Supervets raced a handicap event on Wednesday September 17 over 3 laps. The weather was overcast and at times raining. Ken Mansfield, Brian Long, and John Watson led the field off with a 15 minute gap to the back-markers. The backmarkers were in fine form and soon featured. Bill McConnell from 2.30 minutes powered through the whole field to win from David Pike and Carl Judd. Others to feature were Laurie Fitzsimons, Barry Clay and Tina Stenos.

Results: 1. B McConnell, 2. D Pike, 3. C Judd, 4. B Clay 5. L Fitzsimons 6. T Stenos.

Fastest time: D Pike – 1.08.15

Next week’s race will be a handicap event over three laps.

Entries by 9.30 please.