Scratch man Richard Lyle recorded his maiden club race win when he out sprinted the combined three back marker groups to win the 50 kilometre handicap race on Sunday June 22.
Conditions were cold but fine and sunny as 30 veteran cyclists set off in seven groups with Phil Cox the lone limit rider off 30 minutes. The pace was hot at the back of the race with the 5 man scratch group reeling in the second scratch group of Jeff Miller, Carl Leahy, Marcus Coppock and Steve Young on the second lap of the four lap course at Paraparap. With this extra fire power they hunted down the 5 minute group on the third lap and scorched part the remaining intact groups, the 10 and 14 minute on the final ascent of the Forest road hill, still 12 kilometres from the finish. Only the dogged John Bell, who had ridden the last two laps on his own, resisted but was swept past less than one kilometre from the chequered flag.
R. Lyle 1:17:24 Ave 38.83, R.Buckwell, D. Warren, S. Young, X.Coppock, N.Oakley, J.Miller, M.Lloyd, M.Coppock, J.Bell.