2019 Road & Crit season

Saturday, December 14
Crit Racing

Thursday, December 12
Crit Racing

Wednesday, December 11

The Final Supervets Race for 2019. Dennis makes a comeback!


( HE -HE )



Sunday, December 8
John Windsor Christmas Memorial Race

38km, three laps on a beautiful day at Paraparap. A field of 46 riders including 6 from Colac Vets. A slight North Easterly blowing it was fast up misery Lane!, the weather was the best it’s been in a long while.

The remaining three of the second limit bunch Richard Buckwell Snr, Mark Curran and David Rowe off 17 minutes had a great day holding of the very fast scratch pair of Robbie Southern and David Newett by 20 seconds in a new course record. The middle groups combined into twenty plus riders on the last lap but were still four minutes behind the front three at Forest Rd with the remaining scratch pair of Robbie Southern and David Newett catching the 2nd and 3rd scratch groups with very high velocity just before the last lap started. The pace was definitely on till the end.

The fast chasing group caught the mid markers at the club house with David and Robbie doing their best to drop everyone off their wheels. New trial rider Jay Bourke rode very well till the end. These chasing few could see the winners cross the line 20 seconds short.

1st David Rowe (1:22:45 17min 27.2km/h),
2nd Mark Curran (17min),
3rd Richard Buckwell snr (17min),
4th Robbie Southern (scr)
5th David Newett (scr)
6th Renata Bucher (3min)
7th Daryl Suter (3min)
8th Rick Buckwell (1:30)
9th Nick Brown (c)3min)
10th Andrew Pownceby (c 1:30min).
Fastest time male, Robbie Southern (53:10 42.3km/h), Fastest time female, Renata Bucher.

Well done to all involved in the day and thanks again to the Windsor family for supporting this great race.

Thursday, December 5
Crit Racing – Best Western Geelong Motor Inn crit series – race 2

Wednesday, December 4
Supervets Racing

15 Racers braved the wind & rain for a chance to win The Jack Griffin “BIG” Trophy race.
Graeme Walker takes line honours to take the Big Cup home!
2nd David Pike
3rd Carl Judd
4th Richard Buckwell
5th Paul Bubb
6th Marcus Marcus Coppock.
A wet and windy day greeted riders prepared to travel out for the annual Jack Griffin 37.5k handicap race.
The course included out Hendy Main Rd, Larcombes Rd and then 3 repeats of Nobles and Church Rd’s finishing in Larcombes.
The field was greatly reduced due to the weather however did not stop all riders aspiring for a win.
The field was
30 min Jennings
26 min Mansfield
16 min Riggs, Fuller
13 min West, Sumner
11 min Buckwell , Bubb
6 min Judd, McLachlan
3 min Coppock, Hosking
Scratch Pike, Murrell, Walker (no one missed the start this week!)

Murrell was returning from the last start win 3 months ago so his form was going to be questionable.
A solid westerly headwind greeted all starters until the turn into Nobles Rd. All bunches were struggling in the head and side winds with no changes to placings in the first lap.
The field started to come back together in the 2nd lap with Riggs & Fuller hitting the lead out Nobles Rd with the outer bunches closing in.
Scratch closed near to 2nd scratch along Church Rd late in the 1st lap, with Hosking having a technical issue leaving the turbo diesel Coppock to go it alone.
Murrell dropped off scratch along Nobles leaving Pike & Walker to close to Coppock who merged late along Nobles Rd with plenty of work yet to do to close down the field and especially Judd & McLaughlin who were going very well chasing down the leaders of Buckwell & Bubb who were travelling very smoothly and looked, possible winners.
Coppock stayed with scratch until midway along Nobles (last lap) where shortly after scratch caught Judd & McLachlan with Judd hopping on for the ride and adding some turns in chasing the field.
West Sumner Riggs & Fuller were reeled in along Nobles with the cross tailwind leaving only Buckwell & Bubb to chase down. They were caught with under 2 k’s to go.
Pike Walker & Judd continued to the finish sprint with a 2 up sprint resulting with Walker winning narrowly over Pike with Judd following in 3rd place. Judd cementing his “aggregate” win with yet another high placing for the season.
Buckwell & Bubb followed in for 4th & 5th respectively.
Presentations were made by Jack Griffin who is a very long-standing rider, club member and sponsor of races for our club with a Jack Griffin handicap race being held annually for approximately 30 years. The club thanks Jack for his involvement and support over the years.

Sunday, December 1

Race 3 – Conni Classic hosted by GSCC
1st Susan Williams Eastern
2nd Pamela Vandersluys Eastern
3rd Jacquie Earl Northern
4th Jakki Dawson Eureka
5th Danielle Bond GSCC
6th Alison Watt Northern
7th Corinne Rice GSCC
8th Wendy Bennett Central
9th Meg Parnaby Grampians
10th Melissa Burgoyne GSCC
Fastest time shared by Jessica Douglas and Renata Bucher

Conni Classic Men’s Scratch racing results –
A grade – 1st Andrew Goodwin, 2nd Scott Riddell, 3rd Andrew Pownceby
B grade – 1st Dean Wells, 2nd Jesse Cropley, 3rd Rick Buckwell
C grade – 1st Harvey Lang, 2nd David Coventry, 3rd Chris Fenech
D grade: – 1st Ricky Lambourn, 2nd Danny Whelan, 3rd Damian Turner
E grade – 1st Paul Bubb, 2nd Eddie O’Farrell, 3rd Ross West

Thursday, November 28
Crit Racing – Best Western Geelong Motor Inn crit series – race 1

Wednesday, November 27
Supervets Racing

WEATHER: Sunny conditions with 26 km/hr winds out of the West Nor West with gusts of over 40 km/hr. ( made Misery Lane a challenge for all ) Humidity was beginning to drop below 40% so it was imperative for riders to hydrate during the race. The UV index was high at 9 so the sunblock supplied by the club was most welcome.

START LIST: Scratch ….. T Ross, M Cummings, D Pike and G Walker
2.5 min ….. M Coppock and J Hayden
4 min …… C Judd, S McLachlan and M Hosking
10 min …. T Stenos,P Bubb, R West and R Buckwell
14 min ….. M Riggs and K Fuller
18 min ….. D Bond
34 min ….. D Jennings

Should mention at this point that G Walker needs reminding that Moriac is on daylight Saving Time.

Scratch were devastated at the start line to find G walker missing, but soon recovered composure and settled into the long grind of reeling in the bunches ahead. With one lap to go up Misery Lane, all bunches had been accounted for and the scratch bunch had swollen in size.

Thankfully M Cummings adhered to the pre-race plan of sacrificing himself up Forest Rd on the last lap. By pulling his suspect hammy halfway up the climb, he successfully hindered the riders behind as they laboured to get around him and the scratch riders of T Ross and D Pike were able to gain a significant break which they held until the finish.

D Pike was able to hold off T Ross at the finish line for 1st place.

FINISH ORDER: 1. D Pike ( 01:04:02 )
2. T Ross
3. M Cummings
4. M Hosking
5. S McLachlan
6. M Coppock
7. J Hayden
8. T Stenos
9. C Judd
10. P Bubb
11. R Buckwell
12. K Fuller
13. M Riggs
14. D Bond
15. D Jennings

Thanks to all marshals and the referee for their support on the day. Thanks Metro

Sunday, November 24

Great weather for the Final handicap race for the Ray Aldridge Aggregate.
Paul Beasley collects his first win in 7 years!, 2nd Ross West, 3rd Ian Sumner, 4th & Fastest male: Greg Hosking, 5th: Robbie Southern, Fastest Female: New member Renata Bucher

Today’s aggregate results made no impact on final standings with Robbie Southern winning his third straight aggregate and Kane Airey and Rick Buckwell (neither rode) doing a Steve Bradbury and hanging on for equal second place.

Well done to all who competed and thanks to all the helpers on the day.

Thursday, November 21
Crit Racing – cancelled due to dangerous winds

Wednesday, November 20
Supervets Racing

Whitecross Healthcare Handicap Race!
John Hayden Wins with the sun shining! ☀️
Race report to follow.
Thanks to Mark for the photos.
Supervets Race Report Wednesday 20th Nov
Race Sponsor – White Cross Healthcare
A field of 21 riders turned up at Paraparap for the race consisting of
3 laps of the usual course with the finish in Larcombes Rd
A light NE wind and pleasant temperature made for good riding
A strong scratch bunch of Tony Ross, Graeme Walker, Mark
Cummings and David Pike were given the hard task of reeling in
second scratch with a 5 min gap to Howard Duncan, David Jessup
and Steve McLachlan and a 10-minute gap to third scratch consisting
of Carl Judd, Mandy, John Hayden, Barry Campbell and Graeme Wilson.
Tina was listed in our group but had a mechanical issue at the start.
Despite some “conversations” between Carl and Mandy and about
who was Captain of our bunch we worked well and the turns were
smooth and regular Off 14 minutes was Paul Bubb, Kent Fuller, Murray Riggs,
Ross West and Rick Buckwell Off 19 mins was Ian Sumner and Terry Collie
Ken Mansfield took up his position as limit giving scratch 27 mins to
chase him down The third scratch group which had dropped to three
after the first lap continued to reel in the field with no sight of the chasing bunches
They passed Paul Bubb’s bunch at the end of the second lap and
caught Ian and Terrie on Hendy Main Rd on the last lap.
Terry stayed on the back of the bunch with Ian not far behind. The
three third scratch riders were working well together at the front
and as we turned into Larcombes Rd it was obvious that we were not
going to get caught and crossed the line with John Hayden first with
a time of 1hr 6mins, Carl Judd second, Mandy third, Terry fourth
and Ian fifth
Fastest time went to Graeme Walker in the time of 1hr and 29 seconds.
Report by: John Hayden

Sunday, November 17

No club racing

Great racing had today in all Grades of the VCV Road Race State Championships. Congratulations to all participants and particularly the place getters.

🔹Full Results here: https://results.sporthive.com/events/PC1747740/races/5674538

🔹Note: Average speed shown is only accurate for the 77km races!

Women’s Division A: 1st Heather Hamling (Colac) 2nd Melissa Burgoyne (GSCC) 3rd Tina Stenos (GSCC)
Women’s Division B: 1st Jacqueline Dawson (Eureka) 2nd Lauren Burnett (Eureka)
Women’s Division C: 1st Allison Watt (Northern) 2nd Andrea Wilson (Central) 3rd Jo Read (Northern)
Men’s Division A: 1st Craig Lee (Eureka) 2nd David Newett (GSCC) 3rd Tim Canny (Eureka)
Men’s Division B: 1st David Ogilvie (Eureka) 2nd Greg Ley (Eureka) 3rd Stephen Maheras (Northern)
Men’s Division C: 1st Darryn Reed (Eureka) 2nd David Lambourn (GSCC) 3rd Andrew Rushton (Eureka)
Men’s Division D: 1st Daniel Crook (Eureka) 2nd Chris Fenech (GSCC) 3rd Andrew Wilson (Eureka)
Men’s Division E: 1st Vincent Haveaux (GSCC) 2nd Roger McMillian (Eureka) 3rd Adrian McCartney (GSCC)
Men’s Division F: 1st Paul Beasley (GSCC) 2nd Donald Stewart (Eureka) 3rd Graeme Parker (Eureka)

Thanks to the 20 GSCC members who supported this event!

Today at the Road Race Championships the VCV awarded the individual aggregate awards:
Well Done to Roger McMillian (Eureka) for First place.
Our very own David Spence came equal Second with Eureka’s Donald Steward and Tina Stenos was first unplaced female.

Well done to all who participated in the VCV Open events this year!

GSCC had an incredible result with 10 members in the top 10: 2nd David Spence, 4th Tina Stenos, 5th Gavin Gamble 6th Tim Bennett, 7th Darren Williams Sharing 10th position Kane Airey, Carl Judd, Darren Richards, Les Tokolyi, and Brian Weppner

Thursday, November 14
Crit Racing

Wednesday, November 13
Supervets ITT Racing

The “FUGI” ridden by Carl Judd steals the show in 40:46!

Sunday, November 10

Thursday, November 7
Crit Racing – cancelled due to rain

Tuesday, November 5
Melbourne Cup Supervets Racing

2019 Melbourne Cup SuperVets 39 km handicap. Congratulations to Paul Bird first, 1:06:39 35 kmh Carl Judd 2nd and Tina Tober Stenos 3rd, 4th Damien St. Pierre 5th Darren Richards 6th Kim Thomas Fastest male Tim Bennett 56:05 41 kmh, Fastest female Mandy Hosking 1:05:46 35.5 kmh

How the race unfolded

Cool conditions with a moderate westerly wind greeted 34 riders for the Supervets Melbourne Cup on wheels racing over 38 km on the Hendy Main road, Forest road, Grays road circuit at Paraparap. The handicapper had seven groups of 4 to 6 riders in each group and the lone limit rider, Ken Mansfield off 30 minutes. This race is always one of the quickest of the year and this year’s edition did not disappoint with scratch averaging over 41km/hr and the winner’s time of 1:06:39 at over 35km/hr. The 12:30 group were the winning group with Paul Bird taking out the sprint finish.
The scratch men looked strong with Tim Bennett, Greg Hosking, Anthony Seipolt and Andrew Goodwin. They rode through the 1:30, 4:00 and 6:30 groups but could not reel in the 11:00 and the winning 12:30 groups. Scratch were just under 2 minutes behind the winner. The 11 minute group of Ricky Lambourn, Adrian McCartney, Tony Peach and Mandy Hosking, rode strongly, but missed Steve McLachlan and couldn’t bridge the one and half minute gap to the 12:30 group.
The best performing group of the day was the 12:30 group of Paul Bird, Carl Judd, Damien St. Pierre, Darren Richards and Tina Stenos even though they lost Graeme Wilson very early in the race. Racing very smoothly taking track turns for a large part of the race they overpowered the 17:30 group on the second lap, taking the race lead. Only the strong Kim Thomas could sit in and work turns over the last lap. A close finish, lead out a long way by Damien saw Paul quickest to the line out sprinting Carl and Tina.

Sunday, November 3

KVA Spring Sash Handicap Race.
Race Report 3/11/2019
A spirited win by new member, Luke Grounds in taking out the 24th edition of the KVA Design Sash Race, with all podium positions going to new members, which is great for our growing club.

A field of 33 riders (6 bunches and 3 individual limit markers (Mansfield, Bond & Sumner)) were waved off by the starter in mild conditions to take on the 51Km course at Paraparap. It was game on from the beginning, with new riders Melissa Burgoyne & Damien St Pierre drawing SuperVets Bubb & Spargo to form the 20min bunch, who set a cracking pace until Melissa & Damien dropped the “old-timers” up Nobles and taking the lead from the limit markers shortly afterwards, as they pushed for home.

Meanwhile at the back of the field Scratch of Newett, Richards, Hosking, Southern & Tomlinson was working to close the gap on 2 nd scratch off 3.00 mins (Douglas, Pownceby, O’Brien, Buckwell & O’Neill) who were being driven by Steve Douglas and making inroads into the 6.00 minute bunch (Tokolyi, Brown, D.Lambourn, Hartman & Tehan) being eventually caught near the Forest Road quarry entrance.

This combined group worked together until it started to fracture on the first rise on Nobles and had well and truly splintered by the turnaround, but now the leaders had the 8.30 min bunch (Coppock, Fenech, R.Lambourn, Grounds & Weppner) in their sights. The catch was on and a furious battle followed with a small group of 5 riders surviving and joining forces by the turn into Larcombes Road, looking to hold off the menacing Scratch bunch and reel in the riders at the front of the field, who by this stage, were already on Forest Road for the journey home.

This fast-moving group of Douglas, Pownceby, Brown, D Lambourn and Grounds took on all before them, again with Steve Douglas driving the pace.
As they turned into Hendy Main Road, the 15.00 bunch (Judd, McLachlan, Bird, Wilson & Stenos) who had been working solidly together were in sight and quickly overtaken. Now, with only 4 riders between the chasing bunch and the finish line the pace quickened. Having passed the remnants of the 20min bunch (Bubb & Spargo), they spotted the lead car and
the games began.

The pace dropped as they prepared for the final challenge as only 4 remained from this group, with Luke Grounds who had been hanging on, pulling away from the group into Larcombes Road, holding off a further challenge and catching the leaders (St Pierre & Burgoyne) 100 meters from the finish line to go on and win his first GSCC Club race.

The scratch bunch were not far behind, with Dave Newett taking the perfect lead-out from Greg Hosking and Robbie Southern to pick up fastest time.


1st Luke Grounds 1:21:38 average 37.7 (8.30)
2nd Damien St. Pierre (20.00)
3rd Melissa Burgoyne (20.00)
4th Steven Douglas (3.00)
5th Andrew Pownceby (Colac) (3.00)
7th Dave Newett (Scratch)
8th Robbie Southern (Scratch)
9th Greg Hosking (Scratch)
10th Cam Tomlinson
Fastest time David Newett 1:14:02 average 40.8
Fastest female Tina Stenos

Thursday, October 31
Crit Racing

Wednesday, October 30
Supervets Racing

David Jessup holds off the backmarkers with his partner in crime Carl Judd to take the win!

