30 riders from the Geelong Vets turned up today to race in cool temperatures. With a South Westerly blowing at 20kph, conditions were just challenging enough to slow the front markers down making the catch more possible for the mid-markers and scratchies.

Kenny Mansfield and his co-markers Brain Long, Sue Cox and Don Stewart were given 25 minutes but soon found themselves riding solo, as their riding abilities varied.

Mid- markers Peter Ladd, Jim Knott, Mandy Hosking and Paul Bird worked beautifully, reeling in all the front markers by the third lap. Very few were able to hang on when Peter Ladd hit the front for his ‘track turn’…upping the pace of his bunch by at least 2 kilometres per hour. On Grays Rd and then Hendy Main Rd Peter hit speeds of 47kph, having said to the others “Come on, they’re right behind us!”

In the last lap the chasing bunches, scratch, 2 minutes and the 6 minute bunch had their work cut out for them if they wanted to catch Peter’s 9 minute bunch. Neil Maurer (6 mins), did his best to power up the chicane and Forest Rd, but only ended up breaking up his bunch, which had the inform Dave Spence, Carl Judd and Chris Fenech; (Barry Clay dropped).

Scratch, with Dave Warren sporting the No.1 race number, worked well with Kane Airey, Jeff Miller, Tony French and Nick Oakely. They caught Marcus’s 2 minute bunch, which included, Mal Lloyd and Anthony Selpolt, who rode very strongly, with a lap and three quarters to go. All worked turns but when they turned into the finishing straight, the lead bunch was already contesting the sprint finish.

Jim Knott started things off at 400 metres to go. All new rider Brian Weppner could do was watch, having sacrificed himself by leading everyone up the chicane; which surely helped the bunch stay away from the powering scratchies. Mandy thought she’d have a crack with 200 to go, but it was to be Peter’s day as he had her covered, winning by a good bike length.

Shortly after Pete’s win, it was the scratchies turn to fight it out for fastest. Tony French went for it, but was mowed down by Nick Oakley giving him the honor.

Proceedings at the presentations turned out to be entertaining when the club President Kane Airey, mixed up the prize money. Monies were reluctantly handed back along with some witty banter and much laughter… “I was hoping to buy some fish to go with my chips” from Juddy and “Didn’t you say we’re in need of a new club executive from Longy, as well as “and they’re all supposed to accountants!’


1st Peter Ladd Time. 1:26:22 Avg 34.09 kph
2nd Mandy Hosking
3rd Jim Knott
4th Brian Weppner
5th Nick Oakley
6th Jeff Miller
7th Chris Fenech
8th Tony French
9th Carl Judd
10th Marcus Coppock ( Dave Warren?)

Fastest time went to Nick Oakley Time 1:17:53 37.92 Avg kph