Racing Members - Courses

GSCC conducts road racing events in the beautiful hinterland of Geelong’s Surfcoast region at Paraparap. The club takes advantage of various “road circuits” in the immediate vicinty of the Paraparap Club Rooms at 1430 Hendy Main Road, as detailed below.

Our cycling club races on the lands of the Wadawurrung people and we wish to acknowledge them as traditional owners & pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging.

Course Description                                                             Circuit Reference

Paraparap 4 laps                                                                                               1A & 1B

Note: this course can vary in number of laps from 3, 4 or 5

4 Laps, out and back Nobles Rd finish, Larcombes                                   2A & 2B

Forest, Grays, Hendy Main, Larcombes + 3,2 or 1 Lap                            3A & 3B

Forrest Rd, Nobles, Lap to finish in Larcomes                                             4A & 4C

Blackgate, Forrest, Lap to finish in Larcombes                                            5A & 5B

Arisun Ascent                                                                                                       7

Vickerys, Hendy Main, Larcombes, then 3 laps                                            8A

3 Laps out and back Forest, over Forest Rd, Finish Larcombes (B)       10B

Note: Many GSCC races finish in Larcomes Rd. There are 2 finish lines that riders need to be aware of and are not always differentiated on the above links to courses.

Finish A is just after the “chicane” exiting Hendy Main road heading west but before Forest rd

Finish B is used in two finish options. In a westerly direction towards Nobles road (before the creek) or in an easterly direction (just after the creek).

Exact course details will be communicated with safety instructions at the start line briefing before each race.