On Wednesday February 11 Supervets staged a challenging three lap event on the Pararparap circuit. A former rider Roger Cronk joined the field after a long layoff from racing. The field was led away by out-markers Don Stewart and Dale Jennings. Following five minutes behind were John Watson and Ray Hodgson. The absence of scratch riders meant that the middle-markers were able to set the pace without a strong challenge from the rear of the field. Peter Ladd, Laurie Fitzsimons and David Phillips provided the chasing group of back-markers and were bolstered by Phil Preston, Barry Clay and Terry Collie. The pace provided by the five-minute bunch of Roger Cronk, Kim Clarke and Jeremy Tatchell proved to be the pivotal riders of the race. They gathered up the seven-minute group within the first lap and applied the pressure to form a quick bunch of ten riders then collecting the out-markers in the second lap. The final stages of the third lap saw an early break by Roger Cronk and Kim Clarke which paid off in the final results. Additional efforts by Barry Primmer and Jeremy Tatchell guaranteed the first four placings.

Results: 1. K Clarke, 2. B Primmer, 3. R Cronk, 4. J Tatchell, 5. T Robinson, 6. J Bell, 7. R Hodgson, 8. J Watson.

Fastest time: P Ladd – 1.04.08, average of 35 kph.

Next weeks race will be a time trial over 2 laps. Entries by 9.30 please.