Race 3 Clearwater Criterium Series, 17 December

The usual Southerly breeze but otherwise warm conditions greeted 44 riders for the 3rd race in the GSCC Clearwater Summer Criterium Series.

This was to be the final race of the 2015 calendar year and capped off a great week for GSCC with a capacity field of 30 racing at Supervets, 56 racing in the Handicap last Sunday and 96 people attending the Award night. Great to see such strong support for the clubs activities.

Racing was strong and most came down to sprint finishes with results being:

A Grade: 1st Gary Wearmouth, 2nd David Hewlett, 3rd Dan Hall

B Grade 1st Richard Lyle, 2nd Mike Jelenko, 3rd Ian Amused

C Grade 1st Kyle Keenan, 2nd Norm Douglas, 3rd Vic Mason

D Grade 1st Frank Gasperic, 2nd Brian Weppner, 3rd Brad Keating

E Grade 1st Dave Phillips, 2nd Jamie Robinson, 3rd Keith Dorling.

Supervets, 16 December

Great day at the Super Vets today with the Christmas Handicap run and entries at capicity!
Well done Spiros for winning and Terry Robinson, who rolled in 2nd, after the two broke away from their bunch early in the race.
Great job by Dave ‘Metro’ Pike winning fastest time in record time today, also for his BIG Super Vets aggregate win. David collected a swag of trophies today, incuding his club 60-64 age championship medal.
Everyone enjoyed some good tucker after the race and a poem recited from memory by Andrew Keenon.

John Winsor Memorial Handicap, 13 December

Fifty six starters turned up to Paraparap for a great morning of fast and furious racing with perfect weather to end the Sunday Road season.
The three limit riders of Ken Mansfield, Don Stuart and Andrew Kennon where in with a chance today with a nice easterly blowing to help up misery lane and a healthy 27 minute start to seven strong riders in the scratch group and with eight other determined groups in between.
All the groups started off very fast today which is required if you wish to succeed in a shorter handicap race. Most of them were still on their own well into the last lap except for the second scratch group of Josh Williams, Kane Airey, Harvey Lang, Stuart Smith and Dan Hall catching the third scratch group half way around the second lap averaging just over 40km/h with still large gaps to the next groups up the road.
The power in strength and numbers of the seven scratch riders of Daryl Burns, Dave Warren, Craig McCartney, Andrew Baker, Matt McDonough, Andrew Goodwin and Richard Lyle started to take control at the start of the last lap reeling in the combined second and third scratch groups on top of Forest road. With some help for these riders this big group of chasers could see a smaller and then one large group of riders along Grays Road but still not the three limit riders. Heading north on Hendy Main Road for the last time they passed these two groups then had the very large combined groups of all the middle markers then the three limit riders in the distance, it was looking good for a scratch group win today. The leaders were caught with about one kilometre to go as the scratch riders were pushing hard to the finish to drop any others hanging on. Stuart Smith lead this big bunch around the last corner for the final sprint to the line.
As the pace started to increase for the sprint one of the favourites for the finish Daryl Burns got squeezed in the middle and luckily showed his good bike skills to stay upright.
Dan Hall picked the right side of the bunch which proved the winning move.
Dan kicked away for a great first club win with Craig McCartney second and Kane Airey third.
Mike Windsor presented the John Windsor Medallions and shield to the winner and to the placing’s. 2015 has been a great year of racing for the GSCC, well done to all who have competed and to all the volunteers and helpers throughout he year. The first Sunday race for 2016 is on the 17th January.
1st Dan Hall. (55.24), 2nd Craig McCartney, 3rd Kane Airey, 4th Dave Warren, 5th Richard Lyle, 6th Andrew Baker, 7th Matt McDonough, 8th Josh Williams, 9th Robbie Southern, 10th Andrew Goodwin. Fastest Time Craig McCartney (53.55 42km/h)

Criterium, 10 December

A very windy night for the crit races last night, the southerly wind grew stronger as the racing progressed. Again well done to all and thanks to Richard Buckwell and Dave Robinson for your help.
Paul Beretta made a big brake in A grade through the middle of the race for a few laps, Mike Jelenko finished second again! and Norm Douglas nearly had his first win.
A Grade: 1st Paul Beretta, 2nd Dave Warren, 3rd Rick Buckwell
B Grade: 1st Matt Kennett, 2nd Mike Jelenko, 3rd Andrew Goodwin
C Grade: 1st David Spence, 2nd Norm Douglas, 3rd Vincent Haveaux
D Grade: Doug Wilson, 2nd Keith Dorling, 3rd Matt Gower (tr)
Welcome to new members Craig McCartney and Adam Kelsall and trial rider Matt Gower, hope you all enjoyed your night of racing.
Next Thursday is the last crit race for the year and round three of The Clearwater Property Care Crit Series.

Supervets, 9 December

On Wednesday December 9 a strong field of riders competed at the Paraparap circuit. The weather was fine and cool with a west to north west wind .The field was led away by Ken Mansfield and Dale Jennings followed 4 minutes behind by promising newcomers Kent Fuller and Murray Riggs. They had a 16 minute gap to the back markers. Scratch was a strong group comprising David Pike,Peter Ladd and Laurie Fitzsimons chasing the large field. Most bunches were in their original alignment through the first lap. Among the middle markers were some movers namely Kim Clarke, Colin Hooper, Paul Bird and Ray Hodgson. During the second lap the stronger were dominating and trying to improve their chances. Larger bunches were forming and the chase was on. Into the third lap and it became obvious that the scratch riders would break through the field. David Pike and Laurie Fitzsimons broke away up “misery lane” and were not overtaken. They were followed home by Kim Clarke and Paul Bird who had kept the back markers honest all through the race. David Pike finished off a fine season of racing as did Laurie Fitzsimons.

1 D. Pike 2 L. Fitzsimons 3.K. Clarke 4.P. Bird 5. P. Ladd 6 T. Spark 7 C. Hooper 8 R. Hodgson.

The 2015 Aggregate was taken out by David Pike with 76 points from John Bell on 53 and Terry Collie on 44.
Next week’s race will be our final for the season so let’s see a good roll up of past and present riders.

Handicap, 6 December

Today we raced for the GSCC Club Aggregate in a 48 kilometre handicap race. There were six club mates in contention, all within a handful of points of each other. John Bell, having had a great start to the year, remained consistent all year round, started the day leading by 1 point, on 30. Shane Korth, on 29, stood aside to do marshalling duty due to illness. Darren Williams, who fort strongly; having battled with his health this year, showed good form and stood a good chance of spoiling the day for John… sitting on 27 points. David Warren on 26 points after a brilliant year of racing, had his work cut out for him; riding off Scratch. James Stuart, on 25, had family commitments, so was a no show. Last in contention and in for the chase for the third year running was the great finisher Jimmy Knot on 23 points.

Having partied the night before at Super Vet Johnny Randall’s Surprise 85th birthday party at John Bells’ place, I didn’t start the day with any great expectations. I knew Johnny Bell was vying for the aggregate win, so when I saw that I was in his bunch, along with Paul ‘Bubby’ Bubb and Gordon Spargo, (all mates, who’d also helped with the previous night’s festivities), I knew what my job for the day was … to ride all in for John. Our bunch had some pretty great riders in it too, with Jamie Robinson, Col Hooper and Andrew Booth; together we were pretty evenly matched in strength. The limit riders were sent of 22 minutes before us, scratch were set to take off 19 minutes after us, so they had their work cut out for them. Weather couldn’t have more perfect, with a nice temperature and a light south easterly, we were sure we could bring home the bacon for John. The course for the day had us ride in a slight headwind out Blackgate then turn, head back towards the club, out Forest Road and back, then turn into Grays, then Hendy main Road and up the chicane to the first finish in Larcombes. Initially, we all worked liked clockwork, rolling even turns until the turn-around, where I found the pace a little hot so I just tucked in ‘til the boys settled themselves. We picked up Chris Colley not long after and encouraged him to roll turns “for Johnny”. It wasn’t long before we picked up the bunch in front containing Neil Maurer, Richard Buckwell, Jenny Denouden, Ian Sumner, Daryl Peterson and that little guy Gavin Gamble. They too jumped in to help, making our job easier along Forest Road. Speed average for out Forest Road was 36kph, back was 39kph, and hitting the high 40’s once we hit the downhills towards Grays. Consistent workers for the race were Gordon, Bubby, me, Neil Maurer, Jamie, Andrew and Col ‘Hoops’ Hooper. Hoops, as expected wore the race directors cap for the day, not to be outshone, I took it upon myself to don the assistant directors jersey and had plenty to say (including up the road, down the road, fill the gaps, keep it smooth, well done) especially when some riders decided to rest their legs when it came to the pointy end of the race. Credit goes to the bunch we collected though; they were under no obligation at all to do turns. Great help by Richard and Gav, a special mention goes to Jenny, who is still learning race etiquette, for rolling through…well done! Johnny Bell was sitting pretty with 10 kays to go. The pace was so high, the back markers weren’t anywhere to be seen; we were confident he had the aggregate in the bag for John by then. All we had to do was keep the pace high, but cracks started to form and an overly enthusiastic Hoops started hurting us with his strong turns. Words were exchanged, when he grumbled,” Come on Mandy!” after I chose; along with half the rest of us, to take a break. Daryl Peterson, quipped, “It’s no fun when Mum and Dad fight!” … I thought that was funny. Anyway, Hoops got his way and everyone started to roll through again, we flew down Grays Road and up the chicane with Jamie doing a massive turn up towards Larcombes. I sat behind Hoops, knowing he had the experience to shake us all; having ridden off scratch many, many times…many, many years ago. We had the race sewn up as we ventured around the corner into Larcombes and towards the finish line… All there was left to do was to contest the sprint. Paul Bubb took off way too early, saying later,”I can’t sprint”. Hoops was straight onto him, that’s where my ‘white line fever’ hit and I just went into auto pilot. I got onto Hoops, who had picked up Bubby’s wheel, but Hoops having done the lion’s share of the work, ran out of legs. Bubby rode like the Energizer Bunny; he just kept going and going and going, for 600 metres! 300 from the line I kicked and before long I was racing neck and neck with Paul. Hearing me moan must’ve thrown him off cause I swear he sat up in the end… thanks Bubby!

Congrats to Johnny Bell… 2015 Geelong Surfcoast Cycling Club’s Aggregate Winner. You did it!


1st ~ Mandy Hosking

2nd ~ Paul Bubb

3rd ~ Colin Hooper

4th ~ Jamie Robinson

5th ~ Andrew Booth

6th ~ John Bell

7th ~Richard Buckwell

8th ~ Jenny Denouden

9th ~ Gordon Spargo

10th ~ Neil Maurer

Fastest Time ~ Daryl Burns

Criterium, 3 December

A Grade: David Newlett

B Grade: David Stacey

C Grade: Norm Douglas

D Grade: Keith Dorling

Supervets Handicap, 2 December

It was pleasing to see a strong field of riders at Paraparap on Wednesday December 2. Twenty six competitors raced under cool and sometimes breezy conditions. Ken Mansfield, John Faulkner and Andrew Kennon led the field away. They had a 20 minute break to scratch and 8 minutes to Ian Sumner, Murray Riggs and Andrew Thornton. David Pike was the lone scratch rider giving only thirty seconds away to Peter Ladd. The race proved to be very competitive with the one minute thirty and five minute bunches chasing very hard. It was good to see Tom Gray competing with us once more and driving the pace along. The mid-markers were unable to either catch the front-markers or to keep at bay the pace from behind. Ken Mansfield and John Faulkner teamed together well and proved unbeatable on the day. The back-markers were not far behind and David Pike proved too strong for the remaining field taking out third place. Laurie Fitzsimons and Terry Collie teamed well to cover any remaining challenges.

Results: 1. K Mansfield, 2. J Faulkner, 3. D Pike, 4. P Ladd, 5. T Gray, 6. T Collie, 7. L Fizsimons, 8. D Phillips.

Fastest time: D Pike – 1.03.35. Winner’s time: K Mansfield – 1.22.36.

Supervets Handicap, 28 October

On Wednesday October 28 Supervets raced for the Don Sutherland Trophy over three laps of the Paraparap circuit under warm and humid conditions. Kent Fuller and Brian Long made the pace from the start. They had a 20 minute break on scratch. The field consisted of eight bunches of two riders with two or three minute gaps to their nearest rivals. The eight minute pair of John Bell and Ray Clifford showed early that they had the ability to set the race speed and worked their way through the front markers. Ray Hodgson showed some early form and stayed close to the leaders even into the last lap. However, standout rides from Laurie Fitzsimons, Tina Stenos, Peter McWaters and Terry Collie drew the back-markers into the race and to feature in the finish. Ray Clifford hung on to win from John Bell and Peter McWaters.

Results: 1. R Clifford, 2. J Bell, 3. P McWaters, 4. D Pike, 5. P Ladd, 6. T Collie, 7. T Stenos, 8. L Fitzsimons.

Fastest time: D Pike – 1.02.22. Winner’s time: 1.10.22.

Supervets Handicap, 14 October

With a number of riders absent at the Australian Veteran’s Cycling Championships in Adelaide a small field of riders contested the Supervets handicap on Wednesday. Off scratch Laurie Fitzsimons, Peter Ladd and David Pike worked well to rein in Terry Collie and Marcus Coppock (2 mins) on the second lap and these riders then steadily worked their way through the field. Coming up “Misery Lane” for the last time David Pike surged past the middle markers and had limit in his sights. Kent Fuller on limit (22 mins) almost lasted the distance but was gathered in before the line. However, unbeknown to the scratchman, new rider Spiro Digenis had ridden away from the 14 mins group and had crossed the finish line 40 seconds previously. David Pike’s time of 1:00:52 (37.1 av) was only 20 secs off the supervets course record – an exceptional ride considering the small groups and the slightly gusty winds.


Spiro Degenis
David Pike
Kent Fuller
Terry Cillie
Peter Ladd
Ray Clifford
Robert Young
Laurie Fitzsimons
Tony Sparks
Ross West

Supervets TT, 7 October

On Wednesday October 7 eighteen Supervets competed in a two lap time trial in cool and blustery conditions. The national titles are getting closer so the competition and comparisons are hotting up. Once again the riders did not disappoint and many good results were achieved.

Results: 1. P Ladd 36.52, 2. C Judd 36.57, 3. D Philllips 39.25, 4. T Stenos 40.40, 5. L Fitzsimons 40.53, 6. D Sonogan 41.20, 7. P McWaters 41.25, 8. R Cronk 42.90, 9. J Bell 44.48, 10. R Hodgson 45.58, 11. S Digenis 45.70, 12. T Spark 45.58, 13. J Randall 46.14, 14. R West 47.36, 15. A Thornton 47.59, 16. M White 47.60, 17. K Fuller 52.16, 18. D Jennings 55.16.

TCA Partners Handicap, 4 October

Fantastic weather greeted those 38 cyclists who remembered to adjust their alarm clocks and get out of bed in time for GSCC’s TCA Partners 4 lap handicap race.

Brian Long and Don Stuart peddled off the line on the limit mark of 35 minutes. Brian is still going strong and will celebrate his 83rd birthday this week. Congratulations. As an early birthday present Robbo gave limit a 21 minute head start on the next group.

It was the 10:30 group of Paul Bird, Darren Williams, Jamie Robinson, Peter McDonough, Johnny Parrello, Grant Rogers and James Stuart that made the early running, catching Longy and Don and the 14:00 group which included big guns John Bell and Dennis Sonogan. They hit the front with a lap to go but could see a few groups behind as they crested the rise on Forrest Road for the last time.
Meanwhile at the back of the race, the Scratch group had there heads down and were rewarded by their hard work when after 2 laps they had closed to about a minute behind second scratch, who in turn had closed to a similar distance behind 3rd scratch. Unfortunately a lap later as scratch got the bell the gap was still significant. 3rd scratch with Kane Airey, Darryl Suter, Jim Knott, Ian Amsden, Peter Ladd ,Chris Fenech and Dave Spence were still flying hitting mid to high 40’s as they screamed down Grays Road.

Scratch were still working with great cohesion with a few massive turns being put in by trial rider Jock Hughson, backed up by Dave Warren and Andy Baker. Still as we surged up Hendry’s Road it was touch and go if we could catch Jeff Miller, Josh Williams Harvey Lang and the rest of the guys in second scratch. A great effort considering they dropped one of their group on the first lap.

