2021 Road & Crit season

Wednesday 8, December

Supervets Racing:

Today was our final race of 2021. Murray holds off all bunches to take the final win for the year! Race report by Murray! It was the last race of the year and excitement had spread across the land of Paraparap. 22 riders put forth their claims to the final victory upon the battlefield. Where was no 22 ? and still no one game enough to don no13, Ha cried Les C damn superstitious people as he tucked his favourite pet polish pickle into his jersey and mounted his bike backwards. Riggs and Sumner were limit and powered away precisely at 10am and in ten minutes had reached the top of Misery when Phillips, West and Faulkner were let loose. What followed was a blistering run of bunches on the hunt. But magic had happened and Riggs and Sumner passed scratch still at the starters (Longy) hands on the first Lap??? They had hit the magic 40 kph down Hendy, the big guy in the sky was blowing it out of his Ar#$% puffy cheeks and was helping all it seems. It was a blur for the whole race as limit held off all. It was Riggs, Sumner then O’Dwyer and Murrell. What a day thanks to all who worked and rode. A big lunch was had at Mt Moriac pub after where all was retold with great embellishment and liberal expansion of the truth. Merry Xmas to all see you next year.

Sunday 5, December

John Windsor Christmas 🎄 handicap

A great day of racing for the 2021 edition John Windsor Christmas 🎄 handicap the final Sunday race for 2021. Well done to all the 40 riders and helpers today, the Windsor families support and a big Congratulations to Susie Baretta for taking today’s win with a superb ride. The Scratch bunch of 7 was super fast with a new course record of 44.2km/h!, but still not fast enough, a minute behind Susie’s well oiled and experienced bunch off 20mins including Greame Wilson and Joe Gulino then assisted by Marcus Coppock and Bob Osburn from the 23 minute bunch.

1st Susie Baretta 20min 1.09.23,
2nd Joe Gulino (20min),
3rd Greame Wilson (20min),
4th Bob Osburn (20min),
5th Marcus Coppock (23min),
6th David O’Dwyer (14min),
7th Eugene Czuli (14min)
8th Darren Richards (17min),
9th John Parrello (14min),
10th Erin Rowell (17min).
FT male Martin Lonie FT female Corrine Rice.

Wednesday 1, December

Supervets Racing

Nick steals the show! Race report to follow. Here’s a teaser! The new GSCC kit is looking good! Need Nick kitted out, he can use his prize money from the last 2 races!

😉A beautiful summer’s day greeted riders on arriving at Supervets HQ Wednesday morning. 25 riders registered and assigned their marks and were away promptly at 1000hrs. Limit riders Kent Fuller and Murray Riggs were away with 25 minutes to play with the following bunch 10 minutes behind. Comments were made amongst the crowd that 25 minutes may be a bridge to far to get across. Then came the ten minute bunch with a wealth of experience included, then a seven, four and two minute bunches following. Then the backmarkers, two minutes to the next bunch may have been not generous enough as the scratch bunch was onto them at a lap and a half and fortunate to have them willing to get in the mix. A steady pace was held and eventually the field was caught. Nick Brown attacked the last time over Forest Road (not sure what he was thinking) and there was a keenness in the followers to not let this occur led by the tenacious Sharon Boyd.

Last time around Misery Corner the wind had picked up from the NW and temperature was around 30+ which was definitely having an effect on the field and the pace especially with Scratch losing Graeme Walker some time earlier. Last time coming up to Larcombes Road, powerhouse Mal Kimpton attacked but was unable to shake off his co-marker but that took care of the rest of the field, with the pace dropping off as the turn was made. Sharon took the opportunity to jump on board and went to the finish with Nick sprinting for first and fastest, followed by Mal then Sharon. A great day was had by all, well most of them anyhow. Footnote: As the author I really didn’t have much of a clue as to what happened, off Scratch means head down arse up and at the finish wasn’t even sure who had won.

Sunday 28, November

25 entries registered but 20 took to the start line today. With an ESE wind, Misery Lane wasn’t miserable for once! The various grades had to content with either 3 or 4 laps and up & down Nobles to the B finish. It was great to see some members that have been away having a race today! With no A graders today.

B Grade
1st Robert Ray
2nd Trevor Perryman
3rd Craig French

C Grade
1st Chris Cahill
2nd Ben Jensen
3rd Chris Fenech

D Grade
1st Luke Rowe
2nd Darren Richards
3rd Tina Stenos

E Grade
1st Susie Beretta (Welcome)
2nd Barry Campbell
3rd David Phillips

Wednesday 25, November

Supervets Racing

Mal Collects the field! After waking up and looking through the window to see the sun shining, asking google the temperature, 17deg google responds with. What a great morning for racing with 20 competitors going head to head in our common Greyhound circuit. Turn left, turn left, turn left, and left again (Thanks Cummo).Mal Kimpton took first and fastest (scratch).Second, Nick Brown 1:30Third, Mark Cummings 1:30Fourth, Ian Summer 24:00Fifth, Tony Peachy 4:00Sixth, Tony Murrell 6:00, Seventh, Eugene Czulij 4:00Eight, Gordon Spargo 9:00Ninth, Kent Fuller 24:00Tenth, Sharon Boyd 1:30After everyone got off their marks well, the chase was on!

Finishing the first lap the gaps were starting to close. Graham being a bit ill through the week, decided on his behalf to drop out, leaving Mal (myself) riding solo trying to pick up the rest of the field. As I could see going through the motions of the next lap, I could see a few lights ahead of me starting to become brighter. Going down Greys the second time, I pass Paul Bubbs who looked to be having bike chain issues while Tommy Gray was not too far ahead. Going up Hendy Main Rd, I seemed to gain a good amount of speed from the North West tailwind, slowly inching closer and catching the groups. Going past the finish line for the last lap, I wasn’t far behind the 6-minute group.

Heading up Forest Rd, battling against the slight headwind, I managed to overtake the group and pushed on to chase down the 9 min bunch. A little way up Grays Rd I caught them and was able to sit behind for a while to help gain some energy back (Thanks Gordon).As we were getting halfway through Grays Rd, the 2nd scratch crew weren’t too far ahead, which by this stage there were only 2 having dropped Sharon and who were only roughly 20 seconds ahead. Knowing that the finish line was fast approaching, it was head down (thanks Robbie Nicholls for the advice) to make up that 20 seconds which I did, to join the group ahead at the start of Misery Lane. This is where I could recover hanging behind Nick and Cummo (Thanks fellers).We could see the 2 remaining competitors ahead, Ian Summer and Kent Fuller which we ended up passing, leaving it to Mal, Nick and Cummo heading towards the finish line The make or break in battling it out, the sprint was on and while it was a tight finish, Mal stuck it out by ¼ of a wheel, followed by Nick then Cummo for the top 3.

Sunday 21, November

KVA Design spring sash race 2021 edition

A very fast day of riding! 2nd scratch take the prizes in a record breaking day. A few new faces racing today and a slight south-easterly blowing created great race conditions over 49km.

The limit 5 of Tina Stenos, Gavin “mayor” Gamble, John Parrello, Darren Richards and new racer Erin Rowel started with a 19 minute gap to the the fast scratch group with 5 groups in between. With smooth turns they stayed out the front till the 3rd lap where they were caught by Craig French, Chris Fenech and Phil Tehan, Craig and Phil rode everyone off their wheels for about half a lap until they were caught by the well oiled 2nd and 3rd scratch groups who had ridden past the majority of the other bunches, on the last time along Greys Rd. Consisting of some powerful riders, Paul Sheean, Cam Tomlinson, Nigel Pearson, Steve Sullivan with Trevor Perryman and another new rider Bill Patterson the were all taking good even turns thinking they had a chance for the win with the scratch group of Martin Lonie, Jesse Cropley, David Newett, Ryan Rowel and Peter Arch chasing hard and breaking land speed records but still a fair way behind with 3km to go.

Steve Sullivan isn’t one to hide a bunch, always riding hard and telling it how it’s going to go. Well he kept up to his words after telling a couple of others in the group he was going to have a go! he took off like a steam train just after the clubroom corner and TT’d to the finish line winning by a good margin. Impressive finish! Cam and Paul sprinted for second with Cam just getting past Paul at the line. The scratch group were less than a minute behind with Martin taking another fastest time being pushed to the line by Peter and averaging 43.1km/h.

1st Steve Sullivan 5min 40km/h 1:12.11,
2nd Cameron Tomlinson 5min,
3rd Paul Sheean 5min
4th Bill Patterson 7.30,
5th Nigel Pearson 5min,
6th Trevor Perryman 11min,
7th Phil Tehan 13min
8th and FT Martin Lonie 43.1km/h 1:08.25,
9th Peter Arch scr,
10th Jessie Cropley scr.
Female FT Corrine Rice.
Thanks again to the sponsor @kvadesign and all the helpers to run another safe GSCC road race.

Thursday 18, November

Racing cancelled due to weather

Wednesday 17, November

Supervets Racing

What a great day was had by all this, morning at the home of Supervet Racing. A number of cyclists having their first race for many months and a few recovering from minor injuries joined the fun.26 cyclists entered for the three laps of the small circuit a distance of 37.5 kilometres in cool overcast conditions. The wind was not noticeable when the limit markers of Murray Riggs and Kent Fuller rode away from the starter on 23 minutes. The next bunch away was the 13 minute markers of Ross West, Cecilia Digenis, John Faulkner (Bacchus Marsh) and Tony Spark. Four minutes later (9 minutes) a large group of well-seasoned riders commenced to chase down the out markers. The bunch consisted of Robbie Nicholls, Tommy Gray (Northern Vets) Allan McKay (new rider) Paul Bubb, David Phillps and Gordon Spargo. Unfortunately, Terry Collie (Bacchus Marsh) missed the bunch start time and commenced by himself a few minutes later.The six-minute bunch consisting of Tony Murrell, Steve Barrille, Tina Stenos, David O’Dwyer and Road Captain John Parrello took up the challenge in a flying fashion. Four Minutes behind on 2 minutes were the well-performed riders of Jim Burzacott, Mark (My Friend) Cummings, David Bailie, last start winner Tony Peach and Laurie Fitzsimmons. On Scratch, chasing two minutes, where the two well-respected riders of Graeme Walker and Mal Kimpton.

