Welcome to Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club.

We are a competitive road-cycling group in the beautiful hinterland of Geelong’s Surf Coast region.

We run both road competitions (at Paraparap) and a criterium competition (held in Belmont).

Promoting healthy lifestyles, we believe in fairness, positivity, safe riding, and inclusivity.

Membership is open to Masters cyclists – males & females 30+.

Please feel free to get in touch for any further enquiries via our “Contact Us” page.

New members are always welcome and encouraged to come and try, by clicking on our “New Members” page in the Menu.

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Supervets Race ReportRace Report for the 21st of Feb 2024 3 laps of the time-honoured course. On a day that started with little breeze on awakening in Melbourne knowing that I was going to be stay overnight as a guest at Bubb Manor there was a bounce in my step. Had my breaky of muesli with berries and yoghurt, good fuel for the race.The drive down to Paraparap was unusually quick, no delays very little traffic listening to the dulcet voice of Tom Paxton. Arriving at the clubrooms earlier than usual I was surprised to see so many already here, had to check my watch twice to see if the time was correct, it was. Checked in got my number had a chat with people then went for a warm up, it was quite pleasant, peaceful very little wind, very little traffic and I said to myself, self this feels like a very good day to race.Once the race started the conditions had changed and was very blustery and hot, the most righteous and honourable handicapper paired me again with Ross West and we started some 4 minutes behind Ian and Murray and four minutes ahead of the bunch behind. Riding up misery for the first time Ross was struggling into the breeze but to his credit hung onto my wheel and then started doing turns once we turned into the home straight for the first time, we continued to work together until going up Misery for the second time, Ross was wavering and I could see Ian and Murray not that far away so I tried to maintain my cadence and speed to the detriment of Ross. I caught Ian and Murray not far into Grays I was feeling particularly strong, so I passed them but tried to maintain good rhythm and hydration. At this stage I would like to mention that I had a magnificent, meal of Calamari, chips and a Greek salad the night before from Jacky Jones of Pentridge Village, so if you are ever in Melb around Coburg get it and do yourself some flavours.Going up Misery for the third time I’m thinking if I can get to the rollers in Forest road and I get caught I’m improving from my last start, over the rollers down the hill tried to conserve some energy all the time thinking were our the bunches from behind, what is going on here, when will the wheels fall off.Into Grays and just keep going as hard as I can, drink plenty focus on the road ahead keep your hands on the bars, now what’s that tune, is that a dead possum is that a truck up there oh here is Jack’s corner, green flag power on dudes.Do I look back, this wind is strong its getting hot come on peoples behind catch up, into Misery for the last time oh fudge the legs are feeling the strain can I get there do I have 1 Calamari ring left in me to get to the line. Waiting for somebody behind to come over me come on body push, into the home straight one last push don’t look back, if they are going to beat push hard to make it tough, there it is the checkered flag I’m there wow lets turn around, don’t chuck!!!Congrats to Tony and Sharon 2nd and third congrats to all riders for a toughening it out, congrats to all officials for just being there.PS. The right honourable handicapper kindness is a wonderful virtue I hope you show it to me in the next race !!Race report by Mal Cole ... See MoreSee Less
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THE SUN SPOILS THE FUN. sadly this evening’s Crit racing has been CANCELLED for rider safety reasons …put simply, it’s just too darn hot. …. and that wind. Whew. 😰 It’s devilishly annoying!! However…….hold that watt bank back, Sunday is just around the corner!! You can enter here. Get into it!!entryboss.cc/calendar/gscc ... See MoreSee Less
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Supervets Racing Mal Cole rides away for the win 🥇 2nd Tony Peach 3rd & Fastest Time: Sharon Boyd Thanks to everyone for making racing happen. See everyone next week for more thrilling Supervets antics! I hope you have found a cool spot today to beat the heat.It was great to see, club life members, Len and Val Bent at the finishing line yesterday and then joining us for morning tea at the club rooms. Both looked well and getting around.Also we welcomed back Bart Van Laar, lead car, and Mark Cummings, Follow car who have been absent for a while attending to other matters. Eugene Czulij and Garry Day assisted with corner marshalling which was greatly appreciatedA field of 20 riders pinned on their numbers for the thrilling three lap of the time honour course. Cecilia Digenis, the Commissaire, issued the instructions to the riders on the start line and then starter Mr Brian Long sent the riders on their way with the limit markers of Murray Riggs and Ian Sumner on 22 minutes leading the way. Moto escort Robbo supervised the riders onto Hendy Main Road to commenced the three laps in dry mild conditions with a slight head wind up Misery Lane. Mal Cole and Ross West were next away on 19 minutes. It was noted that Mal was on a mission and rode away from Ross.Four riders, Richard Buckwell, Terry Collie, Carl Judd and Philip Royce, rode away from the start on the 15 minute mark following on the 8 minute mark was Paul Bubb, (who assisted Sharon Boyd with a battery for her rear derailer), Barry Campbell, Alan Green and Richard Kelly. Four minutes behind on the four minute mark were Jim Burzacott, Tony Peach and Dave Spence. Next away on 1 and half minutes was Chris Fenech, David Lambourne and Sharon Boyd (with battery fitted) followed by the scratch marker Mal Kimpton.As the race unfolded the temperature began to rise and a few riders were feeling the heat however a number of riders relished the conditions. Riders , Mal Cole, Tony Peach and Sharon Boyd enjoyed the uncomfortable conditions and rode away from their respective bunches to fill the podium places. After a short delay and some outstanding time keeping by Brian Long it was declared that Sharon Boyd had ridden the fastest time for the day by over a minute. This result had the more senior members struggling to remember if ever we have had the pleasure of a lady standing on the podium with the fastest time envelope. Well done Sharon. Mal Cole’s comprehensive race report, on how he rode the three laps and won, to follow.Results1st Malcolm Cole (19mins) 1:21:242nd Tony Peach (4mins)3rd Sharon Boyd ((1:30) and fastest time 1:05:304th David Spence (4mins)5th Richard Kelly (8mins)6th Chris Fenech ( 1:30mins)7th Jim Burzacott (4.00mins)8th Mal Kimpton (Scr)9th Barry Campbell (8mins)10th Richard Buckwell (15mins)Thank you to the marshals and Gordon for suppling the morning tea. I have attached for your viewing pleasure a photo of the happy podium and the race sheet.Also attached is a flyer for an event in Beeac on the 23rd March 2024. Steel Frame cycles will be on display and a ride will commence at 11am.Until next time may the wind be at your backMarcusentryboss.cc/races/19694 ... See MoreSee Less
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One day to go folks. We can confirm the red devil 😈 has registered to race!!!! ... See MoreSee Less
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ITS TIME TO CATCH THE RED DEVIL…..someone is having a devil of a time so far this season! What an amazing start to the year by Lukas Grounds …Want to share in that Woo-Hoo feeling Lukas is enjoying? Feel is your turn coming?? You have a perfect chance this Thursday to do just that. Sunny summer Crits continue - be warned however….Devils love the Heat! entryboss.cc/calendar/gscc ... See MoreSee Less
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