Brides maid again, congratulations to Neil Maurer for placing second in this years ‘Benghazi’, probably the toughest race on the VVCC calendar.
1st James Knipe Eureka 37:00 min
2nd Neil Maurer Geelong 37:00 min
3rd Jude Jonasson Eureka 37:00 min
4th Darren Roberts Northern Scratch
5th Tim Canny Eureka Scratch
6th Jarrod Moroni Central Scratch
7th Tony Giuliano Northern Scratch
8th Stephan Lane Northern Scratch
9th Michael Borowski Northern Scratch
10th Tony Mirabella Eureka 5:00 min
11th Trent Stevenson Goulburn Scratch
12th Fraser Short Northern 5:00 min