan on the attack and this time

big Richard threw in a counter that set things up for the final turn and an exciting

sprint finish.

With all seven still on, Nathan rounded the final corner first followed by Brad then

Darren and all others hot behind. In keeping with the friendly feel of the day, Nathan


then selflessly provided a lead out that will no doubt see him fielding calls this week

from several pro teams. Winding up to around 50km/hr, he took the bunch to about

400m from the line before Brad came round like Mark Renshaw, providing the perfect

set up for Mcallum to snatch the win by a short half wheel from Brad then a fast

finishing Dave.

With no unplanned dismounts, a respectable average speed of 39km/hr and perfect

winter racing conditions, it was a good day for all.

Thanks again to everyone working behind the scenes, on the corners and in the cars to

make it all happen each week.



D Grade

1st Jamie Robinson

2nd Paul Clifford

3rd Paul Bubb


E Grade

1st Ian Sumner

2nd Ralph Edwards

3rd Ken Mansfield