2016 Road and Crit season

Thursday December 15

Round 3 of the Best Western Geelong Motor Inn criterium series was run last night in cool conditions with a strong southerly blowing. With a lot on this time of year 32 entries made some very solid racing. Welcome to the two new GSCC members, Simon Brown and Neil Harrington. Unfortunately Joe Daly came down b15443102_1378220502188030_6589587706618852641_oy maybe hitting a small stone on one of the corners and had taken a fare bit of skin off with a few cuts and bruises. Joe is probably going to be a bit sore after his salt bath last night, thanks to Debbie Wilson for assisting Joe and comforting Joe’s wife Siobhan.

A grade 45 minutes + 2 laps.
1st Tim Bennett, 2nd Josh Williams, 3rd Andrew Baker, 4th Robbie Southern 5th Paul Beretta. Sprint, Tim Bennett, 2nd Andrew Baker, 3rd Josh Williams.
B grade 45 + 2 laps15493643_1378220982187982_5093961214076387238_o
1st Carl Leahy, 2nd Ian Amsden, 3rd Andy Schep, 4th Steven Douglas, 5th Dave David. Sprint, Carl leahy, Andy Schep, Neil Harrington.
C Grade 35 minutes + 2 laps
1st Jeff Miller, 2nd Simon Brown, 3rd David Lambourne, 4th Vic Mason, 5th Carl Judd. Sprint, David Spence, Vincent Haveaux, Vic Mason
D Grade 35 +2
1st Paul Bird, 2nd Brad Keating. Sprint, Brad Keating, Paul Bird
E Grade 30+2
1st Joe Joseph Gulino, 2nd Tina Tober Stenos, 3rd John Bell. Sprint, Tina Tober Stenos, Joseph Gulino, John Bell
F Grade 30+2
1st Rod Lambeth, 2nd Phil Cox.

Wednesday December 14

The Christmas handicap held this year on December 14 is a favourite of many riders past and present and it is a day of catching up for many people who are not regular racers.  A full field of riders were led away by Don Stuart, Michael Lynch, Ken Mansfield and Dale Jennings. They had a 25 minute gap to scratch.  The 20 minute bunch that followed comprised experienced riders like Alan Sanford and Andrew Thornton.  They were supported by Cecelia Degenis and visitor John Talintyre. 15585429_1377570742253006_6167118907528265630_o-1
The 10, 13, and 17 minute groups that followed formed the chasing contingent.  From 17 minutes Mel White and John Watson managed to lead the field by the third lap consistently recording good times for laps one and two.  Meanwhile the back-markers were doing it tough and not making much ground on the main field.  Laurie Fitzsimons, Peter McWaters and David Pike were supported by Roger Cronk and Mark Cummings but as a group were unable to overtake the field.  It was not until late in the third lap up misery lane that John Watson and Mel White were caught by strong finishers such as John Bell, Bob Osborne and Neil Wilson.  John Bell’s attempt to break away was thwarted and by the bottom of the finishing straight his bunch was  joined by the 10 minute group.  Thus assembling a large number of riders to decide the finish.  All but the stronger experienced riders were dropping off leaving a nucleus of sprinters to the line.  Amanda Hosking set the pace early followed by Neil Wilson and Kim Clarke.  These three were exerting considerable pressure on the rest of the field as was Tina Stenos and Bob Osborne who had strongly contributed to the hot pursuit of the leaders.  As a result Kim Clarke was first over the line hotly pursued by Amanda Hosking, Neil Wilson and Tina Stenos.
The last 500 metres of the race had been hotly contested and individual efforts from all levels had been represented.  The race was topped off by a great luncheon and a huge gathering of past riders and friends.  Trophies were presented to the winners and the Supervets aggregate was awarded to Amanda Hosking.
The club will recess until Wednesday January 11, 2017. This ends another enjoyable year of friendship and competitive racing.  Have a happy and safe Christmas and come out fresh for 2017.
Results:  1.  K Clarke,  2.  A Hosking,  3.  N Wilson,  4.  T Stenos,  5.  T Spark,  6.  B Osborne,  7.  R West,  8.  J Bell.
Fastest time:  D Pike – 1.02.10.  Winner’s time:  K Clarke – 1.08.30.



Sunday December 11

John Windsor Memorial Handicap Christmas Race

The final Sunday race for 2016 had 53 starters racing for the John Windsor memorial medallions proudly supported by the Windsor family since 2007.15419702_1373986922611388_776433848012703446_o

The gap between the field of eleven groups was 30 minutes today with lone limit rider Phil Cox leading the way in perfect cycling conditions at Paraparap. The course today was three enthralling laps of the Paraparap circuit totalling 38km, these shorter races are never any easier as the race pace increases and fast starts and well combined groups are essential to have any success.

The groups all started well chasing Phil, then Don Stuart and Ken Mansfield with an unusual easterly blowing the fast starts were definitely in order, a few riders were suffering early on due to the increased pace. By the time the scratch bunch started Phil had completed his first lap. Second scratch were hard done by today with only two of the five entries starting, Rob Southern and Ian Amsden did a great job holding off the fast moving scratch bunch of Greg Hosking, Andrew Goodwin, Dan Hall, Darren Gray and Richard Lyle till half way through the race.

Onto the second lap the race was starting to take shape. Phil Cox had been caught and passed by the second limit riders, closely followed by the 15 and 12 minutes groups who had combined on the second lap riding strongly and becoming more hopeful of holding off till the finish.15577888_1375485305794883_4037349390612924931_o-1

The start of the final lap the 15 and 12 minute groups had control of the race and a very comfortable gap to the combined 24.30 and 26 minute groups, with the scratch bunch still chasing hard not far behind. Onto the finish straight the leading group still had a small lead but the time they started their sprint to the line we could see all the riders on Larcombes Rd, it was going to be another tight finish.

The friendly giant Paul Bubb put it a great sprint finish showing his strength holding off Gordon Spargo 2nd and Tony Spark 3rd. Greg Hosking won fastest time fighting his way through he crowded road of riders at the finish about a minute behind the winners.

1st Paul Bubb (12min 1:06:00 34.54km/h), 2nd Gordon Spargo (12min), 3rd Tony Spark (12min), 4th David Phillips (12min), 5th Richard Buckwell Snr (12min), 6th Bob Osborn (15min), 7th John Bell (12m in), 8th Paul Ogilvie (7.30min), 9th Tina Stenos (10min), 10th and fastest Greg Hosking (scr 54:35. 41.95km/h)


A big thank you to Mike Windsor for presenting the medallions to the winners, to Lance for cooking up a great bunch of snags under our new pergola roof. To Dennis Sonogan for running a very safe race again with the assistance of the marshals for helping out on the course. To David Robinson for another great exhibition of handicapping and for the entire year.


Thursday December 8


no racing due to strong winds

Wednesday December 7

Super Vets Final Aggregate Race for 2016 …The John Randall Trophy Race.

Today’s winner of both the JR trophy Race and the Super Vets Final Overall Yearly Aggregate….Amanda Hosking.

Juddy 2nd.. 3rd ?

Race report below by Johnny Watson.15391376_1368506179826129_453481105448069686_o

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club – Supervets

On Wednesday December 7 Supervets raced a three lap handicap event under warm but ideal weather conditions.

The field of 24 riders were let away by Geoff Smith and Peter Cox. The 14, 18 & 22 minute groups comprised 8 riders all of whom were capable of staying away for some time.

The 11 minute group of Ross West, Bob Osborne and John Watson set the pace early for the middle groups to chase and despite the pressure from Alan Pescott, Gordon Spargo, Neil Wilson, Barry Primmer, Spiros Digenis and John Bell the 11 minute riders stayed in front to the turn out of misery lane in the last lap.

Then the chase was called on by the 5 minute bunch of Tina Stenos, Mandy Hosking, Ray Clifford an15384462_1368510163159064_4038714173635480258_o d Dave Phillips who had now joined forces with the chasing riders and formed a well-oiled rotating bunch. They went on to chase down the 40 second deficit from “Jack’s Corner” and the full field came together for the run home.

It was clear that Mandy Hosking, Tina Stenos and Barry Primmer would be the ones to beat to the line. Mandy was in killer form and lifted the pace up a notch getting herself a commanding position. It was her day as she instinctively led the field over the line followed by Barry Primmer. He, Mandy and Tina Stenos played a leading role in the main bunches chase to the front of the field. They were well supported by Gordon Spargo, Alan Pescott, John Bell, Ray Clifford and David Phillips.

Mandy also collected the “Supervets Aggregate Shield” for 2016, topping of an excellent year for her.

Results: 1. A Hosking, 2. B Primmer, 3. T Stenos, 4. R Cllifford, 5. S Digenis, 6. D Phillips.

Fastest time: D Pike – 1.03.01.
Winners time: 1.04.40

Sunday December 4



GSCC 50km Aggregate Handicap Final.

GSCC ran the final aggregate race for the year today in absolutely ideal conditions.15259627_1365203030156444_7395724705405653690_o-1

The victor for the 50km Handicap which was raced around Paraparap, went to a very deserving John Bell. John won last year’s Club Aggregate; today’s win saw him catapulted from 4th place to 2nd overall.

Josh Williams had an untouchable lead; Josh enjoyed a rest from racing today. 2nd in the running was Robbie Southern and 3rd was Mandy Hosking, who put in her best effort today riding off 10mins with Johnny “The Road Captain” Parrello making sure Mandy worked hard.

With little to no wind, the front markers were going to be difficult to catch….and at the 45 km mark, they pretty much had the race sewn up. A long burst from John Bell up Larcombes, had those racing with him redlining to hang on!
John once over the top, made a last ditched effort for the line to cross in first place convincingly. John was followed in by Ross West and Gavin Gamble, who has placed well all year ’round after a terrible accident. Gavin ended with enough to points to knock Mandy off her 3rd place perch, to snag equal 3rd place with Robbie Southern.

Congratulations goes to Josh Williams for winning the years Geelong Surf Coast Cycling Club Aggregate.

Great job by all the officials today and it was especially wonderful to enjoy sitting under the club’s newly erected pergola in the lovely warm weather. Thanks Kane you are a legend for organising its construction.


Thursday December 1

The strong southerly was up again at the Belmont Criterium Track. All the competitors were very keen to score a good load of points in round 2 of the Best Western Geelong Motor Inn Criterium Series.

15252664_1361899120486835_1291557030453952738_o-2 15326267_1361899143820166_4859140293592519408_o-1
A Grade 1st Tim Bennett, 2nd Craig McCartney, 3rd Simon Whitcher, 4th Andrew Baker 5th Ashley Goldstraw.
B Grade 1st Carl Leahy, 2nd David Warren, 3rd Andy Schep, 4th Craig Hannah, 5th Steve Douglas
C Grade 1st David Spence, 2nd Vic Mason, 3rd Carl Judd, 4th Mandy Hosking, 5th Brian Weppner
D Grade 1st Paul Bird, 2nd John Parrello, 3rd Paul Ogilvie
E Grade 1st Tina Stenos, 2nd Joe Gulino, 3rd John Bell, 4th Sue Cox
F Grade 1st Rodney Lambeth, 2nd Phil Cox.
Well done to all, thanks to Richard, David and Marcus for running the night., round three of the series is on 15th December.

Wednesday November 30

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club – Supervets

On November 30 Supervets raced a three lap handicap event. The weather was perfect for a racing event. All 25 riders were keen to get underway and the field was led off by Geoff Smith followed by Ken Mansfield, Ian Sumner and Don Stuart.

The chasers consisted of a number of in-form riders from the 6 and 14 minute groups and these riders were keen to contest the placings. Scratch riders David Pike and Mark Cummings had a chase on their hands and pursued the field with considerable vigour.

Unfortunately Mark Cummings was unwell and was dropped mid-way through the first lap. Some mid-markers including Tina Stenos, Barry Primmer, Peter McWaters, Laurie Fitzsimons and Carl Judd were applying considerable pressure in the chasing group.

Late in the second lap they were joined by David Pike who added speed to their chase. Some riders did not withstand the pressure and were dropped when they turned into Forrest Road for the last time.

The riders at the front of the field were doing well and Ross West, Ian Sumner and Ken Mansfield were hanging on to their lead well supported by Dale Jennings and John Faulkner.

Ross, Ian and Ken endured the run to the line despite some excellent chasing from Barry Primmer, David Pike and Peter McWaters. Tina Stenos contributed to the fortunes of this bunch as did Carl Judd.

Results: 1. R West, 2. I Sumner, 3. K Mansfield, 4. K Fulller, 5. J Faulkner, 6. D Jennings, 7. D Pike, 8. T Stenos.

Fastest time: D Pike – 1.01.58. Winner’s time: R West – 1.12.01.

Sunday November 27













Thursday November 24

GSCC Crit racing was tough again last night with a cool westerly blowing. Well done to the smaller crowd who 15110300_1354843711192376_5555929070199696824_ocompeted. A strong brake away by Paul Beretta joined by Andrew Baker in A grade, Steve Young and Vincent Haveaux did the same in C grade and E grade also broke up during the racing.

A grade. 1st Paul Beretta, 2nd Andrew Baker, 3rd Ashley Goldstraw.
B Grade 1st Richard Lyle, 2nd Stephen Douglas, 3rd Ian Amsden
C Grade 1st Vincent Haveaux, 2nd Steve Young, 3rd Brian Weppner
E Grade 1st Dave Phillips, 2nd Tina Stenos, 3rd Sue Cox
F Grade 1st Phil Cox, 2nd Dale Jennings





Wednesday November 23

Super Vets winner and a couple of his best mates shared in the spoils in yesterday’s GSCC SV 37.5km Handicap Race.15137671_1353957837947630_902621912606463319_o

Jeremy Tatchell 1st, Lew Targett 5th and Mark Cummings… Fastest Time (Off 2nd Scratch!)









Sunday November 20

Geelong & Surfcoast Cycling Club 2016 Age group Road Championships.

The GSCC had a fantastic field of 57 riders competing for the annual Age group club championships.15068952_1349324221744325_7572240832549237098_o

Women 40-44 1st Jessica Douglas

Women 50-54 1st Tina Stenos, 2nd Jenny Denouden, 3rd Mandy Hosking

Men 35-39, 1st Josh Williams, 2nd Dan Hall.

Men 40-44 1st Noel Taylor, 2nd Paul Beretta, 3rd Craig Van Dort, with Steven Douglas.

Men 45-49 1st Gregory Hosking, 2nd Andrew Baker, 3rd Simon Whitcher, with Robbie Southern, Dave Warren, Tony French, Ian Amsden, Harvey Lang, Norm Douglas and Grant Edmonds

Men 50-54 1st Carl Leahy, 2nd Rick Buckwell, 3rd Neil Maurier, with Joe Gulino and Yani Dovjak15073468_1349321908411223_7270401893431562451_n

Men 55-59 1st Thys Heynes, 2nd Grant Rogers 3rd Nick Oakley, with Peter Hunt, Chris Fenech, David Spence and Vincent Haveaux, Brian Weppner, Vic Mason and Johnny Parrello

Men 60-64 1st Eddy Ziedaitis, 2nd Mark Cummings, 3rd Paul Rettke, with Paul Bird, Carl Judd, Peter McWaters, Phil Cox and Spiro Degenis

Men 65-69 1st David Pike, 2nd Bruce Sarah, 3rd Lew Target with Gordon Spargo, Neil Wilson and Alan Pescott

Men 70-74 1st Roger Cronk, 2nd Robbie Nicholls, 3rd David Phillips

Men 75-79 1st Tony Spark, 2nd Mel White, 3rd John Watson, with Ken Mansfield.

Men 80-84. 1st Brian Long

A big thank you to Ian Sumner for refereeing on the day and all the marshals who helped out, also Dave Robinson for working out all the grades and distances.

Thursday November 17

The first warm night of the year with a stiff northerly wind to go with it welcomed 32 riders along with new rider Damian Mahoney giving crit riding a go, making for a tough night of racing. Highlight of the night was Andrew Bakers solo breakaway at the 15 min mark of A grades 40 min race only to be run down inside the last 100 meters by Tim Bennett and David Newett but managing to hang on for third.

A grade – 40 mins + 2 laps
1st – Tim Bennett
2nd – David Newett
3rd – Andrew Baker

B grade – 40 mins + 2 laps
1st – Andy Schep
2nd – Ian Amsden
3rd – David Warren but maybe Craig Hannah

C grade – 35 mins + 2 laps
1st – Steve Young
2nd – Vincent Haveaux
3rd – Nigel Pearson

D grade – 30 mins + 2 laps
1st – Kelvin Dyson
2nd – Brad Keating
3rd – Keith Dorling

E grade – 30 mins + 2 laps
1st – David Phillips
2nd – Marcus Coppock

Wednesday November 16

15128910_1345026908840723_1791188659078184699_oOn Wednesday November 16 Supervets conducted a time trial over two laps of the Paraparap circuit. The weather conditions were ideal for such an event consequently some of the rider’s times reflected that. Roger Cronk rode very well to record a 37.09 minutes on a loan bike. Murray Riggs reminded us of his consistent form riding a 42.25. Tina Stenos rode a sub 40 minute time in polished consistency. Others rode conventional road bikes recording personal bests.

Results: 1. R Cronk 37.09, 2. C Judd 37.36, 3. T Stenos 39.13, 4. L Fitzsimons 41.20, 5. M Riggs 42.25, 6. T Collie 42.42, 7. G Spargo 43.20, 8. S Digenis 43.36, 9. T Spark 44.70, 10. J Faulkner 45.42, 11. M White 46.21, 12. K Fuller 48.38, 13. K Mansfield 54.37, 14. D Jennings 56.00.


Sunday November 13

Geelong & Surfcoast Cycling Club held one its popular quarterly KVA Design handicap races with 26 riders competing for the honour of winning the KVA Design Spring Sash. Brisk weather and 25- 30 kmh south westerly winds greeted the rider groups who were setting out from the unique starting point at “Jack’s Corner”. Another unique aspect of the race was the inclusion of Flaxbournes Road which has never been previously raced upon. The referees pre-race briefing on the combination of the 63km distance, strong headwinds, the rolling rises and rough surface of Flaxbournes and the use of the more challenging “second” finish line on Larcombes Road brought the riders to the realisation that they were all going to be in for a tough and challenging race.

With a few scratchings before the race start due to the windy conditions the groups were reduced a little.  The new limit group of Neil Maurer, Ross West,  Jani Dovjak, and Gavin Gamble started with a 8 minute lead over second limit and 30 minutes over the keen scratch group who have had some success lately with the windy conditions. The surprise ride of the day was by the two remaining nine minute riders Andrew Read and Chris Fenech catching the fourteen minute group before the circuit. Scratch were held up a little at the Flaxbournes turn around after Josh Williams touched the ground, this might have slowed them enough not to get the win today.

The 5 minute second scratch group set out with smooth turns and consistent tempo. Chasing the third scratch group consisting of only three riders they were buoyed with some optimism when they witnessed Darren Williams had experienced a mechanical some 12km’s into the race, giving them confidence that a catch and the added power of Chris Fenech & Phil Tehan would strengthen their chances of holding scratch at bay. Little did they realise that it would take another 50km to catch the duo under 1km from the finish line.15025277_1342033019140112_1319026935770638889_o

As a result of very well handicapped group splits, it wasn’t until 10km from the finish that the second scratch group started to reel in some of the outer markers. With a 500 metre gap on scratch they continued to push hard as a group knowing they had to maintain their advantageous gap up Misery Lane.

Turning into Larcombes Road for the last time the race lead was now within the sights of second scratch. Chris and Phil were finally caught on the small rise 800 metres from the line. With a headwind sprint looming and a bunch of exhausted riders grinding their way to the finish it was a matter of who was bravest to jump first and sprint for the line. 200 metres out the paced cranked up and the riders made their dash for line honours. Carl Leahy’s experience paid off holding Ian Amsden at bay by a bike length to take his first club handicap win in twelve years. Carl was very proud to wear the winners sash.


