Stan McPhee / Don Price Memorial Race
Geelong Surf Coast Cycling Club was well represented today at the Warrnambool Club combine, with three of our 11 riders placing in the top 5.
Warrnambool’s Mark Hyland won the race, having used his bunch (19mins) as a spring board to launch his attack 2 kilometers out from the finish. He had the help of Brett Worrall (12mins), to reel in the lead 23 mIn bunch, but Brett just couldn’t finish it off, having to settle for 8th place.
Geelong’s Gordon Spargo, Grant Rogers and Paul Bubb can hold their heads high, after burying themselves in the final stages of the 61 kilometre circuit, to pick up 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
Great day with 70 riders, in perfect conditions, on a challenging course. Well done to those involved at the Warrnambool Vets for putting on a fantastic race.

1. Mark Hyland (Warrnambool) 19:00 – 1 hour 48 min 05 sec (33.9 km/h)
2. Gordon Spargo (Geelong Surf Coast) 23:00
3. Grant Rogers (Geelong Surf Coast) 23:00
4. Paul Bubb (Geelong Surf Coast) 23:00
5. Graeme Parker (Eureka) 23:00
6. Anne Hocking (Warrnambool) 30:00
7. Brett Worrall (Warrnambool) 16:00
8. Peter Fitzgerald (Warrnambool) 16:00
9. Terry Collie (Eureka) 19:00
10. Richard Adams (Warrnambool) 16:00

Fastest time: Timshel Knoll-Miller (Warrnambool) Scratch – 1 hour 26 min 08 sec (42.5 km/h)