Fifty six starters turned up to Paraparap for a great morning of fast and furious racing with perfect weather to end the Sunday Road season.
The three limit riders of Ken Mansfield, Don Stuart and Andrew Kennon where in with a chance today with a nice easterly blowing to help up misery lane and a healthy 27 minute start to seven strong riders in the scratch group and with eight other determined groups in between.
All the groups started off very fast today which is required if you wish to succeed in a shorter handicap race. Most of them were still on their own well into the last lap except for the second scratch group of Josh Williams, Kane Airey, Harvey Lang, Stuart Smith and Dan Hall catching the third scratch group half way around the second lap averaging just over 40km/h with still large gaps to the next groups up the road.
The power in strength and numbers of the seven scratch riders of Daryl Burns, Dave Warren, Craig McCartney, Andrew Baker, Matt McDonough, Andrew Goodwin and Richard Lyle started to take control at the start of the last lap reeling in the combined second and third scratch groups on top of Forest road. With some help for these riders this big group of chasers could see a smaller and then one large group of riders along Grays Road but still not the three limit riders. Heading north on Hendy Main Road for the last time they passed these two groups then had the very large combined groups of all the middle markers then the three limit riders in the distance, it was looking good for a scratch group win today. The leaders were caught with about one kilometre to go as the scratch riders were pushing hard to the finish to drop any others hanging on. Stuart Smith lead this big bunch around the last corner for the final sprint to the line.
As the pace started to increase for the sprint one of the favourites for the finish Daryl Burns got squeezed in the middle and luckily showed his good bike skills to stay upright.
Dan Hall picked the right side of the bunch which proved the winning move.
Dan kicked away for a great first club win with Craig McCartney second and Kane Airey third.
Mike Windsor presented the John Windsor Medallions and shield to the winner and to the placing’s. 2015 has been a great year of racing for the GSCC, well done to all who have competed and to all the volunteers and helpers throughout he year. The first Sunday race for 2016 is on the 17th January.
1st Dan Hall. (55.24), 2nd Craig McCartney, 3rd Kane Airey, 4th Dave Warren, 5th Richard Lyle, 6th Andrew Baker, 7th Matt McDonough, 8th Josh Williams, 9th Robbie Southern, 10th Andrew Goodwin. Fastest Time Craig McCartney (53.55 42km/h)

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