2017 Road & Crit season

 Thursday, December 14

Best Western Motor Inn Crit series race 3










Wednesday, December 13

Supervets racing cancelled due to extreme heat

Sunday, December 10

Race report to follow.






Thursday, December 7

Crit racing cancelled due to wet weather

Wednesday, December 6

Supervets racing today! Jack Griffin graciously donated a massive Silver Trophy for the winner in true Jack style. Thank you Jack! Cecilia Digenis stole the show! Race report by Cecilia.
The Jack Griffin (very big) Trophy Race

With cloud cover keeping the temperature down and a brisk south easterly promising relief up misery lane 21 keen riders lined up on Wednesday for the penultimate Supervets race for 2017.


This week after the great help of her co-markers in the first two laps Cecilia Digenis raced to victory off the front and gave the slip to the 11 minute group of Tony Spark, Jeremy Tatchell and Neil Jeffs, who finished second, third and fourth respectively.


Dale Jennings off 25 minutes and Ken Mansfield at 23 minutes were followed out by the trio of John Watson, Don Stuart and Cecilia Digenis at 21 minutes. John and Don gave Cecilia a very helpful coaching session in track turns and caught Ken Mansfield and Dale Jennings in

the second lap. Ken jumped onto the group and John Watson retired as a result of a previous injury.

They were being chased by the 15 minute group of Murray Riggs, Ross West, Terry Robinson and Kent Fuller who had been sent off with the 11 minute group. Ross West and Terry Robinson worked together well to get themselves into fifth and sixth placings.

Tony Murrell had set a cracking pace for his 7 minute group co-markers Paul Bubb, Peter King, and Lew Targett and rode himself up into eighth position by the end of the third lap. The 2nd scratch group of Gordon Spargo, Graeme Wilson and Tina Stenos, sent off just a minute before scratch, stayed together but were caught early by the scratch group of Mark Cummings and Peter McWaters. Gordon and Tina made a great effort to work with the fast paced duo but it was not going to be possible to hang on. Scratch then went on to catch Paul and Lew with a lap and a half to go.

Don Stuart and Ken Mansfield took seventh and ninth positions respectively. Mark Cummings and Peter McWaters rode side by side across the finishing line sharing the fastest time honours with an excellent I hour 2 minutes and 10 seconds. The winning time was 1 hour 17 minutes and 16 seconds.

Cecilia was rather overawed by the size of the trophy and the honour of receiving it from Jack Griffin, veteran and hero of many amazing cycling exploits, so she would like now (better late than never) to thank her fellow riders, the marshalls and referee for making it all possible.

Sunday, December 3

Other than the light rain scratch started off well, Tony and I were thankful our counterparts this week, Brad and Robbo, weren’t trying to break the land speed record in the first 5km (although it still wasn’t easy). We past the race lead on their second lap as we went up the Forest Rd hill the first time and it wasn’t long before we caught Nick and Paul having a chinwag along Grays. Other than some dropped riders we didn’t see many for the remaining loops. Nick was being very anti-social sitting off the back of the group and jumping in for a few turns here and there.

Tony was conscious of wet corners on his clearly underweight new 5kg Trek, also doesn’t help his centre of gravity is 7 meters off the ground.

Tony, Brad and Robbo were all working great turns. Brad clearly being the strongest. Paul was chipping in when he could and the extra rest was appreciated.

We could see the next large bunch 500m up the road as we turned into Nobles. It wasn’t until half way up the climb to the turnaround we actually caught them.

Brad attacked up Nobles after my only uphill turn to put me massively in the box. This was the first time in many weeks I made it up Nobles still with the Scratch riders. We could see the race leaders at the turn around weren’t far ahead and knew we’d be racing for the win.

There were only a couple of turns swapped on the way back and once Brad went to the front on the downhill to the final turn no one was coming over despite his chicken dance impression. We caught the race leaders 50m before the turn from Nobles to Larcombes which I am sure was heart breaking.

Brad was still on the front and I was second wheel on Larcombes toward the line. Tony came by just after the bridge in the middle of the lane so I jumped on, Brad pulled up beside Tony still on the inside and started accelerating so I jumped back to his wheel and only just got around and to the front 5m before the line. Behind us Robbo got 3rd, Paul 4th, Tony 5th and Nick 6th (a scratch, 2nd scratch clean sweep).
I was on my limit all day and for the data geeks out there had a Avg.Power of 260W, Normalised Power of 312W and it took a recent PB Max of 1114W to win the Sprint.

Many thanks to my fellow Scratch riders as I was weakest of four of us, however was working I as hard as I could without getting dropped. After a couple of years of continuous improvement my riding has gone backwards in the second half of this year as some other life priorities have taken (rightful) precedence. I was aware I was third-ish overall in the aggregate and any points would be helpful, this certainly helped me to hold on up Larcombes and find a bit extra in the sprint. Awesome Handicapping by Dave as usual (says the race winner every week). Special thanks to all the Marshalls for standing out in the rain.

1st and fastest time – Josh Williams by just on half a bike length in a great sprint2nd – Brad Haskett
3rd – Geoff Robertson
4th – Paul Rettke
5th – Tony French
6th – Nick Brown
7th – Darren Williams
8th – Vincent Haveaux
9th – Nick Newby
10th – Steve McLachlan

Thank you so much to the referee Dennis Sonogan for stepping in at the last minute, the handicapper and time keeper Dave Robinson and of course the marshals, Andrew Baker, Peter Ladd, David Pike, David Lambourn and Brian Long. Great work under very difficult conditions.

Thursday, November 30

Crit racing cancelled due to wet weather

Wednesday, November 29

Maiden win for Peter McWaters.

Race Report, GSCC Super Vets, Wednesday 29th November 2017

Under hot conditions and with late help from Tina Stenos and Gordon Spargo, Peter McWaters was able to claim his first victory and fastest time over the 38km, 3 1/4 laps course, at Paraparap on Wednesday. With 28 degrees C at the start, rising to 34 degrees C during the race, it was tough going for all and too hot for some.

In a field of 15 riders and riding off 2 minutes to the scratch group of Mark Cummings and Dave Jessup, Peter had a long solo chase, after co-marker Barry Primmer retired early due to the heat, in chasing down Tina and Gordon (5 mins), Alan Pescott, J Tatchell and Richard Buckwell (9 mins), Ian Sumner (heat retirement) , Kent Fuller and Murray Riggs (12 mins), Ken Mansfield and Don Stuart (22 mins) and Geoff Smith (heat retirement) (25 mins).

Peter lost time to the scratch group in the first lap, held his gap across the second lap and, with (much needed) help from Gordon and Tina in the final lap, was able to take just enough time out of the scratch group to sneak fastest time. All rider groups were riding strongly in the hot conditions and the field concertinaed into 2 closely-spaced bunches along Greys Rd, about half way through the last lap.

The combined group of Tina, Gordon and Peter were able to sweep past the now-closely-spaced mid and out markers to clear out up Hendy Main Rd. At the finish it was Peter McWaters from Gordon Spargo and Tina Stenos in a tight finish. Alan Pescott rode well for 4th and Kent Fuller, who always seems to be up the pointy end of the field, was 5th.

Many thanks to referee Dale Jennings, ably assisted by Ross West, and a bevy of ever-dependable marshals and timekeepers. Two more races to go this year on the Wednesday SuperVets calendar (50+ for women, 60+ for men). Racing starts at 10AM and, apart from time trials, are handicapped, giving everyone a chance for a race victory. But it’s the camaraderie that is equally important for most riders.

Sunday, November 26

KVA Design spring sash race.

On Sunday the quarterly KVA Design spring Sash race over 49 kilometres at Paraparap was held in relatively still, muggy but rain-free conditions.  Four riders from the third limit group worked well together to hold out the rapidly approaching groups in a somewhat reduced field of 41 riders after the earlier rain.  Danielle Bridger and Ken Mansfield started with a 35 minute lead over the three supermen off scratch and a 11 minute gap to 2nd limit. Danielle road away from Ken on the first lap holding a very relentless pace while the windy started to pick up. The majority of the groups were pushing a solid pace throughout the first 35 kilometres with a few pulling out and few unfortunate punctures.

While Danielle was soldering on out the front,  the scratch men of Xavier Coppock, David Newett and Robbie Southern were a well oiled machine catching the second scratch group on the second lap with Tony French and Josh Williams the only ones able to hang on over the Forest Rd hill. The 18 minute group of Steve McLachlan, Jamie Robinson, Gavin Gamble and Jenny Denouden were the team to beat today taking even and consistent turns staying away from all the other chasing bunches. Scratch were rolling in all the middle bunches along Nobles Rd keeping the pace high, when seeing Danielle on her own with the 18 minute group not far behind it was looking a bit too far for the fast chasing bunch. The 18 minute group caught Danielle at the final corner with 500 metres to go to the finish. Steve McLachlan, who was very pleased to win his first veteran’s handicap race, was closely followed in the sprint finish by “team-mates” Jamie Robinson (2nd), Gavin Gamble (3rd) and Jenny Denouden (4th and fastest woman).


The remaining places were taken by Danielle Bridger (limit rider, 5th), followed by Robbie Southern (6th/scratch) and Xavier Coppock (7th/scratch).  Tony French (2nd scratch) was 8th, David Stacey, who was recovering from being sideswiped by a car on Tuesday, came 9thand Johnny Parello was 10th.  Johnny claimed after the race that when the scratch group whizzed past him, it was like getting sucked into a wind tunnel!  Xavier Coppock won the fastest time (1:12:06), just like his father Marcus used to do not that many years ago.  At the presentations afterward, it was announced that Robbie Southern has an unassailable lead in the Ray Aldridge Aggregate for 2017.

Many thanks to Kane Airey and KVA Design for sponsoring the race and to all the race officials without which the raced could not have taken place.

1st Steve McLachlan (18min 1:29:42, 32.8km/h), 2nd Jamie Robinson (18min), 3rd Gavin Gable (18min) 4th Jenny Denouden (18min), 5th Danielle Bridger (35min) 6th Xavier Coppock (scr) 7th Robbie Southern (scr), 8th Tony French (1:30), 9th David Stacey (4:00), 10th Johnny Parrello (11:30) Fastest Time, Xavier Coppock (1:12:06, 40.8km/h)

Thursday, November 23

Best Western Motor Inn Crit series race 2


Wednesday, November 22

A hot & humid morning greeted 18 riders at GSCC Supervets, who set off to complete the tough 40km Paraparap / Nobles circuit with an uphill finish in Larcombes Road. The event was won by Gordon Spargo, with a strong performance seeing his mid marker group take on all before them.

The race limit & second limit markers of Dale Jennings, Don Stuart & Ken Mansfield (off 25 & 23 mins) struggled early taking a wrong turn, from which they never recovered. Meanwhile off 13 minutes Kent Fuller & Murray Riggs rode consistently and managed to hold off the fast finishing winning bunch until late in the race. Off 11 minutes Richard Buckwell & Jeremy Tatchell were picked up by the 9 minute bunch of Gordon Spargo, Paul Bubb & Tony Spark in the first lap, joining forces and working well together to hold all comers at bay. The 3rd scratch group off 5 minutes, comprising Lew Targett, Graeme Wilson, Carl Judd & Peter Ladd had a chase on their hands, eventually being swept up by a well oiled 2nd scratch bunch up Misery Lane for the last time. This bunch of Mark Cummings, Mandy Hosking & the evergreen Roger Cronk had worked hard throughout the race to stay away from sole scratch man Graeme Walker, as they chased down the lead group. The final stages of the event seen Paul Bubb, Richard Buckwell & Gordon Spargo break away with the only mishap seeing Paul Bubb disqualified for cutting a corner before the race to the line.

Final placings, Gordon Spargo, Richard Buckwell, Jeremy Tatchell, Kent Fuller, Mark Cummings who also finished with fastest time of 1.04.50, Mandy Hosking, Roger Cronk, Carl Judd, Murray Riggs & Ken Mansfield.

Geelong Supervets  (part of the Geelong and Surfcoast Cycling Club)– men aged 60-plus and women 50-plus – meet each Wednesday by 9.30am at their clubrooms at Paraparap. Newcomers are welcome.

Sunday, November 19

Race report Jack Griffin race

It was a very warm morning and the sun was out for the 35th edition of the Jack Griffin combine handicap, winds were light at around 10k/ph and at race start the temperature was already 26c. This year’s course had to be altered during the week due to poor road conditions along a section of Forest rd. The altered course took riders out Forest rd to Gundry’s turnaround back to Grays rd and back to the start line 2 times and then on the second lap onto to Nobles rd with a hill top finish at the end of Nobles rd for a total of 70 kms. A challenging enough course with the heat and humidity rising.

A total of 53 riders with 3 guest riders fronted up for this time honoured race with limit comprising of Ken Mansfield and Rob Lambeth setting off with a whopping 53min to scratch.  The remaining riders were split over 8 bunches and with a red not scratch group of six riders they were going to have to pull out all stops to reel in the front markers. Due to some last minute race scratching’s second scratch lost two riders and were always going to be fodder for the scratch men

On the first lap most bunches kept their numbers together but he warm conditions were slowly taking its toll with the odd rider splintering off.  The 29 and 24 min bunch were making good progress with riders doing rolling turns smooth and consistently. These two bunches eventually merging half way down Forrest rd for the second time, who then then joined in to keep the work rate going. Back further in the race the struggling second scratch were reeled in by the rampaging scratch at Grays rd outbound on the second lap.

The 29 & 24 min bunch now had control of the race and the bunch stayed together for the rest of the race until they turned into Nobel’s rd. With around 5km to go Jani led the charge with Damien close behind then Tony and Steve. Damien and Jani turned up the heat and kept swapping turns along Nobles rd.

Scratch and second scratch were making good progress and started to pick up the mid markers back along Forest. As this combined group grew the sting went out of the group along Grays rd with no one wanting to keep the pace on. At Jack’s corner the time gap to the leading riders took away any interest this chasing group had.

As the lead riders approached the last climb to the finish the tempo rose again with riders checking out as the road started to go up. Last year’s race winner Jani Dovjak sensing back to back victories started to accelerate again with Damien Letts reacting and following his wheel and Tony Murrell still in contention but with the finish line getting closer Damien was able to ride over the top of Tony and Jani and held both off to the finish. Damien recording his maiden road win for the club with Tony second and Jani fading for third Steve McLachlan rolling in fourth and Paul Bubb fifth. Xavier Coppock took out fastest time after riding away from his fellow scratch riders with 5 kms to go.

It was great to see five women contest this race and Tina Stenos finished 6th and was first lady rider in and scored a trophy for her efforts and Jenny Denouden finished 8th.  Jack was also excited with the number of women competing.


1st Damien Letts 2:04:39, 2nd Tony Murell, 3rd Jani Dovjack, 4th Steve McLachlan, 5th Paul Bubb, 6th Tina Stenos, 7th Richard Buckwell, 8th Jenny Denouden, 9th Gordon Spargo, 10th Andrew Booth, Fastes time Xavier Coppock 1:45:04

It was a good close race enjoyed by all. Many thanks to Jack Griffin for sponsoring the race and the race officials and marshals

Thursday, November 16

Crit racing cancelled due to wet weather

Wednesday, November 15

Super Vets time trial Wednesday15 November 2017

Twelve very keen riders lined up for a 23k time trial, 2 laps around the Hendy Main Rd, Larcombes Rd, Forrest Rd and Grays Rd loop, starting and finishing on Larcombes Rd riding in an anti clockwise direction. Approximately half the riders used normal road bikes with the remainder having either clip on bars or full time trial bikes, some with disc rear wheels.

A westerly wind was building and increased in speed during the race. At least 3 of the field have been previous scratch riders with the Vets Sunday racing.

Riders left at 1 minute intervals in a handicap style seeding with the fastest riders chasing. Dale Jennings was first off followed by Ken Mansfield and then Brian Farrell with times expected to be very tight between the 3 with Brian finishing only 9 seconds faster than Ken. Dale was a DNF as the wind increased.

Ian Sumner, Ken Fuller and Cecilia Degenis were next to leave in 1 minute intervals. All three rode strongly with Cecilia showing recent very good form in handicap races resulting from increased training and kilometres taking out the 6th fastest time in 45 min 23 sec (30.5 kph).

Richard Buckwell, Murray Riggs and Lew Target were next to leave. All pushed hard into the wind then focused on the Forrest Rd climb.
Murray proved to be the strongest passing Richard finishing in a time of 43.25 (31.9kph) in 4th place. Lew held good form finishing 5th overall in 44 minutes.

The last 3 riders to leave were Carl Judd, Dave Jessup and Graeme Walker as the last to leave.
Carl, resplendent with a full TT bike and teardrop helmet was the bookies favourites to greet the chequered flag as first rider over the line and did not disappoint. Certainly his form is improving and will be a danger in future handicaps and near favourite for the next time trial.
Dave (3rd place) is returning from a recent break from training and is showing improvement with every race and should be back to his usual form in the near future.
Graeme caught all riders with the fastest time of 38.24 (36 kph) except Carl with 2 kilometres to go but was not able to make up the difference before the line.
Carl’s time of 39 min 45 sec (34.7 kph) secured line honours.

Sunday, November 12

Geelong Surfcoast Cycling Club Age group championships










Thursday, November 9

Best Western Motor Inn Crit series race 1










Tuesday, November 7

Geelong and Surfcoast Cycling Club Melbourne Cup on Wheels

The first Tuesday in November may be world famous for an equine race that stops a nation but it is also firmly etched in the calendar for the annual Geelong & Surfcoast Supervets Melbourne Cup on Wheels Race.

Whilst the thoroughbred namesake event is one for the stayers, this cycle race is more akin to a 1200 metre sprint up the Flemington Straight Six. Being only 38 km in distance, the pace is on from the start and rarely relents.

 A field of 34 riders – split into seven handicapped groups separated by 2 – 2½ minute gaps – each set off in a cool 12 degrees with 20 km SE winds.  Due to the frenetic fast starts, the mid to back marker groups all experienced some early attrition of riders within the first lap.


Groups started catching each other in the latter part of lap 2 with a large group ultimately forming on the Forrest Rd Hill of Lap 3.  After a chase down Grays Road the frontrunners were caught at Jack’s Corner with the back markers making the catch to the main bunch 100 metres later. The pace for the final 4 km was then controlled at the front by the Scratch markers, each appearing to be conserving energy up Misery Lane for the final sprint.

With the stiff wind having now swung to the south-west a headwind finish loomed. A game of “wait and see” of who would be first to jump ensued in the early section of Larcombes Rd with most hoping the pace might stay steady to within at least 300 metres of the line before having to crank it up to full power into the wind.  Alas, such hopes weren’t meant to be. Recent Geelong Open winner Peter Wynne made a burst for the line some 400 metres out however he was quickly covered by Kane Airey who was soon joined by Carl Leahy and Xavier Coppock for a three wheeled neck-and-neck 250 metre sprint to the line.  Unbeknown to these three, however, the forever-young scratchman Graeme Walker had built up a late turbo-charged thrust and, making up bike lengths in the dying metres, edged past all three right on the line. In his dash to the finish, however, Graeme was deemed by the referees to have crossed the centre-line of the road and was disqualified from the race. Graeme accepted the referee ruling and was gracious in defeat. Well done to Cecilia Digenis starting off limit on her own, Cecilia was caught by scratch at the club room corner with only a few kilometres to go.

Final results were 1st Carl Leahy (2min 59:45 38.1km/h), 2nd Kane Airey (2min) 3rd and fastest time Xavier Coppock (57:15 39.8km/h), 4th Andrew Baker (scr), 5th Peter Wynne (4:30) 6th Nigel Pearson (2min) 7th Daryl Suter (4:30) 8th Ian Amsden (scr) 9th Terry Collie (Eur 7:30) 10th and first lady Tina Stenos (7:30)

Each of the trophy winners’ speeches included a special mention and thank you to their fellow riders, the Referee’s, Marshall’s and the Supervets for hosting. An enjoyable and relaxing post-race BBQ was enjoyed by all. 

