On September 3 Supervets road a three lap handicap event at Paraparap. The day was near perfect for a road race with light winds and sunny conditions. The out-markers Andrew Kennon, Dale Jennings and Ken Mansfield held a time gap of 8.5 minutes to the middle marks and they proved to be hard to catch. The middle-markers of John Bell, Mel White, Tony Spark and Barry Primmer put out the challenge and within a lap had gathered in Brian Long and John Watson. This formed a strong chasing bunch. The following groups made little impression on the leaders, however, Phil Preston and Tina Stanos finished among the leaders. The field strung out in the final stages to the finish line and the field was unable to overtake limit man Ken Mansfield.

Results: 1. K Mansfield, 2. T Spark, 3. M White, 4. J Bell, 5. J Watson, 6. B Long, 7. T Stanos, 8. P Preston.

Fastest time: C Judd – 1.04.25.