2020 Road & Crit season

Saturday, December 6

Geelong and Surfcoast Cycling Club John Windsor memorial Race.
Gscc’s annual John Windsor Christmas race started and finished the 2020 summer of road racing, after a crazy year and our Clubs Covid plans in place and approved we were all good to go. With a bit of yeah-nah chat with the referees about running the race due to the 40km/h North westerly winds. The 29 starters were very keen and happy to have a crack today after the long 2020 break. 38km three laps of the Paraparap circuit with 4x into misery lane showing its best, this race is always a fast one and with today’s weather it was a day for the strongest.

This race could be a battle of the David’s as there are five in today’s race or between the two Lonie’s Anna and Martin. 12 minutes between limit and scratch with 4 groups in between and a few riders missing from the outer bunches wasn’t going to help their chances today. With the start from the time keeper and race referees, Darren Richards, Paul Bird, Graeme Wilson and Max Clayton hit the head winds first with the 2nd group, 2.30 behind with Marcus Coppock, Andrew Booth Adrian McCartney and new members Anna Lonie and David Lindros, this is a good size group but could they work together with all the unknowns after the long break. The answer is no!

Anna and Adrian caught the front riders and rode away for a good chunk of the race half way through the first lap.The next group at 8 minutes had a few varied covid fitness levels and broken apart on the first lap ,with the 5 minute group of David Lambourn, Graeme Walker, Mario Cordedda and David Purcell catching them also within the first lap and working well. The second scratch group of Nigel Pearson, Rick Buckwell, Josh Vassallo, Michael Hazeldine and David Rowe who was last years winner had a good winters training starting his first race in second scratch, also with Erin Bertram who decided to join this group after a delayed start, were making up good time on the first lap but with four strong scratch riders moving very fast their fate was nearly done.

New member Martin Lonie was showing his strength again but riding good solid turns with David Newett, Robbie Southern and Andrew Goodwin. The second lap, the race situation changed very quickly, Anna and Adrian were off the front on their own working well, but Adrian’s race face had a bit of a grimace, there isn’t much of a sit behind Anna! Scratch had caught second scratch and dropped them with ease with a group now forming behind the remaining scratch riders. Could Anna and Adrian stay away?The start of the last lap Anna was showing she loves to race and having a go, riding away from Adrian hunting the win, even with a couple of minutes lead over scratch, solo with these strong winds was going to be a tough task. Martin decided the gap was going to be hard to catch knowing how determined his wife will be and rode David Newett and Robbie Southern off his wheels chasing Anna.

The last time up misery lane with tiring legs Anna was caught by Martin. We think Martin tried to drag Anna to the finish, but David and Robbie were chasing hard and closing the gap, Martin took the lead on Larcombes Rd to take the win, and Anna tried her hardest to hold onto 2nd but David and Robbie just past Anna near the finish line to take 2nd and 3rd with Anna finishing a well-deserved 4th and maybe the ride of the day. Adrian just held onto 5th in front of Andrew Goodwin finishing in front of the remaining group.

1st and fastest time Adrian Lonie (57:13 39.37km/h), 2nd David Newett (scr) 3rd Robbie Southern (scr), 4th and fastest female Anna Lonie (33.66km/h), 5th Adrian McCartney, 6th Andrew Goodwin (scr), 7th Nigel Pearson (1.30), 8th Peter Wynne (6min), 9th Mario Cordedda (4min) 10th David Purcell (4min)It was great to be able to hold this annual GSCC event, a big thankyou to all the committee to getting today organised, the referees today and all the marshals on course and our two moto support riders David and Phil Robinson. Thanks again to the Windsor family for keeping the memory of John Winsdor one of the clubs early hard-working members getting the club off the ground. GSCC will be back racing on Sundays on January 17th.

Thursday, December 3

A great evening of crit racing at Belmont tonight. Good numbers in all four grades, a few attacks but all grades finished with a bunch sprint.