Sunday, November 5

Geelong Surfcoast Cycling Club 40th Anniversary handicap 60 km

Sponsored by Complete Rehab Care

Great conditions at Paraparap for the running of the clubs 40th Anniversary Race with 48 starters and a quality crowd watching on and enjoying the day. A less common south easterly wind was blowing pushing the riders up misery lane for a welcoming change.

With 42 minutes from limit to scratch with seven bunches in between there was plenty of action for the competitors and viewers over the 63 km course.

The 20 minute group of eight including Tina Stenos, Paul Bubb, Barry Primmer, Paul Bird, James Stuart, Damien Letts, Jamie Robinson and Lew Targett were the best working group of the day taking the lead of the race with about 11km to go combining with the 26 minute group at the front of the race.

The sprint was a hard fought one with Barry Primmer and Paul Bird fighting all the way to the finish line with Barry winning by a wheel and Lew Targett not far behind.

The scratch group of five fought hard all day with Xavier Coppock, Brad Haskett and Andrew Baker putting in big efforts firstly catching the second scratch group of Anthony Seipolt, Ian Amsden, Kane Airey and Mark Cummings then all the other bunches except for the winning front two remaining groups. Xavier finished off extremely well to take fastest time.

The BBQ afterwards was very well received with many past members and life members enjoying in the celebration with many old stories coming to life.

Thanks to Complete Rehab Care for the sponsorship, Ross West for refereeing, Kay Gibbons for the photography, Doug Wilson and Rick Buckwell for the timing, Dave Robinson for handicapping, Phil and Dave Robinson for their moto work on the circuit and all the other marshals for helping again to make another great day for the club. See the clubs facebook and webpage page for all the great photos. www.gscc.net.au

1st Barry Primmer (20min 1:50:24 34.2km/h) 2nd Paul Bird (20min), 3rd Lew Targett (20min), 4th James Stuart (20 min), 5th Paul Bubb (20min), 6th and first lady Corrine Rice (26min), 7th Jeremy Tatchell (C 26min), 8th Tina Stenos (20min) 9th Damien Letts (20min) 10th Jenny Denouden (26min) 1st Unplaced supervet Richard Buckwell Snr. Fastest Time Xavier Coppock (1:34:02 40.2km/h)


Thursday, November 2

Best Western Geelong Motor Inn criterium round 1 was cancelled due to wet weather


Wednesday, November 1

Super Vets race report

A sudden lull in the headwind up misery lane came just in time to help Supervet Cecilia Digenis hold on to her handicap advantage to win the 37 km race at Paraparap on Wednesday 1 November.

A field of 21 saw Cecilia and Ken Mansfield start at 25 minutes off scratch. Followed at 15 by Kent fuller, Ian Sumner and Murray Riggs. Terry Robinson, Jeremy Tatchell and John Faulkner were the 12 minute bunch. Then at 9 minutes came Carl Judd, Richard Buckwell, Ross West and Paul Bubb. Off 5 minutes were Barry Primmer, Lew Targett, Ray Clifford and John Hayden followed by the scratch group of Graeme Walker, David Jessop, Peter McWaters and Mandy Hosking.

The rain held off and fun was had by all with the tail wind down Greys Road but not so up misery lane.

Kent, Murray and Ian worked together and held off a combination of the survivors of the 9 and 12 minute bunches, Carl, Paul and Jeremy, to come into the finishing straight seven minutes behind Cecilia. Murray put in a strong sprint beating his personal record and his fellow markers to take second place followed closely by Kent and Ian with Carl, Paul ,and Jeremy taking out fifth sixth and seventh places.

Graeme Walker put in the fastest time at an excellent 1 hour 2 minutes

Sunday, October 29

Geelong Surfcoast Cycling Club ‘Layard Park’ Open 65 km

Great day had by all racing around Paraparap on a warm windy day. Despite it being hard going, the day went smoothly. Thanks to all who participated, the organisers, and volunteers.

The Geelong Surfcoast Cycling Club Open race is one of the most prestigious races in the VVCC racing calendar and lots of people work very hard to keep it that way. This years race was no exception with over 100 riders taking part in the 65km road race around the Paraparap course.

The sun was out and the wind was blowing like usual. The handicap sheet consisted of thirteen groups spread over 38 minutes.The race started well with the 22 minute group working hard until the turn around in Forest Rd. The group like most struggled with the wind on the return, Peter Wynne, Vincent Haveaux and Tina Stenos had to take charge and did the majority of the work pushing through the wind until the turn in to Grays Rd.

It was not until the 2nd time back into the wind along Forest Rd that the 22 minute bunch was caught by the 18 min group, driven well by Paul Ogilvie. The pace increased with Peter and Vincent finally getting support and a bit more rest between turns in the wind. All went well until the last 500 meters on Misery Lane where one or two breakaways were quickly snuffed out by the peloton.

The riders were now trying to find the perfect position coming up to the turn into Larcombes and the sprint finish, at this point the 14 minute group caught and pushed through to lead into the turn. Jess Douglas and Nigel Pearson had worked tirelessly to move into the lead and looked set to power there way through to a great 1, 2 finish. Peter Wynne saw Jess and Nigel take the lead into Larcombes, grabbed Nigel’s wheel and hoped he could hang on to the end.

It quickly became apparent that Jess and Nigel had given everything getting to the front and had very little left for a sprint finish. Peter clicked gears and went as hard as he could from along way out probably 500 meters from the line, this surprised everyone and with Jess and Nigel making a barrier from the rest of the group Peter powered home for a great win and being his second open race win.

The strong scratch group had a hard longer day starting 38 minuted behind limit and were only able to catch the next two groups, Darren Roberts, Tim Bennett broke away before the finish, Darren was too strong and won the fastest time award again. Thanks to fastest time sponsor Latrobe Health Centre. The riders, families and friends enjoyed a BBQ afterwards with great atmosphere.

1st Peter Wynne GSCC (22min 1:51:57 34.56km/h) 2nd Mark O’Callaghan Eur (16:30) 3rd Gary Blick GSCC (16:30) 4th Jessica Douglas GSCC (14min) 5th Vincent Haveaux GSCC (22min) 6th Nigel Pearson GSCC (14min) 7th Peter Hunt GSCC ((16:30) 8th Larry Nocera Colac (16:30) 9th David Lambourn GSCC (16:30) 10th Ricky Calvert Eur (14min) Fastest Time Darren Roberts Northern (scr 1:34:02 41.15km/h) First unplaced female Tina Stenos GSCC, first Supervet Terry Collie Eureka.

Congratulations to Mandy Hosking for being the top GSCC rider in the state aggregate and first placed female. The Geelong and Surfcoast Cycling Club finished a close second for the third year on a row in the State club aggregate to Eureka cycling club. A big thank you to the all the marshals and helpers on the day making it a great day for all who attended.

Follow the link to open album on facebook – Geelong open album

Follow the link to see full Mylaps results – Geelong Mylaps

Thursday, October 19

no crit results


Wednesday, October 25

Super Vets race report, click to enlarge









Sunday, October 22

An attack over the Forest Road hill, some 8 kilometres, from the finish line assisted Marcus Coppock hold off a fast finishing “super bunch” to claim the win in Sunday’s 57 kilometre handicap at Paraparap.
For Coppock this was his first win after having both his right hip and right knee replaced in the last 14 months. In a field of 42, he rode off the 16 minute mark, chasing limit rider and new female club member Danielle Bridger on 40 minutes. Other Bunches set off at 27, 20, 16, 12, 9, 5, 2 minute mark, and the hard working scratch bunch consisting of Andrew Baker, Josh Williams, Robbie Southern, Tony French and Andrew Goodwin determined to catch all the riders ahead of them.

The course started in Moriac and proceeded to Blackgate Road past the club rooms and returned to continue out to Nobles Road and return and finished with two laps of the Paraparap circuit. The weather conditions were overcast with light rain falling during the last lap. Coppock was assisted from the start by Graeme Wilson, Peter McDonough, Tina Stenos, Darren Brayshaw and last start winner Mal Cole in the Camperdown to Warrnambool Open race. The bunch worked well out to the turnaround in Blackgate Rd and had the out markers in sight. On returning and heading towards Noble Road two riders found the pace a little too hard and dropped off.

Going up Forest Road Hill the first time the 16 and 20 minute bunch combined with Paul Bubb, Jenny Denouden, Gavin Gamble and Jani Dovjak who were working well in the bunch. All the bunches were moving well with a slight tail wind down Grays Road with speeds in excess of 45 km/h The strong scratch group lost two riders after a uncharacteristic contact which resulted in the riders taking no further part in the race.

With a lap to go the combined 20 and 16 minute bunch passed the lone limit rider, Bridger, and continued up the Forest Road Hill. As the bunch crested the hill Coppock attacked and once into Gray’s Road, with a handy tail breeze, he opened up a 40 to 50 metre gap which he held onto the chequered flag. The sprint for second place saw Tina Stenos win out in front of Paul Bubb 3rd and Darren Brayshaw 4th. Next was Jani Dovjak, Ross West, Jenny Denouden, Gavin Gamble, Peter Wynne all from the super bunch with the fast finishing Peter Wynne for 10th from the 12 minute bunch. The handicapper had prepared a close race with a number of bunches not far behind.

The winners time was 2.04.41 with Fastest Time honours going to Andrew Goodman at 1.26.19
1st Marcus Coppock ( 2:04:41 27.4km/h 16 min) 2nd Tina Stenos (16min) 3rd Paul Bubb (20min) 4th Darren Brayshaw (16min) 5th Jani Dovjak ((20min) 6th Ross West (27min) 7th Jenny Denouden (20min) 8th Gavin Gamble (20min) 9th Peter McDonough (16min) 10th Peter Wynne (12min) Fastest Time Andrew Goodwin (scratch 1:26:19 39.6km/h)

Thursday, October 19

Crit results









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Wednesday, October 18


no report submitted


Saturday, October 14

VVCC Camperdown to Warrnambool 2017

click to read write up – www.gscc.net.au/riding-on-the-wings-of-an-angel/

Read riders comments about the race – www.gscc.net.au/camperdown-to-warrnambool-riders-comments/

Thursday, October 12

Crit results









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Wednesday, October 11


Memo to self- “write up a race report before you forget what you did on Wednesday”.

Under grey skies and the odd spot of rain the 3 lap Supervets race on Wednesday saw Terry Collie have enough in the legs to get over Peter Mc Waters and Barry Primmer.  Fourteen starters meant bunches of two or three i.e. no place to hide.

When the referee said “Go” Don Stuart and Ken Mansfield set off up Misery.  Their task, to use their 22 minute handicap to hold off all the chasers.  Next off 15 min. the pairing of John Faulkner and David O’Dwyer began their toil for the day.  Murray Riggs had the in form Kent fuller for company from 10 min.,  the latter looking to continue his recent good form and do a double.

The 6 min. group of Terry Collie, Richard Buckwell and Ross West had ridden smoothly last week and were looking to do the same this week.

They were pursued by John Hayden and Barry Primmer acting as the rabbits for the scratch group of Mark Cummings, Graeme Wilson and Peter McWaters.  To overcome his monophobia ( no that’s not the fear of riding on one wheel) Mark had apparently promised to “be gentle”.

The early laps as usual involve closing the gaps prior to the last lap assault.  John Faulkner however found himself alone after turning into Grays in the second lap as David is handling the hills at this stage of his return but has not yet got the punch for Grays rd..  And so it came to pass with a lap to go the combined scratch and second scratch bunch caught Buckwell/West/Collie and not long after disposed of Riggs and Fuller.  The combination of the three back bunches was not exactly a well oiled machine and going down Grays plans were being hatched to reduce the bunch size but a couple of surges failed to split the group.

Faulkner was passed heading toward the clubrooms leaving only the two limit riders and Misery to decide the race.  Cummings attacked up Misery, McWaters goes along, Primmer also makes the junction and Collie just makes it as the pace eases _ “groupo compacto” as the bunch sweeps up Stuart and Mansfield (brave ride from both), this will be decided in a sprint.

There is still one surprise to come as Cummings steps aside in favour of fellow scratch rider McWaters who is followed by Primmer and Collie with the latter having enough left in the legs to snatch an unexpected win.

The handicapper could be pleased with a close race that was only decided in the last few kilometres.


1st.    T. Collie, 2nd.  P. McWaters, 3rd.   B. Primmer, 4th.   J. Hayden, 5th.   M. Cummings.



Sunday, October 8

Forest Road and a lap x 2, a rehearsal for the GSCC open race coming up at the end of the month. A nice warm day with an increasing northerly wind. There were a few winter hibernators back racing today which was great to see.

It was a excellent spring day for racing and the 11 minute bunch of Steven Douglas, Mandy Hosking, Peter Hunt, Vic Mason, Chris Fenech, David Lambourn and Gary Blick were all working well, picking up the 14min bunch before the first Forest Road turn around due to Brian Weppner falling and the bunch making sure he was all ok. It looked likely the 11 minute were going to get caught as the following bunches seemed very close. By the time this bunch had picked up the 17, 26, 32 minute bunches and Ken Mansfield on his own again and heading to last lap all riders were contributing.

Coming up Misery Lane for the final time only a few riders were now doing turns with a few sitting on. Chris Fenech rode off the front to open a gap and no one seemed interested to close it down. David Lambourn started the chase expecting to take a few riders with him, but was left to bridge the gap before the last turn into Larcombes Rd. With the bunch closing David sprinted over Chris to take his first and well deserved GSCC handicap win, with a very fast average speed for this bunch.

The back markers all had a long day, third scratch were riding well together until Eddy Ziedaitis came down near the turn around the second time, Kane stopped to assist and Ian dropped off, second scratch caught third

scratch late in the race while scratch battled away solo till the finish with David Newett taking fastest time.

1st David Lambourn, (11min 1:42:40  37.9km/h), 2nd Chris Fenech (11min), 3rd Gary Blick (11min), 4th Darren Williams (14min), 5th Peter Wynne (14min), 6th Steven Douglas (11min), 7th Peter Hunt (11min), 8th Johnny Parrello (14min), 9th Tony Murrell (17min), 10th David Spence (14min) Fastest time David Newett (scr 1:36:24  40.5km/h)

A big thankyou to Dennis Sonogan for race refereeing on an interesting and busy day and all the other marshals assisting. Thanks to Richard Buckwell Snr and Rowan Neerhut for helping Eddy out and waited until medical assistance arrived.

Wednesday, October 4


Ideal spring conditions greeted 18 riders for Wednesday’s race that saw Geoff Smith and John Faulkner starting  25min. off scratch, this incidentally was John’s first race back following a recent hand injury.  Brian Long headed off solo 5 mins later, followed by David O Dwyer, Robert Young and Kent Fuller on 14mins.  Terry Collie, Ross West and Richard Buckwell on 11 mins.  John Hayden, S. McLachlan and Barry Primmer on 6 mins. Carl Judd, Laurie Fitzsimons and G.Wilson on 4 mins.  On scratch were David Lambourn, Mark Cummings and Mandy Hosking, these 3 carved up the field to finish 3rd, 4th and 5th with Kent Fuller and David O Dwyer hanging on to claim 1st and 2nd respectively.
David Lambourn achieved the fastest time of 1 hr. 1 min.

Sunday, October 1

Seventeen Geelong & Surfcoast Cycling Club members traveled to Colac on Sunday for the Colac Red Rock Classic. With a strong westerly blowing, rain and plenty of hills a field of 49 riders spread seven groups were in for a tough day. The seventeen minute group was the group to watch with quite handy gaps to the faster bunches. They took over the lead with a lap to go and weren’t to be seen. GSCC members Darren Williams and Vic Mason rode very well finishing 2nd and 4th respectively.

1st Peter Fitzgerald (W) 2nd Darren Williams (G) 3rd Geoff McLaren (W) 4th Vic Mason (G) 5th Natasha Cross (W) 6th Gerard Hickey (C)
Also a mention to Jenny Denouden, Darren Williams, Eddy Ziedaitis, Nigel Pearson, Nick Brown and Andrew Goodwin for finishing in the top three of their respective groups.

Wednesday, September 27

No SuperVets report submitted

Sunday, September 24

The Paraparap course today was two laps of the main circuit, out and back Forest Rd then around the lap to the finish in Larcombes Rd. Four times up misery lane and it was a misery today with an extremely strong and gustily North West wind howling of 50km/h plus.

29 riders in eight groups rolled up to the start line today to test themselves mentally and physically in these awful conditions with the two scratch men Gregory Hosking and Robbie Southern feeling very excited about their chances today and to increase their lead in the aggregate.

Again 80 year old Ken Mansfield started the day solo with a slow grind straight into the wind, it was going to be tough but Ken is always up for the fight, he had made it around the first lap before the last three groups had started.

Ross and Ian followed a while after swapping turns with the bigger middle groups to follow, with some groups finding rolling turns easier than track turns to get more protection for the wind. The 17 minute group rode well together but the 10 minute group got blown apart by a couple of stronger riders in the bunch Gary Blick especially. The scratch caped crusaders were loving the conditions and made up the one and a half minute gap to the second scratch group of Nick Brown, Rick Buckwell, Tony French and Paul Rettke 20 km into the race, Greg unfortunately got a puncture along the start of Forest Rd. The 12,17 and 22 minute middle groups all rode individually till the turn around at Gundrys Rd where the stronger groups were starting to catch each other still chasing down Ken, Ian and Ross. The 6 minute group of 6 were riding smooth turns but still not fast enough as the remaining four riders made the catch before the dip on Forest Rd. Robbie was showing his strength putting is some massive turns with some help from both Rick and Tony.

At the Forest rd turn it was already looking like a good day for the combined scratch groups no more than a few minutes behind with 20 km to go. The return leg along Forest Rd was one of the toughest races the competitors had been put through with the wind gusts increasing. The strong chasing groups starting catching the middle groups and then the leading 22 minute group of Gordon Spargo and Jenny Denouden with about 10km to go. The right turn into Grays Rd was hectic and fast with the big boys trying to drop all the sitters, turning into Hendy Main the cross wind was so strong the pace dropped and with not much road to use a few more dropped off. By the club room corner there were only six riders left, Robbie, Rick, Tony, Kane, Mandy and Gary. The fast three sat on the front for the final time up misery lane putting the others in the gutter and gravel, it took till just before the chicane for Gary and Kane to drop off. The head wind sprint was slow and tough, Robbie proved to strong to take a great win and his first fastest time and increasing his lead in the club aggregate. Tony second, Mandy third and Rick forth. Gary showed he is getting stronger finish fifth just in front of Kane. The main comment afterwards, “It was a very tough day”

Thanks again to Terry Robinson for refereeing and all the marshals standing out in the wind. Joe Gulino for cooking an excellent BBQ afterwards. Sunday 1st October we will be racing at Colac in the Red Rock Classic. Crit racing at Belmont starts Thursday October 5th at 6 pm. Two trial rides are available within a month for new trial riders, and now disk brakes are able to be used. Thanks again for Goding sponsorship

Sundays results:

1st and fastest time Robbie Southern (scr 1:34:32 36.2km/h),

2nd Tony French (1:30),

3rd Mandy Hosking (6min),

4th Rick Buckwell (1:30),

5th Gary Blick (10min),

6th Kane Airey (6 min), 7th Nick Brown (1:30), 8th Peter Hunt (6 min), 9th David Lambourn (10 min), 10th Marcus Coppock (17 min).


