Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Near perfect conditions for racing greeted 36 riders at Paraparap on Sunday December first for a 50 kilometre handicapped race out to the two turnarounds on Nobles and Forest roads and finishing on Larcombes road. The “Silver Fox” Brian Long riding from the 22 minute mark once again proved that age is no barrier and easily won a five man bunch sprint. Brian’s group had been caught by the nineteen minute group of John Bell, Ian Sumner and Alan Pescott and was leading the race on the journey back from the Forest road turnaround. This combined group of six riders were keeping the pace high in an attempt to hold off the chasing field of 26 riders. The stand out group was one of the smallest groups in the race, the 13 and a half minute group of Jim Knott, Ross West and Paul Bird. With Jim furiously driving the group to an average speed of over 36 kilometres per hour they captured the leading six man group less than five kilometres from the finish. The pace then took its toll up “misery lane” as the group dwindled to five riders. Brian took the checkered flag sprinting from the back with Ross West and John Bell unable to get on his wheel. Fastest time of 1:13:38 ave 39.93 km/hr was taken out by rapidly improving scratch man Richard Lyle, four minutes adrift of the winner.

B.Long 1:31:35 ave 32.81, R.West, J.Bell, J.Knott, P.Bird, D.Peterson, I.Sumner, A,Pescott, S.Cox, A.Baker. Fastest R.Lyle.


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
“Jack Griffin” 50 km. Handicap
Four laps of the Hendy Main Circuit, finishing in Larcombes Road

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club were hosts to the Colac Veteran Cycling Club for the thirty first running of the annual “Jack Griffin” handicap.
A showery start, wet roads, the skies looked threatening, the wind was rising from the South West. By 9 am. mother nature had a change of plan, thought better of it and the day turned out quite pleasant. Fifty one entries separated into nine bunches. Scratch with three riders conceding between 2.30 min. and 27 min. to limit. The two limit riders had completed the first lap just as the second scratch bunch of (5) was about to start, scratch with (3) would be thinking, how hard is this going to be?
Five times up misery lane, into that South Westerly, it plays havoc on the out markers, the attrition rate is amazing. With ten kilometres to travel, bunches had one another in there sights, the race coming together that fifth time up Hendy Main and into Larcombes Road. The 4.30 , 6.30 and 9 min. bunchs combined and pulled together for a good clean sprint to the line with Carl Judd from the 9.00 min bunch being successful. Scratch rider Nick Kennedy (Colac) taking fastest time.
At the presentation Jack Griffin commanded a minutes silence while he collected his thoughts, then the party started, it was Jack the entertainer of old. This wonderful man gives so much to Veteran Cycling and just loves a presentation. Thank you Jack.

Final results:

1st Carl Judd 9:00 Time 1:23:51 Avg 35.8km/h
2nd Chris Fenech 9:00
3rd Richard Lyle 4:30
4th Tony French 4:30
5th Neil Maurer 6:30
6th Heather Hamling (C) 4:30
7th Nick Oakley 6:30
8th Kane Airey 4:30
9th Mark Purdie (C) 6:30
10th Len Murfitt (C) 9:00
Fastest Time Nick Kennedy (C) Scratch Time 1:15:36 Avg 39.7km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club 2013 Championships

A small field of 25 riders turned out for the 2013 championships at Paraparap on Sunday November 17. Conditions were cool and sunny with a moderate easterly breeze. Competitive racing saw some of the eight age groups break up and others hold together for a bunch sprint. The largest group, men aged 50 to 54 split into ones and twos on the third lap of the 4 lap 49 kilometre race. Two ladies competed in the championships.

40-44 1. K.Airey
45-49 1. R.Lyle 2. J.Miller 3. S.Kinna
50-54 1. P.Quibell 2. N.Maurer 3. D.Spence
60-64 1. C.Judd 2. P.Ladd 3. L.Fitzsimmons
65-69 1. D.Phillips 2. J.Hilsdon 3. R.West
70-74 1. T.Gray 2. R.Buckwell 3. D.Sonnogan
40-44 1. S.Cox
45-49 1. A.Hosking

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

22 riders took to the roads of Paraparap on Sunday November 3 for a 49 kilometre handicapped race out the unforgiving Blackgate road and Forest road with the finish in Larcombes road.
Strong post frontal south westerly winds made the going tough setting up the back markers for victory. It was the second scratch group off one minute 30 seconds who were victorious with Mal Lloyd taking first place and fastest time in a bunch sprint of 8 riders. Mal took out fastest time by 23 seconds from the scratch men of Carl Leahy and Jeff Miller who lost Kane Airey early on. The race came together a long way from home at the quarry on the return journey along Forest road with fifteen riders chasing line honours. Many could not hold on when the surges began down Grays road.