This week we were treated to a long-awaited beautiful spring day; a light easterly breeze, some clouds but mainly sunny blue skies, temp around 20 degrees – ideal conditions for any form of riding, but especially good conditions for Superior Vets racing! A small field of only 14 riders was on hand to receive race instructions from the referee, and then be sent off by the starter – heading up Misery/Larcombes, then completing 3 laps of Nobles/Church, before finishing back in Larcombes just short of Brown Magpie. 37.5km

The field:

Dale Jennings – limit
Ken Mansfield – 5m
Gordon Spargo, Terry Collie – 14m
Ross West, Kent Fuller, Murray Riggs, Cecilia Digenis – 16m
Carl Judd, David Jessup – 22m
Mark Cummings, Peter Hunt – 28m
Graeme Walker, David Pike – 30m

Prior to all riders getting away, there was some disparaging commentary from scratch & 2nd scratch regarding the generosity of 3rd scratch’s handicap – but that was soon forgotten once all riders were on the course. The ‘out and back’ nature of Nobles/Church provided plenty of opportunities for all groups to gauge their chase of those in front, and it was clear after the first lap that all gaps were closing, and the field was beginning to bunch up. The ‘Double-Js’ (Judd/Jessup) rode smoothly to pass Dale and then Ken, heading back up Nobles on lap 2; they passed West/Fuller/Riggs/Digenis at the top of the Nobles rise; then caught Spargo/Collie at the same point on the return.

Meanwhile, Cummings/Hunt had ridden strongly together to reduce the gap to the Double-Js to 4 mins by the end of the second lap, with Walker/Pike only 30 seconds behind them. Spargo/Collie joined the Double-Js for the final time up and over Nobles, only dropping off after the bridge. With strong, clear direction from Carl, the Double-Js held it together over the final rises and the run down to the Church turn-around. They turned into Larcombes well clear of the chasers, now a combined Cummings/Hunt/Walker/Pike group that may have played some cat and mouse from the final Church turn-around before winding up for a strong sprint finish.


1st: David Jessup (1:07:26),
2nd Carl Judd,
3rd & Fastest time Graeme Walker (1:03:46),
4th David Pike,
5th Mark Cummings

Thanks to all who make a great day possible – referee, handicapper, marshalls and of course our organiser, Ross “The Boss” West.

Sunday, October 27

Thank you to Dean Wells President of Eureka Cycling Club for an awesome race report.

Layard Park & Geelong & Surf Coast CC Open


Ninety four riders started the 2019 edition of the Layard Park Open. The day was overcast, the “feels like temperature” hovered around ten degrees celsius and the light westerly breeze all ensured the day would be a solid hit out.
After race day scratchings, all twelve groups ranged in size from 6 to 9 members – meaning there was nowhere to hide!

Limit (32 minutes) set off at 10 AM, they had a six minute break on Second Limit (26 mins).
Limit reached the turnaround on Forest Road before Scratch had even left the start line!
That effort saw them lose riders though, as did Second Limit. The bunches would come together on the second lap and a handful of riders stayed away.

Most groups were encountered similar issues on the first run to the turnaround…
The 23 minute group also lost riders out on course such was their early pace. They weren’t taking enough time out of the leaders, yet they weren’t losing ground to the 20 minute group. The 20 minute group were in no-man’s land…
The 17 minute group was going backwards! They were leaking time to the raging 14 minute bunch with every pedal stroke. For their part, the 14 minute bunch had already jettisoned riders, yet they were still holding their gap to the 11 minute group.
The 9 minute bunch took a flyer from the start line and started ripping metres out of the gap to the 11 minute bunch immediately.

The 7 minute bunch eased into their work, intent on maintaining the required average speed, as well as keeping all their riders.
Third Scratch (5 minutes) had a similar theory. They rolled away from the gates and gradually built their speed up.
Second Scratch (3 minutes) had no such joy. The group lost three riders inside the first ten kilometres, leaving just four to stave off Scratch.

Scratch finally launched at 10:32 AM. By the time they had gone through the finish line for the first time, other groups had already experienced the inconvenience of red flags at the Forest Road turnaround. Vehicles and the required stop for the red flag hampered many groups on the day – some were even lucky enough to get stopped twice.

The out and back nature of the circuit allowed for riders to check on the health of the groups they were chasing. Groups of five or less were at a distinct disadvantage – such few number revealed a weakness that could be exploited!

Limit was caught by the 26 minute bunch on the first time down Gray’s Road. The 23 minute group had them in their sights – surely it would only be a matter of time until the catch was made…
The 20 minute group were bearing down on the 23 minute group – surely it would only be a matter of time until they made the catch…
Meanwhile, the 17, 11, 7 and 3 minute groups all had riders breathing down their necks – it would only be a matter of time until they were caught! And so it was.

By the halfway mark the original twelve groups were now just seven. The 20 minute group was still in no-man’s land. They couldn’t bridge to the 23 minute group afterall…

The field was still compressing, just not as fast as the Scratch riders wanted. They had battled along and were happy to have the four remaining riders from Second Scratch swapping turns. With two thirds of the bunch working, the odds were starting to turn in their favour. They were hot on the heels of the combined 5 and 7 minute bunch, who had over a dozen riders swapping turns, sure some were taking the odd break, but the bunch was getting faster as they closed in on the turnaround for the last time.

Up ahead, the 9 and 11 minute bunch had been stopped. The delay was lengthy, some estimating close to thirty seconds was lost. Finally the green flag to ride on, but immediately they saw the tail of the field about to swamp them. It happened quickly, with a supergroup of two dozen riders forming. Naturally, many put their cue in the rack immediately. Barely a half dozen riders drove the pace. The others already resigned to the fact, that this would not be their day.

The Scratch bunch was also closing in, however the head wind and slight uphill dragged the inevitable out. That catch finally came at the right turn into Grays Road – the whole field was there… some seventy odd riders on the same stretch of road!

The leaders were just eight in number and includied five riders from the home team – Jo Hand, Adrian McCartney, Darren Richards, Tina Stenos and Graeme Wilson. Northern’s Vince Sinni and Frances Medina were both there, as was Diane Jane from Central. The 23 minute bunch were close, yet hadn’t been able to seal the deal. The 20 minute group had been swamped by the chasers and the super tail group was looming like a tsunami – as the field swept into Hendry’s Road with just five kilometres remaining.

The leaders were going for broke. They had the measure of the 23 minute group, who had the barest of margins over what was now a bicycle grid lock. Scratch were slowly working their way past slowing riders, yet the effort had eased. Oncoming traffic was significant and required careful negotiation.

Through the sweeping bend and now it was a 3 kilometre run into the head wind. For a moment it appeared that the 23 minute group would make the catch afterall – it was not to be. Scratch swarmed all over the middle bunches and settled in for a battle for Fastest Time. They didn’t realise that the riders just ahead was actually the front of the race… what might have been!

Our brave leaders swing through the dogleg and line up for the final run to the finish line.
Legs start to fail, gaps start to open and four Geelong riders are shooting clear.
Adrian McCartney proves strongest in the straight and wins by lengths to Graeme Wilson, with Tina Stenos taking third ahead of Darren Richards. A larger gap to Frances Medina, who has Diane Jane and Jo Hand close behind. Another gap to Vince Sinni who eased off to ensure the photographer got some good photos of him.

Some fifty six riders are fanning out and closing in to the finish line. The Scratch riders are looking for the right wheel, whilst others are sprinting for fun. Most riders are sitting up, or just being drawn to the line in the wake of the speedsters.

The Scratchies light up the afterburners and Geelong’s Tim Bennett takes the prize. A few seconds later, Geelong’s Mandy Hosking crosses the line and takes the first unplaced Super Vet prize.
Jess Douglas rounded out a great day for the home team, easily claiming the Fastest Female Rider prize.

All in all, another rousing rendition of the Layard Park Open!
Congratulations to all riders and the race officials (referees, motorbike marshals, corner marshals and traffic control) for staging a safe event. Many thanks to all the tireless efforts by the support staff – race check in, kitchen, photographers, time keeping, raffle tickets, etc., etc.

Also, last but not least, a special congratulations to Peter Livitsanis who handicapped his first VCV Open race as the State Handicapper.
Two thirds of the field being within 500 metres of each other at the end of a 65 kilometre race is some effort! Well done Pete.

Layard Park Open results:

1st – Adrian McCartney, Geelong (26 min)
2nd – Graeme Wilson, Geelong (26 min)
3rd – Tina Stenos, Geelong (26 min)
4th – Darren Richards, Geelong (26 min)
5th – Frances Medina, Northern (32 min)
6th – Diane Jane, Central (32 min)
7th – Jo Hand, Geelong (26 min)
8th – Vince Sinni, Northern (26 min)
9th – Tim Bennett, Geelong (Scratch)
10th – David Newett, Geelong (Scratch)

Fastest Time – male – Tim Bennett, Geelong (Scratch)
Fastest Time – female – Jess Douglas, Geelong (7 min)

1st unplaced GSCC Super Vet – Mandy Hosking, Geelong (23 min)

Thursday, October 24
Crit Racing

With very warm conditions and the Open on sunday racing times were scaled back

Wednesday, October 23
Supervets Racing

With beautiful weather on offer only 11 racers fronted up. Where is everyone? Maybe they are keeping their legs fresh for our open handicap race on Sunday??
Juddy Wins!! (he’s trying to match Tony Ross!) 57:10
2nd Graeme (put on the brakes)Wilson
3rd Richard (You can’t drop me) Buckwell
Fastest time: Tony (Speedy) Ross 49:36

Sunday, October 20

South Western Property and Construction Handicap Race 55km 20-10-19

Today was the second edition of this trophy race proudly sponsored by Darren William’s company, South Western Property and Construction, 55km over Nobles Road, three laps of the main circuit finishing at the end of Nobles Rd. The morning started with damp roads and a south westerly wind gradually increasing to quite strong by the end of the race. Four times up the legendary misery lane will take its toll on all.

A solid field of 35 riders including two trial riders Josh Denham and Nick Lanham who both held their own and rode well in their respective groups, well done, we hope to see you back racing soon. The 35 gents and ladies racing were over 44 minutes, with the solo man Ken Mansfield off at zero (44 minutes) with a strong bunch of six off scratch. Most of the groups stayed apart for the majority of the race with scratch group riding through the race leaving everyone behind.

The big question throughout today’s race was where is Paul Beasley? Paul also on a solo mission off 31 minutes, to firstly chase down Ken and hoping to stay away from his usual group when he was ‘fit’ off 16.30 including Carl Judd, Paul Bird, Darren ‘tiger’ Richards, Tina ‘pres’ Stenos, Jo ‘shoes’ Hand and Graeme Wilson. This group worked well together all race on the charge to catch the leader, but not quick enough. Paul ‘where are you’ Beasley was asking and wondering what was the group doing behind him ?, “maybe having a jovial Sunday cruze” with a smile, while keeping a good tempo and calculating his chances over the three laps of the race, with the westerly wind increasing.

The 13 minute group was a good mixture and included a few returning riders, David Spence who is gearing up for next week’s open race holding a good number of VCV aggregate points, Marcus Coppock, getting fitter every race, John Parrello on the return from OS, Steve McLachlan, Adrian McCartney new to this bunch after a few great results and Mandy Hosking getting into the swing of things again. With a mixture of experience and fitness this bunch was a bit inconsistent but were really encouraging each other to stay together, with the group being happy with their efforts today.

The groups speeds started to pick with the 8min group of Harvey Lang, Peter Cone, Peter Hunt, Darren Williams, Chris Fenech and trial rider Nick Lanham, then the 6min group who were down to three with Darly Suter, Jesse Cropley and Gary Blick, these three started hard and road well but the wind wasn’t helping with the chasing second scratch group off 3 minutes including trial rider Josh Denham, Daniel Stojanovski back again after his first race last week, inform Kane Airey and Rick ‘the timer’ Buckwell, who all kept the pace high making good ground on the 6 minute group.

With three minutes and the usual charging and reinforced scratch bunch of six the three-minute gap wasn’t going to last long and it didn’t, being caught before halfway in the race the second time up misery lane. Steven Richards, Robbie Southern, Cameron Tomlinson, returning Greg Hosking and Andrew Baker, with promoted Stephen Douglas. These guys were smooth and flying along, Stephen started with his usual massive turns but found the scratch groups pace up the hills a bit too much, we are sure Stephen will be up to the challenge again. The combined scratch and second scratch started rolling turns and caught the three amigos soon after with Jesse and Daryl hanging on.

Paul was still tapping away out-front passing Ken and moving along nicely watching his average speed up misery lane, Paul telling himself if I can hold 24.5km/h up here I’m a chance. The 16.30 and 13 minute groups were closing in on each other, with the combined scratch groups started gobbling up the 8 minute group, up Forest Rd, then the 13 minute and 16.30 groups up misery lane the final time. The big question, where is Paul?

The hunting group finally sighted the lead car with a few k’s to go as they turned into Nobles Rd with a nasty head cross wind the final time, Paul was pushing as hard as he could at the top of the first Nobles Rd climb. A close fight to the line was in order! The speed differences were huge with the chasing group working together but tiring quickly after 53 km and Paul working his backside off hoping to get to the line. Over the first hill and down across the creek Daniel and Cam had a couple of hard goes off the front to keep everyone chasing and closing in on Paul, then onto the final climb with at the 1km to go sign, Paul was slowing after his immense ride then having to finish up this awful last climb and head wind to the finish wasn’t nice at all.

Behind Stephen and Greg were working on a scratch win and fastest time plan on the left of the road out of the wind which quickly fell apart when the sitters tried the right side and shut down the road. All of a sudden where was Paul was found and swallowed up and spat out the back 500 metres from the finish line, Paul deserved the ride of the day.

To the up hill windy sprint finish if you can call it that, Stephen and Greg took off closely watched by Kane and Josh, Greg passed Stephen with a couple of hundred metres to go, with Kane clinging on and Josh not far behind, did they go too early? Kane dug in and passed Stephen with one last grinding effort caught Greg who was running out of legs, Kane pushed for the last time to the line to take the win with Josh finishing second and Greg holding on for third with the rest of scratch just behind. What a great race, a tough day had by all. (As Josh was a trial rider he doesn’t take the final placings)

Thanks to South West Property and Construction for sponsoring the race, Mr and Mrs Williams and John Stenos for the lunch preparation and cooking, there wasn’t anything left, the BBQ dim sims were a hit. Thanks to Gordon Spargo for refereeing all the marshals on the course and again the two Motos David and Phil for your presence on the course, making the racing safe for all.

1st Kane Airey (3min 1:27:25 37.8km/h)
2nd and male fastest time Gregory Hosking (scr 1:24:26 39.08km/h)
3rd Steven Richards (scr),
4th Robbie Southern (scr)
5th Cameron Tomlinson (scr)
6th Andrew Baker (scr)
7th Daniel Stojanovski (3min)
8th Harvey Lang (8min)
9th Daryl Suter (6min)
10th Jesse Cropley (6min)
Female fastest time Mandy Hosking (13min)
Mylaps; https://results.sporthive.com/events/PC1740842

Thursday, October 17
Crit Racing

Crit results 17th Oct
(click on link to see results) crit racing sheet mid race sprint 19/20

Wednesday, October 16
Supervets Racing

no race held

Sunday, October 13

Geelong and Surfcoast Cycling Club, 37th Edition of the Jack Griffin Trophy Race 13th October 2019

A great morning greeted all riders and helpers for the 37th edition of the Jack Griffin Trophy Race 70km of fun! A field of 40 with 57 minutes from limit to scratch with members age from just over 30 to over 75, true inclusive vets racing for all at Geelong and Surfcoast cycling club.

Jack’s classic trophies were on display again to motivate and excite all to race hard over the grueling course of Forest Rd and Nobles Rd twice, finishing in Nobles Rd. The wind was light blowing from the east and the sun was shining. Ken Mansfield started the race at 9am soloing away with a nice 57min gap to scratch and 22 minutes to second limit, was this to be Kenny’s day?

The second limit group of Jo Hand, Ian Sumner and Paul Beasley started very positively staying together and working their turns well setting out for the long chase. The next three groups at 21, 16 and 10 minutes were of all sixes and sevens in each group with the ten minute group of Graeme Walker, Gary Blick, Harvey Lang, David Lambourn, Chris Fenech, Peter Hunt and Darren Williams looking very strong on the start sheet with a few returning riders after either their winter hibernation or secret winter training.

The third scratch 7 minute group of Jessica Douglas Steven O’Neill, Daryl Suter, Jesse Cropley, Les Tokolyl and Peter Cone were in no mans land for a long time of the race, slowly gaining of the fast moving 10 minute group but not getting away from the groups behind. The second scratch 3 minute bunch were down to four after Gavin O’Brien from Colac had a few electrical issues with his bike leaving Kane Airey, Rick Buckwell with two new members Ashleigh Leone and Daniel Stojanovski who were moving along very well up Forest Rd but soon realised also not quick enough only taking small margins from the 7 minute group with the scratch four of Trent Clifford, Steven Richards, Andrew Goodwin and Robbie Southern chasing hard, who were also down to four after Greg didn’t turn up.