  • A grade 1st Martin Lonie 2nd David Newett 3rd Cameron Tomlinson.
  • B grade 1st Nigel Pearson 2nd Peter Cone 3rd Ashley Goldstraw.
  • C grade 1st Chris Cogger (first race) 2nd Chris Fenech 3rd David Lambourn.
  • D grade 1st Andrew Booth 2nd Brett Chandler 3rd Brian Wepner.

Wednesday, December 2

Supervets are back! Wednesday was the first race back since racing ceased in March due to COVID. Some were able to sustain form while others went into hibernation during the time off. The wind of course came out to welcome us back. New member David Lindros made his form know by taking the win.

Race Report for return to racing there were 17 starters lead out by Dale Jennings and Ken Mansfeild on 30 min’s then 16 mins Murray Riggs, new rider David Lindros, Ian Sumner, 13 mins Tony Spark, Ross West, Terry Robertson, Cecilia Digenis, 9 mins Lew Target, Carl Judd, Graham Wilson, 4 mins Paul Bird, Tina Stenos, and scratch Graham Walker, Mario Cordedda and Peter McWaters. It was a rude awakening for me as I have not had to work that hard for months but the 13 minute bunch I was in worked very well and soon caught the 16 minute group and Ken Mansfeild as Dale had pulled out of the race. Scratch were working well gaining a lot of time early.

I do not know how well the 4 minute and 9 minute bunches were going as I never saw them until after I had finished. Cecilia and David broke away from Tony and Ross just before the third lap and as that happened Ian and Murray dropped off then Tony got away from Ross on the Forest road hill we road in that order until near the finish when Graham Walker and Mario Cordedda caught Ross. The race finished with David Lindros 1st and Cecilia Digenis 2nd Tony Spark 3rd, Graham Walker4th, Mario Cordedda 5th, Ross West 6th, Terry Robertson 7th. and 8th Murray Riggs. Fastest time 1.1.39 Winners time 1.15 minutes. Congratulations to all the winners. It was good to see a good number of you out there as this race had quite short notice. I hope you all enjoyed the day

Thursday, November 26

We welcomed back cycling on the Crit track and over 40 riders signed on over 4 grades. Well done all it was great to be back. A few break always with some showing good winter form and a tight bunch sprint in D grade.

  • A grade 1st Martin Lonie 2nd David Newett 3rd Brad Haskett.
  • B Grade 1st Cameron Tomlinson 2nd Nigel Pearson 3rd Jessica Douglas.
  • C Grade 1st David Lambourn 2nd David Rowe 3rd Graeme Walker.
  • D Grade 1st Brett Chandler 2nd Brian Weppner 3rd Daryl Hilton.

From March 17 all forms of racing have been postponed until further notice due to COVID 19. Cycling resumed in November

Saturday, March 15

Full results for all grades


Thursday, March 5

Best Western Geelong Motor Inn – Round 5

Wednesday, March 11

Supervets Racing:

With great racing conditions for the second week in a row.

Ken Fuller lead the charge off-limit. Tony Spark missed the start so Terry, Ross and Murray headed out one short, Tony’s strength was added to the next bunch of David, Richard and Harold. The 8 min bunch of Bubby, Gordon, Juddy Graeme and Tina worked well and collected the front bunches, but lost some hard workers along the way. Meanwhile, the scratchmen of Graeme, Cummo, Barton and Peter (who got a promotion from last week’s win) worked well for the entire race with an average of 38kph. Cummo was full of beans on his new S Works team bike surging on corners making it look easy.
They reached speeds of 40kph up Misery Lane. Tina and Graeme knew they had to keep up the pace up on the last lap to stay away. David, Richard, Tony and Harold contributed to the pace making to keep away from the charging backmarkers.
Scratch caught the chopping block of David, John, Peter, Marcus and Steve on Misery Lane on the final lap forming a super bunch.
Tina rounded the corner with the finish line in sight giving it her all, knowing the chasing bunch was hot on the chase. She lead the group to the line, outlasting Graeme to take line honours for her first win at Supervets for the year.
Thank you to Dale Roseburgh from Whitecross Healthcare Solutions for his generous contribution to the Supervets.
1st Tina Stenos 2nd Graeme Wilson 3rd David Phillips 4th Harold Bentley 5th Tony Spark 6th Terry Robinson 7th Richard Buckwell 8th Murray Riggs 9th Ross West 10th and Fastest time (59:17 ) Graeme Walker

Saturday, March 8

Well Done to the 12 GSCC racers who travelled to participate in the Profound Civil Contracting Open 2020.
Fantastic effort by Tim Bennett on a Sprint Finish Win!
Congrats to Jessica Douglas for first women over the line!

