Racing coming up this week:
Wednesday 17th Super Vet Christmas Race
Thursday 18th: Crit race at Belmont
Saturday 20th: Income solutions Criterium race No. 2

Also please remember a 9am race start time from January 18th 2015 for the Sunday races.
Heat Stroke and Insurance. ( From VVCC website)

Members are advised that your insurance does not cover Heat Stroke or similar conditions when racing or training in hot weather. Please use common sense when racing or training in hot weather

Rule 13. Heat Policy
If the ambient temperature within one hour of the scheduled start time of VVCC events reaches 35 degrees Celsius or greater, then the Race Referee will cancel the race.
The GSCC (GVCC) make the decision on this rule on the evening of the race at 6pm weather report. Also if the CFA fire warning is high or extreme the evening before or the morning of the race the race will also be cancelled.

Laurie Fitzsimons is the new marshaling co-coordinator and will be emailing you soon requesting dates when you cant do your marshal duty. Expect to do 2-3 marshaling duties over the year.

Thanks again, Merry Christmas and have a great week.