Onto the middle of the race Jo and Ian had dropped Paul along Forest Rd, Ian working along very well on the flat roads, this pair worked very well and caught Ken Mansfield on Nobles Rd the first time to take the lead and a very handy lead is was. Scratch caught second scratch on the way back on Forest Rd the first time making a great group of eight who were smashing out the kilometres. The middle groups were slowly coming together on the second time back on Forest Rd and at this stage scratch were in a chance to catch these 20 or so riders till they were held up by a car sitting behind Ken Mansfield where overtaking wasn’t allowed! Thanks to Phil on the moto for helping out here.

Scratch caught the 7 minute group before the Forest Rd hill where Steven, Trent and Andrew decided to sprint up the hill! Breaking up the bunch and maybe slowing the overall speed down after the big effort.

Jo and Ian parted ways at the start on the final effort up Nobles Rd, Ian (what a legend…he is so strong and steady on the flats!) was amazing and gave Jo a few rests for the remainder of Forest Rd and along Larcombes. They hit Nobles together, and Ian told Jo he couldn’t hold on any longer and to go for it. So in honor of the 21 minute gang, Jo rode as hard as she could, for as long as she could. Jo looked behind a few times and no one, then boom, there they were, Jo decided at that point, waste no energy looking back, just keep pedaling damn it!! Jo said “So much fun to hurt”

A great win with a massive solo final effort to hold off the big combined bunch who slowed a bit along Nobles Rd watching each other and saving their legs for the final effort to the line. The combined scratch, second and third groups were back together along Larcombes and could finally see the big middle group up along the first rise on Nobles Rd. The scratch boys started playing each other a bit so Kane decided to keep the group moving to the line with a couple of efforts as a top 10 ten finish was still in reach.

Trent and Steven started the chase to the slower finishes in front with Peter Wynne who loves a sprint finished second and David Lambourn third in the big bunch sprint and the scratch guys finishing in the middle of this group. Great close handicapping for this great race, well done to all the competitors and visitors from Colac.

Thanks to Ross West for refereeing who was assisted by Richard Buckwell snr and all the marshals on course and the two moto’s Phil and David who help to keep our races safe. Thanks to our President Tina for setting up lunch and the presentations. It was great to see past member and long-time supporter of our club Jack Griffin at the presentations again who as always very proud to host this race every year with good joke to be told. Thanks again Jack.

1st Jo Hand (21min 2:17:52 30.46km/h)
2nd Peter Wynne (16min),
3rd David Lambourn (10min)
4th Graeme Walker (12min),
5th Gary Blick (10min),
6th Adrian McCartney (21min),
7th Peter Hunt (10min),
8th and first lady Carolyn Hall (21min),
9th and Fastest male Trent Clifford (scr 1:43:43 40.49km/h ),
10th Steven Richards (scr),
Fastest Female Jessica Douglas

Thursday, October 10

Crit racing made its return for the 19/20 season

Wednesday, October 9
Supervets Racing

The smooth working bunch of Scratch collected the field with Tony Ross collecting Fastest time & The Don Sutherland Trophy for the pool room!
2nd David Pike
3rd Graeme Walker (He’s Back)
4th Peter McWaters
5th Peter Hunt
A small group of not so eager but hardy riders fronted up to ride in the Don Sutherland Trophy Handicap on 9/10/19.
Conditions weren’t ideal with cold conditions and drizzly rain prevailing but fortunately only light winds up Misery Lane and Forrest Rd. The course was 3 Laps of Paraparap and finish up Larcombe’s. Fourteen riders signed up for Longy to ponder over where to place everyone on the handicap sheet.
Limit rider Dale Jennings was first to head off with Rea Cloke (new member from Bacchus Marsh 2nd race ) starting 2 mins later and ever-reliable Ken Mansfield following up a further 2mins after. They all knew it was going to be a tough ask as the following bunches all had a number of riders in them to make things a little easier. Next bunch of Murray Riggs, Ross West, Dave Phillips, Ian Sumner started 12 mins later hoping they could hold off the backmarkers. Graham Wilson and Mandy Hosking (3rd scratch) started 6mins later and set a cracking pace to pick up all the riders ahead of them and leave them in their wake. Peter McWaters & Peter Hunt (2nd Scratch) gave 3rd scratch 5 mins start and worked well together closing the gap to the little rabbits up the road and gave scratch a hard chase to reel them in.
Scratch bunch of Dave Pike, Graeme Walker & Tony Ross were 3 mins later and got into a steady rhythm to slowly peg back 2nd scratch on the last lap on Grays Rd. With the larger bunch, they were able to slowly gobble up the riders in front and caught the leaders Mandy Hosking & Graham Wilson
At the start of Misery Lane. An Inevitable hectic bunch sprint ensured a close finish with scratch and 2nd scratch prevailing.
1st Tony Ross 2nd Dave Pike 3rd Graeme Walker 4th Peter McWaters 5th Peter Hunt

Sunday, October 6

No club racing

The Colac Red Rock Classic was held today in typical Cororooke weather, 50 km/h winds! The second scratch group of Nigel Pearson, Stephen Douglas, Gavin O’Brien (colac) Kane Airey and Michael Hazledine ruled the day riding through the field and well clear of Scratch. Michael dropped off half way through and Daryl Suter was the only other rider able to hang on for a couple of laps. Nigel showed us how much he loves hills taking a great win just over Stephen Douglas 2nd who kept the pace high all race, Gavin 3rd and Kane not far behind in 4th. Daryl hung on for 5th just in front of Tony Lupino from Colac who took fastest time.

Wednesday, October 9
Supervets Racing

Mandy Is back to racing after a long absence and takes the win today.
Juddy 2nd and David Pike 3rd & Fastest

Sunday, September 29

21 Starter took on the 62 km course: Start Jack’s corner Grays Rd, left into Flaxbournes Rd out & back, left Grays Rd, to Forest Rd out & back, right into Grays, Hendy Main, Larcombes + 2 laps finish Larcombes rd (B)

New Member Adrian McCartney took his first win with mate & Trial rider Tony Peach coming 2nd. Since he wasn’t eligible for prize money 2nd Kane Airey Vice President extraordinaire 3rd Darren “Baum” Brayshaw 4th Jesse Cropley 5th Wes Lewis 6th Daryl Suter 7th & Fastest female Jessica Douglas 8th Gavin Gamble 9th Steve Mclachlan 10th & Fastest Male Trent Clifford.

Mylaps full results – https://results.sporthive.com/events/PC1733684
Aggregate listing – https://datastudio.google.com/s/s3_KvRKlzzo

Well Done to all the starters!!

Wednesday, September 25
Supervets Racing

3 laps of Paraparap Circuit.
Conditions were cool and overcast with strong side head wind up Misery Lane.

First away was D.Jennings on 28 mins, followed by K.Mansfield on 25 mins,then on 15 mins a group of four, R.West,D.Phillips,K.Fuller & Cecilia, on 12 mins P.Bubb, G.Wilson & Tina.Following at 9 mins R.Nicholls & C.Judd,then at 5 mins D.Jessop,L.Fitzsimmons & S.McLachlan and the scratchmarkers D.Pike & T.Ross. A strong field of 16.

With the race half over conditions were taking there toll, the 12 min bunch were working hard and began to reel in the leaders, with Robbie Nicholls chasing on his own.Second scratch & scratch were flying and looked a chance.
The 12 min bunch hit the lead just before the 3rd time up Misery and with Bubb putting the pressure on the
Selection was made Tina,Bubb & Wilson were in the lead and would stay there until the finish,with Wilson outlasting Bubb and Tina.Not far behind Nicholls soloed in for 4th then 5th was D.Jessop with Tony Ross 6th and Fastest.

Sunday, September 22

No race – race cancelled due to lack of entries

Wednesday, September 18
Supervets Racing

A typical spring day greeted the 15 riders for a 3 X Nobles Road course which was a pleasant change from the 3 standard laps of the past few weeks. D. Bond and K.Mansfield set off on limit followed by K. Fuller and I.Sumner on 7mins, R.West, D.Phillips and T. Robinson 12mins, H.Bentley and P.Bubb 16mins, C.Judd set off alone on 18mins, L.Fitzsimons and S.McLachlan 23mins, P.Hunt and D.Jessup 25.30mins with M.Cummings on scratch 26.30mins. Ian Sumner, Danielle Bond and Kent Fuller turned onto Larcombes Rd first with Kent Fuller sprinting away to finish 1st ahead of Ian Sumner 2nd, Danielle Bond 3rd, Carl Judd 4th followed by Peter Hunt who managed fastest time of 1h:05:46 in 5th.

Thanks Ref. and marshals
Kent Fuller

Sunday, September 15

No race – Amys Grand Fondo

Wednesday, September 11
Supervets Racing

With the sun shining today 21 racers came out to play.
We even had the pleasure of having Bob, Terry & John from Eureka Cycling Club join us.

David ‘Metro’ Pike took first & fastest (Scratch)
2nd Tony Ross (Scratch)
3rd Mark Cummings (Scratch
4th Bob Morley (Chopping Block)
Sorry guys, under too much pressure at home to sit down with the good wife to go into much detail.
But …. A very pleasant time was had by all 21 especially me)

START LIST: Scratch ….. Ross, Cummings, Pike and Peter Hunt
4 min ….. Ballarat Bob, Fitzsimmons, Steve McLachlan and
Dave Jessup
9 min …… Bird, Judd, Hayden and Tina
12 min …. West, Buckwell, Phillips, Bentley and G Wilson
15 min ….. Collie, Fuller and Riggs
29 min ….. Mansfield

As Goldilocks would have said “ the weather wasn’t too cold, wasn’t too hot …. It was just right. “

Final placings were …… Pike (I still reckon Tony sat up) Ross, Cummings, Morley, Tina, Jessup, “ Yosemite Sam “, Hayden, Fitzsimons, Collie, Bird, Riggs, Phillips, Bentley, McLachlan, Hunt, Mansfield, West, Fuller, Wilson and Buckwell

Thanks to all marshals and the referee for their support and a special hug for Cummo for disrupting the chasers in the sprint by not holding his line and thwarting any attack.

Thanks, Metro. Great to have over 20 racing spring must have arrived.

Race Day from a second scratch perspective
Ideal conditions for 21 riders.
I was chatting to Peter Hunt at the start of the race and we were looking forward to riding together off second scratch. Unfortunately, he was “rewarded” for his ride last week and was place in the marauding scratch bunch. “Bloody Cummo and his race report” he was heard muttering.
So it was me, Loz, Dave and Steve and Dave, fronting up off 4 minutes.
As we headed up the lane and into the wind it became quickly evident that Dave was the main engine in the bunch.
It was also evident we would not see the bunch in front that was gifted 9 minutes. Well, we did see them but not until we were dragged up by scratch.
With a strength disparity in the bunch, we moved along and were waiting for the inevitable catch. The catch came with more than a lap to go. The scratch bunch was moving and they had shed the gallant Hunt.
Pike and Ross were sharing the load and Cummings was third wheel offering encouragement from the sit. (Who’s the Caboose this week?) added by Tina!
Myself, Dave and Loz got on. I don’t think Steve did.
So it was a matter of hanging on for dear life as the pace picked up considerably. We finally had the 9-minute bunch in our sights and Pike and Ross were sharing the load to pull them back.
They were rounded up before the chicane and it was only the sprint to be sorted.
Metro and Tony went at it side by side in a man o’man war. Cummo was sitting on their wheel and did not sprint as he had promised back up Misery Lane. He said that he wished he hadn’t because he felt good and reckons he could have easily taken the race by 3 or 4 lengths.
The two hard men sprinted hard getting very thing they had out of themselves. Pike held on to win by a tyre and in a self-deprecating way reckoned Tony “sat up”.
Big Dave Jessop cup and looked like holding forth but I gave what I had and covered him for the meaningless fourth spot.
Sprint of the day came from Tina Stenos who also got over Dave for fifth. Great effort. Certainly still stung by the “Caboose” tag for the sensitive musing of Cummo in the write up last week.
Hats off to the handicapper but when you have handicapped that course a thousand time you should be getting the hang of it.
As my Stava title suggested….. Great race, Great people

Sunday, September 8

Race 4 Winter Scratch Series: Due to the cancellation of two of the 5 races we decided to add today’s scratch race to the series; making the series 4 races instead of 5!
18 riders fronted up for race with the hopes that the rain would hold off and it did, however, the wind was another story.
A Grade: 1st Andrew Goodwin 2nd Brad Haskett 3rd Steven Douglas
B Grade: 1st Jesse Cropley 2nd Nigel Pearson 3rd Rick Buckwell
C Grade: 1st Chris Fenech 2nd Peter Wynne 3rd Ricky Lambourn
D Grade 1st Darren Richards 2nd Tina Stenos 3rd Adrian McCartney
E Grade 1st Ross West
Final results for the series will be calculated.

VCV State ITT Championships

11 GSCC riders participated in the ITT Championships.
Jessica Douglas, Gavin Gamble, Carl Judd, Brian Long, Nic Newby, Murray Riggs, David Spence, Donald Stuart, Ian Sumner, Les Tokolyi, and Cameron Tomlinson attended the Championships. We wish them all a great ride. Results to be posted soon.

MyLaps results – https://results.sporthive.com/events/PC1722972?fbclid=IwAR1ppMr0xqdjnsI7YL3GqBXzKQZilBytF2iE0XF9IYTqJDs30mk4zlc1sXM

Wednesday, September 4
Supervets Racing

Supervets racing: Mark Cummings strongest over the line!
2nd & Fastest Time: Tony
(Don’t want to write the race report) Ross
3rd: David Pike
4th: Tina Stenos
5th: Peter Hunt
6th: Laurie Fitzsimons

3 LAP Greyhound Circuit (Turn left, then left, left and left again)
15 brave riders were confronted with a cool to cold 3 lapper with increasing northwest to westerly winds. Due to yet another box of Roses chocolates and a beautiful bunch of red roses last night, our wonderful handicapper chose to put me off a delightful and very much appreciated 2nd scratch.

With the fear of being quickly caught by the marauding scratch duo of Ross/Pike(2 mins behind), our elite squad of Peter Hunt, David Jessup and myself stormed around the first lap in 19 minutes (about the same time as Rosspike), collecting sundry out markers and remnant riders on the way.

This first lap effort resulted in a serious casualty though….shortly after a loud and audible “pfffffffff” was heard as David Jessup’s big end holed the crankcase of his physical limits….a solid comeback race performance was noted though.

The ever-growing group now sitting on the 2nd scratch caboose was impressive…..some openly declared their intention not to work (Tina S), some working sporadically (Laurie F) and some not giving a stuff (Paul B and Steven McL)…..such is handicap racing with no drones, cameras or CCTV to bear witness to the shenanigans that go on when everyone is on the rivet.

Personally, I was lucky enough to recover a little up Misery on the last lap and jump over the tiring duo of Rosspike in the sprint to earn(?) a chicken dinner tonite.

Another fantastic day at Supervets…..thank you to our marshals, Ross West and most importantly, our handicapper, Brian Long:)

1st Mark Cummings 2nd Scratch
2nd Tony Ross (Fastest Time) Scratch
3rd David Pike Scratch
4th Tina Caboose Stenos 8 mins
5th Peter Reliable Hunt 2nd Scratch
6th Laurie Worker Fitzsimmons 5 mins
7th Steve McLachlan 5 mins
8th Paul CBF Bubb 8 mins
9th Graeme Wilson 10mins
10th Ross West 13 mins
11th Kent Fuller 13 mins
12 Ken Mansfield 25 mins

Sunday, September 1

No race – Fathers day

Wednesday, August 28
Supervets Racing

Tony Murrell collects the field to win the race & take fastest time on a very windy day. 
2nd Paul Bubb 
3rd Carl Judd 
4th Tina Stenos
Three laps on a cold, then last lap wet day with a strong headwind up Misery lane. Tony made the trip down the highway surprisingly upbeat, presuming a lift out to the chopping block after last weeks struggle with Pikey, however the big boys didn’t front and he landed back in scratch again – solo. Two minutes to Lew, another 2 to Juddy, 2 more to Bubby and Tina, then the usual bunches of regular middle and limities. Gordon in there resuming racing again.

Tony caught Lew early as he was resuming from injury and illness and very underdone, then passed some middle/limities strung out mid lap two, and sighted big Bubby, Tina and Carl (combined) up ahead. Heading back to the club rooms final time passed Danni and someone else? Then caught on to Carl’s bunch on the bend into Misery. There we 4 caught Ross and Ian with Ross in tow.

Tony didn’t want to leave it to the sprint with the dangerous West so he attacked mid Misery, got the gap and the win. The 3 up sprint for second went to Bubb, Carl, Tina.

Ross next then the others coming in came in one by one – Kent, Danni, Ken, Murray, Gordon (will be fitter for the run next time) and a brave Lew.

Report by Tony Murrell

Sunday, August 25

Corrine Rice solos to win the 2019 KVA Design Winter Sash Race becoming the first female to win a seasonal sash Race. Well done!

The 57 km version of this years sash race was fast, furious and windy! The course started at Moriac with a few feisty magpies swooping while warming up!  With 26 riders braving the cold early conditions, the long drag from Anglesea Rd to Nobles Rd was a tough one into the wind. There were some big time gaps today with a lot of smaller groups.