Full laps results – https://results.sporthive.com/events/PC1764863/races/5738024

Thursday, March 5

racing cancelled due to rain

Wednesday, March 4

Supervets Racing:
Finally, after 3 weeks of wet and very windy race-day weather, the super vets got to race in dry, near windless conditions. The good conditions drew 21 riders for the 42 km race, being out to Nobles Rd then 3 laps of Nobles/Church Rds, finishing up Nobles Rd.
Dale Jennings rode off-limit, followed by Danielle Bond 4 minutes later. Kent Fuller was off 20 minutes, then Ross West and Murray Riggs off 18. Richard Buckwell, Dave Phillips and R Masters started their chase off 14 with the strong group of Lew Targett, Laurie Fitzsimmons, Tina Stenos and Paul Bubb off 8 minutes. The third scratch bunch of Marcus Coppock, Peter Hunt and Peter McWaters, off 4 minutes, were feeling pretty confident that they could hold off the second scratch group (2 minutes) of Dave Jessup, Howard Duncan and John Hayden and maybe even the scratch bunch of Graeme Walker, David Pike and Mark Cummings.
A gentle tailwind up Misery Lane helped all bunches getaway to a fast start. Ross and Murray caught Kent on the first lap and the strong 8-minute group were rolling turns nicely and making good progress toward the 14-minute riders. Third scratch was working well, making inroads on the 8-minute riders. Scratch had started fast and were definitely closing on the 2-minute group. With the out-and-back nature of the course, riders were able to gauge how they were progressing with respect to other rider groups. Across the second lap, Ross and Murray were leading and the 14-minute bunch were caught by Lew, Laurie, Tina and Paul. Third scratch had upped their speed and caught the now-combined 8 and 14-minute groups toward the end of the second lap, with Ross and Murray now just up the road. Up Nobles Rd hill for the third time, Peter McWaters went for glory, dropping all riders and rapidly closed on Murray then Ross and, gasping for air, swept across the finish line. Only problem was, that the bell was ringing and there was still a lap to go. Oops!
Marcus, Peter Hunt, Tina and Laurie rejoined Peter McW and formed a strong bunch for the (actual) last lap. Scratch had caught second scratch but this bunch was too far back and likely not feature in the finish. Third scratch, with Laurie and Tina contributing, increased their speed again and were all together for the last climb back up Nobles Rd. Peter McW increased the tempo and Marcus was out of the saddle making sure he wouldn’t get jumped. Peter McW was able to outlast Marcus in a grind to the line, followed closely by Peter Hunt, Laurie and Tina, with Dave Phillips in 6th from Richard Buckwell. Winner’s time was 1:09:01 (36.5 kph) with Graeme Walker beating David Pike for fastest time (1:07:09, 37.5 kph).
Thanks to Gordon Spargo for refereeing, handicapper Brian Long, Ross West, our tireless race organiser and to rostered and volunteer marshals.
Brian Long and Gill Wright photo below celebrating 70 years of racing.
Sunday, March 1
GSCC Bike France Gastronomic HC 49km

A still morning greeted a strong field of 45 riders all ready for a fast day of racing of four laps of the Paraparap Course over 49km. Everyone will be deserving the very nice BBQ after the race thanks to Bike France Gastronomic’s Andre Smaniotto and Darren Williams.

Ken Mansfield once again started the race off solo with a 32 minutes gap back to the four scratch riders. Paul Beasley, David Phillips and trial rider Charles Castles were 10mins behind. Unfortunately on the second lap David had a mechanical and had to drop back. The next groups were at 14minutes, 11 minutes, 8 minutes, 6 minutes, 3:30 second scratch at 1:30 then the four scratch men. It took a lap for the scratch riders to un-lap them selves by catching Ken and the second limit group with 39km to catch the leaders after 10km in the race was gone.

