On Sunday September 20 thirty seven riders set out on the Infosync 63 kilometre handicap race in absolutely perfect conditions at Paraparap. Mid teens temperature and a light westerly wind greeted Brian Long the lone limit rider as he set out on the journey around three laps of the Hendy Main road circuit and a trip out Forest road finishing in Larcombes road south of Forest road. Brian had more than a lap head start on the 13 minute bunch who were the powerhouse of the day. This group of Darren Williams, Robin Smith, Gerard Mullaly, Brian Weppner, Paul Bird, Joe Gulino and Mandy Hosking lost Joe with a mechanical on the Forest road hill and swapping smooth turns caught the sixteen and a half minute bunch on the third lap to form the winning group, with Barry Clay, James Stuart, Grant Rogers and Dave Phillips joining in.
At the turnaround in Forest road the scratch group of Rick Buckwell, Anthony Seipolt and Andrew Baker had reeled in the three, six and ten minutes groups but were still more than six minutes behind the 13 minute bunch who were leading the charge home. The scratch group only failed by one and three quarter minutes to catch the winner, Brian Weppner who put in a strong sprint to hold out Darren and Mandy. Fastest time was taken out by Anthony Seipolt who 100 metres from the line sprinted over the deflated Rick Buckwell (soft punctured front tyre).
Result: 1. D Weppner 1:48:11 Ave 34.9 km/hr, 2. D.Williams, 3. M.Hosking, 4. B.Clay, 5. J.Stuart, 6. G.Mullaly, 7. D.Phillips, 8. P.Bird, 9. R.Smith, 10. G.Rogers.
Fastest time A. Seipolt 1:36:56 Ave 39.0 km/hr.