Ken Mansfield started the day at 9am with a 40 min start to a strong scratch and with a 6 min gap Danielle Bond started chasing down Ken, it was going to be a hard day for the two solo riders.  The next group of four at 29 minutes were a bit uneven in abilities, Corrine Rice, Ross West, Ian Sumner and new GSCC member Adrian McCartney, the handicapper wasn’t too sure as what levels Adrian was at, he did just fine! Corrine and Adrian were too strong for the other too and were on the hunt early for the leaders. 

Paul Bubb, Carl Judd and Graeme Wilson were next off at 20 minutes with some big times to make up, the handicapper must have known something these guys didn’t as they couldn’t get close to Corrine Ross and Adrian who were charging along Blackgate Rd passing Dani and hunting down Ken. The leading team of three way up the road continued on to catch limit on Misery lane and with the lead car in sight the group were motivated to keep the pace on however Corinne and Adrian found they had ridden away from Ross West on Nobles rd.  A quick conversation and the pair decided they would work together and see if they could keep in front. Spotting the 20min group near the beginning of Nobles road they knew they had a good chance as long as they kept the pace on especially as the other groups behind them were clearly gaining. 

Next away was the 12 minute group of Chris Fenech, Ricky Lambourn and Brian Weppner, They stayed together for a while but the going got a bit too tough for Brian early on then Ricky started to feel the pinch a bit later in the race, Chris was working and pushed on well through the race  all day and should be happy with his efforts. The next group of 8 min 30 was definitely at the next level with Phil Tehan from Northern who loves travelling down the highway to race with the GSCC quite regularly, he was with David Lambourn and Gavin Gamble these three worked hard like always, the next group of four the 3rd scratch group at 5 min 30 were down one rider after Tony French had an unfortunate fall while warming up and had to be taken home and then later to hospital for a few check-ups on an injured hip. Take care Tony we hope to see some positive recovery happening soon. Steven Douglas, Kane Airey and Daryl Suter marched on, Daryl was struggling and Steven was up to his usual massive turns with Kane chipping in.

The next group of Cameron Tomlinson, Robbie Southern and Rick Buckwell off 3 min 30, were up for the challenge to keep scratch away, Rick found the pace of the other two up Grassdale road hill too fast for him so he sat up and waited and finished the race with scratch. Robbie and Cam were on a mission and caught Steven, Kane and Daryl on the return leg of Blackgate road, absolutely flying, Daryl hung on for a while but was having a hard day, Kane sucked in the air for the next 5km or so as the other three were pushing hard. The scratch men of four of Trent Clifford, Stephen Richards, David Newett and Andrew Goodwin were moving and working nicely and making up good time early, but maybe not quite hard enough as Corrine and Adrian had hit the front along Nobles Rd with half of the race to go with a massive lead.

The second scratch pair Robbie and Cam with Steven and Kane were the movers of the day catching and dropping riders left right and center, David Lambourn chipped in with a turn or too but the consistent high pace was too much, Chris Fenech worked hard to this finish of the race finishing with these guys, with a lap to go there was still five minutes from the second scratch group to the leaders which is way too much to catch over 10km and this group still couldn’t see the scratch riders.

The leading pair worked consistently together until the final lap when Adrian started to flag on Grays Rd. Not knowing how far back anyone else was Corinne knew they had to keep the pace up and make the most of the tailwind on Grays road if they were to stay ahead. A last flick of the elbow and when a look back showed Adrian had dropped off it was time to push on and Corinne with blue sash in mind kept on peddling, not looking back until the final turn into Larcombes Rd when a quick glance proved the win was in sight and she rolled across the line ahead of Adrian who came in solo for second and the 3 minute group who cleaned up the rest of the placing.

David Newett kept his sash race fastest times form going again finishing just in front of Stephen Richards.
Well done everyone on a tough race, thanks for Richard Buckwell snr for refereeing, all the marshals and helpers on the day and Dave on the Moto was superb again.

1st Corrine Rice (29min 29.7km/h),
2nd Adrian McCartney (29min),
3rd Robbie Southern (3.30),
4th Cameron Tomlinson (3.30),
5th Steven Douglas (5.30)
6th Chris Fenech (12min),
7th Kane Airey (5.50),
8th & FT David Newett (scr 37.4km/h),
9th Stephen Richards (scr)
10th Andrew Goodwin (scr)

Full Race results;


Wednesday, August 21

Supervets Racing
Twelve brave (mentally deranged?) Supervet souls learned a very big lesson today, in the howling Winter winds of Paraparap……the pain is always the same, whether doing 45kph down Grays with a cyclonic tailwind or 20kph up Misery into a Force 4 block headwind, it hurts just as much.

I’m too tired to go into a long and protracted post race diatribe of who did what in the race, so I will make two brief observations of the days racing:

1. I will never forget the look on Tony Murrell’s face when he learned he was on scratch with David Pike…..his expression was akin to that on George Pell’s face this morning when he heard of his plight.

2.Without doubt, Longy our long suffering handicapper, got it perfectly right today, second scratch for me was just fine. Somehow I fear he is going to get it all very wrong next week!

Results :
1st Mark Cummings (and FTD 1hr 7 mins off Chopping Block)
2nd Carl Judd (off a very soft 10 minutes)
3rd Peter Hunt (Off Chopping Block con mio and future scratch man)
4th David Phillips (great ride given lack of racing, off 15 minutes)
5th David Pike (scratch)
6th Tony “Pellface” Murrell (scratch)
7th Paul Bubb (12 minutes….not a good day for anyone over 6’ today)
8th Ken Mansfield (28 minutes)
Thank you to all the organisers, Ross West in particular and the marshalls……we have a great thing in our SV’s racing me thinks.
Mark Cummings

Sunday, August 18

Torquay Joinery 8km Hill Climb a few casual shots after the great effort to climb Erskine Falls rd Lorne, with a head wind too! Close time gaps through all grades. Thanks to the helpers and well done everyone the morning tea was well deserved!

mylaps results – https://results.sporthive.com/events/PC1711470

Wednesday, August 14

Supervets Trophy Race:

GSCC Memorial to past riders. 
Wow! Quite a few faces we haven’t seen for awhile came out to race today! Welcome Back! 
Ian Summer takes the prestigious win
2nd Dave Phillips 
3rd Tina Stenos 
4th Carl Judd 
5th Peter Hunt 
Fastest time Tony Ross who is very happy not to write the race report!
16 cyclists presented for the Past Members Memorial Race over 37.5 km. First to depart was Dale Jennings on 36 min who completed 2 laps, followed by Ken Mansfield on 32 min. Lone scratch man Tony Ross who had won the previous 2 races had to combat groups of riders with generous handicaps, which proved too much, although averaged 35.4 kph into a stiff headwind in Misery Lane. The winning group was Dave Phillips ( first race for 6 months) and Ian Sumner, fresh back from 2 weeks in the Gold Coast with temperatures of 23 degrees to return to 10 degrees, hail, savage wind, continual rain and lack of any sunshine. Next were Tina Stenos and Carla Judd off 14 and 13 min who actually thought they had won the race as they caught and passed Gordon Spargo, Kent Fuller and Ross West as the winners were out of sight. Peter Hunt & Laurie Fitzsimmons (8 min) also rode a good race as they were not caught by Mark Cummings and Peter McWaters (3 min). Ken Mansfield finished 7th riding the race by himself. A special mention to Club Legend Brian Long (Handicapper) who presents himself for duty on Wednesdays and Sundays and relinquishes riding to act as Judge. Placings were:
Ian Sumner, Dave Phillips, Tina Stenos, Carl Judd, Peter Hunt, Laurie Fitzsimons, Ken Mansfield, Ross West, Gordon Spargo, Mark Cummings, Peter McWaters, Tony Ross, Kent Fuller, Paul Bubb and Steve McLachlan.

Sunday, August 11

racing cancelled due to weather

Wednesday, August 7

Supervets Racing

Tony Ross takes the win again this week. 
2 wins before his holiday & 2 wins after! Fantastic racing!!
Driving into the carpark, not many cars, no bikes to be seen, no lycra-clad eager riders spotted.
Only a group of people milling around in jackets, long pants, gloves, beanies, and other warm attire.
What is going on?
Discussions ensued, will we race, how many will ride, how many laps (1, 2 or 3)? Luckily common sense prevailed and 9 hardened riders said let’s do it.
Weather was cool, roads started off a little damp, little to no wind, so riding conditions were very good for this time of year.
First rider to start was ever-reliable Ken Mansfield, he is used to riding by himself so did a big warm-up before hitting the start line ready for his task ahead to hold off everyone from behind.
Next rider to depart was Kent Fuller 9 minutes later, so began his chase to Ken who kept him at bay for a couple of laps and thought he might have been in with a chance.
Ross West was next to hit the start line 2 minutes later, with the thought of having to get into time trial mode to catch Kent was not what he was looking forward to but took the bit between his teeth and made the most of it.
Murray Riggs started 2 minutes after Ross (on 13 mins) and was looking forward to picking up the out markers (which he eventually did) and the trio of Kent, Ross and Murray formed a cohesive bunch to surge towards the finish line.
Tina Stenos on 18 minutes was next to depart and was faced with a large gap to chase down to the boys in front. She wasn’t daunted by the task ahead so headed off. She was caught after the first lap by Paul Bubb who started 1 minute later (on 19mins) and Carl Judd who started a further 1 minute back ( (on 20 mins) They worked well together until the 2nd lap.
Tony Murrell started 4mins further in arrears (on 24 mins) in no man’s land hoping to stay away from scratch and trying to catch the now trio of riders in front of him , slowly but surely got closer as the laps ticked away.
Tony Ross was last to start on 28 mins and knew it was going to be a tough day at the office.
Tony Murrell latched onto Ross’ s wheel when he finally got caught and the trio of Bubb, Stenos, Judd. Stenos hung on for a brief moment, Judd lasted longer. 
Mansfield was next to be overtaken and was unfazed as he was in time trial mode to get to the finish.
The trio of West, Fuller, Riggs was finally caught with the finish in sight and were disappointed after all their hard work.
1st Tony Ross, 2nd Tony Murrell, 3rd Murray Riggs, 4th Carl Judd, 5th Kent Fuller 6th Ross West

Race Report Tony Ross

Sunday, August 4

ROCKET ASCENT Interclub/Combine
report courtesy of Dean Wells


Forty one riders contested the 5th edition of the Rocket Ascent in perfect racing weather. 
Riders from Warrnambool, Colac, Eureka and of course Geelong, had converged on Paraparap, where the roads were dry and the temperature hovered around 10 degrees.

The out and back, down and up circuit provided plenty of opportunities to gauge other groups. The barest of northerly breezes gently kissed the course, ensuring it would be a fast race…some groups were pure speed from the start…

Eureka’s Graeme Parker set off as the lone Limit rider at 34 minutes. 
Jakkii Dawson and Carolyn Hall (GSCC) were next away at 28 minutes.
A GSCC quartet at 24 minutes with Paul Bubb, Darren Richards, Paul Bird and Umberto Scolaro holding the fort.

One of the larger groups set off at 16 minutes. Locals Chris Fenech, Rick Lambourn and Steve Barille played host to Warrnambool riders Laurie Paltridge and Clive Coomber, as well as Eureka’s Roger McMillan and Don Steward.

The Colac group at 12 minutes saw Nick Brown, Heather Hamling, Larry Nocera and Steve Hamling joined by GSCC’s David Lambourn and Eureka’s Andrew Wilson.

A small group at 10 minutes with Eureka’s Shaun Martin and Bob Braszell joined by GSCC rider Jesse Cropley.

Matt Angus was a lone Eureka rider amongst Team GSCC’s Daryl Suter, Nigel Pearson, Steve Douglas and Michael Hazeldine.

The Eureka Second Scratch group rode off at 3:30 with Tony Mirabella, Lindsay Burgoyne, Rick Calvert and Dean Wells joined by Colac’s Gavin O’Brien and GSCC’s Robbie Southern.

Appropriately, Scratch took off like rockets and had halved the gap to Second Scratch by the first U-turn (Forest Rd). The seven strong bunch had been joined by GSCC’s Andrew Goodwin, who had self elevated himself from Second Scratch on the day. David Newett, Brad Haskett and yongster Trent Clifford rounded out the home team, whilst Eureka added their top 3 riders in Craig Lee, Tim Canny and Jason Hendry to the mix.

Early in the race it was action aplenty! The deceptively fast south leg on Forest Rd saw some groups lose riders before reaching the first U-turn. The first climb up Gum Flats Road required measured efforts, however some bunches lost riders. 
The untimely arrival of vehicles at intersections – with the subsequent red flags – disrupted groups and the violent accelerations saw more riders dropped.
Scratch had the 3:30 group in their sights as they headed north after the first ascent of Gum Flats. For their part, Second Scratch had swept up the 7 minute group and were passing other bunches which had imploded.
Extraordinary efforts by Rob Southern halted the Scratch advance and a red flag at Larcombes Rd gave the chopping bunch some more breathing space.

Onto Nobles Rd and the Second Scratch riders were working overtime to stave off the Scratch riders. Timely assistance from some of the 7 minute riders helped hold off the inevitable catch until the return leg on Nobles.

The head of the race was still well up the road and making every tree a winner as they raced back onto Forest Rd. They still enjoyed a 3 kilometre advantage on the massive combined chase bunch. Some 20 riders were part of that group which poured down the Larcombes Rd again, led by the Scratch men. Then the red flag happened…
A vehicle at the Larcombes/Forest Rd intersection brought the chase to a halt and restored some more valuable seconds for the leaders!

Onto Forest Road and the massive chase bunch quickly lines out as Canny, Wells, Newett and Clifford (to name a few) start swapping turns and ramping the pace up. Riders are spat out the back early. 
All the Scratch riders are rotating turns by the time the group starts to glimpse the lead vehicle in the distance – the rest just hang on for a free, yet hard tow.

Closing to the U-turn on Forest Rd, the (still large) Scratch led bunch sees the race leader heading in the opposite direction – towards Gum Flats Road. It’s the Colac bunch in the lead! Nick Brown, Heather Hamling, GSCC’s David Lambourn and Steve Barille from the 16 minute group. They look like they have victory in the bag!

The chase bunch goes through the U-turn and notices the breeze has stiffened a little…or maybe it is just tired legs…nonetheless, the Scratch riders are still front and present leading the chase.
Time checks are noted from when the lead bunch was passed – they still have almost three minutes on Scratch!

The leaders turn onto Gum Flats Road. They take the “neutral downhill section” at a controlled speed – no need to lose the race on a technicality!

The massive Scratch bunch swing off Forest Road. They see the crowd which has been drawn to the finish line. They too descend in a controlled manner…no passing…no advantages taken…by gee it is fast though!
There goes the head of the race. Four riders still in the lead. Victory will be theirs. Just the order to be determined.

The U-turn at the bottom sees the chase bunch line out again. Scratch is at the front – all present and accounted for – Lee, Canny, Clifford, Newett, Hendry, Haskett, Goodwin. Some riders dig deep to form a regrouping as the actual climb commences. Wells, Burgoyne, Pearson and Douglas are also in the mix. The rest are lost to the cause, they climb to the finish at their own pace.

The race leaders come into sight of the final rise in the road. Brown edges ahead to take the win. Lambourn second*, Heather Hamling and Barille next.

The Scratch riders are racing for Fastest Time and top ten positions. Canny and Clifford mark each other. The steep ten percent section sees Hendry almost out the back before he recovers and surges back through the pack. The last step arrives and they start sprinting – Clifford proving fastest.

*Post race, a number of riders were informed that they had been disqualified out on course.