The second scratch group started fast hoping to stay away from the scratch riders for as long as possible and were the early movers in the field catching the third scratch group on the second lap with Steven Douglas working hard with his long turns. Scratch were down to three before the third lap started with Robbie Southern charging along, Greg Hosking and new scratch rider Luke Grounds working well, but also keeping Robbie under control. On the third of four laps the gaps were closing slowly through the field with Paul and Charles still way out front.

A couple of the front groups combined on the start of the final lap with the scratch trio getting a sight of the field going up the Forest Rd hill on the last lap, but how far away were the leaders?, the lack of wind today was definitely helping their cause. When the scratch three hit the Forest Rd and Grays corner for the final time Robbie flew through here and gained a bit of a gap, Luke was done and dusted and told Robbie to go for it. Robbie doesn’t need much of a sniff for chance for a win!

There were two big combined groups just up the road traveling fast along Grays with the leaders looking out of reach, but Robbie was super determined as always and chased hard and caught the combined second and third scratch on Hendy Main Rd and flew past straight to the front. Steven O’Neill jumping on his wheel with others following to get a nice lift around the group. Soon after Robbie again jumped the next group in chase of the leaders with a then big combined group. Out the front Paul and Charles were still working well hoping not to get caught and they didn’t, Paul finished well to win his second club handicap race and Charles not far behind.

When the pack hit the finish straight Robbie jumped on the pedals not giving anyone else the chance to pass him to finish 45 seconds behind the winners, with Nigel Pearson less then a wheel behind Robbie.

A big thanks to Richard Buckwell snr for referring and all the marshals helping on the day making another safe GSCC road race. Charles was a trial rider and finish in second place today.

1st Paul Beasley (22min 1:41:36 32km/h),
2nd Robbie Southern (scr),
3rd Nigel Pearson (3:30)
4th Andrew Reed (3:30),
5th Geoff Robertson (1.30),
6th Jesse Cropley (1.30),
7th Renata Bucher (3.30),
8th Steven O’Neill (3:30),
9th Trevor Perryman (8min),
10th Peter Wynne (8min).
FT Male Robbie Southern (41.7km/h)
FT Female Renata Bucher (39.7km/h)
Saturday, February 29
KOS Eastern Garden Crits 

Were well received with over 55 entries and raced by all in a great combined event. The weather was perfect and the circuit was very nice to race on.

A Grade 1st Martin Banfeild (CV) 2nd David Newett 3rd Aaron Christiansen (N).
B Grade 1st Luke Grounds 2nd Josh Vassallo, 3rd Renata Bucher.
C Grade 1st Christopher Healy (TR), 2nd Graeme Walker 3rd Gary Blick.
D Grade 1st Darren Brayshaw, 2nd Brian Weppner, 3rd Gwil Jones (tr)
E Grade 1st Fraser Bryden (tr) 2nd Kath Simpson (Er) 3rd David Phillips.

Thanks to Richard Buckwell snr, Dennis Sonogan, David Robinson and Rick Buckwell for running our races.
Thursday, February 20
Crit results.

A great turn out on Thursday with 30 riders for another good hit out at Belmont. A grade was shattered apart by Robbie Southern, B grade bunch sprint won by Steven O’Neill in his first crit of the season C grade split in half with Josh Williams taking the win after a quick sprint and David Rowe won the D grade bunch sprint. There were a few having a trial ride and practice tonight, thanks to Tina Jess Gary And Chris helping out.

A Grade 1st  Robbie Southern 2nd Andrew Baker,3rd Stephen Douglas    
B Grade; 1st  Steven O’Neill, 2nd Joch Vassello 3rd Jason Childs, 
C Grade 1st Josh Williams, 2nd Tony French, 3rd Marcus Coppock  
D Grade; 1st David Rowe, 2nd Darren Brayshaw, 3rd Andrew Booth
Wednesday, February 26
Supervets Race Report: GSCC Super Vets Hcp 38k

With a forecast of clearing showers and strong south to southwesterly winds only 10 riders decided to take up the challenge today with D Jennings 30min K Mansfield 25min T Spark & R West 14min M Riggs & R Masters 12min T Stenos & G Spargo 7min and M Cummings & M Cordedda off scratch.

