For those who haven’t competed at the VVCC South Pacific Championship over Easter it’s one to put down in your calendar for next year.

The event, was again, extremely well run and you get to race against some of the best age group riders in the state over 4 disciplines then back up for a Handicap on the Monday if you haven’t already had your fill of racing.

The races are very competitive but the friendly atmosphere after the race and at the presentations each evening are a big part of the attraction.

Congratulations and thanks to the event organisers, the spectators for creating a great atmosphere, the people of Maryborough for their hospitality and to the competitors for the friendly, tough and safe racing.

GSCC was well represented again this year with some highlights covered below (thanks as always to Di Howden for the majority of the photo’s).

Road Race

35-39 3rd Daryl Burns, 4th Paul Beretta, 6th Xavier Coppock
45-49 5th Brad Haskett, 7th Jeff Miller, 8th Andrew Baker, 12th Andrew Goodwin, 13th David Warren, 17th Richard Lyle, 18th Harvey Lang
50-54 12th Neil Maurer, 18th Joe Gulino
55-59 13th Barry Howden, 15th Vic Mason, 18th Lance Rogers
60-64 4th David Pike, 8th Carl Judd
65-69 4th Laurie Fitzsimons, 10th Peter Ladd
70-74 1st Robert Nichols, 9th David Phillips, 12th John Bell
80+ 2nd Brian Long
50-54 5th Tina Stenos

300m Sprint

35-39 2nd Daryl Burns, 3rd Paul Beretta
55-59 3rd Barry Howden
60-64 1st Carl Judd
80+ 1st Brian Long

Time Trial

35-39 3rd Paul Beretta
45-49 1st Andrew Baker,
60-64 2nd Marcus Coppock, 3rd Carl Judd
70-74 1st Doug Barrett
80+ 2nd Brian Long


35-39 3rd Xavier Coppock, 4th Paul Beretta
45-49 4th David Warren, 7th Andrew Baker
60-64 5th Carl Judd, 6th Marcus Coppock
70-74 6th David Phillips, 11th John Bell
80+ 2nd  Brian Long

Cec Cripps Handicap

Cec Cripps”63km Handicap Road Race Monday 06/04/15
6th Brian Long
24th David Warren
26th Xavier Coppock

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