Wednesday, September 20

No SuperVets report submitted

Sunday, September 17

No GSCC racing due to Amys Grand Fondo

Wednesday, September 13

The full aftermath of Hurricane Irma was felt at the Supervets World Championships today…..howling winds and lashing rain battered the normally sub tropical grazing pastures of Paraparap. As a result spectator attendance was an all time low, with just 3 cows, one angry Forest Rd based magpie and a very cold yabbie observing the otherwise riveting, world class SV cycling action.In fact the best way to report on this prestigious event is to categorise it within the title of the 1966 Clint Eastwood starring film “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”:

* M Cummings win and FTD.
*Fellow Scratchwoman…the uber strong and smooth peddling Mandy Hosking.
*Post race pizza….that’s the stuff guys!
*Tax Free winnings
*No drug testing or motor doping detectors at SV World Championships as yet.
*Catching Carl Judd who had 4 mins on scratch.
*Carl Judd getting 3rd.
*Passing fellow Swampies Lew and Jeremy up Misery…they were seen with yellow pansies in their jersey pockets and holding hands at the time. It’s well known their relationship goes way beyond cycling.

*The atrocious weather (duh)
*Rider numbers…only 12 (refer above point)
*Post Race coffee….Robert Timms sub standard brew compared to the usual barista’s coffee of choice, Nescafe 43 beans.
*Scratch catching Ken Mansfield the last time up Misery….he really deserved more than 4th.
*No prize money for 5th
*No prize money for FTD

*Still without his drivers licence and sadly missed at the weekly SV Worlds.
*Our ride time of 1.09 or 32kph average is slow.
*A dirty bike

RESULTS: 1st Mark Cummings
2nd Mandy Hosking
3rd Carl Judd
4th Ken Mansfield
Time 1.09:20 Mark Cummings

Sunday, September 10

Sunday September 10 saw 22 GSCC riders compete in five graded scratch races at Paraparap. Racing was in fine cool conditions with a light westerly wind over 3 or 4 laps (38 km or 48 km) of the Hendy Main Road circuit. A special shout out to Jenny Denouden for registering her maiden win with the club. Most groups finished in hotly contested sprint finishes except A grade where Greg Hosking and Robbie Southern rode away from their co-markers

A Grade:
1. Greg Hosking (1:18:40)
2. Robbie Southern
3. Josh Williams
B Grade:
1. Andrew Read (1:26:49)
2. Nigel Pearson
3. Peter Hunt
C Grade:
1. Peter Wynne (1:35:01)
2. James Stuart
3. Tina Stenos
D Grade:
1. Jenny Denouden (1:15:35)
2. Marcus Coppock
3. Corinne Rice
E. Grade:
1. Ian Sumner (1:29:29)
2. Ken Mansfield
3. Don Stuart

Wednesday, September 6

No Supervets results submitted

Sunday, September 3

Fathers Day Handicap Race

Well what a crappy day for the annual 38km GSCC Fathers Day handicap race. With 22 brave soles entering and 21 racing it was going to turn out to be a war of attrition with a very stiff & gusting north-westerly blowing and rain showers making the conditions even more treacherous, at least it wasn’t too cold

Ken Mansfield started the race solo again into the wind up misery lane with his parachute rain jacket on, with Ross West 9 minutes behind, it was going to be a tough day out for these two and it definitely was, Ross pulled out when caught but Ken put in another great effort riding solo for the whole race to finish last.

The scratch group of four, Greg Hosking, Xavier Coppock, Josh Williams and Robbie Southern had 27 minutes to catch the leaders today and there were very determined with the weather favouring them they caught the second scratch group of Rick Buckwell, Tony French, Nick Brown and Andrew Cox within a lap and then flew past the third scratch group down Hendy Main Road on the second lap into the cross winds with Mandy Hosking the only one to be able to hang on for a while. This strong scratch group with some help from the second group caught the leaders early in the last lap leaving everyone behind. Greg Hosking had a few gearing issues on Grays Rd trying to chase down Tony French who casually road of the front of the group, Greg did very will to stay upright with his feet out of the pedals!

With one last time into the westerly up misery lane Xavier attacked before

Larcombes Rd, Greg reacted quickly along Larcombes to take a commanding win the others not too far behind in a very fast time for the days conditions. Well done to everyone who raced and most riders finished the course, and to the two ladies racing Kerryn and Mandy finishing in the top ten. Thanks to Ian Sumner for setting up, refereeing and helping after the finish, a great job well done today.

Thanks to the other marshals and Dave Robinson and Rick Buckwell again for the handicapping and work at the finish line. Next Sunday 10th September are scratch races around the lap course. Coming up in November is the GVCC-GSCC 40th Anniversary race and celebrations.

1st Greg Hosking (scr 59:09 38.55km/h), 2nd Xavier Coppock (scr), 3rd Robbie Southern (scr), 4th Josh Williams (scr), 5th Tony French (1:30), 6th Nick Brown (1:30, 7th Rick Buckwell (1:30) 8th Steve McLachalan (15:00), 9th Kerryn Minehan (15:00) 10th Mandy Hosking (5:00)

Wednesday, August 30

No Supervets results submitted


Sunday, August 27

Round three of the GSCC winter scratch series included a new course. Nobles Rd, Forest Rd and Gum Flats 1km Hill, with A,B and C grade navigating Gum Flats Hill twice a total of 44km and 35km for D,E and F grades. The southerly was blowing hard and cold and the riders were going to see the head wind a fair bit today.

A Grade

The man in top form Brad Hasket away due to work anything could happen out on the road and it definitely did. Greg Hosking decided to have ago on his own from early on attacking hard along Nobles Road and stayed away from the other nine riders for the remainder of the race in an very amazing solo tough ride. Only five of the remaining were still together after the first Gum Flats Road ascent with Xavier Coppock having a go to bridge the gap to Greg to no avail. Greg held on up Gum Flats the final time for the win over a charging Andrew Goodwin finishing twelve seconds behind Greg with Rick Buckwell third a few seconds back.

1st Greg Hosking (1:12:44 35.9km/h) , 2nd Andrew Goodwin, 3rd Rick Buckwell, 4th Robbie Southern, 5th Tony French, 6th Xavier Coppock, 7th Andrew Baker, 8th Josh Williams, 9th Nick Brown 10th Paul Rettke.

B Grade

B grade started with 6 riders with the favourite for the 3 race scratch series Jessica Douglas missing due to a cold. There were a good mixture of riders, Carl Leahy, Mandy Hosking, Nigel Pearson, Kane Airey with Peter Hunt and Chris French who both were elevated to B grade again after solid finishes in there previous C grade race. The pace was moderate over the first 15 or so kilometres with Carl, Chris and Kane puttnig in there usual attacks throughout the first 30 km’s to create break away’s which all were brought back to the field, with a lot of work on the front by Peter Hunt with Mandy and Nigel watching closely but not willing to do to much work quietly waiting for the two hills nearer the finish. The group were all together on the first decent of Gum Flats, with Kane, Carl, Peter and Nigel setting a good tempo up the climb riding away from Mandy and Chris. With Chris and Mandy closing in and chasing hard the front four stayed away till about 2km to Gum Flats Road with no one willing to spend too much energy before the final hill. The group ascended down to the neutral corner, then Nigel started with a very solid tempo over the first half of the hill dropping Mandy, Chris then Peter, Nigel kept up the pace with Kane and Carl following closely with Carl breathing heaving after the final bend the finish came into sight and Kane put in one last effort to the line to win by a few bike lengths.

1st Kane Airey (1:22:56 32km/h) , 2nd Nigel Pearson, 3rd Carl Leahy, 4th Peter Hunt, 5th Chris Fenech, 6th Many Hosking.

C Grade

Seven keen members turn up for the cold start to their race with guest rider Dean Niclasen from Eastern vets. The series points were quite close between Vincent Haveaux and Johhny Parrello. This group mainly stayed together swapping turns with a few attacks and efforts keeping the pace high. Brad Keating was off the front for a while before the first time down and up Gum flats Road They all stayed together to the final climb with Rowan Neerhut keeping the pace high all the way up Gum Flats Road with Johnny sucking his wheel till 100m to go when Johnny flew past Rowan with a high cadence Chris Froome would be happy with to take a great win.

1st Johnny Parrello (1:25:46 30.4km/h) 2nd Rowan Neerhut, 3rd Dean Niclasen (E) 4th Gary Blick, 5th Vincent Haveaux, 6th Brian Weppner 7th Brad Keating.

D Grade
7 riders started in D grade with a very leisurely pace until Nobles Rd.
Once at Nobles the pace picked up with Jani Dovjak, Steve McLachlan and Kerryn doing most of the work until the turn around. Just after the turn around on Nobles, James Stuart making a brave attempt at a breakaway, the group did not respond thinking this would fail. James made about 200m on the group by the rise on Forrest Rd. Peter Wynne increased his speed in an attempt to ride over to James hoping he could help in his pursuit of the coveted Chocolate Bear. I joined James and we put a gap of about 400m into the group but with riders such as Marcus Coppock and Paul Bubb also in the hunt we knew it was only a matter of time before they started to pull us in. At the turn around on Nobles we only had 150m on them, I hoped it would be enough, 100m by Gum Flats. On the climb out of Gum Flats James was caught by the pack and finished 5th, a fantastic effort by James Stuart but all for nothing. Peter Wynne finished strong and stayed away for the win.

1st Peter Wynne (1:09:04 29.5km/h) 2nd Steve McLachlan 3rd Kerryn Mineham, 4th Jani Dovjak, 5th James Stuart, 6th Paul Bubb, 7th Marcus Coppock.E Grade

The great trio of Ian Sumner, Jenny Denouden and Corinne Rice were up for a consistent solid race and a fight for a win up the famous Paraparap Hill! They all stuck together for most of the course riding good turns and trying to work with the wind which is always challenging with only three. On the last rise before Gum flats Corinne Rice broke away hoping to gain herself an advantage for the climb. The gamble paid off with Corinne crossing the line first taking her first club win, Jenny Denouden gave a solid chase on the descent to put herself in second and Ian Sumner followed in third.

1st Corinne Rice (1:17:42 26.2km/h) 2nd Jenny Denouden, 3rd Ian Sumner.

F Grade

There were only two riders in F grade and both above 80. The cold morning may have contributed to some eligible F grade riders not participating. For the two riders that did ride it was a good even pace with each rider doing his share of breaking the cold wind up until the descent and ascent of the GUM FLATS mountain. There was little between them as they fought out the finish with Ken Mansfield just holding off Don Stewart. Last year Ken had to walk up the Gum Flats hill and was pleased this year in being able to ride all the way.

1st Ken Mansfield (22.5km/h), 2nd Don Stuart

After the three rounds of the winter scratch series the results were close in all grades, well done to all who competed and the winners went home with a GSCC glass mug trophy.

A grade – 1st Brad Haskett 11, equal second Robbie Southern and Andrew Goodwin 9.

B grade – 1st Kane Airey 11, 2nd Carl Leahy 10, 3rd Jessica Douglas 9.
C grade – 1st Johnny Parrello 12, 2nd Vincent Haveaux 6, Equal 3rd Gary Blick and Rowan Neerhut 5.
D grade – 1st Steve McLachlan 16, 2nd James Stuart 12, 3rd Peter Wynne 10.
E grade – 1st Corinne Rice 11 points, 2nd Ian Sumner 10, 3rd Ross West 7.
F grade – 1st Ken Mansfield 12, 2nd Don Sturt 8, 3rd Andrew Kennon 2.

Wednesday, August 23

No Supervets results submitted


Sunday, August 20

The 4th edition of the KVA Design 50km winter sash race was short and sharp with riders needing a longer than usual warm-up as the garmin’s read zero degrees. The trees were still in the freezing conditions but a very slight bitterly cold westerly hit the races in the face when out on course.
The lumpy course of two trips down Noble’s plus two laps ensured all riders felt the pinch of the fast paced race. The limit riders gave scratch 34 minutes and with small groups in between. The first return along Nobles Rd Ken Mansfield still had a handy lead with Rod Lambeth chasing and Ian Sumner and Ross West working well together. Scratch and second scratch were riding well and making up good ground on the middle bunches half way through the race. 
The four scratch riders were well organised and chased after 2nd scratch who had a 1.30min advantage. Unfortunately Josh Williams injury prevented him from contributing as he would have liked. 3 of the 2nd scratch riders were caught on Larcombes road with Robbie Southern further ahead of this group. Robbie immediately swung into the rotations with the three scratch riders and didn’t miss a beat for remainder of the race.
At this stage the front of the race was developing with the 10 minute group of Johnny Parrello, Brian Wepner, Gary Blick, Rowan Neerhut, Peter Wynne caught the 15 minute group and hit the lead of the race. Paul, Bubb, James Stuart, Kerryn Mineham, Jenny Denouden did there best to help out and also hang on, Kerryn had one of her stronger races staying with this group nearly to the finish.
The scratch and second scratch group remained on pace to catch the middle groups ahead despite the smaller groups merging into larger bunches. Another group were reeled in on Nobles, then another on Forest with only the leading 10 and 15 minute groups a further 2minutes ahead.

The time gap had been reduced to one minute as the scratch bunch hit the Gray’s and Hendy Main Road intersection. Knowing the scratch group was going to catch the lead group resulted in some tactical games being played out. As the group approached the leading group up misery lane Xavier Coppock put in


 a well timed attack leading to a scramble of riders behind. This attack was squashed but lead to another that saw David Newett and Greg Hosking clear of the bunch and sprinting to the line with David taking it in a photo finish. Great rides also by Ian Amsden and Johnny Parrello today finishing with the scratch and second scratch riders.
It was a great day of racing with all riders thanking Kane and KVA Design for his continual support of the club by putting on the sponsored sash races. Thanks to Richard Buckwell snr for refereeing and all the marshaling doing a great job keeping everyone safe again.
1st David Newett 1:17:05 39km/h (scr)  2nd Greg Hosking (scr) 3rd Robbie Southern (1:30) 4th Xavier Coppock (scr) 5th Josh Williams (scr) 6th Ian Amsden (5min) 7th Johnny Parrello (10min) 8th Nick Brown (1:30) 9th Brian Wepner (10min) 10th Tony French (1:30)
First unplaced lady. Amanda Hosking.


Wednesday, August 16

No results submitted


Sunday, August 13

2017 ROAD RACE – State Championships



Wednesday, August 9

Supervets held a time trial,









Sunday, August 6

GSCC Rocket Ascent Handicap – 62 km

The Rocket Ascent is a tough race, throw in a bit of icy chill factor goodness, wind, rain, chattering teeth, frozen toes, 500 metres of climbing over 62 kilometres at race pace, a steep hill top finish and you have a race of attrition.
Of the 35 to front ref Keith Dorling for the race brief at the start line, only 20 ‘hardcore riders’ crossed the finish line!

The course for the day, is not for your everyday weekend warrior, it’s designed to hurt… Ascent means, ‘To climb or walk to the summit of a mountain or hill.’ and that’s exactly what we did twice, for 1.2 k’s, it was steep, we did it twice… It wasn’t fun, it hurt…Twice!

The wind was a big help to the scratch group even after this group of four was cut in half with Andrew Goodwin

dropping off early then Greg punctured on gum flats the first time. Xavier and Brad just got onto second scratch heading north on Forest when Xavier punctured. Brad had a few helpers from second and 3rd scratch and this fast moving group caught the everlasting second limit rider Mal Cole, limit riders Andrew Kennon and Ken Mansfield who rode solo for most of the race just before heading down Gum Flats. Matt and Robbie were too strong for the rest riding with great strength up Gum Flats final ascent.

Well done to Matt McDonough for winning his own race for the second

time in three years, Mr consistent Robbie Southern for second and Brad Hasket taking third and fastest time, and to a very determined Ken Mansfield to finish the race who booked ended it by starting first and finishing last. Thanks to Keith Dorling for refereeing, keeping the riders safe and all the marshals working in terrible conditions.

1st Matt McDonough (2min 1:40 37.2km/h) 2nd Robbie Southern (2min) 3rd and fastest time Brad Haskett (scr 1:39:04 37.54km/h) 4th Stuart Smith (2min) 5th Ian Amsdem (10min) 6th Peter Hunt (10min) 7th Carl Leahy (6min) 8th Paul Rettke (2min) 9th Jessica Douglass (6min) 10th Mandy Hosking (10min)

The first time up Gum Flats also was a tough contest with the leader of each group taking the KOM or QOM awards. Scratch Brad Haskett, 2min Scratch Robbie Southern, 6min Jessica Douglas, 10min Peter Hunt 14min Vincent Haveaux 24min Tina Stenos.

Wednesday, August 2

17 riders greeted the starter on a cool but sunny Wednesday morning for a 37k race involving 3 laps of the usual course. Unlike last week there had been no overnight rain and the course was dry, with a slight easterly breeze to push the riders up Misery Lane – an unusual but welcome assistance.

Starters for the race were:

26 mins: G Smith

22 mins: D Jennings, K Mansfield

17 mins: K Fuller, A Kennan

11 mins: M Cole, T Collie

9 mins: J Tatchell, R West, L Targett

5 mins: T Stenos, C Judd, B Primmer

Scratch: P Ladd, D Jessup, M Hosking, R Cronk

The favourable weather conditions augured for a fast race, and the final groups would have to work hard if they were going to reel in the front markers. This prediction was reinforced at the start line when our referee, Dennis, declared that there was no speed limit for the race – all riders could ride as fast as they wished. A tough day in the office lay ahead for all!!

All groups worked well in the good conditions, and with Longy’s astute handicapping they only started coming together during the final lap. The scratch group managed to reel in Stenos, Judd and Primmer just after Jack’s corner. This group had earlier picked up Tatchell, Targett and Mansfield.

Whilst the other riders either trailed this group, or retired early; Cole and Collie rode resolutely ahead up the road, with a good lead as they turned up Misery for the final time. The chasing peloton of 10 riders work

ed hard down to the club corner, pulled along once again by the strong efforts of Pete (the Locomotive) Ladd.

Just through the corner Hosking and Jessup gained a small break on the group and worked to consolidate their advantage. Primmer dug deep and bridged across the gap just at the slight flat on Misery, but no others followed him.  The increased speed up Misery had also closed the gap to Cole and Collie, but they remained tantalisingly clear as they turned into Larcombes. On the final rise up Misery Hosking and Jessup pushed clear of Primmer and turned into Larcombes with a 50m lead to the chasing bunch.


In the final 250m Cole rode clear of Collie to take a fine win, crossing the line a good 100m clear of the chasing riders. Hard work from the chasing peloton was rewarded with 2nd to 7th places for the scratch and second scratch riders. A strong surge at the line saw Hosking take the fastest time.


1st M Cole, 2nd M Hosking – fastest time 1:02:17, 3rd D Jessup, 4th C Judd, 5th R Cronk, 6th T Stenos

7th P Ladd, 8th T Collie, 9th B Primmer, 10th L Targett, 11th J Tatchell, 12th K Mansfield

David Jessup

Sunday, July 30

Race report for J. K. Lambeth 57 km Memoriam Interclub Handicap Race.

When we say “Wind is our friend.” What we really mean is…why do we do this to ourselves, wind is not our friend, legs hurt, the bike is being blown around so much. The weather was atrocious today, but what a magnificent turnout for the JK Lambeth memoriam race. Out of the 44 entered we had 40 race with visitors from Warrnambool, Northern and Colac. The course, out and back Nobles rd, out and back Forest rd, to Grays, Hendy Main plus one lap, finish at Larcombes rd (A) – 57 km had riders being smashed by the ferocious West North Westerly, leaving little room for error. Those who neglected to check the wind conditions and chose to ride on their deep dish rims, where tossed around by the swirling gusts. Where’s Korthy when you need him! After scrutinising the handicap sheet, it was deemed scratch would be a shoo-in to win today…but 2nd scratch were more organised for the whole


giving them more fire power.

The 9 minute group of Mandy Hosking, a very strong Ian Amsden, Chris Fenech, Peter Hunt and Darren Williams were surprisingly caught very quickly on Forest Rd by the 7 minute bunch, containing Frank ‘The Tank’ Gasperic, Mark Purdie (C), Craig Van Dort, a firing fast Dave Coventry (C) and Nigel Pearson. Frank just kept fanging it up Forest rd like the hill wasn’t even there! Stand out rides were from Dave, Nigel and Mark. Gary Blick (13min) had an outstanding ride,

getting in the mix with the strong men. Craig and Frank wore themselves out with solid turns, but dropped when we hit Jack’s corner and were halted to watch a procession of cars from a car club drive by. Dave took off like a cut cat leaving Craig and Frank in his wake. Nigel, Mark, Gary and Johnny ‘Road Captain’ Parrello and Mandy managed to sprint onto his wheel. The pace was too hot for some, and soon after that, Nick Brown, Paul Rettke, Andrew Baker, and Josh Williams came flying past, they rode very strong and well organised all race staying away from scratch.