These two riders combined well as they rode into the task ahead of them. Brian Long was assigned the duties as timekeeper, Paul Bird Commissaire, Neil Jeffs corner steward, Robin McKenzie (new Member) assisting at the finishing line and Marcus Coppock follow car and first aid which was not required. Good to see Gil Wright circulating on the bike and assisting at the finish. The riders thanked them for their commitment to the race. As the race unfolded It appeared that the 9-minute bunch were riding very well and as the finish line beckoned Robbie Nicholls led the field across the finish line in a time of 1Hr 7m 42s to record the win. Robbie celebrated his birthday last week. Second was the new member Allan McKay followed 3rd by limit rider Murray Riggs. Next was David O’Dwyer 4th, Steve Barrille 5th, Tina Stenos 6th, Johnny Parrello 7th, Mark Cummings 8th and David Baillie 9th. Fastest time went to Mal Kimpton in a time of 1hr and 53 seconds which was faster then last week’s time. At the conclusion of the Presentations two homemade cakes, baked by Tina Stenos, were enjoyed and appreciated by the members.

Sunday 14, November

The strong westerly winds made the racing both tough and tactical, some attacks by the brave, lots of sitting on into the head winds, especially up misery lane the final time the to the Larcombes Rd finish line over the rise, the sprints were started as late as possible! The course was either 58km or 47km out and back Forest Rd plus one or two laps.

A & B grades 58km, started together with 3 in A and 6 in B, by the turn around the A graders were getting itchy, and looking forward to the head wind back home! The grades split up with Jesse getting away early with Martin and Paul chasing, Paul ran out of oomph and left it up to the two fast men. Its difficult to have a race of only two and they neutralized their efforts into the winds, with Martin getting the win, over Jesse again. 36.5km/h. Will Jesse ever beat him? at least he’s have a crack.

B grade settled into rolling turns with David Rowe dropping off into Greys Rd not feeling 100% and Kane sitting on the back 🙂 as the other four Gary, Nigel, Mike and Rob decided to keep the pace high. Nigel got away up Forest Rd on the first of two laps looking strong as always. The other four settled into steady turns leaving Nigel out the front until he pulled the pin before the head wind up misery lane the second last time. Nigel had another go up Forrest hill to no avail as everyone was keeping on eye on him, Mike dropped off a bit and then fought back on by the time they go to Greys Rd again. Nigel threw a few good attacks again with Kane watching and catching a few times. Down to four to the finish the speed slowed right down to under 20km/h into the head wind home, no one wanted to work hard into the wind. Gary ended on the front after Forest Rd 1km to go and started the lead out with Rob, then Nigel and Kane, Nigel went hard with Kane chasing and sprinted past Nigel for the win. 35km/h.

C grade 58km, started with 6 riders David, Ben, Chris H, Brad, Anna and Chris C, with a few efforts and tactics with sitting on and saving the legs and keeping the ticker rate under control. It came down to 5 for the finish with Ben Jenson taking out the sprint finish over Chris Cahill and Chris Fenech. 32.5km/h

D Grade 47km Started with four and finish the sprint with 3 as Max Clayton found the going a bit too tough with the crazy head and cross winds. Tony, David, and new members from Colac Luke Rowe rolled turns keeping the pace honest averaging over 31km/h in these tough conditions. Tony won the sprint with David O’Dwyer 2nd and Luke Rowe 3rd.A very big thanks to all the helpers today to running the event and standing out in the wind, its very much appreciated.

Thursday 11, November

The clubs first crit race since last summer. All 3 grades raced solid and tactfully with the usual southerly blowing with bunch sprints. Thankyou to Richard, Chris and Paul for running tonight’s event.

A grade 1st Martin Lonie 2nd David Newett 3rd Jesse Cropley.
C grade 1st Gary Blick 2nd Damien StPierre 3rd Darren Williams.
D grade 1st David O’Dwyer 2nd Eugene Czulij 3rd Darren Richards.
Let’s support the organiser’s next week with bumper fields throughout.

Crit racing

Wednesday 10, November

Supervets Racing

Firstly, Welcome to Marcus Coppock for kindly taking on the role as Supervets Coordinator after his retirement. Your wisdom, experience, and friendly nature will be a great asset. Welcome back to everyone and let’s enjoy the few races of 2021 that we have left. Peachy takes a “Sweet” Victory! 20 Riders entered the first race back after the lifting of Covid 19 restriction.

Overnight rain did not deter 16 cyclists who signed on in cool calm conditions to complete the three laps of the small circuit a total of 37.5 kilometres. Kent Fuller lead the field away on 22 minutes. Following was the 10 minutes group containing Paul Bubb. David Phillips and Ross West, who lost contact during the race. Both Paul and David combined well and finished together. The middle mark on 7 minutes was Tony Peach, David O`Dwyer, Paul Bird and Johnny Parrello who was testing out an injured knee. On three minutes was Laurie Fitzsimons, Anthony Murrell, Mark Cummings and Eugen Czulij. On the time-honored mark of scratch was Mal Kimpton and Graeme Walker.

All riders were appreciative of actually racing and the pace was on for the whole journey with the gaps between the riders decreasing as each lap passed. A little rain descended on the course during the second lap. Into the home straight the gather spectators could see the sprint for the line commence between three riders from the 7-minute bunch. Across the finish line first was Tony Peach (time 1.06.47) closely followed by David O`Dwyer and third being Paul Bird. A short minute or so later, the sprinter, Graeme Walker, moved passed Mark Cummings (5th) and Mal Kimpton (6th ) to finish 4th with fastest time of 1.01.06. Following Mal was Eugene, Laurie, Paul Bubb, David Phillips and Kent Fuller. The riders were appreciative of the club members who volunteered as a commissaire, setting out and reclaiming the signage and marshals for the smooth running of the event.

Sunday 7, November

GSCC were back racing today, the first race since August. Well done to the 20 members over the five grades who got out and had a crack today. The wind turned to a south-east half way though making the conditions difficult for some. Thanks heaps to the GSCC board, commissaire Paul Bubb and other helpers for organising and running the racing. Graded races next Sunday 14th entry via entryboss. We hope to see more members out next week. The new race numbers look spot on. 💥

From August 20 to November 6 Victoria was put into lockdown for a further period

Wednesday 18, August

Supervets Racing

13 racers took to the start line on a mild winter’s day. Eugene conquered in a sprint finish over Paul and Les (maker of the new snazzy podium steps) to take line honours.

1st Eugeniusz Czulij
2nd Paul Bird
3rd Les Czerniszewski
Fastest time: Jim Buzacott (donning number 1)

Sunday 15, August

Windy, cold conditions greeted 19 eager racers. Let’s race while we can!

As the wind increased the 8 min duo of Mike Furness and Rick Buckwell collected riders along the course to hold off the scratch bunch.

1st Mike Furness “Skinsuit”
2nd Rick Buckwell
3rd and Fastest time Martin Lonie
Fastest female: Anna Lonie
Special thanks to Les Czerniszewski for making the fantastic podium steps!

From August 5 Victoria was put into lockdown for a further period

Wednesday 4, August

No Super vets race held

Sunday 1, August

GSCC Winter scratch races with some Gum Flats!
Well done to all the racers who braved the cold to race on a sunny winter’s day.
Thanks to all the volunteers who made the race possible.

A grade: 1st Martin Lonie, 2nd Jesse Cropley, 3rd Steven Sullivan
B Grade: 1st James Ley, 2nd Robert Ray, 3rd Kane Airey
C Grade: 1st Simon Bell, 2nd Anna Lonie, 3rd Phil Tehan
D Grade: Umberto Scolaro, 2nd Eugeniusz Czuilij, 3rd David O’Dwyer
E Grade: 1st Luke Rowe, 2nd Max Clayton, 3rd Gordon Spargo
F Grade: Kim Thomas

From July 15 Victoria was put into lockdown for a further period to July 30

Wednesday 14, July

No Super vets race held

Wednesday 7, July

Who says an 84 year old can’t win a race??
Well Done Kenny! What an inspiration to all of us at GSCC.
Well Done to everyone who raced today.
1st Ken Mansfield
2nd Mal Cole
3rd Ian Sumner
4th Murray Riggs
5th Steve McLachlan
6th Graeme Wilson
7th Paul Bubb
8th and Fastest time Mal Kimpton
9th Tony Ross
10th David Lambourne

Sunday racing takes a mid season break for a couple of weeks and will resume again on the July 18

Wednesday 30, June

Supervets Racing!

Final of the Chip’s 3 race series was today. It was great to see some new Supervets faces, welcome to Vincent Haveaux, Chris Fenech, and Vic Mason at the start line.

Scratch took home the bacon! Final race results:
1st and Fastest Tony Ross
2nd Jim Burzacott (First race in Scratch)
3rd Mal Smiley Kimpton
4th Vincent Haveaux
5th David O’Dwyer held on to scratch from the 5 min bunch.

WoW! Chips 3 Series Race 3 Results (Kindly sponsored by member Adrian McCartney). For the last race of the Series, the weather gods gave us great riding conditions, a cool start, sunny and very light winds. Perfect for bike racing!

24 riders entered although only 23 riders fronted the starter’s hands. The first rider to leave was Ian Sumner (solo) on 18 mins… a tough ask by yourself. The next bunch of four riders with Ross West, Tony Spark, Cecilia Digenis and Murray Riggs started 7 minutes later, planning to catch Ian and hold off the bunches behind.