Turning up misery lane for the last time the race consisted of three distinct groups all within 400m of each other. I guess the rise and the headwind finally took its toll and with 2km to go all the groups came together. Unfortunately in a scene reminiscent of Monday morning on the West Gate Bridge, a few cars decided to join us. We had cars overtaking us and having to merge with 30 odd sweating and exhausted cyclists on their limit as opposite direction traffic came past. Thankfully there were no incidents and we approached Larcombes Road as one. Richard Lyle jumped on the front and put some hurt on the rest of us. New member Craig Hannah then took over as we straightened up on Larcombes Road. It was pretty cagey from that point on with no one willing to have a crack. Josh Williams went early the Daryl Suter and Dave Warren sensed their chance and surged to the front with 2-300 metres to run and opened a significant gap. The pack sprinted but too late and Daryl held on to win from Brad Haskett, Jock Hughson with Dave Warren hanging on to fourth. It was a massive effort by Daryl and while I was disappointed to be beaten, it was gratifying to see him coughing up his lungs as I caught up with him past the finish.

Thanks to Dave Robinson for handicapping a close race and our marshals, Roger Cronk, David Pike, Marcus Coppock, Peter Wynne and referee Terry Robinson.
By Brad Haskett.

1: Daryl Suter (5.00) Ave Speed, 36.7km/h
2: Brad Haskett. Fastest time 1:14:55 Ave speed 39.1km/h
3: Dave Warren (scratch)
4: Andy Baker (scratch)
5: Kane Airey (5:00)
6: Jeff Miller (3:00)
7: Jim Knott (5:00)
8: Richard Lyle (scratch)
9: Harvey Lang (3:00)
10: Ian Amsden (5:00)

Well done to the trial riders Jock Hughson and Mal Cole, welcome to new member Craig Hannah and welcome back to Andrew Read after his hip operation in the middle of the year. Thanks again to TCA Partners for their support in first aid training

Supervets Handicap, 30 September

On Wednesday September 30, 21 Supervets raced over the three lap circuit at Paraparap under near to ideal conditions. The weather was fine and cool with a slight south-west wind. Kent Fuller and Ken Mansfield had a 21 minute gap to scratch and worked together to maintain a decent gap for two laps. However, the three, five and nine minute chasers were all working with a common interest to unite and maintain a gap to the back-markers. This was achieved in part for a short time and the pace saw the demise of several riders. This week scratch worked well as a bunch and together with Laurie Fitzsimons and Gordon Spargo worked their way through the field up misery lane. David Pike conserved his energy until the last and ran out a clear winner on the day including the achievement of fastest time. Once again we should highlight some very strong rides from Roger Cronk, Laurie Fitzsimons and a solid performance from Tony Spark, Barry Primmer and Ray Hodgson. They fought hard at the finish and showed the necessary form to finish in the top eight.

Results: 1. D Pike, 2. L Fitzsimons, 3. G Spargo, 4. T Spark, 5. R Cronk, 6. B Primmer, 7. D Sonogan, 8. R Hodgson.

Fastest time: D Pike – 1.03.52.

Supervets Handicap, 23 September

On Wednesday September 23, 25 keen riders took to the Paraparap circuit for a three lap handicap event in fine weather but quite a strong breeze from the south, altering the usual race parameters. Leading the way were Kent Fuller, Dale Jennings and Ken Mansfield. They had a 25 minute gap to scratch. It was very pleasing to see so many out-markers competing bolstering up the front of the field and presenting a real challenge for the back-markers. There were three strong chasing groups mainly the five, eight and eleven minute bunches. The scratch and two minute bunches comprised six very strong riders who on the day were up to the challenge and did not disappoint. David Pike, Roger Cronk and Rob Nicholls joined Terry Collie, Peter McWaters and Tina Stenos who led the way through the field. The eight, eleven and thirteen minute groups were making good time but were not coming together and in the third lap were over taken by the chasers. Meanwhile the leaders of the day were Kent Fuller and Ken Mansfield. These two were in front for the entire race and remained unchallenged. Kent ran over the line ahead of Ken from David Pike in third place. Five riders followed close on the heels of the place-getters and fine rides were recorded for Tina Stenos and Roger Cronk.
Results: 1. K Fuller, 2. K Mansfield, 3. D Pike, 4. T Collie, 5. R Cronk, 6. B Clay, 7. P McWaters, 8. T Stenos.

Fastest time: D Pike – 1.02.48, Winner’s time – 1.26.14.

Infosync Handicap, 20 September

On Sunday September 20 thirty seven riders set out on the Infosync 63 kilometre handicap race in absolutely perfect conditions at Paraparap. Mid teens temperature and a light westerly wind greeted Brian Long the lone limit rider as he set out on the journey around three laps of the Hendy Main road circuit and a trip out Forest road finishing in Larcombes road south of Forest road. Brian had more than a lap head start on the 13 minute bunch who were the powerhouse of the day. This group of Darren Williams, Robin Smith, Gerard Mullaly, Brian Weppner, Paul Bird, Joe Gulino and Mandy Hosking lost Joe with a mechanical on the Forest road hill and swapping smooth turns caught the sixteen and a half minute bunch on the third lap to form the winning group, with Barry Clay, James Stuart, Grant Rogers and Dave Phillips joining in.
At the turnaround in Forest road the scratch group of Rick Buckwell, Anthony Seipolt and Andrew Baker had reeled in the three, six and ten minutes groups but were still more than six minutes behind the 13 minute bunch who were leading the charge home. The scratch group only failed by one and three quarter minutes to catch the winner, Brian Weppner who put in a strong sprint to hold out Darren and Mandy. Fastest time was taken out by Anthony Seipolt who 100 metres from the line sprinted over the deflated Rick Buckwell (soft punctured front tyre).
Result: 1. D Weppner 1:48:11 Ave 34.9 km/hr, 2. D.Williams, 3. M.Hosking, 4. B.Clay, 5. J.Stuart, 6. G.Mullaly, 7. D.Phillips, 8. P.Bird, 9. R.Smith, 10. G.Rogers.
Fastest time A. Seipolt 1:36:56 Ave 39.0 km/hr.

Supervets Handicap, 16 September

There was another robust field at Paraparap yesterday as 23 keen riders took to the course under near ideal conditions. A strong representation of out-markers challenged the prudent field of back-markers. The handicapper had provided some challenging rides for both ends of the spectrum. Riders were led away by Kent Fuller and Ken Mansfield with a thirteen minute break to any meaningful riders. The “sleepers” were Andrew Thornton and Brian Long who were following close behind by four minutes. The rear guard scratch and back-markers including the two and six minute groups had the challenge ahead of them under the mild conditions and David Pike, Chris Judd and Peter Ladd failed to bridge the margin to the leaders for the most of the race. Andrew Thornton and Brian Long demonstrated their willingness to work as a team to ward off any challengers. Laurie Fitzsimons and Tina Stenos set the pace to chase the leaders and failed to close them down. John Bell and Ray Young and Richard Buckwell assisted the efforts of the middle-markers to bridge the deficit but they too failed and Andrew Thornton and Brian Long crossed the line together with Andrew winning by half a wheel.

Results: 1. A Thornton, 2. B Long, 3. R Young, 4. J Bell, 5. R West, 6. R Buckwell, 7. T Stenos 8. L Fitzsimons.

Fastest time: P Ladd – 1.02.45. Winner’s time: 1.25.24

Scratch Race, 13 September

What a ripping day for a race!
GSCC Graded Scratch Races were the call for the day, after the Benalla Open was cancelled.
A,B,C & D grades fronted the new start line on Vickery’s Rd for the 50km race at 9am, just for something different.
The course menu read as follows … Start at Vickery’s Rd, out to Portreath Rd, back to Hendy Main then 3 laps of the main circuit, finish A in Larcombes Rd.
With a stack of our club mates riding the Amy Gillett, Gran Fondo, numbers were down, especially for the A Graders. All in all it was a great day on the bike.
Pictures show Grade winners and place getters (clipboard)…
A Grade ~ Andy Goodwin, Josh Williams, Carl Judd
B Grade ~ Daryl Suter, Jim Knott, Ian Amsden
C Grade ~ Mandy Hosking, Tina Stenos, Barry Clay
D Grade ~ Grant Rogers,Dave Phillips, Dennis Sonogan

Supervets Handicap, 26 August

Today Supervets raced a three lap handicap event at Paraparap. Weather conditions were cool but favourable. A south easterly breeze prevailed reversing the more usual race factors. The wind assisted riders on Misery Lane and resisted them on Grays Road. Twenty riders started led away by Dale Jennings, Kent Fuller and Brian Long. They had a nineteen minute gap to the scratch riders Carl Judd and Peter Ladd. Following four minutes behind limit were Ian Sumner, John Watson and John Faulkner with a further four minutes to the middle markers John Bell, Barry Primmer and Ross West. Dale, Kent and Brian held the lead until well into the second lap. Meanwhile at the rear of the field Carl and Peter continued to strongly challenge the back markers and gathered up the stronger riders along the way in an attempt to challenge the leaders. At this stage John Faulkner and John Watson had paired together resisting the strong attack from the rear of the field. Moves from Carl Judd, Tina Stenos and Terry Collie failed to bridge the gap and John Watson raced over the line ahead of John Faulkner and Brian Long. Fastest time was Carl Judd who continues his strong field of the past weeks.

Results: 1. J Watson, 2. J Faulkner, 3. B Long, 4. C Judd, 5. T Collie, 6. T Stenos, 7. R Clifford, 8. B Clay.

Fastest time: C Judd – 1.03.05. Winner’s time: J Watson – 1.14.30.

KVA Design Winter Sash, 22 August

Second limit riders escape to take a great win.

A grand field of 49 riders turned up for a cool wintry race for the second year of the KVA Design winter sash race and also with Rory Wilson in attendance to say thanks for the clubs fundraising efforts from last year. The course for the day was Blackgate Rd, Forest Rd the around the lap and finish at Larcombes Rd, with 8 bunches spread across 30 Minutes.
The Limit riders Brian Long and Alan Sandford set off up Blackgate Rd with a great deal of tough work in front of them as a decent westerly was setting in for the day, they had a ten minute head start on the second limit roup of Colin Hooper, Ross West, David Phillips, Gordon Spargo and Daryl Peterson, this group was the group to catch today. Then followed by the next six groups ranging from 5 to 8 riders in each bunch with the very determined scratch bunch of Nathan Ashton, Richard Buckwell, Brad Haskett, Matt McDonough, Paul Beretta, Andrew Baker and Gary Wearmouth who were all very keen to keep the good winter results continuing for the scratch riders.

The second limit group started well but progressively split up as soon as they turned back into the wind in Blackgate Rd losing a few riders along the way to Forest Rd. Colin and Gordon who started doing 30 second track turns were the strongest of the group and were the only ones left, they were at the front of the field along Forest Road. Most of the middle marker groups were staying together through the middle of the race with a couple of flats and stragglers being dropped from their respective groups. The scratch bunch started fast with first 15 minutes being quite hectic Brad, Gary and Nathan doing a lot of hard turns. They were held up for about 30 seconds at the Blackgate turn around waiting for a car!
The scratch group kept charging up the road and caught the second scratch group of David Warren, Andrew Goodwin, Harvey Lang, Josh Williams who was promoted after his last win a couple of weeks ago and was riding really well, with Steve Young hanging on. These guys got in and were doing turns with the scratch group making it a very big group of strong riders. They kept picking off groups along Forest Rd and Hendy Main Rd in front of them and were looking good for the lead of the race except Colin and Gordon were still riding very well with a very good lead of 2minutes 30 seconds with 20km still to go to the next bunch.

The large scratch group with a few sitting on caught the last main group at the club room corner, and with the leading two in the distance up Hendy Main Road riding into the wind for the last time. Then Andrew Goodwin decided to attack! with no one chasing straight away for a few hundred metres, the scratch riders got serious and put the peddle down dropping a lot of riders with most of the second scratch riders hanging on and Daryl Suter from third scratch doing a great job with the pressure on while the final efforts and chase where on.

Colin was running out of legs into the wind and told Gordon to go for it if he could which Gordon did and gapped Colin by 400 metres to take a impressive win doing a lot of work for the whole race with Colin finish an excellent second. The scratch group picked up the pace into Larcombes Road for the sprint for 3rd and fastest time, Gary Wearmouth proved too strong again in the sprint winning by a two bike lengths. Well done to all and thanks to all the helpers on the day. If scratch weren’t held up earlier in the race they may had ridden through the field. Gordon was very happy with the win and with his first sash from road cycling racing.

Afterward we had a good bite to eat a with the usual banter and chat about the race. Rory Wilson was very glad to attend and said thanks to the club for our fundraising efforts of last year. Rory then went on to explain his focus of improving road safety within our region and with the Bike Safe Geelong. All the place getters then very generously donated all their prize money to Bike Safe Geelong to the value of $400, well done to you all.

1st Gordon Spargo (20min 1:38:59), 2nd Colin Hooper (20min), 3rd Gary Wearmouth (scr), 4th Matthew McDonough (scr), 5th Brad Heskett (scr), 6th Daryl Suter (5.30), 7th David Warren (2.30), 8th Andrew Goodwin (2:30) 9th Harvey Lang (2.30) 10th Josh Williams (2.30) Fastest time Gary Wearmouth (1:10:32, 41.08km/h)

Supervets Handicap, 19 August

It was pleasing to see a strong field of riders participating in the three lap Memorial Handicap Trophy event at Paraparap on Wednesday August 19. 22 riders participated under near perfect winter conditions. Limit riders Kent Fuller, Dale Jennings and Brian Long led the field away. They had 20 minute break on scratch and 7 minutes to the following bunch. Scratch riders Carl Judd, David Pike and Peter Ladd gave the evergreens Rob Nicholls and Bill McConnell a one minute break and boy did they make the most of this advantage. The 13 minute group of Barry Primmer, John Watson and John Faulkner were working very hard to bridge the gap to limit and achieved this in the middle of the third lap. Soon after they were joined by remnants of the 10 minute trio of Ross West, John Bell and Terry Robinson. John Bell proved to be the stronger rider and broke away several times on Misery Lane only to be pinned back to the bunch before entering the straight. Barry Primmer was manoeuvring into a favourable position and proved too strong for the competing riders. He won clearly from John Bell and Brian Long. We can do well to remember a fine performance from Rob Nicholls and Bill McConnell who successfully kept the scratch riders at bay for the entire race. As a result Rob was rewarded the fastest time of 1.03.00 while breathing down the necks of the leaders.

Results: 1. B Primmer, 2. J Bell, 3. B Long, 4. J Watson, 5. R West, 6. R Nicholls, 7. B McConnell, 8. T Collie.

Fastest time: R Nicholls – 1.03.00.

Winners time: 1.14.00

Scratch Race, 16 August

With many riders away at the state time trial championships at Avenel 23, riders raced over 51km in four scratch races at Paraparap on Sunday August 16th.
The race took riders out and back both Forest and Nobles roads finishing in Larcombes road after a lap of the Hendy Main road circuit. The races began in cold but sunny conditions with a strengthening north westerly wind. A and B grades began together as there were only three A grade riders. This meant a tough and fast ride for B grade. C grade lost only one rider for a sprint finish. D grade was blown apart as the wind strengthened with only two riders contesting for the win.
A Grade: R. Buckwell D.McCallum A.French
B Grade: S.Young D.Spence V.Mason
C Grade: P.Bird F.Grifo (Northern) B.Wepner
D Grade: C.Shay P.Bubb D.Phillips

Supervets Handicap, 12 August

A small field of 12 riders raced a three lap handicap event at Paraparap. The weather was showery to begin with but cleared to a fine cool day and light north-westerlies. Barry Primmer and John Watson led the field off to a three minute gap to the following field. Peter Ladd from scratch giving Laurie Fitzsimons, Terry Collie and Rob Young one minute. There were two three-man bunches in the mid-field. These came together in the last lap together with the limit markers and the stronger riders all featured in the finish. Those who showed periods of good performance up Misery Lane in the final lap were Gordon Spargo, Terry Collie, Peter Ladd and Tony Spark. The final sprint to the finish was largely the domain of the back markers and Peter Ladd took out the race and the fastest time.

Results: 1. P Ladd, 2. T Collie, 3. G Spargo, 4. J Bell, 5. R Hodgson.

Fastest time: P Ladd – 1.06.00.

Handicap, 9 August

Thirty riders took to the roads around Paraparap on Sunday August 9th. Cool conditions with a light north westerly favoured the out markers and they didn’t disappoint. The eighteen minute limit group of eight were not caught over the 62 kilometre journey that included one lap of the Hendy Main road circuit and two trips out Nobles finishing in Larcombes road after another lap of the circuit. Noel Said from Northern Vets was the strongest at the finish taking the win from Paul Bubb and Jamie Robinson.
Nathan Ashton was the only rider off scratch and quickly rounded up the small groups off one, two and a half, and four and a half minutes to form a fast moving peloton. The seven minute group was also caught, with the twelve minute group the last to be caught after the second time around the Nobles road turnaround. But it was all in vain as the eighteen minute group crossed the finish line two minutes ahead of the chasing peloton.
1. Noel Said (1:54:50) 2. Paul Bubb 3. Jamie Robinson 4. Chris Shay 5. Grant Rogers 6. John Bell 7. Ross West 8. Shane Korth 9. Carl Judd 10. Ian Amsted
Fastest Time Nathan Ashton (1:38:42)

Supervets Time Trial, 5 August

On Wednesday August 5 a small field of Supervets raced a time trial over 2 laps at Paraparap. The weather was calm with a light breeze from the north-west.

