Update on GSCC Suspended Racing status

Our earlier advice suspending Club racing until further notice, dated 16 March 2020 refers.

As you can imagine, the Committee have been maintaining a close watch on the position in relation to the Coronavirus and its  impact on holding future Club events. Given the developments from both the Federal & State Governments over the last few days, we felt it timely to write to all financial members regarding our current position on this situation.

Some of you will have read the Prime Minister’s “three step framework for a Covidsafe Australia” which details amongst other  important matters, the staged reintroduction of Sport & Recreation in Australia. In this document, Prime Minister Morrison refers to an Australian Institute of Sport paper dated May 2020, titled “Australian Institute of Sport Framework for Rebooting Sport in a Covid-19 Environment” which recommends, specific activities for rebooting community & individual sport, including cycling. (Please have a read of the document by clicking on the links above)

So what does all this mean for GSCC members?

Firstly, there is no change to our current “suspended racing” status, and this is unlikely to be amended any time soon, given the following conditions!

The Federal Government’s three step framework relies on the following disciplines being strictly maintained :
  • 1.5m Distancing
  • Good Hygiene
  • Stay at home if Unwell
  • Frequently Clean & Disinfect Communal Areas
  • Covidsafe Plan for Workplaces & Premises
  • Outdoor sport – up to 10 people but does not apply to cyclists under the AIS recommendations as detailed below
  • Need to maintain an average density of 4 square metres per person (Club Rooms)
In addition, the AIS Framework document  “Community & Individual Sports” applies the following additional conditions for cycling:
  • Avoid cycling in slipstream of others – maintain 10m from cyclist in front
  • Avoid packs of greater than two
Clearly all of these rules are designed to keep us safe, and do not provide for a resumption of road racing at this stage, or in the near future.

The good news is, we can still cycle, keep fit and enjoy the freedom a bike ride provides, so long as its done safely and in terms of the current rules.

We will keep you posted of any changes to the current range of conditions.