The 8 min bunch of Carl Judd, Paul Bubb and Graeme Wilson headed off with a flurry only to be thwarted by a mechanical from Graeme Wilson so this left them undermanned. Ken Mansfield was next to take off at 7 mins to do his 2 laps and not worrying about the pace of other riders. The 5 min bunch of David O’Dwyer, Steve McLachlan and Paul Bird settled into a steady pace planning to hold off the backmarkers until the last time up Misery Lane. The 3 min bunch of Tina Stenos, Tony Murrell and Vic Mason began their journey only to be surprised when the backmarkers caught them whilst still on their first lap. They realised then they would be chewing their handlebars for the next 2 laps!2nd Scratch (2 mins) were enjoying the sunshine and trying to improve their suntans apparently as 3 out of the 4 riders missed the start of their bunch! Only Eugeniusz Czvlij fronted at the start line on time. Chris Fenech and Vincent Haveaux rolled up about a minute later and headed off. Peter Hunt was even later and forced to head off with Scratch.

Scratch started with Mal Kimpton, Tony Ross, Jim Burzacott, Sharon Boyd and Peter Hunt and proved to be too strong for the rest of the field as they systematically caught the bunches in front! The size of the group swelled and were able to hang on for the ride only to be tested up Misery Lane and Forrest Road each lap. Scratch and 2nd Scratch riders contributed to the pace making until the final hit out to the line where the scratch markers proved too strong.

Thanks to all the Marshalls, Drivers and Commissaire and also a big thank you to Adrian McCartney for sponsoring the Three Race Series. Race Report by Tony Ross

Aggregate winners of the Chip’s Series!
First Tony Ross 13 points
Second Mal Kimpton 12 points
Third Jim Burzacott 10 points
Spot Prizes drawn by Tony Ross, Gil Wright, Butch Ian Walker, Marcus Coppock, David Pike and Terry Robinson. Congratulations to all! Our numbers have been great lets keep it up. A Huge Thank you to Adrian McCartney! Thanks to Les for the photos on course.

Sunday 27, June

Ray Alldridge handicap

Todays course was run over 46 km which included 2 laps of the Paraparap square out Forest rd/Gundrys turn around and then left into Gum Flats and turn around and with a hill top finish on Gum Flats. The day was mild for June with no wind or rain but roads were greasy from over night. A field of 25 split over 5 bunches with time splits of scratch (4 riders), 3:30 (7), 6:30 (6), 10:00 (4) and limit 17:00 (4).

Scratch headed by Martin and Jesse drove the group from the beginning and had caught second scratch at the mid point of the race going over the Forest rd rollers. Andy and Gary got spat out the back as the catch was made. Rick, Mike and Robert were able to hang of the back as they swooped past and off loading second scratch riders of Michael Hazeldine and guest riders of Michael Hartman, Nick Tippett and David Walker.

At the front of the race the front 6:30 and 10:00 groups had joined by the Gundrys turn around and formed a healthy bunch as they chased the sole limit rider of Tina Tober Stenos, they were also had the chance to eye ball both Martin and Jesse who were about 1 min down at the turn around with 8 km to go.

Ben Jensen was the first rider who started the decent of Gum Flats with 4 kms to go and Martin and Jesse had caught and passed the 6:30 and 10 min bunch driving hard in search of victory. At the Gum Flats turn around Martin had assumed the lead with Ben holding a small advantage to Jesse. Martin was able to maintain his lead on the ascent and finished 17 sec ahead of Jesse who as able to hold of a fast finishing Simon Bell by a mere 9/1000 of a second (only Myalaps could determine the result). Anna Lonie was the fastest women

1st Martin Lonie
2nd Jesse Cropely
3rd Simon Bell
4th Ben Jensen
5th Anna Martin Lonie
For full results follow the link – https://results.sporthive.com/events/PC1876448/races/6150679

Wednesday 23, June

Supervets Racing: Race 2 of the Chip’s racing series! Kindly sponsored by member Adrian McCartney!

Mal Kimpton Wins first & fastest (1:03:25) since he was promoted to scratch!
2nd Tony Ross
3rd Jim Burzacott
4th David O’Dwyer
5th Tina Stenos
6th Marcus Coppock
7th David Phillips
8th Sharon Boyd

16 Riders started in cloudy average conditions and we’re lucky not to get rained on. Kent Fuller off 23 minutes was first to go, followed by Ian Sumner and David Phillips off 15 minutes. The next 2 riders Ross West and Tony Sparks coming off 13 minutes, were riding well and had a good break on the next lot of riders who were Graham Wilson and Ken Mansfield, both running off 7 and 6 minutes with Ken Mansfield only required to complete 2 laps. Carl Judd and David O’Dwyer were off 5 minutes and the strong Marcus Coppock and Tina Stenos coming off 3 minutes, both working well together and making gains on the groups in front.

The 2 minute markers Jim Burzacott and Tony Peach worked hard together for the first lap, before Tony found the going a bit tough, leaving Jim to work hard alone to keep away from the scratch group, who were Tony Ross, Sharon Boyd and Mal Kimpton.Sharon found that the step up to scratch was a little bit tougher than expected, having to sit on for the first lap while Tony and Mal were trying to pin back the riders ahead. Jim was the first rider to be caught after a lap going up Forest Rd, while at the bottom, Tina and Marcus were also caught increasing the bunch to 6.

The bunch worked well together overtaking Carl and David with David joining the bunch. Jim worked well with scratch. Marcus added some good turns to relieve the pressure on Tony and Mal. By this stage we we’re heading up Forest Rd for the last time, all keeping together around Grays Rd and coming into Hendy Main Rd, where Tony Sparks and Ross West were caught.

Heading up Hendy Main Rd, into the North Easterly was tough going however, the group managed to stay together while heading into Misery Lane where the last rider was caught, David Phillips. For the last time going down Gray’s Road Sharon had dropped off the pace. Leaving the rest of the group heading into Larcombes. While Tony Ross led the group into Larcombes the pressure was on and it looked like it was going to come down to a sprint finish for the win and the fastest time.

Coming down to the wire, Mal Kimpton had edged out Tony Ross for the win and fastest time while Ross coming 2nd, followed by Jim Burzacott, David O’Dwyer, Tina Stenos, Marcus Coppock, David Phillips and Sharon Boyd coming in at 8th place.

Sunday 20, June

We were back racing today after the debacle of the last 3 weeks hopefully its stays this way for the rest of the year. Good tough fun today for the Hell of the South Gravel race.

The race was run in mild conditions for this time of year and with some overnight rain the course was greasy making for plenty of grit and filthy bikes. The race was run over 48 ks for A, B & C and 38 for D.

A Grade1 Ryan Rowell
2 Tom Ovens
3 Sam Chancellor

B grade
1 Marcus Olive
2 James Morton
3 Brett Kellett

C grade
1 Les Tokolyi
Darren Williams
3 Jim Burzacott

D grade
1 Ben Jensen
Gavin Gamble
3 Luke Rowe

Wednesday 16, June

Was it the weather or the race of truth that keep our Supervets away?!

Sharon confirmed her strength on Kermie coming in with the fastest time! Well Done to all who braved the conditions as the morning proved to be better than expected!ITT

After several postponements with the weather and then covid, some were wondering if this TT Race was ever going to eventuate. Entry Boss showed that we might almost get to the 20 person limit, but then the weather and covid again played a part in a few scratching’s, leaving 11 riders hopefully competing on the day. Rain and the cold temperature proved to be worrisome for several starters not turning up in the morning, leaving 7 brave competitors lining up at the start line.

Ken Mansfield was the first to set off with a steely look of determination, powering away a minute after Ken was Kent Fuller, followed by David Phillips and then Murray Riggs with his TT Bike and skinsuit you can see he is serious. Then its the last 3 Jim Burzacott, Sharon Boyd and Graeme Walker, these 3 are looking at each other wondering what they each have up their sleeves, both Graeme and Jim are feeling a little worried when Sharon turned up with Kermie, Juddy’s beloved TT bike and wearing his aerodynamic helmet, has she been training are we in trouble ? Jim takes off trying not to worry about the problem of Sharon and Graeme behind and quickly settles in his rhythm heading toward the first rise on Forest Road, a minute later Sharon takes off quickly putting herself in the TT position showing she means business, Graeme a minute later starts the chase. The weather surprisingly isn’t too bad, no more rain but the road is damp, everyone knows they must be careful in the corners, The NE wind which helps no one in any part of the course is only around the 18km/h mark in the first lap, at least Misery shouldn’t be a slog today, hopefully.

Kent Fuller picks off Ken quite quickly but then is passed himself by David, Murray, Jim, Sharon and Graeme before he completes his own first lap, but he doesn’t let this bother him as he continues his relentless punishment on his body. With everyone past him now Ken has his head down pushing toward a personal best, the second lap is more productive for David and Murray, passing their minute men with ease, meanwhile Jim has passed the 4 riders in front of him before the end of his first lap pushing hard hoping to keep the 2 behind him for as long as possible, Sharon is on a flyer, passing Ken, Kent, David and Murray all in the first lap with that dreaded sound only a TT disc wheel can make, she only has Jim to find, Graeme is in lightspeed, wanting warp speed from his legs, he needs to catch Jim and Sharon, but nothing is happening when he askes for the next gear, the legs just cant do it, even lightspeed is proving difficult and he has to slow down to catch his breath, settle the rhythm, then push again, it works and he heads off on his second lap knowing he should catch the last 2 riders, easily, right ? Jim is on his second lap heading down Grays thinking, maybe I have this, my first lap wasn’t too bad with the wind, I feel I’m going well, until he hears that noise, yep its Sharon, she says nothing, doesn’t even change her cadence and passes with ease, Jim thinks to himself, “I really need a TT Bike” Sharon spotted Jim heading into Grays, takes the corner herself carefully, sprints up to speed, hits her happy spot passes Jim, she’s in the lead, Graeme must be close, carefully cornering into Hendy Main Road from Grays, thinking, please stay upright Kermie, Juddy would kill me if I slide over, she makes it safely and pops into the TT position and accelerates close to 40km/h, Jim is also on Hendy Main watching Sharon pull away slowly, pushing as hard as he can, aware Graeme cant be too far behind, the wind has picked up a little in the second lap proving tough on the TT bike as it blows about heading down misery, Sharon feels misery is still miserable even with a cross tail wind.

