Supervets celebrated 25 years of racing at Paraparap. A field of 23 riders keenly contested the three laps under light winds and clear skies. Hardened veterans John Randall and Dale Jennings led the field away with 22 minutes to the back-markers Carl Judd, Peter Ladd and Robert Cronk. The out-markers held a steady pace and maintained a comfortable gap to the middle of the field. Ray Hodgson and John Faulkner supported by Col Hooper were making good time but with little impression on the leaders. Meanwhile the three minute bunch working as a steady team were bearing down on the five minute group and gathered in the five and seven minute bunches to form a strong group. The seven and eleven minute bunches had been making little impression on the leaders. John Randall was keeping a steady speed and Dale Jennings was supporting the effort when he was able. Into the final lap and Carl Judd was pressing hard to improve his bunches position up Misery Lane. However, the out-markers had their day and a strong finish by John Randall marked the anniversary by an over eighties victory that was well deserved. A cross section of the total field came ideally close at the finish and some strong rides were recorded.

Results: 1. J Randall, 2. D Jennings, 3. R Hodgson, 4. J Faulkner, 5. C Hooper, 6. C Judd, 7. B Clay, 8. R Cronk.

Fastest time: C Judd – 1.05.14 (ave 34.5 kph) Winner’s time: 1.23.50 (ave 26.8)

Among the welcome visitors on the day were Pam Spark and Bill and Betty Mantova, also newcomers Robyn and Rob Young. Gil Wright gave us an appropriate summation of the Supervets 25 year history. A very happy day was had by all who attended.

Next week’s race will be a handicap event over three laps. Entries by 9.30 please.