Results: 1. P Ladd 38.52, 2. C Judd 38.59, 3. D Barrett 40.44, 4. D Sonegan 41.22, 5. T Stenos 41.40, 6. B Clay 42.39, 7. G Legg 43.53, 8. J Randall 47.55, 9. J Bell 46.09, 10. G Spargo 48.10, 11. J Watson 49.37, 12. K Fuller 58.30.

Beretta’s Bike Studio Combine, 2 August

The Geelong leg of the Western District Combine races was very well attended with eighty starters from Geelong, Colac, Eureka and Warrnambool vets clubs. The weather was cool, with a very strong westerly wind increasing in strength during the race which made the conditions quite precarious….a lot of riders thinking the BBQ afterwards was looking better than the race. Deep dish wheels weren’t the best idea for today.

The handicapper had a tough task of getting the groups right today with so many riders and the tough race conditions.

There were nine handicap groups starting, having approximately 9 or 10 riders in each with 28 minutes from the limit group to the strong scratch bunch.

Welcome to Misery Lane!

The limit group of 8 riders set off at 10am and were going to have a tough day….with the strong winds, it was a matter of when they were going to get caught. Most of the groups were struggling with inconsistent turns and some riders find the going too tough. These groups were definately going to be caught.

It takes a well combined and even group to make up good time on the road in such horrible conditions, with the best two bunches being the remnants of the 13 minute group of Daryl Suter, David Spence, Chris Fenech, Laurie Paltridge (W), Josh Williams, Phil Tehan(N) and Steve Young along with what was left of the second scratch group of Dave Warren, Andrew Rushton(E), Peter Keil(E), Justin Vincent(W), Richard Lyle and Anthony Seiplot.

The 13 minute group caught the 16 minute group up Forest Rd the final time and they had a few helpers to assist to quicken their pace making it very hard for the back marker groups to make the final catch. The second scratch group caught the 7 minute group the second last time up Misery Lane with a few helping turns from Heather Hamling(C), Jeff Miller and Kane Airey. But they obviously didn’t need the extra help for too long as they went over the Forest Road hill at an unbelievable pace leaving everyone in their wake and with Anthony, David, Richard, Andrew and Peter continuing to ride very strong and determined to catch the leaders.

Meanwhile the scratch bunch of Gary Wearmouth, Tony Mirabella(E), Paul Beretta, Nathan Hill (TR) Andrew Baker, Andrew Goodwin, Rick Buckwell and Guy Fella (E) were down a couple of riders from the start which made their day even harder having to catch the determined second scratch group with a 3 minute gap and also with the wind at its worst when they finally started.

The combined 16 and 13 minute groups caught the leaders of the race up Hendy Main Rd (Misery Lane) for the last time with a lot of riders happy to sit on into the north westerly winds. There were only a handful or riders doing turns and a mighty good job at this time of the race.

As the big leading bunch turned left into Nobles Road and the gruelling cross winds Laurie Paltridge had noticed there where quite a few sitting on and decided if they weren’t going to help they would be put into the gutter! This split the group in a big way with lots of tired legs and riders not being able to hang on up the first rise in Nobles Road. Josh Williams was the only rider to stay with Laurie, then Chris Fenech and Steve Young a bit further back and then again followed by Darren Williams and Phil Tehan. These three groups of two stayed this way till the finish line. Laurie and Josh made the deserved gap and then started working well to the rise up Nobles Rd where again Laurie was putting the pace on with Josh just being dropped, Laurie waited for Josh before the turn around. After the turn around and bigger body the faster finish suited Josh which he was doing most of the work all the way back to Larcombes Rd. Josh then out sprinted Laurie for a well deserved win with Laurie taking a great second place. Chris Fenech was a distant third and Steve Young fourth for his first ride back after some time off. Second scratch stayed clear of the scratch bunch but couldn’t catch all in front of them still nearly 3 minutes behind the winner. Scratch finished a further minute and a half behind with Gary Wearmouth taking fastest time sprinting over Paul Beretta and Guy Fella.

Thanks again to Beretta’s Bike Studio (190 Latrobe Tce Geelong) the course marshals, the handicapper and race referees for making another great race.

1st Josh Williams (G) (13min) 1:48:10 33.8km/h, 2nd Laurie Paltridge (W) (13min), 3rd Chris Fenech (G)(13min), 4th Steve Young (G)(13min), 5th Darren Williams (G)(16min), 6th Phil Tehan (N)(13min), 7th Lance Rogers (G)(16min), 8th Daryl Suter (G)(13min) 9th John Bell (G)(28min), 10th Jane Clifton (C)(23min). Fastest Time: Gary Wearmouth (G) 1:40:46 36.32 km/h.

Supervets Handicap, 28 July

On Wednesday July 29 Supervets raced a three lap handicap event under near perfect conditions save for the usual north westerly breeze. Twenty riders took to the field led of by Dale Jennings and Kent Fuller from twentyfive minutes to scratch and sixteen minutes to the middle-markers. This was to prove sufficient in the final result. Those pressing for a share of the takings were Brian Long and John Randall who used their handicap to advantage. Meanwhile the back-markers were making some impression on the rest of the field as remnants of the six, nine, thirteen minutes bunches came together. Finally, Carl Judd, Roger Cronk and David Pike moved through the field together with the “fight-back” pair of Bill McConnell and Rob Nicholls. The out-markers however, were not caught and Dale Jennings won from John Randall and Brian Long. In hot pursuit were Rob Nicholls, Carl Judd and David Pike.


1. D Jennings, 2. J Randall, 3. B Long, 4. R Nicholls, 5. C Judd, 6. D Pike, 7. B McConnell, 8. R Cronk.

Fastest time: C Judd – 1.03.20, Winner’s time – 1.25.48.

The result was in keeping with tradition and Dale Jennings “birthday boy” was overjoyed with the result and rightly so. Good luck Dale.

Scratch Race, 26 July

Twenty four riders divided into four grades raced in cold conditions with frequent heavy rain squalls.
A, B and C grades raced over 4 laps of the Hendy Main road circuit finishing outside the circuit on Larcombs road.
D grade raced over 3 laps.
A Grade – 1.Brad Haskett, 2.Gary Wearmouth, 3.Nathan Ashton.
B Grade – 1.Shane Korth, 2.Jim Knott, 3.Harvey Lang.
C Grade – No Race – Brian Wepner, James Stuart, Andrew Booth, Barry Clay.
D Grade – 1.Chris Shay, 2.Paul Bubb, 3.Colin Hooper.

Supervets Handicap, 22 July

On Wednesday July 22 Supervets staged a three lap handicap event on Paraparap circuit. Weather conditions were fine but a very strong north-westerly wind hampered the competitors. The 22 minute limit bunch of Kent Fuller, Dale Jennings and Ken Mansfield led the field away with a break of 10 minutes to the next bunch. The strong scratch bunch of David Pike, Carl Judd, Peter Ladd and Roger Cronk were able to take account of the middle-markers and work their way through the field although Tina Stenos, Barry Clay, Ray Clifford and Peter McWaters showed good form and came home in the bunch finish. Carl Judd and David Pike showed their worth as scratchmen as the main group was led home by Carl to take out the fastest time. In the meantime the twelve minute bunch of Col Hooper, John Faulkner, John Watson and Ray Hodgson remained intact and in front of the field continuing up Misery Lane and over the line strongly led by Col Hooper.

Results: 1. C Hooper, 2. R Hodgson, 3. J Watson, 4. C Judd, 5. D Pike, 6. P McWaters, 7. T Stenos.

Fastest time: C Judd – 1.06.01, Winner’s time: 1.15.50
(av. 28.7 kph)

Arisun Ascent, 19 July

There was a high level of anticipation throughout the club in the week leading up to the inaugural Arisun Ascent as it was to be run over a new 62km course featuring a number of hills not least of all being 2 ascents of Gum Flats Road (1.1km @ 6%) including the run to the finish.

46 riders got underway in very cool but clear and calm conditions.

Ken Mansfeild was the lone limit rider with 7 bunches in pursuit, scratch starting 45 minutes after Ken.

All bunches were working well together but the large 8 man scratch bunch were on a mission and started reducing the time gaps heading down forrest road rarely below 40km/h.

The first ascent of Gum Flats road included King of the Mountain awards for each of the bunches who were taken out by:
Ken Mansfeild
Mick Barnes
Jamie Robinson
Frank Gasperic
Darren Williams
Harvey Lang
Dave Warren
Rick Buckwell

With many of the bunches now reduced the intact scratch bunch powered on. The first catch was of the three remaining second scratch riders plus Shane Korth not long after the turn into Larcombes road, this was followed by the 3rd scratch bunch up the first climb in Nobles meaning a large group now charging along to the Nobles rd turnaround.
The large group swelled further with the next catch on the last climb of Nobles when the remaining 4th scratch group, led by Darren Williams, were also caught.

The pace eased off slightly as the large group made their way back along Forest road with various riders contributing to the pace and remaining 2’s and 3’s being caught.

With about 10kms to go the chasing bunch got a glimpse of the flashing yellow light indicating the front of the race. The 4 riders that had stayed away were Tina Stenos, Frank Gasperic, Andrew Booth & Jamie Robinson, mainly from the 17 minute group.

Rounding the forrest road turnaround the gap was narrowing but not quickly. Brad Haskett and Paul Beretta flirted with a brief move off the front but were quickly brought back. There was then a reluctance to go to the front into the head wind and with the pace dropping Rick Buckwell tried his hand at an escape but he too was brought back.

With about 500 meters to the corner of Gum Flats Road all the groups had become one (great handicapping Robbo) with the last of the out-markers caught as the large peleton of about 25 made it’s way down Gum flats Road. With everyone safely around the tight turnaround the scene was set for the final 1.1km climb.

The climb got off to a slow start and the peleton compacted slightly before Josh Williams made a blistering attack. He must have caught the others off guard because the bunch were slow to react and he managed to get a small break. With no discernible change in speed, in a very SKY train Ritchie Porte way, his advantage was pulled back. With the same rate of attack he earlier exhibited, he then went backwards through the field not to be seen again. The group was thinning out now, with Daryl Burns, Matt McDonough Andy Goodwin and second scratch man Dave Warren slightly ahead of Nick Brown, Rick Buckwell and Paul Baretta. Andy Baker, Brad Haskett, Richard Lyle and the rest were starting to lose touch as the first rise was completed.

It was at about this point with about 400m to go that Matt hit the afterburners and took off like Shane Korth down Anglesea hill. In a valiant attempt to catch Matt, Daryl, Dave, Andy Goodwin and Nick launched their run to the line. In the battle of the rest, Paul Baretta, Andy Baker, Rick Buckwell and Brad (I shouldn’t have had steak and eggs for breakfast) Haskett were slogging it out.

In a great finish to a great race, Matt, as sponsor of the race was ‘allowed’ to win, daylight was second.

Official Results
1st & Fastest Matt McDonough (38kph)
2nd Andrew Goodwin
3rd Daryl Burns
4th Dave Warren
5th Nick Brown
6th Brad Haskett
7th Rick Buckwell
8th Paul Beretta
9th Andrew Baker
10th Mark McCallef

A big thanks to Asirun tyres for sponsoring the event, race referee Colin Hooper, handicapper Dave Robinson, course designer and promoter Kane “President” Airey and all the Marshals.
Congratulations to everyone who participated and for all the great feedback – it would appear this might become an annual event.

Handicap, 5 July

Thirty four GSCC winter warriors entered for the 49km handicap race, four laps around the main circuit. Very cool conditions with an increasing westerly wind growing stronger throughout the race was going to make it hard for the out markers. With a 30 minute start given to the two limit riders Ken Mansfield and Mick Barnes the question was could they stay away with a strong-minded scratch group prepared to chase the field down with the favourable conditions. The second limit group (15min) of Colin Hooper, Jamie Robinson, Paul Bubb, Gavin Gamble and Ross West were also going to prove hard to catch being a very even group of riders. The seven groups stayed mostly together over the first lap except Mick Barnes forgot to tell the handicapper about his secret training regime and easily road away from Ken and was well past the clubs rooms even before the imbalanced second scratch group of Kane Airey, Barry ‘aero’ Howden, Carl Judd, Shane ‘stealth black’ Korth, Peter Ladd and Lance Rogers had started and were probably more concerned on how quick the strong scratch group of Rick Buckwell, Andrew Baker, David Warren and Andrew Goodwin would catch them given 1 minute 30 sec gap.

With a few struggling riders in the windy conditions being dropped from their respective groups, the scratch group started making very good progress from the get go and made the inevitable catch of second scratch group over the Forest Road hill on the second lap. With Barry, Kane and Shane helping the scratch riders when they could the advancement of this group was going to be very progressive throughout the race. The splintered third scratch group were caught going up misery lane near the end of the second lap with only Stuart Smith able to hang in and also provide a some good turns. The third time up forest road the scratch riders dug deep to drop the hangers and hit it quite hard hitting 37km/h up the hill with a few chewing their handlebars just to hang on. The pace was kept high for the entire next lap catching the best dressed group of Paul Bird, James Stuart, Andrew Booth and Joe Gulino looking very smart all in their new GSCC gear over the hill for the last time. When the scratch group turned into Greys Rd for the last time they spotted the second limit group and the lead car with Mick still following for the first time. The catch was going to happen today and you could sense the relief in the scratch riders with the pace also dropping off bit.

The second limit group was caught heading north down Hendy Main Rd, then the lone Mick Barnes just before the club room corner. Andrew Goodwin, Dave Warren and Rick Buckwell had enough of the others hanging on for the finish and they all put in some very hard efforts up misery lane for the last time with some positive results. Rick and Andrew Baker were feeling quite serious before the finish and even offloaded there biddons TDF style! It was then follow the leader till Larcombes Rd finish with Dave Warren and Andrew Baker starting the head wind sprint from some way out. Rick Buckwell hit the lead as the speed increased and then Barry ‘aero’ Howden finished the strongest going around the outside to take a great win by half a bike length over Rick with Kane finishing third. Barry said it wall all about the new helmet and saving 9 watts. Well done to all in trying conditions, thanks gain for the marshals.

1st Barry Howden (1.30), 2nd and FT Rick Buckwell (37.8km/h) (scr) 3rd Kane Airey (1.30) 4th Andrew Baker (scr) 5th Andrew Goodwin (scr) 6th Jim Knott (7min) 7th

Supervets, 1 July

On July 1 Supervets held a three lap circuit race at Paraparap. Twenty-one riders took to the course and weather was cold with a nasty westerly which gained momentum as the race progressed. Dale Jennings and Ken Mansfield were the first away with a nineteen minute gap to the back-markers Carl Judd, Peter Ladd and Roger Cronk. They proved to be a strong working group and pursued the field confidently from the start. The six and nine minute bunches we absorbed in the second lap and this helped to form what could have been a strong chasing group. Individual riders such as Peter McWalters, Gary Legg and Barry Clay contributed to the chase. Meanwhile the fourteen minute bunch of Colin Hooper, John Watson and Ray Hodgson worked better than most and at Jack’s Corner in the final lap they led the field by about two minutes. They remained together up Misery Lane into the strong breeze and the chasing field were unable to bridge the gap. Ray Hodgson won the sprint over the line from Colin Hooper closely followed by John Watson.

Results: 1. R Hodgson, 2. C Hooper, 3. J Watson, 4. P Ladd, 5. C Judd, 6. P McWalters, 7. R Cronk, 8. B Clay.

Fastest time: P Ladd – 1.06.15

Scratch Races, 28 Jun

Another great day’s racing with 34 starters competing over 5 grades.

Course was lap of the Paraparap circuit (3 for A-C, 2 for D&E) out to Nobles and return

C Grade

Today’s C Grade Starters consisted of Frank Gasperic (26), Paul Bird (27), Brian Weppner (31), Vincent Haveaux (32), Andrew Booth (33) and Tina Stenos (34).

The jostling for position started even before the start with Paul and Brian kindly leading us out up Hendy Main Rd instigating a very orderly roll through. The pace was reasonable and very civilised indeed.

The rolling through kept on all the way until Forest Rd where Frank showed us how it was done with no one willing or able to come around. Frank took us through to Gray’s and then Brian kindly come around to give Frank a well earned rest kindly followed by Paul and Andrew. The pace was brisk but still sedate compared to what I know these guys and gal can do. I was sitting back observing and enjoying the ride.

