2018 Road & Crit season

Thursday, December 13

Crits – Geelong Motor Inn Best Western series race 3 – Cancelled due to rain

Wednesday, December 12

SuperVets Racing:

Last race of the year proudly sponsored by Dale Roseburgh; Whitecross Healthcare Solutions. We are all very grateful. 

With a new course on a warm summer’s day. Roger’s form proved to be too good sprinting over the line ahead of Tommy. 1st Roger Cronk 2nd Tommy Gray 3rd Kent Fuller 4th Kim Howard (Juddy standing in) 5th John (Howard) Hayden 6th Paul Bubb 7th Murray Riggs 8th Tony Spark Fastest Time Graeme Walker We all acknowledged Brian Long & Ross West for making Wednesday racing possible!

Saturday, December 9

Today was our last race for the road session. A Huge Thank you to Mike Windsor and his family. The John Windsor handicap was a fast and furious 3 laps of the course.

With a strong first win by Craig Hannah 2nd Oliver King 3rd Johnny Parrello 4rh Xavier Coppock 5th Craig Van Dort 6th Jason Childs 7th Peter Hunt 8th Vincent Haveaux 9th Darren Williams 10th Paul Bird.

Thursday, December 6

Crits – Geelong Motor Inn Best Western series race 3 – Cancelled due to heat

Wednesday, December 5

Tommy Gray steals the show to take the win! 2nd John Hayden 3rd Kim Howard 4th Ken Fuller Fastest Time Graeme Walker Welcome back to a John (Fall) & Kim (illness) We also got a lesson in how the defibrillator works from Gordon Spargo Next Wednesday will be the last race for the season!

Saturday, December 2

Simply Helping Women’s Handicap race and men’s scratch races. Sundays inaugural women’s Simply Helping handicap was a fantastic event for the GSCC to host, it was very well received by all involved with nearly forty keen female entrants.

This event has never been held before within the Veterans Cycling Victoria and has been designed to increase female participation in cycling, and next year there are bigger things to come.  Well done to everyone who competed in the 52km handicap race and the supporting 52km men’s scratch races. 

The races were held over the undulating roads around Paraparap in very typical local weather with a bit of everything including strong winds. A very big thank you to the race referees, time keepers, VCV, marshals all the helpers on the day and to all the hard work and time our club President Tina Stenos put in to organise the event.  

Congrats to Jennifer Collier from the Grampians for winning the handicap, Jenifer rode very well from her 16 minute middle mark to win by a minute over Gscc’s Danielle Bond off limit (40min) for 2nd, Carolyn Hall (16min) for 3rd, and Jessica Douglas for fastest time (scr) who rode a big part of the race solo. Danielle led the race till Jenifer took the lead with 300 metres to go, a very close finish again. 1st Jennifer Collier (Gr 16min 25.8km/h), 2nd Danielle Bond (GSCC 40min), 3rd Carolyn Hall, 4th Meg Parnaby (GV 16min) 5th and fastest time Jessica Douglas (GSCC scr), 6th Jenny Denoudin (GSCC 16min), 7th Olivia Veriaan (GSCC 25min) 8th Karyn MacKenzie (CV 16min) 9th Tamara Riddell (N. 8min) 10th Lynette Park (GSCC 8min) 

The men’s scratch races look closely contested,
A grade win by David Newett, 2nd Steven Richards, 3rd Andrew Baker.
B Grade 1st Eureka’s Dean Wells, 2nd Paul Fikkers, 3rd Andrew Rushton (Eur)
C grade 1st Gavin Gamble (by 11 seconds) 2nd Marcus Coppock 3rd John Parrello. 
D Grade 1st David Spence, 2nd Paul Bird, 3rd Daryl Hilton.
E Grade 1st Darren Richards 2nd Gordon Spargo 3rd Paul Bubb.
F Grade, 1st Ross West, 2nd Ian Sumner, 3rd Ken Mansfield. 

Well done everyone in trying conditions. Here is the link to Mylaps for todays results:
Mens Scratch Race https://results.sporthive.com/events/PC1618145
Womens Handicap Race.

Thursday, November 29

crit racing – no results

Wednesday, November 28

Supervets Racing – Today was the annual Jack Griffin Handicap Race with special guest Jack with one of his big trophies on offer!

Tina Stenos wins the ‘Texas’ size Trophy! 2nd Gordon Spargo 3rd Richard Buckwell 4th Murray Riggs 5th Ian Sumner & Fastest Time David Pike

Lone limit rider Dale Jennings braved the varied winds that 3 laps of Paraparap had to offer for the annual Jack Griffin Handicap Race. Thanks Jack!

Dale was followed by Sonogan, Mansfield and Stuart on 22 mins. The 12 min bunch of West, Robinson and Riggs broke apart leaving Buckwell, Riggs & Sumner working to get to the finish line. The 8 min bunch had also suffered the loss of Bubb and Prescott. They worked until they had no more to give leaving Stenos and Spargo on their own to reel in the front markers and outlast the back markers of Targett, Fitzsimons, & Wilson. The fast and furious Scratchman, Pikey was setting a sold pace making it challenging for his co markers Cummings and Murrell. This sold pace was to no avail, as Stenos and Spargo caught sight of the front markers on Misery Lane. They shared the load leaving everyone in their dust. As they turned onto Larcombes with the finish line in sight Stenos pushed clear from Spargo who was afraid to win as consequently he may receive a kiss from Jack. So Stenos collected the ‘Texas’ size trophy and a peck on the cheek! David Pike took fasted time leaving Cummo to go home and have a recovery nap!

1st Tina Stenos

2nd Gordon Spargo

3rd Richard Buckwell

4th Murray Riggs

5th Ian Sumner

Fastest time David Pike

Sunday, November 25

GSCC Age Group Championships.


Thursday, November 22

Crits – Geelong Motor Inn Best Western series race 2


Wednesday, November 21

Supervets Racing – Ken got there first to take the win!

Finally he didn’t have to ride alone! Race report to follow. 2nd Denis Sonagan 3rd & Fastest Graeme Walker 4th Carl Judd & 5th Tina Stenos

19 riders graced the starter today with some noticeable returns to racing being Tony Murrell on scratch fresh from 2 previous wins, Graeme Wilson 2nd scratch, Alan Pescott 3rd scratch and Dennis Sonogan on limit. The course was 2 usual laps plus Nobles Rd climb over 37.5 k’s.

6 bunches started the race with Sonogan and Mansfield off limit on 25 minutes setting a consistent pace, Fuller, Watson, Sumner and Buckwell off 2nd limit on 16 minutes, Stenos Bubb Spargo and Primmer off 9 minutes, Gray Spark Targett and Pescott off 6 minutes, Judd Cronk and Wilson off 3 minutes with Scratch being Walker and Murrell.

As usual the wind up Misery Lane was building adding to the discomfort of all riders.
Scratch had caught 2nd scratch after 1.5 laps with Judd joining scratch to chase down the field with 3rd scratch being caught up Misery Lane on the 2nd lap with Gray hopping on to provide some solid turns with still some hard work required to catch the leading 3 bunches.
Scratch was 7 minutes down from limit at the start of Nobles Rd Nobles Rd climb impacted on the out markers with Scratch catching the 16 minute bunch up the hill with the 9 minute bunch in hot pursuit of limit.
Limit held a 2 minute lead over the 9 minute bunch at the Nobles Rd turnaround and some considerable downhill to assist their cause.
Scratch caught the 9 minute bunch early in the return down Nobles Rd with limit looking the likely winners.
Some strong turns by Stenos and Spargo both showing strong late season form assisted the chase bunch into the final turn with 700 metres to the chequered flag still with a considerable distance to make up on the increased speed of limit sensing a win.
Walker led the chase through the corner followed by Judd and Stenos with Walker on the wheel of Sonogan over the finish line with the evergreen Mansfield taking out the win.
Places were 1. Mansfield 2 Sonogan 3 Walker 4 Judd 5 Stenos 6 Murrell 7 Spargo 8 Primmer 9 Buckwell 10 Gray

Sunday, November 18

Well done to all that competed in the state age group races on Sunday at Learmonth some fantastic results by the GSCC.

Womens results;
35-39 2nd Jo Hand.
50-55 1st Tina Stenos.
Mens results;
40-44 4th Steven O’Neill 5th Daryl Suter.
45-49 1st David Newett 5th Andrew Goodwin.
50-54 2nd Andrew Baker.
60-64 3rd Bill Dempsey 4th Mark Cummings 6th Laurie Lynch 7th Paul Rettke 8th Graeme Walker 13th Howard Duncan 14th Marcus Coppock 15th Steve
65-69 1st David Pike 3rd Carl Judd 4th Lew Targett.
75-79 1st Robert Nichols.
80-84 1st Donald Stuart.
85-89 1st Brian Long.

Thursday, November 15



Wednesday, November 14

Supervets Racing – Time Trial Results

                                      Min. Sec.

Graeme Walker                37.46

Mark Cummings              39.32

Murray Riggs                   43.35

Lew Targett                      43.58

Harold Bentley                 46.55

Ian Sumner                       48.35

Ross West                         48.46

Ken Mansfield                  53.12

Dale Jennings                   58.46

Thanks to all Marshalls and to Richard filling in for Ian.

Sunday, November 11

36th Edition of the Jack Griffin Trophy Race

The middle markers just hold on to the finish line with scratch chomping at their heels.

It was a great morning for a bike race and especially today’s race being the prestigious Jack Griffin Trophy Race. The forty riders were excited and eager to hopefully win one of Jacks amazing Trophies. The history books have been filled with many past and present GSCC members wins and fastest times, there are a number of previous winners racing today’s seventy kilometre handicap event. The three limit riders Andrew Kennon, Ken Mansfield and Rodney Lambeth giving up 57 mins to the mighty group of six riding off scratch Tim Bennett, Gray Hosking, David Newett, Steven Richards, Robbie Southern and Darren Gray. Darren decided to promote himself into the scratch group which unfortunately didn’t work out as planned for him.

The times gaps looked massive on the race sheet and were huge out on the road! With a couple of late scratching this changed a few groups strength with the stand out group being the six riders off 16 minutes, David Lambourn, Howard Duncan, Andrew Lane, Michael Mitchell, Darren Brayshaw and Brian Weppner.

After a slick and professional briefing at the start by stalwarts Dave Robbo and referee Ian Sumner the limit riders were on there way with a nice 21 minute gap to the next group, could they hold off the chasing groups over today’s gruelling course of Forest Rd and Nobles Rd twice?

The first time return on Forest Rd the racing gaps were starting to unfold early, the limit three were down to two after Rodney dropped off the back of the two club legends plugging away nicely, the big early gainers were the 26 minute group making up ground on the 21 minute group of David Spence, new member Steve Barrile, Tina Stenos and Jo Hand who were both fighting it out for the first female finishers trophy. The third scratch group of five at seven minutes thirty included Tony French, Richard Lyle, Nick Brown, Mark Cummings and Xavier Coppock were holding their own with second scratch of five of Rick Buckwell, Kane Airey, Daryl Suter and Gavin O’Brien and Andrew Pownceby both from Colac at four minutes thirty were working and chasing hard only making up a handful of seconds at the Forest Rd turn around. Scratch who was already down to four riders without Darren and Robbie who found the early pace a bit too hot were powering along like always making big gains on these two groups early.

The sixteen minute group were holding a good steady average of about 35 kph which inched its way up as the race went on and by half way along Nobles Rd they started to catch the groups out front with the two limit riders still holding a very impressive lead. David, Steve and Tina of the 21 minute group were able to hang on to the strong middle groups wheels with a bunch size of ten or so moving along nicely. A few started to struggle with the rolling turns with David, Andrew and Howard who kept the pace going, the rolling turns however weren’t steady and Andrew’s legs were getting tired with a lack or racing and with the surging in the rotations. At that point David showed his experience and suggested they switch to track turns and work as a three, this was a great strategy the levelling of the power helped their legs recover, and they were feeling strong as they headed into the last 10 kms.

On the final return leg along Forest Road this group crossed paths with the combined scratch and second scratch group in the other direction who were still pushing the pace with eight or so riders all doing strong track turns and still gaining time on the combined 7.30 and 13 minute groups. Judging by the time gaps the 16 minute group seemed to be holding them all off giving them extra motivation to keep pushing. Their pace edged up as they approached the last few kms, and except for Tina who got a heartbreaking puncture near the end of Forest Rd, they couldn’t shake anyone from the group over the Forest Rd hills.

The scratch group got held up at the turn around due to traffic but they continued on smashing out the k’s very quickly indeed, catching the combined 4.30 and 13 minute groups. When this large group hit the Forest Rd hill Steven Richards went full throttle to try and drop everyone off his wheel and he nearly did, David, Greg, Tim, Kane and Rick were waiting for this effort and it was 100 percent power and suffering to get over the hills and chase back down to the Larcombes Rd corner. After this massive effort the collusion in the scratch group went wayward with the four scratch riders watching each other with Kane and Rick hanging on hoping to get the finish line. Onto Nobles Rd there wasn’t a lot happening in the scratch group, Rick and Kane put in an effort or two to keep the pace going.

In the final push up Nobles Rd Ken and Andrew were still out the front having done an awesome effort together but with the 16 minute bunch getting a sniff of a win the bunch moved up and passed the front two at the bottom of the final hill with less than one kilometre to go. Coming into the finishing hill scratch could finally see the race lead car but still weren’t sure how close they actually were and were still watching each other. As the leading groups started their effort for the line Andrew Lane got boxed in on the left and thought his chances were gone to get to the front but with about 200 metres to go a gap opened up nicely for him on his right and Andrew was able to work his way through. Andrew had enough in his legs to get to the lead but by this stage the scratch group, lead by Dave Newett, were bearing down on them at a cracking pace.

Andrew eventually crossed the line in front of the scratch group by a mere five seconds, an incredibly tight finish to this iconic club race (handicapper Dave, take a bow!!).

It was no small honour to receive the Jack Griffin trophy directly from the legend himself, who at 96 years of age and displaying copious amounts of wit and charm with the ladies, is a great ambassador to cycling and GSCC! Thanks to all the organisers and participants for what was a great competitive ride. Cheers, Andrew.

It was a great close race, very well handicapped and very well managed by the referee Ian Sumner with assistance by Dennis Sonogan and all the marshals. Thanks to Mandy and Brian for assisting at late notice too.

The after race presentations started with a moment of silence for the 100th remembrance day led by Richard Buckwell. Jack has a few great storeys to tell and the lunch provided was well received by all.

1st Andrew Lane (16min. 1:59:42 35.08km/h) 2nd David Spence (21min) 3rd Darren Brayshaw (16min) 4th David Lambourn (16min) 5th Howard Duncan (16min) 6th

Steve Barrile ((21min) 7th Paul Bubb (36min) 8th Darren Richards (36min) 9th and Fastest Time David Newett (scr 1:40:45 41.68km/h) 10th Greg Hosking (scr) First Lady, Jo Hand

Thursday, November 8






Wednesday, November 7

Supervets Racing – no race report

Sunday, November 4

 KVA Design Spring Sash race 2018

The 5th edition of the KVA Design spring seasonal sash handicap race over 58 km was held at Paraparap Town. With light winds early on increasing throughout the race the handicap gaps over 47 minutes were going to make it a very interesting race. There was also the bragging rights for the Ray Aldridge aggregate for 2018 where Ian Sumner held a two point lead over last years winner Robbie Southern, this could go either way as they were both bookends in today’s race.

Today’s race was 58 kms out and back Blackgate Rd, out and back Forest Rd back to Larcombes Rd plus one lap with a head wind finish. Due to some marshals not turning up the whole race was in doubt with no lead car, big thanks to David (Moto) Robinson who filled in as lead ‘bike’ and Dave Stacey who filled in a marshalling role for the race to commence. Kane Airey had also pulled out of the race to substitute as a marshal.

Rod Lambeth and Ken Mansfield started the race off limit at 47 mins then Brian Long set off solo 7 minutes after the front two with a couple of smaller groups chasing him, Ian Sumner and Ross West 7 minutes further back with the wind starting to pick up. A couple of time gaps were altered due to a few of non starters, we are still not sure why they didn’t turn up its was a great day and some extra prize money was up for grabs too from the sponsor. Paul Bird was so keen to get a move on with a few multiple false starts and it was great to see David Spence back after an intake of extra evil organisms at Colac a month ago and his one warm up ride on Saturday. Not sure its the best way to lose weight!

