Marshal Rosters

Roster Policy & Process


  • The Club cannot commence a race until all marshals, as directed by the Police Race permit, are in place – No marshals = No race!
  • All racing members are expected to complete up to 4 marshal duties per annum.
  • Racing members will be offered the opportunity to select their preferred duty dates at the commencement of each season – Jan & July.
  • Members who do not select a preferred date will be allocated to the remaining dates.
  • The completed Roster will be circulated to members and will be available on the club website.

To ensure that there are sufficient Marshals to safely hold races, the following weekly confirmation process is in place.


  1. A reminder email will be issued by the roster co-ordinator Barry Campbell to all rostered members approx. Wednesday of the week before they are due to marshal.
  2. If you are not available for your rostered date, a swap is to be arranged with another GSCC member currently on the roster.
  3. Once you have arranged your swap with a fellow member send an email – [email protected] to Barry by Thursday 9 PM before Sunday’s race for confirmation.
  4. This email should contain the following information –
    • Your Name
    • Your Rostered Date
    • Name of person you are swapping with
    • The Date you are swapping
  5. Please note a directive from the committee; if you don’t notify the club of unavailability or alternatively don’t find a fill in to do your spot you will not be able to race until you have fulfilled your marshaling obligation.