Back in Hendy Main and Paul was very well entrenched in the front with most of us following his lead for a few rolling turns back to Larcombes Road. Into Larcombes and nearing Forest, still no move from anyone but, it was still early having just clocked 14 Km into the race. Around the corner we go up for the second Forest Rd climb but this time I thought I’d test the legs and see if anyone was interested in a bit of fun yelling out to Paul, who had done more than his share, to jump on and follow. No takers but lots of ribbing. Over the climb and into Grays Rd on my own with the rest working hard. Frank never too far from the front and the others working very well to catch me half way up Grays Rd.

Looking around I notice Andrew, Paul and Brian felt the effort with Tina nicely tugged in for the ride. It was at this point Tina wanted to know my name and the others commenting on my being a marked man. I settled all the way back trying to get behind Frank trying to get my breath.

Paul again led the effort closely followed by Brian and Andrew slowly making their way to the club house, Frank was falling back with me behind him when I noticed the dynamic trio of Paul, Brian and Andrew applying the accelerator, with Tina firmly behind them. A gap appeared which after some thinking Frank closed and it was back past the club house towards Larcombes but at this point the pace got down to the mid twenties. No one wanted to exert any more effort than they had to. Sitting back I was wondering if anyone else was going to have another go.

Into Larcombes Rd we turn, nice and orderly and I was trying to calculate how much longer to go. Was there another lap?

I took off 500 meter from Forest Rd with 25.4 km into the race wanting to inflict a bit more hurt. I didn’t look back until the bottom of Forest seeing Frank and others pushing hard. All I wanted to do was keep my power to an average over 240 Watts to ensure I had some matches to burn later. The first time I looked back at the top of Forest, all I could see is Frank firmly positioned very close to my wheel. I couldn’t see what damage I had inflicted onto the others. I kept on around to Grays Rd noticing Frank and I had a substantial gap by this stage. I urged Frank to work with me and maintain the gap especially, as Brian was closing in with Paul and Andrew not far behind. After some grunting Frank put in a strong effort and we did some very quick turns to run off up the road. This with only just over 30 km into the race with another 20 to go. What were we thinking!!! Frank came around at one point saying “I don’t have much left” and me thinking, neither have I. The rolling turns kept on coming but this time we didn’t roll through as quickly but we shared the front fairly evenly.

Around the corner past the club house I got to the front and just kept looking for that 200 plus watts, 35 kms in. I looked around and couldn’t see Frank. Took another look and he was 50 meters behind. What should I do, and where were the others? Where’s that 200 plus watts, where’s that gell???

As I know this is probably a bit too long, here’s the summary. I took off with 14.1 km to go keeping a comfortable distance from Frank and the others behind. For the last 14.1 kms I averaged 31.3 km/h, and 185 watts. Frank of course came in second with Andrew Booth taking third place after a hard fought sprint. The dynamic trio of Paul, Brian and Andrew kept working hard to catch us but this time the break made it in.

Thanks all for a great race. I’m now at home feeling the effects, i.e. in a lot of pain…

B Grade

In perfect conditions, especially after yesterdays Eastern Open at Newham conducted in freezing 4 degree temperatures, for racing 11 riders took the start line for GSCC B Grade Scratch.

As usual Carl Judd was missing from the early pre race team meeting which had decided to let either Jimmy Knott or Barry Clay (self promoted from C grade but as Vic Mason said, last seen picking up his number from the clubrooms) go up the road.

As soon as Jimmy got to the front, Shane Korth dropped off and had to also hold back Josh Williams (another who missed the pre ride tactics meeting!) to let Jimmy Knott go up misery lane on his own for the first time. Jimmy made more head turns and twists than a headless chook until Vic Mason decided the bunch could ride sub 20km an hour up misery lane. Vic then set off at a cracking pace with the bunch all committed to bring him back.

Turning into Forest road for the first time, Dave Spence decided to see who’s leg’s he could crack with a couple of stinging attacks but the bunch wouldn’t let him go off the front.

Turning into Grays Road for the first time, Marcus Coppock, Peter Ladd and Shane Korth decided to stretch the bunch out and make these little guys suffer for the Forest Rd attacks…

Coming around into Hendy Main Rd the pace dropped off and nobody wanted to lead up misery lane which continued throughout the whole race.

Vic Mason got caught on Misery lane 2 laps out of 3 and Peter “I’m staying off the front” Ladd had the joy of leading most of Lap 2 from the start of Hendy Main Rd all the way up misery lane.

Carl Judd made one little move up Forest rd on Lap 2 but was otherwise unsighted to the very end.

Mark Cummings put in a couple of solid moves on the final lap but the bunch pulled him back each time.

Jimmy Knott was wound up all day and kept surging but to no avail as he was continually pulled back.

On the way to Nobles Road, Chris Fenech decided enough was enough and cracked the pace up with a bit of help from Vic Mason.

Heading up Nobles rd the entire bunch was together and stayed that way until the turn around with nobody willing to make a break for home.

Heading back down Nobles Rd, everyone was together when we crested the final bump and Marcus Coppock decided enough was enough and hit the gas with Josh Williams hot on his tail.

Josh decided to make a break for it before the corner and went full gas gaining a 20 metre gap which Shane Korth closed down.

Josh lead around the corner with Mark Cummings, Dave Spence and Shane Korth all very close and the rest of the group lining up for a sprint finish.

Josh ran out of gas with a couple of hundred to go, Mark Cummings hit the front with Spency on his wheel.

Spency went past Mark and opened up his final sprint with Shane Korth on his Wheel and the others all lined up in single file.

Spency died in last 75 metres with Shane Korth hitting the lead only to be beaten on the line by Carl Judd and a fast finishing Chris Fenech in third.

1st Carl Judd

2nd Shane Korth

3rd Chris Fenech

A Grade Race Report June 28, 2015

Nathan Ashton, Richard Lyle, Brad Haskett, Tony French, Rick Buckwell, Dave

Warren and Darren McCallum made up the small A grade field for todays scratch


The race had a very “gentlemanly” feel early, with hand shaking and introductions on

the line prior to race start setting the mood for what would follow.

The first leg up misery lane into a slight head wind started gently with the established

crew letting McCallum sit on the front for a bit whilst they decided if the new boy

was going to be a help or hindrance. With no firm decision made, but clearly

frustrated with the pathetic pace set by Darren, the bunch found a rhythm and began

working turns in a very civilized fashion.

Seemingly fresh and recovered after Tuesdays early morning effort where he towed

the bunch almost the entire way to Torquay and back at speeds normally reserved for

motorized vehicles, it was Ashton who came to the front and lifted the pace for the

climb up Forrest rd. Knowing only too well his ability to time trial, the bunch was

giving him nothing. With Brad keen to “see it and raise it”, and Rick looking like he

not only knew the question was coming but also had the answer, the rest of the bunch

sent chains down the block, put stems firmly between teeth and made it over the top

as one.

With most of the bunch still content to share the work and keep the pace respectable,

there were several more attacks from Nathan and Rick over the next few laps. With a

few moans and groans however and some experienced heads, they were promptly shut

down with no one having the legs or the inclination for a follow up attack.

With a couple of km to go, it was again Rick and Nathan on the attack and this time

big Richard threw in a counter that set things up for the final turn and an exciting

sprint finish.

With all seven still on, Nathan rounded the final corner first followed by Brad then

Darren and all others hot behind. In keeping with the friendly feel of the day, Nathan

then selflessly provided a lead out that will no doubt see him fielding calls this week

from several pro teams. Winding up to around 50km/hr, he took the bunch to about

400m from the line before Brad came round like Mark Renshaw, providing the perfect

set up for Mcallum to snatch the win by a short half wheel from Brad then a fast

finishing Dave.

With no unplanned dismounts, a respectable average speed of 39km/hr and perfect

winter racing conditions, it was a good day for all.

Thanks again to everyone working behind the scenes, on the corners and in the cars to

make it all happen each week.

D Grade

1st Jamie Robinson

2nd Paul Clifford

3rd Paul Bubb

E Grade

1st Ian Sumner

2nd Ralph Edwards

3rd Ken Mansfield

Supervets, 25 Year Anniversary Race, 24 June

Yesterday Supervets celebrated 25 years of racing at Paraparap. A field of 23 riders keenly contested the three laps under light winds and clear skies. Hardened veterans John Randall and Dale Jennings led the field away with 22 minutes to the back-markers Carl Judd, Peter Ladd and Robert Cronk. The out-markers held a steady pace and maintained a comfortable gap to the middle of the field. Ray Hodgson and John Faulkner supported by Col Hooper were making good time but with little impression on the leaders. Meanwhile the three minute bunch working as a steady team were bearing down on the five minute group and gathered in the five and seven minute bunches to form a strong group. The seven and eleven minute bunches had been making little impression on the leaders. John Randall was keeping a steady speed and Dale Jennings was supporting the effort when he was able. Into the final lap and Carl Judd was pressing hard to improve his bunches position up Misery Lane. However, the out-markers had their day and a strong finish by John Randall marked the anniversary by an over eighties victory that was well deserved. A cross section of the total field came ideally close at the finish and some strong rides were recorded.

Results: 1. J Randall, 2. D Jennings, 3. R Hodgson, 4. J Faulkner, 5. C Hooper, 6. C Judd, 7. B Clay, 8. R Cronk.

Fastest time: C Judd – 1.05.14 (ave 34.5 kph) Winner’s time: 1.23.50 (ave 26.8)

Among the welcome visitors on the day were Pam Spark and Bill and Betty Mantova, also newcomers Robyn and Rob Young. Gil Wright gave us an appropriate summation of the Supervets 25 year history. A very happy day was had by all who attended.

Hendry Cycles Handicap Race, 21 June
Hendry Cycles in their 40th year continues a long history of supporting the GSCC road races in 2015.
Fine but very cold conditions greeted the 47 riders at Paraparap for five laps of the 60 kilometre Hendy Main Road course. Cold conditions meant times were going to be slow, as the handicapper set the strong scratch group a task, allowing the limit riders a start of 30 minutes. The limit riders capitalized on this riding the entire race on their own at a consistent pace with Terry Robinson take the win. After losing Ian Sumner, Terry worked smooth turns with his co-markers Chris Shay and Ross West to hold off the chasing field of riders.
Out on the road the next group of riders making the biggest impact was the 15 minute group of Darren Williams, Robin Smith, Barry Clay, Frank Gasperic, Vincent Haveaux and Johnny Parrello who gobbled up the 19 minute four man group of Andrew Booth, Paul Bird, Joe Gulino and James Stuart along Forest Road on the third lap. This large group combined well to drag in the fractured 22 minute group before the fourth lap losing riders along the way, but keeping the pace high enough to hold off the combined 10 and 6½ minute groups. The scratch group of Gary Wearmouth, Xavier Coppock, Adrian Copeland, Paul Beretta and Rick Buckwell couldn’t generate enough speed to be in contention. Xavier was not having his best day, catching a few dropped riders and having the remnants of the 2nd scratch group in view around the last lap.
Trophies were presented by Steve Draper from Hendry Cycles.
T.Robinson (2:00:36 Ave 29.9), C.Shay, R.West, F.Gasperic, J.Stuart, V.Haveaux, J.Parello, J.Robinson, D.Williams, B.Clay.
Fastest time G.Wearmouth (1:36:56 Ave 37.1)

Supervets, 17 June

On June 17 the Supervets held their regular handicap race at Paraparap. A feature of the race was a trophy donated and presented by Gordon Rylance himself and 80 year old Supervet. The day’s race was staged over three laps in near perfect conditions. Dale Jennings, Ken Mansfield and John Randall set the pace and as usual made the chasing hard. The fifteen minute group of Mel White, John Watson and John Faulkner were able to overtake the out-markers in the second lap. Not to be outdone on the day the back-markers David Pike and Rob Nicholls were giving chase and keen to force a result. Meanwhile the middle-markers stayed in touch and Tina Stenos, Barry Clay and Kim Clarke showed their usual good form. The back-markers were keen to have their day and to deny those ahead of them as they worked through the field up Misery Lane. Mel White continued to out pace John Watson and the rest of the field up front and went across the line a clear winner from David Pike and Rob Nicholls.

Results: 1. M White 2. D Pike 3. R Nicholls 4. B Clay 5. T Stenos 6. K Clarke 7. J Watson 8. J Bell.

Fastest time: D Pike – 1.1.15 (average of 36.7 kph)

Supervets 10 June

On Jun 10 Supervets raced three laps of the Paraparap circuit under near perfect conditions despite the winter chills. A field of twenty riders were underway led by Dale Jennings and Ken Mansfield with a 25 minute gap to scratch. Mel White and John Randall followed from 17 minutes and a promising group of Ian Sumner, Ross West, Barry Primmer and Terry Robinson had a 4 minute lead to the middle-markers Gary Legg and Kim Clarke. There were no surprises in the first lap but as the race progressed the 12 minute group were working well and showing signs of taking charge. Leaders of the 8 minute bunch were making good time, namely, Kim Clarke, Gary Legg and Robert Young and were advancing on the leaders towards the end of the second lap. The remaining back-markers were losing ground and not working well together, however, David Pike and Peter Ladd were an encouraging pair and supported one another from the rear of the field. In the final lap the 8 and 12 minute bunches grouped together and Gary Legg made a strong break over the Forrest Road hill establishing a forty metre gap and was never challenged by his fellow riders. He went on to win from Kim Clarke who fought hard to overtake Gary followed closely by Robert Young, Ray Clifford and Barry Primmer.

Results: 1. G Legg, 2. K Clarke, 3. R Young, 4. R Clifford, 5. B Primmer, 6. D Sonogan, 7. R West, 8. J Bell.

Fastest time: D Pike – 1.03.10 (av. 35.7 kph)

Supervets, 3 June

On Wednesday June 3, Supervets staged their weekly race on the Paraparap circuit. The field was reduced to 15 as numbers reflected the weather and time of year. Ken Mansfield led the field off with 22.5 minutes to scratch. A gap of 7 minutes to Ian Sumner and John Faulkner followed by a strong 12.5 minute bunch of middle-markers. On recent performance Ross West, Barry Primmer and Terry Robinson would be favoured to take up the challenge of the day. They did not disappoint and used their handicap to advantage. Meanwhile scratch-marker David Pike was struggling to make up the five minute time gap to a strong group of riders including Rob Nicholls, Tina Stenos and Barry Clay. The 12.5 minute group remained dominant throughout overtaking the out-markers in the second lap. Little did they know however, that they were in for a surprise from veteran Dennis Sonogan who broke clear of his fellow riders coming up Misery Lane in the last lap. He was unchallenged by his group and went on to win by a good 30 meters.

Results: 1. D Sonogan 1.13.25, 2. T Robinson, 3. R West, 4. B Primmer, 5. J Faulkner, 6. R Nicholls, 7. G Legg, 8. T Stenos.

Fastest time: D Pike 1.06.37 (av. 33.77 kph).

Scratch Races, 31 May

A Grade

4 laps with the finish on Larcombes Road.
Wind and rain greeted the 8 riders on Sundays GSCC A grade scratch race. The start was delayed by 15 minutes by a heavy shower, and apart from a couple light showers, the race was conducted in reasonable conditions, albeit with slick roads and a strong westerly wind.
It was good to see some relatively new faces in Stuart Smith and David Thornton, both getting to ‘enjoy’ their first race in A grade and Travis Small joined us for a trial ride with the club.

The race kicked off up misery lane into a strong breeze with everyone content to warm their legs back up. Turning into Larcombes Rd there was a bit of a slow down and confusion with the result that Brad Haskett hit the bitumen for the second time in two races. Luckily this time it was just a few bits of skin off and he was back on the bike and with the group who politely were waiting up the road. Brad would like to thank Dave Warrens offer of training wheels for his next race. First time down (up?) Forrest and true to form, Andy Baker attacked and together with Travis Small managed to establish a break. With Nathan Ashton doing a few big turns down Grays Road we were able to hold the gap and then pull them back as we hit the crosswind on Hendy Main Rd. Turning up misery lane for the second time the group was attacked repeatedly by Nathan who was marked very defensively by Dave Warren and Brad Haskett, with the group very aware that he has the potential strength to ride us all off his wheel. Andy, Travis and Nathan continued to attack as we rode down Forrest causing some splits in the group. Richard Lyle wearing the cursed number 1 was left to rue a hard saturday ride as he lost contact along with Stuart and Dave who were rueing the handicapping of Robbo.

Things settled down over the next two laps, with the group of 5 riding fairly conservatively, content to save there legs for what was looking like a bunch sprint. Up misery lane for the last time the pace backed right off until Travis Small attacked hard followed by Dave Warren approaching the turn into Larcombes Road. Nathan Ashton in another exhibition of power comfortably pulled them back before Travis started his sprint with a couple of hundred metres to go. He held on very well, just being passed before the line by Dave Warren who finished second and Brad Haskett who enjoyed his first win with the club.

