Notice to all financial members of Special General Meeting 
Date : Wednesday 21st October 2020
Time : 7.00pm
Place : Via Zoom conference
Invitees : Only financial members are able to attend / vote at this meeting.
RSVP : The Secretary by 14/10/2020 to obtain Zoom meeting code.
Proxy Voting : Can’t attend? – Proxy details are at the foot of this notice, which allow you to vote on the resolutions.

Business for Consideration : The meeting will consider a recommendation by your Committee to affiliate with newly formed peak cycling body “AusCycling” and vote on the following special resolutions :

  1. Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club Inc. proposes to cease its affiliation with AVCC and take up affiliation with AusCycling before commencement of the 2021 season.
  2. Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club Inc. proposes to amend its constitution by replacing reference to AVCC & VVCC  with the words “Governing Body / Bodies”. The interpretation of Governing Body / Bodies is “the peak cycling body Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club Inc. chooses to affiliate with from time to time”.

    Background Information: The recent establishment of a national peak cycling body, AusCycling has presented an opportunity for  all cycling clubs to review their current affiliations, and make decisions that provide long term club viability. There is a considerable amount of information available regarding the establishment of AusCycling on its website – and members should familiarise themselves with this data. AusCycling, being an amalgamation of CX, Road, Track, BMX & Mountain Bike Australia, will become effective on 1 November 2020.

Why is the Committee recommending affiliation with AusCycling?

  1. Firstly, we have genuine concerns regarding the future of the AVCC, which continues to lose members year on year, has an uncertain financial future and exhibits signs of serious disunity, resulting in their President’s recent resignation. These concerns are shared by most, if not all Victorian AVCC affiliated Clubs.
  2. Given the above position, the Committee is looking to secure affiliation with an organisation that has long term viability & structures that better recognise the operating requirements of incorporated sporting clubs in 2020 & beyond.
  3. Our Club VCV Delegates had the opportunity to meet with Steve Drake, CEO Cycling Australia to pose numerous questions about a future with AusCycling, and walked away satisfied with the outcome. 

What will a change to AusCycling mean for our members?

  1. No change to our current  racing arrangements (Sundays, Wednesday SuperVets or Crits)
  2. No change for our volunteers / officials, including Referees who will automatically be accredited as Road Race Commissaires.
  3. Annual racing licences (excluding club fee) will be $250pa (for members aged to 64) and $120pa (for members aged 65 & above), with race licences covering all disciplines under the AusCycling banner. Current AVCC membership is $190 (excluding Club fee).
  4. Membership continues to include riding & racing insurance, with similar terms to that offered under AVCC arrangements.
  5. Member registration will be effected through “TidyHQ“, which appears to be a superior software platform to SportsTG.
  6. Race licences provide holders with the opportunity to race at any AusCycling event, however GSCC members will always have priority entry to our Club events and we will cap entries to maintain manageable race numbers.
  7. We will still be able to organise local Combines and “Masters” Opens.
  8. To assist Handicapping, AusCycling is developing a nation wide data base of member race results (ie average bunch speeds etc.) to support more accurate grading / leaderboards for use by Club Handicappers nation-wide.
  9. Entry Boss is the preferred event entry system, which we commenced trialling before COVID19 hit.
  10. The Club will pay an annual Affiliation fee with AusCycling of $295, there are no other direct Club costs for GSCC and AusCycling  have no access to Club funds.
  11. AusCycling have a full suite of suitably drafted documents to support affiliated Club administration & members alike.

Voting by Proxy : Members who are unable to attend the SGM are invited to appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf via the following links:-
IN FAVOUR or AGAINST , to email their authorisation to the Secretary. (Please sign your name at the foot of the email)

Proxies must be received no later 7.00pm 20/10/2020, why not do it now?

Please address any questions to The Club Secretary.