Andrew Bakers sprint training has finally paid off when he crossed the line first for his first handicap win after many years of trying, congratulations Andy. He finish only 0.4sec in front of Nick Brown, and Gary Blick showing his real riding strength finishing third giving the handicapper something to think about. The scratch group finished two minutes later, with Tim Reddick (W), Josh McMinn (W), Andy Goodwin and Greg Hosking, and Robbie Southern fighting it out for Fastest…Greg taking the spoils again by 0.13sec over Tim Reddick (W). Fantastic job by GSCC officials and marshals again. It was also awesome to see the newly recruited girls turn up and participate in a large bunch ride escorted by Tina, Jess and Kim. 1st Andrew Baker (4min) 2nd Nick Brown (4min) 3rd Gary Blick (13min) 4th David Coventry (C)(7min) 5th Paul Rettke (4min) 6th Nigel Pearson (7min) 7th Josh Williams (4min) 8th Kelvin Dyson (4min) 9th Mandy Hosking (9min) 10th Marc Purdie (C) (7min) Faster time Greg Hosking (scr)

Wednesday, July 26

11 riders greeted the starter on a cool and windy Wednesday morning for a 38k race involving 2 laps of the usual course, then out along Nobles Rd and back, finishing in Larcombes Rd just before the Brown Magpie winery. Rain threatened, but held off for the duration after earlier showers had left the roads a little damp.

Starters for the race were:

25 mins: T Collie, G Smith

15 mins: M Riggs, I Sumner, K Fuller

10 mins: J Tatchell, R West

4 mins: M Hosking, L Targett

Scratch: P Ladd, D Jessup

There was a strengthening westerly blowing directly down Hendy Main & Larcombes roads, which  combined with the small bunches and slightly longer course to work in favour of the scratch group catching the limit riders.

Ladd and Jessup gathered in Hosking and Targett on the second push up Misery, and with Mandy joining forces set about chasing down the front groups. West & Tatchell were picked up just after Jack’s corner, with Hosking, Ladd and Jessup combining well.

At the head of the race Collie was joined by Riggs, Sumner and Fuller and the 4 pushed on down Nobles, and were not seen by the chasing scratch bunch until they were 300 metres heading back  from having made the turn-around.

A final push from the scratch group saw the front 4 caught at the top of the final rise coming back along Nobles, and with Ladd pushing a big gear all the way to Larcombes, the scratch group of 3 came through the corner with a clear break, and positioned themselves for the surge to the line. After a little bit of soft-pedalling and warily watching each other, Hosking, Ladd and Jessup all ‘kicked’ at the same time and sprinted the final 100 metres to take the first 3 places – a fitting end for the combined efforts of this bunch throughout the ride.


1st and fastest time – D Jessup   1:07:28

2nd M Hosking, 3rd P Ladd, 4th M Riggs, 5th I Sumner, 6th T Collie

Sunday, July 23

Race report for Scratch series race 2

A Grade

It was another mild winter day. The wind was higher than last week, but wasn’t a big factor. The day started well. I got to the race on time. I’d also remembered the black electrician’s tape to put the transponder on my bike.

Robbo had noticed how much time I’ve spent riding by myself in recent weeks and had took it upon himself to drop me to B grade. After a bit of groveling and pointing out that my poor performances had more to do with bad decision making rather than bad legs, he was kind enough to give me one last chance in A grade. I needed to concentrate this time.

I was also glad that big Xavier, who had dropped me like a stone last week, had chosen not to turn up, however, Brad and Andrew Goodwin were there and I knew they were very strong. Plus I had no idea what the other 5 riders could do.

The course was 60km of flatness with a cross-tailwind sprint about 500m after a corner. My goal for the day was to make it to the sprint so I didn’t get dropped to B grade. No heroics mid race (aka doing stupid stuff).

The pace was strong, but variable, and not deadly. I think all the riders in A grade made it to the sprint. The most decisive point in the race was a break from Brad and Goodie with about 15km to go. They managed to get about 500m ahead and I was thinking “that’s it. We’re racing for third”. Then in a remarkable display of efficient and effective riding that I contributed to in no way whatsoever, the remaining five riders swapped turns and reigned them in in less than half a lap.

The 2000m leading into the sprint was the usual everybody looking at each other. Brad at one point invited me to take a turn. To which I thought really loud “you have an FTP about 100 watts higher than mine – just no”. Then he pointed out that Rick Buckwell had snuck away in a really smart move and if we didn’t work together we’d be sprinting for second (not his exact words). A few non-soft turns later and we were back to a bunch.

As I’d said, the sprint was cross-tailwind and really quick. I got lucky and found a rider who gave me a lead out on the leeward side of the road that dropped me about a bike-length ahead of everyone with better momentum with only 100m to go. I took a Michael Matthews-esque line that gently closed the door on anyone trying to take the short way around me, but didn’t get me disqualified, and it was over in a flash.

Brad came second to cement his position for the overall with one stage to go, and Andrew Goodie came third.

Good race overall in great spirit (as always at the GSCC), and no crashes. Thanks to Robbo for not dropping me. by Andrew Cox


8 keen riders contested B Grade in difficult windy conditions. The pace for the first 3 laps was good for a scratch race given the conditions averaging around 34 kph. Rolling turns were evenly shared between riders.

Kane Airey kept everyone alert and entertained with a series of fast breaks off the front. Carl Leahy joined him for a more serious break down Greys Road but it was always going to be difficult to stay away and the group didn’t have too much trouble bringing riders back to the bunch on each occasion. The pace slowed on the last lap and fewer riders took turns on the front while others took a rest. In a great effort heading out Nobles road Jess Douglas went forward and lifted the pace considerably but with no one prepared to assist she stayed on the front all the way to the turnaround. The extra speed pushed a couple of riders past their limits on the day and they were dropped off the bunch. Coming back up Nobles Road it was a safe bet we were heading for a sprint finish as no riders appeared interested in a last second breakaway attempt. Turning onto Larcombes Road the tailwind helped the remaining 6 riders build speed quickly. With 300 metres to go the bunch was already over 50kph reaching close to 60kph before the line. The final placings were 1st Kelvin Dyson  2nd Carl Leahy  3rd Frank Gasperic. by Kelvin Dyson


Ten riders lined up for the second stage of the three stage scratch series. The first lap seemed to be the warm up lap as the pace was quite friendly and no real attacks were mounted. In the second lap things started to warm up with a few surges at strategic points, however nothing really eventuated, and the group stayed pretty tight – although there were some small cracks emerging. It was late in the second lap – early in the third, when riders started to be dropped.

Juddy, Brian, Geoff, Peter Ladd and Laurie rode hard until the elastic band went TWANG and they were out the back. That left Chris, Peter Hunt, Vince, Brad and Johnny Parrello to soldier on. The General (Johnny) was
mixing it up with the pace to make sure no-one could get into a rhythm. Chris and Peter put in some turns and tested the group with some small attacks, however to everyone’s credit they were able to stick to a wheel. It wasn’t until we were faced with Nobles Rd that things got serious. Chris increased the pace heading up the rise on Larcombes and legs were starting to feel the pinch. A short reprieve and then as we turned the corner into Nobles he was at it again. A long surge saw Brad and Vince lose contact. That left Chris, Peter and the crafty Johnny to start plotting on the demise of the next weak link. Not surprisingly no-one was prepared to show a kink in their armour.

Chris got away for a short spell on his own but Peter and Johnny worked together to reel him back in. It looked like it was going to come down to a sprint. Peter turned into Larcombes leading the group, followed by Johnny and then Chris. You could sense the tension mounting as we were 800m out. Who was going to go first? Would there be a long or short sprint? The sounds of gears changing could be heard as we prepared for an all-out assault on the finish line. In the end Chris went first and with nerves of steel Johnny followed; Peter jumped as well but seemed to have missed his chance. Chris looked like he was going to hold on until Johnny dug deep and found something extra. Johnny’s secret training sessions almost got him there, but he couldn’t quite close the gap. Rumour has it that Johnny didn’t want to do the write up so eased up on the line. Only Johnny knows the answer to that !!!!!!!,

Well done to everyone in the group! by Chris Fenech

D grade

We started out as a group of five, Jamie Robinson was dropped early as we worked up into a stiff northwesterly.  From then on Steve McLachlan, Jani Dovjak, Peter Wynne and myself worked track turns evenly over the next three laps.  As the wind picked up the speed decreased as we continued to push along up Misery Lane, Peter did some strong turns towing the three of us along in places.  As we reached Nobles Road a sprinkle of rain fell and the dark clouds looked ominous above.  I rode along on the front for a while up nobles, don’t tell Dave as I have him convinced that I’m psychology beaten even looking at the Noble’s road sign.  Half way up Nobles Peter reminded me that I should really save something for the sprint, obligingly I had a rest until we reached the final ramp which again I pushed along on the front.

On the descent Rick Buckwell sped pass closely followed by the chasing A Grade bunch.  Jani spun along on the front followed by Peter, myself and then Steve, when we reached the corner Peter got off the saddle and lifted the tempo.  I followed with Steve closing on my wheel, Steve was first to jump with a strong acceleration.  I jumped across from Peter’s wheel to Steve’s, I had him fairly well covered now and looking for the distance to the line.  Peter was still pushing hard down the inside so I decided to launch gapping both riders to win by a couple of lengths.  I was happy with the win sprinting against some very capable fast finishers.

Looking forward to Gumflats NOT! by James Stuart

E Grade
Five riders all riding smoothly for near two laps when Ross West lost touch due to cramp but Ross got back on when the group turned into Forest road and Terry Robinson fell causing the other riders to turn to see if Terry needed help. As there were other club members there to help Terry the remaining four carried on and remained together until the sprint which was won by Ross West, followed by new rider Corinne Rice, Keith Dorling and Ian Sumner.

F Grade

Only 3 riders with two of them being 80 years old. The cold windy conditions resulted in slow speeds as the riders battled into the head wind  which seemed to be always in their face  and particularly up Misery lane. The riders all worked turns of pace and assisted each other from the wind where possible. The race was decided in the final sprint as all riders remained intact even though some experienced difficulty in staying together up the hills in Nobles Road. The finish was aided by the wind and Ken Mansfield riding close to the white line ensured no rider was to pass on his outside and held the front to the finishing line. Don Stuart the other 80 year old finished second. The win was Ken’s second in the Three Scratch race event competition. by Ken Mansfield

Wednesday, July 19

race report to come

Sunday, July 16

Race report for Scratch series race 1

A Grade
It’s mid winter so it’s no surprise that we were greeted with very cool conditions for our 9 o’clock start.  No spoiler alert was issued by Dave Robinson as he calmly informed us the course for the day and the winner of last nights stage of Le Tour.  After a quick pep talk from race referee Dennis Sonogan we were off for five laps of the Paraparap circuit, 62k in all.
It was an exciting race from the start and the first attack occurred on the Forrest Road rise with Brad Haskett followed by Xavier Coppock testing the waters.  It didn’t last long though, Andy Baker, Rob Southern, Paul Rettke and Nick Brown dragged them back to the group.  The next couple laps were pretty cagey, Andrew Cox made a break but was shutdown quickly.  Rick Buckwell was riding strongly and established a small break up misery lane but Andy wasn’t letting anyone get away.  Carl Leahy was no where to be seen.  Was he going to attack next?
The next attack proved to be the race defining break.  Rob Southern and Tony French surged down Forrest Road establishing a small break, then as the group accelerated out of the corner on Grays Rd, Xavier sprinted across followed by Brad.  It was a pretty hard and fast lap that followed, with the breakaway getting out to a break of a couple  hundred meters.  We got the bell from Dave turning up Forrest Road for the last time and still couldn’t shake the chasing group of Nick Brown, Paul Rettke, Carl Leahy, Andy Baker and Rick Buckwell.  Andrew Cox was paying for his earlier attacks and had been dropped by then.  Everyone in the lead group of 4 was pulling big turns and the gap was increasing.  As we surged over the top of the Forrest Road rise Xaviers rear mech exploded, disintegrating spectacularly all over the road taking a few spokes with it.  We were down to three versus the rest.
We were well aware that the chasing group would have been charged with seeing Xavier on the side of the road so we pushed hard down Grays road and up Hendy Main to the start of misery lane.  It was pretty obvious that we had the podium covered by this stage and we all started to recover slightly for the ensuing sprint.  Tony was the first to sprint with Rob rolling up behind, then surging for the line from just over a hundred out.  I just snuck past for my first win in a long time.
Thanks to Dennis our referee and all our marshals today.  We love scratch races.


1st Brad Haskett average speed 37.5
2nd Rob Southern
3rd Tony French
Just writing this as I watch the replay of last nights stage of Le Tour, and yes Robbo, Michael Matthews did win

D Grade

Seven riders competed on this very cool morning in the D grade scratch race.  What to wear was a dilemma for some of the less experienced riders, most of whom wore leggings and an extra top layer, only to overheat later in the race.  The pace was steady for most of the 4 laps with even rotations amongst the bunch.  When Tina Stenos dropped her water bottle on Hendy Main Road with 2 laps to go, she decided to go back to collect it.  So there was a little


discussion about whether to wait for her, and eventually the bunch decided to slow down very slightly.  This allowed Tina, after a huge effort, to return to the bunch on the final lap.  The pace quickened in the final stage, when Steve McLachlan sprinted for the line and crossed it first.  Unfortunately he had forgotten where the actual finishing line was and so he still had another 500 metres or so to go!  Tina Stenos sprinted past James Stewart with 20 metres or so to go but was overtaken by Steve McLachlan just before the (correct) finish line.  Steve, who has a lot to learn about racing, thanked Tina for the tips on strategy she had given him at a previous scratch race.

F Grade

Only three riders contested the F grade Scratch Race which covered  a distance of 41 km (? not sure of the distance).

The pace was not breakneck as the riders had not participated in Sunday racing for several weeks due to other Club’s

events and riders were wary of going flat out in case they could not finish the distance, however all three riders

stayed together and the result was decided in a sprint finish with Ken Mansfield getting over the top of Ian Summer in the final few metres of the race.

Wednesday, July 12

No race

Sunday, July 9

No race – mid season bye

Wednesday, July 5


The Supervets, despite the cold and greasy day, competed in a 2 lap time trial of the Paraparap circuit.  Carl Judd rode the best time of 39.18 from David Lambourn and Peter Ladd.
Results:  1.  C Judd 39.18,  2.  D Lambourn 39.41,  3.  P Ladd 39.54,  4.  L Fitzsimons 43.51,  5.  M Riggs 44.27,  6.  M White 50.43,  7.  K Fuller 51.40,  8.  I Sumner 56.35,  9.  D Jennings DNF.


Sunday, July 2

No race – mid season bye

Wednesday, June 28

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club – Supervets

results to come




Sunday, June 25

ABC grades 52 km – 3 laps, Out & back Nobles, Rd, Out & back Layards, Finish Larcombes (B)

A grade

1st Robbie Southern, 2nd Rick Buckwell, 3rd Greg Hosking, 4th David Newatt, 5th Josh Williams, 6th Paul Rettke, 7th Tony French, 8th A Seipolt, 9th S Smith


B Grade

1st Nick Brown, 2nd David Lambourn, 3rd Peter Hunt, 4th Andrew Read

C grade

1st Johnny Parrello, 2nd Paul Beasley, 3rd Gary Blick, 4th Brad Keating, 5th Umberto Scolaro, 6th Carl Judd, 7th David Spence

DE grades 41 km – 2 laps, Out & back Nobles, Rd, Out & back Layards, Finish Larcombes (B)

D grade

1st James Stuart, 2nd Paul Bubb, 3rd Damian Letts, 4th Jenny Denouden

E grade

1st Terry Robinson, 2nd Andrew Kennon, 3rd Ross West


Wednesday, June 21

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club – Supervets

Today’s saw 16 riders make the start line to contest the 25th Anniversary Race of the Geelong Supervets. The weather was overcast with the threat of a shower, which luckily held off and there was a slight head wind up Misery Lane. First to meet the starter was Dale Jennings and Ken Mansfield of 25 mins. Followed by Ian Sumner and Kent Fuller of 16 mins. The 10 min group of Tony Spark, Ross West, Terry Robinson and Carl Judd were next to depart. A strong 3 min group comprising of Peter Ladd, Peter McWaters, Ray Clifford and Tina Stenos were eagerly awaiting the starters release as they knew they had their work cut out with a 7 min gap to the bunch in front. Last to go was the scratch bunch of David Pike, Roger Cronk, David Jessup and Mandy Hosking.

All groups appeared to ride consistently for the first lap or so but the second lap saw Ray Clifford puncture approaching the bell. Roger Cronk lost contact with his bunch. On the Forest Road hills the last time Terry Robinson who had been working well to this point couldn’t hold onto his bunch any longer. With half a lap to go the 10 min bunch were told the limit riders were still 3 mins up the road so they knew they had to lift the pace. With the limit riders now just in front of them half way up Misery Lane the chasing 10 min bunch were caught by the fast finishing bunch of Peter Ladd, Peter McWaters and Tina Stenos who had held off the scratch bunch, (who were steadily making good ground thanks to some hard turns being applied by David Jessup) and had also made up the 7 min deficit. As the riders went through the chicane and lined up for the sprint to the chequered flag Peter Ladd once again started to get the big gear moving with Peter McWaters on his wheel then Tina Stenos nicely positioned.