1st Carl Leahy (1:41:20 5min group),15000857_1342032999140114_8497844546908387938_o

2nd Ian Amsden (5min),

3rd Chris Fenech (9min),

4th David Warren (5min),

5th Rick Buckwell (5min),

6th Harvey Lang (5min),

7th Phil Tehan (N 14 min)

8th Paul Rettke (5min),

9th and Fastest time Greg Hosking (1:37:15 scr),

10th Andrew Goodwin (scr)


15003370_1338635632813184_2748211980319868512_oThursday November 10

Another great nights racing had by all with the GSCC with 46 riders entered.
A grade. 1st Michael Borowski (Northern), 2nd Josh Williams 3rd Simon Whitcher
B Grade 1st Ashley Goldstraw 2nd Marco Marco Jules Bramucci 3rd Carl Leahy
C Grade 1st Mandy Hosking 2nd Vincent Haveaux 3rd Steve Young
D Grade 1st Paul Bird 2nd Kyle Keenan 3rd Kelvyn Dyson
E Grade 1st Marcus Coppock 2nd Joe Joseph Gulino 3rd Tina Tober Stenos




Wednesday November 9

The weather was favourable with a light southerly wind. This meant the usual difficult side of the course up misery lane was more in the riders favour.

Geoff Smith from 25 minutes led the riders out followed by Ken Mansfield, Kent Fuller and Ian Sumner. The 12 minute group of Neil Wilson, John Watson, John Faulkner, Ross West and Terry Robinson soon became a well-oiled bunch led by Neil Wilson. In the 1st and 2nd laps this group drove through the out-markers losing Terry Robinson and John Faulkner but picking up Ian Sumner.

This bunch improved its margin to the 8 minute riders who were joined by the remnants of the 6 minute bunch of Tina Stenos, Paul Bubb and Barry Primmer.15000788_1337114192965328_722786879513495832_o

Carl Judd drove the pace of the 4 minute bunch supported by Terrie Collie, Mandy Hosking and Laurie Fitzsimons, but failed to bridge the gap to the powerful bunch in front. Tina Stenos along with Paul Bubb chased hard but were unable to make up the time difference to the 12 minute bunch.

Neil Wilson, Ross West and John Watson crossed the finish line in that order. Neil recorded a well deserved win and Tina showed her strong form to almost contest the result.

The conditions did not favour the scratch riders who as usual put in a valiant effort. They had to settle for a bunch sprint for fastest time, having reined in the 4 minute bunch at the top of the chicane in the final moments of the race, with fastest going to David Pike over Mark Cummings and Roger Cronk.

Results: 1. N Wilson, 2. R West, 3. J Watson, 4. I Sumner, 5. T Stenos, Fastest time: D Pike – 1.02.09.

Sunday November 6

The strong spring westerly winds are still blowing! Was it another day for the scratch bunch?

With another solid field of 41 riders, Ken Mansfield again lead the race away out and back Blackgate road, Out and back Nobles Rd then three laps. Ken had 49 minutes to the strong scratch bunch which was reduced to three and a half at the start line. Ian Sumner started the chase 12 minutes behind Ken. Riding four times up misery lane today was going to tough and grinding for these two champions. The return leg on Blackgate Rd into the wind started playing havoc with the bunches and some riders dropping out early which is never fun. The third scratch (8 minute) group of Carl Leahy, Darren Williams, Nick Oakley, Roger Cronk and Ian Amsden were working well together with the 11 minute bunch in their sights early. The scratch group of Daryl Burns, Xavier Coppock, Josh Williams and Andrew Baker were down one rider along Blackgate as Xavier was in recovery mode (not from riding) then down to two as Daryl had enough of the wind and chase. Could Josh and Andrew catch anyone?

Along Nobles Rd some on the middle bunches were slowing make ground on the leaders, Ken and Ian were still fighting on strong on there own, Ken already starting his first of three laps with a handy lead.

Amazingly Josh and Andrew were swapping turns and powering along and caught the second scratch bunch (4.30) before the end of Nobles Rd, with Paul Sheean and Bruce Sarah already dropped,  Robbie Southern, Dave Warren, new rider Paul Rettke and Harvey Lang were all willing to help when they could. There was sti14976497_1333274100016004_3953872981916715868_o-1ll a slight chance to ride through the field in today’s strong winds.

The eight minute group started catching bunches on the second of three laps and caught the 11 minute group of Grant Rogers, Chris Fenech, Vic mason, Robbie Nicholls and Carl Judd with a lap and a half to go. Ken Mansfield was still battling away out in front on his own hitting speeds of 10-15km/h up misery lane, Ken finally got caught by the combined 8 and 11 minute bunches on the last lap, another top effort by Ken. The scratch riders starting dropping others over the last two last and were still chasing hard and could just see the leaders in the distance.

The final stint up misery lane, Ian Amsden had a go on his own and tried a solo brake away but Chris Fenech wanted a chance to go for a win and chased Ian down with all the others following, when the sprint started Ian got to the front and with the others trying to hold on,  the ever fast finishing Rob Nicholls showed his experience and speed to take a well deserved win just in front of Carl Leahy. The duo of Josh William and Andrew Baker deserved the ride of the day and kept fighting to the finish only 15 seconds behind the winners, well done to you both, a very inspiring ride.

1st Robbie Nicholls (1:50:10 34.34km/h 11min),14900591_1333272103349537_5670441110012367530_n-1

2nd Carl Leahy (8min),

3rd Ian Amsden (8min),

4th Chris Fenech (11min),

5th Vic Mason (11min),

6th and fastest time Josh Williams (1:38:50 38.51km/h scr),

7th Robbie Southern (4.30),

8th Andrew Baker (scr),

9th Paul Rettke (4.30),

10th Roger Cronk (8min).
First unplaced lady, Tina Stenos.

Thursday November 3

Best Western Geelong Motor Inn, Summer Criterium Series. Round one

The weather was great for this evenings crit races at Belmont with five grades and 42 eager riders entered with the lovely addition of the colours caps to assist the referee during the course of the night. There were points available for the first three in the mid race sprint and to the top five at the finish to accumulate over the 6 race series, with the best four results to count at the end.14907144_1330110863665661_1316927039006905169_n 

A and B grade had 40 minutes plus two lap, C and D grade 35 minutes plus 2 and E & F grade 30 minutes plus 2.
As usual the pace in A grade was tough with 9 riders, a few attacks and a few watching from the rear. The mid race sprints were taken out by the fast boys, David Newett, Tim Bennett and Paul Beretta, maybe these guys were watching each other too much as the three hard working amigos Rob, Andrew and Tony got away near the end to hold off the chasing pack with Rob Southern taking a well deserved win, Andrew Baker second and Tony French Third.

In B grade one man controlled this race with an absolute full on effort for the whole race. Joe Daly broke away early with only Marco Brammucci able to catch him and leaving the rest of the 11 man bunch in his wake. Joe powered along for three quarters of the race holding a very consistent but fast pace. Marco was in for the ride just hanging on. Joe, Marco and a distant Ashley Goldstraw took the first three placing’s in the sprints and the race finish. A good load of points for Joe.14915173_1330111826998898_8261481828761245591_n

C grade had 11 even riders, this was going to be a tough bunch to break away from, which was the case for the whole race, the mid race sprint was a tight affair with David Spence taking first, David Lambourne and Vincent Haveaux not far behind. The final sprint was extremely tight and maybe a bit unsteady by a couple of riders with Norm Douglas just winning over Jeff Miller and Carl Judd.

D grade was down a few riders today with only Paul Bird and Andrew Booth present sharing the points on the day and mainly riding around with the C grade riders, well done guys.

E grade in their bright green helmet covers stood out all around the course, the 6 riders evenly swapped turns trying there best to tire each other out. Tina Stenos showed some great power at the mid race sprint just fining in front of the closing Dave Phillips and then John Bell, as the finish Keith Dorling showed his racing prowess to take a great win over Tina Stenos and Dave Phillips.

Also well done to Rod Lambeth who rode a very consistent race in F grade and to the trial riders Seaton Daw and Jason Marsh who both enjoyed their night.

Thanks again to Richard Buckwell and Dave Robinson for running the racing tonight.


Tuesday November 1

GSCC held a Melbourne Cup on Wheels race to celebrate the occasion. A strong field of 45 riders including some visiting riders from other clubs as well as strong representation of local participants.14907697_1326698524006895_4279408955114874446_n

The weather was very windy from the north-west and hampered the riding groups. Ken Mansfield led the race away from 27 minutes to scratch. He was followed by a strong bunch of 7 riders from 18 minutes. They included Ross West, Daryl Petersen, John Watson, Murray Riggs, Neil Maurer, Terry Robinson and Jeremy Tatchell. This group made good ground on the leader but it wasn’t until late in the second lap when the 15 and 18 minute bunches joined and took over the race lead.

Tony Spark, Barry Primmer and John Bell together with Ray Clifford, Graeme Wilson and the rest of the 15 minute riders formed a strong middle ground bunch and now controlled the race. This large bunch was destined for a keenly contested finish.14908240_1326698500673564_2084353224620938286_n-1

The back-markers meanwhile were fighting hard to make up ground in the extremely windy conditions. Daryl Burns and Xavier Coppock fought hard as did David Pike and Dave Warren despite the conditions. But the race to the finish was controlled by the middle-markers.

Unfortunately the first two riders over line were disqualified due to a rule violation and Ray Clifford took the honours from Tony Spark and Neil Wilson. Daryl Burns from scratch took out fastest time.

Results: 1. R Clifford, 2. T Spark, 3. N Wilson, 4. J Gulino, 5. T Robinson, 6. N Coppock, 7. J Bell, 8. J Watson, 9. R West, 10. N Maurer.

Fastest time: D Burns – 58.28 from scratch. Winner’s time: 1.09.30.

Sunday October 30

Geelong & Surfcoast Cycling Club ‘Layard Park’ 65 km handicap race.

Scratch blasts through the wind to destroy the field.
120 riders entered from across the state for the final VVCC handicapped race for 2016 at Paraparap. Both the state individual and team aggregates were still up for grabs with 84 year old Brian Long from Geelong leading the individual aggregate and 5 riders still within contention and Northern Cycling leading the state aggregate by one point over Geelong.

The riders started straight into a disheartening strong north westerly up misery lane knowing it was going to be a tough day out on the road before they would receive some relief turning into Forest Rd. The limit and second limit groups were still holding a healthy gap to the few middle groups which had split early before the Gundrys Rd turn-around for the first time. The third and second scratch groups weren’t coordinating to well with a few sitting on letting the larger 14 minute group gain time up the road through the first half of the race.14853016_1324731537536927_246176268077680888_o

The scratch group of 5 were flying along to Gundrys Rd and over shot the turn around the first time losing a some valuable time at this early stage of the race. The 10 Minute group were working well and caught the 12 Minute group along Forest Rd and a few slower riders around the lap for the first time. The early split in the 16.30 minute group started hurting these riders and we’re swallowed up by the fast moving larger 14 minute riders. The third scratch riders were still squabbling but the workers within this group still caught the 7.30 group before Grays Rd the first time.

At the turn around for the second time the two limit groups were still on their own with three riders each turning back into the tough head wind, unfortunately for them their race wasn’t going to finish as they would have hoped. There were two large combined middle groups chasing hard with a lot of riders sitting on trying to stay out of the cross winds. The scratch were still travelling at lightning speeds and had caught second scratch before the turnaround and were being driven by Darren Roberts from northern and were making up good time on the field with still a lot of work to do.

The combined scratch bunch caught third scratch at Gum Flats rd which then rolled onto the back end of the big group of middle markers at the Gravel pits on the return on Forest Rd. With tricky side winds, solid white lines and a wall of riders to pass the snow balling scratch bunch managed to pass this large group of riders without incident, the pace remained high and ultimately catch to the large combined front group before turning into Grays Road.

Knowing they had control of the race the scratch bunch of about 30 riders hammered the pace u14890469_591785567694892_2766286213142930301_op above 60 km/h along Grays Rd dropping a lot of riders who by this time were too tired to just hang on. When the leaders hit Hendy Main rd there was only about 25 or so riders remaining and the cross winds created further havoc by splitting this bunch in half and if you weren’t near the front you didn’t have a hope of getting to the finish.

As the leading bunch arrived into Larcombes Rd for the sprint finish they were still being bashed by the strong north westerly head winds. Scott Riddell (3min) of Northern started the lead out really early, but maybe a bit too early for Michael Borowski who was trying to win and also take out the state aggregate over Brian Long. Michael and Scott started to fade as David Newett (3min) made his move from a long way out to the finish line and was just beaten by a late lunge by the number one rider for the day Darren Roberts winning by 0.0009 of a second, with Michael Bowowski another second behind for third.

1st Darren Roberts (1:34:03 41.46km/h scr N),

2nd David Newett (3.0min GSCC),14856094_10211245952408497_7304912321943540257_o

3rd Michael Bowowski (scr N),

4th Tim Bennett (scr GSCC)

5th Neville Laffy (scr Goulburn)

6th Luke Medhurst (6min N)

7th Steve Baxter (6min N),

8th Scott Riddell (3min N)

9th David Pike (7.30min GSCC)

10th Tony Giuliano (scr N)

‘Godings Kubota’ Fastest Time Darren Roberts (scr)

First unplaced lady Tina Stenos (19min 36th GSCC)

First unplaced super vet Carl Judd (14min 37th GSCC)14876499_1324731700870244_8516232355746460277_o

After all the results were compiled and points added up Geelong’s Brian Long was able to win the State individual aggregate for 2016, he raced in every VVCC open race this year. Brian has had an illustrious cycling career and is still having continued success. Today at 84 he won the Victorian Veteran Cycling aggregate for the third time. He has ridden with distinction in many events over his long career both track and road races.  In the 1980s he was regarded as one of the most astute sprinters around.  He has continued to compete at state and national level s despite his age.  Brian aspires to be a mentor and example of an active life long into his 80s

Northern Cycling also won the VVCC state team aggregate for the second time over Geelong and Surfcoast Cycling Club by three points. Both clubs are highly commended for there effort in chasing the points all year in all the VVCC races in 2016

Well done to all the competitors racing today as the conditions were quite brutal with the wind not letting up at all and to the seventy five riders who finished you should be proud of your own individual efforts. Thanks to the fifteen or so marshals and helpers out on the corners, and in cars and on motos without you the racing wouldn’t be possible. Thanks to the GSCC committee and other helpers in organising today’s events and Adriana Stenos for the photos. Finally a big thank you to Phil Godfrey for your continued  ‘Layard Park’ sponsorship and to Godings Kubota for sponsoring the very well presented fastest time trophy.


Thursday October 27

A Grade, a few attacks during the race, dropped the return of the Xavier, Stuart Smith had a massive go on the last lap to get a good lead only to be swamped at the finish.

1st Josh ‘in best form’ Williams, 2nd Paul Beretta, 3rd Brad ‘Ive been crook’ Haskett

B Grade, Dave Warren and Carl Leahy got away for a couple of laps, but he chasing bunch realed them in for a tight bunch sprint. 1st Ashley Goldstraw, 2nd Marco Bramucci, 3rd Carl Leahy

C Grade kept the racing tight throughout, with Brian just being too strong at the finishing, when it was looking like a few watching each other for the minor placings. 1st Brian Weppner, 2nd Kelvin Dyson, 3rd Mandy ‘sprinter’ Hosking

D Grade, Brad was too strong for D grade and rode well away for a strong determined solo win. 1st Brad ‘just keep running’ Keating. 2nd Marcus Coppock, 3rd Tina Stenos

E Grade Phil Cox, 2nd Sue Cox.

Wednesday October 26

On Wednesday October 26 Supervets raced three laps of the Paraparap circuit in near to perfect conditions with a slight breeze from the west.  An excellent field of 26 riders competed and all grades were well rep14711291_1319755388034542_8807535001380861567_oresented.  Ken Mansfield led the field away from 25 minutes to scratch.  Brian Long followed from 20 minutes with Ian Sumner and Kent Fuller hot on the trail.  Mid marks ranged from 7, 10 and 12 minutes.  A strong group from 7 minutes set the chasing pace  including Barry Primmer, Lew Targett and other inform riders including Amanda Hosking, Ray Clifford and Gordon Spargo.  The scratch markers were Mark Cummings and Roger Cronk who chased the 1 minute 30 bunch including Peter McWaters, Laurie Fitzsimons, Carl Judd, Terry Collie and David Phillips.  They had a hard task to catch the strong 5 and 7 minute groups who were working through the field in the third lap overtaking all before them.  Only the stronger riders kept in touch with John Bell from 10 minutes pulling his weight.  John Watson and Ian Sumner hung to the leaders but were left behind  in the final dash to the line.  Amanda Hosking once again positioned herself as did Lew Targett and Barry Primmer.  This group worked well together during the race and were well positioned to win.  Amanda Hosking showed she was in sprinting form and went over the line ahead of a trailing field.
Results:  1.  A Hosking,  2.  L Targett,  3.  B Primmer,  4.  R Clifford,  5.  G Spargo,  6.  J Bell,  7.  J Watson,  8.  I Sumner.
Fastest time:  R Cronk – 1.04.49.  Winner’s time:  A Hosking – 1.10.25.

Sunday October 23

A field of 47 riders fronted up for the 65km handicap which was used as a warm up for next weeks Open, the course was raced over Forest rd out & back, Grays, Hendy Main rd twice with at finish at Larcombes rd. The weather was cool and overcast with the threat of rain and a strong south west wind to contend with
The field was spread over 9 bunches with limit setting off 36 mins to scratch. The scratch bunch day only got worse with a late withdrawal leaving only Greg Hosking and Dave Newett to chase down the field. All bunches held there own whilst completing the first lap but the conditions were starting to fracture the mid to limit bunches and the time gaps slowly closing.14570551_1316662111677203_8625174597346024963_o
At the Gundrys rd turnaround 3 main bunches had formed with the 20 min to limit bunch forming, the 16 & 13 min and the 6 & 9:30 min bunches forming and riding strong. The second scratch bunch of Rick, Andy, Robbie & Josh were working well with all riders sharing the work load and knowing that scratch was labouring being a rider down. Second scratch could sense a catch but still had plenty of work to do for it to happen.
The 6 & 9:30 min were sweeping all before them as they turned into Grays rd and taking control of the race whilst taking on more passengers. Second scratch could now see the leading bunch ahead of them along Grays rd with less than 8km to go. As the leading bunch hit Hendy Main rd Josh made a mini break and caught the lead group leaving his 3 co riders behind. The catch by the Rick, Andy & Robbie was finally made with less than 5 kms to go. Once the lead group realised the game was up the pace went out of the race with riders now fighting to hold wheels to the finish line.

As riders approached the ‘chicane’  Harvey Lang fresh from his epic Melbourne to Warrnambool ride led the group into Larcombes rd and towards the line. With 200 meters to the line Rick led out Josh, Robbie & Andy with all other riders scrambling to hang on. As Andy was last in the train he had the legs to pip Josh on the line to win and also fastest time by the narrowest of margins from Greg Hosking, Robbie was third and holding off a fast finishing Carl Leahy fourth with Paul Rettke  finishing fifth. As Paul was doing a trial ride Rick was elevated to fifth.



1st & F/t Andy Goodwin 1:39:03
2nd Josh Williams
3rd Robbie Southern
4th Carl Leahy
5th Rick Buckwell (Paul Rettke trial ride)
6th Ian Amsden
7th Darren Williams

8th Harvey Lang

9th Peter Hunt
10 Bruce Sarah
and first unplaced lady Mandy Hosking

Thursday October 20

A big field of 47 keen competitors turned up to a stiff northerly blowing at the Belmont criterium track. All grades had very competitive racing with a lot of brake away efforts which all came down to bunch sprints. Well done to all tonight.

A grade 12 entries.
1st Tim Bennett 2nd Gary Wearmouth 3rd David Newett.
B grade 15 entries
1st Simon Whitcher 2nd Steven Douglas 3rd Ashley Goldstraw
C grade 16 entries
1st Ian Amsden 2nd Adam Kelsal 3rd Vincent Haveux
D grade 15 entries
1st Keith Dorling 2nd Jamie ‘money bags’ Robinson 3rd Ray Clifford
E grade 2 entries
1st Sue Cox 2nd Phil Cox.

Wednesday October 19

On Wednesday October 19 Supervets staged a team time trial over 3 laps of the Paraparap circuit. The weather was cool and breezy from the west. Five teams were selected from the 22 riders and the event proved quite interesting and competitive as usual.14691897_1313181902025224_3450582417005207507_o


Team 1: K Mansfield, K Fuller, J Watson, J Faulkner, R West on corrected time 54.18.

Team 2: J Bell, R Buckwell, M Cole, M Riggs, T Spark on corrected time 55.01.

Team 3: N Wilson, G Spargo, L Targett, A Hosking on corrected time 56.44.

Team 4: R Clifford, T Stenos, T Gray, T Collie on corrected time 57.21.

Team 5: P McWaters, C Judd, R Cronk, D Pike on corrected time 58.40.