With a red flag that turned green, thanks to a polite driver, Graeme can see Jim in his sights as he heads up Hendy Main worried with how far Sharon is in the front, he has his work cut out and curses at his legs for not being able to give him warp speed earlier. Last corner for Sharon as she has to stick her arm out to let a truck know she’s turning left, hoping he doesn’t run over her and Kermie, scared to turn and look behind, she thinks to herself, if the truck pauses long enough I’ll know that Graeme is behind me, but as soon as she heads down Larcombes the truck accelerates right behind her, that’s it, home straight, no one close enough to catch her, she puts all in and kills her legs as she crosses the finish line. Everyone else finished safe and should be proud with their performance on a tough day.1st Sharon Boyd2nd Graeme Walker3rd Jim Burzacott.

Thank you to the corner marshals, Tina first aid and follow car, time keeper and anyone else that helped to make this ITT happen.Side Note : Special thank you to Juddy for the use of his beloved Kermie and his silly looking helmet that does work ! And of course teaching me a few tricks that come with ITT racing

As of the 27th May a snap Covid lockdown was enforced so all racing once again was suspended and included the following racing dates

From Sunday 30th May to Sunday 13th June

Wednesday 26, May

Supervets TT – This event is postponed due to bad weather

Sunday 23, May

GSCC KVA Designs Autumn Handicap Race

Trevor Perryman Dominates to take the win & collect the coveted KVA design’s Sash!
2nd visiting rider from Northern Simon Bell
3rd Darren Williams on his comeback to racing.
4th Marcus Coppock
5th Tina Stenos
6th Andrew Booth
7th David O’Dwyer
8th Barry Campbell
9th & Fastest time Jesse Cropley
10th Gary Wearmouth (Welcome Back)
Fastest female: Anna Lonie

Mylaps results – KVA Autumn sash handicap

Wednesday 19, May

Supervets Racing:

Birdie fly’s over the line for the win! Zwift advertisers Fun is Fast but today’s racers demonstrated that Smooth is Fast!

The 7-minute third scratch group were the winners today. Eugeni Czulij, Gerard Hickey, Tina Stenos, Paul Bird and Tony Murrell combined beautifully with smooth turns to fill five of the first six placings. Paul was the fastest in the sprint to the line. Twenty-four racers took the starter’s orders at 10am with fine cool conditions and a light north-westerly wind which strengthened on the second lap of the three-lap course around Hendy Main, Grays and Larcombes roads. A total of 38 kilometers finishing in Larcombes road.

The race was divided into seven groups with Ken Mansfield on his own to complete two laps. Ken was caught by the leaders at the clubrooms on the last lap. Well done Ken. The sixteen-minute group of Gordon Spargo, Cecilia Digenis, Ross West and Terry Robinson lost Terry on the final ascent of Mount Forest Road. They led the race until the last time up Misery Lane. The 11-minute group of Paul Bubb, Graeme Wilson, Robert Masters and Mal Cole had splintered under the pressure of the 7-minute group and fell away.It took until the second lap for the winning group to catch the 9-minute group. They had produced a very strong ride with Mick Mitchell powering the group with David O’Dwyer and Steve McLachlan. Steve found the going tough and dropped away. David and Mick started working in with the winners and contested the sprint finish. The 3-minute group of Peter Hunt, Sharon Boyd, Jim Burzacott and David Baillie were close on the heels of the winners at the finish but failed to catch them.

The scratch riders were handicapped when Tony Ross missed the start and had to chase back up Hendy Main road. They had a day off with Graeme Walker still taking the fastest time. The scratch men’s time was a slow one, by their standards! In the sprint to line it was Mick who led out Tina early, but as the gaps opened Paul came off David’s wheel followed by Gerard.

Results:1st Paul Bird 1:08:25
2nd Gerard Hickey
3rd David O’Dwyer
4th Eugeniusz Czulij
5th Tina Stenos
6th Tony Murrell
Fastest Time Graeme Walker 1:04:20

Sunday 16, May

Winchelsea Kermesse was held in cool conditions

Wednesday 12, May


The Supervets conducted their weekly event over 3 laps of the Forest and Grays road circuit in fine Autumn weather. 21 riders started in cool but sunny conditions. Kent Fuller was the first rider to start followed by Terry Robinson, Gordon Spargo and Tony Sparks riding from the 17-minute mark. These three riders were setting a very even and fast pace early in the race. The 13-minute bunch of Graeme Wilson, Paul Budd. Robert Masters and Dave O’Dwyer were also riding well together until Robert had a mechanical issue and dropped off the pace. Just before misery lane Paul Budd was feeling unwell and waved his co-makers goodbye. At this stage, the 8-minute bunch of Tina Stenos, Tony Peach, Steve Barrile and Steve McLachlan were setting a fast past but lost Steve McLachlan. The trio continued on and were trying to reel in the front markers. The 3-minute bunch of Peter Hunt, Sharon Boyd, Jim Burzacott and David Bailie were working well together until they lost David due to a hamstring issue. They worked hard to holding scratch at bay to no avail. As the race progressed into the second lap the back bunches were starting to pull back the front markers as the gaps started to shorten. At the start of the last lap Tony Sparks was leading the 17-minute bunch and the three riders were still working well together. They were still in with a chance to win the race as they picked up Kent Fuller at the start of the last lap. The 13-minute bunch of Wilson and O’Dwyer could now see the leaders and Wilson started to applied the pressure up the hill in Forest road and was slowly catching the bunch in front. Meanwhile, the 8-minute bunch was really starting to make inroads on the leaders with Tony Peach pulling some very good turns of pace with the help of Barille and Stenos. The scratchmen, Walker, Pike, Ross and Kimpton were all working strongly and starting to close the gap on the field. Halfway along Grays road Wilson and O’Dwyer caught the leaders and they were working well together putting in long turns of pace. With 3 kilometers to go O’Dwyer put the foot down to try to hold the backmarkers at bay and started to ride away from his bunch. In the finish, it was a solo win to O’Dwyer followed, with a great ride, by Tony Sparks in second place and Graeme Wilson in third place. The 8-minute bunch was very close behind the placegetters and Steve Barrile finished strongly in fourth place with Tony Peach and Tina Stenos close behind in fifth and sixth place. Terry Robinson finished strongly to round out the top 7 places. In the sprint for fastest time, it was Graeme Walker that proved the fastest on the day beating David Pike, Tony Ross and Mal Kimpton across the line. Walker recorded a good time of 59 minutes and 10 seconds. The race was refereed by Ian Summers, he reported that the race was incident-free and all riders obeyed the road rules and his directions.

1st David O’Dwyer 1:10:00
2nd Tony Spark
3rd Graeme Wilson
4th Steve Barrile
5th Tony Peach
6th Tina Stenos
7th Terry Robinson
Fastest time: 59:10 Graeme Walker.

Saturday 8, May

Buckwell/Long handicap

The GSCC in recognition of the contribution to cycling by both gentlemen both as riders and club members in conjunction with Eureka cycling club hosted the Buckwell/Long combine handicap held at Meredith.

Brian born in Ballarat grew up on cycling from a young age and has had an outstanding career throughout and was cycling competitively into his 80’s. A cagey ‘sit on’ sprinter Brian knew when to hit the button winning awards at club and state events with the latest being at the AVCC championships in Adelaide 2019.

Richard took up cycling when a football injury cut his career short whilst working in Ballarat. Richard was a tough cyclist whose dogged determination willed him across the line and also compete at state level. Richard has been a GSCC committee member and President and is a current commissaire who officiated in his own race.

With nearly a combined 200 years of cycling knowledge, both have been on many Sun Tours and other racing events acting as mechanics and team support and will always have yarn or too to tell when they catch up with fellow competitors at cycling events. Well done to both for the outstanding service to the sport

Nearly 60 riders fronted up the Buckwell/Long handicap split up over 8 groups with the scratch giving up 36 minutes to limit. Conditions were fair and mild with a slight nor wester which seemed to be in your face most of the way around the course.

The out mark group being the 21 min filled the top seven positions and the 28 min rounding out the remaining top 10 spots. Peter Lamb of Eureka was able to take a tight sprint over Steven Crowe and Michael Lewis separated by 1 sec with Marcus Coppock a further second behind. Matt Sherwin off scratch was fastest male and Sharron Boyd fastest female

1st Peter Lamb (E) 1:51:09 ave 34.5 k
2nd Steven Crowe (B/S)
3rd Michaele Lewis (B/S)
4th Marcus Coppock
5th Jim Burzacott
6th David Baillie
7th Tony Peach
8th Roger Mcmillian (E)
9th Peter Wright (M)
10th Gary Blick
Fastest male Matthew Sherwin 1:33:52 ave 40.9 k
Fastest female Sharron Boyd 1:55:00 ave 33.3 k

Wednesday 5, May

Supervets Racing: Chip’s Race Series Race 1

A Huge Thanks to Adrian McCartney for sponsoring the series. Aggregate point to be calculated. Race 2 – June 2nd/ 2 laps plus Nobles finish B.oops forgot the photo. Sorry placegetters.
Winner, winner; Graeme Wilson 1:11:39
2nd Paul Bubb
3rd David O’Dwyer
4th Ross West
5th Robert Masters
6th Murray Riggs
7th Ian Sumner
8th Tina Stenos
9th Sharon Boyd
10th Peter Hunt
Fastest time: Graeme Walker 59:17

Sunday 2, May

GSCC Jack Griffin Handicap Combine!

