Racing Members - Sunday Road Racing

GSCC Sunday Racing

Sunday races are open to Masters aged (30+) AusCycling members, unless nominated as a “Club Members Only” event.

Start 9:00 am at the Paraparap club rooms (unless otherwise noted).

Race Entry, Registration time, Course details and Upcoming events can be found on EntryBoss.

* Ray Aldridge Aggregate Results (YTD) – Here

* Mylaps Timing Results (YTD) – Here

Course Marshals are rostered from racing members and details of dates, duties and how to swap are on the Marshal Rosters page.

please note :

  • Racing calendar is subject to change due to AusCycling changes, other club combine changes, course availability. Please check regularly for any changes;
  • Racing will be cancelled – If the ambient temperature within one hour of the scheduled start time of the events reaches 35 degrees Celsius or greater, then the Race Commissaire will cancel the race.
  • Riders are reminded that tail lights must be fitted to bikes at all club events. They are to be attached securely to the bike and fully charged before racing.
  • Riders must wear an ‘Australian Standard’ approved helmet with sticker visible
  • Riders should refer to the “Members Handbook” for additional race information regarding Rider’s Responsibilities, Transponders, Club Aggregate etc.
  • Aggregate points are awarded to club members at GSCC Ray Aldridge Handicap races throughout the year. Points accrue over the race season and the rider with the most points at years end is crowned the winner of the Ray Aldridge Aggregate Shield. Points are generated at each handicap race as follows :- first 7 points, second 5 points, third 4 points, fourth 3 points, fifth 2 points and all other riders & marshals 1 point each.

The club will communicate any raceday changes to Riders as quickly as practical.