All teams worked hard encouraging each other ensuring that the whole team crossed the line together in the shortest possible time.


Saturday October 15

Congratulations to Jamie Robinson for winning last weeks in the Camperdown to Warrnambool, Neil Maurer for finishing second, Paul Bubb, John Bell, James Stuart and David Phillip for also finishing in the top ten. I am sure Jamie and Neil have a story to tell about the finish and I’m sure they will tell us all!

Bill Long Camperdown to Warrnambool
Place Competitor Club Handicap 14695366_1308697405807007_3676118383213870381_n
1st Jamie Robinson Geelong 27:00 min
2nd Neil Maurer Geelong 36:00 min
3rd Ian Hatton Northern 27:00 min
4th Paul Bubb Geelong 27:00 min
5th Thomas McBroom Colac 27:00 min
6th John Bell Geelong 36:00 min
7th Natasha Cross Warrnambool 27:00 min
8th Peter Theodore Colac 27:00 min
9th James Stuart Geelong 27:00 min
10th David Phillips Geelong 27:00 min
11th John Watson Geelong 36:00 min
12th Barry Wurlod Warrnambool 27:00 min
13th Malcom Cole Geelong 36:00 min
14th Keith Dorling Geelong 36:00 min
15th Scott Blade Northern 8:00 min
FT Darren Roberts Northern Scratch

So after these great results we are only one point behind northern in the state team aggregate, so the GSCC need as many of you as possible to enter our Open race on October 30th (10 am start) to give the GSCC the best of chances of winning the aggregate with year.

Brian Long still holds a handy lead in the individual aggregate and needs everyone help to get to the finish and to keep him in the lead

Thursday October 13

A nice still evening of gscc criterium racing at Belmont. With a couple of new people having a go and a few members we haven’t seen fire a while.
A grade 1st Brad Hasket 2nd Mike Jelenco 3rd Andrew Baker.
B grade 1st Simon Witcher 2nd Heath Keenan 3rd Carl Leahy
C grade 1st Malcolm Lloyd (2nd trial rider Sasa Jurkovic) 2nd Ian Amsden 3rd Norm Douglas.
Well done to all good luck to all racing on Saturday.

Wednesday October 12


On Wednesday October 12, Supervets raced a 3 lap handicap event at Paraparap. A cold westerly with rain, mid-way through the race prevailed for the 18 riders that took part.11221930_1305146136162134_4341239300565797970_o

The race was led off by Don Stuart on 25 minutes from Kent Fulller, Terry Robinson and John Faulkner. The 13 minute group of John Watson, Ross West and Ian Sumner made good time in the first lap only to be caught on misery lane in lap 2 by a stronger combined bunch of Ray Clifford, Paul Bubb, Amanda Hosking also Peter McWaters, Laurie Fitzsimons and Carl Judd. 

All came together on Grays Road in the second lap and a much stronger Barry Primmer and John Bell joined in and assisted the push to the front of the race.

The 13 minute group were unable to sustain contact and were dropped or retired.

The scratch pair of Mark Cummings and Roger Cronk continued the chase but were unable to contest the finish.14543699_1305166382826776_3902891553772020259_o

John Faulkner ran over the line unchallenged. He was followed by the larger chasing bunch who in the run to the line saw Amanda Hosking leading the chase coming over Peter McWaters. She was closely followed by Carl Judd and a very strong finishing Barry Primmer.

Results: 1. J Faulkner, 2. C Judd, 3. A Hosking, 4. B Primmer, 5. P McWaters, 6. J Bell.

Fastest time: C Judd – 1.07.12. Winner’s time: J Faulkner – 1.20.01






Sunday October 9

There14612623_1302562806420467_6551896332059786631_o was no club, instead the Red Rock Classic run by the Colac Vets and won by the in form Tony Luppino in atrocious gale force winds!

Well done to Andy Goodwin for placing 2nd, Anthony Seipolt on his 5th place, Robbie Southern 7th and Josh Williams 8th.

Congrats to all who braved the conditions, finished and even placed in their bunch sprints…see results below in comments.

Great going GSCC Club for showing your support with 31 Geelong club members racing.

Big thanks to the Colac Club marshals and officials for running another brilliant and tough race….We’ll be back!







Thursday October 6

The first nice day for a while was welcomed by all for the first crit race evening for the GSCC. 29 competitors were split into three grades with some very competitive racing had by all with a strong northerly blowing.
A and B grade 30 minutes plus 2 laps, C grade 25 minutes plus 2 laps.
A grade 1st Gary Wearmouth, 2nd Josh Williams 3rd Andrew Baker,
B Grade 1st Carl Leahy, 2nd Frank Gasperic, 3rd Andy Schiep
C Grade 1st Malcolm LLoyd, 2nd Andrew Booth, 3rd Mandy Hosking




Wednesday October 514560213_1299146603428754_1112118167774126035_o14612500_1299111653432249_3124251488801042956_o

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club Supervets Don Sutherland Annual Trophy Race.

Congratulations to Mark Cummings for winning First and Fastest for the day. An awesome effort by Tommy Gray sprinting to 2nd by the smallest of margins. 3rd went to Juddy, who steam rolled Mandy leaving her to collect 4th, followed in closely by Roger Cronk placing 5th for the day.









Sunday October 2nd

Another strong presence of 45 riders faced the 60 km handicap on Sunday. An unusual gentle North East wind greeted the groups to the start line who headed out Black Gate road. The 5 scratch riders were rewarded for their previous race performance with a greater mark and saw them 45mins behind the 2 limit riders who were well back past the club house and on their way down Forrest Rd before the final chasers departed.


Each group worked extremely well together and with the favourable breeze at their backs made light work of the ‘out to Gundry’s’ turn around. It was not known until presentations that the lead car had driven the 2 limit riders past this point and according to some they were turned around at Anglesea!


The middle three groups of 10, 13 and the 15 minute all joined together before the laps making the back markers work hard to the finish, the biggest issue for this bunch was the cross winds and staying to the left!


The scratch group finally caught second scratch on Grays road after a long and challenging chase back up Forest. The ‘slight’ breeze was now intensifying and was closer to a howling gale as the group of 8 started rolling turns up Hendy Main. The wind was having an impact on all the riders and these two groups were able to reel in the remaining groups along Misery and then Larcombes Rd.


The final large bunch was caught on the rollers on Forest Rd. This is when the race started to become entertaining. The scratch riders all had turns in trying to split the group but the group were ‘encouraged’ to chase them down and the ‘would be’ escapees were invariably gathered in. The scratch group dropped a lot of riders before the Hendry Main Rd turn off with a select few hanging on. The wind had intensified a few more knots to hurricane conditions along Hendy Main Rd. Approximately 6 riders were able to get off the front going into Larcombes and the final attack by Andrew Baker caused the lasting break to enable David Newett to come away with the win from Andrew Baker in 2nd and Richard Lyle (on his impressive new Dogma) in 3rd place.


It was a tough day in the saddle for all and by the end of the day bikes were getting blown off the racks at the clubhouse. Thanks to Dennis Sonogan for refereeing and all the marshals to make another safe and enjoyable race.


1st and Fastest Time David Newett (38.43km/h 1:32:10), 2nd Andrew Baker (scr), 3rd Richard Lyle (scr), 4th David Warner (4min), 5th Eddy Ziedaitis (7.30), 6th Josh Williams (scr), 7th Peter Hunt(10.00), 8th Robbie Southern (4.00) 9th Jeff Miller (7.30) 10th Grant Rogers (7.30). First unplaced lady, Jenny Denouden




Wednesday September 28

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club Supervets

On Wednesday September 28 the Supervets raced a 3 lap handicap under windy but fine conditions.

A field of 26 riders were led around the course in lap one by Geoff Smith and Dale Jennings, followed 3 minutes later by Don Stuart and Ken Mansfield. Kent Fuller and Andrew Kennon from 19 minutes, and Brian Long chased them alone from 15 minutes.

Much of the race activity was centred around the performances of the 6 and 9 minute bunches. The leaders of which provided much of the ultimate drive to the line.

The second lap saw individual efforts from Laurie Fitzsimons, John Bell and Richard Buckwell heading to the front of the race. However, along the way the efforts of Brian Long, Ross West, Mel White and Barry Primmer were rewarded with an opportunity in the final sprint to the line.

David Pike from scratch struggled to keep in touch with the 3 minute group of Cummings, Bubb, Judd and Phillips. Tina Stenos from this mark rode a rewarding race among the placings as did the others in her bunch not able to contest the finish. Both the 3 and the 6 minute bunches worked well and deserved the better fate on the day.

Special mention to Brian Long who contested the race as a lone rider finishing in the top five. First over the line was Laurie Fitzsimons followed by John Bell and Richard Buckwell.

Fastest time was awarded to Carl Judd (pictured with Mark Cummings) from 3 minutes.

Results: 1. L Fitzsimons, 2. J Bell, 3. R Buckwell, 4. R West, 5. B Long, 6. S Digenis, 7. M White.

Fastest time: C Judd – 1.05.24.


Sunday September 25

Hendry Cycles Handicap Race.

The annual Hendry Cycles race is always a keenly contested affair, and the September 25th 2016 edition was no14444823_1290092274334187_4633367879138295248_oexception. Fifty riders were set a tough 66 km course of three laps of the Hendy Main road circuit beginning at Jack’s corner, as well as a trip out and back on Forest road, finishing in Larcombs road west of Forest road.

A blustery westerly wind made conditions difficult for Ken Mansfield the lone limit rider who toughed out the entire race on his own, but the day belonged to the scratch men. Colac rider Tony Luppino out-sprinted his co-markers Richard Lyle and Anthony Siepolt to take out the win and fastest time.

The field was divided into nine groups out to 24 minutes and Mansfield off 35 minutes. The Johnny Parrel lo led 14 minute 7 rider bunch began well, picking up the 17 minute bunch on the second lap and taking the lead on the trip out Forest road. At the turnaround the scratch riders had them in sight, having ridden through the 4, 7 and 11 minute groups with only Robbie Southern and Eddy Ziedatis able to hang 14424757_1290092801000801_617833607876438446_oon.

It was not until the quarries, five kilometres from home, that the scratch men finally took the lead and control of the race. The last ascent of the Forest road hills took toll on those hanging on with the scratch group taking five of the first ten placings.

Results: First and fastest Tony Luppino (Colac) 1:41:32 (ave 39.2 km/hr), 2. Richard Lyle, 3. Anthony Siepolt, 4. Eddy Ziedaitis, 5. Robbie Southern, 6. Rick Buckwell, 7. Damian Luppino (Colac), 8. Johnny Parrello, 9. Josh Williams, 10. Kelvin Dyson. First Lady Tina Stenos.

Huge Thanks to Stephen Draper, Hendry Cycles for their ongoing support…Be sure to pop into their Grovedale or Ocean Grove stores to show your appreciation.

Great job done by all the marshals and officials and another big thanks to Phil Robinson for making us all feel safe as he rode around the course on his moto.

Wednesday September 21

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club Supervets

A three lap handicap under ideal weather conditions greeted a strong field of 21 riders who were eager to enjoy the warmer conditions.  The field was led away by Geoff Smith and Dale Jennings with 25 minutes to scratch.  They were followed by Brian Long and Ken Mansfield 5 minutes later, with a further 5 minute gap to Ian Sumner and Kent Fuller.  Two bunches comprised the middle marks and some strong efforts were on show to ward off those back-markers who were in hot pursuit.  In the second lap little changed but early in the third lap an attack from David Pike and Roger Cronk split the 3 and 7 minute bunches taking no prisoners on the way through the field despite these groups having worked well to stay out of reach.  Tina Stenos and Ray Clifford managed to cling to the scratch-men as they moved to the front of the race.  There were commendable efforts from John Bell, David Phillips, Paul Bubb, Neil Wilson and Barry Primmer.  They produced some good racing.  It was pleasing to witness the efforts of Laurie Fitzsimons back from injury.  Brian Long was the sole survivor after some great support from Ken Mansfield, Ken Fuller and Dale Jennings who were able to withstand the pace from behind.  David Pike went over the line in front of Roger Cronk and Tina Stenos.  Ray Clifford and Brian Long filled the fourth and fifth places.
Results:  1.  D Pike,  2.  R Cronk,  3.  T Stenos,  4.  Clifford,  5.  B Long.
Fastest time and winner:  D Pike – 1.01.22.

Sunday September 18

GSCC Club 46km Handicap.14379594_1284138944929520_1863454446858574973_o-1

Out & back Nobles rd, out & back Forest rd, Grays, Hendy Main, finish Larcombes rd (A)

Congratulations to John ‘JB’ Bell for winning today’s club handicap race.

John cheered as he crossed the line, much to the delight of the crowd on the sidelines. Great ride by Gavin Gamble and Neil Maurer who finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

1st John Bell (1:28:15), 2nd Gavin Gamble, 3rd Neil Maurer, 4th Ross West, 5th Ian Sumner, 6th Paul Sheean (F/t 1:12:16), 7th Carl Leahy, 8th Peter Wynne, 9th Josh Williams, 10th Andrew Goodwin


Wednesday September 14

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club Supervets

No racing due to weather.

Sunday September 11

There was no club racing due to members competing in the VVCC TT at Baliyang and The Amy Grand Fondo, below are the results for the following



Andrew Baker continued his spectacular TT form by finishing 2nd overall & only 1 sec behind the winner.

Full results click here VVCC TT

pos Age Group post start no. competitor Age Category laps total time diff best time best lap best speed
20 3 5 Craig VAN DORT Men 40-44 3 48:41.0 07:03.9 16:03.7 1 37.357 km/h
2 2 7 Andrew BAKER Men 45-49 3 42:43.7 01:06.6 14:01.4 1 42.783 km/h
13 4 11 Richard LYLE Men 45-49 3 46:00.6 04:23.5 15:09.9 3 39.565 km/h
25 44 15 Paul BEASLEY Men 50-54 3 50:19.9 08:42.8 16:32.1 1 36.288 km/h
28 5 25 Victor MASON Men 55-59 3 50:37.7 09:00.6 16:49.5 3 35.662 km/h
26 2 33 Carl JUDD Men 60-64 3 50:22.6 08:45.5 16:32.0 1 36.289 km/h
17 1 36 Doug BARRETT Men 70-74 3 47:45.8 06:08.7 15:45.5 2 38.074 km/h
23 2 41 Tommy GRAY Men 70-74 3 49:29.5 07:52.4 16:25.6 2 36.527 km/h
29 4 42 David PHILLIPS Men 70-74 3 50:43.4 09:06.3 16:50.0 2 35.643 km/h
42 6 37 John BELL Men 70-74 3 57:38.4 16:01.3 19:08.0 2 31.358 km/h
18 1 44 William MCCONNELL Men 75-79 3 47:50.0 06:12.9 15:50.7 1 37.869 km/h
49 2 45 Brian LONG Men 80-84 3 06:38.3 25:01.2 21:39.5 1 27.704 km/h
45 1 48 John RANDALL Men 85-89 3 01:18.5 19:41.4 20:06.5 3 29.838 km/h
35 2 53 Tina STENOS Women 50-54 3 54:11.5 12:34.4 17:54.9 1 33.493 km/h


Amy Grand Fondo

Age Group rank rider no name KOM time km/h uwct
Female 50-54yrs 19 844 Jenny DENOUDEN 2h31:59 (21) 4h11:29 28.6
Female 55-59yrs 1 46 Heather HAMLING 2h04:32 (1) 3h28:58 34.4 Q
Male 40-44yrs 6 2564 Gary WEARMOUTH 1h53:25 (15) 3h12:15 37.4 Q
Male 40-44yrs 24 537 Marcus TYRRELL 1h55:05 (35) 3h16:07 36.7 Q
Male 40-44yrs 35 12 Rick Buckwell (Kane AIREY) 1h55:06 (37) 3h20:51 35.8 Q
Male 40-44yrs 127 2563 Mark GODDARD 2h11:53 (107) 3h47:59 31.5
Male 40-44yrs 181 610 Andrew BOOTH 2h31:32 (187) 4h14:15 28.3
Male 45-49yrs 42 799 David WARREN 1h58:21 (44) 3h21:41 35.6 Q
Male 45-49yrs 73 2924 Harvey LANG 2h03:39 (79) 3h29:19 34.3 Q
Male 45-49yrs 128 764 Rob SOUTHERN 2h10:18 (124) 3h41:15 32.5
Male 45-49yrs 142 785 Darren WILLIAMS 2h14:01 (154) 3h44:13 32.1
Male 45-49yrs 347 2910 Brad HASKETT 2h03:07 (70) 5h46:21 20.7
Male 50-54yrs 17 3013 Anthony SEIPOLT 1h53:55 (19) 3h15:03 36.9 Q
Male 50-54yrs 98 933 Craig HANNAH 2h09:09 (94) 3h41:15 32.5
Male 50-54yrs 120 965 Frank GASPERIC 2h15:57 (126) 3h47:54 31.5
Male 55-59yrs 34 3261 Peter QUIBELL 2h02:57 (25) 3h29:08 34.4 Q
Male 55-59yrs 54 1036 Peter Hunt 2h08:47 (55) 3h39:08 32.8 Q
Male 55-59yrs 84 117 Vincent HAVEAUX 2h17:58 (93) 3h48:45 31.4
Male 55-59yrs 104 1096 Johnny PARRELLO 2h25:06 (117) 3h55:38 30.5
Male 55-59yrs 105 3262 Gerard MULLALY 2h21:01 (106) 3h55:48 30.5
Male 55-59yrs 176 1137 Brian WEPPNER 2h45:20 (183) 4h31:18 26.5
Male 60-64yrs 5 1210 Nick BROWN 2h06:11 (7) 3h32:37 33.8 Q
Male 60-64yrs 11 1235 Eddy ZIEDAITIS 2h07:08 (15) 3h35:35 33.3 Q
Male 60-64yrs 34 1241 Peter MCWATERS 2h19:17 (28) 3h59:53 30.0 Q
Male 60-64yrs 60 3354 Paul BUBB 2h37:06 (66) 4h18:13 27.8
Male 70+yrs 13 3412 Mel WHITE 2h55:25 (13) 4h53:39 24.5
Male 70+yrs 18 3407 Tony SPARK 2h33:34 (8) 5h44:15 20.9


Wednesday September 7

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club Supervets

On Wednesday September 7 Supervets raced a three lap handicap event on the Paraparap circuit. The weather was warm and sunny with a breeze from the north-east.14258355_1274955375847877_4203220595309504116_o

The field was well graded and was set to be a challenge for the back-markers. The race got underway led by Geoff Smith followed by Don Stuart and Ken Mansfield from 20 minutes to scratch. Brian Long, Kent Fuller and Andrew Kennon followed on 18 minutes. The immediate chasers were Ross West, Murray Riggs, John Watson and Mel White who dominated over the first two laps taking over the front of the race.

Meanwhile the back-markers were keeping a close eye on Roger Cronk who has recently returned from the world titles and was in good form leading the chase. The mid-markers led by Barry Primmer and John Bell looked like overtaking the leaders in the latter part of the race but despite their fine efforts to do so, they 14195484_1274955549181193_4398014125093029235_oin part were joined on Hendy Main Road by other 8 and 10 minute riders, thus forming a well-oiled chase group.

The head of the race was well within their sights and they took over the lead in the final straight. Amanda Hosking, Gordon Spargo and Barry Primmer led the chase and a final burst over the line by Amanda left no doubt who was the strongest rider on the day. Gordon Spargo showed some fine form finishing second and Barry Primmer who had earlier been denied his position in the sprint finished a close third.

Results: 1. A Hosking, 2. G Spargo, 3. B Primmer, 4. K Clarke, 5. M White, 6. J Watson, 7. J Bell.

Fastest time: D Pike – 1.03.05. Winner’s time: A Hosking – 1.09.30.

Sunday September 4

Fantastic to see so many Dads’ turn up to race in today’s Father’s Day Handicap Race. I’m sure you’ll be spoilt rotten this arvo. A big thanks to all those famil14232408_1272313849445363_4159033573293521755_ny members that let their Dad or Hubby out to play for the morning. Also to the Dad’s that gave up their morning sleep-in to help marshal and officiate the race.

We had 35 starters today in near perfect conditions… The only tough leg of the race was the block head wind going up the chicane. Don Stuart set o ff 25 minutes ahead of the 6 chasing bunches.