The 9 minute group split up along Blackgate Rd and the 7 minute group found Steven Douglas in top form who had Laurie Lynch in tow and no one else. The second scratch group at 4 minutes started with four, Rick Buckwell, Cameron Tomlinson, Daryl Suter and Tony French. They lost Kane Airey who was set to marshal but thanks to Lew who eventually showed up late Kane started cold and solo with his tail between his legs set off one minute in front of the four keen scratch riders. David Newett, Steven Richards, Andrew Baker and Robbie Southern easily reeled in Kane and from the rear of the scratch group for the first 25 kilometres was able to witness the power and consistency of these four scratch men, just hanging on, they just keep going!

By the time the race got to the Forest Rd turn around the gaps were closing quickly, second scratch weren’t far of the 7 minute group and scratch had a chance with the leaders splitting up. Onto the circuit Ross and Ian were battling along very well having caught the leaders, could they hold of for the next 20 kilometres? The four minute group caught the seven minute group on the first lap, with scratch still chasing hard with a little help from Kane and eventually caught this combined 4 and 7 minute group up misery lane the first time.

These combined numbers started rolling turns keeping the pace very high with Steven Douglas driving the bunch, this group flew past the 12 and 23 minute riders at the start of Grays rd with the two leaders in the distance and the flashing lights be the lead moto David Robinson on his motorbike. The leaders speed wasn’t fast enough and lack of numbers there weren’t going to hold off the fast chasing group. Ian and Ross fought very well till the end with scratch catching them on Misery lane the last time. Cameron Tomlinson decided to have a go off the front into the wind to no avail with the scratch riders setting up for the sprint. As the lead riders turned into Larcombes rd Cameron and the two Stevens pushed hard into the wind but David Newett was in the perfect sit and kicked hard and fast for a long sprint to the line beating Steven Richards then Robbie Southern, Andrew Baker and Rick Buckwell for the top five spots with the others very close behind. David Newett became the first dual winner of a KVA Design seasonal sash race after twenty editions.

After a few timing checks the final positions were confirmed. David was very happy with his win and the scratch

1st and fastest David Newett (scr 1:26:52 40.26km/h), 2nd Steven Richards (scr), 3rd Robbie Southern (scr) 4th Andrew Baker (scr) 5th Rick Buckwell (4min) 6th Kane Airey (4min) 7th Daryl Suter (4min) 8th Nick Brown (7min) 9th Tony French (4min) 10th Cameron Tomlinson (4min)groups effort and thanked the referee David Phillips, the marshals and also mentioned all the riders appreciated the efforts behind the scenes who put on the races week in and week out. The 2018 Ray Aldridge aggregate went down to the wire with Robbie Southern winning two years in a row by one point over Ian Sumner.

Thursday, November 1


Wednesday, October 31

Supervets Racing

Peter McWaters takes the win!, 2nd his co-marker Howard Duncan 3rd Paul Bubb 4th Don Stuart 5th Ian Sumner 6th & Fastest Graeme Walker. Race report to follow.









Sunday, October 28

Geelong and Surfcoast Layard Park Open Race

What a day! The GSCC Layard Park Open race was fast and furious, the food was great and the day awesome. Seventy seven riders from around the state were ready to give it their all over the 65 km course at Paraparap today. The course was twice around Forest Rd and the standard lap finishing in Larcombes Rd. The seventy seven riders in ten groups were separated by 34 minutes. The chit chat was about which group were the favourite to get up for the win as there were a number of strong groups through the field. The limit group of six riders at 34 minutes and second limit group of six riders at 28 minutes started off with hardly a breath of wind, but with a few of the out markers struggling these two groups lost a couple early which wasn’t going to help their chances, but they all proudly kept battling on and working well and they stayed out in front till about 7 kilometres to go. The south easterly wind starting picking up and grew stronger throughout the race and by the time the last few groups started the wind was taking tis toll along Forest rd and Grays Rd. The main action started in the second half of the race with the five middle groups of 5 riders at 21, 8 riders at 17, 9 riders at 13:30, 9 riders at 10:30 and 9 riders at 8 minutes rode solo till the final return along Forest Rd where the 5min group of eleven riders were riding smooth and strong and started to make an impact. This group picked up the majority of the middle and front markers along Forest Rd before the right turn into Grays Rd, the large bunch speed slowed along Grays Road the final time with not enough workers this was to the groups demise nearer the finish with the combined scratch and second scratch group chasing hard. The 5 minute riders caught the leaders before Hendy Main Rd then Guy Fella had a go at riding away solo from the bunch up misery lane but to no avail as the scratch groups flew past before the chicane. The strong scratch riders took over the pace at the front leading the very big bunch of thirty or more into a long sprint to the line won by Darren Roberts from Northern with a very fast average speed over 43km/h.

1st Darren Roberts (N) (scr 1:29:45 43.11km/h) 2nd Tim Bennett (GSCC scr) 3rd Tim Canny (Eur scr) 4th David Newett (GSCC scr) 5th Daryl Suter (GSCC 5min) 6th Craig Lee (Eur 2.30) 7th Jason Hendry (Eur 5min) 8th Cameron Tomlinson (GSCC 5min) 9th Scott Riddell (N 2.30) 10th Rob Southern (GSCC 2.30) Fastest Time Darren Roberts. First Lady; Jessica Douglas (GSCC 8min) 1st Supervet; Nick Brown (GSCC 8min)

A big thank you to all the helpers before and during the day to make it a great GSCC day and the two Robo’s on their moto’s. Thanks to everyone who added to the raffle it was a great success and there was plenty to eat! Thanks to the VCV’s support for running the race and the sponsors Layard Park and Complete Rehab Care sponsoring fastest time.












Thursday, October 25


A great night for GSCC crit racing. We had a couple of trial riders and a few faces we havent seen for a while a criterium racing at Belmont. A grade fell apart with a few mechanicals, Cameron Tomlinson won again over Andrew Baker and a distant Rick Buckwell.
B grade was close till the last lap with new member Phil Dobie winning over a tight finish between Kim Sagnol and Richard Lyle.
C grade was a very tight finish with Xavier Coppock sneaking past Vincent Haveaux on the line and Craig van Dort 3rd.
D grade was won by Nick Robinson over Andrew Booth.
E grade Darren Richards won a close sprint over 2nd trial rider Jason Childs and Chris Shay.
Thanks to referee Paul Bird for running the night. Next Thursday is round one of the Best Western Geelong Motor Inn summer points series.

Wednesday, October 24

Supervets Racing – no results

Sunday, October 21

We had a great field of 44 entries in Sundays handicap which the 9min group rode away from the field with Harold Bentley taking his first Sunday handicap win, Terry Robinson 2nd and Ian Sumner 3rd. Ian is looking good in the club aggregate at the moment and a well deserved fastest time to Andrew Baker.

1st Harold Bentley (33 min 1:57:19 29.1 km/h),

2nd Terry Robinson (33 min),

3rd Ian Sumner (33 min),

4th Ross West (33 min)

5th Brian Long (42 min)

6th Gavin Gamble (15 min)

7th Shane Korth (15 min)

8th Darren Richards (25 min)

9th Chris Shay (25 min)

10th Mal Cole (25 min)

Fastest time Andrew Baker (1:27:18 39.1 km/h)

Thanks to Paul Bird for refereeing another well organised race, all the marshals, Dave the moto man and the committee for all their hard work

Thursday, October 18


Wednesday, October 17

Supervets Racing – no results

Sunday, October 14

No club racing due to Warrnambool open

Wednesday, October 10

Supervets Racing – no results

Sunday, October 7

No club racing due to Red Rock combine held by Colac

The Colac Red Rock HC was run today in very wet conditions with hardly any wind. The handicapping time gaps gave the third limit group a great advantage which worked well for them. Congratulations to Clive Coomber from Warrnambool for winning just over GSCC’s David Spence finishing 2nd. Andrew Goodwin won second fastest time. Kane Airey 1st from second scratch and Daryl Suter 3rd in second scratch.

Wednesday, October 3

Supervets Racing

Today’s Super Vets race had an additive incentive thanks to the continued generosity of old clubman Alan Sanford significantly adding to today’s prize money pool. Thanks Alan. The demanding course was out to Nobel’s Road twice, with a traditional lap in between. Thanks to the Referee John Watson and his team of Marshalls.

Except for some individual tales of woe, the handicapper was right on his game.

Dale Jennings (28) led out proceedings followed Sue Theodore and Ken Mansfield (24). It appeared that most riders held their own in their groups with a few exceptions. Rumour has it that John Hayden (10) was hot-to-trot and some of his fellow markers of Fuller, Riggs and Sparks were only too happy (or unhappy) to let John push hard in pursuit of West (13), Bubb and Buckwell.

As usual, the first time up/back Nobles let all groups see ‘who is who in the Zoo’.

Limit markers were doing a solid job and all others were making up time on those ahead, though some faster than others. Buckwell remarked as he powered down the hill that his pick was the 4 Minute Mob of Fitzsimmons, Murrell, TT Tommy Grey, Judd and Collie.

The 13 Mob gradually wheeled in Tathchell and Sumner (16) up Forrest hills. Immediately Sumner matched Buckwell and Bubb turn for turn for the rest of the race, with West adding some turns when he could. Bubb started referring to Buckwell and Sumner as, Valverde #1 & #2 (however – without them accessing the junior chemistry sets they gave to their Grandchildren for Christmas).

The last time up Noble saw Theodore and Mansfield turn first to lead the charge down the hill to the Larcombs finishing line. Next to turn were Buckwell, Sumner, West and Bubb. Gaining all the while came the 4 Minute Mob, whose ranks were joined by Hayden and Sparks. The Scratch men of Walker and Cummins had split after working hard to make up ground on the cohesive 4 Minute Mob.

The final turn out of Nobles into Larcombs saw Valverde #1 (R.B.) & 2 (I.S.) with Tom Domoulin (PB) desperately holding off the rampaging 4 Minute Mob by a bee’s …. Abdomen. It was that close.

1. Buckwell, 2. Sumner 3. Bubb 4. Judd 5. Murrell 6. Collie 7. Grey and Fastest time: (1-5-30) Walker.

We all wish a safe road trip next week to Geoff Smith and Brian Long who are off to the Alice Springs Masters Games. If you have any spare Bundy Rum and RM Williams longhorn Stickers, large driving lights with bull bar (for Merc AMG) and whip aerial (fox tail optional) please contact Geoff asap.

Sunday, September 30

Another fast handicap race on Sunday, congratulations to John Parrello for winning  his first club handicap race, Peter Cone second and David Newett for fastest time. Thanks again to South Western Property and Construction for the sponsorship for the race and the BBQ, it was a great morning. Thanks to Ross West for refereeing and all the marshals and the Motos guys David and Phil.









Wednesday, September 26

Supervets Racing

Nineteen entries, 18 starters, warm with a light tailwind down Misery Lane for 3 laps (4 times down Misery Lane).
Refer attached handicaps, saves me typing!

Scratch combined with second (I’m not sure when) to chase Terry Collie who was recovering with illness, Tony (me) and Barry on third scratch, however Barry was a non starter? Terry had to ease up early in the race but still managed to finish ninth. Tony (me) chased and passed 10 mins on the second lap and all bar Ken with half a lap to go. I thought Ken had the win however he came back to me on Misery but stayed away for a clear well deserved second.
Terry and Kent sprinted next separated by inches. Then came the backmarkers led by David Pike (FT) in a tight sprint from Mark Cummings, David Lambourn, and Laurie. Then a bit of a gap to Terry, then Tony Spark and Richard to round out the top ten.

Sunday, September 23

Thirty five riders faced winter like conditions in the race hosted by the Geelong and Surf Coast Cycling Club. The race consisted of 9 bunches spearheaded by Ken Mansfield in limit (43 Minute start). It was cold at the start (winter supposed to be over) and the wind was fluky and seemed to build up during the race causing many riders to question why they were there. The course being Forest Rd plus two laps of the main circuit for 57 km, at the end of the day surprisingly 4th Limit got up (15 minute bunch). This doesn’t occur often but Dave Robinson unwittingly put 3 strong riders together in Phil Tehan, Brett Wiltshire and Gavin Gamble.

Gavin has just come off a fantastic Grand Fondo ride. As a result the bunch keep a consistent reasonably high pace throughout the race (no one was more surprised than the bunch itself). The guys were suffering at the end but no one missed a beat. Tina Stenos (God bless her soul) hopped in and did some turns with us which was warmly welcomed – it’s amazing what a difference one rider makes. Phil Tehan from Northern (currently suffering 3 bulging Discs) found himself crossing the finish line first (he thinks a conspiracy set up by his fellow riders). Dave Robinson will probably pull him so far back now he will never be seen or heard of again.

At the rear of the field third scratch group were pushing along ok, the early fast moving bunch was the  second scratch group of Kelvyn Dyson, Kane Airey, Rick Buckwell, Daryl Suter and trial rider Adam Kavanagh who caught the third group as “the white flag went up” at the turn around. The combined groups rode very well together keeping the pace up with sold rolling turns. This large group couldn’t  keep the three strapping scratch riders Steven Richards, David Newett and Andrew Goodwin away for long enough and got caught on Grays Rd the second last time, flying past the group and splintering it to pieces. Rick Buckwell put in a massive effort to bet back on to the fast scratch riders only to be left in the wind up misery lane. The three scratch riders kept surging to the finish line not want to take any free riders.

All kudos to Andrew Goodwin who got fastest time (1:26:06), and kudos to the referee Dennis Sonogan who made sure that proceeding were conducted professionally, although some members think he should get a new gag writer) 

1st, Phil Tehan (N) (15 min 1:40:07 34.16km/h),

2nd Gavin Gamble (15 min),

3rd Tina Stenos (21min),

4th Brett Wiltshire (15min)

5th Andrew Goodwin (scr)

6th Kelvin Dyson (2:30)

7th Stephen Richards (scr)

8th Dave Newett (scr)

9th Marcus Coppock (11:30)

10th Peter Wynne (11:30)

Fastest time Andrew Goodwin (1:26:06 39.7 km/h)

Wednesday, September 19

Supervets Racing

Pre Birthday win for John Watson on a new course. Mark Cummings takes Fastest Time.

On Wednesday 19 September Supervets raced a 35 kim handicap at Paraparap. The race was three laps of Nobles Road finishing on Larcombes Road. The field of 14 riders participated under favourable but cold conditions. The race was led away by out-markers Geoff Smith, Dale Jennings and Dennis Sonogan from 27 minutes to 22 minutes. These riders were overtaken early in the race by the 16 minute bunch of Jeremy Tatchell, David O’Dwyer and John Watson. The chasing group of Barry Primmer, Murray Riggs, Kent Fuller and Ross West broke up mid-race and failed to form into a strong chasing combination. Meanwhile Barry Primmer and Murray Riggs formed a partnership which unfortunately broke up after one and a half laps. At this stage scratch were gathering them in but in the process dropped Laurie Fitzsimons who then teamed with 

Barry Primmer. Prior to this Carl Judd had already been dropped from the chasing scratch bunch.

The remaining scratch riders Mark Cummings and Peter McWaters finished hard but were unable to overtake the leaders. Finally David O’Dwyer and John Watson stayed away and crossed the line together, with John Watson winning by a small margin. Fastest time: and third Mark Cummings 1.3.30. Winner’s time: 1.19.50. 4th Peter McWaters 5th Kent Fuller

Sunday, September 16

No race held due to Amy Grand Fondo

Wednesday, September 12

Supervets Racing

Juddy breaks way & still manages to out sprint scratch! 1st Carl Judd 2nd & Fastest Time Peter Hunt 3rd Mark Cummings 4th Laurie Fitzsimons 5th Tina Stenos 6th Jeremy Tatchell.

The race today at the supervets was a 3 lap 37k Handicap, around the Paraparap circuit. The weather was overcast with a strong North Westerly wind. Seventeen entries were received. D Jennings and G Smith was first away of 27 mins followed by K Mansfield of 21 mins. J Faulkner and J Tatchell of 16 mins. K Fuller, I Sumner and R West were next away of 14 mins followed by, M Riggs, P Bubb, D O’Dwyer and L Targett of 8 mins. The 5 min bunch of L Fitzsimmons, C Judd and T Stenos were next away followed by the two scratch men M Cummings and P Hunt.

The first lap saw little change in the bunches order as they all made steady ground. On the second lap the 5 min bunch which was working very well together caught the 8 min bunch, minus M Riggs who had punctured, as they approached the Forest Rd hills. With perhaps a little more pace over the hill Judd found himself of the front of the group. The combined bunches decided to leave him out there and drag him back later in the race. The front and middle markers although making some headway didn’t seem to be combining as they normally do, the strong head wind up Misery Lane no  doubt the main reason for this, making the going harder than normal. However this strong wind was assisting the 5 min bunch and scratch started to close the gap on the leaders.