M.Lloyd (1:21:17 fastest time) N.Maurer M.Coppock D.Warren M.Hosking P.McDonough S.Kinna P.Ladd C.Leahy J.Miller


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

The Geelong Veterans are back racing at The Belmont Criterium track on Thursday nights. Entries are taken from 6pm for a 6:30 start. Racing will run through until daylight saving finishes.
25 riders split into four grades raced for 35 minutes plus two laps on the demanding criterium circuit last Thursday October 31.

A Grade
1. C.Leahy
2. P.Beretta
3. R.Buckwell

B Grade
1. B.Mitchell
2. C.Judd
3. J.Hilsdon

C Grade
1. A.Schep
2. J.Knott
3. P.Bird

D Grade
1. T.Robinson
2. L.Johnston
3. P.Cox


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

The Geelong Veteran Cycling Club conducted a 61 kilometre scratch race on Sunday October 27. Twenty-two riders in seven groups took the starters instructions for the five lap journey around the small circuit at Paraparap and finishing in Larcombes road. John Bell from the 22 minute bunch collected his first win in a Sunday race, even after dropping his chain early in the race . Phil Cox, was the loan out marker starting 35 minutes before the three man scratch group of Rick Buckwell, Peter Quibell and Nick Oakley. The strongest trio in the race, were from the 22 minute group John Bell and Richard Buckwell, and from the 25 minute group Brian Long. The trio were together by the second lap and rode strong throughout the race to finish minutes ahead of the chasing peloton.

Results: J.Bell (1hr:57:52) R.Buckwell snr. B.Long N.Maurer P.Wynne R.Buckwell (fastest time 1hr:38:59) D.Pike M.Hosking J.Knott R.West


Australian Veterans Cycling Championships

Winner of the prestigious “Russell Mockridge Cup” 25 kilometre time trial.

1st Shane Miller.. Victoria. 32:57.518. with an Avs. of 45.512 km/hr.
Beating the World Age Standard Time of 40:36. by 7:38.482.

2nd Michael Davies. South Australia. 34:53.426. with an Avs. of 42.992 km/hr
Beating the World Age Standard Time of 41:59. by 7:05.574.

3rd Brad Daly. Victoria. 35:42.487. with an Avs. of 42.007 km/hr
Beating the World Age Standard Time of 42:42. by 6:59.513.

All Results


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday September 29, 49 km handicap race with 40 starters. Three laps of the Paraparap circuit and a trip out Nobles road finishing in Larcombes road. With a strengthening North westerly wind it was a race between the out markers off 21 and 24 minutes and the fast closing scratch groups and whoever could hold on. The scratch men prevailed catching the out markers on the return from the Nobles road turnaround with Andrew Goodwin taking first and fastest time in a tight bunch sprint. The first of the out markers was John Bell off 21 minutes coming in 9th place.

Final results:

1st & Fastest Time Andrew Goodwin Scratch Time 1:20:21.001 Avg 36.58km/h
2nd Malcolm Lloyd 2:00
3rd Jeff Miller Scratch
4th Jonathon Lacey 2:00 Eureka
5th Nick Oakley 4:00
6th Heather Hamling * 4:00 Colac
7th Peter Quibell Scratch
8th Richard Lyle Scratch
9th John Bell 21:00
10th Brian Long 24:00

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Graded Scratch Races 5 Laps 57 km. A, B, C. 4 Laps 46 km. D, E, F. Finish Hendy Main Road

A Grade
1. Kane Airey
2. Jeff Miller
3. Carl Leahy

B Grade
1. Malcolm Lloyd
2. Brad Hasket
3. Barry Howden

C Grade
1. Vince Haveaux
2. Brad Keating
3. Grant Rogers

D Grade
1. Jim Knott
2. Ross West
3. Ian Walker

E Grade
1. Ken Mansfield
2. Ralph Edwards


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

25 km. Time Trial. Out and back Forest Road.