A strong performance, by the 10 minute bunch, which included strong riding by Graeme Wilson, Dave Phillips, Gordon Spargo, Tina Stenos; also good work from James Stuart and Jamie Robinson. Unfortunately their efforts were crushed when, at 6 kilometres to go, they were swamped by the combined scratch bunches and middle markers. Headed by Robbie Southern, Josh Williams, Rich Lyle, Tony French, Craig Van Dort and Rick Buckwell; outstanding riding also by Paul Sheean and Ian Amsden from 2nd scratch.


Surprise of the day was by 6 minute rider Robbie Nicholls, who at 72 years of age, powered his bunch throughout the three laps and ended up jumping on the huge scratch bunch. Robbie then continued with this powerhouse bunch until the sprint and picked up 5th place, which earned him a big round of applause from everyone at the presentations.

Winner for today Paul Sheean, crossed the line in a powerful display of strength. Paul was followed in by last week’s winner Josh Williams and Rich Lyle, who suffered from ‘premature acceleration’ according to our club Pres. Robbie Southern picked up 4th and Robbie Nicholls finished an impressive 5th.

Congrats to all who participated and helped out today.

Happy Father’s Day.14257569_1272313922778689_5200098160870990009_o



Wednesday August 31

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club Supervets

Yesterday 20 Supervets raced a regular 3 lap handicap event at the Paraparap circuit. The weather was fine with a stiff breeze from the north-west. Dale Jennings led the field on its way from 25 minutes. He was followed by Ken Mansfield and Andrew Kennon then a further 4 minutes to Ian Sumner and Brian Long.

The chasers were two relatively strong groups from 12 and 9 minutes respectively. They stayed clear of the back-markers working their way through the field. Several among these riders had mechanical problems and did not finish. These were Kim Clarke, Amanda Hosking and Barry Primmer.

Meanwhile the back-markers Carl Judd, Terry Collie and David Pike together with Paul Bubb and Ray Clifford attempted to reign in the chasers who by this time in the third lap had moved through the out-markers.

Those to survive were a small bunch comprising David Phillips, Gordon Spargo and John Watson. They had established an unbeatable lead. John Watson was dropped in Hendy Main Road and both Gordon and David remained unchallenged to the finish by a considerable margin. Gordon Spargo won from David Phillips, followed by John Watson some 300 metres in arrears.

Results: 1. G Spargo, 2. D Phillips, 3. J Watson, 4. D Pike, 5. N Wilson, 6. J Bell, 7. I Sumner, 8. C Judd.

Fastest time: D Pike – 1.05.18. Winner’s time – G Spargo – 1.12.31.

Sunday August 28


Only a slight westerly blowing the 36 riders were all set for a great morning of hard racing for the third edition of the KVA design winter sash race.14068628_1260295027313912_7209044036606223749_o

Some members felt like they were drawn a short straw this morning with the club handicapper paying attention to recent results by a few riders, making their day tougher than planned. There were also a few who raced who weren’t 100% healthy and they paid for this with the solid pace set throughout and couldn’t last the distance.


The club super vets Ken Mansfield and Brian Long started off the race at 9am, 32 minutes in front of scratch and 10 minutes in front of the second limit group of four. Most of the groups stayed together for the first trip up the undulating Nobles Rd, Dan Hall the surprise number 1 rider today was dropped at the start of Nobles due to the high pace and probably paying for not a great deal of racing lately.

The early movers of the 6.30 group including David Lambourne, Chris Fenech,  Vic mason14079819_1266002423409839_253870634021285136_n (1), Peter Wynne, Brian Weppner, Ian Amsden and Jeff Miller making up good ground through the first part of the race and catching the 9 minute group on the return trip along Forest Rd with the leaders in sight. The  separate second scratch and scratch were riding extremely well slowly closing the gaps even with reduced groups due to the dropped riders.

Comments from the winner :

As 2nd Scratch set off the tempo was solid from the beginning with a couple of new faces in Darren Williams and Grant Rogers plus Josh Williams, Rob Southern, Eddy Ziedaitis, Craig Hannah and Stuart Smith all kept the pace high up Nobles the first time. Darren and Grant became unhinged up Nobles. They could see Dan Hall had dropped off the scratch bunch at the turn around so knew they wouldn’t be at full strength the whole way.


Craig dropped off the group not far into the trip out Forest road and they were down to 4, Eddy’s turns become more measured and Stuart, Rob and Josh pushed on, the move to track turns saw Stuart pulling long strong efforts. We could see the gaps to all towards the Forest Rd turn around. It was hard to gauge all the groups ahead, however we could see scratch was further depleted so we were some chance to stay away.


Stuart’s strong turns continued into the head wind on the way back along Forest Rd. We picked up Vic Mason momentarily before the Forest Rd hills were Stuart and Josh pulled clear of the reminder of our group.


Stuart and Josh could see the lead car and groups ahead but knew the work was going to be a tough fight,  Stuart was starting to feel the pinch as we turned onto Nobles as Josh lead up the first climb, Stuart came through on the transition and Josh lead up the final climb. They continued to work hard  hoping  they would catch the front runners by the turn around however they were still 80m back and were both fast running out of legs. Stuart managed to find some more and they both worked a couple of turns each to join the lead group just before the bridge. Luckily the pace on the final uphill wasn’t too bad and we could regroup. We had a Red flag for the final turn onto Larcombes only for the car to stop some distance back and let us through, after we had washed off all our speed. Josh settled into second wheel before Phil shot past a few hundred metres later and Josh jumped on, got a short ride and then made a push for the line. Ian Amsden moved up towards the line as Josh started to fade so  he had to give it another push and lunge for a well deserved win.


Thanks to all the guys in my group specially Stuart who gave his all and still finished 4th. Safe to say this will be my final winner’s race report from 2nd Scratch .14114990_1267150776628337_4558215520705884284_o

The trio of scratch riders remaining, Richard ‘diesel’ Lyle, Dave ‘fog horn’ Warren and Andrew ‘TT’ Baker toughed it out to the finish with Dave just taking fastest time over Richard Lyle finishing less than 2 minutes behind the winner.

1st Josh Williams, (3min 1:22:03), 2nd Ian Amsden (6.30), 3rd Chris Fenech (6.30), 4th Stuart Smith (3min), 5th Jeff Miller (6.30), 6th Carl Judd (9min), 7th Phil Tehan (9min N), 8th Nigel Pearson (9min), 10th and fastest David Warren (scr 1:19:55)


Thanks again to the race sponsor KVA Design and marshals (Rick, Neil, Carl, Tony, David, Mark, John and Andy) that makes our Sunday morning fun possible. Thanks to Rod Lambeth for filling in as Referee

Wednesday August 24

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club Supervets14125518_1263615000315248_823311392755516841_o

On Wednesday 24 August Supervets raced a three lap event at Paraparap.  The weather was overcast and threatening and turned into a very damp event early in the race.  A much improved Geoff Smith led the field away followed closely by Dale Jennings, Andrew Kennon and Ken Mansfield.  The back-markers from four minutes were Car Judd and Terry Collie.  The dominant chasers in the first lap comprised the 5 and 8 minute bunches including Paul Bubb, Ray Clifford, Lew Targett and the remnants of the 10 and 16 minutes groups.  Carl Judd picked up the 5 and 8 minute bunches in a run along with Terry Collie that saw the ultimate depletion of the middle markers.  Paul Bubb put in a solid effort to stay with Carl Judd unfortunately having worked hard to catch the leaders Terry Collie was dropped at this stage.  Lew Targett was showing good form and working with Gordon Spargo, John Bell, Ray Clifford and Mel White in an effort to limit the losses to Carl Judd who was powering away at the head of the race.  Ian Sumner and Geoff Smith managed to maintain a presence as did Andrew Kennon and Mel White.  Carl Judd and Paul Bubb were first across the line followed by Lew Targett.
Results:  1.  C Judd,  2.  P Bubb,  3.  L Targett,  4.  I Sumner,  5.  J Bell,  6.  G Spargo,  7.  M White.
Fastest time and winner:  C Judd – 1.07.02.

Sunday August 2114103024_1259415727401842_4001221843979013887_o

GSCC Scratch Race Results, 21st Aug 2016. 49 km A,B,C, 38 km D,E

The weather was looking very ordinary an hour before racing started. The 25 competitors raced in reasonable weather with wet roads and no rain.

A Grade –

The two Daves and Robbie road a very strong fast race dropping Josh with about 10km to go, Dave Newett won a fast sprint with Dave Warren just pipping Robbie on the line for second.
1st Dave Newett, 2nd Dave Warren, 3rd Robbie Southern, 4th Josh Williams.

B Grade –

There were a few attacks throughout the ride, with Craig Hannah getting the biggest gap to the bunch along Nobles Rd, but Marco who said he was suffering a bit during the race was way to strong in the Sprint winning by a few bike lengths.
1st Marco Bramucci, 2nd Dave Spence, 3rd Vic Mason, other riders, Steve Firman, Darren Williams, Brian Weppner, Chris Fenech, Craig Hannah, Eddy Ziedaitis

C Grade –14103055_1259418330734915_578599216920009034_o (1)

The four C grade riders were quite watchful throughout with a bit of sitting on and a few efforts to brake the bunch up.  John Perello didn’t have a final kick on the last rise along Nobles Rd to stay with the others to the finish. Carl Judd finished strongest to take the win just over Vincent Haveaux
1st Carl Judd, 2nd Vincent Haveaux, 3rd Phil Tehan, 4th John Perello

D Grade –
Apart from Ross west getting dropped on the second lap, the other riders stayed together knowing James was the strongest finisher. 1st James Stuart, 2nd Paul Bubb, 3rd John Bell. Other riders Gordon Spargo, Jani Dovjak.

E Grade –

The older supervets are an inspiration to us all racing each week keeping themselves fit. Well done guys.
1st Ian Sumner
2nd Ken Mansfield


Wednesday August 17

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club Supervets13938612_1256330181043730_450044688203755056_n

Kim Clarke wins first cycling trophy for the pool room!


Yesterday Supervets raced a memorial trophy event over three laps.

First off was Geoff Smith from 25 minutes followed by Brian Long from 20 minutes and Ken Fuller 18 minutes. The chasing bunch had to rely on good team work to get them up at the finish.13975361_1256331647710250_6815294818785578925_o

The 8 minute bunch of John Bell, Terry Robinson, Mel White, Ian Sumner and John Watson were chasing 10 minutes in arrears and this was to prove a problem as the bunch broke up in the third lap and John Bell took chase followed by John Watson who joined the 5 minute group of Tina Stenos, Ray Clifford and Kim Clarke. They had earlier lost Gordon Spargo to a mechanical problem.

The third lap served up plenty of action from the scratch and 2 minute 30 bunches. Terry Collie led the chase from scratch and in the third lap the efforts of both bunches were paying off. David Phillips was putting in a strong effort as was Amanda Hosking. However, in the run to the line they challenged the 5 minute bunch led by an unrelenting Ray Clifford and Tina Stenos .

Unfortunately the combined scratch bunch were beaten in a close finish by Kim 13924888_1256330114377070_6655730182265376171_nClarke, Tina Stenos and John Bell. A strong finish by Carl Judd and Peter McWaters came close to producing a full on sprint for the placings.

Results: 1. K Clarke, 2. T Stenos, 3. J Bell, 4. R Clifford, 5. A Hosking, 6. P McWaters, 7. C Judd.

Fastest time: P McWaters – 1.04.21.





Sunday August 1413958036_1254064291270319_7426778120669496971_o

Rogers Sprints to Victory… Again!

Congratulations to Grant Rogers for sprinting to victory today in the Eureka Vets Forty Winks 53km Interclub Handicap Race.

Learmonth is notoriously freezing this time of year, but 41 racers were greeted with pleasant conditions and sunshine. Seven bunches and lone rider Longy off limit, took off for the three lap Windmill circuit at 10am this morning. North Westerly winds had riders working hard for the first half the course then riders were treated to side tail wind for the second half. This also guaranteed an extremely fast finish and a sprinters dream!13938253_1253868321289916_6125871536769232132_o

The pointy end of the race saw the combined 4 and 8 minute bunches reel in all the front markers with only 10 kilometres left to race. The 15 minute bunch had stayed away from the 12 minute bunch in an impressive attempt to hold off the back markers until then, and are to be commended for their efforts.

The fast travelling pack of now 30, had riders jostling for position with only a handful of racers willing to work hard on the front. This effort would deny scratch and second scratch (who’d combined after lap one) the catch.

Donovans Rd, with 3 kilometres to go, the bunch were hitting 40 kph, in fact the average speed from Huckers to the finish line was 45.2 kph! The two little kickers on Donovans saw at least 12 riders drop, leaving 18 riders to fight out for the prime position to pounce for the line.

The last 800 metres, the race computer top speed read 59kph at the bottom of the hill. 300 to go Grant Rogers had 13958175_1253838571292891_1774029159471471306_omade his way through the pack and was sitting comfy. Scott Denno suffered a quick gear malfunction, which had him nearly clip a wheel, but he recovered brilliantly. The spectators were treated to a spectacular finish, with the big bunch flying towards the finish line. In the mix were Brett Dedman, Ralph Islet, Craig Van Dort, Vic Mason, Mandy Hosking and Paul Bird all whom picked up the top 8 paying places.

Grant Rogers crossed the line an impressive two bike lengths in front of Brett Dedman; the next 6 above mentioned riders came over the line within milliseconds of each other.

Another terrifically run race by the Eureka Vets. Thanks to everyone for your efforts in making this a thoroughly enjoyable experience. With the exception of Grant Dawson going down in a nasty fall, the day finished well…

1st Grant Rogers

2nd Brett Dedman,

3rd Ralph Islet,

4th Scott Denno,

5th Craig Van Dort,

6th Vic Mason,

7th Mandy Hosking

8th Paul Bird


Wednesday August 10

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club Supervets13920642_1250792178264197_9066048592299844144_n

Great to see two ladies off Scratch at the Super Vets for the first time! Terrific effort by all, turning up to race in 40kph winds.

Supervets raced a three lap handicap event under extremely windy conditions on Wednesday. A small field of 16 riders no doubt was a result of the impending strong winds. The field did not include the usual scratch riders, however, todays bunch made up for any lack of interest in the contenders from the back mark.


Tina Stenos and Amanda Hosking filled the bill and together with Carl Judd and Terry Collie made up a very competitive rear guard. The out-markers were led away by Geoff Smith followed five minutes later by Dale Jennings. Chasing them a further eight minutes were Brian Long and Kent Fuller. The driving force behind the event was the four minute bunch of Barry Primmer, Paul Bubb, Kim Clarke and John Bell who took all before them picking up John Watson along the way. The chasing scratch bunch tirelessly rode to bridge the gap, however, the four minute group worked so well together that the scratch riders were unable to catch them and a final sprint between Paul Bubb and Barry Primmer decided the race. Paul had kicked over Barry at the last moment taking the honours.

Results: 1. P Bubb, 2. B Primmer, 3. J Bell, 4. K Clarke, 5. T Collie, 6. C Judd, 7. A Hosking, 8. J Watson.
Fastest time: T Collie – 1.12.34.

Sunday August 7

While ten of our club mates competed in the VVCC State Road Race Championships the GSCC held Graded Scratch races.

Thirty four riders contested the Geelong & Surf Coast scratch races at Paraparap on Sunday August 7.

Racing over the Hendy Main/Forest/Grays roads circuit, riders were allocated into five grades. A,B and C raced 4 laps, 49km and D & E 3 laps, 39km.

Four visiting riders from Northern and Eastern vets also raced. Conditions were ideal for this time of year with only a light north westerly wind and the temperature into double digits.

A Grade Josh Williams, David Newatt, Tony French13925795_1248640135146068_1982168878080618895_o
B Grade Michael Micallef, Marco Bramucci, Brian Wepner
C Grade Kelvin Dyson, Johnny Parrello, Vincent Haveaux
D Grade Andrew Booth, Graeme Wilson, Paul Bubb
E Grade Gavin Gamble, Jenny Denouden, John Bell

Thanks to everyone for helping out. It was great to have the Robinson brothers out there again on their moto’s… We really are a lucky lot to have you both.

Presentations had fun twist, with Skinny Robinson giving out and receiving kisses, Jenny and the guys! There was a call, to have the defibrillator on standby.

Race reports as they come will be posted below.

A Grade

Write up by winner Josh Williams

Six of us set out for four laps, all of us starting rolling turns and it soon became apparent Dave was the strongest of the bunch and all too happy to sit on the front for a workout.

The remaining riders were the usual suspects from second scratch plus Dan making a welcomed return to racing.

Tony and Harvey tried a couple attacks on various laps however no one was given much quarter and everyone was wary not to be distanced from Dave.

Eddy rode conservatively and didn’t waste any energy. Dave kept the pace moving throughout the ride, which probably contributed to minimal moves by others, as he looked comfortable and the rest of us were not.

Dan got unhinged the last time up misery, while Dave and I swapped off steady but not flat out turns into the breeze up to the final turn. I got a little stuck on the front as the pace slowed further with the line in sight. I made the choice to jump first, as expected Dave came with a flurry and I only managed to hold him off by a throw and a tyre’s width. Tony rounded out the podium in third and then I believe Harvey, Eddy and Dan.


B Grade

Written by winner Mark (not Michael) Micallef.

8 riders started the race and 8 riders finished the race!

A pretty good pace for the first lap, and then myself, Steve Firman and Jeff Miller attacked and held the bunch off for a while.

I threw another few attacks in on lap 3, and Marco and Jeff went with me.

Lap 4 we all really just waited for the sprint. I figured Marco and Jeff would be the main competition in the sprint… it was me who jumped very early.

Marco passed me but I grabbed his wheel, and just managed to get over his wheel by maybe 1/2 a wheel on the line, we were clear of the rest in behind by a few lengths.

PS: My first B race, and first B win, since busting my neck.

PPS. Jeff was a gentleman and all class!

C Grade

Write up by winner Kelvin Dyson

The C grade scratch race was fairly evenly matched between 10 keen starters.

This was my 1st scratch race after having my 1st ever race a few weeks ago, so not having any experience to compare it with I will do my best to explain the race as I saw it.

After a comfortable pace at the start the tempo alternated throughout each of the 4 laps with periods of easy pace being broken with regular (probably only half serious) breakaway efforts by several riders but perhaps most notably and regularly Phil Tehan, Brad Keating & Vincent Haveaux.

Each time a rider got away the bunch never let the distance get more than about 50 metres before upping the pace and bring everyone back together.

Mandy Hosking was racing her first C grade race and appeared to have no trouble holding her position in the bunch. Johnny Parrello was never far from the front, seemingly always relaxed knowing the bunch always had the pace to reel in any breakaway attempts.

On the last lap Peter Hunt made probably the most serious breakaway attempt on Forest Road and soon after Vincent Haveaux and myself bridged across to join him. It was decided we would try and stay away, however after letting the gap get out to about 100 metres for a couple of k’s the bunch pushed hard led by Phil Tehan to close the gap and we were all back together before the end of Grays Road.

The last trip down Misery Lane started slowly as everyone took a break before the seemingly inevitable sprint, until Peter Hunt again pushed the pace in a final attempt to take a gap into Larcombes, but at this point everyone reacted quickly to hold the wheel in front.

So it was down to a sprint finish and on cue about 250 metres from the line it was on. Brad Keating led the charge, but a touch between a front wheel and Vincent Haveaux’s rear derailleur was too close for comfort; thankfully everyone stayed upright. Vincent finished 3rd, Johnny Parrello a very close 2nd and I (Kelvin Dyson) was lucky to grab 1st not far from the line.

E Grade

Write up by winner Gavin Gamble…

Five contestants set off at a reasonable pace doing rolling turns, but the speed gradually increased by the second and third of the four laps.

On the second last lap I mounted a couple of attacks, but each time the whole group got back on. Daryl had a go too.

Half way up Misery (last lap), I tried a long range assault, but it was Jenny who dragged up the bunch again and led up Larcombes towards the line with the group of now four. This time I sat behind John Bell who beat me last year when he came from behind. That little bit of relative rest just gave me enough to launch again and hold over a really close finish, where there was no more than a wheels difference for nearly a hundred metres. Jenny (2nd) was probably the strongest rider but maybe tactically a little inexperienced. John picked up 3rd by a whisker to Jenny.

Thanks for the fun and for good sports!


VVCC State Road Race Championships Results by our GSCC riders.

Great effort by Robbie Nicholls for winning Gold in the 70-74 age category …That makes in four in a row!!!

Longy does it again Gold out of four riders with Tony Spark coming in 4th.

Well done Dave Pike for winning Gold in the 65-69 against a formidable opponent in Leon Sims. Brilliant!