As the weather began to clear riders were sent off with the wind starting to gust up to 30km it was going to be a tough and the scratch would need to ride well to catch all the riders in front, the 12 & 14min groups soon joined together and were working well together but pace was a bit quick for M Riggs and he was dropped, R Masters T Spark and R West rode strong to catch the two riders in front of them. Meanwhile, M Cummings and M Cordedda from scratch were riding strong and by the second lap, they had caught the 7min group downwind on Grays Rd by the time they completed the second lap the scratch riders could see the flashing lights of the lead car in the distance with R Masters T Spark and R West still riding very well.

With a strong push-up Forrest Rd into strong gusting side winds, the scratch was starting to catch the riders in front and time they turned into Hendy Main Rd the leaders were only 200m in front of Cummings and Cordedda and by the time they reached the clubhouse corner they had reeled in the leaders and were at the front of the race.

M Cordedda finished 1st with M Cummings half a wheel 2nd third was T Spark 4th R Masters 5th R West 6th T Stenos 7th G Spargo 8th M Riggs and K Mansfield 9th Fast time was 1-4-32 (35kph). Well done to all the riders and a big thank you to all the officials that made the race possible and we all hope to see more riders next week. 

Sunday, February 23

GSCC KVA Summer Handicap at Winchelsea.
Two escapees stay away from the rampaging scratch riders. Just…

KVA Design Summer sash race 23rd February 2020. The sun was shinning in awesome road racing weather with a field of 35 riders all ready for this fast new course with an solid hill to ride over three times at Winchelsea. Starting on the usual loop out Atkins Rd over the solid hill to Cape Otway Rd, then back over the hill onto the course for three laps for 58km.

A big starting gap to Ken Mansfield off 45minutes solo with Ian Sumner 11 minutes behind, Ian got the race going catching  Ken early on the second lap. The 24 minute group split early with Tony Peach and Umberto (Bert) Scolaro breaking up the group dropping Gordon and Graeme and riding away. These two were looking good and chased down the two leaders over the second lap setting a big chase for the back markers.

The Atkins rd hill was taking its toll especially on the second lap to the middle groups with riders dropping off, it wasn’t going to be a middle markers ride today. The 16 minute group of Paul Bird, Chris Shay, Darren Richard and new GSCC member Trevor Perryman splintered, the 12 and 8 minute groups were moving along but weren’t making up enough ground. David Lambourn had a puncture before the start and was a welcome addition to the 5 minute group, with Jesse Cropley leading the way riding superbly all race.

Second scratch included Rick Buckwell, Ashleigh Leone, Geoff Robertson, Luke Grounds and Kane Airey were on the block today, working well together till half way after calming Luke down early and the very fast group of scratch chasing hard of David Newett, Robbie Southern, Greg Hosking, Andrew Goodwin and Daniel Stojanovski. These two groups combined after the hill the second time with the scratch riders keeping the pace high with some assistance from the second scratch riders and Jesse when third scratch were caught not far up the road. The wind started picking up too over the upper flat plains of the course just to make it all that bit harder.

Tony and Umberto were tapping away out front and working well together with a very healthy gap with no middle riders getting close. Scratch hardly slowed up the hills started reeling in the field on the final lap and got one last view of the leaders as they crossed paths the final time, maybe the gap was just out of reach, but the chase did not slow!

Scratch were relentless not letting anyone stay onboard if they weren’t near the front, Rick, Ashleigh and Jesse were still chipping in the last time up the hill before the finish line. As Tony and Umberto raced to the finish straight they could see the scratch riders well behind and they knew they had the win in the bag. Umberto finished stronger to be the deserved new winner of a KVA design summer sash, Tony finished not far behind in second.

The combined chasing group hit the finish stretch with a few getting excited a bit to early and bombing out with their heads down peddling squares, while the scratch riders lined up for the finish with David Newett starting the sprint with Greg and Robbie sitting on, Greg dropped his chain just as the sprint kick started letting Robbie past to take third and fastest time only a minute behind the winner.