Final results:

Position Number Name Age Class Place Total time Age Adjusted Cor / time Place Avs. speed
1 7 Peter Quibell 54 50-54 1 36:24.303 0:42:12 (-)5:47.697 4 41.203
2 14 Doug Barrett 68 65-69 1 38:24.923 0:44:19 (-)6:54.077 1 39.047
3 2 Jeff Miller 45 45-49 1 38:37.235 0:41:13 (-)2:35.765 7 38.839
4 16 Tommy Gray 70 70-74 1 38:56.515 0:44:46 (-)5:49.485 3 38.519
5 17 William McConnell 74 70-74 2 39:33.114 0:45:48 (-)6:14.886 2 37.925
6 8 Marcus Coppock 58 55-59 1 39:42.814 0:42:42 (-)2:59.186 6 37.77
7 3 Richard Lyle 45 45-49 1 40:48.053 0:41:13 (-)0:24:947 9 36.764
8 6 David Spence 52 50-54 2 42:39.104 0:41:59 (+)0:40.104 11 35.169
9 15 David Phillips 68 65-69 2 42:52.505 0:44:19 (-)1:27.495 8 34.985
10 1 Dave Warren 44 40-44 1 44:00.234 0:41:07 (+)2:53.234 15 34.088
11 5 Joe Gulino 50 50-54 2 44:05.752 0:41:46 (+)2:19.752 13 34.017
12 4 Amanda Hosking 46 45-49 1 44:22.289 0:44:38 (+)0:15.711 10 33.805
13 11 Carl Judd 61 60-64 1 44:39.688 0:43:06 (+)1:33.688 12 33.586
14 9 Paul Bird 60 60-64 2 46:14.003 0:42:57 (+)3:17.003 16 32.444
15 20 John Randall 83 80-84 1 46:15.400 0:49:20 (-)3:04.600 5 32.428
16 13 Ross West 66 65-69 3 47:14.553 0:43:55 (+)3:19.553 17 31.751
17 12 Ian Walker 66 65-69 4 49:59.647 0:43:55 (+)6:04.647 18 30.004
18 18 Brian Long 81 80-84 2 50:14.737 0:48:22 (+)2:52.737 14 29.853
19 10 Terry Robinson 63 60-64 3 50:23.995 0:43:24 (+)6:59.995 19 29.762

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Hendry Cycles Father’s Day Handicap Race

Once again the wind was blowing strongly but the temperature more pleasant at Paraparap for the Hendry Cycles trophy race on Sunday September 1st.
In one of the longest races of the year 30 riders travelled 57 kilometres out and back Forest road as well as two laps of the Paraparap circuit with the finish in Larcombes Road.
The builder from Belmont, John Hilsdon, put in a powerful performance to greet the judges first. It was John’s 15 and a half minute bunch of Paul Bird, Ross West and Denise O’Loghlen that rode strongly all day. After loosing Denise and picking up Ian Sumner, John Bell and Daryl Petersen from the 22 minute bunch on the first lap the group maintained a consistent pace to the finish. The back markers weren’t taking easy though with Tommy Gray leading the 8 and a half minute bunch in only a few hundred metres behind the five man winning bunch. Fastest time went to Tony Mirabella from the Eureka club.
J.Hilsdon (1:44:30 Ave 32.79), P.Bird, I.Sumner, R.West, J.Bell, T.Gray, M.Hosking, R.Nicholls, G.Rogers, D.Warren, f/t T.Mirabella (1:33:56 Ave 36.55)


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

52 km. Handicap on Championship Coarse finish in Larcombes Road.

Final results:

1st Nick Brown (C) 2:00 Time 1:27:20.152 Avg 35.718km/h
2nd Jeff Miller Scratch
3rd Robert Nicholls 6:30
4th Andrew Baker 6:30
5th David Pike 2:00
6th Barry Howden 4:00
7th Carl Judd 4:00
8th Darren Terry (Eur) Scratch
9th Rick Buckwell Scratch
10th Kane Airey 2:00
Fastest Time J Miller Scratch Time 1:25:20.335 Avg 36.57km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

The forecast of gale force winds and showers deterred many of the riders from the 49km Geelong Veteran Cycling Club race at Paraparap on Sunday August 18. Weather conditions didn’t disappoint with strong north westerly winds and late showers making it a day for the scratch men. Nineteen riders took the starters instructions for the 49km journey out Forest Road and returning for a lap of the Paraparap circuit finishing in Larcombes Road. Small bunches of 3 or 4 meant there was nowhere to hide and only the strongest survived out in the wind. The scratch men took the lead more than 12km from the finish and provided the hard working Jeff Miller with a solid win and fastest time. Second and third scratch groups were caught by the scratch men on the tough return trip on Forest Road with the race coming all together on “Misery Lane” on Hendy main Road at the start of the final lap. Surviving the horrendous weather conditions fifteen riders finished the race.
J.Miller (1:18:11) D.Terry C.Judd M.Coppock N.Maurer R.Lyle J.Hilsdon P.Bird M.Hosking J.Gulino