As the leading bunches, which still hadn’t combined, were coming towards the end of Grays Rd and down Hendy Main Rd were being caught and passed by the 5 min bunch with Judd still out in front and scratch not far behind. Up Misery Lane the last time the scratch bunch caught the 5 min bunch just before the rise up the hill to the chicane and caught Judd as they went through the cnr into Larcombs Rd with the finish line only 800 metres ahead. M Cummings made the move early to give his co marker, P Hunt, a long lead out for the finish, but it was Judd that reacted quicker than Hunt to this move. When Cummings pulled to the side Hunt made his move for the finish line but Judd was able to get a wheel in front as they crossed the line.

Results : 1st C Judd 2nd P Hunt 3rd M Cummings 4th L Fitzsimmons 5th T Stenos 6th J Tatchell 7th L Targett 8th John Faulkner 9th K Fuller 10th R West 11th P Bubb
FT : P Hunt 1:07:20

Sunday, September 9

Erskine Falls rd Hill climb results

A Grade: Brad Hasket 23:41 (20.26km/h) Anthony Seipolt 24:43 Rick Buckwell 24:52

B Grade Jessica Douglas 25:10 (19.06km/h) Nigel Person 25:33 Kane Airey 26:41

C Grade David Lambourn 24:32 (19.55km/h) Peter Hunt 26:16 Brett Wiltshire 29:08 Steve McLachlan 30:17 David Spence 30:31 Vincent Haveaux 32:09.
The state VCV TT was set in windy conditions, well done to everyone. Andrew Baker’s ave speed is very impressive. Daryl and Steve get their extra points!
Men 40-44 4th Daryl Suter 34.15km/h 5th Steve O’Neill 33.54km/h
Men 45-49 2nd Matt Arthur 39.6km/h 3rd Craig Van Dort 35.9km/h
Men 50-54 1st Andrew Baker 41.2km/h, 4th Paul Beasley 32.9km/h 5th Peter Wynne 32.75km/h
Men 60-64 1st Marcus Coppock 33.5km/h
Men 65-59 2nd Carl Judd 33.3km/h
Men 70-74 4th Murray Riggs 30.1km/h
Men 85 plus.  1st Brian Long 23km/h

Wednesday, September 5

Supervets Racing – no results

Sunday, September 2

Fathers day handicap cancelled due to low entries

Wednesday, August 29

Supervets Racing

Wednesday the 29th saw a new course for the supervets. A short race of 28 klms out blackgate then out to nobles road turnaround and a larcombes road finish. Led out by G smith then mansfield on 2mins kennon on 4 mins

phillips, watson, sumner on 8 mins, riggs and fuller on 10 mins howard, bubb, targett on 14 mins judd on 16 mins and the lone scratch man hunt on 18 mins. The top of blackgate saw riggs leave fuller and chase down the 8 min and four min bunch catching them just before nobles. The chase was on and by the turnaround on nobles. hunt was just ahead of the rest and chasing down riggs who held out until the end taking a win at 56 mins 38s to hunts second and best time of 49 mins 25s. 3rd Ian Sumner, 4th Ken Mansfield 5th John Watson and 6th David Phillips. Thanks to all the Marshall’s, the ref. and my best maaate longy.
Report by Murray Riggs.

Sunday, August 26

GSCC Aggregate Handicap. With 32 starters Greg Hosking takes the win & fastest time 1:32:08 Average speed 37.12. Starting at the club rooms, out and back Blackgate Rd, out and back Nobles Rd, two laps then finishing at the last rise in Nobles Road for 57 km.

The scratch group of four powered through the field in the windy conditions. With riders dropping off their respective bunches scratch caught second scratch on the first of the laps along Grays Road and took prisoners as they rolled around catching Ken Mansfield at the old finish line on the last lap to take the lead, the group was about 12 strong all scratch and second scratch and some from third, as they turned into Larcombes Rd the pace backed off and Paul Rettke took off and sprinted to the A finish line thinking he had won and not understanding why riders did not chase him down but it did make the group nervous and created a flurry of chases/attacks. By the time we reached Nobles the bunch had regrouped and going over the first rise Brad Haskett did a long turn over the creek and up to the second rise where Greg Hosking and David Newett took off, Rick Buckwell, Robbie Southern and Bill Dempsey hung tuff as the front two battled it out for line honours with Greg getting it over David, with Robbie, Bill and Rick rolling over the line with several gaps between us.

It was a tough course conditions were cool but no rain but there was a solid head wind which wore down the front markers.

Greg Hosking 1st & fastest time (1:32:08 37.12km/h) 2nd David Newett (scr) 3rd Robbie Southern (scr) 4th Bill Dempsey (3.30min) 5th Rick Buckwell (3.30min) 6th Daryl Suter (3.30min) 7th Tony French (3.30min) 8th Brad Haskett (scr) 9th Peter Cone (10min) 10th Peter Hunt (10min).

Thanks to Paul Bird for refereeing and all the marshals on the day and those that helped out with the club room clean up.

The club also said goodbye to “Dave’s dunny” after its 40 years or so of service.

Wednesday, August 22

Supervets Racing

For a change today’s race was run in pleasant conditions weather wise but due to road works on Forest Rd. the course had to be moved to Nobles Rd. with a 25 km sprint. 18 riders lined and set off with scratch, Mark Cummings & Bill Dempsey off 25 mins , Peter Hunt & Carl Judd 22 mins, Terry Collie 21 mins, Lew Targett, Tony Spark & Paul Bubb 19mins, Jeremy Tatchell, Jenny Denouden & Ross West 16mins, Ian Sumner & John Watson 13 mins, Kent Fuller & Alan Sanford 10 mins, Denis Sonogan & Ken Mansfield 7 mins with Geoff Smith starting on limit. Splits started to occur on Nobles with some groups being caught but at the finish Kent Fuller sprinted away to cross the line 1st from Ken Mansfield 2nd, Peter Hunt 3rd, Bill Dempsey 4th, Mark Cummings 5th, Paul Bubb 6th.

Sunday, August 19

KVA Design Winter Sash Race

Winter unquestionably set in for the days winter sash race of 54 km. From the start point in Moriac along Hendy Main Road to Anglesea Highway, then two laps of the main circuit and finish off at the top of Nobles Rd. Twenty six members signed in for the race and to win the blue winter sash, but they starting to fall off the start sheet pretty quickly. A mad lot 13 decided to race with the main encouragement coming from Mr positive Daryl Suter, “We are here to race so lets race plus our odds are good to get a win!” The handicapper and referee checked and confirmed and re-checked and decided to hold the race. The course marshals weren’t too keen on the idea!

With the freezing cold rain showers coming over the club rooms every 10 minutes or so everyone was taking there time to get going and to the start line. Ian the lone limit rider was running very late and ended up getting a lift to the Moriac start line by the race sponsor. Ian was very happy to see 96km/h on his bike computer! The start line was ablaze in sunshine and Ian started like a warm rocket with hardly any wind, 38 minutes in front of scratch and 14 minutes in front of the chasing pair of Darren Richards and Gordon Spargo, by the time these two started the wind was starting to let everyone know it was definitely winter. Gavin Gable was set off on his own before Peter Cone and Nick Newby. The big group of four of Daryl “Mr positive” Suter, Stephen Douglas, Steven O’Neill and Craig Van Dort were 6 minutes in front of the scratch trio of David Newett (last years winter sash winner), Robbie Southern and Andrew Baker.

By the time the riders got to the first turn around the rain and hail was horizontal from the west making the conditions quite tricky but manageable in the smaller groups. Ian turned and was complaining about the head wind, Darren and Gordon had hardly made any time on the leader, Peter Cone was flying, Craig Van Dort had had enough and pulled the pin, Stephen O’Neill got dropped but kept pushing and the scratch trio were busting their way through the wind, rain and hail, David was struggling in the wind while Robbie and Andrew were thriving. During the two laps Ian was still holding off the chasers and riding and coping very well. David Newett got a puncture on the first lap and got a lift back to the club rooms to warm up again by the race sponsor. Andrew and Robbie were the only ones making up much ground on the front groups. There were freezing hands with dropped bottles, sticks getting blown across the roads, more horizontal hail and rain and misery lane was at its best with the riders lucky to be doing 15km/h. The BoM said it felt like 1 degree and it surely did! 

The handicapper was still 100% sure Ian wasn’t going to hold off the scratch pair who had caught Peter, Daryl and Stephen Douglas before the final lap. Going up to Nobles Rd for the finish Ian had over 2 minutes lead before the Nobles Rd turn the spectators were hoping Ian would hold on after a massive solo ride.  Andrew and Robbie had other ideas though and caught Ian with only Peter in tow at the creek with the long drag up to the finish line. Robbie had the most energy left to finish off a very hard race in crazy conditions to take a very well deserved win by 100 metres over Andrew and Peter with Ian finishing 4th.

Hot drinks and the gas heater at the clubs rooms was the spot to be with riders freezing cold trying to get their gloves off their red frozen hands. Robbie won his first KVA Design seasonal sash to still have no duel winners after 19 editions.

Well done to everyone. A special thanks to the race Referee Ross West, handicapper David Robinson, marshals, David Stacey, Kane Airey, Chris Shay, Brian Long, Andrew Booth, Brian Weppner, Steve McLaughlan and to the race sponsor KVA Design building designers.


1st and fastest time Robbie Southern (scratch 1:27:52, 36.86km/h), 2nd Andrew Baker (scr), 3rd Peter Cone (10:30), 4th Ian Sumner (38min), 5th Daryl Suter (6min), 6th Stephen Douglas (6min), 7th Gavin Gamble (16min) 8th Gordon Spargo (24min), 9th Darren Richards (24min) 10th Nick Newby (10:30), 11th Steven O’Neil.

Wednesday, August 15

Supervets Racing. no results submitted

Sunday, August 12

Round 4 of the Community Care Chemist Winter scratch series.

Another great race and course on Sunday 12th with multiple 1km Gum Flats ascents Paraparap COL!! to finish off the Community Care Chemist scratch race series. The 54km undulating course was Nobles Road return, Forest Road then 3 x gum flats for A and B grades, 2 for C and D grades and one mountain for E and F grades with hill top finishes. The weather was cool to start with but with the sun out and the northerly picking up the racing conditions were great. Well done to everyone who competed, it looked like most groups were saving themselves till the final hills staying together till then, just like a TDF stage!, well done to all the winners and hill climbers. Thanks to Richard Buckwell for refereeing, all the marshals and Moto’s to make another great and safe race for us all.

Stage 4 results

A grade, 1st David Newett, 2nd Andrew Goodwin, 3rd Matt Hand (W), 4th Robbie Southern

B Grade, 1st Nigel Pearson (first club win), 2nd Cameron Tomlinson, 3rd Kane Airey, 4th Daryl Suter, 5th Tony French

C Grade, 1st Peter Cone, 2nd Craig Van Dort, 3rd Laurie Lynch

D Grade, 1st Johnny Parrello, 2nd David Spence, 3rd Daryl Hilton, 4th Carl Judd, 5th Brian Weppner

E Grade, 1st Darren Richards, 2nd Paul Beasley, 3rd Andrew Booth, 4th Jo Hand

F Grade 1st Ross West, 2nd Danielle Bond

Community Care Chemist Winter Scratch Series final results.

A Grade; 1st David Newett (23), 2nd Andrew Goodwin (20), 3rd Robbie Southern (17)

B Grade; Equal 1st, Kane Airey and Daryl Suter (17), 2nd Nigel Pearson (13), 3rd Nick Oakley (11)

C Grade; 1st Craig Van Dort (16), 2nd Peter Wynn (14), 3rd Laurie Lynch (13)

D Grade; 1st David Spence (18), equal 2nd Daryl Hilton, Johnny Parrello and Paul Bubb (15)

E Grade; 1st Darren Richards (17), 2nd Paul Beasley (12), Equal 3rd Gordon Spargo and Jo Hand

F Grade; 1st Ken Mansfield (9), 2nd Ross West (8)

There were multiple winners in all grades with most grades having four separate winners.

Wednesday, August 8

Supervets Racing. no results submitted

Sunday, August 5

ROCKET ASCENT Interclub race

Eureka cycling’s Andrew Rushton takes the major prizes home.

Strong winds which whipped through the middle of Victoria causing havoc and resulted in many sporting events being cancelled. Most southern regions were spared from the wind and rejoiced in the warm sunshine which in fact reached all corners of the state. Weather aside, the eyes of the sporting world all turned towards Paraparap for the fourth edition of the Rocket Ascent, sponsored by Rocket Tyres. 62 kilometres of rolling, tree lined, handicap fun, with two ascents of the infamous Gum Flats Road climb thrown in for good measure.

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club invited Eureka Cycling to join in the fun and they duly obliged thirteen Eureka Members and a total of 50 entered for the day. The Rocket Ascent is not your average “loop like” circuit, nor is it a “lap” circuit.

It’s more a “Head out that way mate, take your first left, keep riding until you reach the big tree, hang a u-ey and go back a bit, then take a lefty down the hill – not too fast but – then hang another u-ey and go back up the hill, take the left, head north…ish, then chuck a lefty at the T, then another lefty, head down to the crossroads and hang another u-ey, chuck a right at the next T, then another right and retrace your steps, back down and around, finish is at the top of the steep bit, she’ll be apples!”

Geelong and Surf Coast’s very own Ken Mansfield led off as the lone Scratch rider at 48 minutes. It was a long twenty one minute wait until the 27 minute group headed off withEureka’s Jacqui Dawson and three GSCC riders the ever improving Darren Richards, Jo Hand who is on the comeback trail after a mtb crash and Jenny Denouden. Jo was feeling the pressure from the start still not being 100% fit a dropped away early.

Another lengthy wait before the largest group of ten riders of the day at 17 minutes. Eureka fielded James Burzacott, Roger McMillan, Tim Tyler and Melissa Burgoyne in this group with GSCC’s Jamie Robinson, Andrew Booth, Paul Beasley, the in form scratch racer Paul Bubb, Gordon ‘the red flash’ Spargo and Mal Cole  provided a very experienced wheels for the Eureka riders to follow.

The 13 minute group fielded Bob Morley from Eureka up against seven GSCC riders,  John Parrello, Gavin Gamble, Peter Cone, Daryl Hilton, David Spence, Steve McLachlan and of course Carl Judd – even if it was only for wind direction changes according to Juddy’s moustache. This was the group to catch today.

The 9 minute 30 second group had some pretty well known names in it’s midst full of strong workers. GSCC’s Marcus Coppock, Darren Williams, Chris Fenech, the ever strong Laurie Lynch, Peter ‘one hand’ Hunt, and David Lambourne they were all prepared to dish out some pain. For Team Eureka we saw Andrew Rushton who was very aggressive in the previous week’s Eureka Charlie Braszell race and Rick Calvert.

Six riders set off at 7 minutes. Like Morley, Eureka’s Lindsay Burgoyne was isolated amongst GSCC riders. Daryl Suter, Nigel Pearson, Dave O’Neil, Dave Warren and Harvey Lang were all planning a big day out.

Another group of six for Second Scratch off at 4 minutes. GSCC stalwarts Rick Buckwell, Kane Airey, Nick Brown and Tony French riding with Team Eureka’s Tavis Baker and Dave Ogilvie,

A strong Scratch bunch led by GSCC’s Rob Southern, with Greg Hosking, Andrew Goodwin, Brad Haskett and David Newett in support. Eureka adding Tony Mirabella and Craig Lee to the fold.

To the race proper and the front of the field was coming together quickly. The 13 minute bunch had set off at a reasonable clip, however at the first turnaround (Gundry’s Road) they were red flagged – it cost them valuable time. Once outbound, they could see the 9:30 bunch closing quickly.

For their part, the 9:30 group had worked well together up until the first ascent of the Gum Flat Road climb. Three riders broke away early on the climb. Rushton and a few others chased them down. The bunch had been split though. Over the top they had six riders in hot pursuit of the 13 minute bunch. The round up occurred before the left turn at Larcombes Road The race was on with the 9:30 riders trying to drop the 13 minute riders. Scratch had lost Robbie Southern early and then lost Mirabella inside the first 20 kilometres with a flat tyre, the chase was just a bit more difficult now.