B Grade

Well the B Grade scratch race commenced in wet and cold weather with strong and gusty winds from the west north west. With normal break away specialists Ian Amsden and Neil Maurer not racing, the pace up misery lane for the first time was pedestrian to say the least.
The first real attack came from Marcus Coppock on lap 2 as we crested the forest road bumps, he took off and got out to a lead off around 150 meters before a red flag at the start of Hendy Main rd brought him back to the bunch.
Next time over the forest rd bumps Barry Howden wound up the pace and cause Carl “the mustache” Judd to get dropt. However the little handbar mustache man chased hard and by the middle of Hendy main road had managed to get back on the bunch for the final lap.
The pace over forest rd for the final time was solid but the bunch all stayed together and we were destined for a sprint.
Vic “the small chain ring” Mason and Chris Fenech managed to get stuck on the front from the middle of Hendy main road until the start of the final sprint with 200 meters to go. Needless to say both Vic and Chris cooked themselves.
Barry Howden jumped hard, followed by Carl Judd and Jim Knott riding his grandmothers bike was right on his wheel.
The strong head wind was taking its toll but Barry Howden held strong taking the chequered flag from Shane Korth in 2nd and grandma Jimmy finishing in third.

Winning time was 1 hr 32 at an average speed of just 31.9 kmh which indicates just how tough it was out there today…

C Grade

The weather cleared for the start of racing after a damp and cold warm up session.
The race started out as expected with the bunch sorting out what everyone wanted to do by the time we reached Forest Road for the first time. Almost the entire bunch was taking turns on the front until the second crest on Forest Road.

At times the C Graders seemed more like a social bunch ride than a race, with plenty of ‘banter’ being handed out by Jonny Pirello, directed to those seemingly getting comfortable on the back of the group! The second time up misery lane saw a diminishing group of willing riders to take the front position, and with calls to move ‘up the road’ from the back markers, the tactics started to change and the ‘helping hand’ attitude starting to fade. Less cover from the wind was offered to those content to stay on the back, and at one stage Mandy Hosking took a trip into the gravel, recovering well, she soon joined the bunch again and took the lead down Grays Road. Pace increased and small groups were allowed some time away from the main bunch but were reeled in each time. A rider was lost and the group was down to 6.
The speed varied and ‘plans’ were being drawn up to shed a couple more riders but the group remained and Johnny found himself on the front for the final trip up the hill to the finish.

The final visit through the chicane was at a pace that could only be described as sleepy, then James Stuart opened up early and breathed some life into the bunch, Johnny Pirello found a ‘new lease’ and the whole group looked threatening as the finish was in reach, Mandy started her sprint and Darren went after her, Johnny was in the lead until about 20m to go with James falling back after going to the front and Barry Clay dropping back off the bunch, a good close finish was the result.

1st – Darren Williams
2nd – Mandy Hosking
3rd – Johnny Pirello

D Grade

There were 5 D grade riders to start on a windy drizzly day. All was well and good until Tina Stenos attacked on Forest road hill leaving 3 riders to chase her and Ray Clifford but on Grays road Tina had some mechanical problem so the 3 chasing riders got back on and went on without her. Later another rider had a puncture leaving Richard Buckwell, Ross West and Ray Clifford to finish in that order.

Supervets Handicap, 27 May

On Wednesday May 27, a strong field of 20 Supervets took to the circuit at Paraparap. Many of those presents had a past history of success and a strong representative group of new riders to the club were always going to test them. Front markers Dale Jennings and Ken Mansfield led the field away with the five minute gap to the stronger riders. The middle-markers of Ray Clifford, Barry Primmer, Ross West and Terry Robinson were driving the opening stages of the race and within two laps had gathered in the 15 minute riders of Ray Hodgson, John Faulkner and John Watson. Meanwhile a challenge from the 7.l30 and 5 minute bunches were showing signs of catching the main field and had picked up three minutes on them after two laps. However, the gap was not bridged and the leaders went over the line clear by two minutes to the chasers. Strong rides were recorded by Ray Clifford, Ray Hodgson and Terry Collie, and among the chasers David Phillips, Barry Clay, Gary Legg and Chris Colley. The conditions were favourable with little wind and rain during the race.

Results: 1. Ray Clifford, 2. B Primmer, 3. R West, 4. J Watson, 5. R Hodgson, 6. J Faulkner, 7. T Robinson, 8. T Collie.

Fastest time: D Pike – 1.06.50 (av. speed 33.66 kph). The winner’s time was 1.12.

KVA Design Autumn Sash Race, 24 May

A brisk morning was welcomed by another strong feild of 44 riders at the Paraparap manor for the 2015 KVA Design Autumn Sash Race. 59km.
80+ year old Brian Long was the lone limit rider with a 40 minute gap back to a strong scratch group of Rick Buckwell, Paul Beretta, Andrew Baker, Jeff Miller, Dave Warren and Andrew Goodwin.
The 11.30 minute group of nine riders looked quite strong on paper if they worked well together on the road.
Brian was holding a good pace and cadence when he got back to the club rooms after completing the Blackgate rd leg of the race with the last three groups still to start.
The scratch group had started very well making up some good time on second scratch group which started inconsistently with three new riders in this group, but this was as close as they would get as the second attach group of Darren McCallum, Kane Airey, Nick Oakley, Tony French and newer riders Joe Daly, Simon Daw and David Thornton got themselves organised out and back Forrest rd. They were making good ground on the third scratch group going out Forest Rd and caught them a quite quickly due to the third scratch group being stopped by a red flag at Grundys rd.
With some help from Eddy Ziedaitis and Shane Korth they continued to work hard and caught the combined 11.30 and 18 minute groups up misery lane who looked like they were out for a Sunday cruse in the nice autumn sun!
With about 3 minutes to catch the three leaders John Bell, Ian Sumner and Terry Robinson with 10km to go the catch from this fast moving group was inevitable. The second scratch group hit the lead with about 4km to go, with a lot of riders sitting on Joe Daly, Darren McCallum, Simon Daw and others kept the pace high. Dave Thornton and then Joe Daly set up the sprint lead out for Simon Daw to take a well deserved win in his first handicap race. The scratch bunch had a long day out with Dave Warren just taking fastest time.
1st Simon Daw 2nd Darren McCallum 3rd Eddy Ziedaitis 4th Carl Leahy 5th Tony French 6th Kane Airey 7th Josh Williams 8th Nick Oakley 9th Carl Judd 10th Neil Maurer. FT Dave Warren.
Next Sunday scratch races 9am start.
Thanks to Colin Hooper for setting up the course and for being the head referee for the day. To all the marshals for making the race safe as usual and Richard Buckwell for volunteering to help today.

Ray Aldridge Trophy Race, 20 May

On Wednesday May 20 Supervets conducted a handicap event in memory of former veteran and club stalwart Ray Aldridge. A trophy in his memory was presented by the latest 80 year old Gordon Rylance. The race was run over three laps of the Paraparap circuit under testing windy conditions. Some 23 riders competed and were buffeted on all sides of the course by strong winds. First away were Brian Long and Ken Mansfield followed by John Randall and John Watson from fifteen minutes. The backmarkers were in for a testing day but ultimately overcame the conditions and prevailed despite the strong winds. During the race the middle-markers led by Richard Buckwell combined with the added strength of Barry Primmer and the remainder of the nine minute bunch. The bunch produced some mid-race strong rides from Buckwell, Primmer and David Robinson. However, these efforts were not sufficient to ward off David Pike and Rob Nicholls as they swept through the entire field. Congratulations to all who finished despite the weather.

Results: 1. D Pike, 2. R Nicholls, 3. B Primmer, 4. R Buckwell, 5. R West, 6. D Robinson, 7. I Sumner, 8. J Bell.

Fastest time: D Pike – 1.05.17.

Supervets Time Trial, 13 May

On Wednesday May 13 a small field of Supervets raced a time trial over two laps at Paraparap. The weather was doubtful with a strong cold south-west breeze with the occasional shower.

Results: 1. C Judd 38.3, 2. D Phillips 41.11, 3. T Stenos 41.57, 4. G Legg 43.53, 5. C Colley 43.59, 6. J Bell 45.47, 7. G Spargo 46.47, 8. J Watson 51.28.

Mothers Day Handicap, 11 May

Geelong & Surfcoast Cycling Club Mother’s Day Handicap

A field of 36 was reduced to 25 by start time due to consistent morning rain and wind.

By 9am the rain had stopped and the whole race was held without rain but all riders were greeted with wet roads and with strong gusty west north west winds which caused havoc with the limit riders.

The 5 minute bunch of Dave Spence, Vic (small chain ring) Mason, Marcus Coppock and Shane Korth were the early movers working their way through the field towards the limit bunches.

The scratch bunch of Xavier Coppock and Nathan Aston were charging. Quickly catching the 2 minute bunch and driving aggressive pace in the conditions.

The early bunches were falling apart everywhere due to the strong winds and riders were spread right across the course.

The scratch bunch of Xavier and Nathan plus the remnants of the 2 minute bunch, Dave Warren, Andy Goodwin and Mark Purdie caught the 5 minute bunch on the last lap in Forest Rd and powered over the bumps. The 5 minute bunch couldn’t get over the bumps and Mark Purdie also fell off leaving just 4 at the front of the race to contest the win.

In the final, Xavier proved too strong from Dave Warren, Nathan Aston and Andy Goodwin in 4th.

Xavier Coppock 1st in 58.06 average of 38.23Kmh which in the conditions was a fantastic ride.

The story on just how tough a ride it was in the 2 minute bunch could be seen on Barry Howden and Harvey Lang’s faces at the end of the ride. Both were absolute wrecked from Xavier’s charging from Scratch.

Handicap, 3 May

Sunday May 3 saw 48 rides take to the roads around Paraparap for a 52km handicap race which included 3 laps of the Hendy Main road circuit and a journey out Nobles road with a diversion to the top of the rise in Layard road returning to the finish in Larcombes road. Conditions were ideal with a light south westerly wind and a mild temperature. Mother nature threw in some drizzle mid race just to make things interesting.
The 30 minute limit riders revelled in the conditions building a commanding lead only to be disqualified for sitting on bunches which had begun more than a lap behind them. This set up the 20 minute second limit bunch for a hard fought win. Driving a consistently high pace Andrew Booth, aggregate leader John Bell and Ray Clifford had dropped, before Nobles road, their co-markers of Ross West, Chris Shay and Terry Robinson. Andrew, John and Ray crossed the finish line, in that order, almost two minutes ahead of the scratch riders.
The scratch group had an eventful day quickly reeling in the 3 minute group after the first lap but while chasing down the 6 minute group, at the chicane on the last lap, a touch of wheels took down Brad Haskett and Jeff Miller, thankfully neither was seriously hurt. This slowed their momentum allowing a big group to form with riders from the 8½ and six minute groups to join the scratch and second scratch riders. Even with tough climbs up Nobles and Layard roads this large bunch was unable to catch the leaders. Scratchman Anthony Seipolt won the bunch sprint to take out fastest time.
1. A.Booth 20min (1:38:55 Ave 31.5km/h) 2. J.Bell 20min 3. R.Clifford 20min 4. A.Seipolt scratch (1:19:45 Ave 39km/h) 5. H. Lang scratch 6. D.Pike scratch 7. N.Ashton scratch 8. N.Maurer 3 min 9. P.Tehan 6min 10. V.Mason 8½ min.

Supervets Handicap, 29 April

On Wednesday April 29 the Supervets staged their regular weekly race at Paraparap. The day was fine and windless so conditions were perfect. The field was led off by Dale Jennings, Brian Long and newcomer John Faulkner. John proved in the early stages to be too strong breaking away early. He together with Peter Rogers off 15 minutes broke up the field and brought the first three bunches together. The breakaway was sustained for two laps when Ray Clifford showed his strength and broke up the mid-field riders. Several seasoned riders took up the challenge and Barry Clay, Tina Stenos and Chris Colley began to dominate and several riders were left in their wake as Chris, Tony Spark and Tina set a scorching pace. Many in the front of the field were overrun in the third lap by this group and few survived the challenge. The back-markers failed to pick up the challengers, however, Peter Rogers held on to win from Chris Colley, Barry Clay and Tony Spark. Fastest time was recorded by David Pike.

Results: 1. P Rogers 1.13.57, 2. C Colley, 3. B Clay, 4. T Spark, 5. R Clifford, 6. J Bell, 7. Tina Stenos, 8. G Legg, 9. M White.

Fastest time: D Pike 1.02.51 av. 35.8 kph.

Scratch Race, 26 April

Results from graded scratch races held Sunday April 26. 29 starters in drizzly cool conditions with a strengthening southerly wind. Out and back Forest road and a lap for A to C grades 46km, D and E grades 35km out and back Forest road.

A Grade
With wet roads at the start of the race the strong looking A grade bunch had a nice steady start. New GSCC member Gary Wearmouth got away at the top of Forest Rd for the first time and got himself a very good gap quite quickly. The rest of the group had to work quite solid together for most of the way out forest Rd. While it was drizzling Brad was telling us how good his new new top was! Then it took to Brad Hasket’s attack up the Gulley to real Gary in. The pace was quite steady along most of the way back along Forest road with Kane putting in a couple of teaser attacks of the front. Unfortunately Dave Warren punctured along Grays Rd. The group stayed together to the last time up Forrest rd with Brad and Gary getting a gap with Andrew Baker also getting a flat. Kane made the gap to the others on top of the hill. The front three worked hard together with the rest chasing. They held this gap to the finishing sprint. Brad started the sprint leadout with Gary and the Kane coming past and Kane just passing Gary at the finish line by less than a tyre. Other competitors. Dave Warren Andrew Baker Tony French Ashley Goldstraw Harvey Lang.
1.K.Airey 2. G.Wearmouth 3. B. Haskett
Average 38.54 km/hr

B Grade

Well what a classic race – firstly Ian “I love a break away” Amsden, was nowhere to be seen at the start and held us all up for 5 minutes and copped the wrath of the race referee, Terry Robinson, so the group then enforced a “gentlemen’s” penalty that Ian must ride on the front all the way up misery lane on the first lap, however Neil Maurer didn’t like the plan and was off the front straight away. Well the discussion went through the ranks to just let him go and burn himself out into the headwind along misery lane and out Forest road.

This script however didn’t suit Barry Howden and he quickly shut down this move going up the bumps in Forest Road. Marcus and Shane were quite relaxed sitting back watching Jimmy Knott ( I think Marcus was even laughing at one stage, something that Jimmy must have thought it was a crit race) taking turns at the front with Nick Oakley, Darren McCallum, Neil Maurer, Phil Tehan and Barry Howden.

Halfway out Forest road, a dangerous little move from Neil and Barry was quickly closed down. Phil was continually driving the pace with his million miles an hour cadence. Not sure if he used the big chainring today.

After the Forest Rd turnaround, Jimmy resumed normal practices at the rear or the bunch and the work was left to Barry, Nick, Shane, Phil and Darren to drive the pace back to Grays Rd.

Grays Rd was a down breeze delight with a couple of the “heavier” riders driving the pace up around the high 40’s in several sections trying to split the bunch wide open.

Coming around with a lap to go, Barry had a puncture. There were a couple of suggestions that we could all stop and help him change it, as it seemed unfair for the reigning B Grade Scratch winner of 2 weeks ago could not retain his title due to a mechanical but the decision was made to keep racing in the spirit of the Anzac’s.

Misery lane was everyone looking at each other. Phil, Ian & Darren were left to do most of the work up this section. Ian checked in with the bunch if we had an extra circuit to go or if this was it (Trying to make up for his lack of course understanding on the last scratch race).

The “ S Bend” and the Forest Rd bumps were very uneventful.

Darren and Shane had a little burst after the Forest Road corner, down Grays road gaining 20 metres over the group with a little surge into the high 40’s / low 50’s but soon got shut down by a very attentive bunch.

Then it was back Phil & Darren driving the tempo until Misery lane and the mind games began. Darren made a quick sprint and gained 50 metres after the first lump on Misery lane, Neil closed this down and brought us all back together. The workhorse Phil was still cracking along and with Ian they upped the pace and the group were all together at the “S Bend” into Larcombes.

The sprinters were all lining up.

Phil & Ian both away early, cooked themselves into the head breeze. Darren and Neil were looking at each other waiting to go. Shane was sitting and waiting when Neil comes past with Jim “haven’t seen you for an hour” Knott on his wheel.

The Sprint was on!

Darren burst clear and was never headed, Nick chasing his wheel. Neil and Jimmy not far behind with Shane now chasing hard for a wheel.

