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Good morning all GSCC members I hope your riding is going well and you are gearing up for the big races coming up.

  • This Sunday 25th, Hendry Cycling handicap Trophy race. Steven Draper from Hendry’s plans to be on site for the presentations, this is a very long standing race for our club and Hendry so we hope you can be there. Don’t forget the start location at Jack’s Corner, (Hendy Main Grey Rd Cnr). Greys Rd will be the ideal warm up spot. Entries to Dave Robinson like normal.
  • Club aggregate race next week 2nd October, Josh Williams is holding a very hand lead in the points race so far having started races from both scratch and second scratch. click for update
  • Criterium racing at Belmont starts again on Thursday 6th October at 6pm, hope to see you around for another summer of crit racing for all grades. We will require some referee assistance for these races so if you are a referee and available please let me or Dave Robinson know, this will be greatly appreciated.
  • Colac Red Rock 9th October at Cororook, usual fast and tough race with a lovely tough uphill finish, GSCC don’t hold a race on this day to support Colac Vets.
  • Camperdown to Warnambool on Saturday 15th, enter via the VVCC website, this highlight of the year for Victorian Vets cycling, if you need a lift to Camperdown and home from Warnambool ask around. Good luck to the few GSCC members racing in the Melbourne to Warnambool this year.
  • We will be organising a clean up day before the open race, most likely on a Saturday, please stay informed for the date.
  • The pergola roof construction will be starting in the next couple of weeks which is exciting news.
  • Some sponsorship is required to help the club pay for the open race expenses and also the summer crit series, so if you have any interest or companies that might please let us know.
  • Please keep up to date with your required Marshall duties, check the GSCC website (www.gscc.net.au) and if you need to swap please ask around, add a note to the club facebook page or contact Vincent or Laurie before the weekend would be the best assistance.