Congrats to Tim Bennet (35-39) for collecting the Gold, beating 10 racers.

Great job Paul Beasley on your Silver medal in the 50-54 age group.

Well done Brad Haskett on his 4th and Rich Lyle for placing 12th today in the 45-49 age group.

Chris Fenech 6th and Vic Mason 8th in the 55-59 age group well done guys.






Wednesday August 3

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club Supervets

The Supervets staged a time trial under near perfect conditions. A field of 12 riders took part and the results were encouraging.

Results: 1. D Barrett 36.57, 2. C Judd 37.25, 3. B McConnell 37.37, 4. T Stenos 40.35, 5. T Collie 42.42, 6. L Targett 45.07, 7. J Bell 45.10, 8. M Riggs 45.29, 9. M White 46.44, 10. K Fuller 51.04, 11. D Jennings 59.12, 12. P McWaters DNF


Sunday July 31

Beretta’s Bike Studio 68 km Interclub Handicap Race

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club's photo.

Race from Mandy’s perspective…

Well, what a great day for racing today was! The birds were chirping, the sun was shining and everyone had a smile on their faces. Okay, so the sun wasn’t shining and all I saw was a dead bird on the road and everyone looked way too serious before embarking on the 68 kilometres of pain ahead, so I thought I’d put a happy spin on things!

I’m going to start off by thanking everyone that helped out in making this race, a ripper event…The referees, marshalls, the Robinson brothers on their moto’s and of course Paul Beretta from Beretta’s Bike Studio, for donating the awesome trophies, prize money and musett’s.

Today’s race saw Skinny Robinson give limit rider Des Read a 40 minute head start on the scratchies. Next to set off 8 minutes later were Daryl Peterson and Mandy Rudwick. Off 28 minutes a bunch of four consisting of Mal Cole, Ross West, Jani Dovjak and Neil Maurer took off in their bid to stay away from the chasing lot.

The 19 minute bunch (my bunch) had three no shows, so it was up to the seven evenly matched riders to do their best to stay away from the 15 minute bunch behind. A pretty tall order considering it was 12 against 7, with only a four minute gap.

At the Forest Road turn around, it was very clear we were going to be caught, so we rolled through until the catch, which happened just before Grays Road…and with still three laps to go. Incredible effort when you look at the stats, we’d averaged 31 kph, the 15 min bunch 34, what can you do?

Anyway, our bunch all jumped on board and rolled through when we could. Paul Ogilvie looked to be the strongest and had command of the now 17 strong bunch. Three laps to go looked to me to be overwhelming but the pace was doable and all but a couple from my bunch continued to roll through.

Let’s fast forward …. A lap and a half to go, along Grays Road and in the lead after catching all the front markers and burning them all off, it was up to all of us to keep the pace up or be caught. Again Paul Ogilvie had command of the bunch, along with Johnny Parrello, Noel Said, Kev Dyson, Paul Bird, Paul Beasley, Scott Denno, Barry Webster and the girls Mandy Hosking, Tina Stenos and Anne Hocking; all giving it a go.

The pointy end of the race, 8 kilometres to go on Grays… I actually considered chucking it in…I was knackered. Gray’s Road and a tailwind; that just didn’t make sense. So, onward’s and upwards it was…Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club's photo.

Paul Ogilvie led us up Misery Lane, the corner of Larcombes had everyone jostling for the prime position. The rest was a blank for me, all I know was I up on fourth wheel Scott kicked, so did I… I got on but he was way too strong. I bagged 2nd in the fastest time I’d ever done on that sprint section. Paul Bird nabbed 3rd by a millisecond to Johnny Perrallo.

1st Scott Denno Time: 2:01:50

2nd Mandy Hosking Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club's photo.
3rd Paul Bird
4th John Parrello
5th Kelvin Dyson
6th Paul Beasley

7th Tina Stenos

8th Anne Hocking
9th Barry Webster
10th Paul Bubb

Ft Tim Bennett 1:41:42

Wednesday June 27

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club Supervets

The inaugural running of the Super Vets Race for Ray.Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club's photo.

Yesterday Supervets raced the Paraparap course in memory of Ray Hodgson. A field of 25 riders took to the course under the winter sun to respect and remember our ride with Ray. The field was led away by Geoff Smith from limit with a 25 minute gap to scratch. Following from 23 and 18 minutes were Ken Mansfield, Kent Fuller and Ian Sumner. Scratch comprised David Pike, Rob Morley and Roger Cronk giving 2 minutes 30 to Peter Ladd, Peter McWaters and Carl Judd. The first lap saw few changes in the field, however, during the second time around some pressure mounted on the out-markers from the 7 minute group of Barry Primmer, Richard Buckwell and John

Faulkner. They overtook the 13 minute bunch and Ross West was the only one able to stay connected to the chasers. The second lap also saw the 2 minute 30 bunch catch the 5 minute bunch of Paul Bubb, Terry Collie, Amanda Hosking and Tina Stenos on Hendy Main with a lap and a half to go. This consolidated into a strong working group and in the third lap saw this group sprint home in an attempt to overtake the front of the race. The final run to the line saw the 4 man bunch of Richard Buckwell, Barry Primmer, John Faulkner and RossGeelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club's photo.

West cross over in front of the chasers.


Results: 1. R Buckwell, 2. B Primmer, 3. R West, 4. J Faulkner, 5. C Judd,

6. A Hosking, 7. P Ladd.Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club's photo.

Fastest time: C Judd – 1.05.45.

The day was capped off by a BBQ lunch with presentations and prize money donated to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute. The total monies

raised was $1000.

Writer: John WatsonGeelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club's photo.

Big thanks all that helped make this race a huge success. It was lovely to see Ray’s family and friends show up in force.

Special thanks goes to race sponsor Jonathan Delaney Krehalon Australia. You can find Jonathan’s Speech below in the comments. Shane Cook Homes who helped organise Bacchus Marsh jerseys his contributions to the kitty are greatly appreciated.

Thanks to Vic Mason and Simone for coming out to marshall and especially for that Egg and Bacon Roll treats after the race!

Sunday July 24

JK Lambeth Memorial Race 2016Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club's photo.

Out and back Forest Rd, Larcombes Rd, out and back Nobles, out and back Forest Rd to Grays, Hendy Main, finish at Larcombes Rd (A) 70kms.

The inaugural running of the JK Lambeth memorial race saw 40 racers brave the elements today. Donning every article of warm clothing in the wardrobe was a good call. Even Juddy wore his arm warmers…yes it was that cold! Now throw in 25 kilometre North Westerly winds with gusts around 35kph and a 70 kilometre undulating course and you have a tough race to contest.

Limit riders Ken Mansfield and Ian Sumner were given a whole 47 minutes head start on Scratch. Gavin Gamble and John Bell (33 mins) had to wait 14 minutes before they could set off. The 26 minute bunch had two of their bunch fail to show on time, so Mandy Hosking, Joe Gulino, Graeme Wilson and new to the club James (watch this space) Black took off with no expectations…track turns was call from the get go.

Tina Stenos and Paul Bubb received their instructions and were given the choice to start with the 14 minute bunch or take off in a bid to catch their bunch…they chose the latter and to their credit stayed away for a considerable time from the large group containing the rugged up Juddy, Vic Mason, Dave Spence, Pete Ladd, Robbie Nicholls, Paul Beasley, Paul Bird and Andrew Booth; whom had been dragged a bunch having won last week’s Rocket Ascent.

The 9 minute bunch took off 38 minutes after limit and reports say they worked well until they were reeled in at the last turn around in Forest Road by scratch, 2nd and 3rd scratch. Visitors from Footscray, Steve Firman and Mark Micallef, (who has just returned to racing after a horror crash that saw him hit by a car and catapulted along the road, sustaining terrible injuries, which also smashed his beloved bike in half; may she rest in peace)…were in the mix until Steve punctured.

Back to the front of the race, John Bell had ridden Gavin Gamble off his wheel racing up Nobles Road and rode solo until catching limit, on the second trip down Forest Road at Gum Flats Road. Ian Sumner jumped on and hung on until the 26min bunch (who’d collected Gavin Gamble) came sweeping by, led by James Black, Graeme Wilson and Joe Gulino, with Mandy Hosking trying to keep up; Ian dropped soon after.

The chasing bunches combined and bearing down on the bunch, James called out to Mandy, John and Gavin to “Have a go, we’ll stay away if we all work.” The three managed a few turns, but Graeme and James were pulling such strong turns, the bunch disintegrated to just three turning into Grays Road…10 kilometres from the finish.

A strong tailwind saw James, Graeme and Mandy hitting 43kph at the end of Grays. A quick check to see if a chase bunch was threatening saw the three breathe a sigh of relief until Graeme discovered he’d punctured. Graeme left James and Mandy to ride away at Jack’s corner and finish off the race for the one, two. Shame, as “Graeme had ridden like a champion and deserved a place.” said Mandy.

The speeds hit by the combined scratch bunches were insane, spitting out riders left right and centre. At the top of the chicane the bunch realised they were racing for the minor placings.

James Black had Mandy riding on the rivet in the strong side headwind up Hendy Main to the Larcombes Road final 700 metres. Mandy sat up leaving James to take out a well deserved first place, by 15 seconds and a good 150 metres. With Scratch giving it a red hot go to the finish, Mandy had to get a wriggle on to the line or be caught. Anthony Seipolt crossed the line a good two bike lengths in front of Josh Williams, who was followed by Noel Taylor, Tony French, Nick Brown, Rich Lyle, Dave Warren and finally Vic Mason.

As always the race could not be conducted without the support of our club officials and marshals. A big thank you goes to everyone that helped out today. Special thanks to Rob Lambeth and his Stepmum Norma for putting up the awesome trophy. We’ll be looking forward to next year’s race!
Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club's photo.
Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club's photo.

1st James Black Time: 2:15:35

2nd Mandy Hosking
3rd Anthony Seipoilt Ft 1:49:58
4th Josh Williams
5th Noel Taylor
6th Tony French
7th Nick Brown
8th Richard Lyle
9th Dave Warren
10th Vic Mason


Wednesday June 20

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club Supervets

Yesterday Supervets raced a three lap handicap event under near perfect conditions. The field consisted of 23 riders and even grading of all handicaps. Geoff Smith led the way followed 5 minutes later by Dale Jennings, Ken Mansfield then Brian Long as a lone rider followed. David Pike from scratch was chasing 25 minutes and gathered up the support from Peter Ladd and Roger Cronk during the first lap. Together they chased a strong 4 minute group of Carl Judd, Paul Bubb, Amanda Hosking and Tina Stenos. The back-markers all came together in Forrest Road on the last lap and by Grays Road had picked up the 6 and 9 minute bunches. There was little wind in Misery Lane and so the faster riders set the pace. Meanwhile the front of the field had been dominated by the out-markers with a strong effort from John Faulkner supported by Ian Sumner and Brian Long. The remnants of the middle-marks clung to the main field with strong rides from Kim Clarke, Gordon Spargo, Ray Clifford and Richard Buckwell. All of these efforts were in vain however, as the out-markers were not headed and John Faulkner crossed the line ahead

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club's photo.

of Ian Sumner and Brian Long. A strong finish from Rob Young. David Pike and Amanda Hosking missed the mark a further 40 seconds in arrears. Rob Young met with an unfortunate post race accident and we wish him a speedy recovery. Next week’s race we contest the Ray Hodgson Memorial Trophy Day. We hope a good field of club members and visitors will attend. Please enter by 9.30 am and the entry fee will be $10. All money raced on the day will go to cancer support.

Results: 1. J Faulkner, 2. I Sumner, 3. B Long, 4. R Young, 5. D Pike, 6. A Hosking.

Fastest time: D Pike – 1.01.40.

Sunday July 17

Second Edition of the Rocket Ascent 61 km Handicap Race.

GSCC proudly ran what can only be described as one of the toughest races on our race calendar.Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club's photo.

Eight bunches consisting of a total of 48 riders, were greeted on the start line by Ref for the day Paul Bird, who understandably received a few chuckles as he read out the course briefing… Well the race isn’t called the Rocket ASCENT for nothing! Check out the course below…

Out and back Forest Rd, turn around Gundrys Rd, turn left at Gum Flats Rd turn around, back up Gum Flats, left Forest Rd, left into Larcombes Rd, out and back Nobles, back to Forest Rd, turn around Gundrys, to Gum Flats Rd, turn around at bottom and finish at top of Gum Flats Rd and sprint for the KOM!

In frosty conditions, but with the sun shining and a light northerly, racers were sent off at 9:15am. Each bunch was to be awarded a KOM on the first Gum Flats ascent, making it a race within a race. This is where team work had to come into play, as the weaker riders if dropped would result in a dwindled bunch size, thus making it tougher to hold off chasing bunches. KOM results can be found on the Results Sheet below..

Now I Mandy, can only write about my experience here as I’m not sure what was going behind, actually I was in a state of delirium at times with the rollercoaster ride that was the Rocket Ascent. I can tell you my bunch (the 24 minute bunch) containing Andrew Booth, Graeme Wilson, Paul Bubb, Jamie Robinson, Joe Guilno and Keith Dowling rolled smooth even turns until Andrew Booth decided, to have a crack at the KOM at the top of Gum Flats. Fortunately, we were only one man down when we turned into Forest Road after catching Andrew and Bubby and waiting for Graeme.

We reeled in the 28 minute bunch just after Grays Road, 27kms into the race; those to jump on were Jenny Denouden, Gavin Gable, Mal Cole and Jani Dovjak. Graeme Wilson, a relatively new rider to the club, took off up Forest Road hill, followed by Andrew, towards Larcombes Road. No surprises there… Graeme was the winner of the Blue Riband, that’s fastest time, in the 240km Melbourne to Warrnambool, off 5 mins only missing out on winning by 21 seconds back in 1973; Graeme is a great rider! Led by Joe Gulino, those strong enough scrambled across to make it on, making it a group of nine.

Fast forward to Nobles where Andrew, Joe, Bubby, Graeme, Jamie, Gavin and I raced at a comfortable pace until Andrew again upped the pace at the dip to breakaway; leaving us looking at each other and shrugging our shoulders. We regrouped yet again by the turn around at the top of Nobles and began working together. We flew up Larcombes and turned into Forest Road, led beautifully by Jani Dovjak all the way to the top. With the now strong Northerly, our pace was cracking along in the high 30’s low 40’s. Paul Bubb did some massive long turns, along with Graeme. We contributed what we could and when we could…the pace was amazing, so much fun!

At the Gundry’s turn around into the block headwind, the chasing bunches weren’t that far behind, it was up to all of us to give it our best shot. That’s where things began to fail…we’d raced 55kms of the 61kms, we’d climbed so many hills and still had Gum Flats on our minds… everyone was exhausted! Graeme, Bubby and Andrew were smashing it; all we could do was hang on!

Another fast forward, 200 metres from Gum Flats, Bubby attacked. Taking off at a rate of knots, he hit the top of the descent five bike lengths in front of Andrew, ten in front of me and fifteen ahead of the rest of the bunch. I’ve never seen Bubby descend so fast! I pulled out every ounce of guts I had to catch him, hitting 70kph, but I had a passenger… Andrew. I hit the bottom of the turnaround first but my glory was short lived when I was passed by Andrew then Bubby, whom in my mind both deserved to win. They both rode away at their own tempo, while I tried to get into a rhythm. Gav Gamble was making ground on me half way up. The huge scratch bunch, led by Andrew Goodwin, flying down the Gum Flats descent was impressive.

Just 400 to go Andrew a sure winner, I’d been caught by Gavin… Bubby was within sight still. The road flattened a little, giving me a chance to slow the heart that was beating out of my chest.

I could hear the cheers for Andrew as he claimed victory, but I still had a hundred to go. I took off leaving Gav behind. Bubby took out 2nd … Awesome ride by both of them. I was heckled to ‘Have a go!’ as I crossed the line in third, moaning like Meg of course!

As you can imagine it takes a lot to run a race

like this, so we racers would like to send a big shout out to everyone, including the spectators, for their contributions today, in making the race a huge success. Special mention goes to Phil and Dave Robinson for riding the course on their Moto’s; we really appreciate you volunteering your own time to do this for the GSCC.

Finally the biggest thank you goes to Matt McDonough and Rocket Bicycle Tubes for sponsoring this magnificent event. Donating the fantastic trophies, prize money, Rocket vests to the top place getters and numerous tubes…We really love your work!

1st Andrew Booth Time: 1:57:03Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club's photo.

Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club's photo.2nd Paul Bubb
3rd Mandy Hosking
4th Gavan Gamble
5th Jenny Denouden
6th Jamie Robinson
7th David Newett
8th Gary Wearmouth
9th Brad Haskett
10th Simon Daw

Ft David Newett Time: 1:34:02

Sunday July 10

Geelong Surf Coast Cycling riders clean up at the Colac Vets Ted Taylor 58 km Memorial Race!

Big THANKS to the Colac Veterans Cycling Club for holding this great and well supported event.

CONGRATULATIONS to our very own Grant Rogers for winning and winning in style, beating a fast finishing bunch of 20 riders.

Darren Williams, who was celebrating his 40 something birthday bagged 2nd, followed by Craig Van Dort in 3rd. Heather Hamling nabbed 4th, then 5th was collected by crowd favourite Johnny Parrello… Mandy Hosking pushed for the line for 6th, 7th went to Craig Hannah and 8th went to yet another Geelong rider Frank Gasperic …Making it 7 GSCC riders out of 8 to finish in the top paying places!13613280_1229910970352318_7960185276439443199_o

1st Grant Rogers Time: 1:26:21
2nd Darren Williams
3rd Craig Van Dort
4th Heather Hamling
5th John Parrello
6th Mandy Hosking
7th Craig Hannah
8th Frank Gasperic
9th Barry Warren
10th Clive Coomber

Ft Justin Vincent

Wednesday July 6

 Race cancelled due to inclement weather conditions

Sunday July 3

51km Handicap. 3rd July 2016

3 Laps, Out and Back Nobles Rd, Finish Larcombes Rd

While a lot of you were all laying snug as a bug in a rug at home, 46 Geelong Vets cyclists fronted the start line for their weekly racing fix.

The weather gods were kind today, with the temperature a pleasant 10 degrees compared to last weeks frosty 2 degrees. Kenny Mansfield set off at 9am, giving the 22 minute bunch; consisting of Ross West, John Bell, Neil Maurer, Ian Sumner and Terry Robinson, 13 minutes to wait before they could take off. Unfortunately Kenny was feeling a bit crook and abandoned the race.

From all reports the six chasing bunches, with the exception of the 8:30 minute bunch, rode well and kept together. The 8:30 min bunch saw two riders not finish, one drop and poor Vic Mason return to the club rooms suffering from hypothermia; which after ringing the ambos for advice, saw everyone band together by smothering him in blankets and body heat (two ladies of course). Vic is now doing well after a nice long hot shower.  Thanks to everyone for help with Vic and David Spence for providing the hot shower.

The 15 minute bunch were caught with 26 kilometres of racing still to go by the 10:30 min bunch, who were being driven by Paul Ogilvie, Phil Tehan, Grant Rogers, Johnny Parrello and Peter Hunt. Mandy Hosking was quick to jump on as was Jamie Robinson. Mandy began rolling turns, but on the last climb up Forest Rd found herself left on the front and calling out for some respite. The boys answered with a cracking attack, that spat out anyone that wasn’t prepared or able.

Meanwhile the back markers, second and third scratch had combined, which made it tough going for the scratch bunch whom had worked tirelessly to try bridge the gap, to no avail.

With the three laps done and dusted, the front markers gobbled up and spat out the back, Phil, Paul, Grant, Brad and Co. including Mandy and Jamie were hammering along at a rate of knots up Nobles Road. Grant Rogers attacked the bunch on the last climb to the witches hat, hitting 41kph. Grant had a small break, but seeing Brad and Mandy on his wheel, sat up and waited for the remainder of the bunch to regroup.

At the turn around, Paul Ogilvie let rip and had everyone clambering to get on for the trip down Nobles. Bunches were all at full gas, which was a bit daunting for those on the front; they could see each bunch making ground as they headed in the opposite direction towards Larcombes and the 2 kilometre race to the finish line

With a roaring tail wind, the lead bunch reached speeds in the mid 40’s. Phil Tehan made a break for it half way up Larcombes, 1.5 kilometres to go, it was a gutsy effort. No one really answered, just keeping it steady until about 200 metres from the top of the hill. Paul said, “Come on, lets get him!” The pace went up a few kph, Phil was tiring.