Andrew Rushton however, was a man on a mission and the enlarged group was desperately trying to stay away from the 7 minute group who were closing. The group continued to swell as the bunch collected riders who had been dropped from the 17 and 27 minute groups. Burgoyne hammering away on the front of the 7 minute bunch was a common sight. At the Nobles Road turnaround the gap had decreased even further.

The 9:30 (plus hangers on group) caught the lone race leader Ken Mansfield who had another super solo ride with the wind and hill, heading south along Forest Road. The 7 minute group were close enough to catch the sweat from the new race leaders. Through the Gundry’s Road turnaround and the catch is finally made. The lead bunch has over twenty riders in it as they head back towards Gum Flats Road. Hey, there goes Scratch…we have them covered, with the second scratch group stuck in between still chasing hard.

Rushton was still on the front giving it everything. Down to the last two kilometres and John Parrello rushed off the front and took the left turn to the steep downhill well clear of the pack taking control of the neutral zone, with local knowledge coming to the fore!  Riders jockeyed for position as they went down, down…in a controlled “neutral” roll…some positioned well, others were shuffled backwards. Parrello got around the turn first and Morley was next. Rushton was third into the turn and came out of it on the 53 chainwheel ready to power up the hill. Eureka’s Calvert came through the turn almost last. Would the recent mountain training pay dividends?

Up ahead, Rushton has closed on Parrello, here comes the 10% section which the effort is more a grind than a sprint. Rushton has control of the race the lead and and the gap was opening with Nigel Pearson and Steven O’Neil (both 7 minute group) were the next riders trying their best to hold onto to the top three with Nigel doing a “froome” with a high cadence. Rick Calvert has passed rider after rider with an exceptional hill climb but finished just out of reach of the top three behind Calvert all the others are starting to pedal in squares.

Rushton is well clear at the line and wins by fourteen seconds over Pearson. A few bike lengths back to O’Neil and the same to Calvert. A special mention to Melissa Burgoyne rode brilliantly for 10th, First Lady and KoM in her group. Melissa relinquished all those honours because she was on a trail  ride.

Less than three minutes later the scratch riders climbed for fastest Time with Greg Hosking claiming the prize just over David Newett chasing hard.

Post race and Rushton pulled off the perfect double when he claimed first prize in the raffle and received a whole bunch of goodies to go with his trophy, prize money and KOM for leading his group over the climb the first time around.

1st – Andrew Rushton (9m 30s (1:43:51 35.8km/h), Eureka, 2nd – Nigel Pearson (7 min), GSCC, 3rd – Steve O’Neil (7 min), GSCC, 4th – Rick Calvert (9m 30s), Eureka, 5th – Peter Cone (13 min), GSCC, 6th – Lindsay Burgoyne (7 min), Eureka, 7th – Laurie Lynch (9m 30s), GSCC, 8th – Bob Morley (13 min), Eureka, 9th – Peter Hunt (9m 30s), GSCC, 10th – Tim Tyler (13 min), Eureka, First Lady – Jenny Denouden (27 min), GSCC
Fastest Time – Greg Hosking (Scratch), GSCC in 1h 36m 50s, ave. 38.4 Kph

Group KOMs (first ascent of Gum Flats Road):, 27 min – Darren Richards, GSCC, 17 min – Jim Burzacott, Eureka, 13 min – Peter Cone, GSCC, 9m 30s – Andrew Rushton, Eureka, 7 min – Harvey Lang, GSCC, 4m 30s – Dave Ogilvie, Eureka, Scratch – Andrew Goodwin, GSCC.

A big thank you to the Eureka members who raced and the Rocket Tyres for sponsoring the race again and have confirmed they will sponsor again next year. It was a great day, thanks to Dave Robinson again for handicapping, its not easy when you don’t know all the riders, David Phillips and Dennis Sonogan for refereeing, Dave and Phil on the motos, you guys are awesome to see out on the road and all the marshals on course. Then of coarse Jo and Gordon for the excellent work on the BBQ!

Wednesday, August 1

Supervets Racing.

The 38 km race for all Supervets enjoying their second childhood held in fine weather conditions but with the usual wind. Started with Dale Jennings 26 mins followed by Kent Fuller and Andrew Kennon 20 mins these two worked well together to catch Dale who later pulled out it could have been a puncture. Then David O Dwyer and Ross West on 13 mins got off to a fast start with David doing most of the work riding so much stronger than last week. These two raced to pass Dale to catch Kent and Andrew half way around the third lap. Ross did not want Kent to be with him David at the sprint finish so did a hard turn on misery lane to see him off. The loan scratch rider David Pike rode on to catch Carl Judd, Kim Howard 2 mins Tina Stenos, Lew Target & Paul Bubb 4 mins and Gordon Spargo, Tony Spark 8mins leaving some well and truly behind so David Pike managed 4th just behind Kent Fuller 3rd Ross West 2nd and David O Dwyer the winner. Carl Judd 5th and Kim Howard 6th managed to stay close to the scratch man David who also was fastest time 1.07.31 

Sunday, July 29

Round 3 – Community Care Chemist scratch series (Winchelsea kermesse Circuit, Timed scratch races)

Well done to the thirty or so who raced at Winchelsea on Sunday, it was quite windy with a very tough head wind finish, the races were cut short due to the increasing windy gusts.  All the grades racing were well fought for with some tired legs at the finish, a fast tail wind or tough head wind to deal with.

A Grade

The strong winds made for some good racing.
The brief rain storm threatened to make the race tougher but passed by quickly.
The first few laps were used to check the conditions and get a feel for the course before the regular attacks began to take place.
These were into the head/cross winds, tail/cross winds, cross winds and up the 5% gradient on the back straight.
Rick Buckwell chanced his luck around the 1hr mark and was dangling 150m up the front for a lap.
The chase came early as the race was shortened and Andy Baker did a stellar job to bridge the gap within a short time.
The sprint was taken out by Dave Newett from Andrew Goodwin in a close finish into the strong head wind.

B Grade

With 8 riders it was going to be another even and tough race. From the start Daryl Suter was prepared to break up the group with multiple attacks and solo off the front for a couple of laps. Steven O’Neal was also left out the front for a few laps while everyone else were saving their legs. About one hour into the race Steve creeped off the front then again Daryl attacked to to join him with Kane on his wheel, these three finally got  a brake and started working together for a couple of laps with Nick Brown and Nigel Pearson chasing hard and who both eventually caught the leading three to have a group of five for the final laps. The last lap came up faster than expected, Nigel started the first effort into the wind to the finish line with Steven on his wheel, Kane caught up with a small gap to the other two. Kane started the sprint to the line but run out of legs with Daryl too strong and rolling over for the win. 1st Daryl Suter, 2nd Kane Airey, 3rd Steven O’Neil. Kane and Daryl now lead B grade equal on points with one race remaining.

C Grade

Some may ask why we worry about electronic timing??? Well here is a good result, the time keeper and co on the finish line picked Peter Wynne for the C grade win, but the timing system doesn’t lie, Craig Van Dort won by 200th’s of a second, so well do Craig, Peter owes you $5 and Peter will be happy as he gets to stay in C grade!
The course/location/coffee was a success despite the inclement weather.

Only 4 riders in C grade braved the harsh weather conditions for the Winchelsea scratch race.
The first two laps were neutral giving the riders time to familiarise themselves with the course and weather conditions.
Lap after lap saw the same thing with the group working well together, Craig Van Dort looking probably the strongest and Michael Hartman struggling a little in the wind.
The race came to life after the bell with Michael Hartman from northern trying to force a breakaway, Peter Wynne quickly closed it down and sat on bringing the group back together. At the end of Barwon Terrace and Michael put in another big effort to break from the group but Peter closed it down again and the group reformed.
On to Austin Street coming up to the sprint and Michael had his last throw of the dice with his last attempt at a breakaway. The group instantly closed Michael down and went passed with only about a K to go, Peter was now leading the group along Austin Street and Craig Attacked almost 300 meters out. Craig pushed hard and had almost a full bike length on Peter with about 100 m to go but Peter Was starting to real him in and crossed the line by just behind Craig who held on by 200th’s of a second.
1st Craig Van Dort 2nd Peter Wynne 3rd Marcus Coppock

D Grade

We all gathered in Winchelsea in windy & wet conditions for the maiden running of the Winchelsea circuit.
D grade had Johnny “the breakaway king/queen” Parrello, Dave “the tactician” Spence, Daryl “the Speed Demon” Hilton, Carl “ i’ll leave nothing in the Tank” Judd, Gavin “I lost the bloody wheel” Gamble, Jamie “The Gap closer” Robinson , Steve “The worker” McLachlan and Brian”the weapon” Wepner
Cutting to the chase, the Breakaway King took off with approx 4 to 5 laps to go. The tactician said leave him out there, just need to work as a group, they all agreed that it would be great to leave him out there. Group moral was high. They all followed the Break away king around with the whole group taking turns in particular the speed Demon, The Tactician, ill leave nothing in the tank & the worker,
I lost the wheel & the weapon did a bit whilst The Gap closer muttered something about later?
Last lap all working well other than I lost the wheel, who lost the bloody wheel, home straight into a head wind, first an effort by the worker then an enormous effort by the Gap Closer, then the tactician & the worker the breakaway King was out the back, all was left was for the weapon to come over the top, second the worker followed by tactician in third.
Brian was looking the Most Combative rider in the TDF to qualify, not necessarily the winner, animated the race & provided entertainment, Johnny, you provided all in spades ♠

1st Brian Wepner, 2nd Steve McLachlan, 3rd David Spence.

E Grade

Only four members raced today, its was about who was happy to sit on in a small group. Paul Bubb had a few breaks and Andrew Booth was back for his first race in some time also worked hard. Paul was too strong into the head wind even though he would have been the perfect sit.

1st Paul Bubb, 2nd Andrew Booth, 3rd Darren Richards

F Grade

Ken Mansfield deserves a mention for battling the wind solo for an hour.

Cafe Lahoot at Winchelsea was well utilised and the winners all got a free coffee!. Thanks to the corner marshals for standing out in the cold wind for over an hour, awesome job, Dennis, Richard and Dave for their on course work and Gordon Spargo for setup and collecting and dropping off all the gear at the club rooms.

Wednesday, July 25

Supervets Racing.

Supervets raced Wednesday 25 July at Paraparap saw 20 starters line

up in fairly cool conditions. Geoff Smith was away first as usual when suddenly some angels started to fall so he dropped out to protect his beloved Mercedes the wind picked as usual down Misery Lane so by the last lap the bunch of West, Buckwell and Riggs helped by Sumner, Fuller and Watson had caught all when

Mal Cole passed them. Onto the straight the fast finishers of the 22 and 19 minute bunch led by Fitzsimons, Judd and Howard passed them with the rest following. Riggs did a Sagan and sprinted past with 50m to go and took a win. Thanks Longy maaate!
1st Murray Riggs 2nd Carl Judd 3rd Kim Howard 4th Barry Primmer 5th Paul Bubb. Fastest time Carl Judd 1.12.09



Sunday, July 22

Round 2 – Community Care Chemist scratch series

Laps plus Nobles Road finishing on Larcombes Road

A Grade 49 km

The A grade six stayed together for the majority of the race with numerous attacks but no breakaways like round one. Cameron Tomlinson who has just got back into racing struggled with the consistent pace and dropped off the back up Nobles Road. The bunch sprint was a close fought affair with Andrew Goodwin finishing the strongest just holding off David Newett for the win.

1st Andrew Goodwin, 2nd David Newett, 3rd Andrew Baker, 4th Robbie Southern, 5th Rick Buckwell.

 B Grade 49 km

8 Riders raced hard today. Graeme Walker and Andrew Reed were prepared to keep the pace high early on and others follow suit as the first two laps were quite quick. Kane Airey attacked on the Forest rd Hill with Andrew Reed the second time and getting a bit of a gap for a few kilometres but were caught again. Nigel Pearson got a flat on the last lap reading the group to 7. Everyone was having a go on the front, Nick Brown put in a couple of solid attacks. Then Stephen O’Neal slowly rolled off the front on the third lap with everyone leaving him out on his own past the club rooms and up misery lane.  Daryl Suter wasn’t happy with any big gaps today and pulled a few breakaways back in. Along to Larcombes Rd Graeme got a good of a gap turning into Nobles, Kane wasn’t happy with Graeme getting away and it took till the top of the first hill to pull Graeme back in. Stephen took the lead down the hill holding a solid pace till the base on the Nobles main climb. Kane rolled over him while increasing the pace over the top of the climb with surprisingly only Nick Oakley on the wheel. Nick rolled to the front and pushed hard till the turn around, Graeme and Stephen got on after the turn around and this quartet worked hard to create a gap over the chasing three. To the sprint finish, Stephen led out Nick, Kane and Graeme and when he kicked the others followed, Stephen and Nick left a nice gap on the right side for Kane to power past to the line. Great racing by all involved.

1st Kane Airey, 2nd Graeme Walker, 3rd Stephen O’Neal, 4th Nick Oakley. 5th Daryl Suter

C Grade 49km

5 Riders contested the days C grade Scratch Race.

The first lap was a leisurely pace set by Craig Van Dort and Darren Brayshaw chatting about tyre width amongst other things on the way round. Lap 2 and Chris French called a holt to the niceties of the previous lap and the pace went up considerably. Lap 3 saw a high pace set by Peter Hunt, Craig and Chris with Peter Wynne and Darren showing the strain of the pace. On to Nobles and after a few attacks the group was start

ing to stretch. Craig put in a massive effort on the hill just before the turn around and Darren was dropped, if one more rider had been able to help Craig it probably would have caused a breakaway. On to Larcombes Rd coming up to the sprint and the pace starts to slow in preparation. A quick look at each other and the sprint was on, the quickest sprint of the day at other 51 kph saw Peter Wynne snatch 1st from Craig Van Dort 2nd and Chris French 3rd Peter Hunt 4th Darren Brawshaw 5th

D grade 49km

Eight riders contested the 49 kilometre scratch race at Paraparap in mild conditions with a moderate north westerly wind. From the gun Ollie King decided he would ride on his own up misery lane. This

left the group to work together holding Ollie out on his own until he came to his senses in Larcombes road and waited for the group. From then on there were a flurry of minor attacks on the Forest road hill and down Grays road to test the strength of those sitting on. Johnny Parrello was particularly active, as was Daryl Hilton and Umberto Scolaro put in a searing turn of pace on the last lap down Grays road and into Hendy Main road. The two Bretts

Chandler and Wiltshire and Ollie spent time on the front while Carl Judd and Paul Bird covered any moves that looked dangerous. When an attack on the Nobles road hill failed and a strong increase in pace coming back down dislodged a couple of riders the final sprint was well set up for six riders. Coming out of the corner onto Larcombs road Daryl Hilton lost composure, spending a few metres in the gravel. Ollie King told all he would lead out the sprint and no one argued as everyone scurried for wheels across the bridge. All this was a bit too soon as Johnny Parrello took the lead a hundred out, but Paul Bird swooped and took the win by 0.025 sec or less than half a wheel.

Results: 1. Paul Bird 2. Johnny Parrello 3. Daryl Hilton 4 Umberto Scolaro 5 Brett Chandler

E Grade 38km

The E grade bunch of 8 rode together for the majority of the race with the four ladies in this group showing their improved strength and

racing tactics.  Again Jamie Robinson showed his experience and strength at the finish by winning the sprint by a couple of bikes lengths over Paul Beasley and Richard Buckwell Snr. 4th Jo Hand. 5th Jenny Denouden, 6th Gordon Spargo, 7th Cecilia Digenis.

F Grade 38km

1st Ken Manfield, 2nd Andrew Kennon.


Wednesday, July 18

Supervets Racing.

A very cold windy day for racing with Graeme Walker collecting the field for the win! Carl Judd taking 2nd Richard Buckwell Sr 3rd & Ross West 3rd

14 resilient riders entered the race of 3 laps over 37 kilometers. The weather was dry for a change with building winds that were sure to impact all riders over the journey.
Walker was the lone scratchman giving 4 minutes to Judd and Primmer. Judd has been racing well and was considered favourite for the race.
Bubb and Stenos were off 8 minutes. Bubb had a win last Sunday and is in solid form. Stenos is trying to regain good health after a stint riding in Europe.
Spark and Riggs off 11 minutes. Spark is in comeback mode after 3 months off the bike with Riggs always putting in a solid performance.
West and Buckwell were off 14 minutes. Buckwell is slowly showing some form and might be a dark horse.
Fuller and Watson off 18 minutes.
Jennings and Smith off 27 minutes.

