As mentioned at the club rooms yesterday (3rd Aug) we have a few important races coming up.

17th August. Rory Wilson Appeal Handicap Race

If you don’t know, Rory was involved in a serious cycling accident on the Bellarine Peninsula. As a result he suffered a severe spinal injury and is permanently paralysed from the upper chest down. As there are quite a few members within our club who have known Rory for sometime the club we would like to help out. All the race entry fees on the day will be donated towards the Rory Wilson appeal and the club will also be adding to his appeal. So we would love to see some very strong support with good entry numbers on this day. If you don’t want to race please come along and support those who are and if possible also add to the appeal. As there will be no prize money we are hoping to have some trophies for  the winners. Entries to Dave Robinson

24th August. Winter Sash KVA Design Handicap Race

The third race in the series. There have been two different race winners for the first two sash races, who can win the third and a nice blue sash! Entries to Dave Robinson

31st August. VVCC State time trial Championships 2014 at Paraparap.

Refer to VVCC website for more details. Entires via the VVCC website.