We were extremely saddened to hear of the passing of Jack on 7 March. He was a bigger than life character that touched many lives at our club. His cheeky humour & energy was infectious. He was a long time member/supporter of our great club. In 2007 he was granted life membership with GSCC. Jack’s love of cycling was huge and we will not forget the contributions he made to GSCC. He was a legend of the cycling community and beyond. Everyone at GSCC will miss him. Thank you to Maria, Michael, Debbie, and Molly for representing Jack today. It was lovely! It was Jack’s 97th birthday on 29 April what a great way to honour him!

The weather was good but it’s always a challenging race!
David Newett took line honours and Fastest time! 1:44:292nd
Andy Goodwin
3rd Daniel Stoj
4th Daniel Lamb
5th Nigel Pearson
6th Nick Brown
7th Mario Cordedda
8th Noel Said
9th Chris Cogger
10th Chris Cahill
Fastest time female: Sharon Boyd

Wednesday 28, April

Supervets Racing:
23 racers took to the start line in great conditions. John Hayden collected the win!, 2nd Tina Stenos, 3rd Alison Hale (visiting rider from Canberra who found our race on Entry Boss), 4th Marcus Coppock, 5th Harold Bentley, 6th Graeme Walker, 7th Mario Corddeda, 8th Tony Ross, Fastest time: Graeme Walker 59.14

A strong field of 23 riders presented at Paraparap for 3 laps of the Main Course in fine but cold conditions. The handicapper had divided the field into 6 bunches with the limit group of Ross West, Kent Fuller and Ian Sumner heading off 19 minutes ahead of the scratch bunch consisting of Mario Cordedda, Tony Ross, Mal Kimpton and Graeme Walker9 minutes ahead of them was Marcus Coppock, David O’Dwyer, Tina Stenos and John Hayden. This bunch rode strongly and by the first lap had caught second limit bunch . Alison Hale ( visiting rider from Canberra ) and Harold Bentley stayed with the bunch and contributed well with turns on the front. About halfway into the final lap they had caught the limit bunch and it was obvious that we were not going to be caught by scratch as they were unsighted as we rounded the final bend with the finish line in sight. John Hayden was able to hold off Tina in a sprint to the finish to take first place with Alison in third place. The scratch bunch had rounded up the 3 minute and 7-minute bunch and there was a mass of riders involved in a sprint for fastest time which was taken out by Graeme Walker. They were then given astern talking to by ex Teacher Paul Bubb for crossing the middle line in the sprint.

Sunday 25, April

No club racing – Anzac Day (Benghazi handicap – Northern cycling)

Wednesday 21, April

Supervets racing:

Mal Cole takes the win!
2nd Gordon Spargo
3rd Tina Stenos
4th Paul Bubb
5th Ross West
6th Eugeniusz Czulij
7th Jim Burzacott
8th Gerard Hickey
9th Tony Peach
Fastest time: David Pike 1:02:14

After a very wet and cold night in Melbourne I woke to the dulcet tones of my alarm and with the assistance of the dog (it was her breakfast) I rolled out of bed to see a blue sky, no rain and little wind. After a quick breakfast I packed myself and the bike into the chariot and headed down to Paraparap stopping at the servo for the mandatory long black coffee. To the voices of the finest Welsh tenors belting out The Men of Harlech I arrive at the club rooms.

To my dismay I was put in the group with Gordon Spargo, Tina Stenos and Paul Bubb which I thought was above my pay grade, normally I start 3 -4 minutes before them. But alas my whinging did not change the handicapper’s mind, so I thought I better suck it up and do my best. Bummer !!!!The race started with a good field of 21 in reasonably good conditions and riding into a breeze up misery made a slower start which suited me. We settled into a good rhythm and before to long caught up with Dale and Ken who were both slugging it out.

We now a had to catch Ross, Murray and Tony and on the second lap down Gray’s Rd with the tip trucks hurtling past we caught up with the trio before turning into Hendy Main. Ross acting like a limpet and clung to the back of the group and we stayed that way for nearly a whole lap until we got Ross to do a turn or two. From that point to the finish line was a group effort to keep away from any bunch coming up from behind, the pace stayed constant with a couple of surges done to hopeful drop someone or two but coming into Larcombes it was going last individual standing (note the non-genderism used here) or riding so to speak and in the case, it was me who saluted the judge with both my hands on the bars, now there is an oxymoron Second Gordie, third Tina, Big boy Bubbie 4th with Ross in a very credible 5th.

Fastest time was David Pike and deservedly got the number 1 to wear on his top until someone rides faster than him. I did not get to see the other people whilst racing thankfully or else I would not be writing this, but from all accounts everybody raced well. Thanks to the referee Dennis, the marshals and follow car for doing once again a great job.

Sunday 18, April

Hendry Cycles Handicap Trophy Race! https://hendrycycles.com.au/

Thanks to Steve for being a longtime sponsor of GSCC. Make sure you all support Hendrys and thank him for his continued support! Foss exerts his strength on Nobels to clearly take the win! Couldn’t have happened to a classer member! It was a pleasure to ride in “PB” bunch.
1st Marcus Coppock
2nd Tina Stenos
3rd Paul Bird
4th Joe Gulino
5th Steven Sullivan
6th David Lambourn
7th Mario Cordedda
8th Howard Duncan
9th Josh Vassallo
10th David Lindos
Fastest time female: Anna Lonie
Fastest time male: Jesse Cropley

Wednesday 14, April

Super vets Racing – no racing?

Sunday 11, April

No club racing due to Conni Classic

Conni Classic Race report

37 women took up to the challenge to race the GSCC Conni classic in brutal windy, rainy conditions! 9 decided it was best to scratch and keep warm and cosy at home. I completely understand that decision, especially while I was racing! Why does this event always fall on a windy wet day? Maybe it’s something to do with our generous sponsor Conni being a manufacturer of absorbent materials? We all could have done with some absorbent and quick-dry gear today. Thanks, Norm & Conni for supporting women cycling taking some great photos! It was great to see so many women from clubs all over Victoria at the clubrooms. For a handful of riders, this was their first race and there was lots of nervous energy as we waited for the briefing.

At 10 am the limit bunch of three riders including Shelly, Jen & Emma took off with great enthusiasm and tried to work together in the wind to hold off the 31-minute bunch but conditions were tough and they were soon split and caught by the preceding bunches. The 25 min group who had a full quota of teamies with none from this mark choosing to stay in bed. With lots of experience in this bunch they chatted tactic… what the best strategy in the windy conditions and settled into a rhythm. The 8 worked well together. All riders took turns and held it together. Although hitting the headwind on the notorious Misery Lane, slowed the bunch considerably on both laps. At the half way mark they caught the 31 minute bunch of Bella, Alana, Kelly and Kerry who were battling the challenging course to form a “Superbunch”.

Meanwhile, the 18 min bunch took a real hit before they even got to the start line losing 4 racers who chose a warm bed. Ouch! We saw them scattered along the course. The 13-minute bunch picked some of them on Forest Road and they began working together but before the turn into Larcombe, some racers were lost as Tamara lead the charge! 3 made it into the minor placing. The 6-minute bunch got rolling quickly and with a bit of education on the go for our newbies to racing the group worked well together but not enough to keep scratch away who caught them a third of the way up Forrest Rd.

A long red flag due to multiple cars at the turnaround point gave the group a chance to talk tactics and on the way back down the combined bunch set a cracking pace but it was too much for some with riders being spat off every 2kms and the final group of 5 headed up Nobles still in pursuit of the lead bunches. The Super bunch required encouragement to work together. 8 riders took turns whilst the others held onto the back. The long rise of Noble Road tested some of the group, with about 8 riders staying together. The second rise caused the remaining bunch to split but they continued to chase filling 5 places. With less than 10km to the finish, Melissa Caffrey from Central Victorian Cycling Club attacked at the last hill on Nobles and time trialled down Nobles for a very comfortable win in very challenging, cold, and windy conditions (especially from a Mallee perspective!!), Although she was still looking behind to make sure as she was surprised she was heading for the win! Melissa also gets credit for travelling the furthest (a 4hr drive!)- the winnings will definitely help reimburse the petrol money. The scratch bunch were not far behind and if they hadn’t lost time at the red flag it may have been a different ending. They lost the last 2 riders from the 6-minute bunch on the rise of Nobles. Anna gained a lead over Erin and Bianca on the rise of Larcombes. She crossed the line taking out the fastest time honours! Erin was close behind.

Wednesday 7, April

Supervets Racing
The weather was more than just great lots of happy faces which made for a very promising day for everyone. There was a good number of riders, as soon they passed the line and began the race the happy faces turned serious. In my group everyone was encouraging Carl who was doing his first race after a long break (welcome back Carl, good to hear your loud voice in the bunch), working hard with Gerard Hickey finely on the last lap we passed a group with Ross West all working very strongly. Few kilometres later Ross and H.Bentley joined back with Leski and Gerard. Last 700 mtrs, after a long sprint Leski held on to take 1st place, just behind was G. Hickey, 3rd was Harold Bentley and 4th place Ross West soon after furious chasing others arrived to the finish line. Looks like everyone had a great day and happy faces was visible around again.

Monday 5, April

Geelong rider – Martin Lonie – has WON the Ron RIVETTE Classic in commanding fashion. Brilliant sunshine and a fair south east breeze were the order of the day as almost 60 men raced the Ercildoune long course. Lonie and the remnants of the Scratch bunch loomed large on the lone race leader (Eureka’s Darryl Brown) with just 8 kilometres remaining. They took the lead and powered towards the finish…The cross headwind on the run to the final corner whittled the lead bunch down to just seven and Lonie packed too many guns for the small pack, winning in a canter.