A great race and day over this new course, afterwards Cafe LaHoot was enjoyed by all. A big thanks to Ross West for referring and all the marshals helping on the day making another safe GSCC road race.
1st Umberto Scolaro (24min 2:11:18 31.5km/h),
2nd Tony Peach (24min),
3rd Robbie Southern (scr), FT Robbie Southern (39.7km/h)
4th Daniel Stojanovski (scr),
5th Luke Grounds (2.30),
6th Rick Buckwell (2.30),
7th Geoff Robertson (2.30),
8th Andrew Goodwin (scr),
9th Ashleigh Leone (2.30),
10th Peter Cone (8min).

Thursday, February 20

Best Western Geelong Motor Inn summer crit series Round 4

Wednesday, February 19

Supervets Racing:
Today’s race was over 32.7k’s with 3 laps of Willowite and Blackgate Roads (out & back) starting at the clubrooms.

Conditions were far from pleasant with heavy rain falling less than an hour from the race start. The wind was forecast to be a crosswind coming back each lap with an expected velocity exceeding 30kph. It was certainly more than that and forced some late changes to wheel setups in favour of low profile front wheels.

Eleven eager cyclists started the race with Mansfield 28 minutes, West, Riggs & Spark (last weeks winning bunch) 17, Buckwell & Phillips 9, Bentley & Bubb 5, Stenos at 4 minutes by herself and scratch with Walker and Mario Cordedda who was the last start, easy winner, off 12 minutes.

Mansfield made the most of his start time and put distance into the waiting starting bunches.

The crosswinds caused havoc in the opening lap with all riders trying to come to terms with the wind gusts.

The first lap stayed in the starting order with scratch starting to make inroads in the second lap catching Stenos early with Bentley Bubb West Riggs Spark & Buckwell being caught with Phillips and Mansfield both pushing hard and staying away from scratch.

Mansfield turned back into the headwind in the last lap narrowly leading the race from Phillips and the closing scratch men.

The scratch bunch collected these riders and fought out a close sprint with Walker winning from Cordedda 2nd, Phillips 3rd and Mansfield 4th.

All riders were pleased to cross the line in such difficult conditions.

Rides of the day went to both Mansfield and Phillips who both rode nearly the entire race on their own.

Thanks to all marshals who braved the weather and made the race possible and a safe one.

1st & fastest Graeme Walker
2nd Mario Cordedda
3rd Dave Phillips
4th Ken Mansfield

Sunday, February 16

GSCC Handicap racing is back. 3rd scratch smashed it!

Thirty seven riders started with the strong south-easterly blowing again, which is always nice with four times up misery lane. It was also great to see a few new faces again.

The limit group of six off 25 minutes including two trial riders Vicki and John backing up from last weeks new rider day. This group rode very well in the windy conditions and still held more than a two minute gap with one lap two go. The third scratch group of Tony French, Craig Hannah, Michael Hazeldine, Gary Blick, Marcus Coppock and Oliver King worked very well the whole race with Oliver leading the way, scratch and the remaining second scratch riders combined at the start of the last lap with still 5 minutes to catch the leaders. It took till one kilometre to go for the leaders to get caught, with Oliver still riding very strong and finish off the sprint win easily. Showing some very good form.

1st Oliver King (6min 1:19:08 37.9km/h),
2nd Craig Hannah (6min),
3rd Michael Hazeldine (6min),
4th Tony French (6min),
5th Marcus Coppock (6min)
6th David Lambourn (8.30min)
7th Paul Beasley (25min),
8th Ian Sumner (25min),
9th Luke Grounds (2.30)
10th & FT Robbie Southern (scr 39.9km/h)

Mylaps link – https://results.sporthive.com/events/PC1760674/races/5721526

Thursday, February 13

Crit racing

A warm and windy evening brought out the best GSCC fields to Belmont with 39 entries. The big mid grade fields were great, racing was fast and furious well done to all competing. Next week is round 4 of the Best Western Geelong Motor Inn Crit series.