The race unfolded close to handicap under very strong gusty winds up Misery Lane with Walker making up 3 minutes on 2nd scratch in the first lap.
Judd and Walker joined forces down Greys Rd 2nd lap and set a smooth tempo to reel in the field.
Bubb and Stenos were caught up Misery Lane with a lap to go and Spark and Riggs were next to be caught with Riggs managing a slow leak was not going to be able to respond.
West and Buckwell were riding well catching and passing Fuller and Watson and hit the lead in the last lap.
Walker and Judd caught limit and 2nd limit in the last lap and after a solid chase caught West and Buckwell in Hendy Main Rd with Buckwell holding wheels until well into Misery Lane.
Walker and Judd fought out the win with Walker winning by a wheel over Judd.
Other placings were Buckwell 3rd, West 4th, Stenos 5th, Bubb 6th, Riggs 7th, Fuller 8th and Spark 9th.
Thanks to all support staff making it possible for the race to be held in the strong cold wind.

Sunday, July 15

Community Care Chemist scratch series round 1

A Grade

7 riders set off from start at club rooms heading along Hendy Main road towards Nobles road still all together.

Turned into Nobles road for the 1st time & there where some little attacks but nothing sustained all together at turn around, once turned the group seemed to let Robbie Southern off the front which Robbie then put his head down & thought “I’m gunna give this a crack”. 

Robbie opened up a gap which seemed to grow with every pedal stroke by the time he turned into Nobles road for the last time he had a big break up to 3 minutes on the group. Andrew Baker put in a solid effort and chased for second and also stayed clear from the rest of the field.

1st Robbie Southern 2nd Andrew Baker 3rd Dave Newett

B Grade.

The slow grade of the day!. Nine very even riders a early few attacks by Daryl Suter but no one wanted to go with him, Nick Brown and Kane got away for a few kilometres along Nobles Rd the second time but were again pulled back in. The group stayed together till the final Nobles Rdhill with Craig Hannah tried to tire everyone out with one last effort. The two sitters of the day were the freshest at the end and powered up the final hill with Nick Oakleytaking the win from Daryl Suter 2nd and Nick Brown 3rd.

C Grade.

This group worked well at a solid pace throughout the race with not many attacks, with Darren Williams keeping the pace up early. The group stayed together for the whole race, they nearly caught the B graders!. Laurie Lynch showed his experience in scratch racing playing it smart and taking a great win from David Lambourn and Marcuss Coppock

D Grade

The day started with a leisurely ride to Nobles road where the pace increased and Gavin Gamble lost contact with the group. On the return it was discussed we have to head out Nobles Road 3 times. This kept the pace under control and the group together. The start of the final lap saw an attack on the downhill section of Nobles Road and a counter attack on Forest Road. Team Torquay worked well to pull the break away in. The ride from Grays back to Nobles was very easy with one member of Team Torquay left on the front to do all the work. A very wise man of the group suggested just leave him there, the remaining riders were more than happy with this tactic. A late attack on Nobles Road left it for two to contest the sprint.

Results 1st Dave Spence 2nd Daryl Hilton 3rd Brain Weppner 4th Carl Judd 5th Johnny Parrello 6th Paul Bird 7th Gavin Gamble

E Grade

A field of 9 riders took to the course. The Bunch worked together over the first two laps until the second time up the Nobles Hill. Darren Richards gradually put his strength to the pedals on the climb until 3 riders (Jenny, Terry & Cecilia) were dropped by the final U-turn at Nobles.

The remaining Bunch worked evenly over Forrest, Greys and into Hendy-Main for the last time. Well ….that was until Dave Phillips thought he heard his Mum calling home home for an early lunch (!??!). He did a strong turn on the front before the club house then bid his comrades adieu and turned right to go home.

The remaining Bunch worked evenly up Misery and into Larcombs heading for Nobles and home.

Just as the Bunch started up the Nobles Hill, Richards launched an attack from the back, after sitting mischievously and semi-invisible for a couple of kms – he’s learning fast. Bubb chased him followed by Spargo and Hand. Bubb slowly bridged across by the time Richards hit the false flat to the line ….and sat On!!! At 300 metres Bubb launched a blistering (like a snail on Valium) counter attack to just win on the line. Placings: 2. Richards, 3. Spargo, 4. Hand, 5. Hall, 6. Digenis.

Jo Hand won the Torquay Joinery Club T-Shirt for Best Placed Female of the Day and is a rider to watch. A great ride by Carolyn Hall who is now a Racer in strong good company. Special mention to Cecilia who rode the last lap solo but not too far off her Bunch – she’ll nail the last part of hills and be there in the races ahead. Welcome back Jenny from a long break and who will soon be back to her old strong form with a few more races.


Wednesday, July 11

Supervets Racing.

A keen and select group met at the club to be greeted by the onset of rain (it sounds very heavy on the roof of the awning) around 9:20. John Watson did a straw poll on potential riders and commissioned the preparation of the course. Shortly after the precipitation increased and the several riders were less enthusiastic. A side issue arose when a rider in a local training group came down near the clubrooms and First Aiders hurried to assist the young lady who grazed her wrist. This distraction was regularly interrupted by calls from the referee seeking rider confirmation. Finally a call “we will start in 15 mins” forced hurried changes of kit, bike preparation etc. A key strategic decision was made to hold a “sealed handicap” race for the now core group of 10 riders with the first lap as a neutral ride and two laps of racing.
The handicapper/timekeeper/judge decided to start the race from the shelter and comfort of the awning at the clubrooms which led to a leisurely pace. After the first lap a strong group (Walker, Lambourn, Judd, Collie, Primmer) broke away from the group up Forest Rd while the remainder were strung out behind.
By this time the rain had eased but the road was very wet, particularly the corrugations along Forest Rd. Traffic was light but the couple of oncoming trucks threw a heavy spray out. After a lap Collie was dropped and then Judd, meanwhile Phillips joined Primmer who earlier had slipped off the leading bunch and the two worked steadily together. At the rear a couple of riders felt the magnetic attraction of the clubrooms and left Ken Mansfield to carry on so that 7 riders completed the course. When the handicapper revealed his race settings the following places were Phillips 1st, Judd 2nd,Mansfield 3rd, Lambourn 4th and fastest time, Walker 5th.

Sunday, July 8

No club racing.

Colac’s Ted Taylor memorial race was taken away by the GSCC. With 35 or so riders entered and a few pulling out due to the strong winds and rain. Only one limit rider started and he had pulled out before being caught by the 14min group who were then caught by the 10min group. These combined riders stayed away to the finish with GSCC taking all placings. Congratulations to Peter Wynne for winning at Colac again, Marcus Coppock for 2nd and Steven Douglas for finishing Third. Brian Wepner 6th and Nick Brown 7th. The scratch group took 50 km to catch the second scratch riders in very tough windy conditions. Thanks to Colac Vets for the day.
Comment from Steven O’Neal; Good work Peter, 50% of the time it works 100% of the time in Colac

Wednesday, July 4

Supervets Racing

13 Brave racers took on the Paraparap course. Graeme Walker collected the field to take 1st & Fastest! 2nd goes to his Co-marker David Lambourn at his first Supervets Race. 3rd Paul Bubb 4th Mal Cole 5th Murray Riggs
Race Report by Graeme Walker:
Today’s race was 3 laps of the usual course of approx 37k.

13 riders fronted up today to ride in mild conditions with a building wind forecast. The low numbers meant small bunches in the field with the scratch riders of Lambourn and Walker chasing riders leaving 4, 8, 12, 18 and 27 minutes in front of them. With the large gaps between bunches it would take some time to get a visual on the bunch/s ahead.
As riders were started up “ Misery Lane” the wind was building which swung from a head wind to side head wind.

Mansfield headed off as the lone limit rider off the 27 minute mark with a mammoth task ahead of possibly riding the entire course on his own trying to keep all chasers at bay. All this with an ever increasing wind. Mansfield has shown before he is up to the task winning various races under the same conditions.

Fuller also was a sole rider off 18 minutes giving Mansfield a 9 minute start with the chasing bunch 6 minutes behind. The maths for Fuller to win this were simple, basically ride 3 minutes per lap faster than Mansfield.

Riggs, Phillips, West and Buckwell formed the largest bunch of the field off 12 minutes and looked the possible winners if they could stay together, ride smoothly and look after each other.

Cole, Bubb and Primmer off 8 minutes are experienced campaigners and new they needed to be smooth and strong to bring back the field.

Judd and Collie riding off 4 minutes have both been riding very well in recent races with Judd winning last weeks Super Vets race and placing in in Sundays handicap also. Collie is a valuable ally in such tough conditions with both needing to focus on the task ahead.

The scratch bunch of Lambourn and Walker had the task and field ahead of them. They certainly needed to hold a solid pace, ride smoothly and keep together for any chance of a win.

After all riders were dispatched off the starting line it was obvious that the pace set by the 12 minute bunch was too fast for West who dropped off the bunch early in the race leaving only 3 riders to complete the task of winning the race.

After the first lap the north westerly had strengthened giving greater assistance up both Forrest Rd and Greys Rd leaving a tough ride back along Hendy Main Rd with cross winds up misery Lane. It certainly was going to be a big ask to win the race from any bunch.

The bunches were riding well giving all riders a chance to win. In the second lap Scratch had the 4 minute bunch in their sights but did not catch them until Greys Rd. The combined bunch split up Misery Lane leaving only scratch in the chase for the final lap. Primmer had dropped off his 8 minute bunch and was the next to be caught and passed by scratch with both the 8 and 12 minute bunches now in their sight but well ahead.
Turning into Hendy Main Rd on the final lap, scratch were slowly closing the gaps with the Cole and Bubb off 8 minutes caught before turning into Misery Lane.

This left the 12, 18 and 27 minute bunches ahead yet to be caught with Riggs Phillips and Buckwell being caught early up Misery Lane. It appears that Fuller off 18 minutes had withdrawn from the race leaving Mansfield still up the road with the combined chasing bunch swelling as bunches were caught.

Mansfield was reeled in after a valiant solo effort yet again leaving the scratch riders to set the pace to the line. The cross winds up misery Lane took their toll leaving only Bubb able to hold the wheels of scratch before he also succumbed to the effort leaving Lambourne and Walker the lead riders turning into the home straight with Lambourn leading out the sprint and Walker crossing the line in first place with Lambourn 2nd. This was Walkers second handicap win of the year.

The field was strung out into single riders over the finishing line with Bubb showing great strength to cross for 3rd with Cole close by for 4th and Riggs putting in a solid ride for 5th. Other placings were Phillips 6th, Mansfield 7th, Judd 8th, Collie 9th, Buckwell 10th with Primmer being the last finisher in 11th place.

Sunday, July 1

Darren Williams take his first handicap win!

A cold start to a nice winter morning with a westerly wind. Thirty six starters with two off limit and two off scratch with 38 minutes between. Vickerys rd, Hendy Main to Forest Rd plus laps finish Larcombes A for 55 km. 

The 8.30 group of Darren Williams Peter Hunt Marcus Coppock and David Lambourne had the best day with the rest of the quicker groups riding solo for the whole race and the scratch pair of Greg Hosking and Andrew Goodwin having their own scratch race and not making the usual progress.

Darren held on strong to the finish line with Peter Cone not far behind

1st Darren Williams

2nd Peter Cone

3rd Johnny Parello

4th Marcus Coppock

5th Peter Hunt.

Fastest time Andrew Goodwin.

Wednesday, June 27

Supervets Racing

On Wednesday 27 June the race was scheduled for 2 laps of the Paraparap circuit plus out and back Nobles Rd with the finishing line up hill after the creek. The referee said the fog was clear around this circuit so the race was on.

There were 16 starters on the day even though the conditions were cold with virtually no wind. First away was K Mansfield 25 mins followed by J Watson on 20mins, K Fuller and I Sumner 17mins. A solid bunch of four, M Riggs, D Phillips, R West and R Buckwell were next away on 14mins then P Bubb and B Primmer 10 mins followed by C Judd, T Collie and L Fitzsimmons of 5mins. T Murrell paying the price for his win 2 weeks ago was put of 4mins with a big task ahead of him. Last to leave the start line were the scratch bunch of G Walker and P Rettke.

Now with all the groups despatched the riders settled in to the job at hand. The smaller groups held together well but the 14min group were having problems holding it together and separated on more than one occasion. T Murrell knew he had to catch the 5min bunch as quickly as possible if he had any chance of staying ahead of the strong chasing scratch bunch. This he did and then these 4 riders settled into a strong, smooth working rhythm. It wasn’t until the Nobles Rd section where the race started to unfold with the riders in front pushing hard to stay away from the hard chasing bunch of 4 & 5 min.

At the turn in Nobles Rd the 4 & 5 min bunch could see they were in a good position if they could chase down the persistent front markers who were now splintered into ones and twos with no major group ahead. It was also apparent after the turn that the hard chasing scratch men were rapidly running out of kilometres to gather them in. The 4 & 5 min group lifted after the turn and the chase was on gathering the front markers up along the last section of Nobles Rd and the last of them after they turned into Larcombes Rd.

Now this group which was growing in size settled in for the sprint. L Fitzsimmons was the first to push for the finish line with B Primmer grasping this opportunity to better his position. T Murrell then made his move with C Judd locked on his wheel. In the final push for the finish line it was C Judd who got to the line ahead of T Murrell 2nd, B Primmer being rewarded for making good position earlier in the sprint was 3rd with T Collie 4th, P Bubb 5th, L Fitzsimmons 6th. G Walker secured fastest time in 1:04:54.

Well done to the handicapper bringing all the riders together in the last 700 meters. Report by Carl Judd

Sunday, June 24

Sunday Scratch Racing on a new course.

Vickery’s Road all the way to Gundry’s Rd out to Anglesea rd turn around back to Vickery’s Rd up the hill, left into Hendry Main Rd, into Grays Rd, left into Forest Rd, turn around at  Gundry’s Rd to Gum flats, down and up Gum flats Rd, left into Forest Rd, over the Forest Rd hill left into Larcombes finish at Larcombes B. Thanks Kane!

A Grade: 1st Gregory Hosking 2nd Andrew Goodwin 3rd David Newett Welcome back Dave!
B Grade: 1st Steven O’Neil 2nd Michael Hazeldine (Northern) 3rd Chris Fenech
C Grade: David Lambourn 2nd Umberto ‘Bert’ Scolaro 3rd Vincent Haveaux
D Grade: 1st Jamie Robinson 2nd Paul Bubb 3rd / First Lady Jo Hand

Wednesday, June 20

Supervets Racing

No results provided

Sunday, June 17

Racing cancelled due to weather conditions

Wednesday, June 13

Supervets Racing

1st Tony Murrell, 2nd Carl Judd, 3rd David Pike, 4th Mark Cummings, 5th Bill Dempsey, 6th Peter McWaters


Sunday, June 10

No racing due to long weekend

Wednesday, June 6

Supervets Racing

no results submitted

Sunday, June 3

Hendry Cycles Handicap

The 2018 Hendry Cycles handicap was run in perfect conditions for June. The race started with a crisp cool 5c and no wind and the front markers were strutting early. A total of 47 riders fronted the starter with limit starting 46 mins ahead of the back markers.

It was new comer Brett Wiltshire recording his first win riding off the 22 min mark with Colac riders Larry Nocera 2nd and Ralph Islet 3rd, Steve O’neil 4th and Arne Van Der Schans 5th followed by 6th Peter Cone, 7th Gavin Gamble, 8th Darren Williams, 9th Carl Judd, 10th Johnny Parrello, Gary Wearmouth fastest time.

Thanks to Hendry Cycles for sponsoring the race for another year and special thanks to John Stenos and Tina Stenos for cooking up post race souvlakis for all

Wednesday, May 30

Supervets Racing

Tina Stenos, was able to kick clear on Misery Lane from the 3 bandits; Mal, Cecilia and Gordon to claim the win! This was Tina’s first SuperVet win for the year. In a field of 21 she rode from 10 mins with Mal and Peter chasing the limit markers of Michael and Geoff, the one lap specialist, then the lone 25 min marker of Ken, who was being chased by David, Ken, Ian & John who was channeling “No Gap” through his glove. The 12 minute bunch of Lew, Cecilia, Tony, who has been busy winning his age group at the Great Ocean Road Half Marathon were being lead by Gordon to become a smooth well oiled machine. Tina and Mal lost Peter on the second lap of Misery Lane as they worked hard to stay away from the back markers. Tina and Mal caught the well oiled machine then the 12 min bunch to form a “Super Bunch” everyone put in an effort until Misery Lane broke them.

