Crit race results Thursday 19th
With the usual southerly blowing there was a lot of watching and waiting early in the races tonight, the racing heating up in the final 10 minutes with some breakaways and good sprints at the finish. Well done to all.

A Grade: 1st Paul Beretta, 2nd Dave Warren, 3rd Rick Buckwell + Tony French, Andrew Baker, Kane Airey, Joe Daly
B Grade: 1st Daryl Sutter, 2nd Jim Knott, 3rd Brad Haskett + Stuart Smith, Stephen Richard, Andy Schep, Marcus Coppock, David Spence, Ian Amsten, Carl Judd, Vincent Haveaux
C Grade: 1st Paul Bird, 2nd Shane Korth, 3rd Mandy Hosking + Tim Tingery, Keith Dorling, Brian Wepner, Mick Barnes

Income Solutions Summer Criterium Series Saturday 21st

Some hot and competitive racing Saturday morning for the Income Solutions criterium races.
Div 1 1st Paul Beretta, 2nd Nick Kennedy, 3rd David Warren. + Tony French, Tony Mirabella and Andrew Baker.
Div 2 1st Marcus Coppock, 2nd Phil Cartledge, 3rd Brad Haskett + Stephen Richards, Jeff Millar, and Kane Airey
Div 3 1st Daryl Suter, 2nd, Vincent Haveaux, 3rd David Spence. + Jim Knott
Div 4 1st Rod Lambeth, 2nd Mick Barnes.

Last round Income Solutions race on the 14th March. Hope to see you there. Thanks again to Colin Hooper and Richard Buckwell.