Wednesday, February 12

Supervet’s Race

Its called super vets racing, only for the old and infirm or maybe just neuro challenged, anyways nine men started and nine men finished in weird rainy, misty cloudy!! conditions. Stalwart Ken Mansfield away first then Riggs, Masters and West, the eventual winning group in that order. Most riders dumped their glasses due to fogging up, couldn’t see the road, or white lines, or each other for that matter. All the other riders were on their own for two laps?. A hard day at the office, but It was fun. Walker collected fastest time. The new riders had a good intro to supervets.

1st Murray Riggs,
2nd Rob Masters,
3rd Ross West,
4th Gordon Spargo,
5th John Hayden,
6th Paul Bubb,
7th and fastest time Graeme Walker,
8th first time at Supervets Vincent Haveaux and
9th Ken Mansfield.
Well done all. Thanks, Longy and Marshalls and others.

Sunday, February 9

New Rider Day

Sixty riders attended with 14 trial riders. Windy conditions but a great day of racing and a yummy BBQ after. Thanks to all who attended and all the helpers for making it a great day. Hope to see ALL the trial riders back! It was great to see everyone racing and supporting such a great GSCC day.

We raised $530 for the bush fire appeal which will go to the Bendigo Bank bush fire relief fund

Women’s grade: 1st Irene Thompson TR, 2nd Susie Beretta, 3rd Carolyn Hall
F Grade: 1st Terry Robinson, 2nd Ross West, 3rd Ken Mansfield
E Grade 1st Jon Ratcliffe TR, 2nd Carl Judd, 3rd Bert Scolaro
D Grade: 1st Chris Cahill TR, 2nd Melissa Burgoyne, 3rd Trevor Perryman TR
C Grade: 1st Gary Blick, 2nd Wolfgang Schwartz TR, 3rd Shane Van Den Nouwland TR
B Grade: 1st Richard Buckwell, 2nd Andrew Read, 3rd Renata Bucher
A Grade: 1st Robbie Southern, 2nd Andrew Baker, 3rd Andrew Goodwin

Thursday, February 6

Crit racing

Wednesday, February 5

Supervet ITT

Jessica Douglas (not yet a supervet) showed her strength on the day with a time of 34:37, Graeme Walker a real Supervet also conquered the course with 37:47. The Angelsea crew of Mark Cummings & David Jessup rounding out the top 4. Well Done to everyone who participated in the Race of Truth! We saw all types of bike today. Welcome to Liz Randall for making the trip to Geelong to join us

Thursday, January 30
Best Western Geelong Motor Inn round 3

Warmer than normal evening with the usual southerly winds and some great racing had by all.

Mid race sprints:
A Grade 1st Robbie Southern, 2nd Brad Haskett, 3rd Kane Airey.
B Grade; 1st Rick Buckwell, 2nd Jessica Douglas, 3rd Jesse Cropley,
C Grade 1st Jason Childs 2nd Xavier Coppock, 3rd Michael Hazeldine.
D Grade; 1st David Rowe, 2nd Andrew Booth, 3rd Darren Richards.
E Grade Rodney Lambeth.

Final race results:
A Grade; 1st Kane Airey, 2nd Robbie Southern, 3rd Brad Haskett.
B Grade; 1st Jessica Douglas, 2nd Rick Buckwell, 3rd Craig Hannah.
C Grade; 1st Xavier Coppock, 2nd Jason Childs, 3rd Michael Hazeldine.
D Grade; 1st Andrew Booth, 2nd David Rowe, 3rd Adrian McCartney.
E Grade; 1st Rodney Lambeth.

A couple of promotions for next week with Xavier and Michael moving up to B grade. Well done guys. Thanks again to Richard and Paul Bubb for running the races.

Wednesday, January 29

Welcome back Mario!