With about 200 meters to go Peter McWaters made his move up the inside of Peter Ladd with Carl Judd on his wheel. The final burst to the line saw Carl Judd narrowly defeating Peter McWaters in 2nd place with Peter Ladd taking 3rd, Tina Stenos 4th and Tony Spark 5th. The scratch bunch who were only 100 meters behind the finishing riders at the line saw David Pike take out the sprint for fastest time in 1:03:00. Race Report: Carl Judd

Sunday, June 18

KVA Design Autumn Sash race, 41km Out and back Nobles Rd, Forest Rd finish at Larcombes Rd (B) 40 riders were ready to have a go at winning a highly sought after seasonal sash. The field was split into 9 bunches with solo limit rider Ken Mansfield leading off with 32 mins to solo scratchman Nick Squillari

The KVA Design Autumn Sash race is one on my calendar to have a crack at. Woke up a bit rusty but the coffee on the way out kicked me along nicely. Arriving at the club rooms we were greeted with cool but not too cold conditions but there was a bit of fog. Checked in with race officials and found I was off 10 mins with 5 others. My number was 25. (Not my age)
As we set off I was feeling alright but it wasn’t long into the race that the constant surging in my bunch was having a painful effect on me. On the way back along Nobles Road saw me drift off the back and dropped by my bunch. This wasn’t too bad as I was able to settle into my own rhythm.
Going up Forrest Road on the way out I was caught by the 7:30min bunch behind consisting of Roger Cronk, Peter Hunt, Darren Williams, Kane Airey and David Lambourn. These guys were working really well and the pace was fast and smooth. I settled in and did turns when I could. It wasn’t too long before we caught my original bunch and with some encouraging words from Johnny and Darren, the pace lifted and we worked really well with the addition of Johnny Parrello, Vincent Haveaux, Brian Weppner, Tina Stenos and new trial rider Bert Scolaro. Brian’s race fitness wasn’t quite up to it today and he dropped off soon after and Bert was riding very well and consistent with some coaching along they way.
Everyone was doing turns when they could and keeping things rolling strong. On the way back along Forrest Rd we had the leaders in sight and again the pace lifted. Upon catching this large bunch we tentatively went past ensuring we didn’t cross the centre line, which given the size of the bunch required us to go single file.
Passing Grays Road saw the first major attack as we went up Forrest Rd hill. When Peter Hunt gained a gap of about 150mts, it was looking like it was over but Peter forgot about the second kick and was starting to feel the pressure. A couple of the guys dug deep and drove it up the hill and I jumped on their wheel. Coming onto the second hill I was feeling OK and helped drag us up. Gaps were starting appear as everyone was tiring. Kane put in a big effort to bring us all back together.
We turned into Larcombes Rd and immediately another surge saw everyone digging deep to stay together. Over the crest we had the finish in sight and everyone seemed to be bunched up and waiting for someone to go. I saw a gap on the right and hoping it wasn’t too far out, I went.
Out of the saddle I drove as had hard as my legs would go. The finish line loomed and no one had come up on me so I stood up again and pushed as hard as I could and crossed the line in first place with apparently quite a gap. Minor placing’s were well fought out. Wins don’t come often and it is even sweeter when they come by for a prestigious race, such is the KVA Design Sash races.
Nick Squillari rode another strong race off scratch on his own and rode through the rest of the field and finish 9th and take fastest time with Josh Williams and Robbie Southern finishing well to stay within touch of Nick at the finish.
(Words by Brad Keating and some input by Kane Airey)

1st Brad Keating (10min 1:10:20 34.55km/h) 2nd Johnny Parrello (10min) 3rd David Lambourn ((7:30min), 4th Roger Cronk (7:30min), 5th Peter Hunt (7:30), 6th Tina Stenos (10min), 7th Darren Williams (7:30), 8th Kane Airey (7:30), 9th and Fastest Time Nick Squillari (1:00:37 40.09km/h), 10th Josh Williams (1:30min)

[FinalTilesGallery id=”7″]

Wednesday, June 14

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club – Supervets

On Wednesday June 14 Supervets raced a three lap handicap event under ideal winter conditions. Five groups formed a field of 16 riders. Limit marker Ken Mansfield at 23 minutes led the field away followed by Murray Riggs, Kent Fuller and Ian Sumner. After the first lap the 2nd bunch had gathered Mansfield and led the race by a comfortable margin of 6 minutes. The mid markers of Spark, West, King and Robinson held their position in the race but dropped Robinson during this lap. Meanwhile the scratch bunch of Cronk, Ladd, Jesop and Hosking were bridging the gap to the 3 minute riders of Stenos, McWaters, Primmer and Bubb. Bubb was dropped in lap 2 and scratch picked up and carried the remaining riders after Jacks corner on their run to the finish. Roger Cronk showed his mercurial form and ran out the winner from Peter McWaters, Tina Stenos and Mandy Hosking. David Jesop and Barry Primmer filled the minor placings.

Results: 1. R Cronk, 2. P McWaters, 3. T Stenos, 4. A Hosking, 5. D Jesop, 6. B Primmer.

Fastest time: R Cronk – 1.4.39.

Sunday, June 11

No club race Queens birthday

Wednesday, June 7

A field of 19 riders took to the course under cool, fine and relatively still conditions. The course was the usual 3 laps past the club rooms finishing on Larcombes Rd.
The Handicapper formed 8 groups. Geoff Smith lead the race off on Limit at 27 minutes. He was being chased by:
23 min: Jennings and Mansfield
20 min: Sandford
13 min: Riggs, Fuller and Sumner
10 min: West, King and Robinson
8 min: Stenos, Sparks and Bubb
4 min: Clifford, Primmer and McWaters
Scratch: Cronk, Ladd and Jessup.
As usual each person and group had their own racing stories to tell. Some groups stayed together and shared their efforts based on a fair assessment on each other’s current form and group solidarity was the way to both catch and stay away. The front marker groups generally stayed together with some dropping off the pace in lap 2. Some like Terry Robinson were able to use their cunning to join passing groups and actually pass their starting groups.
By lap 3 it was clear that Alan Sandford had returned to Wednesday after a long absence with form. He hit Grays Rd for the last time having cleared away from the Limit markers, 13 and 10 minute groups. 
Behind he was being chased by the 8 min group. Tina Stenos was the engine room with both Bubb and Sparks taking turns of varying duration in support. Once Sparks, returning after a long Wednesday absence, got into his groove he really helped keep the team keep up momentum on the flats. Their group was joined by other passengers along for the ride on the Tina Train. However, once Stenos hit the afterburner up the top of Misery towards the end of Lap 2, only Bubb remained ….just.
Behind the Stenos group, the 4 min group was also being lead by the returning Diesel Engine of McWaters. He was supported by Primmer and Clifford who played their team roles as they steadily hunted down the Stenos group.
The Scratch Group were also in hunting mode and the combination of Cronk, Ladd and Jessup were steadily making up time on the groups ahead. However Roger Cronk needed to retire early which left Peter and Dave with a very difficult task of making up 4 minutes on a strong group.
On the last section of Greys Road Stenos and Bubb picked up Standford and he had no intention of ‘saying goodbye’. The three riders hit Misery locked together however it was clear that Stenos was in charge. Likewise McWaters was driving his group along Hendy-Main and up Misery in pursuit of Tina and co; however the 4 minutes advantage held by Stenos and co proved too much in the end.
Stenos was able to once again ride away in the final kilometre and take out her maiden (no pun intended) Wednesday win in 1.09. She was followed 200 metres back by Bubb and Standford. The 4 Minute group came in together at 1.07 for the other minor placings of Clifford, Primmer and McWaters. Dave Jessup took out the day’s fastest time  at 1:04.
Thanks again to the Handicapper, the Referee and Marshalls. Without you – it would not happen.

Written by Paul Bubb

Sunday, June 4

Hendry Cycles Handicap Race
1st – F Gasperic 1:37:35
2nd – K Dyson
3rd – V Haveaux
4th – G Blick
5th – D Lambourn
6th – S Douglas
7th – J Parello
8th – S McLachlan
9th – P Bubb
10th – R Clifford
F/t – D Newatt 1:28:40

Wednesday, May 31

Supervets raced a three lap handicap under overcast and very cold conditions.  The field was limited to only ten riders but was keenly contested despite the conditions.  Geoff Smith led the field away followed by Ken Mansfield, Ian Sumner and Kent Fuller.  These riders held a good start on the balance of the field and during laps one and two the leaders held a six minute margin to the other riders.  Ken Mansfield led the field after Geoff Smith retired and Ian Sumner and Kent Fuller held a portion of the mid field at bay.  Meanwhile Ross West riding alone was reigned in by Ray Clifford and Barry Primmer from four minutes.  Mandy Hosking, Phil Tehan and Peter Ladd from scratch were working as a team and some strong turns by Peter Ladd advanced their chances in the second lap.  Phil Tehan gave his all and contributed to the bunch overtaking Clifford, Primmer and West.  Despite this advancing bunch Ken Mansfield remained in front of the race and in the final half lap had a five minute lead on the field.  This was diminishing quickly with the advancing six riders from the tail.  Mandy Hosking, Phil Tehan and Peter Ladd controlled the final run up Misery Lane as everyone worked had to overtake Ken Mansfield.  Coming to the last 300 meters Ken still held a handy margin and stayed away to win by 30 meters from Mandy Hosking putting in a comfortable sprint.  Phil Tehan managed a very creditable third followed by Barry Primmer.
Results:  1.  K Mansfield,  2.  M Hosking,  3.  P Tehan,  4.  B Primmer,  5.  R Clifford,  6.  P Ladd,  7.  K Fuller,  8.  I Sumner,  9.  R West.
Fastest time:  M Hosking – 1.07.

Sunday, May 28

No club race

VVCC event – Colac Vets 58km Open

Division 1 – https://results.sporthive.com/events/PC1400413/races/4404109

Divison 2 – https://results.sporthive.com/events/PC1400413/races/4404110


Wednesday, May 24

The last Wednesday, before winter arrives, brought a chilly, overcast morning with a moderate breeze from the west, with a chance of rain later in the morning – a smaller field than normal due to inclement weather and migration north or overseas of many of our members.

Initially to be a Team Time Trial but changed to a Handicap due to lack of numbers. A modified course, as well, with normal depart location, up along Nobles Rd to Larcombes Rd, two laps and the arrive at the alternate finish on Nobles Rd before Forest Rd.

The conditions were much better than expected and a good race was anticipated.

Six groups, the limit marker being G Smith at 20 mins, Dale Jennings at 15 mins, Murray Riggs, Kent Fuller at 9 mins, Lew Targett, Ray Clifford, Ross West at 5 mins, Paul Bubb, Terrie Collie at 2 mins and scratch being Mandy Hosking and Carl Judd.

The nine-minute group of Ray Clifford, Lew Targett and early on, Ross West, rode strongly passing the early groups and then pegging back Murray Riggs and Kent Fuller at the second turn into Larcombes. At the final turn into Nobles Rd, Ray Clifford’s group still had a comfortable lead on the two chasing groups. A contested sprint for the line saw Lew Targett edge out Ray Clifford by a wheel, followed by Murray Riggs and Kent Fuller.

Mandy Hosking rode her usual excellent race and posted Fastest Time.


1. Lew Targett, Time 50:38, Distance 25.5kms, Average Speed: 30.2km

2. Ray Clifford

3. Murray Riggs

4. Kent Fuller

Fastest: Mandy Hosking 47:10

Sunday, May 21

No club racing due to Eureka club hosting the 2nd ‘Race for Ray’ event – race results pending

Wednesday, May 17

Supervets race was cancelled due to the fall of John Bell and Ross West just after ‘Jacks corner’

Sunday, May 14

GSCC Mothers day 38km Handicap.
29 riders were greeted by light winds and wet roads for the annual Mothers Day three lap dash with some lovely flowers for the winners kindly donated by Ian Sumner.
26 minutes from lone limit man Ken Mansfield  to the seven men in scratch with 5 groups in between. The 10 minute and 7 minutes bunches looked a little uneven today with regards to everyone’s abilities and racing levels, the race results were favouring the faster groups. With Ken well on his way and Ross West with Terry Robinson starting 11 minutes in arrears the inevitable started quite early for the two middle groups with a few of the riders the handicapper hadnt seen for a while either riding quite strong or falling off the pace very early in the proceedings. This caused the front of the race to split into multiple small groups who weren’t with a chance today compared to the even paced and faster third, second and scratch groups. Third scratch were holding a good even tempo slowly catching the next group of riders through the first two laps with David Spence being dropped. Second scratch being lead by a very determined Robbie Southern in partnership with Nick Brown, Tony French and Carl “doesn’t ride at all” Leahy were flying up the road with massive turns by all and Robbie lifting the pace considerably dropping all the hangers today. Carl who was back in his first Sunday race for a few months was riding at his max but still doing turns.

With the renaming six scratch riders chasing hard with very smooth turns, the second scratch group had to keep charging and pushing the pace all the way around the final lap, Robbie, Tony, Nick and Carl were all riding very evenly and with Kelvin Dyson the only rider able to hang on from the third scratch group. Nigel Pearson, David Lambourn and Carl Judd doing there best from the 7 minute group. Robbie wasn’t going to let this opportunity of his first GSCC handicap win get away and powered away from all the others up misery lane for the final time and holding this high pace to the finish line for a well deserved first win, Robbie’s dedicated his race to his recently passed away mother who was riding with him all the way to the finish today, well done and congrats. Nick Brown finish not far behind in second and Carl Leahy taking third. The fight for fastest time was a tight one, Andrew Baker and visiting rider Peter Quibell (GV) rolled off the front into the finish straight, making Greg and Josh have to chase and sprint from the corner with Greg taking another fastest time one minute behind the winners.

1st Robbie Southern (2.30min 57:27 39.68km/h) 2nd Nick Brown (2.30) 3rd Carl Leahy (2.30), 4th Tony French (2.30), 5th Kelvin Dyson (5.00), 6th Nigel Pearson (7.00) 7th David Lambourn (7.00), 8th Carl Judd (7.00), 9th and fastest Gregory Hosking (scr 55:58 40.73km/h), 10th Josh Williams (scr). 1st lady finisher Kerryn Minehan.

Well done to all, thanks to Denis Sonogan for refereeing, Ian for the flowers, David Newett and Brian Long for stepping in and marshaling today. Next Sunday 21st is the Race for Ray at Learmonth.

Congratulation to Neil Maurer for winning the Boydle memorial race in Terang on Saturday.


Wednesday, May 10

Two years ago, cycling Supervet Kent Fuller of Bannockburn crashed off his bike and broke bones in his neck. For a while it looked to be the end of his bike racing career, but Kent never gave up. Little by little the fractures healed and eventually, happily, Kent was back in the saddle again. This week over 36km in three laps at Paraparap, with Ian Sumner and Sue Theodore as company from a handicap of 15 minutes, it all paid off for Kent. Pursued by Roger Cronk, David Jessup, Mandy Hosking, from scratch, Peter McWaters missed the start with Scratch and spent his first race back in a few months chasing.

Tina Stenos, Barry Primmer, Carl Judd and Paul Bubb from three minutes, Lew Targett, Ross West and Mal Cole from eight minutes and chasing Ken Mansfield and Dale Jennings from 19 minutes, then Geoff Smith, Terry Collie and John Faulkner off limit of 22 minutes, Fuller and Sumner had carved to the lead by midrace. With Mansfield and Jennings clinging on, it was a race in four in the home straight, Fuller breaking happily clear close to home ahead of Mansfield, Sumner and Jennings. Cronk swooped to claim fastest time of 1.04.19 from Jessup, Hosking and Stenos.
Race report by Dale Jennings
1st Ken Fuller
2nd Ken Mansfield
3rd Ian Sumner (not pictured)
4th Dale Jennings
5th Roger Cronk
6th Dave Jessup
Fastest time: Roger Cronk 1:04.19

Sunday, May 7

Geelong and Surfcoast Cycling Club 7-5-17

Graded scratch races 50km and 39km. Grays Rd, Flaxbournes Rd, Forest Rd and laps.

A Grade

A good field of eight A graders started with a quite steady pace. The favourite rider of the day, David Newett was being watched throughout and he was up for an aggressive day with a lot of attacks making it a good solid race. After dodging a dog, the turnaround marshal going awol and losing the the lead car all before the on Flaxbournes rd turn around racing settled down on the return trip before Harvey Lang had a couple of mechanical issues then Robbie Southern had a flat tyre to drop the field to six, all this happening inside the first 10 kms. David kept the attacks up, with counter attacks from Rick Buckwell who was back into A grade for the first time since his crit race crash earlier in the year. Craig Van Dort was doing his best to hang on in his first A grade race but the last time over Forest Rd hill was too much for him. On the last lap David attacked twice  and each time the group reeled him in but Rick counter attacked as the bunch settled. On the second attack before Larcombes rd corner Rick managed to gain some distance as the rest of a group continued to watch David and Josh.  Turing into Larcombes rd Tony French lead the charge followed by Andrew to pull the group back onto Ricks wheel and with everyone hanging on watching for David’s fast finish who managed to catch Rick 20 metres from the line and Josh snatching second on the line with Rick hanging on for third and Andrew fourth after a very aggressive and enjoyable race had by all.

MyLaps was finally called upon to verify placings with the line judges awarding Andrew third but the timing software was in favour of Rick by 0.054 of a second. Way to go MyLaps.

1st David Newett, 2nd Josh Williams, 3rd Rick Buckwell.

B Grade

Only 4 riders greeted the starter on a cold and damp morning, so self-preservation was the order of the day as the group swapped turns for most of the 50k race. In the last 5k Rowan Neerhut launched a series of attacks into the wind that finally dislodged first Kane Airey and then Roger Cronk up misery Lane for the final time but Nick Oakley managed to hang on and roll over Rowan for a cheeky win. by Nick Oakley

1st Nick Oakly, 2nd Rowan Neerhut, 3rd Roger Cronk.

C Grade

The C grade scratch race was run as was the other grades in very cold conditions. This resulted in the pace being a bit easier for the first part of the course while the four riders tried to get their legs warmed up and going. The pace started to pick up in places along Forest Rd with Paul Bird applying pressure on anything that appeared to be up hill. Brian Weppner trying to gain some race fitness again was working hard on these sections not to loose contact and eventually got those legs to settle in and was a strong competitor for the rest of the race. After the turn at Gundrys Rd Paul, Brian, Grant Rodgers and Carl Judd settled into a good rhythm all sharing the load into a side head wind. Once back onto the Paraparap circuit Carl Judd attacked at the club house corner where you turned into the head wind. He was able to hold his advantage for the next lap to take the win. The chasing riders made up ground with Paul “birthday boy” Bird chasing hard up Misery Lane the last time and finishing not far behind the winner in second place. Grant Rodgers close behind in third place and Brian Weppner finishing strongly in fourth spot. by Carl Judd

1st Carl Judd, 2nd Paul Bird, 3rd Grant Rogers

D Grade

Seven riders fronted the starter in cold conditions. Mainly damp roads & patchy clouds. Quite an ordinary start as everyone easing into it. Gordon Spargo was having an off day and found himself dropping off in the first few kilometres not long after the first left turn. Not sure if he had a bike problem as this is very unlike Gordon. The race changed and split into 2 after the ‘U’ turn. Tina had a miraculous save after her rear wheel slipped on some moss but this did not stop her, regaining her composure and sprinting off to join Gary Blick and Steve. Geoff Blick had his work cut out to catch these 3 who had broken away but managed to just claw his way on. This left Paul Bird and Jamie Robinson behind as they were caught by surprise. The remainder of the race was a game of chess between the Blick brothers, Tina and Steve. The Blick’s trying to break away several times but could not quite manage to get away. With a few K’s to go we all realised it would come down to the sprint and joked that the Blick’s team orders now no longer counted. Tina took off before the last turn in an attempt to avoid taking on the guys for the sprint but was chased down by Steve with the Blick Brothers in hot pursuit. With about 200m to go Geoff pulled out and powered to the win in the sprint a couple of metres in front of brother Gary followed by Steve then Tina. Bragging rights to Geoff until next race when Gary will seek revenge. by Geoff Blick

1st Geoff Blick, 2nd Gary Blick, 3rd Steve McLaughlin.

E Grade

Six E graders started today in what was a pretty even field. Ross West and John Bell dropped of the back on during the lap of the main circuit. New club rider Damian Letts was starting to show his cycling fitness working hard, Jenny Denouden and Gavin Gamble were riding well also. Damian proved too strong in the finish, with Gavin not far behind and Jenny Third.

1st Damian Letts, 2nd Gavin Gamble, 3rd Jenny Denouden

There were also open races held in central Victoria over the weekend with some very good results by GSCC riders. Kelvin Dyson won the handicap race on Sunday with Mandy Hosking 7th and Andrew Goodwin 20th. In the scratch races on Saturday, Paul Beasley was third and Mandy 5th in division 4 and Brian Long won division 6.


Wednesday, May 3

A flying finish by Mandy Hosking just held off co-marker Roger Cronk in Geelong Supervets midweek cycling handicap over 36km.  Taking in two visits of a new course to Nobles Road and with just 14 starters, bunches were
small. Lone limit marker Geoff Smith off 25 minutes was soon tagged by Ken Mansfield and Dale Jennings, while Andrew Kennan off seven minutes was collared by Ross West and Terry Robinson off 13. Six minutes back were Barry Primmer, John Bell and Richard Buckwell, soon to be joined by the winner, Cronk and Carl Judd from three minutes. The race took shape as Hosking and Cronk gathered up Primmer, dropped Bell and Buckwell and carved through the front markers. Scratchmen Mark Cummings and Nick Brown had split up early, Brown carving too late through the field in quest of Hosking, Cronk and Primmer as they sprinted for the chequered flag in that order. Brown, fourth, rode an eye-catching fastest time 1.05.02. West, Robinson, Mansfield, Judd, Jennings, Kennan and Bell trickled in alone.
Race report by Dale Jennings


Sunday, April 30

63km Godings handicap race was presented with fantastic April racing conditions as 33 riders had to tough it out over Forest Rd, Nobles Rd and 2 laps of the main circuit.