At the top of the hill with 500 metres to go, Brian Weppner caught everyone sleeping and hit the bunch at 50kph, he passed Grant who kicked it up a notch, winding it up to 56 kph but Grant had to settle for third as Brian claimed the victory followed by Phil in 2nd.

Big thanks to everyone who helped make this race possible… It doesn’t go unnoticed. Thanks Hoops for being Ref for the day, Skinny Robbo for handicapping, so close scratchies, only a minute and a half! Thanks to those who set up the course and all the marshals. 13528494_1225413507468731_5453515926181075261_o

1st Brian Weppner. Time: 1:26:21
2nd Phil Tehan
3rd Grant Rogers
4th Mandy Hosking
5th Brad Keating
6th Johnny Parrello
7th Peter Hunt
8th Jamie Robinson
9th Paul Ogilvie
10th Paul Sheean

Fastest Time: Anthony Seipolt. Time 1:17:2

Wednesday June 29

Yesterday the Supervets staged a team time trial over three laps of the Paraparap circuit on road bikes.  The weather was cold with a north-westerly breeze.  Four teams were selected for the secret handicap event from 17 riders and the event proved a happy diversion from our normal weekly handicap race.
Results:  Team 1, D Jennings, K Fuller, K Mansfield, J Faulkner – on corrected time 56.22.
                 Team 2, J Watson, M Riggs, T Robinson, R West – 56.59.
                 Team 3, J Bell, R Buckwell, A Hosking, T Collie, G Spargo – 58.41.
                 Team 4, P Ladd, R Cronk, P McWaters, D Pike – 59.26

Sunday June 26

GSCC Winter racing is here that’s for sure… With the temperature on the start line an icy 2C°!

Great turn up for the 61km Club Handicap.

The handicapper nailed it today, with the entire field coming together only one and a half kilometres from the finish.

Those standing next to the checkered flag, had to have had their hearts in their throats as they witnessed 25 or so racers jostling for pole position 700 metres from the finish line.

Josh Williams had made a break for it, when the last of the front markers had been reeled in; but was caught by the fastest bloke on wheels of the day, Dave Newett. Dave claimed the victory convincingly followed by Josh and Anthony Seipolt.

Next week is another aggregate race, 3 laps then out and back Nobles and finish Larcombes A.13533325_1220931444583604_3762681231516700038_n

Words by Mandy. Images Mandy and Anthony Seipolt.

First and Fastest
– Dave Newett

2nd – Josh Williams
3rd – Anthony Seipolt
4th – Robbie Southern
5th – Frank Gasperic
6th – Craig Van Dort
7th – Dave Warren
8th – Jeff Miller
9th – Darren Williams
10th – Vincent Haveaux

Wednesday June 22

Well the wind blew and the Supervets raced 3 laps of the Paraparap circuit to celebrate their 40th anniversary.  It was good to see the aging generation with so much energy despite the conditions.  The field was led away by Geoff Smith who kept the chasers away for one and a half laps.  He was finally caught by a bunch including Ken Mansfield, Dale Jennings and a break away John Faulkner.  Meanwhile the chase was on from the mid-markers and Terry Collie, Paul Bubb, Mandy Hosking and Tina Stenos were working well as a team and making inroads towards the front of the race.  Their consistency paid off as they carried with them John Bell and Richard Buckwell as a group to the finish.  In the final lap the one minute thirty group of  Peter Ladd, Roger Cronk and Carl Judd were left with a considerable margin to make up and failed to achieve their goal.  Terry Collie rode a very strong race and held his bunch together and demonstrated what can be achieved by such a smooth working group of riders.
Results:  1.  T Collie,  2.  A Hosking,  3.  T Stenos,  4.  R Buckwell,  5.  P Bubb,  6.  R Cronk,  7.  C Judd,  8.  P Ladd
Fastest time:  R Cronk – 1.11.11

Sunday June 19

Scratch races; out & back Blackgate rd & out & back Forest rd – 59 km A B C, 47 km D E F

A Grade

1st Gary Wearmouth, 2nd Harvey Lang, 3rd Andrew Baker

B Grade

1st Marcus Tyrell, 2nd Darren Williams, 3rd Chris Fenech13445474_1216261488383933_7091941314494061899_n

C Grade

1st Andrew Read, 2nd Carl Judd, 3rd Grant Rogers

D Grade

1st Paul Bubb, 2nd James Stuart, 3rd Keith Dorling

E Grade

1st Richard Buckwell, 2nd Ian Sumner, 3rd Ross West

F Grade

1st Don Stuart, 2nd Andrew Kennon, 3rd Ken Mansfield

Wednesday June 15

The Supervets raced yesterday June 15 amid fine but wintery conditions.  Our hitherto track champion Geoff Smith led the field away with 23 minutes to the back-markers.  He was followed by Dale Jennings, Ken Mansfield and Don Stuart from 17 minutes, then to the improving Kent Fuller and Andrew Kennon.  The middle ground interestingly saw the 8 and 12 minute groups fighting for contention.  The bunch of John Watson, John Faulkner and Ian Sumner worked well and were not consumed by the back-markers until the latter stages of the race.  Mandy Hosking at this stage was attached to the main chasing group as was Tina Stenos who continued in the mix with the back-markers.  These two riders continued to challenge the proven hard riding David Pike, Mark Cummings and Peter Ladd.  David set the usual fast pace right from the start of the race and he finally ran over the line clear of Peter Ladd and Mandy Hosking followed by Tina Stenos.  A fine effort from Kent Fuller and Dale Jennings.
Results:  1 & Ft.  D Pike,  2.  P Ladd,  3.  A Hosking,  4.  T Stenos,  5.  K Fuller,  6.  D Jennings.

Sunday June 12

Queens Birthday weekend no racing held

Wednesday June 8

On Wednesday 8 June the Supervets raced three laps of the Paraparap circuit under ideal winter conditions. The

event was to celebrate the over 80’s members who have either raced or are still racing.


The event was led away by Geoff Smith followed seven minutes behind by Andrew Kennon, Dale Jennings and Ken Mansfield. Chasing them was Brian Long our over 80’s competitor on the day supported by John Faulkner. The scratch and 2 minute riders came together early in the race and formed a solid chasing bunch namely Carl Judd, Peter McWaters, Tina Stenos and Dave Phillips. Meanwhile the 2, 5 & 8 minute bunches had joined and carried Brian Long along to Hendy Main Road in the third lap where the back-markers joined the front of the race. Entering the final straight was a bunch of 12 riders making way to the finish. However, this field parted to make way for a final burst from Brian Long who crossed the line ahead of Carl Judd and John Watson, closely followed by Mandy Hosking who had shepherded Brian through the maze of riders on the line.



OBE Super Vets race. L to R: Back – Peter McWaters 5th, Brian Long 1st, Carl Judd 2nd, Front – Mandy Hosking 4th, Johnny Watson 3rd



Fastest time:

Results: 1. B Long,

2. C Judd,

3. J Watson,

4. A Hosking,

5. P McWaters,

6. J Hayden, 7. T Stenos, 8. D Phillips, 9. P Budd, 10. R West.

Fastest time: C Judd – 1.05.17. Winner’s time: B Long – 1.17.29

Sunday June 5

L to R: Winner Keith Dorling, 2nd Gavin Gamle, 3rd John Bell, Craig Van Dort, Phil Tehan

L to R: Winner Keith Dorling, 2nd Gavin Gamle, 3rd John Bell, Craig Van Dort, Phil Tehan

Start Vickerys rd out & back, Hendy Main, Grays, Forest out & back plus 2 laps finish Larcombes (A), 38 entries, 28 starters. Rain pre race which stopped prior to start time, 12c with hardly a breeze from the south west

RACE WINNER ~ Keith ‘Jack’ Dorling.

With the withdrawal of the first and second limit bunches, myself John Bell and Gavin Gamble found ourselves off first. With a 12 minute gap to the bunch behind we decided to work track turns and found ourselves with a unbeatable advantage. Unfortunately John dropped his chain in Forrest road on the last lap and had to stop and get off his bike. Gavin and I continued on not wanting to risk getting caught. Heading up Hendy Main road Gavin found the going tough with lack of riding . He dropped off and I rode on to take the win with Gavin and John second and third. We worked well together maintaining a steady pace even though none of us had a working computer between us.


The last stretch up Misery felt like swimming against the tide. I couldn’t get back on Keith’s wheel and lost the slipstream. I yelled to Keith: “Slow down or go for it. Legs are gone” as he edged gracefully away like a yacht with clean wind. Now solo on Misery I was expecting the big shadow of fast group x to gobble my flailing form up. (It’s happened before). And yet, before me was a chance to get a second placing or something ok. But inside of me was fatigue, lactic, strength gone and the panic of the hunted! With weak cadence I downed bars and flailed on.

Behind me I could see one rider and a group of doom beyond that … that couldn’t be John Bell, could it? John had lost his chain on Forest and had to pull over. Great effort from John to keep clear.

Somehow a space held. And crawling down Larcombes I had time to look around (about ten times). Panic of the hunted and lactic easing, I crossed the line declaring: “limit group? … I was on the bloody limit”.

Thanks to John and Keith for a great ride. Thanks to the officiating crew on the day too.

Also, at the post-race, I publicly thanked the club for their support when I was in hospital earlier in the year after being rear ended by a Range Rover. I thanked the club and those who signed and wished me well and John Bell in particular. It means a lot when your banged up in hospital, so I’d encourage everyone to keep up this great practice (and helps keep up the membership, too). My wife wasn’t too keen on me getting back on the bike, but you know, it’s a great sport and statistically we’re gonna live longer and better.13320848_1207481192595296_139862109964965753_o

1      Keith Dorling         30:00 min 2:02:01
2      Paul Bird                30:00
3      John Bell                30:00
4      Craig Van Dort        7:00
5      Phil Tehan                7:00
6     Frank Gasperic         7:00
7     David Phillips         18:00
8     Grant Rogers            7:00
9     David Newett           scratch
10   Rick Buckwell          scratch

FT   David Newett          scratch        1:35:04

Wednesday June 1


Start list

Yesterday the Supervets raced under ideal conditions, however, the Paraparap circuit was cool but void of the usual windy weather. K Mansfield and G Smith led the field away closely followed four minutes later by Ian Sumner, Andrew Kennon and John Faulkner. The chasing riders were divided into two groups from the six and four minute mark. In the second lap the stronger riders from these groups came together and lifting their speed took hold of the out-markers challenging the eleven minute break. Mark Cummings from scratch lost little time catching the one & half minute bunch of Carl Judd, Terry Collie and Roger Cronk, however, it remained a challenge to make up the deficit to the chasing group. They all contributed to the high pace required to maintain their position. The third lap saw this strong bunch take charge of the race. Notably Gordon Spargo and Mel White. They all lifted their pace and won out in the run home. Ross West and Ian Sumner assisted where possible. The 6 minute bunch, Pam Robinson, Mandy Hosking, Richard Buckwell, John Bell, Barry Primmer and Chris Colley (who was wearing one sneaker and one racing shoe) put in a gallant effort, but to no avail. A standout ride from Ken Mansfield was an inspiration to all as usual.

Winner Gordon Spargo

Winner Gordon Spargo

Results: 1. G Spargo,

2. M White,

3. K Mansfield,

4. R West,

5. I Sumner,

6. J Faulkner.

Fastest time: M Cummings – 1.04.30. Winner’s time: G Spargo – 1.12.12.

Sunday May 29

Wynne Wins the Colac Open

Congratulations to Geelong Surf Coast Cycling Clubs Peter Wynne for winning the Australian Lamb Colac 67km May Open Handicap race. Also to Paul Bird for picking up 2nd place. … Great effort guys!

Wynner Winner - Peter Wynne accepting sash and medallion

Wynner Winner – Peter Wynne accepting sash and medallion with Paul Bird. Image: Mandy Hosking

Well done also to our other GSCC riders who placed in the top 10 … Johnny Parello 5th and Tina Stenos 10th….and to all who participated, fantastic to see so many turn up.

GSCC riders picked up 19 points for the club aggregate today.. Awesome effort!

Another brilliantly run Open by those working behind the scenes for the VVCC and the Colac Vets Club!

Check out MyLaps for the official results. http://www.mylaps.com/en/classification/3958344


pos  start no. rider
1       65          Peter Wynne         18:00 min 1:47:48
2      67           Paul Bird               19:30
3      54           Robert Boydle      18:00
4      70           Gerard Hickey      19:30
5      74           Johnny Parrello    19:30
6     81            Jane* Clifton         21:30
7     69           Tommy Gray          19:30
8     71           Gary Legg                19:30
9     57          Terry Collie              18:00
10   87          Tina* Stenos            21:30

FT   1     2     Michael Borowski  scratch        1:36:21.783

Wednesday May 25

Supervets braved the cold and threatening weather at Paraparap.

Left to Right Johnny Faulkner 3rd, Dale Jennings 2nd and winner for the day Kent Fuller. Time 1:21:58 — with John Faulkner.

Left to Right Johnny Faulkner 3rd, Dale Jennings 2nd and winner for the day Kent Fuller. Time 1:21:58 — with John Faulkner.

The leader with 23 minutes was Dale Jennings followed by Kent Fuller, John Faulkner and Ken Mansfield off 21 minutes.  The chasing group of Barry Primmer, Richard Buckwell, John Watson, Gordon Spargo and Terry Robinson worked well and looked a potential threat to the leaders.  They were not headed and when misery lane came in the final lap, Dave Phillips, Tina Stenos and John Hayden gave chase with scratch man David Pike nearby.  They all but made the front of the race overtaking remnants of the 12 minute bunch who were able to fill a couple of the minor placings.  The back-markers chased all day but were out of contention and had to work hard to improve their chances.  So it was that Kent Fuller led the field over the line followed by Dale


Super vets start list

Jennings and John Faulkner.  Murray Riggs showed good form and finished among the top eight placings.

Results:  1.  K Fuller,  2.  D Jennings,  3.  J Faulkner,  4.  D Phillips,  5.  B Primmer,  6.  T Stenos,  7.  J Hayden,  8.  M Riggs.
D Pike – 1.04.59.

Sunday May 22

KVA Design Autumn Sash 61 km Handicap Race 22 May 2016.13217035_1198932733450142_248145618703332626_o

Fifty Four determined riders started the 10th edition of the seasonal KVA Design sash races hoping to win their first KVA Design Sash. All the groups were nice and even the majority with 6 riders. The earlier weather forecast was for a strong north westerly to blow all morning but thankfully the wind stayed away with a slight north east wind and a starting temperature of 14c.

The limit group of four welcomed back Gavin Gamble for his first race since his bad accident. They had a 37 minute start on the strong scratch group over the 61km course including Nobles Road then four laps of the Paraparap circuit. The majority of the groups held their own throughout most of the race with catches not happening till two thirds of the way into the race.13227824_1198932800116802_7240130234833173057_o

The third scratch group (6min) of Ian Amsden, Marcus Tyrell (first Sunday road race),  Shane Korth, Simon Daw (first race back after a crash),  Carl Leahy, Steve Firman and Nick Oakley started badly by crashing due to a touch of wheels 500 metres into their race with Shane, Ian, Simon and Marcus all coming down, unfortunately Shane, Ian and Simon had to withdraw from the race with only Marcus being able to continue. Thankfully their injuries were not to bad, just a bit of skin loss and sore bodies. Marcus, Steve and Carl all joined in with the second scratch group which gave them a bit of an advantage and they kept the strong scratch group at bay for the whole race.

Words from the winner Mark Turnley:IMG_20160522_120231

Thanks to the club for some fantastic racing, really enjoy riding with the vets as the racing is great & the spirit & camaraderie is really genuine. Hope the riders involved in the fall today are OK.

The 13 minute bunch being the largest bunch of the day had a great bunch of workers  losing only 1 rider early. No one shirked a turn keeping the pace solid throughout, Andrew Read controlled the bunch with a strong performance. After picking up the 9min bunch, (lap & half out) any amalgamation saw all our group still rolling solid turns. Grant Rogers was always pushing turns, even rode away for 2 ks on the last lap.  The final catch down Grays rd, saw a big bunch form, but most opting for a cosy run to the finish. Johnny Parello took control onto Hendy Main Rd for the run in, as the bunch was content to sit for a sprint finish. Taking advantage of Joe’s push with 3k remaining, Mark Turnley risked a solo effort and just had enough gas to keep them at bay. Mark was really, really, thrilled to win.

Best wishes to those that fell from the 6 minute bunch in the very early stages of the race. Congratulations to all who finished the 61km race. Well done to all those whom helped make this race possible, brilliant job done considering the pressure of the fall.

A bit of fun back at the club rooms at the presentations, awarding places to Mark ‘Turtle’ Turnley, Andrew ‘Wombat’ Booth and Andrew ‘Squirrel ‘ Read.

1st Mark Turnley (13min) (1:40:50,  36.72 km/h), 2nd Peter Wynne (13min), 3rd Grant Rogers (13min), 4th Andrew Read (13min), 5th Johnny Parrello (13min), 6th Andrew Booth (17min), 7th Noel Said (13min), 8th Tina Stenos (17min), 9th Joe Gulino (24min), 10th James Stuart (24min). FT Tim Bennett (1:31:30, 40km/h)

Next Sunday May 29th No club racing due to the Colac Open, Sunday June 5th Club handicap Race.

Wednesday May 18

On Wednesday May 18 the Supervets raced at Paraparap on the three lap course.  The weather was windy but 13254513_1196236613719754_4431163202811614984_nfine around the course.  John Faulkner, Ken Mansfield and Brian Long led the field away followed by eight riders which consisted of three bunches.  These groups broke up during the second lap leaving a number of riders unaided by the usual bunch effort.  Stand out riders included John Hayden, Jeremy Tatchell and Ross West who broke from the 15 minute bunch to challenge the leaders.  The closing back-markers made an effort to overcome the deficit in the last lap and despite an attack up misery lane the gap could not be bridged and John Hayden ran out a clear winner from Jeremy Tatchell and Ross West.  Brian Long and Ken Mansfield hung on and after a fine effort took out the fourth and fifth places.
Results:  1.  J Hayden,  2.  J Tatchell,  3.  R West  4.  B Long,  5.  K Mansfield,  6.  M Cummings,  7.  D Pike.
Fastest time:  M Cummings – 1.04.05  Winner’s time:  J Hayden – 1.14.05

Sunday May 15

GSCC 63 km Handicap Race ~ Out and back Blackgate Rd + 4 laps of the circuit, finish over the top of 13116496_1194341480575934_8120321788484182629_o (1)Larcombes at finish B.

After the VVCC Dookie Scratch races were cancelled, the club opted to run a  handicap race instead of the intended scratch races.

Club handicapper Dave Robinson received 50 entries, with the race covering 63 kilometres, he spread the riders out over 40 minutes, forming eight bunches.

Kudos to everyone for having a go in what was, in the end, a brutal wind! Of the 49 starters, only 22 racers crossed the finish line; testament really, as to how difficult this race was.

With the wind gusting at 40kph at times, it was a given that the back-markers would prevail. Charging through each bunch at a rate of knots, they took no prisoners (so to speak) as the results show, with the first five placings going to the Scratchies!

A special mention goes to Gary Hendricks, who is a relatively new member. Gary rode off 16 minutes, with six other riders. Gary’s long strong turns saw him and what was left of his bunch, lead for the last lap and a half, until they were swallowed up 8kms from the finish by scratch. His co-markers Andrew Booth, Dave Phillips and Mandy Hosking continued to chase, after Gary popped, right to the very end.13161811_1194306447246104_4646071883616413988_o

Unfortunately, with only one kilometre to go, Tony Pickles who was riding off scratch, clipped a wheel and came down hard enough to break his collarbone. He was rushed off to hospital; we all wish him a speedy recovery.

Riders able to finish, were hit with a ridiculously strong block headwind once over the top of Larcombes hill. No records were broken in the sprint to the finish line, which was crossed first by Paul Sheean giving him fastest time (1:43:18), then Anthony Seipolt, Tony French, Paul Beretta and Harvey Lang. Minor placings went to Andrew Booth, Mandy Hosking, Vince Haveaux, Eddy Ziedaitis and Peter Hunt.

Great to see a few ladies racing today… Jessica Douglas (15th), Mandy Hosking (7th), Tina Stenos, Jane Starling (17th) and Sue Cox .

Big THANKS to all who marshalled and helped out today.

First Aid: Gordon Spargo
Ref: Keith Dorling
Handicapper: Dave Robinson
Marshals: Dave Warren, Dave Thornton, Mark Cummings, Col Hooper, John Bell, Paul Bird.