Ron RIVETTE Classic race results:
1st – Martin Lonie, Geelong Surf Coast (Scratch)
2nd – Jason Hendry, EUREKA (3 min)
3rd – Kyle Hester, EUREKA (13 min)
4th – Darryn Reed, EUREKA (3 min)
5th – Tim Anderson, Northern (16 min)
6th – Shane Clarke, EUREKA (3 min)
7th – Michael Pierce, EUREKA (Scratch)
8th – Shane Nankervis, EUREKA (Scratch)
9th – Jason Shipcott, EUREKA (3 min)
10th – Tim Canny, EUREKA (Scratch)
Fastest Time – Martin Lonie, Geelong Surf Coast (Scratch) in 1hr 18m 49s, ave. 41.866 Kph

NEW Eureka member – Miranda Griffiths – has returned to road racing in 2021 and at just her third race has WON the inaugural Eureka WOMENS Open. The Learmonth district was bathed in sunshine as Miranda and fellow Scratch rider Anna Lonie (Geelong & Surf Coast CC) raced around the 55 Km circuit. They joined the race leaders on the Avenue of Honour, then had a right royal two up sprint to the finish line.
Eureka WOMENS Open race results:
1st – Miranda Griffiths, EUREKA (Scratch)
2nd – Anna Lonie, Geelong Surf Coast (Scratch)
3rd – Heather Hamling, Colac Veterans (3 min)
4th – Corrine Rice, Geelong Surf Coast (7 min)
5th – Sharon Boyd, EUREKA (7 min)
6th – Jennifer Collier, EUREKA (10 min)
7th – Kerryn Minehan, Footscray (10 min)
8th – Tina Stenos, Geelong Surf Coast (10 min)
9th – Amy Benham, Northern (7 min)
10th – Kym Petersen, Eastern (3 min)
Fastest Time – Miranda Griffiths, EUREKA (Scratch) in 1hr 32m 38s, ave. 35.604 Kph

Sunday 4, April

Easter no club racing

Wednesday 31, March

Supervets Racing: GSCC Wednesday Supervets Alan Sandford Memorial . Dwyer takes the win!

Twenty-two riders presented themselves to the handicapper Brian Long on a near perfect day for racing. The riders were handicapped into 8 groups with Dale Jennings on limit followed five minutes later by Ken Mansfield having his first ride back from injury. The 17 minutes bunch of West, Sumner, Riggs and Fuller were making very good progress at the halfway mark. The 12 minute bunch was also riding well with Harold Bentley, Doug Wilson and David O’Dwyer working well together as a bunch. The 6 minute bunch was riding very well and was slowly getting closer to the leader, Dale Jennings who was still out in front on his own.

At the halfway mark scratch had picked up the riders on second scratch with scratch men Walker and Cordedda working well together at an average speed of 35 kilometres per hour. The 6 minute group were putting in a big effort and were picking up time on the front bunches. Dale Jennings lead the field as he turned into Nobles road with only a few minutes between Jennings and the fast moving scratch men. On the long climb to the turn in Nobles road the combined 6 & 9 minute bunches caught the 12 minute bunch. It was Sharon Boyd, Paul Bird, Tony Peach and Paul Bubb that were driving the bunch. By the turn this group had caught the 17 minute bunch and the race leader Dale Jennings. At this stage scratch were less than 2 minutes behind the now quite large leading group. Just after the turn Sharon Boyd made a strong break from the group. The group being led by Doug Wilson, Tony Peach, Harold Bentley slowly pull back Boyd.

At the final turn into Larcombes road the leading bunch of 12 riders had only a slight lead on the scratch men. Tony Peach lead the leaders into Larcombes road with Boyd, Wilson, Bentley and O’Dwyer on his wheel. At 300 metres to go O’Dwyer started his sprint quite early knowing that the scratch men were closing in quickly. Boyd was able to follow and made a final effort to finish a close second behind O’Dwyer with Tony Peach third followed by Harold Bentley, Doug Wilson, Ross West, Ian Sumner. Very good rides by Ross West and Ian Sumner to finish in the lead group.

Graeme Walker sprinted across the line to take 8th place and fastest time in 1.03.30 an average of 35.9k/hr. finishing only 4 seconds behind the winner. Race Referee, Richard Buckwell was very pleased with the road behaviour of all the riders. There were no incidents or mishaps during the race with corner marshals doing a great job to make the race safe. Thanks to all the Marshalls who stood up at the last minute to do duty.

Final Results:
D O’Dwyer 12mins 1.15.26
S Boyd 6mins
T Peach 6mins
H Bentley 12mins
D Wilson 12mins
R West 17mins
I Sumner 17mins
G Walker scratch
Fastest Time Graham Walker 1.03.30. 35.9k/hr

Sunday 28, March

GSCC Rocket Ascent

Thanks to Matt for the continuing sponsorship & for Andrew Goodwill for assisting today. Greatly appreciated.

A field of 34 riders signed up for the highly anticipated Rocket Ascent and with calm and cool conditions would the out markers be able to sustain 2 ascents of Gum Flats and Nobles rd ascent to notch up a win. Scratch who have demolished all handicap races this year would have thought they were a real chance again as they were only giving up 24 mins to limit. Second scratch proved to be the group to be in as they managed to stay away from scratch to take out the race. Second scratch caught the 9 min group at around the 30 km mark of the race and from this point reeled in all the other groups and riders that had fractured from the first time up Gum Flats rd. At the Nobles turn around second scratch still held a 3 min advantage to scratch with around 20 km to go but Anna and Darren were still up ahead and both riding solo. Anna was caught along Forest rd near the gravel pits and managed to stay with this group as they tackled Gum Flats for the second time.

At the final turn around on Gum Flats the leading group of 8 held a 2 min gap to scratch who crossed each other on the flat section but with over a kilometer to go and the final climb to negotiate could they hold them off. Dan, Lindsay , Nigel and Anthony who had been driving the second scratch bunch were still riding strong and determined not the let the race slip on the final ascent. Dan proved to be the strongest rider of the four to take out the race with a 11 sec spread between them with Anna proving to be a real pocket rocket finishing fifth and fastest female a further 2 sec behind. Visiting scratch rider Matthew Sherwin was able to catch the rear end of the leading group to finish 90 sec behind the leader and fastest male.

1st Daniel Lamb
2nd Lindsay Burgoyne (Happy Birthday)
3rd Nigel Pearson
4th Anthony Seipolt
5th & Fastest Female: Anna Lonie
6th Josh Vassallo, 7th Nick Brown, 8th Peter Cone, 9th & Fastest Time: Matthew Sherwin, 10th Martin Lonie

QOM & KOM of Gum Flats Road
Darren Richards
Anna Lonie
Mal Kimpton
David Lambourn
Nigel Pearson
Matthew Sherwin
Mylaps results – https://results.sporthive.com/events/PC1844327/races/6029290

Thursday 25, March

Last crit race for the season

Wednesday 24, March

no results

Sunday 21, March

Scratch races

Thursday 18, March

no race held

Wednesday 17, March

supervets time trial – no results submitted

Sunday 14, March

Well done to all who competed in the 2021 edition of the three stage races. Some great races, fast time trials and close points for the final results. Jesse Cropley smashed the 10km TT with an impressive time of 15:17

A grade: 1st Jesse Cropley 14pts, 2nd Robbie Southern 10pts, 3rd Cameron Tomlinson 6pts, 4th Kane Airey 4pts
B grade: 1st Mathew Kemp 8pts, 2nd David Purcell 5pts, 3rd Robert Ray 4pts
C grade: 1st Brad Keating 11pts, 2nd Chris Fenech 10pts, 3rd Brian Wepner 7pts (faster TT), 4th David Spence 7pts
D Grade: 1st Marcus Coppock 9pts, 2nd Tony Peach 7pts, 3rd Joe Gulino 5pts, 4th Jaqueline Dawson 4pts.

Thursday 11, March

crit races formed stage 1 of 3 stage event, see overall results on sunday 14

Wednesday 10, March

Supervets Racing – Chopping Block gets the win!

Mal powers on to get the win.

1st Mal Kimpton, 2nd Howard Duncan, 3rd Mark Purdie , 4th Peter Hunt, 5th Tony Murrell, 6th Sharon Boyd , Fastest time: David Pike

Another Wednesday greeted twenty riders on an overcast day next to no wind.Dale Jennings led us off, then came Ross West, Ian Summer and Terry Robinson off 16 minutes.The 12 minute bunch of Harold Bentley, Mal Cole and Richard Buckwell then the 8 minute group Laurie Fitzsimons, Robert Nichols and Robbie Master. (nice to see Robbie out there) The 6 minute bunch Mark Purdie, Sharon Boyd and Tony Peach followed up with Tony Murrell, Peter Hunt, Howard Duncan and Mal Kimpton all off 3 minutes. Then scratch with David Pike, Graeme Walker and Mario Cordedda. 

All the groups worked together for a while by the second lap the cracks started to appear. The 6 minute group of Mark, Sharon and Tony were to make their presence felt taking the lead in the final lap. By the start of Hendy Main Rd the 3 minute group of Howard, Peter, Tony and Mal were starting to put the pressure on and closing the gap. David, Graeme and Mario had pulled back close to two minutes. Three quarters down Misery Lane the lead had changed to the second scratch group, with Mark Purdie still applying the pressure.