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

It was a great day for riders visiting from the Eureka Club (Ballarat Veterans) on Sunday August 11. Thirty two riders competed in five graded scratch races at the Paraparap circuit, over distances of 46 or 58 km, with Ballarat riders taking out 3 of the 5 races. Races were held in mild but windy conditions with most grades having all riders sprinting for the win. A,C and E grades had riders dropped.

A Grade
1. A.Rushton(Eur)
2. D.Terry
3. P.Quibell

B Grade
1. N.Oakley
2. B.Howden
3. R.Taylor(Eur)

C Grade
1. J.Hilsdon
2. D.Warren
3. J.Gulino

D Grade
1. T.Collie(Eur)
2. J.Stuart
3. J.Knott

E Grade
1. J.Faulkner(Eur)
2. R.Lambeth
3. B.Long


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

It was “ladies day” at Paraparap on Sunday 4th of August with Mandy Hosking taking out the 49km handicap race. After three laps of the Paraparap circuit and a journey out Nobles road four riders broke away on the way back on Nobles to set up a sprint finish which was comfortably won by Mandy.
Twenty two started the race in cool damp conditions with a moderate westerly making the going tough. Small groups meant it wasn’t easy to sit on and most groups splintered early in the race. The back markers were not helped by punctures forcing the retirement of scratch and second scratch riders. A large peloton from the 6, 8 and 12 minute bunches amalgamated on the last lap reeling in Ken Mansfield who was off limit. This group powered for home from the Nobles road turnaround to set up the win for Mandy in a time of 1:28:19. Fastest time was taken out by second scratch rider Marcus Coppock in 1:25:00.
Results: M.Hosking, N.Maurer, A.Baker, G.Rogers, R.West, B.Keating, J.Knott, J.Gulino, C.Fenech, M.Coppock.


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Todays course was a fifty seven kilometre Handicap, Out and back Forest Road, plus two laps of the Hendy Main Road Circuit, finish in Larcombes Road.

Final results:

1st Peter Quibell 4:00 Time 1:37:42 Avg 35.00km/h
2nd Tommy Gray 9:00
3rd David Warren 9:00
4th Rick Buckwell Scratch
5th David Pike 2:00
6th Amanda Hosking 9:00
7th Malcolm Lloyd 2:00
8th Jeff Miller Scratch
9th Richard Buckwell 15:00
10th Bill McConnell 4:00
Fastest Time Rick Buckwell Scratch Time 1:36:01 Avg 35.6km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Open Graded Scratch Races

Sunday July 21st saw the running of the annual Geelong Veteran Cycling Open Graded Scratch Races at Paraparap.
Over seventy riders from all over the state raced over a demanding course of 62 kilometres.
Two trips up the hill on Nobles road as well three circuits over the hill on Forest road tested all riders.
Six groups took to the road in very cool but sunny conditions. An increasing breeze made the going that much tougher.
The Geelong club was the best performed, winning three of the six divisions as well as three placings.
Two stand out rides of the were from Xavier Coppock in division 1 and Neil Maurer in division 5.
Both riders rode away from their groups early in the races to record strong wins on their own.
Most of the other divisions came down to sprint finishes.

Div 1
1st Xavier Coppock G
2nd Peter Howard E
3rd Nick Kennedy C
4th Adam Smith Eur
5th Andrew Goodwin G

Div 2
1st Clement Fries N
2nd Jeff Miller G
3rd Carl Leahy G
4th David Peters Eur
5th David Pike G

Div 3
1st Paul Dynon Cv
2nd Ken Heres Eur
3rd Richard Taylor Eur
4th Leigh-Anne Dynon Cv
5th Scott Denno Eur

Div 4
1st Daniel Hale Cv
2nd Graham Nicolson Gipp
3rd Mark Purdie C
4th Carl Judd G
5th Attila Harangozo G

Div 5
1st Neil Maurer G
2nd Amanda Hosking G
3rd John Hasouras N
4th Darren Bott C
5th John Hilsdon G

Div 6
1st Denise O’Loghlen G
2nd Graeme Parker Eur
3rd John C Wilson E
4th Rodney Lambeth G
5th Jane Clifton C


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

On Sunday July 7th 22 Veteran cyclists competed in four graded scratch races over 46 km (34 km for D grade) in cool dry winter conditions. A light to moderate breeze kept the riders honest over the familiar Paraparap course. All grades stayed together for sprint finishes, other than B grade where three riders were dropped.

