The worst conditions of the year for sixteen veteran cyclists on Sunday June 29 at Paraparap. Cold, wet and windy conditions prevailed for the 50 km race over four laps of the Pararparap circuit.
The four scratch men were slowed by the early puncture to Dave Warren, even so they finished only 24 seconds behind the combined 6 and 11 minute bunches with Brad Keating taking line honours. The six minute group of Neil Maurer, Vic Mason, Mandy Hosking and Dave Spence were the strongest in the trying conditions, reeling in the front groups and taking Brad Keating, Jim Knott and Chris Colley with them.
1.B.Keating 11:00, 2.N.Maurer 6:00, 3.J.Knott 11:00, 4.C.Colley 11:00, 5.J.Bell 22:00, 6.C.Judd Scr, 7.J.Miller Scr, 8.N.Oakley Scr, 9.T.Robinson 22:00, 10.D.Philipps 11:00. Fastest time 1:25:03 Ave35.28 C. Judd.