Turning into Larcombes Rd it started to heat up with Peter Hunt rounding the corner first, followed by Mal, Howard, Mark and Tony. Within the last 300 metres Mal had hit the front followed by Howard, Mark, Peter, Tony and Sharon, that’s how they crossed the line. Graeme found the last Misery Lane a little tough after his 4 weeks in Tassie which left the fastest time sprint to Metro and Mario, Metro took the honours. Winners time 1hr 1/15 fastest time 1hr 0/01

Sunday 7, March

Long weekend no club races held

Well Done to GSCC member Paul Beasley for winning the 2021 Profound Contracting Pty Open hosted by Central Victorian Veterans Cycling Club.  Mal Cole GSCC was 2nd, 17th Nigel Pearson. Well Done to all GSCC members and all the competitors. Here is the link to the photos courtesy of Murray from the Woodstock CV Profound Open. Congratulations to 1st Paul & Mal 2nd and all the other competitors!

Thursday 4, March

Crit racing cancelled due to low numbers

Wednesday 3, March

Supervets Racing: Nobles/Church x 3 Larcombes B finish.

After her effortless win last week Sharon Boyd was dragged back to the ten minute group of Tina Stenos, Paul Bubb and Carl Judd, with Tina having her first race after an extensive injury break. However the race soon became one of “deja vue”. Dale Jennings was first off followed by Ian Sumner and Kent Fuller (15 mins) and the 12 mins bunch of Tony Spark, Ross West, Terry Robinson and Doug Wilson. Paul Bubb missed his start and had to tag along with the 5 mins group of Laurie Fitzsimons, Tony Peach, John Hayden and Eugene Czulij, a first time Supervets rider who has shown great form in the Sunday races. Second scratch of Mark Cummings, Mal Kimpton, Bob Morley and Peter Hunt had one minute to spare over Mario Cordedda, the lone scratch rider. Groups started to break up almost immediately with Paul Bubb dropping back and Bob Morley and later on Peter Hunt finding the going a bit tough on second scratch. Sharon had ridden away from Tina and Carl and was soon at the head of the field.

The third scratch group was able to stay together and with strong turns from Eugene and Tony was making headway and picking up stragglers. However, they were finding it very difficult to take time from Sharon. Tina, Carl and Tony Spark latched onto this group as it came down to a sprint for second place. Second scratch and scratch just failed to close the gap. Sharon is on a hat trick next week and the way she is riding anything is possible – at least we might find out if she is also a sprinter.

Results:Sharon Boyd – Winners time 1 hr 8 mins 50 sec
Eugene Czulij, John Hayden, Tina Stenos, Carl Judd, Laurie Fitzsimons, Tony Peach, Fastest time: Mario Cordedda 1 hr 3 mins

Sunday 28, February

Cool and still conditions met the 41 riders who fronted up for the 56km handicap which started in Cooks lane Moriac heading back towards the rooms then out and back Blackgate rd back onto Hendy Main/ Larcombes out and back Nobles and then 2 laps of the Paraparap square.

It was the sort of day the front markers hope for as a light easterly was prevailing but the biggest threat to the front markers was getting to the line on time. The limit group of Graeme, Cecillia and Mal started without Joe Gulinos’s slower brother Joseph who missed the limit mark and had ride off the 22 min mark with Marcus, Darren, Jakkii, Barry and ‘Bad boy’ Bubby. Next was the 18 min group of David, Steve, Umberto, Corinne and Tony followed by the 14 min of Chris, Adrian, David, Captain Johnny and Robbie, next was 10:30 of Michael, Howard, David, and Peter who was one rider down, next was the 9 min group of Mark (e grade really), Nick, Robert, Les, and Andrew, next was second scratch giving up 7 min to scratch of Rick, Mike, Mario, David and Peter the fully primed scratch group of Martin, David, Robbie, Jessie, Andrew and Cam.

On the trip out to Blackgate rd all groups kept their form and with the help of the easterly remained in tact by the time they turned into Nobles road for the grind to the turnaround at the top. Cecillia had other ideas and had managed to drop her co limit riders and rode solo until she started doing laps. Second scratch picked up Les Tokolyi along Nobles and he joined in turns as second scratch pedalled like mad to stay away from scratch. At the half way mark at the Nobles turnaround scratch had erased nearly 4 mins to second scratch so it seemed it was a matter of how long before the inevitable would happen. Meanwhile up ahead the groups were slowly coming together as they started the remaining two laps of the square with second scratch still 8 mins behind the leaders as they turned into Forest rd.

On the bell lap Cecillia was still out front but the groups behind her were getting closer, the mid marker groups had come together and were giving themselves a good chance of finding the lead. Just before the Larcombes left hander scratch who were in a savage mood caught second scratch so for second scratch it was hang onto your hats and try and hitch a ride. As the combined scratch groups got the bell they were still 4 mins to the leader with 11 kms to go.

With Martin Lonie driving the group the pace was over 40 k/ph and along Grays rd reaching over 50 as they picked up the combined 9, 10:30 and 14 groups who scrambled to tack onto the express that was not stopping for passengers. As the juggernaut turned into Hendy Main the time gap at Jack’s corner was around 3 mins and the trip along Hendy Main the pace was now a constant 50 k’s and at the bend of the clubrooms scratch passed the helpless 18 and 22 min groups who were left in its wake.

With the last trip up misery lane the leaders came into view and with just over 1 km to go scratch assumed the lead. So with the race now in control the scratchies and the remnants of who could hang on began to see how they would figure in the dash to the line. As this group approached the Larcombes rd turn the pace abated with no one wanting to assume the lead, so with momentum on his side Jesse took off with Rick on his wheel and both got thru the chicane in the lead with Martin and David in hot pursuit. Jesse kept the hammer down pedalling hard with Rick, Martín and David now in his draft, this move put a split in the group in the charge to the line.

With around 500 meters to the line Martin and David began there charge to the line and with Jesse beginning to fade Rick took off as well and so was the end result with Martin crossing the line first and fastest with David in his wash second Rick third and Jesse holding onto fourth with Robbie rounding out the top 5, Corinne took out fastest woman

1st & fastest Martin Lonie (scratch) 1:21:50 ave 41 k/ph
2nd David Newatt (scratch)
3rd Rick Buckwell (7 min)
4th Jesse Croperly (scratch)
5th Robbie Southern (scratch)
6th David Lambourn (7 min)
7th Mario Cordedda (7 min)
8th Michael Hazeldine (10:30 mi)
9th Andrewe Goodwin (scratch)
10th Mark Cummings (9 min)
Fastest woman Corrinne Rice )18 min)n 1:40:02 33.5 k/ph

Thursday 25, February

no races held due to rain

Wednesday 24, February

Supervets Race Report

On a relatively windless day 21 riders greeted the starter for three laps of the circuit. Dale Jennings was away first followed 10 minutes later by newcomer, Sharon Boyd, from Ballarat. (Bob Morley, also from Ballarat commented that she could probably time trial the course at 35 km an hour, and he wasn’t far wrong).Murray Riggs and Doug Wilson went away off 18 mins followed by Tony Sparks, Ross West and Mal Cole off 15 mins.

Scratch (Mark Cummings, David Pike and Mario Cordedda) had 30 minutes to make up and they started like a house on fire doing over 50 kmh on Hendy Main Rd on the first lap but this found out Mark Cummings and he had to come in for a pitstop. Second scratch off 3 mins (Mal Kimpton, David Baillie and Mark Purdie) were riding well but at some stage Mark Purdie dropped back although he continued to ride strongly with the remaining scratch pair. Meanwhile the third scratch group off 5 mins, of Laurie Fitzsimons, Peter Hunt, Bob Morley and Tony Peach were riding strongly and making inroads on the 10 min group of Rob Masters, Graeme Wilson, Paul Bubb and Richard Buckwell and they caught them up Misery Lane on the second lap.

Paul and Richard were able to get on and with Paul still being fresh enough to take some strong turns the group set off to find the leaders. Unfortunately Sharon had blitzed the course and was the clear winner with an average of 33.5 kmh. Mal Cole had ridden away from his group and he and Doug Wilson crossed the line together. The scratch bunches were not able to bridge the gap but they were not far away. Overall it was an excellent race in very good conditions although for some reason Ross West didn’t like it.

Results:1. Sharon Boyd – Winners time 1 hr 7 mins 14 sec
2. Mal Cole
3. Doug Wilson
4. Bob Morley
5. Peter Hunt
6. Tony Peach
Fastest time: Mario Cordedda 59 min 57 secs (Excellent result under the hour with average of 37.5 kmh

Sunday 21, February

KVA Design Summer Sash Race at Winchelsea

An excited field of thirty riders made their way to Winchelsea to tackle the undulating but fast course with three times over the Atkins Rd hill (Mt Winchelsea so we have been told!) After a few warm up coffees from Café LaHoot, everyone was ready to go the 58km with a slight south easterly with 33 minutes between the two limit riders Max Clayton and Jacqueline Dawson and the very strong and ever determined scratch group of 7.Jacqueline hit the hill (mountain) the first time with a good cadence and tempo and started to drop Max, and looked around and thought “should I wait or go?, no let’s have a shot!” Jacqueline gradually created a gap and put her head down for the long fight ahead going solo.

Eight minutes behind, Marcus Coppock, Darren Richards and Steve McLachlan start well together with Marcus working hard like always and Steve feeling the pressure in his first race back this year. Then came the 16-minute group with a big gap of 8 minutes who were missing a couple due to some late scratching’s, David Spence, Eugen Czulij, last year’s second place getter Tony Peach and local lad Josh Williams. The gap to the front markers was too far for this reduced group. The early movers, the 13min group of Gary Blick, Chris Cahill, Adrian McCartney and Colac member and Winchelsea local Damian Luppino. These two middle groups eventually combined on the second lap, could they work well enough to catch the out markers?

The 10 minute group of Mario Cordedda, Nick Brown, David Lambourn and David Lindros had a long day ahead, David Lindros wasn’t quite up to this groups early pace and dropped off and road well to finish the race. The 7.30 group was down to three at the start with Rick Buckwell, Kane Airey and Mike Furness who was back racing after a couple of years off. They started well but it didn’t help when Kane dropped his chain over the back of the hill, they were sitting ducks with the seven scratch riders lead by Martin Lonie, with David Newett, Steven Richards, Robbie Southern, Jesse Cropley, Andrew Goodwin and Ash leone all chasing hard working very solid fast track turns.

