As promised the committee and I wanted to share the results from the recent member survey with you.

We had 69 responses which are greatly appreciated, thanks to all who responded. In summary I think the survey confirmed our thoughts that we have a really good club and are getting most things about right but there is definite room for improvement. As well as the generally positive results we had some very constructive comments and suggestions and the committee will be working through these and follow up as many as possible.

The overall satisfaction was most pleasing with 84% either satisfied or very satisfied, only 1 member responded as being unsatisfied.

99% agreed with our proposed Mission and Values and after some tweaking this has been printed and hung on the club room wall and will feature on the new website. These principles will be referred to when making decisions and I encourage all members to try and display the values.

The race priorities gave a pretty clear winner to Handicap events (70%) with criteriums, then scratch races and then time trials. A pretty diverse range of “next priorities” so although the Handicaps are the first preference there’s clearly a requirement from members to offer a variety of races which we will continue to try and provide.

The results showed that we have the race characteristics (distance etc) about right with the only marginal result relating to similarity. This was supported by comments around staging some club races away from Paraparap.

91% of members thought their Handicap was right most of the time and comments were mainly positive about the good job done in what can be a difficult task. As expected with this question though, not everyone was happy.

95% of members thought the races were safe.

94% thought the Marshalling process was fair, however this provoked the most amount of comments and suggestions. With the high percentage there’s a clear acknowledgement by most members that marshalling is an accepted and shared responsibility of all members but the process of swapping, amount of times required and other issues were raised as a concerns. The committee will be looking at this as a priority and considering the feasibility of all suggestions, but acknowledge this isn’t an easy nut to crack.

83% of members stated e-mails were their preferred method of communication which is duly noted. The website was next and I’m confident that you’ll agree the new website will provide a much better means of communication when it’s launched within the next month.

There was some great idea’s around attracting new/more riders to come out and race and some of these are already in progress.

Again, thank you to everyone who responded to the member survey and for taking the time to provide comments and suggestions on how we can improve our club.

GVCC President