All that remained were the 4 Bandits. A gap formed on Forest Road for Cecilia but she powered on to get back to the Bandits! Barry was the lone rider on 7 mins until he was caught on the first lap of Grays Road by Tony, Juddy, Where is everyone? and Laurie (punctured 2nd lap). They never saw anyone until the fast moving Scratch bunch of Graeme and David being led by Mark “No gap” Cummings passed them at speed. Scratch was disappointed that we didn’t wait! “No Gap” was clearly the strongest but Graeme just managed to “GAP” Mark to steal fastest time!

1st Tina Stenos, 2nd Mal Cole, 3rd Cecilia Digenis 4th Gordon Spargo 5th & Fastest Graeme Walker 6th David Pike. Ok maybe I told a fib about “no gap”!
Welcome back to Peter McWaters. 

Thank you to referee Ross West, the set up crew and the marshals who make racing possible. 

Sunday, May 27

No club racing instead riders raced in the Colac Open hosted by Colac

A sunny morning greeted us at Cororooke for the 2018 Colac May Open. I arrived feeling quietly confident today as the outmarker along with the tireless worker Ian Sumner that we may be able to hold on for 30-40 km before being overtaken. As the “road general” Ian said the plan was simple, go as hard as we can for as long as we can. A couple of early climbs then the course flattened out a bit around the lake, as we hit the highway around the 30 km mark we hear over race radio that we are holding the group behind so we pedal onwards towards the next goal at 40km. As the 40 km passes and still no sign of the bunch so although tiring we both push hard up the hill back towards Alvie.

Near the top of the climb Ian gives me the nod to push on without him so when I reach the top it is full speed ahead towards the finish, legs hurting but determined to not look back, just suffer. With a lack of cohesion in the chasers proving to be costly I take my first look behind with 500 to go and can see riders coming at me but luckily I hold on by about 20 meters from the fast finishing Marcus Coppock

1st Darren Richards

2nd Marcus Coppock,

3rd Jim Burzacott,

4th Howard Duncan (all 18 min)

5th Gavin Gamble,

6th Kevin Lee,

7th Tina Stenos,(all 22 min)

8th Umberto Scolaro (should have been 22 but 18 min as he forgot his knicks, HaHa he won’t do that again),

9th Vincent Haveaux (18min) and

10th Ian Sumner (limit).

Fastest time: Tim Canny Eureka

Well Done to GSCC for taking 8 of the top 10 places!! 

Wednesday, May 23

Supervets Racing

Terry Robinson wins the race

2nd Ross West

3rd Ken Fuller

4th Gordon Spargo

5th & Fastest Time Graeme “Pink socks” Walker

Sunday, May 20

No club racing instead riders raced in the Race for Ray held at Lake Learmouth by Eureka

Wednesday, May 16

Supervets Racing

This week was 2 laps and then up Nobles road, B finish. There was more than $200 for the first 6 which kindly donated by Alan Sanford.
Bubby takes the win! 2nd Kim Howard 3rd Tina Stenos 4th Terry Robinson 5th Harold Bentley 6th Ross West Fastest time: Graeme Walker

Today’s Race had an added incentive of an additional $200 prize money due to the generosity of ‘old’ club man Alan Stanford.
Alan has ‘absconded’ to the wilds of Nth Queensland to warm his riders bones. He may have wished he had been present yesterday to defend his honour based on the post-race tales of Terry Robinson and Brian Long. Seriously, thanks Alan from all your old and newer club mates.

Due to Alan’s incentive …..there has never been a bigger meeting of ‘Burglars’ since the 1981 Reunion of Pentridge Prison’s ‘A’ Division at The Brunswick Hotel.

The course was two laps of ‘old’ faithful then up and back on Nobles with the ‘B’ Finish. The weather Gods were kind with little breeze and only being a little brisk. Tommy Gray warmed up by linking his wind trainer to the solar system but was going so hard he nearly blew up the new Urn!!!!
(Editor’s note: The Race Reporter was so ‘tired & emotional’ post race that he neglected to collect the bunch gossip ……so in true style “What he doesn’t know – he’ll make up.)

Seven groups greeted the Starter with the unusually still day on the course meaning the Back Markers & Scratch (25 & 28 minutes) would be given no favours by either the Handicapper or the Wind today.

Last week’s impressive winner ‘Cool Hand Luke’ Cummins (with recent stunning interstate and overseas palamers), surveyed his 3 minutes co-markers – adjusted his aero helmet straps and placed his latex (leave no finger prints) gloves on the bars. Marcus (Ease Into It Boys) Coppock and Diesel Lynch were keen to make the Scratch Mob work and adjusted their balaclavas accordingly.

The Scratchies were like the old Arm Robbery Squad …… and as Gilbert & Sullivan sang ….”We Run Them In!!!’ Based on the team form, including Bill (Chuck Faulkner) Dempsey’s impressive win on the preceding Sunday, it meant that the Division 4 Squad were confident because the squad also included known hard men (Gerard Kennedy) Walker, (Terry Donovan) Pike and (Ted Hamilton) Ross. (Note: Wikipedia has a lot to answer for ….and yeah I know I should have been doing my home work instead of watching TV – but at least I didn’t make any references to #96!!!).

The 10 Minute Likely Lads Gang was lead by Yosimite Sam Judd, with Roger Rabbit Collie, The Duracell Man Gray and “I’m Back” The Terminator Murrell. They had a good gap and like the previous week, Judd and Collie thought that the back pockets of ‘Glutes’ Howard and ‘Wind Sock’ Bubb would be easy to pick at just 4 minutes ahead. But had they factored in the Improved Alarm System Mk 11 Version with the addition of the ‘Pancho’ Stenos (Is it a bit Chile here?) & ‘Knuckles’ Spargo Update model???

The old ’56 Dodge Ute ‘Get Away Vehicle’ of the 18 Minutes Gang included the usual likely lads of ‘Squizzy’ Sumner, ‘Diamond Jim’ Tatchell, ‘Gelignite’ West, ‘Stickem’ Up Fuller, Tommy Gun Robinson. However they were now joined by the Bonnie (Digenis) and Clyde (Bentley) of Super VETS. Suddenly the consistent good favour that had been afforded the front markers of late had seemly been further enhanced …… Like an Appalachian Moonshiner’s DEA ‘Get Away Vehicle’ ….the old Dodge was now super-charged and running on Nitro. Clyde Bentley’s envelope …..(or was it a horse’s head in bed) …. had worked wonders on the Handicapper.

Squizzy Taylor Smithy led out proceedings followed by the ‘Italian Gang’ of Enzo Keenan and Mario Lanza Sonogan at 4 minutes.

(Note from Editor: You can tell that from all the padding so far the writer has not a clue about what was happening in the groups behind throughout the race.)

With the wind not a factor, the handicapper had made good use time. Over the first two laps gaps came slowly down – though not dramatically. Smithy, Keenan and Sonogan were reeled back by the super-charged 10 minute Gang. Tatchell and Sumner had been overcome with the nitro fumes of the Dodge and slipped off the tail gate in the later stages of lap 2. However, Sumner threw his rappelling hook (old burglar’s tool) over the 14 Minute Gang and did a fantastic job of hanging on for 3/4 of a lap until the last time up Misery. The 14 Gang worked steadily and only caught sight of Moonshiners 18 Gang tail lights far ahead as they entered Hendy-Main for the last time. All others were gradually making time up on each other, but not dramatically – a credit to all Gangs.

Meanwhile, in the 16 Gang, it was beginning to look like the post rest day from the Giro (N.B. Editor: I had to squeeze in at least one Giro & Mitchellton-Scott reference …and what – with Italy the home of Mafia etc and …..as they said “Rome wasn’t built in a day; however they had perfected the Macchiato by Week 3”.) The groupetto was now under the control of the Patronne – Esteban Stenos-Charvez as she lead the chase to catch or not be caught. In her wake Sam Bubby-Bewley, no longer her stand over lieutenant in the pelton (- well except in pre and post race photos) grimly held on with Gluts Howard and Knuckles Spargo as they headed up Misery and into Larcombs.

As usual, the visual margins on Nobles Road would reveal all. All in close range now, the Hunters were being Hunted. No group felt totally comfortable. The Flying Squad were flying with Terry Donovan Pike on the drops on front looking like he was doing Caleb Ewing in sprint mode impersonations with his Division 4 colleagues ready to spring from the Divi Van and make the arrests.

All groups were flying back down Nobles, each group breathing down the necks of those in front. By now Clyde Bentley was on the front driving the 18 Gang. It looked like some of the running boards of the old dodge were about to blow off. He later reported that he had been particularly supported by Bonnie Degenis and TG Robinson with others helping along the way.

The 14 Gang knew, that with Duracell Gray leading the 10 Gang’s rampage downhill, ….everything was on the line. So like a ‘teeth missing’ patron of the Richmond Hotel, Knuckles Spargo responded like a man hearing “Last Drinks!!” at the old 6 p.m. closing time (you youngens ……ask ya Pop ….or ya Nana), Spargo led the charge down hill until he could swill no more.

One the descent down to Layards Rd turn off, the 14 Gang charged at the 18 Gang. As usual ….the old Referees in the 18 Bunch were spread across the road (aka “Do as I say not as I Do”.), each trying to muscle onto the wheel of Clyde Bentley. The 14 Gang minus the Knuckles put on a passing burst to hit the corner first ……and of course, obey the Marshall’s and Referee’s ‘no corner cutting instructions’ into the final approach to the line up Larcombs.

Bubby-Bewley lead them through the corner to the creek then passed it over the real strong person, Stenos-Charvez. To their surprise ‘Clyde’ Bentley slotted into second wheel followed by his gang standing on the back of the ute and the running boards with their ‘tommy guns’ a blazing!!! A long sprint (a sprint??? mmmm) of about 400 metres opened up with a seemingly endless up drag. After a great effort of being easily the strongest in her group Stenos (3rd) was pipped on the line by co-markers Bubb (1st), Howard (2nd) and a strong sprint by Robinson (4th). Bentley finished in 5th, having experienced his first ‘non-malicious’ sprinting squeeze drastically dropping back over the last 50 metres, and West (6th) rounding out the major place getter’s. Walker finished with the Fastest Time of 1:00:11 from the powerful group.

In a pretty evenly handicapped race, most groups hung together and hunted in packs with only the 14 Gang catching the 18 Gang about 1.5 km from the finish and then managing to only hang on by a bees …..abdomen.

Thanks to all the Officials, without you we don’t Race, and once again, a big thank you to Alan Sandford for your generous gift to the Club.

Burglars R Us

Sunday, May 13

2018 Mothers day handicap race was run in ideal conditions given what was served up the previous day. A small field of 27 riders fronted the starter for the mad dash around the 3 laps of Paraparap.

In the end it was the 5 min mark staying out in front to win the race with Bill Dempsey 1st, Dave Warren 2nd and Darren Brayshaw from the 7 min bunch 3rd with Darren Williams 4th and Steve McLachlan 5th, Greg Hosking fastest time

Wednesday, May 9

Supervets Racing

Like one of Bob Dylan’s evergreen songs, the answer today, was definitely blowing in the wind. So lets run with that theme hey? :

How many years can a mountain exist?
I don’t know but bloody Layards felt like it has been there a while and with the headwind it got steeper each time up…..it hurt.

Yes and how many times must a man look up?
Before he misses a corner you mean?….this was a factor of a left lung protruding from a right nostril coupled with lactic stars in the eyes….but someone very much got it wrong at Nobles and Layards today. Lucky “Holler for a Marshall Judd” hollered at the right time and not too much damage was done.

Yes and how many ears must one man have?
Before he can hear Carl Judd yell out …..”wrong way you dickhead”…..

Yes and how many times can a man turn his head?
….and see yet another 2nd scratch bunch member “getting gapped” and scratch bearing down like Bill Shorten on your franking credit. First the Neil Jeffs “pop” on misery, the Laurie Fitzsimmons “misfire” on Nobles and the Howard Duncan “fizzle” on Layards…….oh no, can’t blame any body now….alone and a long way out.

In summary, another fantastic day at the Supervets World Championships……thank you to the marshalls and particularly our wonderful and visionary handicapper….chopping block is awesome.

PLACINGS: 1st Mark Cummings
2nd Carl Holler Judd
3rd Tony Ross (Fastest Time)
4th Graeme Walker
5th Kym Howard (great ride Kym!)
6th Howard Fizzle Duncan
Report by Mark Cummings.

Note from Co Ordinator The race next week is 2 laps and then up Nobles road B finish. There is going to be over $200 up for the winners, money coming from Alan Sandford’s generous donation. I hope to see lots of you there. Cheers Ross West

Sunday, May 6

Graded scratch racing start/results list

Wednesday, May 2

Supervets Racing

Today’s race was conducted under sunny conditions and with predominantly North Westerly winds that gradually increased in strength throughout the race. This made conditions difficult for the out makers as they raced alone misery lane the second time. Twenty five riders were sent-off in 7 bunches with scratch giving away 25 minutes to limit. Geoff Smith was the first rider to make the turnaround in Nobles road. The 22 minute bunch of Ken Mansfield, Sandford and Stuart were working well together over the hills in Nobles road. Ian Sumner was driving the 15 minute bunch with Kim Howard organising the bunch to work smoothly. The 9 minute bunch of Budd, Stenos, Bentley and Primmer were making good time on the 13 minute bunch of Robinson, West and Buckwell. The four scratch riders Ross, Pike, Fitzsimmons and Duncan were also riding smoothly and gaining time on the second scratch riders Coppock, Murrell, Collie, Judd and Gray.

The head wind in Henty Main Road started to take toll on the out makers with the 15 minute bunch being lead by Howard and O’Dwyer catching the leaders at the start of misery lane. The 13 minute bunch was caught by the fast moving 9 minute bunch and was slowly reducing the gap to the 15 minute bunch.

The second scratch bunch was still holding the scratch bunch at bay, by working long smooths turns of pace. As the leaders entered misery lane Howard and O’Dwyer continued to drive into the head wind and slowly pulled away from the rest of the bunch. The 9 minute bunch was working well together and continued to close the gap to Howard and O’Dwyer. As the leaders turned into Nobles Road for the last time they had a handy 2 minute lead on the chasing 9 minute bunch. The second scratch bunch riders were all riding strongly, making it difficult for scratch to catch them.

As the two leaders turned into Larcombes Road for the sprint, they still had a good lead over the fast finishing 9 minute bunch. Second scratch and scratch were not far behind with all riders driving hard to reduce the gaps. Kim Howard lead out the sprint at the 200 metre mark O’Dwyer just managed to get to the front on the line to take out a very close finish. The 9 minute bunch sprinted for the minor placings with Harold Bentley holding off Tina Stenos and Paul Budd and Barry Primmer. The fastest time honours were taken out by a fast finishing David Pike in a very respectable time of 1:03:46.

The final placings 1st David O’Dwyer, 2nd Kim Howard 3rd Harold Bentley 4th Tina Stenos 5th Paul Budd 6th Barry Primmer. Fastest Time David Pike 1:03:46

Sunday, April 29

Hell of the South scratch racing

Grades A & B 54 kms and grades D, E & F 43 kms of edge of your seat racing. With dry conditions being experienced in early Autumn the roads for this years Hell of the South were soft with loose gravel patches which left riders with ‘heart in the mouth’ moments as they tried to steer their bikes out of gravel drifts. The approach to the T intersection of Loutit Bay/Pettavel rd provided the most adrenalin rush with all riders finding it very difficult to negotiate this stretch without having to readjust their steering or letting their bike ride out the gravel drift until they hit the bitumen.

A Grade

1st Gary Wearmouth, 2nd Andrew Baker, 3rd Rick Buckwell then Kane Airey, dnf David Warren

B Grade/C grade

1st Craig Van Dort, 2nd Jessica Douglass, 3rd Ant Callan then Kim Sagnol, Darren Williams, Ian Amsden dnf Daryl Suter, Craig Hannah

D Grade

1st Brett Chandler then dnf Paul Bubb, Gordon Spargo, Carl Judd, Neil Jeffs

E Grade

1st Darren Richards, 2nd Cecilia Digenis dnf David O’Dwyer

F Grade

1st Danielle Bond

Wednesday, April 25

VVCC Top Tech Panels 77 km Benghazi Open Handicap Race.

Congratulations to Benghazi Open winner GSCC rider Steve O’Neill 1st place.

-2nd Shaun Francis.

-3rd Noel Said.

Fastest Time: 1:48:24
– Stephen Lane

Sunday, April 22

KVA Design Autumn Sash Race – Secret training wins the race for the out markers.