Darren a clear winner from Nick and Shane slipstreaming Neil and Jimmy for a “Mandy Like” third…
1. D.McCallum 2. N.Oakley 3. S.Korth
Average 35.81 km/hr

C Grade
Eight riders set off at a brisk pace on the 46 kilometre journey at Paraparap. The pace was kept high by Craig McSwain, Darren Eagle (Eureka) and Vic Mason working strongly out Forest road. Darren had a mechanical issue on the Forest road hill and Chris Colley fell off the pace. The six remaining riders kept the speed high on the return from the Forest road turnaround with Peter Wynne and Josh Williams keeping their noses out of the wind. Once back onto the Hendy Main road circuit Josh put in a strong surge up misery lane Forcing riders to scramble for wheels to prevent being dropped. The race was back together by Forest road and set up for a sprint finish. In the push to the finish line Vic Mason, with Paul Bird on his wheel, had the bunch covered on the right hand side of the road when Peter Wynne put in a beautifully timed burst of speed down the left of the road to take out the race.
1. P. Wynne 2. V.Mason 3. P.Bird
Average 33.93 km/hr

D Grade
With the weather conditions looking like the rain was going to hold off, the race started on wet roads with a group of 5 riders heading off into the wind.
A solid tempo in the early km quickly seen a rider off the back by the top of misery lane, with solid efforts being put in by three riders another rider was dropped on the approach to Forest Rd. The pace remained consistent with the remaining 3 riders working well together.
The average pace remained solid but comfortable with all riders taking turns of pace. As the riders approached misery lane, some discussion began around the final part of the course. Are we circulating again or was this the last run up to the finish line?
With the group a little unsure of what was to come next the group took turns up the remainder of misery lane, taking the final turn together at a somewhat sedate pace.
At this time the riders looked up the road and agreed that another lap was in order, however as the line approached the flag was seen being waved, with a quick look at each other the three riders took off for a gentlemen’s sprint to the line with about 500 meters to go. Andrew managed to take the lead over John and Paul in the approach to the line. A great ride by all.
1. A.Booth 2. J. Bell 3. P.Bubb
Average speed 31.11km/h

E Grade
Phil Robinson was the only competitor in this grade.

Supervets Handicap, 22 April

Ideal conditions at Paraparap this Wednesday 22 April 2015 allowed the out-markers to keep away. Phil Preston, back from injury was first over the line to his co-marker Mel White. Brian Long (83 years young) took out 3rd place. Scratchman David Pike almost caught the winners with a very respectable ride.
Winner’s time: 1.14.0 (av. 30.4 k/h).
Fastest time: 1.01.58 (av. 36.3 k/h).

Handicap, 19 April

Rain, hail and sunshine greeted the 33 riders at Paraparap on Sunday April 19 for a 48 kilometre handicap race. The cold southerly wind increased in intensity as the riders made their way out and back on Blackgate and Forest roads to the finish in Larcombes road.
The handicapper had a difficult task this week as many new riders entered the race. To compensate for this two experienced riders, Joe Gulino and Paul Bird were assigned to the fifteen minute group to assist in showing the new riders the finer points of working together in a group. New riders Craig McSwain, Warren McDonald and Paul Bubb were in this group with James Stuart. Limit riders Don Stuart and Ian Sumner were sent out half an hour before the scratch group of Rick Buckwell, Andrew Baker and Dave Warren. Sent out between these two groups were the two, four, nine, fifteen and twenty minutes groups. On a day tailor made for the strong backmarkers the out markers put in a great performance with Jamie Robinson and John Bell not being caught by the leaders until Grays road and finishing ahead of the scratch group. Most groups held together until the return trip along Forest road where the strong wind and punctures took toll. The scratch men had gathered up the three groups ahead of them approaching the finish but the fifteen minute group were too far ahead and easily took out the race. The new riders in the fifteen minute group took some time to get the hang of road racing, but by Forest road were working smoothly together and proving too fast for the chasers.
1.C. McSwain 1:27:46, 2.J. Stuart, 3.J. Bell, 4.J. Robinson, 5.R. Buckwell, 6.D. Warren, 7.K. Airey, 8.A. Goldstaw, 9.J. Williams, 10.E. Ziedatis.
Fastest time R. Buckwell 1:15:42

Supervets Handicap, 15 April

On Wednesday 15April 17 riders raced the Paraparap circuit in near ideal conditions. The hardworking second scratch group caught the outmarkers 2 kilometres from home. Roger Cronk was first over the line narrowly to Terry Collie. The greatly improving Tina Stenos took out 3rd place.

Scratchman Laurie Fitzsimons got fastest time.

Winner’s time: 1.06.05 (av. 34.09 k/h).

Fastest time: 1.03.24 (av. 35.49 k/h).

Scratch Race, 12 April

A great day and a very good field of over 40 riders for 51 km scratch races
A Grade. 1st Rick Buckwell 2nd Andrew Goodwin 3rd Anthony Selpolt.
B Grade 1st Barry Howden 2nd Eddy Ziedaitis 3rd David Spence.
C grade 1st Frank Gasperic 2nd Darren Williams 3rd Brian Weppner.
D grade 1st Jamie Robinson 2nd Andrew Booth 3rd John Bell

A Grade by Rick Buckwell

A good turn out of 11 staters in A grade with the inclusion of new rider Simon Daw kicked started 4

grades of scratch racing. A sedate pace was set at the start going up Hendy Main to Forest rd but as

we approached the rollers Anthony Seipolt took off on the first attack and stayed away until we

reached the gravel pits where Dave Warren upped the rating to bridge the gap. As the pace slowed

Richard Lyle, Kane Airey and Dave Warren went clear but after a couple of k’s they were reeled in

and the group stayed together to the Gundrys rd turn around.

As we turned back Andrew Goodwin and Simon Daw decided to make a move and the pair stayed

away until we reached Gum Flats rd and again the sting went out of the race. With riders just

content to sit and watch Andrew Baker decided he had enough and took off on a solo escape near

Flaxbournes rd. Andrew slowly put distance between us and soon built up a 400mt lead with no one

keen to counter attack. Eventually Rick Buckwell and Richard Lyle began to rally the group and grind

back some distance. The group was happy to let Andrew dangle out the front and let him have a

buffer off over 50 meters. This continued until we got to the rise in Nobles rd where Rick Buckwell

and Dave Warren made a break on the accent after the creek. The pair caught Andrew just at the

peak of the climb and three of use continued on to the turn around and back down Nobles and upon

reaching the creek on the return the remaining riders had stepped on the gas to catch us.

As the catch was made the pace dropped yet again but Anthony Seipolt continued on with

momentum and rode past the bunch and up the rise and had put 50 mts on before Jeff Miller took

off in pursuit. The pair rode strongly back down Nobles and Larcombes rd corner with about a 100

meter advantage. Again the chasing riders were content to let them put distance in as we entered

the last 10 k’s of the race. As the chase riders prepared to turn into Forest rd a motor bike in the

opposite direction slowed us down with confusion as to who would turn first, eventually we turned

and then picked up the pace as we rode back down Forest rd for the last time. As Anthony and Jeff

turned into Grays rd they still held a healthy lead with the chase group still very disorganised with 8

k’s to go.

Along Grays rd the chase group finally gots its act together and worked as a group and steadilly wore

into their lead with them finally being reeled in turning into Jacks corner and Hendy Main rd. As the

group pedalled towards the clubrooms the pace remained high with wheels being watched intently.

On the start of the clubrooms bend Dave Warren burst clear off the pack but as everyone was

twitchy we immediately took after him and as soon as he passed the start line dropped anchor with

all riders immediately reaching for the brakes accept for Andrew Goodwin who sling shot past the

group and was suddenly 20mts up the road.

Rick Buckwell also saw the chance and hit the turbo and soon reached Andrew, while the pack were

still looking at one another to see who would commit to the chase. Andrew and Rick both dug deep

and powered up Hendy Main and held a healthy 50 mts lead as they shot up the rise approaching

Larcombes rd corner. With the finish line in sight and the chase riders with to much gap and to little

distance to reel them in line honours were left to Rick and Andrew to contest. With 150 meters to

the line I flicked the switch and sprinted to the line by about 15 mts to Andrew and with third going

to Anthony holding off Nick and Dave in a tight contest with the rest a matter of bike lengths behind.

Average 38km

B Grade by Barry Howden
The race was a medium pace with Ian Amsden attempting several times to break from the bunch throughout the duration but they worked well to keep him within close reach. New rider David Thornton also did a lot of work on the front of the bunch. Just past the clubrooms on the final lap trial rider Noel Taylor did a long hard turn which forced the remainder of the bunch to work very hard towards Larcombes Road where I followed him on his wheel. With about 300m to go, I felt the threat and decided to take the chance of an early sprint for the line which payed off. Average speed 35.2km/h

C Grade by Frank Gasperic
Race started in calm conditions. It took about 3/4 of a km up Misery Lane for the bunch to start working together with approximately 6 to 8 riders taking turns. We seemed to be traveling pretty well. It seemed we were making progress in catching the groups ahead of us. After we were heading back along Forest road the amount of people taking turns dwindled significantly as people become tired and obviously saving themselves for the final dash. The trip up nobles road was a pretty speedy event, unfortunately we left only a couple of guys up the front to do all the work, the trip back down saw the pace pickup to above 46kmh. The trip along forest road, greys rd and handy main road saw a frantic pace that split the pack in a few sections as some riders picked up the pace to either try and break away or seriously wear out some of the other riders. Any remaining riders came together along Misery Lane and we still managed a respectable average speed of around 35kph. Thankfully the speed slowed on the way into Larcombes rd which allowed some of us to catch back up. The ride towards the finish line saw a slow start with the pace picking up dramatically, a little too early, as some of us must have been delirious about the distance to the finish line. It was a mad dash to the line in the end, people slowing down out of juice, others speeding up and coming up fast to the finish line, but unfortunately a little to late. The line was crossed by yours truly. Average Speed 34.5

D Grade By Jamie Robinson

Weather conditions were favourable with the rain holding off. The course was out and back Forrest Rd out and back Nobles Rd plus one lap. A good bunch of 7 riders which included Mandy Hosking, John Bell, Ross West, Chris Shay, Andrew Booth, Grant Rogers, Jamie Robinson contested the day.

With Mandy getting to the start late missing her grade she was allowed to ride with D grade which would have been an easy ride for her. A steady pace was set from the start and maintained all day stopping any attacks. The pace was set high over Nobles and Forrest roads with strong efforts by Grant, John and Jamie. The fast pace kept Ross quiet all day. This put doubt in anyone’s mind to attack so it was down to a bunch sprint. The sprint was lead out by Andrew with Mandy crossing the line first, but was unable to collect the win. Jamie Robinson was declared first second was Andrew Booth and third was John Bell. A great race by all.

Supervets Handicap, 8 April

Very windy conditions greeted the field at Paraparap on Wednesday 8 April. Chris Colley won by a 39 second margin to a fast finishing David Pike off scratch. Fellow sctatchman Laurie Fitzsimons completed the trifecta.

Winner’s time: 1.11.12 (av. 31.6 k/h).
Fastest time: 1.04.21 (av. 35.0 k/h).

Time Trial, 29 March

The exotic Carbon fibre was out in force at the clubs first time trial for the season as 30 competitors headed out for a 25km race of truth.

As well as 26 local riders 4 members from other clubs made the trip.

Age group winners were:

Daryl Burns 35-39

Sean Wilkeson (E) 40-44

Andrew Baker 45-49

Rick Buckwell 50-54

Gerrard Donnelly (E) 55-59

Carl Judd 60-64

Nick Grainger (CV) 65-69

Doug Barrett 70-74

Bill McConnell 75-79

Brian Long 80-84

Overall Fasest time went to Sean Wilkeson, 9 seconds ahead of his club mate Gerard Donnelly with our own Andrew Baker next.

Age adjusted results went to Nick Grainger, Gerard Donnelly then Doug Barrett (result adj. 1/4/15).

Thanks to the marshals, Col for timing, everyone else who helped with the event and all those “strong men” who participated.

Full results below.

Geelong Surf Coast Time Trial

Supervets Time Trial, 25 March

On Wednesday March 25 Supervets raced a Time Trial of 2 laps of the Paraparap circuit. The weather was fine with a north-west breeze adding a small challenge for the twenty riders.

Results: 1. C Judd 36.53, 2. N Maurer 37.27, 3. P Ladd 38.42, 4. D Phillips 38.56, 5. D Sonogan 39.53, 6. L Fitzsimons 39.54, 7. R Cronk 41.30, 8. T Collie 41.58, 9. Tina Stenos 41.59, 10. Liz Randall 42.36, 11. B Clay 42.59, 12. J Randall 45.59, 13. J Bell 47.18, 14. R Hodgson 47.26, 15. T Robinson 47.29, 16. J Watson 47.32, 17. B Farrell 47.49, 18. I Sumner 48.16, 19. A Kennon 50.05, 20. D Stuart 50.13

Final Results of Income Solutions Crit Series

After 6 tough rounds of Saturday crit racing it came down to the last round on Saturday 14th to decide the series winners with David Spence, Phil Cartledge racing for the top spot.
Congratulations to David Spence for having a very good round taking maximum points and not caving into the pressure taking out top spot in the aggregate points.
1st David Spence 188 points, 2nd Phil Cartledge 182, equal 3rd Dave Warren and Mick Barnes, 5th Andrew Baker 151.
Well done to all the riders who participated.
A special thanks to the sponsors Income Solutions and David Spence. To Colin Hooper for running a very good series again and with help form Richard Buckwell and Doug Wilson.

Crits table

Thursday Criterium, 12 March

A Grade . 1st Paul “super man in form” Beretta 2nd Brad Hasket 3rd Dave Warren
B Grade. 1st Paul “I’m under done” Ryan 2nd Marcus Coppock 3rd Andy Schep.
C grade. 1st Shane “I’ll do it on my own” Korth, 2nd Paul Bird, 3rd Barry “I don’t like the wind” Clay.
Rider of the night Andrew Baker working his butt off in A grade and gaining a big lead only to get caught near the end.
Well done to all in some longer races tonight.
The last income solutions crit race this Saturday. Warrnambool open Sunday week.

Supervets Handicap, 11 March

On Wednesday March 11 the Supervets raced a three lap handicap event at the Paraparap circuit. Near perfect conditions prevailed with a breeze from the north-west. A strong field of riders was led away by Andrew Kennon, Brian Long, Brian Farrell and Dale Jennings from sixteen minutes. Scratch bunch of Carl Judd, Bill McConnell and Laurie Fitzsimons challenged the two, six and eight minute bunches collecting the strongest riders as they worked through the middle of the field. Dennis Sonogan and Chris Colley supported this move and Barry Clay and Dave Phillips demonstrated some leadership for this growing bunch of strong riders. Meanwhile the sixteen minute outmarkers were gathered up by the stronger riders in the twelve minute bunch with Barry Primmer showing leadership and improved fitness well supported by Ray Hodgson and Ian Sumner. However, their dominance was short-lived as the chasing groups gathered all before them in the third lap. Barry Clay was first over the line followed by Dave Phillips and Dennis Sonogan who showed much improved form.

Results: 1. B Clay 1.08.42, 2. D Phillips, 3. D Sonogan, 4. B Primmer, 5. C Colley, 6. I Sumner, 7. C Judd, 8. B McConnell.

Fastest time: C Judd – 1.03.39 Av. 35.35 kph.