Finalised Top 20 race placings:

1st – Nick Brown (12 min), Colac
2nd – Heather Hamling (12 min), Colac
3rd – Steve Barille (16 min), GSCC
4th – Trent Clifford (Scratch), GSCC
5th – Tim Canny (Scratch), Team EUREKA
6th – Jason Hendry (Scratch), Team EUREKA
7th – Brad Haskett (Scratch), GSCC
8th – Andrew Goodwin (Scratch), GSCC
9th – Nigel Pearson (7 min), GSCC
10th – Steve Douglas (7 min), GSCC
11th – Craig Lee (Scratch), Team EUREKA
12th – Lindsay Burgoyne (3:30 min), Team EUREKA
13th – Dave Newett (Scratch), GSCC
14th – Dean Wells (3:30 min), Team EUREKA
15th – Rick Calvert (3:30 min), Team EUREKA
16th – Robbie Southern (3:30 min), GSCC
17th – Daryl Suter (7 min), GSCC 
18th – Gavin O’Brien (3:30 min), Colac
19th – Tony Mirabella (3:30 min), Team EUREKA
20th – Chris Fenech (16 min), GSCC

Fastest Male – Trent Clifford (Scratch) in 1h 34m, ave. 39.6 Kph
Fastest Female – Heather Hamling (12 min) in 1h 45m, ave. 35.5 Kph

QOM/KOM – first ascent Gum Flats Road:

34 min – Graeme Parker, Team EUREKA
28 min – Carolyn Hall, GSCC
24 min – Darren Richards, GSCC
16 min – Steve Barille, GSCC
12 min – David Lambourn, GSCC
10 min – Bob Brazell, Team EUREKA
7 min – Nigel Pearson, GSCC
3:30 min – Tony Mirabella, Team EUREKA
Scratch – Tim Canny, Team EUREKA


Wednesday, July 31

Super Vets racing

Twelve Riders riders fronted to a rather chilly morning but very good cycling conditions. There was next to no wind and no precipitation. All riders were a little apprehensive as they hadn’t raced for about 3 weeks and weren’t sure whether they had lost any form over that time but were eager to give it a go.
The course was 3 laps of Paraparap with the finish up Larcombes. The first cab off the rank was Dale Jennings as he prepared for his time trial to the finish as he was solo, and put in a grand effort. Next was Ken Mansfield 5 minutes later who chased hard and caught limit and was chased down. By the following bunches only to relinquish his lead on lap 3. Danielle Bond was next to head off again solo at 9 mins and rode well and teamed up with the riders from the chasing bunches to only lose touch just before the finish line. Andrew Kennan started on 11 mins chased hard and was caught but was able to hang on for quite a while until the pace was a little too much.
Next, we had a big bunch of 2 riders on 11 mins Ross West and Ken Fuller they teamed together and chased hard until the 15 min bunch of Murray Riggs and Terry Robinson caught them and proceeded to ride their way through the field until they (all four) riders started to pick up the out markers.
Next to start was Tina Stenos and Paul Bubb on 20 mins they worked well together until Peter Mc Waters on second scratch at 23 mins caught them and thought he had to keep
motoring to catch the out markers and stay away from scratch. Tina thought this was a good idea so rode away from Paul and did a couple of turns with Peter only to find that Peter had too much in reserve and had to let him go.
Last to leave was Tony Ross on 25 mins and had to put in a solid chase to pick up the riders in front.
It took a while for riders to be caught and Peter Mc Waters put in a Stirling effort to hang on and
Assist in turns to eventually catch all the riders up the road.
A solid ride by everyone and all enjoyed being back out racing on Wednesday.

1st Tony Ross, 2nd Peter Mc Waters, 3rd Terry Robinson, 4th Murray Riggs, 5th Ross West,

6th Ken Fuller, 7th Danielle Bond, 8th Ken Mansfield

Sunday, July 28

Winter Scratch series – race 3 Winchelsea kermesse

Perfect cool weather meet 30+ riders for today’s scratch races around the fun circuit at Winchelsea. Race was fast and hard, a few breakaways with only the A grade break sticking till the finish and the rest in tight bunch finishes. Well done to everyone, Thanks to Paul Bubb for refereeing, all the marshal, Dave and Phil on the Motos and of course cafe la hoot for their hospitality.

A Grade: 1st Brad Haskett 2nd Steven Richards 3rd Robbie Southern
B Grade: 1st Steve O’Neill 2nd Kane Airey 3rd Rick Buckwell
C Grade: 1st Darren Brayshaw  2nd Peter Wynne  3rd David Spence
D Grade: 1st Andrew Booth 2nd Paul Bird 3rd Umberto Scolaro
E Grade: 1st Ross West
F Grade: 1st Ken Mansfield

Mylaps – https://results.sporthive.com/events/PC1702567

 Wednesday, July 24

Supervets racing – no race held

Sunday, July 21

Scratch Race Series Race 2: 

25 Starters braved the windy conditions. Soup prepared by the Stenos’ soup kitchen warmed their souls at the finish😊
A Grade: 1st Andrew Goodwill 2nd Steven Richards 3rd Brad Haskett 
B Grade: 1st Nigel Pearson 2nd Andrew Read 3rd Michael Hazeldine
C Grade: 1st Peter Wynne 2nd Darren Brayshaw rd Phil Tehan 
D Grade: 1st Andrew Booth 2nd Tina Stenos 3rd Paul Bubb
F Grade: Ken Mansfield

Wednesday, July 17

Supervets racing cancelled due to weather conditions

Sunday, July 14

Racing cancelled due to weather conditions

Wednesday, July 10

Racing cancelled due to weather conditions

Sunday, July 7

No race held due to Colac’s Ted Taylor memorial

Wednesday, July 3

Supervets Racing:
This weeks race saw a small field of eleven starters many being away on winter holidays or just scared of the balmy mornings lately. The usual Ken Mansfield was away first on 25 minutes then West, Fuller, Sumner & Riggs on 13 minutes then Wilson, Bubb and Bentley on 21 mins. then the powerhouse trio of Gray, Judd and Stenos. The bunches worked well until the end as usual, West did a runner at the finish a tad too early and was jumped by Riggs only metres out followed by Sumner, Wilson and Bubb. Tommy Grey blasted away from Judd who ambled over the line with Tina recording her first last place (Probably not a good idea for her to ride 120km the day before) Perfect weather with the usual a la carte at the kitchen.

Thanks Murray

Sunday, June 30

Tri Tech Handicap 59 km

Twenty two riders entered todays race run over a new course in very challenging conditons from the north westerly wind, 2 times up a 16% gradient and 2.3 kms of gravel.

The race started at the normal start line and went out along Hendy Main to Forest left turn into Gundrys left into Eagle point right into Portreath left into Vickerys and left onto Hendy Main to the start line and repeat and finishing in Larcombes A.

Ian Sumner started off the race giving up 35 mins to scratch who had lost a rider before the race had started.

The triple whammy of strong winds, soft gravel and the steep gradient of Eagle point and rolling rises in Portreath and Vickerys were always going to challenge the out markers.

So it was no suprise that new rider Trent Clifford (who is the clubs first 30+ rider) and Geoff Robertson off second scratch greeted the line in first and second respectivly

It was on the second lap where the front groups came unstuck as scratch joined up with second scratch at the start of the second lap. This group of five with the aid of a strong tail wind had the race nearly under control as it turned into Gundrys rd.

As the five riders hit the gravel Trent, Geoff and Rick were able to leave Daryl and Robbie behind and pick up the last remaining hopefuls out front. As Trent, Geoff and Rick turned into Eaglepoint Rick dropped his chain and immediately lost constact with Trent and Geoff, by the time he had sorted his issues out Robbie and Daryl had already climbed Eaglepoint.

Trent and Geoff powered on in search of the lead and had the race in their control when they finally caught Nigel Pearson turning into Vickerys. Rick had been able to rejoin Daryl and Robbie who in turn then gapped Daryl on the last climb on Portreath.

Nigel was able to stay with Trent and Geoff to the finish line to hold on for third 2 minutes ahead of Rick and Robbie who crossed 4th and 5th. Well done to all 14 riders who conquered this very difficult and challenging course.

Mylaps results – https://results.sporthive.com/events/PC1686742/races/5448254

Aggregate standings – https://datastudio.google.com/…/1TZ10hx3zjARTTs2l…/page/wGur

Photos – https://www.facebook.com/pg/geelongsurfcoastcyclingclub/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2552885564721512

Wednesday, June 26

Supervets Racing: 

Perfect day for racing. Metro takes the win and fastest time. 2nd Carl Judd 3rd Howard Duncan 4th Laurie Fitzsimons 5th Peter Ladd 6th Tina Stenos 
Sorry no photo today of the place getters. 
After 3 Wednesdays of inclement weather and no racing it was almost a pleasure to wake to the sight of blue skys, light winds and the prospect of the temperature reaching double figures.
With the 3 lap handicap due to begin at 10am, a quick look at the weather conditions showed the following:

Current Temp: 9 deg with the apparent temperature of 6.5 deg

Wind: a gentle 8 km/hr with possible gusts between 9 and 10 km/hr

Relative Humidity: 92 %

Chance of rain: Zero

Pressure: 1035 hpa and rising

Dewpoint: 9.1 and holding steady

UV reading: Zero, no need to lather up with sunblock so a little longer warm up possible

Visibility: Good, approx 12.9 km

A quick calculation of the air density using the dewpoint, relative humidity and temperature data showed a rho of 1.275 kg/mcubed. This figure indicated that todays race may be a little slower than normal due to the increased aerodynamic drag force encountered by the riders.

START LIST: Scratch ….. Pike and Duncan

2 min ….. Fitzsimmons and Ladd

6 min …… Gray, Judd and Tina

10 min …. Sumner and West

11 min ….. Cecilia, Fuller and Riggs

18 min ….. Bond

24 min ….. Mansfield

28 min ….. Jennings

As is often the case in handicap racing, as the race progressed slower riders were passed, exhausted riders were dropped and faster riders made their way through the field. The smooth tempo riding scratch bunch caught 2nd scratch halfway up Forest Road on the 3rd lap and were looking forward to some respite sitting behind the TT specialist Peter Ladd down Grays Road. They weren’t disappointed. Halfway up misery lane for the last time there was only the remnants of the 6 min bunch standing between victory or failure for the chasing group. Judd looked around and knowing they were going to be caught, gave Tina a push and told her to go for it. The crafty Judd fell back in the hope of disrupting the chase, refusing to do a turn in the hope of protecting his team mate. Alas this was to no avail as Tina was caught about 350 metres out. Pike slotted in nicely behind her for the run home but was caught napping as the fast finishing Ladd loomed up on the outside. Pike tried to jump out and grab Ladd’s wheel, but the ” Yosemite Sam ” look a like Judd, shouldered him out of the way to protect his own sit. With that door firmly shut, Pike was forced to pass Tina on the inside and in a tight sprint to the finish managed hold off all challengers.

Final placings were …… Pike, Judd, Howard, Fitzsimmons, Ladd, Tina, Gray, Cecilia, West, Danni, Sumner, Grigg and Ken.

Sunday, June 23

Handicap start/results – The front markers of Graeme Wilson and Barry Campbell from the 23 min group were able to maintain the rage and stay away from the rest of the field to win todays race respectivley with Steve O’Neil third, Richard Lyle fourth and Robbie Southern fifth and fasted time. Race conditions were cool and damp to start with but finished in brilliant sunshine, race report to follow

Aggregate rankings – https://datastudio.google.com/…/1TZ10hx3zjARTTs2l…/page/wGur

Mylap race results –https://results.sporthive.com/events/PC1682379/races/5432786

Wednesday, June 19

No race due to weather conditions

Sunday, June 16

Hell of the South – 3

Perfect conditions presented the small field for 53kms of gravel grinding, 20 riders split over 4 grades

Wednesday, June 12

no results submitted

Sunday, June 9

No race – Queens Birthday

Wednesday, June 5

Supervets Racing: 
OBE race!! 
2 winners today! 
Danielle Bond takes her fist win with 5 secs to spare! 
2nd Carl Judd
3rd Steve McLachlan 
Fastest Time: Peter McWaters 
1st in the OBE catagory! 
1st Ken Mansfield 
2nd Don Stuart
3rd Dale Jennings 
What an inspiration these gentlemen are! I hope I’m still racing in my 80’s🚴😊
Race report: What a race, 3 laps at Paraparap, not much wind on Misery Lane and a tail wind down Grays Roads. The winner Danni Bond held off and won by 5 seconds from Carl Judd 2nd, Steve McLachlan 3rd and Tina Stenos 4th and Peter McWaters 5th who road for fastest time ably supported by Laure Fitzsimmons. It was the first win for Danni in a field of 14 riders and being the over 80 Year Old Champs was fantastic to see Ken Mansfield 1st, Don Stuart 2nd and Dale Jennings 3rd, how inspiring and amazing the over 80’s are.

At the back of the race each group slowly road down those ahead. The exception was Danni Bond.

By the last lap scratch markers – Laurie F and Peter Mc had ridden strongly to catch second scratch of Carl J and Steve Mc on the top of Forrest Rd.

In front 3rd scratch – Tina S and Paul B had bridged to Barry Primmer and Cecilia Degenis. As the group of 4 passed Jack’s Corner the combine of 1st and 2nd Scratch were bearing down and all joined up on Hendy-Main with Ross West and Kent Fuller. In the last trip up Misery Bond’s rear light could be seen well into the distance. Peter and Laurie had the fruitless task of dragging the others behind them all the way up into Larcombes. Laurie pulled the last turn and handed over to Peter to open up the drive to the line. Surprisingly the drafters found some renewed energy to sprint over the work horses to take out the minor placings.

Danni had taken first place with time in hand after looking back after taking the last corner and seeing a bunch.

Sunday, June 2

Hendry Cycles Handicap Race

Gary Blick wins maiden handicap

Thanks to all the Colac riders who attended this race! 

A very special Thanks to Steve at Hendry’s Cycling for his years of supporting GSCC!! 

Gary Blick with his 1st win & dedicating it to his Dad! Very touching! We have a few fathers/sons racing together at GSCC! 
2nd David Lambourn 
3rd Norm Douglas 
4th Darren Williams 
5th Chris Shay 
6th Ricky Lambourn (father & son combo)
7th Marcus Coppock (another father/son combo) 
8th Johnny Parrello 
9th Nick Brown 
10th Mark Purdie
Fastest time: Cameron Tomlinson

Thanks to Hendry Cycles for their 20 years of continuous support for this race

Mylaps results – https://results.sporthive.com/events/PC1670443

Wednesday, May 29

Super Vets

racing cancelled due to weather conditions

Sunday, May 26

Colace Open
Well Done to all GSCC members who braved the conditions to race the Colac Open. With an impressive average, Scratch rolled through the field. 
Tim Bennett sped across for line honours & Fastest time. 
2nd Stephen Lane (N) 
3rd Steven Richards (GSCC) 
4th Paul Scouller (W)
5th Tony Giuliano (N) 
6th Tim Canny (Eur)
7th Andrew Pownceby (C) 
8th Gavin O’Brien (C)
9th Nigel Pearson (GSCC) 
10th Ricky Calvert (Eur)
Fastest female Jessica Douglas GSCC 

Well Done to Team GSCC for winning the team Aggregate. Well Done to all who supported the event.

Wednesday, May 22

Supervets Racing: 
Peter McWaters drives to the line for the win! 
2nd Laurie Fitzsimons 
3rd Carl Judd 
4th Tina Stenos 
5th Graeme Wilson 
6th Richard Buckwell 
7th & Fastest Time Graeme Walker
Under a sunny sky and an easing WNW wind, 24 riders raced this week’s 3 lap, 38km, supervets handicap race. Dale Jennings, off 26 minutes, got the race under away. 8 more handicap groups began their chase with the take-no-prisoners bunch of David Pike, Graeme Walker and Barton van Laar off scratch. The 10 minute group of Tina Stenos, Kim Howard and Graham Wilson cheekily gave a see you at the finish wave to the 8 minute group of Carl Judd, Gordon Spargo and Paul Bubb. Meanwhile Mark Cummings was telling any who would listen that it was daylight robbery that the 3rd scratch group of Stuart McLachlan, Laurie Fitzsimmons and Peter McWaters were given a four minute start over his 2nd scratch group of Mark, Tony Murrell, Peter Hunt and Dave Lambourn.
The charging 10 minute group caught the 13 minute group, with Richard Buckwell latching on and then soon after overtook the17 minute group. Meanwhile the 8 minute group had fractured with Gordon Spargo then Carl Judd joining the 6 minute (3rd scratch) group. Scratch had caught 2nd scratch, making a bunch of 8 riders. Kim Howard punctured, as the combined 3rd and 4 scratch group closed on the front riders. Gordon had had enough, deciding to save himself for his next trophy victory. Laurie, Carl and Peter swept passed and into the lead just before the last climb up Misery.
Carl was tiring and decided not to sprint. Good news for Laurie and Pete, as neither had beaten Carl in a sprint. It was Pete McWaters taking the win over Laurie Fitzsimmons, with Carl third. Next in were Tina Stenos, Graham Wilson and Richard Buckwell. The scratch/second scratch bunch were closing fast with Graeme Walker taking the honours and fastest time of 1:01 plus.

Sunday, May 19

Flash (Sash) Gordon savior of Paraparap, he’s a miracle!!! 

Geelong & Surfcoast Cycling Club ran the 22nd edition of the KVA Design Sash Handicap Race (Autumn) at Paraparap yesterday over 54.5kms.
In near perfect conditions and with 39 starters, the race set off from Moriac at 9.00am with a gap of 42 minutes between limit rider Ken Mansfield and the scratch group of Newett, Richards, Goodwin & Southern. The first 3 bunches (Mansfield, Bitton, West, Sumner & Buckwell) discovered roadworks at the turnaround near the Hendy Main & Anglesea Roads intersection, resulting in the course being shortened mid race by approx. 1.5kms for the remaining bunches.
 The fourth group away on 23 minutes comprising just 3 members, being trial rider Erica Riley, Graeme Wilson & Gordon Spargo had a plan to work smooth track turns, well aware the 16.30 minute bunch of Stenos, Minehan, Bubb, Shay & Judd would be keen to reel them in. However, rather than catching, this group was caught by a combined bunch (5.00, 7.30 & 10.00) on the final trip up “Misery Lane”.

