The Secretary’s Desk – GSCC position on Coronavirus

Message from the President.

As you can imagine, and further to our advice to members last week, the Committee has been maintaining a watch and act position in relation to the Coronavirus and its potential impact on club members & events.

As this situation continues to develop, and after much consideration, the Committee has arrived at a decision to place member welfare ahead of our desire to race and decided to suspend Club racing effective immediately.

There were many considerations in arriving at this decision, not the least of which were:-

  • Potential for cross over transfer of the virus in our sport / environment (sweating, spitting, inability to maintain social distancing in racing etc).
  • Our questionable ability to provide & maintain a hygienic environment at our club rooms.
  • Rising community expectations in regards to non essential activities and social distancing at such events.
  • Age demographic of our member base with 75% being aged 50+.
  • Growing number of sporting organisations suspending play, to protect the welfare of all participants.
  • Potential that some members (including Officials) may rightfully elect not to participate in club events, impacting our entries & ability to run races.
  • Introduction of a State of Emergency in Victoria.

When will we resume racing???

The Committee will continue to closely monitor the situation, and advise when we believe it is safe to resume club racing.

Finally, you can still ride your bike & keep fit, just stay safe.