Graded Scratch Races, 8 March

Great racing in all grades on an awesome morning with 29 starters.
A Grade: 1st Anthony Seipolt, 2nd Andrew Baker, 3rd David Warren
B Grade: 1st Harvey Lang, 2nd Michael Hartman (N) 3rd Vincent Haveaux
C Grade: 1st Brad Keeting, 2nd Darren Williams, Chris Colley.
D Grade: 1st Daryl Peterson, 2nd Gavin Gamble, 3rd John Bell

A Grade by Anthony Seipolt
Perfect condition greeted our valiant band of brothers as they lined up for the 46km effort – out and back on Forest Rd and then an additional lap before a Larcombe Rd finish. There was a light Westerly blowing and the sun was making a slow but deliberate effort at shining through. Pretty benign by Paraparap standards.
Riders included Richard Lyle, Nick Brown, Andrew Baker, Dave Warren, Jeff Miller, Rick Buckwell and Steve Young. All were looking fresh and ready to go.
Now a scratch race can be a whole lot of things, and this one seemed determined to try them all. The riders put on a fantastic show with everyone having an attack or chase at one time or another.
We had a relatively benign roll up Misery Lane. There was a proposal to implement rolling turns, but this was voted down pretty quickly with a number of abstainers contributing to a general lack enthusiasm and eventually apathy won.
As we rolled up Forest Rd we came to the place where Dave always attacks and, you guessed it, Dave attacked!
This signaled the commencement of hostilities and a flurry of attacks ensured. Old man Jeff was in trouble early, but managed to bridge back on.
Andy was a workhorse much of the day. When the gaps were looking dangerous, he self-nominated as super-domestique and mowed the escapees down with some great efforts.
I took advantage of a lull in hostilities to roll off the front of the group. This followed a number of hard attacks from Rick, Steve, Jeff and others. The timing was lucky and no one seemed to want to take control of the chase. Seeing this, I had a bit of a dig and built up a bit of a gap on the group. Engage time trial mode. I stuck the cruise control on 320W and settled in to see what would happen.
At the Forest Rd turn, I got the red flag as a car was coming through. This held me up a little and by the time I was started off again, the pack had the scent and the gap was shut down pretty quick.
Everyone looked at everyone else for a minute, but pretty soon attacks were back on the menu again.
The pattern of the attacks was pretty straightforward; one rider would attack from mid-pack, they would gain some space until the the distance became uncomfortable enough that another rider thought they had better bridge across. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your viewpoint) everyone was waiting for the bridging maneuver and this usually resulted in the whole pack being dragged across to the break.
However, Rick had not read this script. Poor form really. He attacked on Greys Rd and pretty soon had the biggest gap of the day.
As we rolled up Forest Rd for the last lap we came to the place where Dave always attacks and, you guessed it, Dave attacked!
I recall stories that I had been told previously of Rick attacking at the start of a race and never being seen again. Obviously this story was at the forefront of a number of minds and some semblance of structure appeared in the chase.
At the turn into Hendy Main Rd we ran into a little confusion. There were two non-racing riders just ahead of us as we neared the corner – they appeared to be riding straight through. To ensure we didn’t cut across them as we turned we slowed up a little. When we were clear of the riders the speed jumped back up only to hit a little confusion at the entry onto Hendy proper. The first 4 or so riders made it through, but for the second time in the race, a car and red flag caught three riders out. The lead riders weren’t aware of the red flag, but even if they were it probably wouldn’t have mattered with Rick solo up the road.
By mid-way up Hendy the main pack looked to have Rick in their sights and I started to think about what might happen in a bunch Sprint.
Two weeks ago, I raced the Colac Monthly medal. Nick Brown and I had a good break and worked well together to hold off the rest of the field. We went hard at the finish line and Nick rolled over me with a strong sprint finish. Nick would have had the overall win except the handicapper was working off a speeding ticket and had given the local copper a 30min limit handicap. [Not true, but a good story nonetheless].
On this basis, I decided Nick was the best sprinter and probably also had the freshest legs. As we neared Larcombe Rd I soft pedaled and allowed a gap to form on the front three riders (Andy, Dave and Rick?). Nick and Jeff were behind me and I was hoping that I would force Nick into bridging the gap and expending some effort. This worked, but it was almost too late as the front thee riders has seen their advantage and were working to make it decisive. Fortunately my cunning plan worked and Nick jumped to try and bridge. About half-way across he was starting to tire and it was time to see if I could get back to the lead three.
The three riders were working well, but everyone’s legs were nicely toasted by now. I caught up at the chicane and tried to catch my breath.
With 300m to go everyone started to look around. I rolled up to second wheel and waited until the fuses were lit. This position serves to box the third and fourth wheels a little and allowed me to keep an eye on festivities. I learnt this one at the Northern Combine races and it is a good move if you have a small group with a decent gap.
From there on I don’t really know what happened. I put my head down and bum up and cranked out whatever my legs would do. Lucky to hold on for first with Andy and Dave very close behind.
Thanks to all the volunteers and organisers. Thanks to my fellow A Graders for a safe and fast race.

B Grade Harvey Lang
The race started at a steady pace with everyone settling in to the scratch race format . This being , ” let’s see who will begin attacking and how long before the leader waves the others to come through and take there turns. Andrew Reed and Ian ( not sure of last name ) and Harvey Lang were the ones to lead the group out to Hendry’s Rd and had some “mini ” attacks to ascertain who was able to keep the wheel and to see if we could split the bunch .
After the turn around at Gundry’s and heading back along Forest , Harvey and Andrew put in some breakaways along with Vincent and Mike , but the group could not be split . As we headed into our last lap of the normal circuit there were repeated attacks by Harvey and the ensuing game of chess was still at a stale mate, with all the group taking there turn when the attackers drifted to the back of the group . Ian did a power of work up misery lane and lead the group towards the finishing line and a bunch sprint at the end resulted in Harvey taking the honours with mike and Vincent third . Andrew reed unfortunately went over the middle line and was subsequently disqualified. It was a fantastic day and ride and these sorts of races are a great as you have to constantly think and watch for attacks and be prepared .

D Grade Daryl Peterson
The D graders set off with 8 Riders, and were working well together on the trip out and back Forest Road. Occasional displays of bravado were reeled in, and they headed onto Grays Road coming around to receive the bell for the final lap.
Grant Rodgers, Jamie Robinson and Chris Shay were riding strongly and with Ross West assisting were starting to stretch out the group.
Coming up to receive the bell lap, Gavin Gamble attacked and opened up a lead of 200 metres approaching the Finish Line for the first time, thinking he was going for the Win!
As we turned onto Forest Road a sheepish Gavin replied when we regrouped, that he was practicing for the Real Finish.
Completing the last lap, Ross West, John Bell, Daryl Peterson, and Ian Sumner were doing their best to be invisible as Grant, Chris and Jamie led up Misery Lane for the final time, while keeping an eye on Gavin, who was sure to put his practice sprint into action.
Turning into Larcombes Road for the sprint to the line, Gavin was on the front, with the rest of the bunch waiting until the last minute to pounce. With a strong kick Gavin set sail for the line, and was pipped by centimetres by Daryl, who had left his sprint to the last possible moment.
John Bell came in strongly in third.

Thursday Criterium, 5 March

Solid westerly wind blowing in cooler conditions.
A Grade: 1st Richard Lyle, 2nd Carl Leahy, 3rd Jeff Miller
B/C Grade: 1st Stuart Smith, 2nd Ian Amsden, 3rd Marcus Coppock.

Supervets Handicap, 4 March

On Wednesday March 4 Supervets raced a three lap handicap event. The day was ideal with a light breeze from the south west. A field of 23 riders took to the course led away by Brian Long, Brian Farrell, Andrew Kennon, John Watson and Ray Hodgson. This group had 17.3 minutes to the scratch bunch and some 10 minutes to a strong group of middle markers. They kept the pace up and were not bothered by the remaining field until swooped upon in the third lap. This group of riders constituted a dominant group of eight riders with the remaining field trailing off behind. Kim Clarke, Roger Cronk and Terry Collie were well in the mix at the clubrooms corner in the final stages. Tony Spark and Richard Buckwell were in the chase to the line. Ray Hodgson from limit capped off a strong ride to finish on the pace. Terry Collie crossed the line first from Kim Clarke and Roger Cronk. Peter Ladd took out fastest time of 1.03.50 an average of 35.25 kph.

Results: 1. T Collie, 2. K Clarke, 3. R Cronk, 4. B Clay, 5. D Phillips, 6. R Buckwell, 7. R Hodgson, 8. T Spark.

The winner’s time was 1.04.51, average of 34.70 kph.

KVA Design Summer Sash Handicap, 1 March
Out and Back Forest Rd plus 2 laps, finishing in Larcombes Rd. 57km.
A field of 36 steadfast riders tackled the great morning conditions with a strong southerly blowing by the end of the race. Most of the bunches started with 5 or 6 riders today.
Brian Long started off limit as the lone ranger for the day as his sidekick Ian Sumner had DNS next to his name. With the handicapper giving Brian an encouraging starting time of 32 minutes, Brian still had a very hard task in front of him.
The second limit group of 6 riders Ross West, John Bell, Terry Robinson, Gavin Gamble, Jamie Robinson and Grant Rogers, started 8 minutes behind Brian and were very keen to take the lead of the race early which they did on the return along Forest Rd and were working very well together to keep their lead, but with still more than half the race to go they had a lot of work to do.
The other main moving group was the third scratch group (5min) of Carl Judd, Shane Korth, Neil Maurer, Barry Howden, Mark Cummings and with the man in good form, Ian Amsden. They caught the (7.30min) group on Grays Rd for the first time making a very large strong group, but still had quite a lot of work to do to catch the leading 24min group.
Meanwhile the 2nd scratch group of Andrew Goodwin, Harvey Lang, Kane Airey, Stuart Smith and Carl Leahy and the scratch group of Daryl Burns, Richard Lyle, Dave Warren, Andrew Baker and Jeff Miller were making up good time on the road riding quite fast. The 2nd scratch group held off scratch till a lap and a bit to go. These two groups combined with some help from the 2nd scratch riders.
At the front of the race the leading group started to break up on the last lap and the big chasing group of the combined 5min and 7.30min group lost some of their earlier momentum, while the combined scratch group were very determined to make the catch with some riders within view on the last lap.
The remaining four riders of the lead group rode well to the finish line with a very close sprint between John Bell and Gavin Gamble, with Ross and Terry not too far behind. The rest of the placing were still up for grabs with Barry Howden finishing 1:30 behind John Bell, in front of Neil, Mark, Shane and Barry Clay. The chasing scratch group were less than a minute behind with Daryl Burns again being the fastest sprinter from this group.
John Bell was the strongest finisher today to take a well deserved win and nice red sash to go with. Thanks to Laurie Fitzsimons and Lou Rogers for filling in for marshalling and Diane Howden for the photos once again.
1st John Bell. (1:47:24) 2nd Gavin Gamble, 3rd Ross West, 4th Terry Robinson, 5th Barry Howden, 6th Neil Maurer, 7th Mark Cummings, 8th Carl Judd 9th Shane Korth, 10th Barry Clay. FT Daryl Burns (1:25:31)

Twighlight Criterium, 26 February

Keen racing with 21 riders and as usual a moderate south westerly wind providing a head wind in the back straight of the long course.
Nine riders in A grade saw Andy Baker and Joe Daly broke away mid race and were joined by Paul Beretta to form the winning trio.
1. P. Beretta 2. A.Baker 3. J.Daly
The B grade group of 7 riders stayed together until the final flurries saw Daryl Suter out sprint Stuart Smith and Ian Amsden.
1. D.Suter 2. S.Smith 3. I.Amsden
Five riders in C grade included trial rider Michael Carter who was third over the finish line. A sprint finish saw Brian Weppner take out the win from Barry Clay and Vince Trotter.
1. B.Weppner 2. B.Clay 3. V.Trotter

Supervets Handicap, 25 February

Wednesday February 25 Supervets raced a three lap handicap event at Paraparap. Weather conditions were favourable with a breeze from the south-east. Twenty two riders took part with the race favouring the out-markers. They were challenged to maintain the gap to the remaining field. Ray Hodson, Brian Long, Andrew Kennon and John Watson led the field away. They had a nine minute gap to Ross West, John Bell and Terry Robinson. The back-markers were thrown a difficult task of bridging a twenty minute deficit. Carl Judd had to retire early leaving David Pike a chase to Bill McConnell and Peter Ladd. The six minute bunch showed they were up to the challenge and Jeremy Tatchell together with Terry Collie, Dave Phillips and Kim Clarke broke through the mid field in an attempt to catch the front markers. However, this group stayed intact and went over the line well clear of the chasing group. John Watson won from Ray Hodson, Andrew Kennon and Brian Long. David Pike raced a creditable time of 1.01.20.

Results: 1. J Watson, 2. R Hodson, 3. A Kennon, 4. B Long, 5. T Collie, 6. D Philllips, 7. K Clarke, 8. J Tatchell.

Fastest time: D Pike – 1.01.20.

Income Solutions Summer Criterium Series, 21 February

Some hot and competitive racing Saturday morning for the Income Solutions criterium races.
Div 1 1st Paul Beretta, 2nd Nick Kennedy, 3rd David Warren. + Tony French, Tony Mirabella and Andrew Baker.
Div 2 1st Marcus Coppock, 2nd Phil Cartledge, 3rd Brad Haskett + Stephen Richards, Jeff Millar, and Kane Airey
Div 3 1st Daryl Suter, 2nd, Vincent Haveaux, 3rd David Spence. + Jim Knott
Div 4 1st Rod Lambeth, 2nd Mick Barnes.

Twighlight Criterium, 18 February
With the usual southerly blowing there was a lot of watching and waiting early in the races tonight, the racing heating up in the final 10 minutes with some breakaways and good sprints at the finish. Well done to all.

A Grade: 1st Paul Beretta, 2nd Dave Warren, 3rd Rick Buckwell + Tony French, Andrew Baker, Kane Airey, Joe Daly
B Grade: 1st Daryl Sutter, 2nd Jim Knott, 3rd Brad Haskett + Stuart Smith, Stephen Richard, Andy Schep, Marcus Coppock, David Spence, Ian Amsten, Carl Judd, Vincent Haveaux
C Grade: 1st Paul Bird, 2nd Shane Korth, 3rd Mandy Hosking + Tim Tingery, Keith Dorling, Brian Wepner, Mick Barnes

Supervets Time Trial, 18 February

On Wednesday February 18 Supervets conducted a time trial over two laps of the Paraparap circuit. A good representative gathering of twenty riders ensured that there would be many personal best results. Weather conditions were near perfect.

Results: 1. D Barrett 35.14, 2. N Brown 35.28, 3. C Judd 35.59, 4. P Ladd 36.09, 5. N Maurer 36.56, 6. D Phillips 37.59, 7. D Sonogan 38.15, 8. Liz Randell 39.45, 9. R Cronk 40.39, 10. T Collie 41.19, 11. J Bell 42.24, 12. B Clay 43.22, 13. C Colley 43.36, 14. T Spark 44.24, 15. T Robinson 44.25, 16. J Watson 45.25, 17. R Hodson 46.40, 18. R West 46.49, 19. I Sumner 46.57, 20. B Farrell 49.08.

Doug Barrett averaged 39.44 kph for the two laps.

Handicap, 15 February

Geelong and Surfcoast Cycling Club Handicap Race, 3- Laps, Out & Back Nobles Rd (49kms) Sunday, 15th February

The race was well attended with forty two riders in the field. The weather was warm, but not too hot and we had an unusual wind direction coming mostly from the North-east. The first group Ian started with chose to do track turns up the road as did the second group Ian rode with. Why the two groups in a handicap I hear you ask? Well, Ian saw Jimmy Knot in the group (who usually beats him in the end), heard the name Ian called out and thought no more of it until Dave Spence was leaning out the window of the marshalling car on the wrong side of the road telling Ian to stop and wait for the following group just before the turn off to Larcombe Rd from misery lane. On the third attempt by Dave to get my attention, the penny dropped and he stopped.

There were seven riders in the 6:30 group Peter Ladd, Ian Amsten, Chris Fenech, Darren William, Mark Langham (ACT), Paul Ogilvie (new rider) and Peter McDonough, riding strongly and put in equal efforts and they had the group in front caught on the top of the Forrest Rd Hill by the second – lap. After catching the group ahead, several of their riders came to the front and continued to do turns including Ian Flannery (CV). The combined group caught first sight of the remaining groups by the straight section of Hendy Main Rd approaching the club house and we finally reeled them in by mid climb on Larcombes Rd when the whole bunch sat up to recover and plot.

Meanwhile the three fast groups had all started well, especially the scratch group of Daryl burns, Richard Lyle, Dave Warren, Nick Oakley, Tony French and Jeff Miller making a fast catch to second scratch on the second lap. With help for the second scratch group it took till the end of Larcombe Rd to catch the large and strong third scratch group.

The leading 6:30 group planned to deny the combined scratch riders who had not arrived by this stage, so Ian attacked the field up the Larcombes Rd rise and had two riders follow, being Chris Fennech and Mark Langham, Mark pulled away and then Ian Amsten was shocked by a vicious turn of speed by Chris as we approached what they thought was the finish line.

Both riders sat up after crossing the finish line and the field had not chased by this stage, so Ian rode up to Chris first and asked the obvious question: “Did you know we still have to get to the end of Nobles and back mate?” A look of disappointment came over Chris’s face as we set off to inform the ‘winner’ up ahead, who was equally dejected to hear of this reality. The field soon came back together after rounding the corner onto Nobles and then the hard work began to keep the fast men at bay. With a lot of motivational chatter the pace was quickened. Peter Ladd being up the front and working in addition to Jimmy Knot, Mark, and a couple of others who were busy discussing when to set sail and attack on the way out to the turn around.

The combined scratch group hit the Larcombes / Noble Rd corner hard, but the pace slowed a little on the first rise up Nobles Road which could have ended their chance to make the catch.

