Race 1 of the Income Solutions criterium series was held today at the Belmont crit track. Well done to Dave Warren, Kane Airey, Marcus Coppock and David Spence for taking out thier respective grades, all in close sprint finishes. A special thankyou to the few that traveled from Ballarat and Bacchus marsh. Thanks to Colin Hooper for marshaling and timing for the day. The next race is on 6th December, Grade race start times will be swapped around from today. Hope to see you there.



1st    Andrew Baker     3:01.4 (41.7kph)

2nd  Paul Baretta         3:06.1

3rd   Mike Jelenko       3:06.2

Full Results


Division 1

1st   David Warren

2nd Paul Baretta

3rd  Simon Witcher

Division 2

1st  Kane Airey

2nd Richard Lyle

3rd Phillip Cartledge

Division 3

1st  Marcus Coppock

2nd Paul Ryan

3rd  Vincent Haveaux

Division 4

1st  David Spence

2nd Terry Collie

3rd  John Faulkner

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