The visual gap from the scratch group on the second time back along Atkins Rd who just caught second scratch to Jacqueline who was still riding very well on her third lap looked unsurmountable as Jacqueline had climbed over the mountain the final time pushing into the slight head wind. Marcus, and Darren with Max in tow were still riding strong, slowly bridging the gap to Jacqueline and but really working hard just to stay away from any chasers.

At the finish line the talk was how much Jacqueline would win by and how impressed everyone was with her ride and then if Marcus, Darren and Max would get caught by scratch? Jacqueline didn’t slow down all day and deserved the race win stating “the hills helped her”, winning by 6 minutes with an impressive race speed and stopping after the finish line totally exhausted. On the third lap the scratch group had caught and dropped all the other riders except for Rick Buckwell. After a short wait at the finish the excitement started with Marcus, Darren and Max the three rabbits being chased by scratch all the way to the line with the supporters cheering Marcus and Max to push to the line who just finishing in front of Martin and the remaining scratch riders in a very tight finish for the remaining places.

Jacqueline is the second female to win a seasonal sash race!Thanks again the Ross West for being the commissaire today, Dave Robinson, Chris Shay and all the marshals for helping out and the two Robinson’s on their moto’s making another great and safe GSCC road race.

1st Jacqueline Dawson (33min 1:51:24 31.24km/h) 2nd Marcus Coppock (25min) 3rd Max Clayton (33min), 4th and fastest time Martin Lonie (scr 1:25:05 40.9km/h), 5th David Newett (scr), 6th Ash Leone (scr) 7th Robbie Southern (scr), 8th Darren Richards (25min), 9th Jesse Cropley (scr), 10th Andrew Goodwin scr)


Thursday 18, February

no results submitted

Wednesday 17, February

Racing cancelled due to Covid lockdown for 5 days

Sunday 14, February

Racing cancelled due to Covid lockdown for 5 days

Thursday 10, February

Racing cancelled due to wet conditions

Wednesday 10, February

Supervets ITT today, 15 riders were greeted by some good riding conditions for the race of truth!

Sunday 7, Feruary

No race held

Thursday 4, Feruary

Great GSCC crit racing last night with over thirty starters. An easterly wind blowing, feeling like it was a head wind both directions!

We split the 24 B & C grade entries into three grades giving a few more a chance.A grade split in half with Jesse getting away first joined by Martin, B grade had plenty of attacks being an aggressive race, C grade stayed tight till the end, D grade had a couple of brake away riders with E grade finishing in a sprint finish. Thanks again to Richard Buckwell Snr, Chris Shay and Xavier Coppock for running the race last night very much appreciated by all.

Wednesday 3, February

Supervets Racing

Tony Peach take a sweet victory! Sorry missed the photo. 🥲Murray pushes over the line for 2nd over Terry Robinson 3rd. 4th Tony Spark 5th Ross West, Fastest time: numero 1 Mark Cummings!

My 1st race with the Super Vets today was a great experience, with a field of 19 riders, I started in the 4th group @11 minutes with P. Bubb, G. Wilson and M. Cole. Limit 30 mins was Ken Mansfield, 18mins Kent Fuller, Ian Simner & Murray Riggs, 15 mins Ross West, Terry Robinson & Tony Spark, 4mins Laurie Fitzsimons, Rob Masters & David Baillie, 1min Les Czerniszewski, Mark Purdy & Peter Hunt, Scratch Mark Cummings & Mal Kimpton.The conditions were just about perfect and it’s not very often you get a tailwind up Misery LaneAfter some rolling turns and 1 lap down Paul & Graham said if I wanted to go I should, so with their blessings, I broke away on the 2nd time up Forest Rd and eventually caught the other 3 groups. The 15min group managed to hold off bunches behind and combine with the 18 min bunch to pass Ken to take the minor placings as Tony peach had gotten to the lead in the second lap to win. First place Tony Peach, second Murray Riggs, third Terry Robinson, forth Tony Spark and firth Ross West.The fastest time was M. Cummings with 1:2:39It was a great day with great competition.Many thanks to the marshals, timekeepers, officials and the GSCC Club.

Sunday 31, January

Welcome Back handicap

GSCC Welcome Back to Paraparap Handicap Race. With 51 starters, Scratch conquered but Martin Lonie Dominated.

  • 1st & Fastest Time!
  • 2nd David Newett
  • 3rd Ryan Rowell new member
  • Fastest female: Anna Lonie

Thursday 28, January

Crits cancelled due to rain

Wednesday 27, January

Supervets Racing:

Tony Murrell raced & conquered!2nd scratch is Victorious! 2nd Peter Hunt 3rd Les Czerniszewski 4th Laurie Fitzsimons 5th Cecilia Digenis 6th Carl Judd7th Paul Bubb Fastest Time: Graeme Walker Race report to follow:Race report Jan. 27 2021 By Tony Murrell Three laps (4 times Misery lane) cool day with a brisk wind blowing from the SE. Start list below. The winning second scratch bunch worked really well together, sighting the leaders on the last lap who still had a good lead. It wasn’t until near the end of Misery lane that the chopping block started to pass individual riders, Paul, Laurie and Tony all pulling chase turns. It appeared that most of the bunches ahead of 2nd scratch had merged and it wasn’t until the chicane that the catch was made. Peter Hunt who rode an impressive race took Tony and Laurie through to the front, it was a real team effort from the group. Les jumped clear first, however fading a bit but for a good third. It was an exciting finish. Good effort by the scratchmen of Graeme and new rider Mal (last weeks winner) but 4 minutes was just a bit too much.Thanks Tony.

Sunday 24, January

Scratch racing. Great numbers in all grades

A grade1st M Lonie
2nd J Cropley
3rd N Pearson
B grade1st R Buckwell
2nd D Rowe
3rd D Purcell
C grade1st C Cahill
2nd P Wynne
3rd D Spence
D grade1st C Rice
2nd E Czulu
3rd U Scolaro
E grade1st T Robinson
2nd R West
3rd J Gulino
F gradeK Mansfield

Thursday 21, January

Good racing last night at Belmont in the GSCC crits. A few A grade riders racing abroad. A, B and C grades all had bunch finishes with Anna Lonie riding away from D grade to win solo. Well done all and thanks to the volunteers, Richard, Chris, Paul and Xavier for assisting.

Wednesday 20, January

Super vets Racing:

Thanks for the report Cecilia. The 18 starters of the first Supervets race of the new year were encouraged to be greeted by very pleasant riding conditions on Wednesday 20 January 2021.

Misery Lane proved to be much less miserable than usual with the helping hand of a moderate southeasterly and a sunny sky.With the new year came two new and strong riders, Mal Kimpton and Les Czerniszewski who equipped themselves admirably coming in first and third respectively. Welcome to GSCC Supervets.

First off limit was Ken Mansfield, who rode a strong and steady race, followed at 15 minutes by the dynamic duo Kent Fuller and Murray Riggs. Next off at 18 minutes were the trio of Tony Spark, Ross West and Ian Sumner. At 20 minutes came Rob Masters, Carl Judd, Les Czerniszewski and Cecilia Digenis.Then the 24 minute bunch of Gordon Spargo, Paul Bubb and Graham Wilson closely followed within 2 minutes by Tony Murrell, Mal Kimpton and Harold Bentley who finding himself in second scratch felt he must have been mistaken for Juddy as they have such similar hair dos. Off scratch at 30 minutes came Metro (Dave Pike) and Super Mario (Cordedda).

All riders started keenly and strongly and most riders were into the second lap when the cracks started to show as the 18 minute bunch break away from each other and Gordon managed to jump from the 24 minute bunch onto Tony and Mal as they raced off from Harold. The 20 minute bunch worked well together only separating from Rob second time up Forrest Road Hill. Les and Juddy were being gentlemen and seeing she was hanging on by the skin of her teeth insisted on taking extra turns with Juddy offering lots of highly vocal and motivating “encouragement”. They managed to reel in two bunches, with Tony Spark catching on from his group, and then Limit in the last lap. Mal Showed his form and started to mow down the opposition. On the top of misery lane for the last time Cecilia, now taking her share of turns looked back to see her fellow bunchies dropping off, however, seeing the looming shape of Mal on the horizon decided to try and make a run for the line but it wasn’t to be.

Mal Kimpton streaked past taking the win by a good margin followed by Cecilia Digenis 2nd, Les Czerniszewski 3rd, Carl Judd 4th, Tony Murrell 5th, Gordon Spargo 6th and Tony Spark 7th.Fastest time went to David at 1.03.07 with Mario Cordedda close behind.

Sunday 17, January

It was great to see good numbers well over 40 and positive racing throughout all grades with a good number of new faces. Well done all. Blackgate road and laps of the main circuit.

A grade. (11 riders) 1st Martin Lonie 2nd David Newett 3rd Robbie Southern. The strongest quartet broke away on the last lap with Martin being too strong in the sprint.

B grade (10 riders)1st Kane Airey 2nd Les Tokolyl 3rd David Purcell. Closet finish for the day in a tough sprint finish into the head wind.

C grade 1st Brad Keating 2nd Chris Cahill 3rd Adrian McCartney. Brad showing his strength and experience for a good win.

D grade 1st Mal Kimpton (1st race) 2nd Corrine Rice 3rd Paul Beasley. Congrats Mal on your first win and first race!

E Grade 1st Terry Robinson 2nd Ross West 3rd Kent Fuller. Great to see the ‘older’ guys have a good go today

F Grade 1st Ken Mansfield. Ken your are a machine you just keep going!

Thanks to all the helpers to run the racing today, for the first race back most grades were worked out well again by our handicapper David Robinson.