The lead group kept a good pace up until the turn around and could see the scratch field closing fast once around with what looked like less than a minute’s gap. Many thanks again goes to the marshal on the turn around for the their much appreciated encouragement at that point of the race. The front of the group on the way back to the Larcombes corner was small with Jim Knott, Ian and Mark doing the work to stay away. The pace was still high after rounding the corner and the group waited for someone to bolt, which took place when Peter Ladd went early about 350m out followed by Ian who came around and held his line for the sprint in front. It was a very close as the riders neared the line and Ian gave a final burst to hold them off by a very small margin but did not know this at the time. Well done Ian (1st) and Barry Clay (2nd), Jim Knott (3rd) The 6:30 group had a great and exciting race. It sounds like there were a few riders that sat on during the last few kilometres to finish well in the sprint.

Thanks again to the course marshals, the handicapper and fellow markers who put in a big effort to keep away today.

The scratch group chased hard till the finish, passing dropped riders, finishing less than one minute behind with Daryl Burns taking fastest time.

1st Ian Amsden,(1:19:13) 2nd Barry Clay, 3rd Jim Knott, 4th Darren Williams, 5th Lance Rogers, 6th Johnny Parrello, 7th Peter Ladd, 8th & FT Daryl Burns,(1:13:24) 9th David Warren, 10th Richard Lyle.

Comments by Ian Amsden and Darren Williams.

Supervets Handicap, 11 February

On Wednesday February 11 Supervets staged a challenging three lap event on the Pararparap circuit. A former rider Roger Cronk joined the field after a long layoff from racing. The field was led away by out-markers Don Stewart and Dale Jennings. Following five minutes behind were John Watson and Ray Hodgson. The absence of scratch riders meant that the middle-markers were able to set the pace without a strong challenge from the rear of the field. Peter Ladd, Laurie Fitzsimons and David Phillips provided the chasing group of back-markers and were bolstered by Phil Preston, Barry Clay and Terry Collie. The pace provided by the five-minute bunch of Roger Cronk, Kim Clarke and Jeremy Tatchell proved to be the pivotal riders of the race. They gathered up the seven-minute group within the first lap and applied the pressure to form a quick bunch of ten riders then collecting the out-markers in the second lap. The final stages of the third lap saw an early break by Roger Cronk and Kim Clarke which paid off in the final results. Additional efforts by Barry Primmer and Jeremy Tatchell guaranteed the first four placings.

Results: 1. K Clarke, 2. B Primmer, 3. R Cronk, 4. J Tatchell, 5. T Robinson, 6. J Bell, 7. R Hodgson, 8. J Watson.

Fastest time: P Ladd – 1.04.08, average of 35 kph

New Riders Race Sealed Handicap, 8 February

A very good field of 40 riders today including 12 new trial riders were prepared and excited to give road racing a go. The format today was a sealed handicap of 46km out and back Forest Rd plus 1 lap. The wind was blowing from the southeast which grew stronger during the race.

The first 3 kilometers where under race control led by Paul Bird which gave everyone a bit more of a warm up after the race briefing. As soon as the start flag was released the race was on the go with a very solid start by Anthony Seipolt the #1 rider of the day. The field was split into a few groups the first time up forest Rd hill with a large group of 25 riders sitting on the scratch riders and a consistant second group of Paul Bird, Lance Rogers, Dennis Sonogan, Phil Preston, Daryl Peterson and a few of the new riders, Felix Figaira, Andrew Booth and Nigel Pearson working well together.

In the front group there were multiple attacks out and back along forest road from Kane Airey, Dave Warren, Anthony Siepolt and Neil Maurer. This group including new riders John Chomley, David Thornton, Stuart Smith and Wilko Crammer, Chris Ward and Shane Aitken were too even and not willing for any further breakaways with a lot of the middle markers sitting on. Ian Amsden decided to do some cyclo cross in the gravel and also came across a local kangaroo while going off road, thankfully he safely made it back onto the bunch and wasnt far off the front for the rest of the race. The faster riders were tiring with all the efforts trying to brake up this bunch. It took till the last time on Greys Rd for this to happen with Tony French setting up the break and joined with Harvey Lang and Nick Oakley. These three road very will together extending the gap with no real co-heasion within the chasers group. Kane and Dave gave one more effort up misery lane to catch the leaders with no luck. Tony French timed his sprint very well to take fastest time. Well done to the only female and new rider Moira Kairys for comleting the course on her own in very good time after missing the jump at the start.

After the handicappers studied the finishing times and handicapping, Ian Amsten won on the adjusted times with a very good and smart ride. Well done Ian. 2nd Darren Williams, 3rd Chris Fenech, 4th Neil Maurer, 5th David Spence, 6th Harvey Lang, 7th Shane Korth, 8th Gavin Gamble, 9th Daryl Peterson, 10th Dennis Sonogan.

Stuart Smith was first home for the new riders, with Chris Ward Second and John Chomley third and Moira for the women. Thanks to Beretta Bike Studio for the vouchers for the new rider placings.

Well done to all for a great day. Thanks to Richard Lyle for all your work in getting the idea of the new rider day off the ground, Diane Howdan for your excelent photos again, handicappers for working the out the race, Dave Phillips the refereee, all the marshals making anothe safe race and all the new riders to make the event happen. Hope to see you all out ot the club racing soon.

Supervets handicap, 4 February

On Wednesday 4 February once again a strong field of riders crossed the start line at Paraparap. The weather was mixed with a strong south easterly with patchy showers. The field was led away by Ray Hodgson, Brian Farrell, Dale Jennings, and Andrew Kennon with the following pair of Mel White and John Watson back five minutes. The out-markers made good time and were not caught until the final lap when a stronger group of riders from the middle marks began to influence the outcome of the race. Richard Buckwell, Jeremy Tatchell and Tony Spark featured in a mid race challenge supported by Ian Sumner, Barry Primmer and Terry Robinson. This group overtook the out-markers in the last lap. There efforts were in vain however, as the back-markers took control in the closing stages, crossing the line and filling the first four places. David Pike proved too strong and rode a 1.00.49 high performance race considering the blustery conditions.

Results: 1. D Pike, 2. N Brown, 3. C Judd, 4. B McConnell, 5. R Buckwell, 6. P Ladd, 7. J Tatchell, 8. T Spark.

Fastest time: D Pike – 1.00.49. Average of 37 kph.

Supervets handicap, 28 January

A strong field of riders contested three laps of the Paraparap circuit. The day was breezy from the east and troublesome on other legs of the circuit. Once more there were visitors from Ballarat who pleasingly boosted the fields competition. The field was led away by the twenty minute group of Ray Hodgson, Brian Farrell and Dale Jennings, leaving a nine minute gap to Ross West, John Bell and Mel White. The pace was on from the start and the eleven minute bunch led by John Bell was desperate to make up the large gap. Meanwhile Gordon Spargo and Ray Clifford picked up some of the out-markers early in the third lap when Richard Buckwell rejoined the leaders after the out-markers had been consumed. The back-markers meanwhile made time on the middle group and formed an attack on the leaders led by John Bell. John Bell flexed his strength on Forest Road in the last lap breaking from the bunch and leading down Grays Road. He was reunited with the chasers on Hendy Main Road and this group held together until the last few kilometres when John Bell broke away once more leading the bunch to the finish line. Gordon Spargo and Richard Buckwell were unable to head the leader and a challenge from the scratchmen David Pike and Nick Brown was unsuccessful.

Results: 1. J Bell, 2. G Spargo, 3. R Buckwell, 4. R Clifford, 5. R Hodgson, 6. R West, 7. D Pike, 8. N Brown.

Fastest time: D Pike – 61.10, averaging 36.8 kilometres per hour

Australia Day handicap, 25 January

New rider Andrew Read wins in a tight finish.
A very good field of 42 turned up today for the first handicap race of the year. 3 laps of the main circuit then out and back Nobles Rd finish in Larcombes Rd.
The limit group started 16 minutes in front of scratch today with a solid south west blowing which grew stronger throughout the race. The wind was too strong in the end for the most of the limit group which broke up early with the wind and the well paced and working 10.30 group of Andrew Read, Darren Williams Phil Preston Frank Gasperic and Barry Clay. This group also including Jeremy Tachell (C) soon became the Bunch to chase for the rampaging scratch groups The second scratch group of Nick Brown (C) Andrew Goodwin Jeff Miller Richard Taylor (Eur) Tony French and Kane Airey were holding a good pace and making up good ground and catching the third scratch group on Greys rd the last time. This group plus a few of the third scratch group worked well and were slowing getting the two leading groups in sight. After passing a few struggling riders up misery Lane for the last time and Nobles rd it took a big effort from Nick Brown and David Pike up the last rise on Nobles rd to ride away from the rest of second scratch. The 7.30 group were caught before the turn into Larcombes Rd then leaders we caught by Nick and David right at the finish line. Andrew Read just won over a fast finishing Nick Brown and David Pike not far behind. Scratch bunch finished less than a minute behind.
1st Andrew Read (10.30 min) 1:26.26
2nd Nick Brown (2min)
3rd David Pike (4.30)
4th Darren Williams (10.30)
5th Jeremy Tachell (16min)
6th Phil Preston (10.30)
7th Ian Amsden (10.30)
8th Tony French (2min)
9th Jeff Miller (2min)
10th Andrew Goodwin (2min)
FT Daryl Burns 1:16.42

Well done to all for a great race. Lamingtons and pies were enjoyed afterwards. The lamb master Andrew Baker didn’t have too much today for the Australia Day Celebration.

Twighlight Criteriums, 22 January

After a hot day the usual southerly was blowing quite hard tonight. With a few away watching some other cycling event there was a good size feild to A grade and a combined B & C grade.
Richard Buckwell decided to make the race time a mystery.
10 starters in A grade including new rider Daniel Harris and Joe Daly’s second hitout. With a finishing average of 38.7km/h it was a good solid race.
1st Kane Airey 2nd Paul Beretta 3rd Dave Warren
From Paul Birds review the combined grade race was very solid hitout. The B graders strength at the final sprint prevailed.
1st Vincent Haveaux 2nd Jim Knott 3rd Paul Ryan

Supervets handicap, 21 January

1. David Pike and Nick Brown, 3. B McConnell, 4. B Clay, 5. L Fitzsimons, 6. C Colley, 7. T Robinson. 8. J Bell.

Scratch Races, 18 January

We had a great turn out for our first race of the season with Good numbers to all grades. 4 laps abc grades 3 laps d grade finish in Larcombes. The usual south Westerly got stronger throughout the race.

A Grade had a solid field of eight. The number 1 rider of the day Dave Warren started off the attacks and made one stick up Forrest rd the second time splitting the field into two groups. Dave, Anthony Selpolt, Steve Young & Nick brown stayed together to the end with Dave gaping the rest in one last attack. Anthony and Nick caught Dave before the finish. Kane Airey, Tony French, Daryl Suter and Harvey Lang put in a solid effort for the remainder of the race together.

1st Anthony Seipolt , 2nd Nick Brown, 3rd Dave Warren

The B grade riders were dispatched and started at a moderate pace just happy to ride their legs in, until the second lap when Neil Maurer attacked opening up a small gap on the bunch. The bunch seemed happy to leave him out there over the next two laps. This created some individual attacks from Shane Korth, Peter Ladd, David Spence and Mark Cummings trying to bridge the gap. Just as the race was entering its final one and a half laps Shane Korth broke a spoke forcing him out of the race. The race now becoming more tactical with a lot of riders just biding their time for the sprint. David Spence led the group up Hendy Main Rd towards the finish. Jim Knott jumped away first in the sprint with Mark Cummings covering his wheel with Carl Judd behind him. In the race to the line Carl Judd narrowly beat Mark Cummings with David Spence finishing fast for third place. By Chris Judd

B Grade

1st Carl Judd 2nd Mark Cummins 3rd David Spence.

C grade

1st Frank Gaseric 2nd Phillip Preston 3rd Paul Ryan.

9 riders set off on their first race of the season with the usual excuses of the Flu and I have put on 4 kilos over Christmas or I have not been riding at all

Tactics were in play with the pace up and down over the first 3 laps until Barry (Pussie) Clay came to the front approaching the Lacombes finish Line and said why is the pace slow. This is the finish coming up. The answer was yes and go for it.

He was disappointed when we continued on to the 4th lap.

And the pace picked up to shake it up at that time too.

Final stretch up Misery Lane with a quick attack past the club rooms which was reeled in and the group settled in for a bunch finish sprint.

Until the Out of Form Dennis Sonogan slingshot past the whole group 200 metres before Lacombes Rd and put everyone in the red trying to catch him up Lacombes Rd.

Frankie (I have put on 4 kilos) lead Phil Preston across the line by half a bike with Paul Ryan in 3rd place.

Barry (Pussie) Clay peaked on the 3rd lap.

A enjoyable ride by all those involved. By Phil Preston

D grade

1st Daryl Peterson 2nd John Bell 3rd Chris Shay.

The D-Grade Dance : New Rider Perspective.

Like Alberto Contadore (El Pistolero) the D-graders drew pedals at 9.00 (well, a few minutes later: it was the first shoot out for the year). With two new boys on board (Chris Shay and myself) the wheelmen of D-land set off in a measured calm pace for the first lap.

This is the first time I have ridden in an experienced group of more than two (one good reason for joining the club) and I was made to feel most welcome with handshakes and hellos pre-race and mentoring throughout the race – thanks to Richard Buckwell in particular, for guidance on the art of rotating the lead.

The pace picked up as the kms ticked over and feeling I had plenty of energy to go much faster on the last lap I went hard and broke away on Grays Rd. But by the time I hit Misery Lane and into the wind the lactic had built up and I’d lost my power. I was overtaken near the Larcombes turn off with Daryl Peterson on his stunning Colnago taking out first (most deservedly after he apparently dragged the pack back up to me). Richard Buckwell was a close second and Chris Shay found the extra power down the finish straight to overtake me within sight of the line to finish third. Very close behind was Doug Wilson who deserves a special commendation for riding his first race since fracturing his hip. The other riders to make up the field were John Bell and Terry Robinson (the self-professed D grade specialist).

Next time I wont burn too many matches before hitting “Misery Lane” with a strong westerly. I foolishly went too early partly due the excitement of this being my first race – I was keen to feel I had “put in” and I was lulled into a false sense of security by the relative ease of the peleton in the earlier laps (we actually averaged >32 km/h), but all the guys did a significantly faster last half lap I’d say. I was also curious to just feel how strong the other riders and myself were. Last but not least, for what motivated my failed breakaway, was the factor of sheer youthful exuberance (lol).

Thanks D graders for a great introduction and the club in general for making me feel welcome. I enjoyed the company and the dance around the bitumen. I will be back for more. By Gavin Gamble

Next week Australia Day HC 9.00am start entries to Dave Robinson. Lamington and pies for lunch!

Twighlight Criterium, 15 Jan.

Another night of windy crit racing last night, a great deal of fun, suffering and therapy had by all.
A Grade, 1st Paul Beretta, 2nd Gary Wearmouth (tr), 2nd (3rd) Kane Airey, 3rd (4th) David Warren.
B Grade, 1st Paul Ryan, 2nd Vincent Haveaux, 3rd Jim Knott
C Grade, 1st Paul Bird, 2nd Andy Schep, 3rd Barry Clay.
D Grade 1st Mick Barnes, 2nd Steve Paige. (tr)
Well done to the trial riders Gary Wearmouth, Joe Daily and Steve Paige for having a go and we hope to see out out again soon.
(Trial riders don’t receive prize money or official placings)

Supervets 14 Jan, Handicap

A small field opened our 2015 season at Paraparap. The usual out-markers were absent and the field was reduced to a ten minute gap. The ten minute group of John Bell, Ross West and Mel White led the field off with only a two minute seven second break to Chris Colley and Gordon Spargo, whose good form from 2014 might have carried over into the new year. Dennis Sonogan, Dave Phillips and Phil Preston were down on form and could not hold out on Laurie Fitzsimons and Peter Ladd. However, the scratch bunch were up to the challenge and dominated the finish. David Pike winning from Nick Brown and a strong Chris Colley, followed closely by Bill McConnell.

Results: 1. D Pike, 2. N Brown, 3. C Colley, 4. B McConnell, 5. P Ladd, 6. L Fitzsimons, 7. J Bell.

Fastest time: D Pike – 63.58.

Round 3 Income Solutions Criterium Series

Another round of close, hard racing concluded on Saturday with round 3 of the Income Solutions Summer Criterium Series.

Most grades came down to a sprint finish but the attacks were many throughout most races, with point again up for grabs at the intermediate sprint.

Results were:

Division 1:

Nick Kennedy

David Warren

Andrew Baker

Division 2:

Kane Airey

Richard Lyle

Phil Cartledge

Division 3:

Jim Knott

David Spense

Vincent Haveaux

Division 4:

Mick Barnes

Rod Lambeth

Full Results via MyLaps