Ken Mansfield had very recently completed 1600 km over 19 days along the Murray River then last week the 100+km loop around the Bellerine in atrocious conditions, he chose not to let the handicapper know of his secret training.

A foggy start to a great morning of racing for the 50 entries to the 2018 edition of the KVA Design Autumn sash race. Andrew Kennon and Ken Mansfield off limit with a 48 minute start to a strong scratch bunch of eight riders with seven groups in between, with a slight westerly blowing and big time gaps the limit riders were up for a good race today and with a chance for the win. The course started at Jack’s corner, westerly along Grays Rd, Flaxbournes Rd, Forest Rd and two and half laps finishing in Larcombes Rd for a total of 61 km

Out of all the groups three were making great progress during the race. The third scratch group of Craig Hannah, Craig Van Dort, Harvey Lang, Bill Dempsey, Daryl Suter, Michael Hazeldine and Ian Amsden were moving along well gradually catching the next five bunches over the second half of the race before the last lap started. The scratch group again were flying today and a couple of returned members making this group faster again with Gregory Hosking, Robbie Southern, Gary Wearmouth, Darren Gray, Steven Richards, George Vallins and Andrew Goodwin but with some inconsistent turns by some, this slowed their momentum, and they caught the second scratch group at the halfway mark, this combined group still had a lot of work to do at this stage.

The combined scratch group were down 9 mins to the limit riders with one lap to go and still chasing the 3rd scratch group which they caught 3km to go along Hendy Main Roads. This large group were unsure of how many riders were up the road as the lead car was out of view. When Ken and Andrew turned into Larcombes Rd for the last time both riders were continually looking over their shoulders for the rampaging scratch group.

When the combined scratch group eventually turned into Larcombes Rd Ken and Andrew were about 400 metres ahead of this group who were closing in fast on them both dug deep and managed to hold to win by 20 seconds or around 150 metres. Due to the size of the peloton minor placing’s could only be determined using the Mylaps timing system with over 30 riders finishing within a 5 second time gap. Gregory Hosking again winning the bunch sprint for 3rd and fastest time.

Thanks to Dennis Sonogan for refereeing the race, all the race marshals and Andrew Read and sons for the great BBQ cooking. Very close handing capping results make a great race for all, thanks and well done Dave Robinson. Thanks again to KVA Design for sponsoring the event. Next Sunday 29th GSCC Hell of the South gravel road race 9am start.

1st Ken Mansfield (48min 26.7km/h) 2nd Andrew Kennon (48min), 3rd Gregory Hosking (scr), 4th Gary Wearmouth (scr), 5th Andrew Goodwin (scr), 6th George Vallins (scr), 7th Tony Ross (2:30), 8th Robbie Southern (scr) 9th Billy Dempsey (5:30) 10th Kane Airey (2:30) Fastest time Gregory Hosking (40.8km/h)

Wednesday, April 18

Supervets Racing

Beautiful day for a race: Ian Sumner strikes again to take the win! 2nd D. Dwyer 3rd Johnny Watson, 4th Cecilia Digenis, 5th & Fastest David Pike, 6th Mark Cummings. Sadly John Hayden had an unfortunate fall resulting in an ambo ride to the hospital with a broken collarbone & rib! We wish him a very speedy recovery!

23 cyclists participated in the race on Wednesday with the 18 minute group collecting the first three placings. The dominant group in the race was the scratch consisting of T.Ross, D.Pike and G.Walker who collected the 3 min bunch of M.Cummings, L.Fitzsimmons, H.Duncan on the final lap with other riders hanging on J.Hayden (7 min), P.Bubb (11 min), to 

finish 1 min behind the winner. Cecilia Digenis broke away from the 15 min group of R.West, T.Robinson and J.Faulkner to finish in 4th place. The limit riders G.Smith, D.Jennings and Ken Mansfield were caught and passed by all groups during the race.

Ian Sumner Report 18th April

Sunday, April 15

Last Sunday’s race was a dodgy day and great weather for ducks, the scratch group were the biggest group and made the best of the wet conditions, well done to Andrew Baker for winning his second handicap race. With 52 riders listed and only half the field actually riding in very bleak wet and windy conditions. As you would expect it was scratch rider conditions with Andrew Baker winning from Darren Gray second Andy Goodwin third Robbie Southern fourth and Rick Buckwell fifth.

Thanks to all the helpers on the day and the BBQ crew, it was a great way to finish off the day with a hot hamburger or snag..



Wednesday, April 11

Supervets Racing

Bill Dempsey taking first and fastest! 2nd Carl Judd 3rd Peter McWaters 4th Terry Collie 5th Howard Duncan and 6th Tony Murrell. RACE REPORT – SUPERVETS WEDNESDAY 11 APRIL 2018 
A compact field of 21 riders were addressed by chief referee Richard Buckwell at the start of Wednesday’s Supervet 33 kilometre handicap at Paraparap.
The race commenced under leaden skies with a cool south-easterly wind assisting riders away on Hendy Main Road.
The slightly unusual circuit confronting riders included two out and backs southwards on Nobles road, two out and backs on Layard road, one out and back northward on Church road before completion of the event at the normal sprint line in Larcombes road.
Michael Lynch off 25 minutes was the sole limit rider, chased by Dale Jennings (23 minutes) and Ken Mansfield (21 minutes). The first “bunch” away at 14 minutes included Cecelia Digenis and John Watson. The 12-minute bunch consisted of John Faulkner, Kent

Fuller and Dennis Sonogan, followed by Harold Bentley, Murray Riggs, Ross West and Jeremy Tatchell off eight minutes. Third scratch from four minutes included Terry Collie, Gordon Spargo, Paul Bubb and Carl Judd. Second scratch with a one-minute advantage over the scratch bunch contained Laure Fitzsimmons, Howard Duncan and Tony Murrell. Finally, a two-man scratch bunch included Peter McWaters and Bill Dempsey.
Racing was to prove difficult for the early starters as they confronted just enough head wind on Nobles road to slow progress and make amalgamation difficult over the rolling terrain of Nobles and Layards road.
The relatively large third scratch bunch faced difficulty very early on with Paul Bubb and Gordon Spargo finding the pace set by Carl Judd and Terry Collie to be a little too hot.
The scratchmen with an initial one-minute disadvantage to the group in front could see their prey almost from the get go and buried themselves to close the gap early in the race. An amalgamated scratch and second scratch bunch settled into a rhythm of strong track turns soon after turning into Nobles Road the first time.
As this group worked their way steadily through the field, with excellent support from Howard Duncan and Tony Murrell, many of the out markers were able to jump on board and throw in turns after they recovered on the back of the train. It was clear with the final leg on Layard Road nearly completed and with a courageous Ken Mansfield fighting on but not far away, that the spoils of victory would be captured by the main peloton.
As Peter McWaters completed a long final turn of pace in Larcombes Road, Bill Dempsey skipped away from the front of the bunch winning in a time of 52:50 (Average 37.0 kilometres per hour). Second place belonged to Carl Judd, third was Peter McWaters, fourth place was Terry Collie, fifth place was Howard Duncan and sixth was Tony Murrell.
Richard Buckwell congratulated all riders at the conclusion of the event having noted the absence of short cutting on the critical final right hand turn into Larcombes Road.

By Bill Dempsey

Sunday, April 8

Aggregate Handicap Race 9 – Start list and results. Over 50 riders where listed to start today after a break of 4 weeks due to bad weather and Easter. The course was over 65 kms; out Forest rd back to Larcombes rd, out and back Nobles rd out and back Forest rd to Larcombes rd turning left and finishing at Larcombes B finish.

Conditions were warm with lights winds to begin the start of the race. The first leg out along Forest rd was ridden in ideal conditions but the the winds started to pick up coming back and the legs out along Nobles and the second time along Forest started to tell on riders with groups fracturing.

Nick Brown rode a strong race to win from new rider Gareth Sammartino second and Chris Fenech third, Paul Ogilvie fourth and Darren Williams fifth and Cameron Tomlinson riding from second scratch winning fastest time after the disqualification of the scratch group

1st Nick Brown (5:30) time 1:45:41
2nd Gareth Sammartino (5:30)
3rd Chris Fenech (8:00)
4th Paul Ogilvie (8:00)
5th Darren Williams (8:00)
6th Johnny Parrello (12:30)
7th Craig Van Dort (8:00)
8th David Lambourn (12:30)
9th Marcus Coppock (8:00)
10th Howard Duncan (12:30)
F/t Cameron Tomlinson (3:00) time 1:45:09

Wednesday, April 4

Supervets Racing

A beautiful day presented the 22 rides who entered for the 3 lap, 37.5k handicap race around the regular Hendy Main Rd, Forrest Rd, Grays Rd circuit.
Scratch men G Walker and R Cronk were giving limit 25 minutes start around the 3 laps. The light conditions were going to make it hard for scratch to get up.
Roger Cronk from scratch suffered early bike problems over Forrest Rd in lap 1. After some discussion and problem solving Roger dropped out to head back to the clubrooms leaving the field ahead of Walker chasing the hard pedalling 2nd scratch riders of Fitzsimmons and McWaters.
The early starters of Smith, Jennings and Mansfield pedalled well holding off the chasing field.
Cecilia Degenis pedalled hard and created a break over the field with the 10 and 12 minute riders of Robinson, Thatchell, Phillips, Watson, Fuller, O’Dwyer and Sumner combining.
Scratch and 2nd scratch (1 minute) combined late in the 2nd lap and worked well to chase down the field with the 4 minute bunch of Marshall, Duncan and Jeffs being caught in the last lap swapping turns with the back markers with Duncan putting in some solid turns.
The 7 minute bunch of King, Primmer and Buckwell were caught down Grays Rd as the back markers increased the pace. A large combined bunch including the 10 and 12 minute bunches (Robinson, Thatchell,Phillips, Watson, Fuller, O’Dwyer, Sumner) were well ahead up the road. The back markers caught them up Misery Lane (Hendy Main Rd) with a kilometre to go leaving Cecilia the lone rider closing in on a win.
The back markers caught Cecilia 500 metres from the line then swinging into the finish line straight leaving Walker, McWaters, Duncan and Fitzsimmons to fight out the finish with Fitzsimmons and Duncan leading out the sprint.
Walker narrowly out sprinted the remaining riders to take first and fastest for the day finishing in 1 hour 1 minute.
The ride was followed with food and drink with discussions on the club riders performance at Maryborough over Easter.
Next weeks race at Paraparap is around the Nobles Rd circuit.

1.G Walker (scratch)
2. P Mc Water ( 1 minute)
3. H Duncan ( 4 minutes)
4. L Fitzsimmons ( 1 minute)
5. B Primmer (7 minutes)
6. Cecilia (17 minutes)
7. P King ( 7 minutes)
8. J Thatchell (10 minutes)
9. J Watson ( 12 minutes)
Report by Graeme Walker

Sunday, April 1

Australian Veterans Cycling Championships 2018 Easter Weekend.

The weather was fantastic all weekend, then the wind picked up on Monday making the road racing quite tough for all involved. The Geelong and Surfcoast Cycling Club had a solid number of members giving their all over the three days of racing well done to everyone who competed and thanks to the AVCC for running the events. Great hard racing in all age groups.

Time trial Saturday 31st March.
50-54 1st Andrew Baker,

60-64 Marcus Coppock DNF (puncture),

65-69 2nd Carl Judd,

70-74 5th Murray Riggs,

85-89 2nd Brian Long

Criterium Sunday 1st April
40-44 1st Tim Bennett,

45-49 8th Kane Airey,

60-64 7th Steve McLachlan, 8th Marcus Coppock,

65-69 2nd Carl Judd, 85-89 1st Brian Long

Road Race Monday 2nd April
40-44 2nd Tim Bennett,

45-49 6th Andrew Goodwin, 16th Kane Airey, DNF David Newett. (unfortunate crash due to no fault of his),

50-54 4th Brad Haskett, 5th Rob Southern, 8th Rick Buckwell,

55-59 10th Chris Fenech, 12th Johnny Parrello,

60-64 9th Steve McLaughlin, 12th Marcus Coppock,

65-69 1st David Pike, 3rd Carl Judd, 85-89 2nd Brian Long

Wednesday, March 28

Supervets Racing: second scratch or the “chopping block” usually doesn’t win the 

race, but today they did!

With a close finish Bart Van Larr took the win over Mark “Anger Management” Cummings, 3rd and Fastest time 1:02 Graeme Walker 4th David Pike 5th Roger Cronk 6th Tony Murrell.

Sunday, March 25

Scratch racing was cancelled due to high winds

Thursday, March 22

A grade – 1st Robbie Southern 2nd David Stacey 3rd Andrew Baker

B grade – 1st Nigel Pearson 2nd Stephen Bell 3rd Steven O’Neill

C grade – no riders

D garde – 1st Damian Letts 2nd Stephen McLachlan 3rd David Spence

E grade – no riders

F grade – 1st Danielle Bond

Winners of Geelong Best Western Motor Inn Crit series: L 3rd David Stacey, 1st Robbie Southern, 2nd David Warren


Wednesday, March 21

Supervets – no race report

Sunday, March 18

Time trial was cancelled due to high winds

Thursday, March 15

A grade – 1st Robbie Southern 2nd David Warren 3rd Cameron Tomlinson

B grade – 1st Daryl Suter 2nd Stephen Bell 3rd Marcus Coppock

C grade – no riders

D garde – Brad Keating 2nd Damian Letts 3rd David Spence

E grade – no riders

F grade – 1st Darren Richards 2nd Rod Lambeth

Wednesday, March 14

Supervets – race report

Todays race started in great conditions a slight southwesterly wind which favored the front markers. A field of 31 riders pinned on their numbers. Limit was  Dennis Sonogan,  who was still beaming from all his kisses and handshakes  for his birthday,  5 minutes later Dave Odwyer,  Cecila Digenis  John Watson and myself Kim Howard started.  This was my second race back after a good 8 year break from racing so lining up to start I was feeling excited and really keen to be back.  The four of us worked hard together,  Unfortunately Dave O’dwyer dropped off after 2 laps until than he helped keep up a good pace we caught Dennis Sonogan on the third lap heading up Forrest road but our pace was a little fast for him. 

I said to our group that with our good average of just over 30 klm  we had a good chance,  so the main thing was to keep a steady pace.  The bunches behind were all making up time as they were all closing in on each other it was the 10 min bunch consisting of  Terry Collie, J Marshall, Tina Stenos, T Revell, Carl Judd and Neil Jeffs who were looking like a threat to the second limit group our bunch. Unfortunately  Neil Jeffs who had been putting in some strong turns got a puncture and the bunch had already lost a few, so  C Judd took it on himself to do a strong turn of work on the front to close to the 15 and 12 min bunches, who had lost a few riders already as the pace was fast. Working hard behind there was still second scratch who were definitely keeping a good pace, But only Mandy Hosking, Barton Vanlaar were left to work hard turns as they had lost T Murrell and H Duncan on the last lap.  Scratch were in sight as well so the gaps had closed considerably, but the second limit bunch held on to take the first 3 placings

1st Kim Howard, 2nd Cecila Digenis,  3rd John Watson.  The 10 min bunch were only a minute or so behind, taking out the minor placings were  4th Goron Spargo   5th Terry Collie,  6th Tina Stenos,  7th Barry Primmer                            8th Allan Prescott    9thBarton Van Laar .  Scratch who had a very strong bunch for the day with Bill Dempsy, Tony Ross and Graeme Walker, came to the line with a record time for Wednesdays racing,  a fast 57min and 48sec.     Graeme Walker took out the sprint for fastest time.  Another great result for the club was 4 women fronting up to race and taking out first, second and sixth place.