The great Ken Mansfield was on his own at the start line with a 48 minute lead over the scratch bunch of four and 24 minutes to second limit. The kind winds today were going to favour the slower bunches. The scratch quartet of Greg Hosking, Andrew Goodwin, Josh Williams and Daryl Burns started very well charging along Forest Road with the help of the tail wind, then Josh got another puncture and Daryl pulled out before half way, so chasing the four remaining second scratch riders was going to be tough for the remaining two. The 24 minute and 19 minute groups combined early on Nobles Rd were going to be tough to catch riding as a strong larger bunch,  it was a matter if Ken could hold his constant speed till the end.

The second scratch group of Robbie Southern, Tony French, Craig Van Dort and Harvey Lang started to catch the next two groups on the first lap with a handy gap behind to the remaining scratch riders. Meanwhile near the front of the race Marcus Coppock’s form has been on the improve riding well with Geoff Wilson in the 19 minute group. Ken was still on his own at the start of the bell lap with the next large chasing group hot on Kens heals and unfortunately for Ken being caught not long after. Marcus, Geoff and Steve McLaughlin rode away from the rest of the leaders, knowing the second scratch group and followers were chasing hard.

Steve couldn’t quite hold onto to the finish and then Geoff was to strong for Marcus in the sprint taking a great win and Steve finishing on his own finishing third. Kelvin Dyson showed again he loves a sprint and finished forth winning the bunch sprint with Mandy just behind. Robbie Southern rode exceptionally well and worked his backside off again like usual all the way to the finish. Greg Hosking was too strong for Andrew Goodwin to taking Fastest time three minutes behind the winner. Ken Mansfield finished his race like always not far behind.

Thanks to Ross West for refereeing and all the marshals for assisting in another great GSCC race. Next Sunday 7th May, Graded scratch races at 9am.

1st Geoff Wilson (19min 1:53:03 33.4km/h), 2nd Marcus Coppock (19min), 3rd Steve McLaughlin (19min), 4th Kelvin Dyson (12min), 5th Mandy Hosking (7min), 6th Harvey Lang (3min), 7th Robbie Southern (3min), 8th Tony French (3min), 9th Roger Cronk (7min), 10th Rowan Neerhut (7min). Fastest Time: Gregory Hosking (1:37:08 38.92km/h)



Wednesday, April 26

no report available


Tuesday, April 25

Congratulations to Neil Maurer for finishing second in this years Northern Cycling Benghazi 77 km Open

Race Results
Place Competitor Club Handicap
1st James Knipe Eureka 37:00 min
2nd Neil Maurer Geelong 37:00 min
3rd Jude Jonasson Eureka 37:00 min
4th Darren Roberts Northern Scratch
5th Tim Canny Eureka Scratch
6th Jarrod Moroni Central Scratch
7th Tony Giuliano Northern Scratch
8th Stephan Lane Northern Scratch
9th Michael Borowski Northern Scratch
10th Tony Mirabella Eureka 5:00 min
11th Trent Stevenson Goulburn Scratch
12th Fraser Short Northern 5:00 min
FT Darren Roberts Northern Scratch


Sunday, April 23

2017 Surfcoast Earthworks Hell of the South – Gravel Race.

Anticipation had been building during the course of week for this event and so it was twenty very keen riders who turned up to race the second edition of the GSCC Hell of the South in perfect conditions for the middle of April. The rain over the last couple of days had compacted the gravel down to make all the roads fantastic to race on. The course was compiled of two large laps including the gravel sections of Willowite, Hendy Main, Loutitt Bay, Blackgate Rds then two or three laps of Willowite, Hendy Main, Loutitt Bay, Pettavel, Blackgate rds with more than two thirds over gravel and a few climbs each lap. It was going to be a war of attrition with the strongest of each grade prevailing at the finish.

A grade started with 5 riders setting a solid pace on the first section of gravel, they were quickly down to four when Gary Wearmouth’s rear derailleur decided to let go. Xavier Coppock was in his element today and road away from the others with about 30km to go holding a very impressive lead till the last time up the Pettavel gravel hill where he unfortunately had a rear puncture. Xavier kept pushing but was too far from the finish and was past by Anthony Seipolt and Richard Lyle with Josh Williams who were not far behind. Richard started the sprint to the finish line but Anthony ‘Bradbury’ Seipolt took a great win averaging over 35km/h on a tough course.

B grade started with six, Rick Buckwell was probably the favourite in this bunch. Rick started along Willowite with a solid first stint on the first gravel sector warming everyone up for what was looking like to be a hard race for all. The two supervets in the group Mark Cummins and Paul Rettke gained a nice gap on the downhill section  of Loutitt Bay Rd for the first time with the others in hot pursuit. Rick and Harvey Lang then attacked the first hill along Loutitt Bay Rd dropping Kane Airey who chased all the way to Blackgate Rd before Paul attacked again and that was the end of Kane. The first time up Pettavel Rd Hill, Rowan Neerhut decided to get a jump on the rest but then he literally hit the wall when he got to the top off the climb and the others flew past him spraying gravel in their wake. Paul got a flat with a lap to go and Rowan was eventually dropped on the last climb up Pettavel leaving it up to Rick, Harvey and Mark to fight it out. When this trio hit the last sector of bitumen at Pettavel/Blackgate corner of the last lap Rick put in his usual breakaway effort dropping Mark but Harvey anticipated the move and stuck on till the finish where he was able to out sprint Rick to record a great win and his first with the club.

C Grade started with five riders in an uneven bunch. David Warren was back racing again and continually attacked the bunch trying to break it apart but to no avail with some tough chasing by the rest of the group. Brad Keating put in a few solid efforts but had had enough at the start of the forth lap. Chris Fenech was looking strong at the front enjoying the gravel sections. David attacked again up the Pettavel hill with only Chris able to get on his wheel. These two road hard never to be seen again to the finish with David taking the win and Chris close behind. Carl Judd and David Spence road the rest of the course with David Spence taking third with Carl not far behind.

D grade had four starters and four laps to complete.

The quartet stayed together for the first lap, Marcus Coppock decided the racing wasn’t for him and supported the rest of the riders from the sidelines. Ben Culton from Colac loves a challenge and rode a very strong ride. Kerryn Minehan was riding very well but Ben knew he had to drop Kerryn before the last Pettavel Hill to have a chance to win at the finish. Ben held a very impressive pace over the gravel sections for a great win. Kerryn finish second from Joe Gulino who road very well.

Apart from a few mechanicals, everyone enjoyed the solid course, the gravel roads and are already looking forward to Hell of the South in 2018 with hopefully are few more riders. Thanks to all the marshals today


Wednesday, April 19

Perfect, still conditions prevailed for the 17 riders in the 37.5 km handicap event.

The smaller field meant bunches of only two or three, so there could be no passengers and the pace would be on from the start.

The 14 min group of Terry Robinson, Ian Sumner and Murray Riggs had little trouble in gathering in the limit markers and at the halfway stage, with Terry Robinson leading the group, the only interest was to see if scratch would be able to come through.

The scratch group of Dave Pike, Mark Cummings and Mandy Hosking, picked up second scratch (5 mins) of Tina Stenos and Barry Primmer along with the remnants of the 9 mins group John Bell and Tony Revell.

As this group came into Grays Road for the last time, the Robinson group was 4 mins to the good and looked to have the race in the bag.

In the sprint to the finish Terry Robinson was still fresh enough to ride away from the group and record a very convincing win.

The scratch group had made up 3 of the 4 mins but just fell short with Dave Pike again riding strongly to take fastest time from Mandy Hosking.


1. Terry Robinson 1:13:20 Av 30.7
2. Kent Fuller
3. Ian Sumner
4. Murray Riggs
5. Ken Mansfield
6. David Pike
7. Mandy Hosking
8. Mark Cummings

Fastest time: David Pike 1:00:59 Av. 36.8

Sunday, April 16

Easter Weekend – no racing due to the staging of the VVCC National Road Cycling Championships in Maryborough.

For all results of events click on the links below

Road Racing – April 15

AVCC National 42km Road Race Men 70-90

AVCC National 90km Road Race Men 35-44

AVCC National 57km Road Race Men 60-69

AVCC National 72km Road Race Men 45-59

AVCC National 42km Road Race Women 55-74

AVCC National 57km Road Race Women 30-54

Men’s Road Race
35-39 1st Jarod Moroni (CV) Stephen Lane (N) Nicholas Squillari (GSC)
40-44 1st Gary Wearmouth(GSC) Tony Guiliano (N) Michael Borowski (N)
45-49 1st Darren Roberts (N) Craig Feely (SV) David Newett (GSC)
50-54 1st Phillip Smith (E) Neville Laffy (GV) Martin Banfield (CV)
55-59 1st Russell Newnham (E) Bill Gordon (N) Roy Clarke (E)
60-64 1st Trevor Coulter (N) Ian McGeogh (E) Peter McClelland(GV)
65-69 1st Mark Taylor (ACT) Phil Tehan (N) Lidsay Burgoyne (Eur)
70-74 1st Robert Nicholls (GSC) Robert Braszell (Eur) John Weir (CV)
75-79 1st Daniel Ives (E)
80-84 1st Evan Elliott (OV) L Nieuwenhoven (SV)
85-89 1st Brian Long (GSC) Roderick Goodes (E)

Women’s Road Race
35-39 1st Jude Jonasson (Eur)
40-44 1st Kym Petersen (E) Carole McGregor (GV) Tamara Riddell (N)
45-49 1st Anne Hocking (W) Jo Read (N) Michele Francis (CV)
50-54 1st Dale Maisels (E) Tina Stenos (GSC) Susie Gray (AHM)
55-59 1st Sheryl Barker (CV) Wendy Bennett (CV) Aileen O’Brien (CV)
60-64 1st Margaret Noonan (E) Meg Parnaby (Gr) Diane Jane (CV)
70-74 1st Liz Randall (E) Christine Neil (TAS) Adrienne Tilling (SV)

Time Trial – April 16

AVCC Time Trial 25km

Mens Time Trial
35-39 1st Nicholas Squillari (GSC) Stephen Lane (N) Tim Canny (Eur)
40-44 1st Paul Beretta (GSC) Michael Borowski (N) Shayne Kirby (N)
45-49 1st Andrew Baker (GSC) Matthew Bowman (Eur) Michael Fawke (ACT)
50-54 1st Neville Laffy (GV) Phillip Smith (E) David Bakes (CV)
55-59 1st Wayne Benton (CV) Bill Gordin (N) Peter Quibell (GV)
60-64 1st Trevor Coulter (N) Owain Tilley (ACT) Justin Mollison (CV)
65-69 1st Nicholas Grainger (CV) George Goodrope (N) Carl Judd (GSC)
70-74 1st Myles Higgins (GV) Doug Barrett (GSC) Robert Braszell (Eur)
75-79 1st William McConnell (GSC) Daniel Ives (E) Keith Wade (E)
80-84 1st Evan Elliott (OV) L Nieuwenhoven (SV)
85-89 1st Brian Long (GSC)

Women’s Time Trial
Event First Second Third
35-39 Jude Jonasson (Eur)
40-44 Tamara Riddell (N) Carole McGregor (GV) Tanya Noble (SV)
45-49 Anne Hocking (W) Jo Read (N) Tiffany Cosh (SV)
50-54 Anna Davis (E) Dale Maisels (E) Tina Stenos (GSC)
55-59 Wendy Bennett (CV) Susan Williams (E)
60-64 Margaret Noonan (E) Meg Parnaby (Gr)
70-74 Liz Randall (E) Adrienne Tilling (SV) Christine Neil (TAS)

Crit Racing – April 17

AVCC Criterium 2017

Men’s Criterium
35-39 1st Nicholas Squillari (GSC) Stephen Lane (N) Tim Bennett (GSC)
40-44 1st Michael Borowski (N) Tony Guiliano (N) Gary Wearmouth(GSC)
45-49 1st Craig Feely (SV) David Newett (GSC) Scott Riddell (N)
50-54 1st Martin Banfield (CV) Peter Cavallaro (CV) Dale Rycroft (SV)
55-59 1st Russell Newnham (E) Bill Gordon (N) Laurie Gates (E)
60-64 1st Trevor Coulter (N) David Menzies (?) Colin Morris (N)
65-69 1st Mark Taylor (ACT) George Goodrope (N) Carl Judd (GSC)
70-74 1st Robert Braszell (Eur) Robert Lewis (E) John Weir (CV)
75-79 1st Daniel Ives (E) Keith Wade (E)
80-84 1st Evan Elliott (OV) L Nieuwenhoven (SV)
85-89 1st Roderick Goodes (E) Brian Long (GSC)

Women’s Criterium
Event First Place Second Place Third Place
40-44 Kym Petersen (E) Tamara Riddell (N) Carole McGregor (GV)
45-49 Anne Hocking (W) Jo Read (N) Tiffany Cosh (SV)
50-54 Dale Maisels (E) Tina Stenos (GSC) Susie Gray (AHM)
55-59 Sheryl Barker (CV) Wendy Bennett (CV) Susan Williams (E)
60-64 Margaret Noonan (E) Diane Jane (CV)
70-74 Liz Randall (E) Adrienne Tilling (SV) Christine Neil (TAS)

Club Abbreviations
Victorian Club Legend
C = Colac, CV = Central Vets, E = Eastern, Eur = Eureka, GSC = Geelong, Gip = Gippsland, Gr = Grampians, GV = Goulburn, H = Hume, N = Northern, W = Warrnambool.
Interstate Club Legend
ACT = ACT Veteran Cycling Club, AHM = Adelaide Hills Masters Cycling Club, GCM = Gold Coast Masters, OV = Orana Veterans Cycling Club, WCM = West Coast Masters (WA), SV = Southern Districts Veteran and Ladies Cycling Club (SA), (TAS) Tasmania

Wednesday, April 12

Super Vet numbers were down considerably today due to numerous cyclists attending the funeral of Dave Molloy. Also many are racing in the VVCC National Road Cycling Championships this Easter weekend and so, were saving their legs for the big event.

7 small bunches totalling 14 racers fronted the start line at 10am. Wind from the North East gave riders a nice push up Misery Lane.

Scratch consisting of Mark Cummings, Bob Morley and Amanda Hosking gave Limit a 20 minute head start.

Ride of the day went to Dave Lambourn (3mins), who has been displaying great form lately. Riding an impressive 10km Time Trial and breaking away in a C Grade Criterium and winning both events a few weeks ago.

Dave stayed with Barry Primmer and Steve McLachlan for two laps, but felt strong and decided to have a crack on his own one lap to go. He caught and passed John Bell (5mins) and collected 7 minute riders Ray Clifford and Robert Young.

Meanwhile Mark Cummings, who was the driving force behind the small scratch bunch, was powering along at a rate of knots. Bob Morley (Eureka) showed he still has the skills and power to ride off scratch. Amanda, riding scratch for only the second time, held her own for the race.

Dave finished in first place, having ridden through the small field in a time of 1:04:28 a commendable effort, as Mark Cummings who placed 4th and received fastest time honours race time was 1:02:30. Meaning Scratch only made up 1 minute on Dave.

2nd place went to Ray Clifford, 3rd to Robert Young. Amanda pipped Bob in the sprint for 5th, when she came off his wheel with only 50m to go.

Congratulations Dave, great ride.

Written by Mandy Hosking.

1. D. Lambourn, 2. R. Clifford, 3. R.Young, 4. M. Cummings, 5. A. Hosking, 6. B. Morely, 7. J. Bell, 8. B. Primmer.

Fastest Time. M. Cummings 1:02:30 avg 36.1kph

Sunday, April 9

GSCC 65km Club “Cement Eaters” Handicap! ‘Godings Handicap’ really, but only the hardened up, cement eating racers were on show today!

Today’s atrocious weather conditions saw only the tough, hardcore or just crazy, front up to the start line.

Of the 31 entries, 16 racers braved the freezing, wet, blustery weather. They were supported by nearly as many officials and marshals that totalled 11!

The course for the day was, ‘Out and back Forest Road then out and back Nobles Road, with one more trip out and back Forest Road, finishing at Larcombes Road (B).

Handicaps were altered accordingly by Dave Robinson who had originally formed five bunches, reducing them to three fairly evenly matched groups. Limit took off 25 mins ahead of the Scratch bunch and 17 minutes ahead of the mid-markers.

Groups worked together, compensating for the weaker riders. This strategy worked well until the Nobles / Gravel Pits turnaround, which unfortunately saw Vic Masons’ bike slide out from under him, causing him to crash heavily on his right shoulder. His bunch immediately ceased racing to assist. An ambulance was called and arrived swiftly to whisk Vic, who was in considerable pain, to the hospital with a suspected broken collarbone.

This left the fight for first place down to the Limit riders and the Scratchies. These two bunches remained together with the exception of Phil Tehan from scratch, who’d dropped earlier.

In the run for the finish line, three lone riders were seen at the top of Larcombes Road, with John Bell leading the charge. John won convincingly over Neil Maurer, who’d ridden strongly placing 2nd. Neil was followed in by Jenny Denouden, bagging her a well deserved 3rd place.

Fastest Time saw Paul Rettke use his vocal cords differently to what he is accustomed; with the jazz singer belting out a raucous roar as he pelted to the line to take the fastest time honours. Paul held off Robbie Southern, who’d reportedly ridden powerfully throughout the race. Soon after Robbie, riders Craig Van Dort, Nick Brown and Chris Carr (racing his first GSCC handicap in a long time) crossed the line taking out the minor placings.

Huge thanks goes out to all the officials and marshals for standing out in the appalling weather, quite possibly fighting off hypothermia in their efforts!

Everyone at the club wishes Vic a speedy recovery, with as little suffering as possible.

Wednesday, Apr 5

Supervets Race Report

A capacity field greeted the starter for the Supervets three lap handicap in near perfect conditions.

There was a strong scratch group of Paul Rettke, Dave Pike, Dave Jessup, Mark Cummings, Phil Tehan and Simon Brown but giving 25 mins to limit meant that it would be “touch and go” for them to get up.

After the second lap the 17 mins group of Terry Robinson, Ian Sumner and Robert Young had forged to the front and, still riding strongly, looked to be in the prime position.

Second scratch, off 5 mins, Carl Judd, Dave Lambourn, Peter Ladd, Mandy Hosking and Dave Phillips were riding very comfortably and had picked up the 8 mins bunch of Kim Clarke, Barry Primmer, Steve McLachlan and Neil Wilson.

However, at “Jack’s Corner” on lap two there was a touch of wheels on the red flag and Neil Wilson fell. Kim Clarke and others stopped to render assistance so the impetus of the group was impaired.

Second scratch gathered in the remnants of the 11 mins group, John Bell, Ross West and Peter King, but were unable to make any inroads into the leading pair of Terry Robinson and Robert Young and in the sprint to the line Robert gained the upper hand for a well deserved win.

The scratch bunch stayed together throughout the race and Dave Pike once again took out the fastest time in the bunch sprint.

1. Robert Young 1:14: 54, 2. Terry Robinson, 3. Mandy Hosking, 4. Carl Judd, 5. Dave Lambourn, 6. Peter Ladd,
7. John Bell, 8. Peter King, Fastest Time: Dave Pike 1: 01: 22

Sunday, April 2

Aged Time Trial

Age Adjusted results

1st Bill McConnell 39:21 ride time (7:46 under 75/79 age standard)

2nd Nick Grainger 36:36 ride time (7:30 under 65/69 age standard)

3rd Stephen Lane 33:07 ride time (7:29 under 35/39 standard)

4th Trevor Couleter 35:39 ride time (6:58 under 60/64 age standard)

5th Doug Barrett 39:37 ride time (5:37 under 70/74 age standard)

click on pic for full results


Thursday, Mar 30

The last crit of the year was  short affair as we then adjourned to the pub for a meal

A Grade – 1st , 2nd , 3rd

B Grade – 1st , 2nd , 3rd

C Grade – 1st , 2nd , 3rd

D Grade – 1st , 2nd , 3rd

E Grade – 1st , 2nd , 3rd

F Grade – 1st


Wednesday, Mar 29

Supervets Race Report – Time Trial Report
An excellent field of 28 riders contested the three lap handicap.

