Racing Members - F.A.Q's

Membership Queries

Q1 – Are voting rights extended to GSCC Add On members?

A1 – GSCC Add On members do not have the right to receive notice of, attend and vote at General Meetings

Entry Boss

Q1 – Do I receive a full refund if I scratch my entry via EntryBoss?

A1 – Yes, providing your scratching is completed prior to the scratch close time.

Q2 – Can I re-enter a race I have previously scratched from?

A2 – No, once you have scratched your entry you cannot re-enter the event, without first contacting the Handicapper to reopen your entry form.

Marshalling Queries

Q1 – How many marshal duties are GSCC racing members expected to complete annually?

A1 – The club currently anticipates GSCC racing members will need to complete 3 to 4 marshal duties per annum.

Q2 – If I only race on Wednesdays, am I expected to complete Sunday Marshal duties?

A2 – The general view is that racing members are expected to marshal for whatever racing day they compete in.

Q3 – Are visiting riders expected to marshal at GSCC events?

A3 – Yes, the Club’s “Visiting Rider Policy” allows visiting riders to complete in 4 club events per annum, before being required to complete a marshal duty, prior to entering any further events.