 As the race progressed, the 23 minute bunch and eventual winner, had moved to the lead on the last trip down Grays Road, still maintaining even turns and maintaining a decent speed in the process.
 Meanwhile, scratch had reeled in 2nd scratch (Suter, Airey, Goodwin & French) on the last lap up Forest Road and despite being held up by traffic, had amalgamated into a strong working group. Unbeknown to them, 3rd scratch off 5.00 minutes (Buckwell, Pearson, Xavier Coppock, Lyle & Hazeldine) had caught the 7.30 minute bunch of Read, Newby, Williams, Tehan, Blick & Weppner and the 10.00 minute bunch (Marcus Coppock, Wynne, Spence, Stuart, trial rider Wes Lewis & McLachlan) to form a large working group. As they swept up Misery Lane for the last time, taking the 16.30 minute bunch in the process, they could sense a win was in the offering. But where was the Lead Car??

 By this stage the leading trio of Riley, Wilson & Spargo, were starting to falter, losing Riley who had performed admirably in her first race. As Wilson & Spargo pushed on and approached the top of Larcomes Road, Wilson punctured leaving Spargo to hold off any challenges in a solo run to the line. As Spargo chased the Lead Car, a quick look over his shoulder at the top of the first rise in Nobles revealed a vacant road behind and with just 2 small climbs to go the race was his, crossing the finish line to take his second KVA Design Sash.

It was all about Flash Gordon Spargo the savior of Paraparap, he’s a miracle!!!  There were different stories on how long flash rode solo to take the win, it was amazing, Gordon’s Alive!. See Gordon in action here 🙂  
 The closing “Super Group” were not far behind with most of the field then crossing the line in quick succession.
1st Gordon Spargo (23min), 2nd Andrew Reed (7.30), 3rd Rick Buckwell (5min), 4th Xavier Coppock (5min), 5th Gary Blick (7.30), 6th Nigel Pearson (5min), 7th David Lambourn (7.30), 8th Michael Hazeldine (5min) 9th Phil Tehan (N 7.30), 10th Marcus Coppock 10min) Fastest Time David Newett (1:16:50 40.6km/h)

Wednesday, May 15

Supervets Racing: 
Scratch catches the field for the Win. 1st Graeme Walker 2nd David Pike 3rd Mark Cummings 4th Peter Hunt 
Peter McWaters had a good reason for not racing…he had an incident with a Roo. Thankfully Peter is fine, but can’t say the same for his car.

Nineteen riders lined up for a 37.5 handicap race in calm conditions at Paraparap today with the scratch bunch giving 23 minutes to the limit bunch.

The field consisted of limit on 23 minutes with Bond and Mansfield, 17 minutes Sumner Sonogon, 12 minutes West, Riggs, Fuller, 8 minutes Howard,Spargo, Targett, Wilson, 6 minutes Fitsimmons, McLachlan, 3 minutes Hunt, Murrell, Barrile, and Scratch Pike, Walker and Cummings.

All riders were dispatched over a course consisting of 2 laps of the Hendy Main Rd, Forrest Rd, Grays Rd loop then up and back Nobles Rd finishing in Larcombes Rd in calm conditions making it easier than previous weeks windy races.

Bunches started coming together late in the second lap with Scratch and 2nd scratch merging.

Once all riders had entered Nobles Rd, scratch could see the majority of the field riding up and over the major hill with the leaders not yet in sight.

Once the large chasing bunch turned at Nobles Rd to the finish line only 2 bunches were yet to be caught. With many riders prepared to assist in the chase the leaders were all caught after the bridge where McLachlan launched a strong attack opening up a significant lead and heading to a possible win. This break was caught just before turning into the home straight. As the field slowed in the home straight Barrile attacked and opened a significant break with a possible win looming. Once the scratch riders opened up the sprint the break was caught 100 metres from the line and a tight sprint saw the scratch rides taking the first 3 places with still a large bunch involved in the finish.

Finishing places were 1 Walker, 2 Pike 3 Cummings 4 Hunt 5 Murrell, 6 McLachlan, 7 Howard.

Thanks to all the marshals and support people that made running the race possible today.

Saturday, May 11

Conni Classic Race 1 
Hosted at Eureka Cycling Club. 
Wow! What a day…tough conditions challenged all the racers! 
GSCC’s Corrine Race took out line honours over Grampian’s Meg Parnaby 3rd to Central’s Andrea Wilson 4th & Fastest GSCC’s Jessica Douglas 5th Central’s Aileen O’Brien 6th GSCC’s Jo Hand 7th Eureka’s Laura White with 8th Colac’s Heather Hamling rounding out the place getters.

Well Done to first 3 Trial riders over the line 1st Linnea Bjornsson winning the VCV membership voucher. 2nd Elizabeth Windsor & 3rd Lauren Burnett

Thank you to all participants, volunteers, referee, marshals, support workers, motor for keeping us safe, Conni, VCV, & Eureka Cycling Club & GSCC!!

Wednesday, May 8

Super Vets 30 KM race – Out and back Blackgate road then up Nobles and back to turn on Church road then to the B finish in Larcombes road.

There were 16 riders to race in some drizzle weather and a strong wind, first to go on 22 mins was Danielle Bond. She rode strongly only to get caught by the 16 mins riders Ian Sumner and Ross West soon after the turn on Nobles road. The 4 bunches behind Ian and Ross were Alan Pesscott, Lew Targett and Graham Wilson 10 mins, Carl Judd, Kim Howard and Paul Bubb 6 mins, Tony Murrell, David Jessup, Steve McLachlan and Laurie Fitzsimons 3 mins, then scratch David Pike, Barton Van Laar and Graeme Walker. All these 4 bunches rode strong reducing the gap and staying together. The head wind coming back from the Blackgate turn was causing the writer of this report considerable pain and discomfort but I Ross West of the 16 min group along with Ian and Danni managed to hold of all the others who were coming fast. In the three up sprint Ross West came over the line first followed by Ian Sumner second then Danni Bond third. Then Graham Wilson forth, Lew Targett fifth, Graeme Walker 6 th and fastest time 50mins 40 seconds, David Pike 7th, and Barton Van Laar 8th

Sunday, May 5

Team GSCC win the day at the Warrnambool Brennan Hall Open today!. 😁

Brian Weppner wins his first open race with a well timed sprint, Darren Williams 2nd Roger McMillan (Eureka) 3rd 4th Peter Wynne 5th Tina Stenos 6th Barry Warren (Warrnambool) 7th Gerard Hickey (colac) 8th Norm Douglas. Fastest times male Tim Bennett female Jessica Douglas. The middle and out marker groups were on the move today in very wet conditions we think it was the only place in Victoria it rained! A bunch of of drowned rats at the finish.

Murray and Peter from Colac started the day and they rode apart after the first turn around. The 23 minute group were “going a bit slow” and not riding consistantly which gave the chasing 20min group something early to aim for and to get exicted about. This large combined group driven by GSCC’s own Norm Douglas, Tina Stenos with Colac’s Gerard Hickey and Warrnambools Barry Warren kept pushing forward. Tina was in great form smashing the hills! Both the 15min and 18min group’s broke apart which ended up being a good thing as they combined and caught the big leading group on the last lap. It was a bit of a precession up the last few hills with about 15 or so left.

Norm Douglas started a very hard sprint to start the charge to the line but it was too much too early for Norm. Darren Williams started the chase with Brian Weppner stuck to his wheel, Brian loves a sprint and timed it perfectly to take a great well deserved win on a tough day of racing. Congratulations Brian.

The rear groups were charging flat out all day over this great course. The groups stayed on there own till scratch caught second scratch with 15km to go then third scratch who rode super all race on the last lap. With 10km to go and three minutes to the leaders it was going to be close. The times were dropping fast, 2 mintues with 5km to go the leaders were in sight at the last left turn. Tim Bennett timed the sprint perfectly to take the male fastest time with Jessica Douglas finishing with the scratch group to take the womens fastest time.

Thanks to Warrnambool vets for hosting and running a great race and event and VCV for running the race. Well done to all the competitors for racing and racing safe in very wet conditions.

Fastest time: Tim Bennett (m), Jessica Douglas (f)

Wednesday, May 1

Supervets Racing: 
Kent Fuller is the winner over Danielle Bond 3rd Johnny Watson 4th & Fastest Time Carl Judd
With threat of rain forecast 12 riders decided to front up to race and were rewarded with a dry sunny event, although a strong wind meant the riders had to push a little harder, the course took in Nobles followed by 1 lap of Forest, Grays, Hendy, then out and back Nobles again. Danielle was on limit followed by Kent and John Watson off 5mins, Murray Riggs and Ross West 9mins, Graeme Wilson, Richard Buckwell and Terry Robinson 15mins, Tina Stenos, Carl Judd and Laurie Fitzsimons 21mins and Graham Walker 25mins. . Watson and Fuller caught Danielle and stayed away to the finish with Fuller getting up for 1st, Danielle 2nd, Watson 3rd, Judd 4th with fastest time @ 1hr – 10mins, Fitzsimons 5th, Stenos 6th, Riggs 7th, Robinson 8th and West 9th.

Sunday, April 28

With conditions that finally represented the stage of year it was 25 riders faced rain and the familiar south west winds that prevail around the Paraparap lap circuit. After three months of riding reworked courses riders were able to ride on the newly relaid section along Grays rd. Five laps was the assignment today

Dani Bond was the solo limit rider 42 mins ahead of scratch, next group was the 27 min, both groups had completed a lap before the 3 min had commenced. The rest of the groups were spread over 16, 11, 7, 3:30, 1:30 mins and scratch. With small fields some no shows, a rider missing their listed start time and with rain threatening and wing gusting things were messy before racing got underway. It was therefore no suprise scratch was able to ride thru the field for an easy win

All groups lost riders in the early laps which just made scratch and what was left of second scratch job even easier and by the last lap they had taken control of the race so it was just a matter what the finishing order was going to be.

In the end Robbie Southern was to strong in the sprint to the line over Steve Richards. Only 13 riders crossed the line and with Dani Bond toughing it out as last rider over the line

1st Robbie Southern, 2nd Steve Richards, 3rd Daryl Suter 4th Geoff Robertson 5th Brad Haskett 6th Andrew Read 7th Les Tokolyi 8th Jessica Douglas 9th Tina Stenos 10th Peter Wynne

Wednesday, April 24

Supervets Racing: 
Ken Mansfield takes the win with Danielle Bond 2nd 
Peter McWaters 3rd & fastest time, 4th Mark Cummings
A small field of 12 riders competed on Wednesday 24th April in the normal Wednesday race with several members no doubt recovering from participating in the famed Easter events at Maryborough over the Easter Weekend. The Supervets race was on the familiar Paraparap circuit with riders appreciating the newly laid surface in Grays Road.

The field was made up of six pairs and separated at six minutes intervals except for the scratch riders Mark Cummings and Peter Mc Water and second scratch of Lew Tarbett and Steve McLachlan.

The small bunches gave the outmarkers a good chance of holding off the back markers as Ken Mansfield and Danni Bond from the limit mark of 24 minutes were riding well and working together.

The absence of wind, a rare situation at Paraparap, also favoured the middle markers of Dennis Sonogan and John Watson and with very little wind Ian Summer and Ross West were having difficulty in closing the gaps. As the race progressed some of the pairs were splitting up and when Gordon Spargo and Paul Budd failed to see the limit markers as they commenced the last lap they realised the race would be won by one of the limit riders Danni or Ken. The sprint finish showed little sign of chivalry as Ken’s competitive genes kicked in and resulted in him taking first place with the time of 1hr 25m 15sec while the gallant Danni had to be content for second placing.

Fastest time went to Peter
McWaters in the time of 1hr 7min 25 sec.

First Ken Mansfeild, Second Danni Bond, Third Peter McWaters, Fourth Mark Cummings, Fifth Gordon Spargo.

Ken Mansfiled, Danni Bond, Peter McWaters, Mark Cummings

Monday, April 22

AVCC Championships 2019 Maryborough day 3 Time Trial

Well done to all GSCC members to competed. With a head wind finish it made the course tough.
35-35 Women Jo Hand 2nd 
45-49 Women Jessica Douglas 1st and fastest female 
45-49 Men Daryl Suter 4th 
50-54 Men Andrew Baker 3rd 
55-59 Women Tina Stenos 1st & Robyn Mackenzie 4th 
60-64 Men Marcus Coppock 4th 
65-69 Men Graeme Walker 2nd & Carl Judd 4th 
70-74 Men Murray Riggs 5th 
75-79 Women Liz Randall 1st 
80-84 Men Donald Stuart 2nd 
85-89 Men Brian Long 3rd 

Click on link to see full results
AVCCTime Trial

Sunday, April 21

AVCC Championships 2019 Maryborough day 2 Crit races! Well done to all GSCC competitors!! Great effort by all!

40-44 Men Gold Tim Bennett
65-69 Men Silver Graeme Walker
85-89 Men Silver Brian Long 
35-39 Women Gold Jo Hand 
45-49 Women Gold Jessica Douglas (with the ride of the day as she almost lapped the field twice!! It was amazing to watch!)
55-59 Women Silver Tina Stenos Bronze Robyn MacKenzie 
75-79 Women Gold Liz Randall

Special mention to Marcus Coppock for giving the race a great attempt with a solo breakaway to only be caught on the 2nd last lap & still get 4th! 

Click on link to see full results
AVCC Criterium Championships

Saturday, April 20

Australian Veteran Cycling Championships Maryborough 2019 Day 1 Road Race.

Well done to all GSCC members who raced! 
Some members we able to achieve their goal and win a medal: 
Women 75-79 Liz Randall Gold
Men 85-89 Brian Long Silver
Women 55-59 Tina Stenos Silver 
Men 65-69 Graeme Walker Silver
Women 35-39 Jo Hand Gold
Women 45-49 Jessica Douglas Gold 
Men 40-44 Tim Bennett Gold 
Men 46-49 David Newett Gold 

Click on links to see full results
AVCC National 68km Road Race 2019
AVCC National 86km Road Race 2019
AVCC National 37km Road Race 2019
AVCC National 50km Road Race 2019

Wednesday, April 17

Not often does the chopping block get the accolades, but today they did,

David Lambourn takes the win! 2nd Peter Hunt 3rd Mark Cummings (Scratch) 4th Gordon Spargo 5th Richard Buckwell. 
Report to follow.

Warm gusty northerly winds and 19 riders faced the starter to do 3 laps. Dale Jennings was set to go with 22 mins to scratch. Paul Bubb went home to get his shoes and must have had a better offer and didn’t return. Bunches started to break-up due to the strong head winds up Hendy Main Road.

Second scratch was a gift for David Lambourn, leaving his co-riders after the finish line on the second lap. He picked up the rest of the field at the end of Hendy Main Road on the second lap and set out to get fastest time with Mark Cummings the sole survivor of the scratch group chasing. Mark was 
unable to catch Peter Hunt who rode well from second scratch.

Strong rides came from Gordon Spargo and Richard Buckwell to be in the prize money. 
1st & fastest time David Lambourn 
2nd Peter Hunt 
3rd Mark Cummings 
4th Gordon Spargo 
5th Richard Buckwell 
6th David Jessop 
7th Kim Howard 
8th Kent Fuller 
9th Murray Riggs 
10th Ken Mansfield

Sunday, April 14

KVA Design Summer Sash series

Great weather met a big field of 47 riders chasing this year’s KVA Design summer sash over a new course at Bannockburn for 54km. A strong easterly made the racing tough with the 7 minute group taking the spoils and Jesse Cropley taking a well-deserved win over Graeme Walker and Nigel Pearson third. David Newett won fastest time.

Ken Mansfield and his new sidekick Lynette Bitton were on their way at 9am with a handy lead of eight minutes over Kent Fuller and Ross West. Lynette thought she was loving the challenge and “easier wind” than last week at Learmonth and decided to have a go solo dropping Ken before the end of the first lap. There was then the biggest gap of the day back to the 17minute group of Chris Shay, Gordon Spargo, Mal Cole, David Rowe and Barry Campbell, this bunch splintered not making up much ground, sitting ducks or maybe noisy corellas , there must have been a few sneaky strong riders amongst them.

The 10 minute group of seven were riding very well indeed and were making it hard for the following groups, but they couldn’t keep the seven minute bunch at bay for the whole race. This bunch of seven were a top class bunch for the day they had started strong with Paul Ogilvie, Nigel Pearson, Graeme Walker, Marcus Coppock Jesse Cropley, Peter Hunt and David Lambourn. Peter found the going a bit too tough after not racing much lately, after two laps they started picking up the odd rider from the bunches before them. Masons Road was reasonably quick, apart from the hill with cover from the wind which was tending from the South East. The turn into Harvey Road each lap the bunch rode very smart indeed and formed in an echelon across the lane as the wind started swinging around more from the east.

On the fourth and final lap, we were able to catch a few more riders on Bannockburn-Shelford Road which is where the pace really started to intensify, and caught more riders mid-way down Mason’s Road, then they caught the combined riders in front at the end of Mason’s Road. Turning in Harvey Road for the last time they could see Lynette on the front who was caught about 3-4km from the finish, an amazing solo effort and earned well-deserved winner of first lady home.