1st Kim Howard 2nd Cecilia Digenis 3rd John Watson 4th Gordon Spargo 5th Terry Collie 6th Tina Stenos 7th Barry Primmer 8th Alan Prescott 9th Barton Van Laar Fastest time breaking the Supervets record is Graeme Walker with 57:48

Sunday, March 11

GSCC Scratch Racing today with 48 starters! A,B,C & D grades 4 laps E & F 3 Laps

F Grade: 1st Darren Richards 2nd Danielle Bond
E Grade: 1st Terry Robinson 2nd David Phillips 3rd Ross West
D Grade: 1st Steve McLachlan 2nd Nicholas Robinson 3rd Neil Jeffs
C Grade: 1st Oliver King 2nd Chris Fenech 3rd Peter Cone 
B Grade: 1st Craig Hannah 2nd Craig Van Dort 3rd David Pike
A Grade: 1st David Holt (E) 2nd David Newett 3rd Andrew Baker 


VVCC Open hosted by Central Vets

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club rider Daryl Suter has continued his great form. Suter backed up his fifth placing (15 min) at the recent RON RIVETTE CLASSIC (Eureka Open) by sprinting to victory.
Suter took full advantage of his move out to the 17 minute group and was too strong in the field sprint.
Eureka’s own James Knipe missed the Ron Rivette due to illness, but was back on song today.
James Gretton and Mark O’Callaghan both took home prize money and Terry Collie rounded out a great result for Eureka with his 13th placing and finishing just 3.7 seconds behind.
Geelong’s Mandy Hosking was the first female home (12th).
Eureka riders Richard Taylor (35th), Lindsay Burgoyne (39th) and Robert Ellis (43rd) all finished less than forty seconds behind the race winner.
Stephen Biram (54th), Michael Veal (58th) and Jacqueline Dawson (59th) were the next Eureka riders home.
Scratch were three minutes off the pace with Northern Cycling’s Darren Roberts riding Fastest Time just ahead of Tim Bennett (GSCC) and Eureka’s Leigh Parsons.

Thursday, March 8

No results submitted

Wednesday, March 7

Supervets – no race report

Murray Riggs grabs his first win!! 2nd Tony Spark 3rd Kim Howard (first race with Supervets) 4th Jeremy Tatchell 5th Ross West 6th Ian Sumner 7th John Marshall 8th Neil Jeffs Fastest Time Tony Ross (lone Scratch man)

Sunday, March 4

KVA Design Summer Sash race

Perfect weather greeted yet another 60 plus field of riders for todays racing. The handicapper had it spot on today with 40 plus riders finishing within 90 seconds of the winner so it is paramount riders attach their transponders to their bikes and let us know if you don’t have one as you could be missed in the rush at the end.

Well done to Ian Sumner for winning today’s race from fellow bunch riders Ross West second Darren Richard third Carolyn Hall fourth and Tom Gray fifth

1st Ian Sumner

2nd Ross West

3rd Darren Richards

4th Carolyn Hall

5th Tommy Gray,

6th Jani Dovjak

7th Ross Liley

8th Steve McLachlan

9th Gordon Spargo

10th Gavin Gamble

Fastest Time: David Newett 1:14:09.


Thursday, March 1

Best Western Geelong Motor Inn crit series – race 6

Congratulations to Robbie Southern for being this years series winner. Overall placings for the series are as follows

1st Robbie Southern 32 pts

2nd David Warren 30 pts

3rd David Stacey 29 pts

4th Kane Airey 29 pts

5th Stuart Lucas 23 pts

A grade – 1st Robbie Southern, 2nd Brad Haskett, 3rd Kane Airey, 4th Dave Warren, 5th Dave Newett, next Andrew Baker, Tony French, Leigh Clifford

B grade – 1st Cameron Tomlinson, 2nd Craig Hannah, 3rd David Stacey, 4th Daryl Suter, 5th Steven Douglas, next Marcus Coppock, Stephen Bell

C grade – 1st Steven O’Neil, 2nd John Parrello, 3rd Vincent Haveaux

D grade – 1st Brad Keating, 2nd Steve McLachlan, 3rd Ben Young

E grade – 1st David Purdy, 2nd Stuart Lucas, 3rd Jamie Robinson

F grade – 1st Rod Lambeth, 2nd Danielle Bridger

Wednesday, February 28

Supervets – no race report

Sunday, February 25

Race Results for VVCC open hosted by Eureka

1st – Robert Phillips, Eureka (13:00 min)
2nd – Michael Veal, Eureka (13:00 min)
3rd – Stephen Biram, Eureka (15:00 min)
4th – Laurence Lynch, Geelong SC (15:00 min)
5th – Daryl Suter, Geelong SC (15:00 min)
6th – Jason Hendry, Eureka (18:00 min)
7th – Paul Ogilvie, Geelong SC (16:30 min)
8th – James Gretton, Eureka (16:30 min)
9th – Chris Fenech, Geelong SC (13:00 min)
10th – Stuart Brien, Eureka (11:00 min)

First unplaced lady – Jo Read, Northern (38:00 min)

Fastest time – Daryl Roberts, Northern (Scratch) in 1h 23m 37s, average 40.2 kph

Thursday, February 22

crit start/ results list

Wednesday, February 21

Supervets – racing cancelled due to high winds

Sunday, February 18

Carolyn Hall recorded her maiden win today from fellow limit riders Darren Richards second and Lynnette Bitton 3rd in a race dominated by the front markers thanks to near perfect riding conditions

1st Carolyn Hall

2nd Darren Richards

3rd Lynnette Bitton

4th Nicholas Robinson

5th Harold Bentley

6th Mal Cole

7th Paul Ogilvie

8th Darren Bradshaw

9th David Lambourn

10th Andre Tropski

VVCC State Criterium Championships 2018 – Results


Thursday, February 15

crit start/ results list

Wednesday, February 14

Supervets – racing cancelled due to high winds

Sunday, February 11

Start/results list from today’s aggregate race

Barton Van Laar scores maiden win in only his second race, race report to come

1st Barton Van Laar
2nd Daryl Suter
3rd Ant Callan
4th Steven O’Neil
5th Peter Wynne
6th Darren Williams
7th Craig Van dort
8th James Black
9th Marcus Coppock
10th Simon Williams
F/t Robbie Southern

* Glyn Thomason finished 3rd but was riding as a trial rider which adjusted actual results

Thursday, February 8

Best Western Geelong Motor Inn crit series – race 5

A grade – 1st Gary Wearmouth, 2nd Robbie Southern, 3rd Brad Haskett, 4th Kane Airey, 5th Josh Williams, next

Brett Martin, Andrew Baker dnf Tony French, Tim Canny

B grade – 1st David Warren, 2nd Andrew Read, 3rd Cameron Tomlinson, 4th David Stacey, 5th Nigel Pearson, next Rick Buckwell, Jessica Douglas, Nick Newby, dnf Craig Hannah

C grade – 1st Steven Douglas, 2nd Marcus Coppock, 3rd Daryl Suter

D grade – 1st David Spence, 2nd Damian Letts, 3rd

Paul Bird, 4th Peter Wynne, 5th David Lambourn, next David

Purdy, Brad Keating

E grade – 1st Rod Lambeth,

2nd Darren Richards





Wednesday, February 7

Supervets TT

The time trial course was 2 laps around the Paraparap 11.5k course. 14 riders started with head wind up Forrest Rd.

Riders were dispatched every minute with Dale Jennings first off and new rider to the club Tony Ross last rider.

The front riders of Dale Jennings, Ken Mansfield, Brian Farrell and Ken Fuller finished in their start order.

Gordon Spargo, Dennis Sonogan, John Hayden and Murray Riggs all rode well and pressured their starting order.

Laurie Fitzsimmons and Mark Cummings both rode well with Mark  nearly making the catch.

Mandy Hosking had an unfortunate early fall with Carl Judd and Peter McWaters assisting Mandy.

Tony Ross rode well and finished in a time of 36.43 minutes just edging out Graeme Walker by 11 seconds for fastest time

Tony Ross                    36.43

Graeme Walker          36.54

Mark Cummings         38.13

Laurie Fitzsimons        39.55

John Hayden                40.18

Gordon Spargo            41.32

Murray Riggs               42.33

Dennis Sonogan          44.40

Kent Fuller                   47.36

Barry Farrell                50.18

Ken Mansfield            51.43

Dale Jennings             57.57

Sunday, February 4

New rider day

A Grade started with a good field of 13 riders taking turns up Misery for the first at a solid but manageable pace. Being a scratch race and no groups to chase down, the turns soon stopped and a tempo pace was maintained by a few taking longer turns on the front. Occasionally, the pace would slow, but this was almost guaranteed to bring on a fast attack, often with Gary Wearmouth involved. The whole bunch generally reacted with a heart racing sprint like effort until we were all back together. Of course now and again a rider was allowed to stay off the front for a while but never too far for the group to bring back. This was the pattern of the race.

It was clearly evident from my perspective that it was smart to keep something in reserve to respond to the on-going accelerations and attempted breaks. Being my first A grade race I would leave the attacking to those with more experience and probably more stamina and choose who I followed and chased carefully.
On the final lap Tony French broke away down Grays road, leaving a 40 metre gap, Andrew Cox joined him and the two were still sitting off the main group heading toward the club rooms for the last time. Andrew Cox, looking back decided to save his energy for the finish leaving Tony alone. Just as Andrew dropped back to the front of the bunch, a cracking effort led by Gary Wearmouth took the bunch on another sprint and quickly back onto Tony’s wheel.
We were all together heading to the finish.
Approaching Larcombes corner for the last time the bunch was 3 wide as no-one wanted to be too far from the front. What happened next was unexpected… having just made the corner and with 600 metres to go, it was on….

The left edge rather than the wind protected centre line was the fastest way past other riders, but with so far to go you needed to work towards the front but not yet be on the front. Gary Wearmouth hit the front passing Adam Kavanagh with about 250 metres to go. I got around Gary with about 150 metres to go and was able to hang on for the win. Robbie Southern came a close 3rd.

No further grade reports have been submitted

A grade – 1st Kelvin Dyson, 2nd Gary Wearmouth, 3rd Robbie Southern

B grade – 1st Harvey Lang, 2nd Rick Buckwell, 3rd Michael Hazeldine

C grade – 1st Mark Turnley, 2nd Darren Williams, 3rd Laurie Lynch

D grade – 1st Michael Mitchell, 2nd Howard Duncan, 3rd Tina Stenos

E grade – 1st Cecilia Digenis, 2nd Ross West, 3rd Robin Mackenzie

F grade – 1st Ken Mansfield, 2nd Katrina Hannan

Thursday, February 1

Results from crit racing

Wednesday, January 31

Supervets racing

A very strong and competitive field of 23 greeted the starter for the Supervets handicap of two laps plus Noble’s Rd (37.4 km) on Wednesday 31st Jan. In blustery conditions with a strong southerly sweeping the course the limit markers, Geoff Smith and M. Lynch, off 27 mins were first away. Second scratch rider, Bill Dempsey left Peter McWaters soon after the start and began to work his way through the field. He made up a minute on third scratch (Phil Tehan, Laurie Fitzsimons and John Hayden) halfway round the first lap and was the driving force for this group as they chased down the six minute bunch (Tony Murrell, Terry Colllie, Gordon Spargo) and the nine minute pair (Peter King and Mal Cole).

Tony Murrell was successful in getting onto the back of the group and this gave the riders confidence that they would stay ahead of the very powerful scratch group (Paul Rettke, David Pike, Mark Cummings and Graeme Walker). These riders had picked up Peter McWaters and were making inroads on the three minutes start enjoyed by the third scratch group. Roadworks on Forest Road meant that some groups had to stop until the traffic controller gave the all clear. How this affected the result is debatable and no matter how much discussion will never be resolved.

At the turnaround point on Noble’s Rd the question was whether scratch had enough time to reel in the leading group. A strong southerly meant a tail wind and Bill Dempsey and Phil Tehan made the most of it, picking up the lone 21 mins rider, John Faulkner, just before the turn into the finish on Larkhams Rd. Bill Dempsey rode away for a well deserved victory after a very powerful ride. The scratch group missed out by about 150 metres but Graeme Walker had the fastest time of 1:01:37.

1st Bill Dempsey 1:03:22  2nd Phil Tehan 3rd Tony Murrell  4th Laurie Fitzsimons  5th Graeme Walker  (Fastest time 1:01:37)  6th David Pike

Next weeks race on 7th Feb is a two lap time trial

Sunday, January 21

no club racing – Cadel Evans race

Thursday, January 25

Best Western Geelong Motor Inn crit series – race 4

A grade – 1st Tim Bennett, 2nd Gary Wearmouth, 3rd Andrew Baker, 4th Robbie Southern, 5th Brad Haskett, 6th Kane Airey, 7th Tony French, dnf David Warren, Josh Williams, Craig Hannah

B grade – 1st Andrew Read, 2nd David Stacey, 3rd Jessica Douglas, 4th Amanda Hosking, 5th Rick Buckwell, dnf Stephen Bell

C grade – 1st Cameron Tomlinson, 2nd Steven Douglas, 3rd Daryl D Suter, dnf Paul Volk

D grade – 1st Marcus Coppock, 2nd Darren Brayshaw, 3rd David Spence, 4th Damian Letts, 5th Steve McLaughlin, 6th Brad Keating, dnf Norm Douglas

E grade – 1st Stuart Lucas, 2nd Adele Garwood

F grade – Rod Lambeth



Wednesday, January 24

Supervets racing

Supervets raced a new course today. 1st Duncan Howard (new member) 2nd Gordon Spargo 3rd Tommy Grey 4th Cecilia Digenis 5th and Fastest time Mark Turnley (maiden ride today with the Supervets) 6th not pictured Phil Tehan. Supervets racing, January 24 2018.

The second race of the 2018 Supervets calendar was contested by 23 riders in perfect conditions over a new 32 km course that took in two laps of Nobles, Larcombe and Layards Rd.

Taking the line honours today was new club member Howard Duncan, thanks to some good teamwork with fellow 9 minute riders Gordon Spargo & Tom Gray. The trio rode at a comfortable speed up to the 9km point of the turnaround on Nobles Rd, after which the pace quickened with the aid of a tailwind and a slight downhill. On the 2nd lap the trio crept past the earlier limit marker groups, with Tom Gray losing contact on the uphill to Nobles Rd. Hoping to repeat their performance of the previous week Gordon and Howard pushed on, joined briefly by Cecilia Digenis who broke away from the 14 minute 

group. The finish on Larcombes Road came down to a sprint between Howard and Gordon who were clear of the field, with Howard taking the win by a small margin. 3rd place was taken out by Tom Gray, putting in a great solo performance to overtake Cecilia Degenis, who after a week training in Adelaide at TDU cruised home in 4th position.

The scratch duo of Mandy Hosking and Graeme Walker faced a nearly impossible task with just the two of them to work together to catch the 3 and 6 minute group, who combined forces in the latter part of the race to hold off Mandy and Graeme. Mark Turnley, Phil Tehan, Bill Dempsey and Roger Cronk from the 3 minute group finished strongly to take out 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th places respectively, with Terry Collie and Tina Stenos from the 6 minute group taking out the remaining minor placings in the top ten.

Fastest time for the day of 54 mins 10 sec went to Mark Turnley, who thanks to a recent birthday enjoyed his first ride with the Supervets.

Sunday, January 21

no club racing

Thursday, January 18

no crit racing due to extreme heat

Wednesday, January 17

Supervets racing

The first race for Supervets in 2018, seen a strong group of 21 riders greet the starter to complete 3 laps of the Paraparap circuit in perfect conditions. First across the line was trial rider Howard Duncan from the 9 minute group, who with Gordon Spargo & Peter King started strongly however, with Peter puncturing towards the middle of lap 1, Howard & Gordon pushed on completing track turns for the last 2 laps, taking on all before them to finish with a comfortable margin.

The race limit riders of Ken Mansfield & Don Stuart rode strongly following the loss of Michael Lynch, staying away from the second limit group of Dennis Sonogan & Kent Fuller, and taking out the minor placings in the event. The 12 minute group of Terry Robinson (Handicapper for the day) , Ross West & Murray Riggs fought strongly to hold off the following groups, finally being overtaken in the latter part of the race. Meanwhile off 6 minutes the group of Tony Murrell, John Hayden, Ray Clifford & Terry Collie took some time to get into a rhythm, losing Ray in the process, but managing to fight for placings late in the race. The 3 minute group of Mandy Hosking, Peter Ladd and Laurie Fitzsimons had the task ahead of them to hold off both a quality scratch bunch and bridge the gap to the limit markers. They worked well as a team featuring in the final run to the line for minor placings. Finally, it was great to see David Pike return & bolster the scratch bunch joining Mark Cummings and trial rider Laurie Lynch who experienced a harsh introduction to Supervet racing. While they couldn’t quite get over the leading riders, they powered towards the finish in a very good time.

Final placings, adjusted for Trial Riders, were Gordon Spargo, Ken Mansfield, Don Stuart, Mandy Hosking & Tony Murrell, with David Pike fastest time of 1.01.14.

Geelong Supervets (part of Geelong & Surfcoast Cycling Club) being for men aged 60 plus & women aged 50 plus, meet each Wednesday (register by 9.30am) at their clubrooms in Paraparap. Newcomers are always welcome.

Sunday, January 14

no club racing

Thursday, January 11