Wednesday May 11

On Wednesday last Supervets raced over three laps of the Paraparap course under extremely windy conditions from the north-west.  Rain threatened most of the day, however, the race was able to get away on time and Ian Sumner and Kent Fuller bore the responsibility of staying away into the wind from scratch with only a 15 minute gap.  Scratch riders Bob Morley, Peter Ladd and Carl Judd answered the challenge methodically working through the mid–fielders.  The group that nearly won the day was from the 9 and 12 minute bunches and comprised Gordon Spargo who showed renewed strength and his able supporters Monty Montague, John Watson and Ross West.  However, the day belonged to the back-markers and late in the third lap they took over the front of the race and Bob Morley with Carl Judd led the way to the line after getting to the front up misery lane.  Tina Stenos showed considerable strength to stay with the leaders and crossed the finish line a creditable third.
Results:  1.  R Morley,  2.  C Judd,  3.  T Stenos,  4.  M Montague,  5.  P Ladd,  6.  A Hosking,  7.  J Watson,  8.  D Phillips.
Fastest time and winner:  R Morley – 1.11.20.

Sunday May 8

Mothers Day Handicap 38 km

Twenty three entries were received by the handicapper but only 15 riders made it to the start line for the 3 hot laps of the Paraparap circuit of 38km. With a temperature of 15c and strengthening NE winds and rain falling prior to race start riders for the second week had to contend with wet riding conditions.

The pre race banter began with Brian Long debating whether he would start the race but the challenge was served up by his co limit rider of Ken Mansfield claiming ‘only the strong willed would ride today’. Brian accepted the challenge and the pair started off 25 mins ahead of scratch under bleak conditions and aiming to complete a lap before scratch took off. Due to the number of rider withdrawals several bunches were merged with second scratch rider Robbie Southern joining Dave Warren and Rick Buckwell and with the middle bunches merging to create a total of 4 bunches for the day

The  second limit 11min bunch was able to stay away from the 4 30 min bunch  for most of the race only being reeled in 4 km from the line. Meanwhile new scratch rider Robbie Southern was really testing Dave and Rick by keeping the pace high and with some strong turns and surges. Scratch caught the 4 30 min group on Grays rd on the final lap and could see the lead car in the distance but with a lot of work ahead of them.

With a tail wind pushing the lead riders of Ken and Brain up Hendy Main for the last time they were able to turn into Larcombes rd with enough gap from the chasing riders to stop any thought of a challenge. With first and second spots safe the remaining riders were starting to position themselves for the minors with Robbie driving the field up the rise before the Larcombes rd intersection. As the chasing pack turned in Larcombes rd the two old stagers of Ken and Brain were locked in a dual for bragging rights as they raced to the line, Brian being always the crafty one was able out last Ken to record a win with Ken second by  a mere 46 seconds to third. Meanwhile the chase group was getting twitchy with Vic Mason and Frank Gasperic sticking to Robbie’s wheel as the gear selections began. Rick Buckwell waited patiently and with 200 meters to go came off Robbies wheel and drew away from the pack to record third place and fastest time with Dave fourth and Robbie fifth.

1st Brian Long 1:22:37 ave 27.8k/ph, 2nd Ken Mansfield, 3rd Rick Buckwell 4th Dave Warren 5th Robbie Southern , FT 58:53 ave 38.7 k/ph

Thanks to officials and marshals who performed their duties

Wednesday May 4

Supervets competed in a three lap handicap event at Paraparap.  Once again strong winds prevailed and the rider battled a stiff north-westerly.  Monty Montague and Andrew Kennon led the field off and into the wind.  They had a 4 minute gap to a strong 12 minute bunch of five riders Barry Primmer, John Watson, Dennis Sonogan, Ross West and Richard Buckwell.  They were 4 minutes from Amanda Hosking, Paul Bubb and Mel White.  The first lap saw Monty break clear of Andrew Kennon and was caught by the 12 minute bunch as they set the race pace.  Barry Primmer and Richard Buckwell assured they stayed away from the chasing field.  In particular Amanda and Paul who together last week blew the front-markers apart.  Meanwhile the 12 minute bunch consolidated themselves at the front of the field and were not headed in the run to the line.  Monty Montague led them over the line followed by Barry Primmer and Richard Buckwell.
Results:  1.  M Montague,  2.  B Primmer,  3.  R Buckwell,  4.  R West,  5.  D Sonogan,  6.  J Watson,  7.  M Cummings,  8.  C Judd.
Fastest time:  M Cummings – 1.02.07.

Sunday May 1

GSCC Inaugural Hell of the South 50

Big CONGRATULATIONS to those tough Hell Riders who turned up for today’s first ever Hell of the South bike race. Mother Nature really turned it on today! With a ridiculously strong North Westerly, gusting at 50 kph, add consistent rain coming at us from all angles, and then hail hitting us twice13123060_1185426681467414_1054709883958554767_o throughout the race. All this on wet roads both sealed bitumen and rough sandy, bumpy gravel… This race certainly lived up to its name…. The HELL of the SOUTH!

Due to the conditions almost being deemed too treacherous for racing, the original course was shortened to an 8 kilometre loop, which included a 2.7km gravel section that still, in the wet, windy conditions, made the race extremely challenging. As the race progressed, the wind and rain became more powerful, so the five laps originally set to be raced, were reduced mid-race to four.

The D Graders and E Graders, who were clearly struggling in the mud and sludge on Flaxbournes, were shown the flag (much to their delight) after completing the third lap.13124865_10154755373419908_2419519490221535265_n

If anyone has a story to tell about the race, we would love to hear it. Either add to the comments below or send your feedback to Kane, who will post it for you.

Again congratulations Hell Riders, kudos to you all for showing guts and great bike handling in such hellish conditions!

Winners below

A Grade ~ 1st Tim Bennett, 2nd Paul Sheean, 3rd Paul Beretta
B Grade ~ 1st Robbie Southern, 2nd David Thornton 3rd, Graig Hannah
C Grade ~ 1st Craig Van Dort, 2nd Grant Edmonds
D Grade ~ 1st Mandy Hosking, 2nd Gary Green, 3rd Terry Rolfe
E Grade ~ 1st Neil Maurer, 2nd Rod Lambeth13063466_1185426614800754_4292624843666348961_o

Huge thanks to everyone behind the scenes for their contributions today. You all went above and beyond, to be standing out in that weather for us all!

Marshalls: Ken Mansfield, Ian Sumner, Dave Pike, John Randall, Dave Phillips, Brian Long, Butch Walker, Paul Bird. Ref: Col Hooper, Handicapper and Timekeeper: Dave Robinson

Special thanks to Phil and David Robinson for riding the course on their high-vis motorbikes.

Wednesday April 27

Supervets raced the Paraparap circuit contesting the Ray Aldridge Trophy event.  The conditions were very blustery with strong gusts from the north.  The event paid respect to Ray Aldridge a former member and president of the 13083323_1183351381674944_7566625470789535940_nGeelong Veterans organisation which he supported and worked with over a period of 20 years.  The race was led away by Don Stuart and Dale Jennings with a 22 minute gap to the back-markers with David Pike off scratch and Mark Cumming, Bob Morley and Laurie Fitzsimons from one minute.  During lap one a great deal of the bunch structure was broken up with the seven, ten and thirteen minute groups fragmented.  A number of individuals including Peter McWaters, Carl Judd, Roger Cronk and Tina Stenos showed some form.
Meanwhile Monty Monteque broke free of the out-markers and set up a commanding lead.  He was finally challenged by Mandy Hosking and Paul Bubb who formed a confident challenge to the leader.  Meanwhile David Pike together with Peter McWaters, Carl Judd and Roger Cronk formed a chasing 13103311_1183351335008282_4847634907171847475_ngroup anxious to catch the leading pair as the field came together on the final lap.  Much jostling for positions occurred up misery lane with Mandy Hosking positioning herself amongst the back-markers.  Coming to the line it was Peter McWaters who made the running closely followed by Mandy.  In the final run to the line she showed considerable sprinting ability and overcame the challenge from Peter to win the day.
Results:  1.  M Hosking,  2.  P McWaters,  3.  C Judd,  4.  R Cronk,  5.  P Bubb,  6.  T Stenos,  7.  M Monteque,  8.  D Pike.  Fastest time:  D Pike – 1.06.41.

Monday April  25

Benghazi Handicap 77km

124 riders, strong north westerly blowing, 26cIMG_20160427_205941

With one of the largest fields assembled and 16 riders on scratch something had to give. Most of the Geelong riders who competed found the going very tough in the hilly Lancefield course being described as 77 kms of ‘hell’. Some interesting handicapping split the scratch and second scratch groups early which might have been why scratch didn’t quite catch the whole field. Dan Ives from the 37 mark survived to take victory, well done to everyone who competed.

click on the link to view full results

Northen Cycling Lancom Benghazi Open

Sunday April  24

GSCC Graded Scratch Races

Out and back Forest Road, plus one lap, then finish up and over Larcombes Road to finish line B.

Brilliant day for racing with only a little breeze and glorious sunshine. 47 racers fronted the start line for the 6 grades today, including two new trial riders, Josh Maher and Terry Rolfe; both riding in D Grade. Josh actually won but as a trial rider the result doesn’t get recorded as official….Next time Josh!

Those on the finish line were treated to a fantastic battle for first place, when the A Graders came flying over the top of Larcombes Hill. Dave Newett and Paul Sheean flew across the line so fast and so close, the officials had trouble working out who’d won! The victory was eventually decided and went to Paul Sheean.


Winners scratch race 24/4/16; l to r Ken Mansfield (F), Peter Wynne (C), David Newitt (A), Mandy Hosking (D), Daryl Petersen (E), absent Tony Pickles (B)

A grade: 1st Paul Sheean, 2nd David Newitt, 3rd David Warren

B grade: 1st Tony Pickles, 2nd Shane Korth, 3rd Nick Oakley
C grade: 1st Peter Wynne, 2nd Frank Gasperic, 3rd Phil Tehan
D Grade: 1st Mandy Hosking, 2nd Andrew Booth, 3rd James Stuart
E grade: 1st Daryl Petersen, 2nd Keith Dorling, 3rd Ross West
F grade: 1st Ken Mansfield, 2nd Don Stuart, 3rd Phil Cox.

Full results of all events can be viewed by clicking on link to open document Copy of Book3 Excel Criteriums – Criteriums (2)

Wednesday April 20

The Supervets staged another time trial at the Paraparap circuit.  The weather conditions were perfect and some good performances were predicted.  The majority of riders recorded improved times compared to previous performances.  Among them were Carl Judd, David Phillips, Tina Stenos, Cecelia Digenis, Kent Fuller and Dale Jennings.
Results:  1.  R Lyle 35.17.76;  2.  T Gray 36.59.83;  3.  C Judd 37.00.85;  4.  D Barrett 37.07.13;  5.  L Fitzsimons 38.22.54;  6.  D Phillips 38.31.02;  7.  B Morley 39.30.22;  8.  T Collie 40.21.11;  9.  T Stenos 40.52.82;  10.  S Digenis 43.05.14;  11.  P Bubb 43.12.38;  12.  M White 43.13.80;  13.  R West 44.07.22;  14.  J Watson 44.22.20;  15.  R Riggs 5.54.57;  16.  C Digenis 46.31.07;  17.  K Fuller 49.15.87;  18.  D Jennings 51.26.20;  19.  M Lynch 56.49.00.

Sunday April  17

Gscc inaugural 3 stage race 2016. Criterium racing on saturday was cancelled due to wet weather. A strong south easterly wind and a temperature of 15 c greeted 34 riders who fronted on the sunday. All the grades were tightly contested for points in both the time trial and graded points race.

winners of multi event

winners of multi event

A grade: 1st Rick Buckwell, 2nd Nathan Ashton, 3rd Andrew Baker
B grade: equal 1st Craig Hannah & Rob Southern, 2nd Barry Howden, equal 3rd Chris Fenech & Vic Mason
C grade: 1st Shane Korth, 2nd Craig van Dort, 3rd Vincent Haveaux
D Grade: 1st Joe Gulino, 2nd Jamie Robinson, 3rd Garry Green
E grade: 1st John Bell, 2nd Neil Maurer, 3rd Terry Robinson
F grade: 1st Brian Long.

Well done to all who competed. We hope to improve this event for 2017

Full results of all events can be viewed by clicking on link to open document MultiEvent.xlsx

Full report of races Geelong and Surfcoast Cycling Club 3 Stage Race 17th April 2016 writeup (1)

Wednesday April 13

A perfect day for racing greeted the riders at Paraparap yesterday with mild temperatures and a light south-easterly breeze.  There were 21 riders contesting the usual three lap event of the circuit.  Once again Dale Jennings led the field off with a 19 minute gap to scratch and 2 minutes to his nearest rivals Alan Sandford, Murray Riggs, Kent Fuller and Andrew Kennon.  The strong 7 and 11 mid-markers had been expected to mount a successful challenge but it was not until the beginning of the last lap that they over-ran Murray Riggs and Alan Sandford and the remaining out-markers.  At this stage the teamwork of Barry Primmer, Mandy Hosking, Terry Robinson and Ross West was failing to reach expectations and by this stage the scratch bunch was getting its act together and took charge in the latter stages of the last lap.  David Pike was setting a sizzling pace and all challenges were set aside upon approach to the finishing line.  Rob Morley and Mark Cummings followed close behind with Terry Collie a very creditable fourth.  David Pike had created a new record for the three laps with a sub-sixty minute time of 59.55.
Results:  1.  D Pike,  2.  R Morley,  3.  M Cummings,  4.  T Collie,  5.  L Fitzsimons,  6.  B Primmer,  7.  M Hosking,  8.  J Bell.
Fastest time:  D Pike – 59.55

Sunday April  10


Start list & results

Forty four racing cyclists were graded into six scratch races in mild conditions with a blustery south westerly wind. Riders travelled out on Nobles road and returned to complete two laps of the Hendy Main road circuit for D, E and F grade (39 km) and three laps for A, B and C grades (50 km).


A grade: N.Taylor, R.Lyle, A.Baker

B grade: B.Howden, H.Lang, R.Southern

C grade: S.Korth, G.Rogers, C. Van Dort

D grade: C.Hooper, A.Booth, M.Hosking

E grade: K.Dorling, I.Sumner, M.Barnes

F grade: K.Mansfield, B.Long, S.Cox

Saturday April  9

Results from VVCC Eastern Veterans Cycling Club Open H/Cap.

click on link for results http://www.mylaps.com/en/classification/3872384

Well done to Chris Shay who finished 5th, Tommy Gray 6th & Jamie Robinson 8th

Sunday April  3

Cool conditions and a starting temperature of 15c with alight southerly breeze and the occasional light shower greeted 45 Geelong & Surf Coast racing cyclists at Paraparap on Sunday April 3. A demanding 62 km ahead of him, Don Stuart the loan limit rider off 45 minutes was sent out Nobles road and on return to complete four laps of the Hendy Main road circuit. In a very determined ride Don was not caught until Hendy Main on the last lap. During the prerace briefing to riders of the 14min group a galah literally dropped in on the group and sat on Paul Bird’s head and stayed there even as he headed up Hendy Main rd for about 50mts. The scratch group also had wildlife to dodge as a fox decided to cross only meters in front of the fast moving bunch as it began its descent

Who's a pretty bird

Who’s a pretty bird

along Nobles rd

The ten-minute group was the power group on the day holding off all groups behind them even though they lost both Carl Judd and Grant Rogers along the way. They caught the leaders on the final lap with just six kilometres to go. Meanwhile at the back of the race the scratch group of 5 had slowly reeled the 2 ½ and 7 min bunch with still 13 km’s to go and no sight of the leaders. The 10-minute group of Darren Williams, Tony Pickles, Craig Van Dort, Peter McWaters and Phil Tehan powered the group to join the leading 14-minute group of Johnny Parello, Paul Bird, Paul Ogilivie, Tommy Gray, Nigel Pearson and Chris Shay with Andrew Booth from the 18-minute group helping out. Passing Forest road intersection for the last time the pace lifted with Tommy Gray going too early and setting up the sprint ace Brian Weppner to a win with Phil Tehan from Northern Vets second and Johnny Parello third. With all the minor placings taken all that was left was fastest time. With 5 kms from the finish Andrew Goodwin attempted a solo break away from the combined group before

Start list and results

Start list and results

Jack’s corner, this got all riders fired up and the chase was on.As they turned into Hendy Main, a red flag greeted this pack of riders who were reaching full speed, brakes were suddenly applied with wheels locking up and smoking and riders swerving all over the place to avoid each other, fortunately no riders or bikes were injured. Once the car had passed riders immediately began to chase Andrew Goodwin who had who was now 300 meters up the road. Andrew was reeled in at the clubrooms corner and Rick Buckwell and Paul Sheean with momentum continued on leaving a group of 6 riders behind. The two scratch riders were able to hold off the closing pack of riders with Paul Sheean sprinting to take out fastest time

Results: 1. B.Weppner (1:45:46, ave 35 k/ph) 2. P.Tehan 3. J.Parello 4. N.Pearson 5. D.Williams 6. C.Van Dort 7. A. Booth 8. T.Gray 9. P. McWaters 10. T.Pickles Fastest time Paul Sheean (1:34:19, ave 39 k/ph)


Wednesday March 30

The Supervets yesterday raced a handicap event at Paraparap under light winds and cool conditions.  Once again a strong field of 25 riders keenly contested the three laps and this week the heat was on from the start.  Dale Jennings, Ken Mansfield and Andrew Kennon had an 18 minute start on scratch and 4 minutes to Brian Long and John Faulkner.  A strong seven man 8 minute bunch followed including in-form Lew Targett, Mandy Hosking, Barry Primmer and Pam Robertson.  Once again scratch had a chance to get up and they used their extra pace to challenge the field, joining the 3 minute group in the third lap and together with Terry Collie, Col Hooper and later Tony Spark they worked through the whole field challenging the leaders in the final lap and took control up Misery Lane.  David Pike crossed the line over Mark Cummings and Col Hooper.
Results:  1.  D Pike,  2.  M Cummings,  3.  C Hooper,  4.  T Collie,  5.  R Morley,  6.  M Hosking,  7.  P Robertson,  8.  L Fitzsimons.
Fastest time and winner:  D Pike – 1.01.31
Many of our local riders achieved success at the National Veterans titles in Maryborough over Easter and Supervets Doug Barrett, Carl Judd, Bill McConnell and John Randall successfully contested the time trial in their various age groups.  Mandy Hosking had a nasty fall but thankfully has recovered quickly.

South Pacific  Veteran Cycling Championships

Sunday March 27

Criterium Graded Championships

F Grade

E Grade

D Grade

C Grade

B Grade

A Grade

Saturday March 26

Men’s Time Trial  Time Trial

Women Time Trial  Time Trial

Straight line sprint

Men 35-59 Final  Men Final

Men 60 84 Final  Men Final

Women 40 -69  Heats

Women 50 – 54  Final

Friday March 25

Road Championships

E Grade Road Championship

F Grade Road Championship

B Grade Road Championship

C Grade Road Champ

D Grade Road Championship

Graded A Road Championship

Wednesday March 23

Yesterday Supervets ran a handicap race under near ideal weather conditions.  A strong field of 26 riders took to the course led off by Dale Jennings in a group of four with a 17 minute gap to scratch.  The back-markers were hunting for a win and David Pike, Rob Morley and Laurie Fitzsimons took up the chase to bridge the gap of two and a half minutes to the strong bunch of Peter Ladd, Carl Judd, Terry Collie and Gordon Spargo all striving to make a mark on the race before scratch predictably took hold of the remaining field.  Their pursuit was strongly resisted by Kim Clark, Tony Spark and the stronger of the 13 minute riders.  Meanwhile the 9 minute bunch worked well into the last lap ably supported by Brian Long with strong turns when required.  All this resistance to the back-markers was to no avail and by the clubrooms turn in the last lap much of the remaining field came together.  David Pike made a move up Misery Lane stirring the spirit in Carl Judd and Terry Collie.  Rob Morley was in the mix too but David and Carl crossed the line one and two ahead of Terry and Rob.  The conditions had suited the stronger riders and they were unchallenged in the end.
Results:  1.  D Pike,  2.  C Judd,  3.  T Collie,  4.  R Morley,  5.  L Fitzsimons,  6.  P Ladd,  7.  K Clark.
Fastest time and winner:  David Pike – 1.03.56.

