On Wednesday April 29 the Supervets staged their regular weekly race at Paraparap. The day was fine and windless so conditions were perfect. The field was led off by Dale Jennings, Brian Long and newcomer John Faulkner. John proved in the early stages to be too strong breaking away early. He together with Peter Rogers off 15 minutes broke up the field and brought the first three bunches together. The breakaway was sustained for two laps when Ray Clifford showed his strength and broke up the mid-field riders. Several seasoned riders took up the challenge and Barry Clay, Tina Stenos and Chris Colley began to dominate and several riders were left in their wake as Chris, Tony Spark and Tina set a scorching pace. Many in the front of the field were overrun in the third lap by this group and few survived the challenge. The back-markers failed to pick up the challengers, however, Peter Rogers held on to win from Chris Colley, Barry Clay and Tony Spark. Fastest time was recorded by David Pike.

Results: 1. P Rogers 1.13.57, 2. C Colley, 3. B Clay, 4. T Spark, 5. R Clifford, 6. J Bell, 7. Tina Stenos, 8. G Legg, 9. M White.

Fastest time: D Pike 1.02.51 av. 35.8 kph.

Next week’s race will be the Ray Aldridge Trophy Event over three laps. Entries by 9.30 please.