At the back of the race the second scratch group of five started strong and consistent with the ever improving Richard Lyle working hard over the first lap to find the going still a bit too tough, Anthony Seipolt was a step above the rest in this bunch, he rode very strong and consistent for the whole race and was determined that they kept the ever chasing scratch bunch at bay. They caught the third scratch bunch on the third lap who were down to three, who all jumped in to help, Zavier Coppock dropped off the last time over the Masons Rd hill while Kane and Adam kept battling along keeping up with Anthony’s big efforts with assistance from Tony French, Stephen O’Neill, visiting rider Alan Pye.

The scratch bunch of six had a few mixed levels and couldn’t quite get the chase up to maximum speed, David Newett, Andrew Goodwin and visiting rider Tim Phillips were doing most of the hard work with Rick Buckwell, Robbie Southern and Geoff Robinson chipping in when they could. David was too fast at the finish taking fastest time.

At the front of the race the combined big leading bunch of the 7 minute and 10 minute groups blended in together forming a decent sized peloton heading towards the finish line along Harvey Road. It was at a conservative pace where everyone was trying to get organized. Nigel Pearson attacked with about 2km to go however was brought back in by the strong pair of Jesse Cropley and Paul Ogilvie. Jesse and Paul held the front of the peloton until there was 200m to go then there was an attack on outside to which Jesse reacted to and was able to hold the sprint to the finish line and take a great win after working hard all day.

Thanks again to KVA Design for sponsoring the race. The new course was fast and challenging with a few obstacles to deal with each lap, a grinding hill, a wooden bridge, a 270 degree turn, train tracks, a stop sign and that head wind! The hot drinks and homemade sausage rolls from the Bannockburn Tuck Shop made it all worth it! Thanks to Paul Bird for refereeing all the marshals, Dave on the motorbike and the second tail car by Paul Bubb. The new course was well received by all.

1st Jesse Cropley (7min 37.3km/h), 2nd Graeme Walker (7min), 3rd Nigel Pearson (7min), 4th Les Tokolyl (10min), 5th Noel Said N. (10 min), 6th David Williams (10min), 7th David Lambourn (7min) 8th Howard Duncan, 9th Gavin Gamble (10min), 10th Paul Ogilvie (7min). First lady Lynette Bitton, Fastest time David Newett. (scr 39.52km/h)

Wednesday, April 10

Supervets ITT Race of Truth!

18 Riders came out to race on the newly paved original lap course. They came with various equipment, some TT bikes, road bikes with try bars & road bikes! Jessica Douglas (not yet old enough) came out for some training with us & stole the show. She wasn’t even on a TT bike! Well done to everyone for having a go! Welcome to Liz Randall!

Sunday, April 7

Eureka Cycling presents The Ron Rivette Classic 
55km in very windy conditions. 
2 race divisions. 

New GSCC Member Les Tokolyl broke away for a strong win in Division 2 Awesome result! 2nd Carl Judd GSCC 3rd Tommy Gray Northern 4th Donald Stewart Eureka 5th Jo Hand GSCC 6th Rodney Cheyne Northern 7th Darren Richards GSCC

Ricky Calvert Eureka did the same tactic in Division 1 to take the win! 2nd Kane Airey GSCC WooHoo! 3rd Dennis Neal Eureka 4th Stu Brien Eureka 5th Matthew Angus Eureka 6th Robert Braszell Eureka 
7th Michael Hazeldine GSCC

Full results

Wednesday, April 3

GSCC SuperVets Race

Great weather conditions and a slightly hilly 34km course welcomed the 18 SuperVets for today’s event at Paraparap.

It was a story of rags to riches for eventual winner Gordon Spargo, who only last week couldn’t maintain the early pace of 3rd scratch failing to complete the course.

Today’s field was lead out by sole limit rider, Dale Jennings who was holding 22mins on the scratch bunch and 10mins to the next bunch away (12min group) being Murray Riggs, Ross West, Ian Sumner & Kent Fuller. The 8min and winning bunch of Mal Cole, Kel Arnett, Kim Howard, Tina Stenos & Gordon Spargo, were next away. This group of 5 worked well and stayed together throughout the first lap of Nobles, Layards & Church Roads. Mal Cole & Kel Arnett, the latter who has just returned from a year away from racing, gave everything they had to maintain the group pace, finally succumbing in the hills, as their group captured the lead from the 12min bunch on the last trip up Nobles. Ian Sumner then latched onto the wheels of Tina, Kim & Gordon as they approached the final Nobles turnaround.

Meanwhile, scratch of Mark Cummings, Laurie Fitzsimons, David Jessop & Peter Hunt had ramped up the pace in an attempt to chase down 2nd scratch, losing David Jessop, who hadn’t missed a turn, on the last trip up Nobles. That said, Mark Cummings was on a mission, managing to make a late catch on 2nd scratch in the run to the line. However, throughout the race, 2nd scratch (4min) of John Hayden, Carl Judd, Paul Bubb & Neil Jeffs, rode “gruppo compatto”, just holding scratch at bay with only one thing on their mind, chasing down the 8min bunch. They had clear sight of their quarry as they turned at Nobles for the trip home and set about reeling them in. As they topped the Layards climb, with 300m to the turnaround, the winning bunch passed in the opposite direction, about to hurtle down the Layards hill at speeds exceeding 50kph. With Ian Sumner still in tow and Tina demanding nothing be left on the decent, the working trio of Howard, Stenos & Spargo approached the turn into Nobles at pace and were confident they had done enough to maintain their lead to the finish line. It was anyone’s race as they approached the chequered flag, with Spargo maintaining his line and finding something over the last few metres to just hold out second & third and record his first SuperVets win in several years.

A huge thanks to the Marshals, First Aid, Referee, Timekeeper and of course, the much maligned Handicapper, Brian Long.


1st Gordon Spargo, 2nd Kim Howard, 3rd Tina Stenos, 4th Ian Sumner, 5th & Fastest Time Mark Cummings (1.0.44), 6th Carl Judd

GSCC SuperVets race every Wednesday at Paraparap commencing at 10.00am, sign in by 9.30am. All Welcome

Report by Gordon Spargo

Sunday, March 31

Time Trial


Wednesday, March 27

Supervets Racing: 

With the sun shining and hardly any wind 23 starters lined up for the race today. Out and back Blackgate Rd then up Hendy Main Rd, Larcomes Rd before being confronted with two times Nobles Rd finishing just after the creek back in Larcomes Rd ( B ) The starter despatched the limit rider, D Jennings, of 30 mins. Next away of 25 mins was B Long and D Stuart, who had formulated a plan and was extremely confident before the race, however his plan soon unravelled in the hills in Nobles Rd. The 17 min bunch of I Sumner, K Fuller, J Watson and D Sonogan were next away followed by B Primmer, M Riggs, Bob Stokwell ( a QLD track spinter ) and R West of 12 mins. J Hayden, C Judd, T Gray, G Spargo and N Jeffs were next away of 8 mins followed by second scratch of 4 mins consisting of P Hunt, P McWaters, D Jessup and L Fitzimmons. The scratch bunch of G Walker, M Cummings and T Murrell were sent on their way with a bit of a task ahead of them.

With the race well and truly under way, the Blackgate Rd section saw all the bunches making steady progress towards the bunches ahead of them. The first prominent move came early, at the rise passing Forest Rd when Walker decided to leave his fellow scratch men and chase on his own. The second scratch bunch was also making good time on the 8 min group. Now the race had entered the hilly section, Nobles Rd ( a rd were’re starting to know to well ).

At the turn in Nobles the first time the bunches were still pretty much as despatched except the gaps were closing up. By the turn first time at Church Rd the 8 min group could see ( an advantage in a race where you have multiple U turns on the same rd ) the 4 min group weren’t closing the gap as fast as they were earlier in the race, and Walker was still chasing hard with the gap appearing to be a bit much. On the return leg back down Nobles Rd the 8 min group, who were still riding very smooth and consistent turns, were starting to catch the bunches in front of them and by half way back to Church Rd this group had hit the front. T Gray then started to drive the bunch hard to give them every chance of staying away from the pursuers.

As they entered the finishing straight, the sprint finish was going to be theirs to contest with C Judd crossing the line first closely followed J Hayden then T Gray and N Jeffs.

The race today was sponsored by Alan Sandford who is having a bit of a rough time ( Health wise ) at the moment and we very much thank him and wish him well.

As usual a big thankyou to all the people who marshalled, refereed and did the time keeping, for without you we cannot race.

Results :

1st C Judd 2nd J Hayden 3rd T Gray 4th N Jeffs 5th D Jessup 6th P McWaters 7th L Fitzimmons 8th P Hunt 9th G Walker 10th K Fuller Fastest time G Walker

Report by Carl Judd

Sunday, March 24

Scratch Races, another tough enjoyable course Blackgate Rd then multiple times Nobles Rd and Layard Rd.

A Grade. Very tactical racing in A grade with a strong bunch of eight. Robbie & Kane were in an early breakaway for the first 15km. Daryl was left out on his own for a while into the head wind and Nobles Rd. Kane and Daryl broke away for a short while again in Layards Rd, Anthony had a few goes solo but were all short lived. Andrew Goodwin put if a few effort up the Nobles Hills. Dave Warren had one final hard go down Layard Rd Hill the final time. A final bunch sprint.1st Andrew Goodwin, 2nd Andrew Baker, 3rd Kim Sagnol.

B Grade had ten riders. Two tall monsters kept the pace high throughout the B grade race, the average speed in this race was slightly higher than A grade. Stephen Douglas and new trial rider Paul Brequet did a great deal of work with others sitting on waiting for the bunch finish. 1st Steven O’Neil, 2nd Oliver King, 3rd Tony French. (Paul Brequet finished second)

C Grade. This group of four stayed together most of the race. 1st Brian Weppner, 2nd Paul Bird, 3rd Chris Shay.

D Grade Five riders with some direction from the snr Carl Judd kept the racing spicy. Darren got away the last time along Layard Rd but was brought back in. Jo attacked and rode past the A graders before the finish and the dash to the line. 1st Darren Richards 2nd Jo Hand 3rd Carl Judd.

E Grade These four had an entertaining race1, Ross tried some solo work early on, but the strongest was Carolyn who won solo. With a great ride by Lynette still getting the hang of racing. 1st Carolyn Hall, Ross West 3rd Ian Sumner.

F Grade 1st Ken Mansfield 2nd Brian Long .

Saturday, March 23



Wednesday, March 20

Supervets Racing

Tony takes another win! 2nd Gordon Spargo 3rd Richard Buckwell 4th Ken Fuller 5th Ian Sumner

Sixteen riders presented to the race starter this morning , not everyone on time for their nominated start times ( must have had better things to do ) but never the less they all started. Conditions were very good with little wind perhaps a little humid with a slight tail wind.

Up misery lane that is always welcome. Course was started at the club rooms , up Misery, Larcombes, up Nobles x2 , up Layards x2 , turn Church x2 , Finish in Larcombes.

First to head off, Watson, Fuller , Kennon , Sumner , they had to negotiate the geese who thought they had right of way to wander across Misery Lane as the boys hit their straps to get up to race speed. Next bunch of Spargo , Primmer, Buckwell , Arnott , Stockwell , started 6 minutes later. They felt confident to the task of reeling in the outmarkers but the task took much longer than they anticipated as limit worked well to hold off the bunches from behind. Next bunch of McLachlan , Judd, Bubb , Bentley started 5 minutes later only to find. That they were undermanned as Judd missed the start time and had to chase.

Last group on road Scratch five minutes later Hunt , Ross , Van Laar, also started undermanned as Van Laar also missed the start and had to chase.
Judd was able to nearly get back to his bunch when scratch caught him but decided to save his legs for another day.

As Spargo’s bunch were bearing down on Sumner and Fuller’s bunch Scratch was doing the same to McLaclan’s bunch. McLaclan and Bubb joined the party for a while but also decided to save their legs for another day. Spargo’s bunch caught limit and decided to head for home as they strung out everyone as they sensed a possible win with scratch bearing down on them just caught short by meters at the end.

1st Ross, 2nd Spargo , 3rd Buckwell , 4th Fuller , 5th Sumner , 6th, Watson, Fastest time Ross.
Thanks to Longy for the handicapping ( very close ) and all the Marshalls who have dedicated their time and efforts to ensure a safe ride

Sunday, March 17

Bill and Betty Mantova Memorial Handicap Race – 67km

A strong field of 32 GSCC members split over 50 minutes were set for a tough day at the racing office with another tough course set by the race director. Paul Bubb wins to record back to back wins (Wednesday/Sunday)

Ken Mansfield set off at 8:45 and had completed Vickerys and Gundrys rd and was onto Hendy main Rd and there were still three groups to start. The 24 Minute bunch felt the immediate effects the first time up Vickery’s return leg, with Mal Cole being the first casualty over the top. Darren Richards was certainly the strongest rider and went on a significant break whilst Spargo, Bubb and Robinson regrouped to chase. Spargo and Bubb rejoined Richards by the club rooms and the three worked well together for the rest of the race.

The course allowed plenty of opportunities for the groups to ‘eyeball’ each other. By the turnaround at Henry-Main the 24 min group had a great riding Mainsfield in sight but could see all the chasers making ground – with Shay from the 15:30 ominously shouting – “We’re coming to get you!” as the groups crossed paths.

On the last turn around at Gundry’s the leading group weren’t confident and were only a little relieved to see strong riders on the flat (like Coppock x2, Lyle, Blick, Weppner & co) were off the back of their groups. However, the 24 min thought they heard Andrew Goodwin as they went past doing a Julie Andrew’s impersonation…singing “The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music” (hallucinations under stress seem so real!!).

Richards and Bubb crested Vickery’s Hill #1 for the last time with Spargo just behind. They could hear the shouts of encouragement to the Chasers from the Marshalls rising up from creek gully crossing. The final chase was on. Brown and Cone caught Spargo after the final climb and were bearing down on the two wilting leaders with a few kms to go. Richards and Bubb regularly swapped turns in desperation to stay away. When the finishing line finally came into sight, they came shoulder to shoulder to fight out the sprint …. like two giant snails high on Valium …. with Bubb winning by a wheel. Brown (3rd) and Cone (4th), after a great ride, finished only just behind them with Spargo doing a great ride for 5th.

Meanwhile at the rear of the field a strong group of five scratch men chased hard all day.
On the way out along Gundrys Robbie Southern, Andy Goodwin, Rick Buckwell, Xavier Coppock and Daryl Sutar rode a solid pace and on the return leg Xavier was dropped taking us down to 4, Robbie was pushing a steady pace which took us all the way to Nobles rd. Along the way we picked up Michael Hazeldine and Richard Lyle who had to stop at start line and get a spanner from Dave Robbo to adjust his seat post which was sliding down

Shortly after the Nobles turnaround scratch picked up second scratch and this group worked really well back along Larcombes/Hendy Main passing remnant riders from various bunches, until the Hendy Main turnaround, by this stage riders were starting to feel the effects of the pace and the warmer conditions.

Entering onto Vickerys Rd as they passed the start/finish line there was still 5:30 to the leading riders with 10k’s to go and a lot of undulating roads ahead. Robbie lifted the pace along with Andy who were trying to shake the pack of riders we had gathered along the way. The tactic worked as riders began to splinter off and as we rode across the Vickerys bridges going out with only 8 riders from the scratch/2nd scratch who remained. We encountered more tired riders and Richard and Kim Sagnol popped off, but the leading riders were still driving on.

We crossed the Vickerys bridges for the final time and the dreaded climb loomed. Robbie was the first to attack followed by Andy and Geoff Robertson and Rick Buckwell, the first 3 managed to get 20 meters on the rest of us by mid-way point but Rick somehow was as able to get back onto them as they crested the rise at Portreath Rd, the pace eased off and no attacks were made as we rode up the last climb with Geoff and Craig van Dort being able to ride back onto the group. No one wanted to make the pace and with no leaders in sight the incentive to chase was lost or maybe riders were just fatigued.

Craig decided to pick up the pace and rode strongly for the next 2 kms with Robbie, Andy, Rick, Geoff in tow and the line now in sight. Rick jumped from train and took off with Andy and Robbie behind, Rick started to get cramps in both legs which allowed Andy and Robbie come off his wheel and cross the line in that order, with Andy getting the time and Rick freewheeling behind and in agony as the legs craps started to tighten.

A tough race with all the safety points negotiated safely.

The winning time: 2:06:47 and fastest time was 1:44:02 at fantastic average of 37.5 by Andrew Goodwin (with or without singing).

1st Paul Bubb
2nd Darren Richards
3rd Nick Brown
4th Peter Cone
5th Gordon Spargo
6th Darren Wiiliams
7th Andrew Goodwin & F/T
8th Robbie Southern
9th Rick Buckwell
10th Geoff Robertson


A special thanks to Race Referee Dennis Sonogon, all his officials and to the folks who did the pre-race set up of the demanding course. Another new and great course by the Kane Airey as Race Director. REMEMBER: All of us – as volunteers – make weekly race possible and safe for each other.

At the Presentation Betty and Bill Mantova’s daughter Wendy proudly represented the family and present trophies in memory of her parents. Brian Long spoke fondly on behalf of the Club of some of his memories of races and trips with both Bill and Betty – racing and cakes (and One Beer) featured prominently. Nick Brown, on receiving his trophy, spoke fondly too of how Bill had been a great mentor to him as a ‘young’ rider when he first joined the Club.