Sunday March 20

Time Trial

Congrats to everyone who competed in today’s 25km GSCC Club Time Trial.

Impressive effort by the days overall fastest man on two wheels, Andrew Baker .. exceeding 42kph! “Lucky no one could hear me out there… I was screaming out to myself to keep going!”

Nick Grainger again showing us age is no barrier, powering in to cross the line in 2nd place having clocked 40kph. Nick also won the age adjusted category… not bad for the over 65yr old.

Third fastest overall went to pocket rocket Dave Warren, backing up his awesome effort in last weekends 3 Peaks ride.

Cash rewards were given to age adjusted winners. Results to come. See below for actual times.

Click to view age adjusted results TT results March 16

Click on link to view MyLaps timing

Thursday March 17

results to come

Wednesday March 16

Yesterday Supervets  raced a three lap handicap for the Jack Griffin Trophy.  Conditions were fine with a light easterly favouring misery lane.  All 25 riders in the event were keen for success.  The field was led by Dale Jennings with four minutes to John Watson, Kent Fuller, Ken Mansfield and Andrew Kennon.  It was a tough ask for the back-markers of David Pike, Rob Morley and Laurie Fitzsimons.  The chasing bunches were challenged by a seven minute gap to the out-markers, and as the race progressed they failed to make up the deficit.  The ten minute group of Ross West, Chris Colley and Mel White worked hard to bridge the gap to the front-markers but fell short in the last lap.  Meanwhile, John Watson had broken from his fellow riders and taken a commanding lead on the field and finished well ahead of all riders.
Results:  1.  J Watson,  2.  M White,  3.  C Colley,  4.  R West,  5.  D Jennings,  6.  K Fuller,  7.  A Kennon,  8.  M Cole,  9.  M Hosking,  10.  J Bell.
Fastest time:  D Pike – 1.02.07.  Ave – 36.29;  Winner’s time:  1.14.29  Ave – 30.20.

Next week’s race will be 3 lap handicap event.  Entries by 9.30 please.

Sunday March 13

No racing due to O’Brien Contracting Bendigo Open

Longy the Legend Strikes Again! 🚲

You have got to hand to Longy, he sure can race bikes and race them well!

Longy set off 41 minutes before the scratchies with two co markers Nev Yuille and Rhonda Kennedy in perfect conditions… a gentle South Easterly and 25C°. Unfortunately for Rhonda, she struggled to keep up with the two gents, so dropped after 5kms. Longy said, “We tried to wait up for her a few times, but we just had to go.”

Fast forward to the pointy end of the race. With bunches all combining quickly in the last five kilometres, things became tricky and not for the faint hearted. The 20:30min bunch (which had picked up the 24 min bunch 30 kilometres out and the 32min approx 15km out) was swapped by a massive combined bunch, the 17, 14, and 11:30 groups, bringing the peloton to an impressive 60 racers!

Riders were passing from all sides, up the inside, down the road and straight through the middle! There were shouts, bumps and near misses, as riders clambered and jostled for the best possible position to contest the sprint.

Meanwhile Longy, at the top of the hill with the finish line in sight, turned to look back and saw that the chase group still had 400 metres to make up. He then turned to Nev and said, “Lets split the money!”

After the race Longy went up to Harry (Tams) and said with a big smile on his face, “I bet you’ve never seen me do so many turns before!”


Click on link for full results

Thursday March 10

Crits cancelled due to inclement weather

Wednesday March 9

A very strong field of riders competed over three laps of the Paraparap circuit.  The day was a mixture of light rain with a breeze from the south-west.  Dale Jennings led from the front and had 20 minutes on the scratch-men with two minutes to Ken Mansfield and Andrew Kennon.  It was pleasing to see the emerging good form from Murray Riggs and John Faulkner as they set the pace for the chasing group,  the 9 minute bunch of Terry Robinson, Ian Sumner, Rob Young and John Watson.  The break between the groups was such that the lead remained in the hands of the two main drivers of the pace.  The 9 minute bunch were not able to bridge the gap and Murray Riggs and John Faulkner sped across the line well ahead of their rivals.  A good ride in support of these two came from Andrew Kennon.
Results:  1.  M Riggs,  2.  J Faulkner,  3.  R Young,  4.  T Robinson,  5.  J Watson,  6.  A Kennon.
Fastest time:  N Cummings – 1.03.20 ave 35.4 klms per hour.
Next week’s event will be for the Jack Griffin Trophy Race for Supervets.  Jack is a long time supporter of the GSCC and his long history in cycling is legendary in this State and beyond.

Entries by 9.30 please.

Sunday March 6

No racing due to Warrnambool combine 

GSCC Club President Steals the Show in Warrnambool!

Club President Kane Airey won the Brennan/Hall Memorial 60km Handicap Race today, out-sprinting a large finishing bunch, to win by an impressive two bike lengths!

Geelong Surf Coast Cycling dominated in the finish, bagging 6 of the 10 places from the strong Warrnambool contingent of 35, with 21 Geelong riders giving it their best effort.

Thanks to everyone from the Warrnambool Vets for putting on a great race… as always, very well done!

Geelong placings and picture below…

1. Kane Airey (Geelong) 7min 30sec
2. Grant Rogers (Geelong) 11min 30sec
3. Jeff McLean (Warrnambool) 7min 30sec
4. Darren Ladhams (Warrnambool) 7min 30sec
5. Grant Edmonds (Geelong) 11min 30sec
6. Ian Amsden (Geelong) 9min 30sec
7. Eddy Ziedaitis (Geelong) 7min 30sec
8. Peter Rauert (Warrnambool) 7min 30sec
9. Frank Gasperic (Geelong) 11min 30sec
10. John Pearson (Warrnambool) 7min 30sec

Fastest time: Paul Scouller (Warrnambool) Scratch
First female: Natasha Cross (Warrnambool) 17min

Winning time: 1 hour 29 min 51 sec (40.1 km/h)
Fastest time:1 hour 24 min 19 sec (42.7 km/h)


Thursday March 3, Round Five Clearwater Property Services Crits

Crit results

A Grade

1st Gary Wearmouth  2nd Paul Beretta 3rd Kane Airey 4th David Warren 5th David Newett 6th Rick Buckwell 7th Josh Williams 8th Tony French

Intermediate sprint: Paul Beretta, Gary Wearmouth, Dave Newett

B Grade

1st Mike Jelenko  2nd Ashley Goldstraw 3rd Stuart Smith 4th Ian Amsden 5th Robbie Southern 6th Graig Hannah 7th Andrew Goodwin 8th Carl Leahy and Jim Knott

Intermediate sprint: Mike Jelenko, Ashley Goldstraw, Andrew Goodwin

C Grade

1st Norm Douglas  2nd Mark Turnley  3rd David Stacey 4th Eddy Ziedaitis 5th Jeff Miller 6th David Thornton 7th Frank Gasperic 8th Brian Weppner

Intermediate sprint: David Stacey,  Mark Turnley,  Jeff Miller

D Grade

1st Vincent Haveaux  2nd Grant Rogers  3rd John Parello 4th Chris Shay 5th Paul Bird 6th Dave Phillips

Intermediate sprint: Vincent Haveaux, Grant Rogers, Paul Bird

E Grade

1st Andrew Booth  2nd Jamie Robinson  3rd Keith Dorling 4th Graeme Davis 5th Doug Wilson 6th Frank Oddi 7th Rod Lambeth

Intermediate sprint: Jamie Robinson, Keith Dorling, Andrew Booth

Wednesday March 2

Once again a Supervets time trial was full of interest and 24 entries indicated a keenness on behalf of the members to participate.  The weather conditions were warm and breezy from the south west.  Three ladies contested and featured among the better times.  Bill McConnell, Carl Judd, David Phillips and Peter McWalters showed consistent times below the 40 minute mark.  Best of these was Bill McConnell turning in a 37.50.36.
Results:  1.  B McConnell 37.50.36,  2.  C Judd 38.29.88,  3.  D Phillips 38.50.95,  4.  P McWaters 39.44.86,  5.  L Randall 40.27.92,  6.  D Sonogan 40.52.87,  7.  T Stenos 41.41.94,  8.  G Spargo 42.33.25,  9.  M Cole 42.35.06,  10.  P Bubb 43.45.08,  11.  M White 44.09.98,  12.  G Davis 44.56.99,  13.  S Degenis 45.01.29,  14.  J Bell 45.15.47,  15.  J Watson 45.30.94,  16.  R Young 45.34.70,  17.  P Prime 45.35.37,  18.  J Randell 45.49.43,  19.  M Riggs 46.38.00.  20.  C Degenis 49.59.73,  21.  K Fuller 50.07.33,  22.  B Farrell 51.01.80,  23.  K Mansfield 53.03.13,  24.  D Jennings 54.27.12.

Next week’s race will be a 3 lap handicap event. Entries by 9.30 please.

Sunday February 28

No racing due to Eureka Open click on link to view results.



Thursday February 25

Round Five Clearwater Property Services Crits was cancelled due to fall in A grade thus all other grades did not finish either. Round five carried over to March 3

  Wednesday February 24

 There was no supervets racing due to  Ray Hodgson funeral

Next week’s race will be a time trial event. Entries by 9.30 please.

Sunday February 21 – KVA Design Summers sash handicap

Starting conditions – 18c and sunny with E winds up to 18 kph

Course – Out & back Blackgate rd, out & back Forest + 1 1/2 laps finish Larcombes (A)

Riders – 55, winning time 1:43:00 – Ave 34.9 kph, fastest time 1:26:11 – Ave 41.7 kph


KVA Design Summer sash handicap start list and results

Fifty five riders turned out for the first KVA Design sash handicap for the year. The race started in near perfect conditions with a ESE breeze strengthening throughout the morning. Nine bunches reveled in the conditions with an uncharacteristic tail wind up misery lane.

The 18:30 bunch worked well together with strong riding from Dave Phillips, Gordon Spargo, Tina Stanos, Neil Maurer and Jamie Robertson who caught a group of seven just before the turn on Forest road. The large group stayed together down Forest road and into Greys Road, however with the lead vehicle in sight the pace increased, the two front markers Ken Mansfield and Don Stuart were reeled in before the turn onto Hendy Main Road.

The last lap three riders remained in front desperately trying to stay away from the fast finishing group behind, Noel Said, Peter Wynne and Paul Beasley jumped from that group but could not bridge before the line with Chris Shay taking the win narrowly from Gordon Spargo and Jamie Robertson. Both the scratch and second scratch groups split during the race ending their chances of catching all the front markers. Fastest time was taken by Nathan Ashton with an impressive average of 41.8 km/hr just in front of Andrew Goodwin and Rick Buckwell.

Results:  1.  C Shay  2.  G Spargo  3.  J Robinson  4.  N Said

5.  P Wynne  6.  P Beasley  7.  B Keating  8. N Pearson 9. B Weppner   10. P Bird Fastest time:  N Ashton

click link to view photos by Howden Cycle Racing Photography or club Facebook album


Thursday February 18


A Grade

1st Gary Wearmouth  2nd David Newitt  3rd Brad Haskett

B Grade

1st Kane Airey  2nd   3rd

C Grade

1st   2nd  3rd

D Grade

1st   2nd   3rd

  Wednesday February 17

A strong field of 26 riders raced three laps of the Paraparap circuit in fine conditions with a slight breeze from the south-west on Wednesday 17 February.  It was pleasing to note the inclusion of two new riders Lou Targett and Cecilia Degenis.  Dale Jennings from 20 minutes was first away followed by Ken Mansfield and Andrew Kennon.  The usual back-markers were not present and Mark Cummings, Laurie Fitzsimons and Peter McWaters comfortably filled the void.  The 11 minute bunch showed consistent pace for the duration of the race with Barry Primmer in charge.  They worked through the field and new rider Lou Targett proved his worth in the ultimate result.  The following groups made little impression on the faster riders and the 11 minute bunch passed over the finish line more than a 100 meters clear of the chasing field.
Results:  1.  B Primmer,  2.  L Targett,  3.  T Robinson,  4.  J Watson,  5.  I Sumner,  6.  D Jennings,  7.  M Cummings,  8.  P McWaters,  9.  L Fitzsimons,  10.  D Phillips.
Fastest time:  M Cummings – 1.05.02;  Winner’s time – 1.15.54.

Next week’s race will be a 3 lap handicap event. Entries by 9.30 please.

Sunday February 14

No racing

Thursday February 11

Crit results

IMG_20160211_193506_921[1]A Grade

1st Gary Wearmouth  2nd Paul Beretta  3rd Dave Warren

B Grade

1st Ashley Goldstraw  2nd Carl Leahy  3rd Kane Airey

C Grade

1st Jim Knott  2nd Norm Douglas 3rd Jeff Miller

D Grade

1st Brian Weppner  2nd Nigel Pearson 3rd Grant Rogers

E Grade

1st Jamie Robinson 2nd Andrew Booth 3rd Joe Gulino

  Wednesday February 10

On Wednesday 10 February twenty Supervets competed in a two lap time trial in ideal conditions.  Once again the riders did not disappoint and many good results were achieved.
Results:  1.  D Barrett 36.00;  2.  B McConnell 36.49;  3.  C Judd 37.18;  4.  D Phillips 37.58;  5.  D Sonogan 39.31;  6.  P McWaters 39.39;  7.  T Stenos 39.39.05;  8.  G Spargo 40.52;  9.  R Clifford 42.50;  10.  T Collie 42.52;  11.  J Bell 43.32;  12.  M White 43.90;  13. J Randall 44.28;  14.  R Buckwell 44.26;  15.  B Osborne 44.42;  16.  M Biggs 45.13;  17.  I Sumner 46.57;  18.  D Stuart 48.26;  19.  B Farrell 51.19;  20.  D Jennings 53.33.
Next week’s race will be a 3 lap handicap event. Entries by 9.30 please.

Sunday February 7 – New rider day

Starting conditions – 21c and fine with SE winds less than 5 kph

Course – Scratch races ABC 4 laps (50 kms), DEF 3 laps (38 kms) of Paraparap with all grades finishing in Larcombes rd

Over 75 riders turned out for the new rider day including over 20 doing their first trail ride today. Well done to everyone for having a go. Thanks to all the helpers today and the committee for all the organization.

Thanks to Paul Beretta of Beretta’s Bike Studio for supplying vouchers awarded to new riders and Natasha of Active Physio for supplying gels which were awarded as spot prizes to new riders

Click link to view photos by Howden Cycle Racing Photography or club Facebook album


A Grade


Start list and results, New Rider day February 7

Field of 11 – 1st Craig McCartney 2nd Brad Haskett 3rd Mark Goddard

B Grade

Field of 20 – 1st Noel taylor  2nd Robbie Southern  3rd Carl Leahy

C Grade

Field of 21 – 1st Grant Edmonds 2nd Norm Douglas  3rd Darren Williams

D Grade

Field of 19 – 1st Grant Rogers  2nd Colin Hooper  3rd Chris Shay

E Grade

Field of 8 – 1st Terry Robinson  2nd Dennis Sonogan  3rd Doug Wilson

F Grade

Field of 4 – 1st Brian Long  2nd Ken Mansfield

Thursday February 4

Crit results


Start list and results

A Grade

1st Dave Warren  2nd Gary Wearmouth  3rd Tim Bennett

B Grade

1st Kane Airey  2nd Ashley Goldstraw  3rd Carl Leahy

C Grade

1st Vincent Haveaux  2nd Eddie Zeidiatis 3rd Grant Rogers

D Grade

1st Chris Shay  2nd David Phillips  3rd Peter Wynne

  Wednesday February 3

no results submitted

Next week’s race will be a 3 lap handicap event. Entries by 9.30 please.

Thursday January 28 – Round Four Clearwater Property Services Crits

Crit results

Winners Round 4 - Clearwater Property Services Crit series. L to R: F Gasperic C grade, Rick Buckwell A grade, Andrew Goodwin B grade

Winners Round 4 – Clearwater Property Services Crit series. L to R: F Gasperic C grade, Rick Buckwell A grade, Andrew Goodwin B grade

A Grade

1st Rick Buckwell  2nd Gary Wearmouth  3rd Brad Haskett 4th Paul Beretta 5th Andrew Baker 6th Tony French 7th Josh Williams 8th Matt Kennett and David Newett, David Warren

Intermediate sprint: Paul Beretta, Dave Newett, Brad Haskett

B Grade

1st Andrew Goodwin  2nd Robbie Southern  3rd Mike Jelenko 4th Ian Amsden 5th Marcus Tyrell 6th Jessica Douglas 7th Kane Airey 8th Carl Leahy and Joe Daly, David Stacey, Jim Knott, David Thornton, David Spence, Norm,  Douglas, Paul Bregiet, Colin Smith

Intermediate sprint: Mike Jelenko, Kane Airey, Robbie Southern

C Grade

1st Frank Gasperic  2nd Paul Bird  3rd Johnny Parello 4th Marcus Coppock

Intermediate sprint: Frank Gasperic,  Paul Bird,  Johnny Parello

D Grade

1st Chris Shay  2nd David Phillips  3rd Doug Wilson 4th Jamie Robinson

Intermediate sprint: David Phillips,  Chris Shay, Jamie Robinson

updated points table after round 4

  Wednesday January 27

A 23 strong field took to the Paraparap circuit and it was pleasing to see some new faces. Ken Mansfield and Brian Long from 18 minutes led the field away and made the most of their opportunities after making a strong start. However, Peter Prime from 14 minutes upset the hard working limit riders bridging the gap to them and dropping Ken Mansfield in the process. Newcomer Pam Robinson was leading her bunch into contention in the second lap and forcing the pace assisted by Mel White and Ross West. This bunch made good progress towards the line, however, at the same time David Pike powered the scratch team towards the finish assisted by Rob Morley. Out-marker Brian Long stayed with Peter Prime and finished a creditable second over the line behind Peter.

Results: 1. P Prime, 2. B Long, 3. P Robinson, 4. M White, 5. R West, 6. D Pike, 7. R Morley, 8. R Hodgson.

Fastest time: D Pike – 1.01.10. Winner’s time: 1.17.31.

Next week’s race will be a 3 lap handicap event. Entries by 9.30 please.

Sunday January 24

Starting Temp – 17c and overcast with 10 kph SW winds

Course – 50kms; 3 laps plus out and back Nobles rd and finish in Larcombes rd (lower, finishing in an easterly direction)

Riders – 46, race time 1:48:20, fastest time 1:12:20, Ave 41.7 kph

Forty six riders fronted up for the first Aggregate handicap race for 2016. Racing started in near perfect temperature and wind conditions with Brad Haskett winning in  tight finish from David Warren with Anthony Seipolt third followed by the rest of the scratch group and a few strays from second and third scratch.

Brian Long who started on limit rode away from his fellow limit riders of Ken Mansfield and Don Stuart as he headed up the rise in Nobles rd, and rode solidly by himself until he was caught by scratch with less than a kilometer to go. (Had the race finished at the creek position Brian would have won the race as he was caught as he passed this point) race report to follow.

click on link for start list and results

Brad Haskett race report

Howden Cycle Racing Photography thanks to Di Howden

Video thanks to Frank Gasperic


thanks to Howden Cycle Racing Photography


Thursday January 21

Crit results

A Grade

1st Gary Wearmouth 2nd David Newitt 3rd David Warren

B Grade
1st Rob Southern 2nd Joe Daly 3rd Marcus Tyrrell

C Grade
1st Brian Wepner 2nd Adam Kensal 3rd Vincent Haveaux

D Grade
1st David Phillips


 Wednesday January 20

Well done and congratulations to Geelong Super Vet, Mel White for winning today’s 3 lap handicap race.

First race back for season 2016 with 16 riders fronting the start line. Great to see so many inter-club riders, with Di Jane and Elaine O’Brien coming all the way from Bendigo to race. Terry Collie from Ballarat and Ray Hodgson and John Falkner from Bacchus Marsh.

Two new riders in Mandy Hosking and Paul Bubb, enjoyed what will be the first of hopefully many races with the Super Vets.

Today’s winning bunch was a combination of the 15, 12 and 10 minute bunches. Mel White took out the sprint followed by Diane Jane, Elaine O’Brien, Paul Bubb and Brian ‘Longy’ Longy.

Missing were a number of back-markers who were competing in the Ballarat races.  Any absences did not allay the competition and the out-markers took out the honours.
Results:  1.  M White,  2.  D Jane,  3.  E O’Brien,  4.  P Bubb,  5.  B Long,  6.  I Sumner,  7.  J Clifford,  8. J Bell.  Fastest time:  P Ladd – 1.03.27.

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