A perfect day for racing with light NW wind had 18 riders compete in the first handicap race of the year over 37km. The field consisted of 9 groups with Dale Jennings off limit 28min and Graeme Walker off scratch by himself. With new rider, Mario Cordedda in the 12min bunch with Richard Buckwell and Terry Robinson they had a start fast and quickly gained on the groups in front by the second lap. They caught the group 2 minute in front of them with David Phillips able to hang on but the pace was too hard for Terry and the group reduced to 3 riders with all the riders doing turns when possible. With small groups behind the 12 min bunch gaining ground was hard and with Walker unable to catch the 1 min he retired from the race after two laps and when Tony Murrell was unable to hold on to David Jessup and H Duncan the backmarkers were not gaining fast enough to pick up the 12 min bunch, which continued to catch all the riders in front of them and hold a strong pace to the end with David Phillips dropping off the pace with 3km to go after doing some strong turns but still finishing in 3rd place. Richard Buckwell holding on to Mario Cordedda till the last kilometre and finishing 2nd. Mario Cordedda won the race in 1:10:20 with David Jessup finishing 5th with the fastest time of 1:03:25 and Tommy Gray from the 8 min bunch rode strong to finish 4th holding of the 1 min bunch. Thanks to all the marshals and support people that made running the race possible today it was a pleasure to race again after an 18-year break from the sport.
Mario Cordedda

Thanks Mario. Next week is a 2 lap time trial, time to get the other bike out.

Monday, January 27

Six Geelong & Surf Coast members travelled to Ballarat to investigate the circuit ahead of the State Criterium Championships on Sunday 29th March. 

Division 3 (45 min + 2 laps):
1st – Xavier Coppock (Geelong Surf Coast)
2nd – Marcus Coppock (Geelong Surf Coast)
3rd – Tim Anderson (Northern)
Peter Livitsanis, Shaun Martin, Adrian McCartney (G), Phil McLennan, Roger McMillan, Mark O’Callaghan

Division 2 (50 min + 2 laps):
1st – Andrew Rushton (Eureka)
2nd – Craig Hannah (Geelong Surf Coast)
3rd – Craig Lightfoot (Eureka)
Rick Buckwell (G), Ash Burke, Mick Carter, Jim Crumpler, Steve Maheras (NC), Geoff Martin, Darren Reed, Brian Ure

Division 1 (60 min + 2 laps):
1st – Jason Hendry (Eureka)
2nd – Kane Airey (Geelong Surf Coast)
3rd – Tim Canny (Eureka)
Matt Angus, Matt Ayres, Jason Birch, Peter Gunston, Wayne Klauss, Tony Mirabella, Dayne Pearce, Jason Shipcott, Dean Wells

AVCV Nationals Adelaide January 2020

ITT. Adelaide put on Victorian weather it rain for most of the event.
5 GSCC members participated resulting in 3 Gold medals
Trent Clifford
Jessica Douglas
Tina Stenos
They also won the coveted National Championship Jersey as they scored the most points across the 3 events.

Day 2: Road Race at the AVCC Nationals.
20 GSCC members registered to race.
Here are the results, if I have missed anyone please let me know. Well done to all participants and placegetters!

Tina Stenos Silver 55-59
Jessica Douglas Gold 45-49
David Newett Gold 45-49
Trent Clifford Gold 30-34
Ash Leone Bronze 30-34

Congratulations to all GSCC members who raced the Australian Veterans Cycling National Criterium Championships today.
Brian Long, Graeme Walker, Steve McLachlan, Carl Judd, Vincent Haveaux, Tina Stenos, Chris Fenech, David Spence, Nigel Pearson, Jessica Douglas, David Newett, Corinne Rice, Tim Bennett, Steven O’Neill, Daniel Stojanovski (sick, hopefully he will be ready tomorrow), Jesse Cropley, Trent Clifford & Ash Leone.
We had some super results:
Brian Long 3rd 85-89
Tina Stenos 1st 55-59
Jessica Douglas 1st 45-49 with a champion effort as she lapped the field
David Newett 1st 45-49
Corinne Rice 3rd 40-44
Tim Bennett 1st 40-44
Trent Clifford 2nd 30-35
Ash Leone 1st 30-35

For all results follow this link https://www.facebook.com/747197375315624/posts/2621516731217003/

Thursday, January 23

Racing cancelled due to weather

Wednesday, January 22

Racing cancelled due to weather

Thursday, January 16