Twenty three minutes separated the limit and scratch groups but with a strong group of six on scratch, the handicapper was throwing them the gauntlet and they took up the challenge with Dave Pike, Mark Cummings, Mandy Hosking, Dave Jessup, Phil Tehan and Laurie Fitzsimons cooperating well over the first two laps.

The 15 mins group of Ian Sumner and Ross West, being led by Ray Clifford was making very good progress and by the start of the third lap they had clear air in front of them.

By this stage Robbie Nicholls (4 mins) had dropped back and was assisting scratch in their push for line honours. They picked up the remainder of the 4 mins bunch, Peter Ladd, Tina Stenos and John Hayden, but the toll was starting to tell with Dave Jessup dropping back and Laurie Fitzsimons unable to take turns.

The north-westerly picked up in intensity over the last lap and created further difficulties for the chasing bunch. Ray Clifford and Ross West had a sizeable lead coming into Larkham’s Rd and Ross took his opportunity to record a fine win.

In the race for fastest time Robbie Nicholls led out the sprinters and this freed Dave Pike, Mandy Hosking and Phil Tehan. Once again Dave Pike showed his resilience to take fastest time but Mandy Hosking, a first time scratch rider, showed that she is not out of place in this company.

1. Ross West 2. Ray Clifford 3. David Pike 4. Phil Tehan 5. Robert Young 6. Barry Primmer 7. Tina Stenos 8. Mandy Hosking

Winner’s time: 1: 13: 55 (Average 30.6)

Fastest time: Dave Pike 1: 02: 21 (Average 36.1)

Sunday, Mar 26

Graded Road Race

A Grade 61 km – 1st G Hosking 1:37:13, 2nd A Baker 15:12m, 3rd J Williams

B Grade 61 km – 1st R Buckwell 1:40:33, 2nd T French, 3rd P Rettke

C Grade 50 km – 1st D Brayshaw 1:30:33, 2nd V Mason, 3rd P Bird

D Grade 50 km – 1st Geoff Blick 1:27:16, 2nd G Wilson, 3rd P Bubb

E Grade 38 km – 1st S McLachlan 1:08:15, 2nd Gary Blick, 3rd J Denouden

F Grade 38 km – 1st B Long 1:25:44, 2nd R Lambeth, 3rd K Mansfield

Thursday, Mar 23

A Grade – 1st Garry Wearmouth, 2nd Nicholas Squillari, 3rd Josh Williams

B Grade – 1st Richard Lyle, 2nd Steven Douglas, 3rd Ian Amsden

C Grade – 1st Steve Young, 2nd Stephen Bell, 3rd Vincent Haveaux

D Grade – 1st Paul Bird, 2nd Tina Stenos, 3rd Geoff Blick

E Grade – 1st Neil Maurer, 2nd Stephen McLachlan, 3rd Gary Blick

F Grade – 1st Rod Lambeth


Wednesday, Mar 22

Supervets Race Report – Time Trial Report

Officials outnumbered competitors in the two lap time trial held on 22nd March. Only the keen riders attended as others were obviously deterred by the heavy rain that had fallen early in the morning. However fine weather and a reasonably dry road meant that the riding was not unpleasant. Although times were slightly slower than normal it was a good hitout for those riders entering the Australian Championships at Maryborough over the Easter period.


1. Peter Ladd  38:57  2. Tina Stenos  39:37  3. John Bell  43:29  4. Murray Riggs  43.42  5. Spiros Digenis  45:48  6. Tony Revell  46:33  7. Ross West  47:54
8. Ian Sumner  50:11  9. Kent Fuller  50:48

Sunday, Mar 19

Results from The White Cross Health Care 3 Stage Race Series

Stage 2 – Time Trial 1okm

A Grade – 1st P Beretta 15:09m, 2nd A Baker 15:12m, 3rd B Haskett 15:23m

B Grade – 1st A Read 15:59m, 2nd C Van dort 6:07m, 3rd R Buckwell 16:14m

C Grade – 1st P Ogilvie 16:46m, 2nd K Dyson 16:49m, 3rd V Mason 16:57m

D Grade – 1st D Lambourn 16:48, 2nd D Brayshaw 17:25m, 3rd Geoff Blick 17:35m

E Grade – 1st G Blick 17:33m, 2nd M Coppock 18:11m, 3rd J Dovjak 18:38m

F Grade – 1st D Wilson 19:59m, 2nd R Lambeth 21:17m

Stage 3 – Graded Road race

A Grade 38km – 1st G Hosking 1:02:26, 2nd P Beretta, 3rd J Williams

B Grade 38km – 1st C Van dort 1:04:35, 2nd R Buckwell, 3rd A Read

C Grade 38km – 1st K Dyson 1:11:14, 2nd V Havaux, 3rd V Mason

D Grade 27km – 1st D Brayshaw 48:15, 2nd C Judd, 3rd G Blick

E Grade 27km – 1st G Blick 49:21, 2nd M Coppock, 3rd J Dovjak

F Grade 27km – 1st D Wilson 58:07, 2nd R Lambeth


Thursday, Mar 16

Stage 1 of The White Cross Health Care 3 Stage Race Series.

A Grade – 1st P Beretta, 2nd A Baker, 3rd B Haskett

B Grade – 1st C Hannah, 2nd A Read, 3rd K Airey

C Grade – 1st K Dyson, 2nd M Hosking, 3rd Steve Young

D Grade – 1st D Brayshaw, 2nd C Judd, 3rd G Blick

E Grade – 1st S Penman, 2nd K Clarke, 3rd M Coppock

F Grade – 1st Rod Lambeth


Wednesday, Mar 15

Supervets Race Report

Blustery conditions made it very difficult for all riders in the Supervets handicap on Wednesday 15th March. With the northerly wind blowing leaves and small twigs onto the road groups began to disintegrate after one lap of the two lap plus Noble’s Road race.

David Pike was the sole scratch man one min behind Mark Cummings and Simon Brown on second scratch. Mark and Simon made up the one minute to third scratch, Mandy Hosking, Phil Tehan and Laurie Fitzsimons, on the second lap.

This larger group then began to control the race with Phil, Mark and Simon taking strong turns the group began to pick up stragglers and once they overtook the four mins group of Tina Stenos, Peter Ladd, Carl Judd and Dave Phillips the last time up Misery Lane they had the limit markers in their sights.

Coming into the turnaround on Noble’s Rd, Alan Pescott and Terry Robinson, who had ridden away from their 11 mins bunch, were seen heading for the finish.

However riding into a strong northerly it was obvious that they would be overtaken by the larger group. In the dash to the finish line in Larkham’s Rd Mark Cummings proved to be the strongest and recorded a fine win in difficult conditions.


1. Mark Cummings 2. Simon Brown 3. Phil Tehan 4. Mandy Hosking 5. Laurie Fitzsimons 6. Alan Pescott 7. Tina Stenos 8. Peter Ladd 9. Terry Robinson

Winning and Fastest time: Mark Cummings 1:04:24


Sunday, Mar 12

Some great results and break away wins in today’s gscc scratch races with the riders getting a good hitout before next weeks White Cross 3 stage race.

A grade solo winner Robbie Southern from David Newitt and Anthony Seipolt

B grade winner Rick Buckwell with a late break away 2 km from the line from

C grade winner Vincent Haveaux in a two up sprint.

D grade. Darren Brayshaw.

E grade James Wright.

F grade Phil Cox.

GSCC Boys hit top spots in the Bendigo Open.


The V.V.C.C. O’Brien Contracting Central Vets 64.5km Open Handicap Race was held in beautiful sunshine, contrary to the expected rain that was forecast.

115 racers fronted the officials for their race briefing.

Winds blowing from the West seemed to increase in velocity as the race progressed. This made the race, for those at the pointy end exciting, as speeds for the Limit riders topped out at 40kph, whilst the fast finishing combined Scratch bunches hit impressive speeds in excess of 50kph.

Fantastic to see Tim Bennett pick up another V.V.C.C Open Race Win!

Nick Squillari featured, collecting 6th for his efforts. Nick Brown was just out of the money placing 12th. The Silver Fox, Brain Long was swept up 400m from the finishing line, placing 35.

Next in from Geelong was Paul Beasley, Mandy Hosking, Peter Ladd, Jenny Denouden, James Stewart, John Bell, Peter Hunt, Neil Maurer, Terry Robinson, Ross West, Dave Phillips, Martin Banfield and Mal Cole. Paul Bubb unfortunately punctured.

For full results click on open link


Thursday, Mar 9

Great evening of crit racing at Belmont in all grades with solid fast racing. A slight northerly blowing. Well done to all.
A GRADE: 1st Ashley Goldstraw 2nd Josh Williams. Combined A grades due to a few missing. Good to see everyone stayed together for the entire race.
B GRADE: 1st Rick Buckwell 2nd James Mogic 3rd Andrew Read. Good to see Rick back racing after his crash earlier this year.
C GRADE: 1st Kelvyn Dyson 2nd Stephen Bell 3rd Simon Brown
D GRADE: 1st Darren Brayshaw 2nd David Lambourne 3rd Steve Mclachlan.
E GRADE: 1st John Bell 2nd Rod Lambeth.




Wednesday, Mar 8

Supervets Race Report

Blessed with near perfect conditions for the second week in a row the GSCC Super Vets enjoyed a fast and competitive 37.5 km race over the traditional three lap course.

The strong second scratch group of Dave Jessup, Mandy Hosking, Robbie Nicholls, John Hayden, Phil Tehan and Laurie Fitzsimons held sway for most of the race.

The scratch group, with riders of the calibre of Dave Pike, Mark Cummings and new entrant Bruce Sarah from the strong Ocean Grove/Barwon Heads riding group, were considered a strong chance starting only 90 secs behind second scratch.

However, the race proved that six reasonable riders, working together, have a distinct advantage over three riders even though individually the three riders are stronger and faster than any individual in the six person group.

Second scratch picked up the 4 mins and 7 mins groups on the second lap and once joined by Peter Ladd, Dave Phillips, Carl Judd, John Bell and Barry Primmer the power of the group was increased as they set their sights on the limit markers.

Robbie Nicholls and Phil Tehan drove the group up “Misery Lane” for the last time and the pace was testing the sprinters. At the chicane Phil Tehan made his break and was joined by Laurie Fitzsimons.

Into Larkhams Road they gathered up the limit group and the two sprinted for the line with Phil Tehan recording a well deserved win along with the fastest time for the day as scratch were unable to make any inroads into second scratch’s mark.


1. Phil Tehan 2. Laurie Fitzsimons 3. Robert Young 4. Ross West 5. James Wright 6. Robbie Nicholls 7. Peter King 8. Barry Primmer 9. Peter Ladd 10 John Bell

Winner’s time and fastest time: Phil Tehan 1: 00. 30 Average 37.2 kmh

Report by Laurie Fitzsimons

Sunday, Mar 5

KVA Design Summer Sash Race 2017

With 40 eager entrants including the defending champion Mark Turnley in the 4th edition of the kvadesign summer sash race it was going tot be a cracker of a race in good conditions for cycling. The riders had to navigate Forest Rd and a lap of the Paraparap circuit x2 for 65km, it was to be long tough day out.

Ken Mansfield again lead the field out with a gap of 50 minutes to the scratch group of six. Ken started well with a 12 minute gap over Rod Lambeth, then another 5 minutes to the 33 minute group of Mal Cole, Terry Robinson and Ian Sumner these 5 riders were the ones to catch today.

A couple of early flats while warming up today to Jenny Denouden who missed her bunch and David Spence who borrowed a wheel just in time to start his ride created a bit of chaos, then some rain showers at the end of Forest Rd made for a cautious turn around.

Most of the groups were riding well and staying together, Mark Turnley was very keen today to keep the pace up and road away from his co-markers with only Vic Mason with him. Rob Southern was riding strong like usual stretching the legs of Nick Brown and Harvey Lang.

With the showers ever increasing Ken Mansfield had a healthy lead at the Forest Rd turn around for the first time, with the 33 minute trio closing in on Rod Lambeth. All the groups continued the chase with a few riders dropping out before finial return leg of Forest Rd. At the final turn around at Gundrys Rd Ken was still battling away solo out front, with Ian, Mal and Terry only a few minutes behind chasing hard working well together. A couple of the middle groups had combined and scratch has caught the remanence of the second and third scratch groups and only 13 minutes behind the lone leader.

Ian, Mal and Terry caught Ken on the return leg of Forest Rd and they were the ones to catch and had to keep working hard and together. Scratch had started reeling in the middle groups at the end of Forest Rd and during the final circuit. Terry Robinson took the race on sensing the fast finishing scratch group were getting close and dug in for the last time up misery lane and soloed all the way to the finish to win by 30 seconds over Ian Sumner and a further 10 seconds to Mal Cole. Greg Hosking won the group sprint  for forth 15 seconds behind Mal and he also won fastest time again. A big thank you to Richard Buckwell for refereeing with assistance from Dennis Sonogan, David Robinson on the moto and all the other marshals to make the race another safe event. Next week are graded scratch races. The 16th & 19th March is the second running of the White Cross Health Care Solutions 3 stage race.

1st Terry Robinson (2:07:13, 30.65km/h 33min), 2nd Ian Sumner (33min), 3rd Mal Cole (33min), 4th Greg Hosking (scr), 5th Josh Williams (scr), 6th Andrew Goodwin (scr), 7th Robbie Southern (5min), 8th Nick Brown (5min), 9th Brad Hasket (scr), 10th Harvey Lang (5min). New rider Darren Brayshaw finished 11th and last years winner Mark Turnley 12th. Fastest Time Greg Hosking (1:34:23 41.32km/h).


Thursday, Mar 2


No results

Wednesday, Mar 1

Supervets Race Report

Wednesday morning racing for the Supervets (60+ men and 50+ women) continues to be very popular and there was another capacity field this week. Strong groups and near perfect conditions led to very fast times for all bunches.

The limit groups eventually combined and were able to stay clear. This group included James Wright, Mel White, Terry Robinson, Peter King, Murray Riggs, Kent Fuller, Brian Long, new rider Sue Theodore, Phil Cox, Don Stuart and Dale Jennings. In the run to the line Mel White and James Wright were able to break clear and Mel drove strongly to the finish to record his second win of the year.

Scratch, comprising David Pike, Mark Cummings and Simon Brown, chasing a strong six person second scratch group, had a very difficult task and could not bridge the gap. However, Dave Pike, riding the last lap on his own posted the fastest time only 15 seconds off the race record.

1. Mel White 2. James Wright 3. Peter King 4. Brian Long 5. Terry Robinson 6. Kent Fuller 7. Sue Theodore 8. Murray Riggs
Winners Time: 1:20:11 Average 31.62
Fastest Time: David Pike 1:00:26 Average 37.19

Sunday, Feb 24

2017 RON RIVETTE CLASSIC – race report (no club racing held)

Brilliant sunshine greeted riders as they arrived at the EUREKA Cycling club rooms on the foreshore of Lake Learmonth. Barely a breath of breeze early in the  morning, however a fierce northerly wind had blown up by race start time at 10:00 AM.

The Limit group (34:00 min) was blown apart by the wind in the first 20 kilometres. Sue Parker (Eureka) had ridden away from her 27:00 min group and was fast closing on the strung out Limit riders. (Post race Brian Long commented ‘I was dropped by those girls in the same place again!’)

The 19:30 min group had already caught the 22:00 min group as the now “super sized bunch” raced along the long straight Beaufort-Waubra Rd.
The following (17:30 min, 15:30 min and 13:30 min) groups had all lost riders (who now dotted the road in ones and twos) and it was only as the 11:30 min group came through that order seemed restored in the chaotic wind.
The 8:30 min group was a tight knit bunch as they surged up the short rises near the Waubra Rd intersection.
Second Scratch was all business as they charged up the hills with Eureka’s Matt Bowman controlling the pace. Shouts of ‘hang on’ and ‘hold up’ could be heard as riders near the rear of the bunch looked after their cohorts. Wanting to preserve every second of their 5:30 min handicap, these riders knew the all important downwind section would be telling in their ultimate fortunes on the day.
Scratch had lost Mat Grealy (Central Vets) before The Avenue. Already at a disadvantage – and with a crook Darren Roberts (Northern) in their midst – theirs would be a day of management as they chased on the tough Mt. Misery course.

Up ahead, Sue Parker had ridden through to the lead and opened a gap on the remnants of the Limit group (Northern riders Stacey Hatton and Jo Read). An ever increasing bunch was swallowing the ground up behind Hatton and Read. With 13 kilometres remaining, Parker was just a few hundred metres ahead. She would go on to hold that lead all the way down to the pig farm before being engulfed in a colourful sea of lycra.

Rounding the left turn into the home straight, the large lead bunch was smacked in the face by the strong north wind roaring down the road.
Into the final kilometre and 23 riders were still vying for the win.
Mark O’Callaghan (Eureka Cycling) surged to the lead with 100 metres to go, big Jason Haire (Eureka Cycling) jumped off O’Callaghan’s wheel and let it rip – BUT misfortune as his gears started skipping…
Closing to the line and Grant Edmonds (Geelong & Surf Coast) finds a clear line and surges to he lead with mere metres remaining. Just a wheel in it as Edmonds takes another Open victory.

45 seconds back, the next super sized bunch on the road contains the remaining five Scratch riders. Matt Bowman leads into the headwind trying to set up a fast finish for the Scratch lads who are all jostling for position near the head of the bunch.
Neville Laffy (Goulburn Valley) gets the jump on his rivals. Darren Roberts (Northern) challenges, but Laffy holds on in the Scratch drag race to the finish line.

Thursday, Feb 23

GSCC Best Western Motor Inn Criterium Series Rnd 5.

The customary see breeze challenged the riders in tonight’s Best Western Motor Inn Crit Series being officiated by Rick Buckwell, Mark Turnley and Dave Robinson. And a big thank from all of us who raced.

Twenty eight riders took to the course with 9 in A Grade, 3 in B Grade, 9 in C grade and the final numbers were made up in D grade and lone rider Phil Cox in F grade. The challenge for interesting and even racing was difficult in A Grade with two very strong performances from Nick Squillari and Tim Bennett. Ian Amsden has certainly felt the difference from B Grade tonight as did Carl. Maybe some readjustment may be required for the next show down?

B grade had a nice even challenge with Andy finally taking another win in a well fought sprint. Whilst Kane came back to form with a great sprint in C grade and knocking on the door of B grade for next time. Brad’s great iron man training is paying off in D grade with some strong time trialling to take the win ahead of Darren Brayshaw and David Lambourn despite some very strong performance from Andrew Booth. Phil was cheered across the line for finishing F grade.

Whilst the night made from some good racing we did miss a few from previous weeks. However, there has been some great performances from the newer riders as well. James Mojic and Stephen Bell won’t be in C Grade for long if they keep riding as they have been. Well done.

And very well done to the many family members coming to support. We’re looking forward to another great safe crit next week. Don’t forget the open on Sunday!

The results were:
A Grade: 1st – Tim Bennett, 2nd – Nick Squillari, 3rd Josh Williams
B Grade: 1st – Andy Schep, 2nd – Steven Douglas, 3rd Craig Hannah
C Grade: 1st – Kane Airey, 2nd – James Mojic, 3rd Stephen Bell
D Grade: 1st – Brad Keating, 2nd – Darren Brayshaw, 3rd David Lambourn
F Grade: 1st – Phil Cox

Wednesday, Feb 22

Supervets Race Report

A team time trial over three laps, finishing at the Club rooms, was held on the 22nd Feb. The field was divided into five groups and sent away at two minute intervals with the scratch group starting last. As the group’s time would be based on the last rider it was imperative that each group work together and protect the weaker riders. The handicap for each group was “secret” and would not be revealed until the completion of the race.