Thanks to the Mantova Clan and from all the riders, Rest and Ride in Peace Bill and Betty
Next Sunday 24th graded scratch races at Paraparap

Thursday, March 14

Last crit race for the 2018/19 summer season

A & B grades were combined
C & D grades were combined
E grade with solo rider Doug Wilson

Wednesday, March 13

Supervets racing:
Bubby pushes over the line for the win! 2nd Graeme Wilson 3rd Tina Stenos 4th Gordon Spargo 5th Richard Buckwell 6th Mal Cole Fastest Time & 7th David Pike

Sunday, March 10

Scratch racing

Thursday, March 7

Round 5 of the Best Western Geelong Motor Inn crit series.

Wednesday, March 6

Supervets racing cancelled due to wet weather

Sunday, March 3

Racing cancelled due to TFB

Thursday, February 28

Racing cancelled due to heat

Wednesday, February 27

Super vets

Tony steals the show!
1st & Fastest: Tony Ross
2nd Mark Cummings 
3rd Steve Barrile
4th Tina Stenos 
5th Laurie Fitzsimons 
6th Paul Bubb
Super Veterans GSCC 27th Feb
Eighteen riders greeted the starter for a forty km sojourn around the wilds of Paraparap.
Very pleasant conditions with an easterly breeze confronting the first leg of the journey. First riders to head off were Mansfield and Sonogan, into the headwind up Grassdale Rd. Then left into Willowite and Blackgate until the turn around. They set a steady pace hoping they wouldn’t be caught by the five minute bunch of Long and Watson. Next bunch to head off was the Twelve minute bunch of Cole, West , Riggs, Fuller.

Everyone was working well together until Cole started ratcheting up the pace to bring in the outmarkers, and one by one his fellow riders started falling by the wayside.

Next bunch to head off was the 16 minute bunch of Wilson, Bubb, Tina, Bentley. Pace was on as They had their sights set on mowing down the bunches in front with a tail wind up Misery Lane, and Larcombes before confronting two efforts up Nobles and Turn around down Church Rd. The twenty minute bunch of Barrile, Gray, Fitzsimons , had their work cut out to reel in Wilson, Bubb, Tina and Bentley but Wilson, Bubb, Tina and Bentley but never the less the took the bit between their teeth and made up time but not enough to hold off the Scratch bunch ( twenty five minute ) of Cumming, Coppock , Ross. Things didn’t hot up until Nobles Rd when everyone was on the limit to protect their places. Cole had made a solo dash for the cash and rode through the limit riders and leaving them in his wake.
Scratch and second scratch combined to try to peg back the remnants of riders up the road .

This proved a challenge as Wilson , Bubb , and Tina were were setting a cracking pace chasing down Cole.

Never the less scratch and second scratch reeled in Wilson , Bubb, Tina and eventually Cole to make for a sprint finish.

1st Ross, 2nd Cumming, 3rd Barrile 4th Tina, 5th Fitzsimons. Fastest time Ross.

Thanks to 1st time Referee Gordon Spargo and the marshalls for their time to make a safe race today.

Sunday, February 24

GSCC Scratch Races today. 
A Grade 1st Cameron Tomlinson 2nd Robbie Southern 3rd Rick Buckwell 
B Grade Michael Hazeldine 2nd Ollie King 3rd Darren Brayshaw 
C Grade 1st Jesse Cropley 2nd Brian Weppner 3rd Carl Judd 
D Grade 1st Barry Campbell 2nd Tina Stenos 3rd Paul Bubb With a special mention to trial rider David Rowe for taking 3rd. 
E Grade 1st Ian Sumner 2nd Ross West 
F Grade 1st Andrew Kennon 2nd Ken Mansfield 3rd Brian Long

View full results


Thursday, February 21

GSCC crit race results. The Thursday night southerly was up to its usual tricks. Well done to all. Only three crit races left, dinner at belmont hotel after last race on the 14th March. All members welcome.

Wednesday, February 20

Sixteen riders participated in the Supervets handicap race on Wednesday 20th February.

Due to extensive road works a new course had to be determined and resulted in favourable comments from the riders. The course had several turn-around points which resulted in riders being able to determine their relative positions with the various bunches in the field.

The sole limit rider Ken Mansfield was favourably treated by the handicapper who had no prior knowledge of the distance of the course, 38.5 km, and who had set handicaps for a 40 km course with Ken receiving a mark of 30 minutes ahead of the scratchmen.

The long drag up Misery Lane seemed like the infamous Challambra Crescent as the riders rode into the westerly wind. Three 80 year oldies, John Watson, Ian Sumner and Ken lead the field for more than half the race and except for Ken were captured by Kent Fuller and Murray Riggs on the second climb up the famed hill in Nobles Road. The only girl in the race, Tina Stenos, found protection from the wind by riding close behind the huge frame of Paul Bubb, a great sit, as they worked their way through the field catching Richard Buckwell who rode strongly with them to the finish but and they dropped Ross West an unusual experience for him. 

Gordon Spargo & Graeme Walker we’re unable to reel in any front makers and split when caught by the back markers.

Tommy Gray who had recently displayed good form was also found wanting against the riding of Tony Murrell. The three man scratch bunch of David Pike, Mark Cummings and Marcus Coppock rode steadily but were finding the start given to Ken,Ian,Kent and Murray more than a challenge. With the side westerly wind increasing in strength the turn into Larcombe Road was a welcome relief for Ken who now had the westerly wind at his back and was enough for Ken to hold the lead to the finish line some 30 seconds ahead of the other place getters, Murray Riggs, Kent Fuller, Ian Sumner, Tina Stenos.

Wnners Time; Ken Mansfield 1 hr 31min 13 Seconds

Fastest Time : Dave Pike 1 hr 3 min 10 seconds

Geelong and Surf Coast Supervets are men aged 60 plus and women 50 plus who meet each Wednesday at 9.30 am at their club rooms at Paraparap.

Membership inquiries to Ross West email : [email protected]

Thanks Ken.

Saturday, February 16

Bill Long – Camperdown to Warrnambool Race Results:

Congratulations GSCC!!!. A massive turn about and looking awesone in the GSCC kits.. Special congrats to David Spence 1st Oliver King 2nd and Gary Blick 3rd. Kerryn Minehan 1st lady. A very fast day of racing. Thanks also to the Buckwells Snr & Jnr, and Dennis and Dave and Phil the motos for helping to run the race.

1st David Spence GSCC 19.00 mins Ave speed 39.8 Km/h
2nd Oliver King GSCC 16.00 mins
3rd Gary Blick GSCC 19.00 mins
FT Tim Canny Eureka Scratch Ave Speed 45.11 Km/h

Congratulations to all place getters. Well done to all who took part in this successful event.

View full results here: https://results.sporthive.com/events/PC1628208/races/5230981

Thursday, February 14

No race sheet provided

Wednesday, February 13

After long hiatus from the Superior Vets David rides strongly to clench the win!

“Did I say it was windy today?…..”

A challenging course was set for the Superior Vets handicap today, and when combined with a strong westerly handed the 17 starters a long (10k?) drag back along Blackgate from Anglesea Rd, into a block headwind all the way to Nobles Rd.

Staying with your bunch to get some protection from the wind would be the order of the day, at least until we reached the Nobles/Church relay laps.

The course had five turn-around points, which proved useful in keeping an eye on the distances between those you were chasing and those chasing you.

As it turned out the race was almost run in 2 halves, a handicap up to Nobles with the groups staying largely together, and then a time trial for the 2 Nobles/Church laps as individual riders broke away.

Danni & Ken (30′) rode strongly from limit, and were only caught on the second run up Nobles by Cecilia, Ian & Kent (20′). Ross, Rick & Murray (15′) were caught by David & Paul (10′) on the first run up Nobles. (Our 3rd 10′ rider Gordon had put some long turns into the wind up Larcombes, and had dropped back by then.)

Whilst the 4′ group of Laurie, Carl, Tom & Graeme were able to make a little ground on the 10′ group, they could not bring them back. The scratch duo of Mark & Barton rode some strong turns back into the wind, and Barton caught the 4′ group on the first trip down Nobles.

There wasn’t much(any) re-grouping along Nobles/Church as the leading riders/groups were caught and passed by the chasers, and the original groups started breaking up. The westerly had not let up and was really starting to have an effect on some tiring legs.

David caught and passed the leading 30′ & 20′ riders heading up Nobles the second time, and managed to keep in front to the finish. Cecilia hung tough, broke away from her group and rode alone to 2nd place. Barton rode through the field (except for 2) and grabbed a great 3rd place and fastest time. Paul kept it going for 4th, with Ian riding strongly for 5th, and Kent holding on for 6th.

In the end the finish line was only greeted by individual riders, with no groups remaining – such were the tough conditions. Despite the wind, the course was great to race on – just over 40k and enjoyable with the opportunity to judge how the race was proceeding due to the multiple turn-around points. Hope we get to race it again this season.

Thanks as always to Ross, Dennis and the flag marshalls.

David Jessup

1. David Jessup – 1:17:19
2. Cecilia Digenis
3. Barton van Laar 1:09:48 (FT)
4. Paul Bubb
5. Ian Sumner
6. Kent Fuller

The winner 
The placegetters
The race sheet

Did I say it was windy?

Sunday, February 10

Paul Ogilvie surprises the feild and the hanidicapper by winning solo. 2nd Darren Williams 3rd Chris Fenech. Fastest time Andrew Goodwin


1. Paul Ogilvie
2. Darren Williams
3. Chris Fenech
4. Joe Gulino
5. Norm Douglas
6. Paul Bubb
7. Darren Richards
8. Gavin Gamble
9. Jo Hand (Barry Campbell trial rider)
10. Gary Blick
FT. Andrew Goodwin

Thursday, February 7

Crit racing start/results list

Wednesday, February  6

Super Vets
NEW COURSE 20klms – Willowite and Blackgate ( by two.)

The TT, Cronometro or Contra La Montre, whatever you want to call it , was the order of the day today at Supervets. I know Fausto Coppi once said that “age and treachery will overcome youth and skill” but Mamma Mia these things can hurt… they basically start real bad and then get worse, there is no where to hide and you know this is where your legs need to speak louder than words and of course, if you don’t already know, riding a TT rig is about as comfortable as wearing footy stops in your underpants.
Anyway, near perfect weather conditions confronted the 12 deranged punters that woke this morning and somehow made the dubious decision that it would be a good idea to “do a TT today”…..overcast but with a warm and a sometimes “helpful” easterly blowing, on a new TT course for the club, it somehow made the experience a little less torturous. . I must say though we were all a little trepidatious of the Stalin like en masse pre-event dissertation by “P- Plate referee” Paul Bubb…..deja vu feelings from Grade 3 at a certain Geelong Catholic college came rushing back.
Anyway being a TTer is akin to being a roadie for a rock n’roll band…it’s different…..eg, Carl “Holler for a Marshal” Judd who was resplendent in a 10 year old Orica Greenedge skinsuit with an aero teardrop helmet (worn the right way round this time), Murray “My Legs Hurt” Riggs’ TT rig was positively dripping exotic and expensive TT bits including (as pointed out by Herr Senior Commandant Buckwell) a highly illegal 3 spoke HED wheel…apparently up there in terms of cheating as much as a Cancellara 1000 watt motori. But some hardcore TTers just rolled up on their normal road bikes in fact, Peter “Did you get my cheque,Longy?” McWaters was overheard saying “….nah, that aero shit is for Qantas and Formula One, not the bike racing game….” I must say I partly believe him, whilst I got close to him I couldn’t catch him, even with him having the aerodynamics of an upright piano.
So, to the results:
1. Mark Cummings 33.10
2. Carl Judd 34.00
3. Peter McWaters 34.10
4.Steve McLaclan 36.26
5.Gordon Spargo 37.22
6.Tina Stenos 37.32
7. Murray Riggs 37.34 
8.David Phillips 38.25
9.Kent Fuller 41.16
10.Ian Sumner 43.45
11. Ross West 43.48
12.Ken Mansfield 48.29

Thank you to the GSCC Club, the Referee, the Marshals and my fellow deranged competitors for yet again another “enjoyable” Supervets outing. 
The winning rig!

Sunday, February 3

First race of the year cancelled due to Total Fire Ban

Thursday, January 31

Round 4 of the Best Western Geelong Motor Inn crit series.

The southerly was blowing hard last night at the Belmont Crit track with 40-50km/h gusts for the forth round of the Best Western Geelong Motor Inn criterium series. No one wanted to lead their groups up the back straight except for Andrew Baker! A solid number of attacks in all grades into the tough wind or with the fast tail wind with multiple brake always in B grade and a four man break in A grade which Robbie chased down over multiple laps and got back on the last lap.

Well done to the grade winners A Grade Kane Airey, B Grade Richard Lyle, C Grade Marcus Coppock D Grade Paul Bird and E Grade David Phillips. Paul Bird will be elevated to C grade next week. Well done everyone and thansk again to Richard for running the night and the helpers on the sidelines.

Wednesday, January 30

Super Vets racing

Steve McLachlan won his first Supervets race. The 37-kilometre race was held under quite warm conditions which became very hot in the late afternoon. The roadworks on Grays Road meant that the chosen course (3 laps of Nobles and Church Road) could not include the usual 11km circuit.

Steve (3rd scratch, 18 minutes), who is a relative newcomer to supervets bike racing, was skillfully coached by Carl Judd, who has been racing since he was 12! Steve and Carl, caught Tina Stenos, and Gordon Spargo on the second lap of Nobles Road. With the benefit of being a larger group, Steve, Carl, Tina and Gordon kept up a solid pace and managed to overtake the limit rider, Ken Mansfield, Andrew Keenan and Dennis Sonogan (2nd limit, 5 minutes) and Cecilia….. and David Phillips (3rd limit, 10 minutes) on the third lap. Terry Robinson (3rd place) broke away from Ross West and Kent Fuller (4th limit group, 12 minutes), but was later passed by Gordon and Steve. When Peter McWaters (5th place) and Laurie Fitzsimmons (6th place) who were in the 2nd scratch, 22 minute group, caught up with Tina and Carl (4th place) on the last lap, it looked like they had a chance of overtaking all others. However it was not meant to be. Graeme Walker ( scratch at 24 minutes) won the fastest time, averaging 37 kilometres an hour (1:03:26).

Sunday, January 27

no racing

Thursday, January 24

With temperatures in the mid 30’s and a freshening breeze it helped make racing bearable in round 3 of the Best Western Geelong Motor Inn crit series.

Winners on the night were A – Cameron Tomlinson, B – David Warren, C – Nick Newby, D – Norm Douglas, E – David Phillips

Wednesday, January 23

Supervets racing is back with Tommy Gray clenching the win! 2nd Paul ‘Bubby’ Bubb, 3rd Richard Buckwell Sr, 4th Peter McWaters donning one of the new GSCC kits! Race report to follow.
The Wind and Temp for the first race for 2019 Super Vets was great.
5 bunches greeted the starter (John Randell) at 3-4-4-5-5 gaps
Chasing Dale Jennings who kicked off first followed by Don Stuart off 3min
I was in the 3rd scratch bunch (Tommy Gray) with Gordon Spargo, Paul Bubb and Mal Cole

The bunch in front of us had a 4min start
We dropped into track turns straight away and kept a nice steady pace.
On the first time up Nobles we saw Don and Dale on the way back working quite well together followed by the 3rd and 4th limit bunches.
We lost Mal Cole just before the turn at Nobles Rd the first time and we could see 2nd and 3rd scratch chasing us down.
Going up Layards Road the first time we could see Richard Buckwell’s bunch and Longy’s bunch coming together
At the Church Street Turn we were catching this combined bunch and got them about half way up Nobles Rd. 
At this point there was only myself and Paul from our group and Richard managed to jump on the back. 
We saw Don Stuart on his own later on who had a fair lead. We started chasing him down!
We never caught him and unfortunately he rode the wrong route which cost him the race
It helped us, as we were chasing the invisible man. 
In the end the 3 of us Paul, who worked really well and Richard who did what he could took the first 3 places. 
Followed closely by Peter McWaters, Laurie Fitzsimmons & Gordon Spargo from our bunch hung on for 6th followed by Barton Van Laar and David Pike.

As always thanks to all the corner marshalls Longy and Ross it’s a Great club and a Great bunch of Guys

For me a just like having a go as best I can

Cheers—————Tommy G

Thursday, January 17

A smaller GSCC crit field put on a show at the Belmont crit track. With a hot northerly blowing at the start and finishing with a strong southerly the conditions were tough tricky. Well done to Kim Sagnol, Stephen O’Neil, Jason Childs and Paul Bird for winning their respective grades.
Next week is round 3 of the Best Western Geelong Motor Inn Summer Series.

Thursday, January 10

2019’s first crit race results from last night in great conditions. Well done to Kim Sagnol, Darren Brayshaw and Norm Douglas for winning their respective grades. The racing was fast with many attacks. Kim and Darren will be moved up a grade next week which we know they both will be up for the challenge. No result in A grade due to Cam’s slide around the first corner on the last lap with some skin taken off, hes been patched up well and keen for the next race. Thanks to Richard, Paul, Tina and Rod for running tonight racing.