A cool but sunny day with a strengthening north westerly breeze for the Geelong Veterans racing on Sunday July 26 at Paraparap. Forty-nine kilometres composed of three laps of the Hendy Main road circuit and a journey out to the Nobles road hill. Alan Pescott, after losing co-marker Ian Sumner, rode almost half the race on his own, holding off nearly the entire field at the finish in Larcombes road to record a popular win. Alan was just fifty seconds ahead of the twelve and half minute group of Joe Gulino, Dave Phillips, Ross West and Paul Bird who had held off the nine minute group and the chasing peloton formed by the two and a half and six minute groups. The scratch group of Rick Buckwell, Dave Warren, Steve Young, Jeff Miller and Steve Richard lost momentum when Rick punctured handing fastest time by a margin of 24 seconds to Paul Beretta from the two and a half minute group.
A.Pescott 1:38:43 Ave 29.9, R.West, P.Bird, D,Phillips, J.Gulino, S.Korth, J.Stuart, C.Fenech, J.Parrello. K.Airey. Fast time P.Beretta 1:19:19 Ave 37.2