The scratch group of Dave Pike, Mark Cummings, Peter Ladd and Laurie Fitzsimons swept everything before them and were first across the line in a time of 57:10.

However, after handicap adjustments were made, the victors were Terry Collie, Carl Judd and Tina Stenos with an adjusted time of 54:30.

After presentations all members pitched in for a short, intense working bee at the club to demonstrate that they still had some energy left and to ensure that the surrounds are neat and tidy.


1. Terry Collie, Carl Judd, Tina Stenos Actual 1: 01: 30 Adjusted 54:30

2. Ross West, James Wright, Ian Sumner, Terry Robinson Actual 1: 07: 32 Adjusted 54:42

3. John Hayden, Dave Phillips, John Bell, Barry Primmer Actual 1: 01: 20 Adjusted 55:20

4. Dave Pike, Mark Cummings, Laurie Fitzsimons, Peter Ladd Actual 57: 10 Adjusted 55:40

5. Kent Fuller, Ken Mansfield, Phil Cox, Peter King Actual 1: 14: 29 Adjusted 56: 29

Sunday, Feb 19

GSCC Godings 49km Handicap

Congratulations to Footscray riders Tommy Gray for winning, Graeme Wilson for placing 2nd.

Good to see new riders to the club, racing well and featuring in the results, with Darren Bradshaw picking up 4th and Nick Squillari blitzing the field to win Fastest Time and also place 3rd.





V.V.C.C. Victorian Championship Criterium Race

Congratulations to GSCC’s very own Tim Bennett for picking up the Bronze Medal in the Men’s Open event.

Tim also won the Geelong Cycling Club night Crit Series, raced around a tight circuit held around the Bunnings car park, Waurn Ponds. The series concluded yesterday evening. Well done Tim, some top racing there.



Thursday, Feb 16

A grade – 1st J Williams, 2nd B Haskett, 3rd A Baker

B grade – 1st I Amsden, 2nd A Schep, 3rd M Turnley

C grade – 1st J Mogic, 2nd K Airey, 3rd S Bell

E grade – 1st J Bell, 2nd K Clarke, 3rd N Maurer

F grade – P Cox


Wednesday, Feb 15

Supervets Race Report

A capacity field greeted the starter for the three lap handicap race.

With the scratch group of Mark Cummings, Peter McWaters and Laurie Fitzsimons giving 3 mins to a strong bunch of five riders — Phil Tehan, Peter Ladd, Roger Cronk, Dave Jessup and Mandy Hosking – and with the northerly wind increasing in intensity as the race progressed, it was obvious that it was going to be very difficult for the scratch bunch and that was how it panned out.

However it was the 10 min group of Paul Bubb, John Bell, Mal Cole, Chris Colley, Richard Buckwell and Barry Primmer that tended to dominate the race. This bunch worked very well gathering up the limit markers and halfway around the last lap had reeled in the 12 min group of Robert Young, Ross West, Dave Robinson and Mel White and were starting to think about the sprint at the finish.

Robert Young did some strong turns for the group to ensure that they stayed well ahead of the fast finishing second scratch group.

Mandy Hosking and Phil Tehan had broken away from their group in an effort to post the fastest time for the day as it was obvious that scratch was making little ground.

In the sprint to the finish Paul Bubb just held off Barry Primmer and Richard Buckwell.

Peter McWaters rode very strongly on scratch and took the fastest time in 1:05:00 just 39 secs quicker than Mandy Hosking’s valiant attempt to to be the first female to record fastest time at Supervets. With the training regime that Mandy now has, that achievement may not be too far away.

1. Paul Bubb ( Time 1:10:42) 2. Barry Primmer 3. Richard Buckwell 4. Ross West 5. Robert Young 6. Dave Robinson 7. John Bell 8. Mel White

Fastest time: Peter McWaters (1:05:00)

Report Laurie Fitzsimons

Images: Mandy Hosking and Murray Riggs

Sunday, Feb 12

Great result by the GSCC club members today at the Brennen/Hall Memorial 66km Handicap at Dixie for the Warrnambool Vets Open.

Geelong riders Eddy Ziedaitis off 2nd scratch, along with Ian Amsden placed 2nd and 4th respectively, Mandy Hosking off 16 mins, contested and picked up 5th and Geelong/Colac rider Nick Brown off 11 minutes placed 6th. Congrats to Eureka rider Tony Mirabella for picking up 3rd.

Winner of the day came from Eddy and Ians’ bunch, Trevor Coulter. Trevor was very humble in victory, saying after a bit of a hiatus off the bike, he was thrilled to win and highly recommended and commended the V.V.C.C. events and officials for holding such well run races.


Thursday, Feb 9

Thursday night crit racing saw the smallest fields so far this season in all grades but there was one notable entrant in A grade being Nick Squillari. After the anticipated wait he finally showed up to an event. After taking it easy for the first 20 mins he then proceeded to blitz the track and lap anything and everything is his sight.

A grade – 1st N Squillari, 2nd D Newitt
B grade – 1st A Goldstraw, 2nd A Schep, 3rd S Douglas
C grade – 1st N Pearson, 2nd V Haveaux, 3rd A Booth
D grade – 1st N Maurer, 2nd J Bell, 3rd S Cox




Wednesday, Feb 8

Supervets Race Report

The first Supervets Time Trial for the year was held on Wed 8th Feb with a very good field of 21 riders racing 23.1 kms over two laps.

The North Easterly wind may have affected times slightly but conditions overall were very good.

Doug Barrett (Men 70-74) on his TT bike easily accounted for all comers with a time of 36:29 although Dave Phillips (Men 70-74) put in a fine effort to come second only 1:22 behind. Peter McWaters (Men 60-64) was the best of those on normal road bikes and he rode very strongly to finish fourth on 39:43.

1. Doug Barrett 36: 29
2. Dave Phillips 37: 51
3. Tommy Gray 37: 59
4. Peter McWaters 39: 43
5. Laurie Fitzsimons 40: 03
6. Vic Mason 40: 17
7. Tina Stenos 40: 37
8. Gordon Spargo 41: 43
9. Terry Collie 41: 48
10. Paul Bubb 42: 31
11. John Bell 43: 28
12. Mel White 44: 26
13. Ross West 44: 38
14. Chris Colley 45:34
15. Sam Wright 46: 00
16. Alan Sandford 47: 10
17. Kent Fuller 48: 01
18. Ian Sumner 48: 41
19. Phil Cox 52: 37
20 Dale Jennings 53: 28

Report by Laurie Fitzsimons

Sunday, Feb 5

Over 50 riders turned out for the new riders day with 12 new or trial riders giving it a go. In near perfect conditions with the temperature in the mid 20’s and wind under 5 km from the north west racing in all grades was hard fought and it was fantastic to see 5 female riders getting in the mix

The final race results and prize money went to:
A Grade – 1. Andrew Baker, 2. Anthony Seipolt, 3. Tony French
B Grade – 1. Nick Brown, 2. Darren Allan, 3. Eddie Zediatis
D Grade – 1. Peter Wynne, 2. Mandy Hosking, 3. David Lambourn
E Grade – 1. Tina Stenos, 2. Gordon Spargo, 3. David Phillips

F Grade – 1. Brian Long, 2. Ian Sumner, 3. Daryl Peterson






Thursday, Feb 2

Best Western Motor Inn Criterium Series – Round 4

Unusually, fine conditions greeted the 24 riders, the growing spectators and of course a handful of officials at last night’s Best Western Geelong Motor Inn Criterium Series. That strong sea breeze didn’t show this time.

The numbers meant C and D grade merged making the proceedings more exiting. It was great to see Rick and Andy getting back amongst it and building on that race fitness they are both known for. Nice one gents!

The preliminary sprint results were as follows:
A Grade – 1. Gary Wearmounth, 2. Tim Bennett, 3. Paul Beretta
B Grade – 1. Ian Amsden, 2. Andy Schep, 3. Craig Hannah
D Grade – 1. Paul Bird, 2. Carl Judd, 3. Andrew Booth
E Grade – 1. Neil Maurer, 2. Tina Stenos, 3. John Bell

The final race results and prize money went to:
A Grade – 1. Tim Bennett, 2. Gary Wearmounth, 3. David Newett
B Grade – 1. Ian Amsden, 2. Craig Hannah, 3. Andy Schep
D Grade – 1. Mandy Hosking, 2. Paul Bird, 3. Johnny Parrello
E Grade – 1. Tina Stenos, 2. Neil Maurer, 3. John Bell

It was a good night and the close sprints made for exiting viewing. Thanks to the officials, Richard, Marcus and Dave for making it a fun and safe event!

Now that we’re all through the various holidays we’re looking forward to the greater numbers we’re accustomed to for the crits especially, as we’re all focused and well into our various training programs.

Keep safe and well!

PS. Photos of the crit to come soon.



Wednesday, Feb 1

Supervets Race Report

A capacity field raced on a new Supervets course ( two laps plus out and back Noble’s Road ) in excellent conditions.

Handicapper Brian Long split the field into groups of 4 or 5 riders and this meant some fast riding for those groups who could work well together.

Second scratch (3 mins) of Peter Ladd, Peter McWaters, David Jessup, John Hayden and Mandy Hosking combined extremely well and the scratch bunch of David Pike, Simon Brown, Mark Cummings and Laurie Fitzsimons were only able to take 40 secs off the group.

Second scratch was able to reach the 6 mins group of Carl Judd, Tina Stenos, Paul Bubb, Gordon Spargo, Tony Spark, Ray Clifford and Barry Primmer but even with their combined strength they were not able to feature in the top three.

The limit group on 28 mins of Don Stuart, Phil Cox, James Wright, Ken Mansfield and Dale Jennings shared the load throughout the race and were able to stay ahead of the other groups and as the very experienced Ken Mansfield said after the race “ This is very unusual”. Ken and Dale Jennings fought out the sprint at the finish with Dale narrowly prevailing.

The sprint for fastest time was taken out by Dave Pike from Mark Cummings.

Last year 61 Supervets riders took part in events held on Wednesday mornings at Paraparap and the racing season is once again off to a strong start.

1. Dale Jennings. 2. Ken Mansfield. 3. Don Stuart. 4. James Wright. 5. Phil Cox. 6. Murray Riggs. 7. Andrew Kennon. 8. Carl Judd. 9. Paul Bubb. 10 Mandy Hosking

Winner’s time 1: 20: 57
Fastest time (David Pike) 1: 01: 22

Report by Laurie Fitzsimons

Sunday, Jan 29

no race held due to Cadel Evans road race weekend

Thursday, Jan 26

Crit racing cancelled due to Australia day celebrations

Wednesday, Jan 25

Supervets Race Report

A near capacity field of 28 riders contested the three lap handicap in almost perfect conditions. Strong groups of four or five riders made for some fast, competitive riding. The six mins group of Tina Stenos, Lew Targett, Dave Phillips, Gordon Spargo and Ray Clifford was weakened by a couple of early withdrawals and with the scratch group of Mark Cummings, Peter Ladd, Simon Brown and Laurie Fitzsimons working very well together they soon hauled in the two mins group of Peter McWaters, Mandy Hosking, Dave Jessup, John Hayden and Kim Clarke. However, their combined strength was not enough to overhaul the 14 mins group of Ross West, Ian Sumner, Murray Riggs, Mel White and Kent Fuller. Ross and Mel were fighting for line honours up ” misery lane” but Mel proved to be the stronger and rode away for a fine win. Simon Brown took out the scratch sprint with an excellent time of 1.00.20 only half a minute off the course record.

1. Mel White. 2. Ross West. 3. Ian Sumner. 4. Simon Brown 5. Peter McWaters 6. Laurie Fitzsimons

Winners time 1 hr 12 mins 20 secs
Fastest time ( Simon Brown ). 1 hr 00 mins 20 secs

Report by Laurie Fitzsimons

Sunday, Jan 22

Godings handicap #1

Today the GSCC had 36 eager riders competing in the first Godings club aggregate race for 2017 in very good racing conditions with only a slight north-east wind blowing. The course for the day was three laps then out and back Nobles Rd finishing Larcombes Rd B. A warm welcome to Kerryn Minehan for her first race and Goef Blick in his first handicap race.

There was a healthy gap of 40 minutes from the two limit riders Ken Mansfield and Phil Cox to the four man scratch bunch of Greg Hosking, Anthony Seipolt, Xavier Coppock and Darren Gray with 5 healthy bunches in between. By the time scratch started Ken and Phil were riding very well and they were well over a lap in front. It took till scratch got to Forest Rd for the third time to un-lap themselves.

The race was on the speed difference between these two groups was astounding. Most of the bunches were working well together with a few riders a bit underdone after their Christmas festivities and were dropped from their usual groups. The remaining three from the second scratch group of Robbie Southern, Josh Williams and Nick Brown (Colac) were powering along, catching the bunches in front on the third lap and they worked their way to the front of the race at the Start of Nobles Road. Scratch were still chasing hard looking for the win. The second scratch group had a few helpers including Craig Van Dort from third scratch.

When they turned into Larcombes Rd they had the finish line in their sights, Robbie tried to ride everyone off his wheel like usual to no avail, Josh William proved too strong again in the sprint winning by a bike length over Nick Brown and Robbie. Josh has started the year off where he left last year in front in the aggregate points. Greg Hosking won fastest time while being pushed all the way to the line by Darren Gray, if scratch started with all 5 riders they might have had a chance.

Well done to all who competed, thanks again to the marshals, race referee Rod Lambeth, the two moto super hero’s Phil and Dave and to Richard Buckwell for filling in as time keeper for the day.

1st Josh Williams (5min 40.08km/h), 2nd Nick Brown (C 5min), 3rd Robbie Southern (5min), 4th Craig Van Dort (8min), 5th Jani Dovjak (22min), 6th Geof Blick (22min), 7th Ross West (22min), 8th Jenny Denouden (22min), 9th Greame Wilson (18min) 10th Grant Edmonds (12min).  Fastest Time Greg Hosking (scr 41.2km/h).

Thursday, Jan 19

Crit racing commenced in all grades but was cancelled 5 mins into racing due to a fall in A grade.


Wednesday, Jan 18

Supervets Race Report

With many members in Adelaide for the Tour Down Under it was a smaller field of 17 riders which contested the 37.5 km handicap this week.

The blustery winds made it difficult for the out markers and although Geoff Smith (25 mins) led out early he and the other limit riders were comfortably gathered in by the middle markers of Laurie Fitzsimons and Mandy Hosking.

This group was augmented by Ray Clifford, Ross West and Richard Buckwell and they were able to just stay ahead of second scratch – Peter Ladd, Carl Judd and Peter McWaters.

A strong scratch group of David Pike, Mark Cummings and Paul Rettke was making sizeable inroads on the leaders in the last lap but were held up for some seconds by a red flag at “Jack’s Corner” and this reduced their chances of catching the leaders.
Laurie Fitzsimons rode strongly up “Misery Lane” and took the chequered flag from Mandy Hosking and Ray Clifford.

1. Laurie Fitzsimons 2. Mandy Hosking 3. Ray Clifford 4. Richard Buckwell 5. Paul Rettke

Winners time: 1.07.17
Fastest time: Paul Rettke 1.01.56

Sunday, Jan 15

The first Sunday race for season 2017. GSCC Scratch Races.

45kms Out and back Forest Road plus one lap, finish Larcombes ‘A’ for A, B and C Grades.
34kms Out and back Forest, no lap finish Larcombes for D, E and F Grade.

Placings and a brief word from the place getters…

A Grade.

1st ~ Anthony Seipolt
2nd ~ Andrew Baker
3rd ~ Robbie Southern

It was said that Robbie Southern had a good race and was seen on the front all day. Andrew Baker, who placed second said “Yes I did take off, but I felt a bit tired.” Anthony Seipolt who placed 1st said ‘Thanks to Nick Squillari for not turning up! Could’ve thrown a blanket over the bunch in the finish, it was that close!”

B Grade.

1st ~ Paul Rettke
2nd ~ Craig Van Dort
3rd ~ Mark Turnley

Paul Rettke thanked the officials and said the bunch worked well as a group, good competition. “It was harder at the Super Vets with just two chasing than today!”

C Grade.

1st ~ Grant Edmonds
2nd ~ Dave Spence
3rd ~ Mandy Hosking

Mandy said ‘Everyone worked turns right from the start until the Forest Road turn around, where someone decided to stop coming through. We all knew he could sprint, so were wary of that; but he ended up leading us all up the chicane; letting us all fight it out for the final sprint.” Grant Edmonds said, “What she said!”

D Grade .

1st ~ Brad Keating
2nd ~ Joe Gulino
3rd ~ Gordon Spargo

Brad Keating who placed 1st, gave a nice wrap for the officials and thanked his bunch for the hit out. “It was good going, I tried to give them a tickle but the buggers kept coming back!”

E Grade.

1st ~ John Bell
2nd ~ Yani Dovjak
3rd ~ Ross West

1st John Bell, congratulated everyone and apologised to Ross West for slowing down as he crossed the line; making it sound like he won it easy! Jeffery Blick was a new rider to race today, fronting the line with the E graders. Jeff’s dad Lance used to ride at the club back in the 90’s.

F Grade.

1st ~ Rodney Lambeth
2nd ~ Ian Sumner
3rd ~ Brian Long

Ian Sumner summed up (pun intended) the race saying, “I’ve been coming out to race for over 20 years. It’s the first time I’ve passed Longy in a sprint the whole time I’ve been racing!” Phil Cox said, “Everyone worked at an even pace. Thanks to all.”

Special thanks to David Robinson for riding around the course on his motor bike, helping make the riders feel safe.

Next week please have your entries in to David Robinson by 12pm Saturday the 21st of January for the Australia Day Handicap.

Words and Image: Mandy

Thursday, Jan 12

Thursday’s Crits are back for 2017.

A good field of 30 riders took to the crit track for the first race of 2017 and of course it was well supported by Richard Buckwell, Marcus Coppock and David Robinson.

The conditions were fairly good and enjoyed by most riders, I’m told the pain is temporary. It was very a good test of
how the holiday season impacted the respective race fitness. Some did very well as a result of using their break wisely and others wishing they too made the same wise decision myself included.

The results of each grade were as follows:

A Grade
1st – Tim Bennett
2nd – Gary Wearmouth
3rd – Andrew Baker

B Grade

1st – Rick Buckwell
2nd – Ian Amsden
3rd – Dave Warren

C Grade
1st – Craig Hannah
2nd – Nigel Pearson
3Rd – Mandy Hosking

D Grade
1st – Damian Lupping
2nd – Andrew Booth
3rd – Paul Bird

E Grade
1st – John Bell
2nd – Sue Cox
3Rd – Neil Maurer

Vincent Haveaux

Thanks to Jordy Lucas for this image

Wednesday, Jan 11

Supervets Race Report

Twenty one riders fronted the starter for the first Geelong and Surfcoast Cycling Club Supervets handicap for 2017 on Wednesday 11th January.

The middle markers dominated proceedings with new rider David Jessup, Gordon Spargo and Barry Primmer (9mins) riding strongly to reel in the 12 mins bunch of John Bell, Richard Buckwell and Ross West halfway through the 37.5 km course.

Scratch riders Mark Cummings, Paul Rettke and Simon Brown rode smoothly and caught the second and third scratch groups on the last climb up “misery lane” to the finish but were unable to close the substantial gap to the leaders.

In the sprint to the line Barry Primmer sacrificed his chances and led out allowing Gordon Spargo and David Jessup to fight it out for the win with David Jessup recording a narrow win in his first race at the club. Mark Cummings took out the sprint for fastest time.

1. David Jessup 2. Gordon Spargo 3. Barry Primmer 4. John Bell 5. Richard Buckwell 6. Ross West Winners time 1 hr 13 min 30 sec
Fastest time : Mark Cummings 1 hr 3 min 58 sec
Report by Laurie Fitzsimons

Images: Mandy Hosking