A Grade
1. C.Leahy
2. K.Airey
3. D.Spence

B Grade
1. P.Quibell
2. M.Cummings
3. M.Purdie (Colac)

C Grade
1. D.Bott (Colac)
2. D.Warren
3. J.Hilsdon

D Grade
1. R.Lambeth
2. B.Long
3. I.Sumner


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

On Sunday June 30 thirty three veteran cyclists raced a 57km handicap race on a tough course of out and back Forest road, two laps of the Paraparap circuit finishing in Larcombes road. Conditions were good with a cool but gentle breeze and drying roads. The racing proved too tough for many riders with nearly a third of the field not finishing. This week the 17 minutes group of Mark Kelly, Peter Wynne and Denise O’Loghlen were the strongest. They rode through the 3 groups in front of them to record an easy win. It was over 5 minutes before the scratch group finished, with Rick Buckwell taking fastest time. 1:34:28

Final results:

1st P.Wynne Time 1:46:32
2nd D.O’Loghlen
3rd M.Kelly
4th A.Pescott
5th J.Bell
6th I.Sumner
7th C.Leahy
8th D.Pike
9th C.Fenech
10th C.Judd
Fastest Time Rick Buckwell Time 1:34:28

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Racing with the Geelong veterans doesn’t get any colder days than last Sunday the 23rd of June. Five degrees was the temperature at race start time of 9:30, with double figures not being reached during the race. Even so 25 well rugged up riders put in a very competitive and exciting race. The course was 48km out and back both Nobles and Forest roads with the finish in Larcombes road. It was a great ride by Atilla Harangozo off 6:30 minutes who was too good for a group of more experienced sprinters. The 6:30 took the race lead from the out markers on the return journey along Forest road after having reeled in the eight minute bunch on the outward journey. It was also an inspired ride by the two remaining riders from the 3:30 minute bunch, Chris Fenech and Marcus Coppock rode onto the back of the leading peloton only five kilometres from the finish. This set up an exciting sprint finish of 14 riders. The second scratch group finished only one and a half minutes off the back of the peloton and recorded fastest time.

Final results:

1st A.Harangozo Time 1:21:13 Avg 35.49 km/h
2nd M.Coppock
3rd M.Hosking
4th C.Fenech
5th N.Maurer
6th D.Phillips
7th B.Keating
8th P.Bird
9th J.Knott
10th G.Rogers
Fastest Time B.Howden Time 1:16:16 Avg 37.81 km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Wet roads didn’t deter 27 Geelong Veteran Cyclists racing at Paraparap on Sunday June 16. The rain held off and the 27 riders split into five scratch groups raced over a demanding course of 45 kilometres, out and back Blackgate and Forest roads finishing in Hendy Main road. The conditions were cool but the racing was hot with all grades finishing in sprint finishes.

A Grade
1. S.Young
2. R.Buckwell
3. P.Beretta

B Grade
1. M.Lloyd
2. B.Howden
3. C.Leahy

C Grade
1. B.Keating
2. J.Knott
3. D.Phillips

D Grade
1. J.Stuart
2. M.Kelly
3. J.Tatchell

E Grade
1. T.Robinson
2. J.Bell
3. L.Johnston


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Fifty kilometre handicap. Due to road works in Hendy Main Rd, a change in circuit was required, starting at the gum trees in Gray’ Rd. Out and back Forest Rd, return to Larcombes Rd, to Nobles Rd, out and back, then retreat to Gray’ Rd, finish in Hendy Main Rd. Forty six turned out in near perfect conditions, six guest riders were welcomed on the day, blue skies with a slight but chilly Westerly breeze, eight bunches were set. A scratch bunch of six conceded 28 min to three limit riders. On paper one would have expected the winner to come from the back five bunches, with strength and numbers in there favour. However the 13.30 min bunch of five riders worked extremely well to stay well clear of the chase bunches, only to lose one member in the final stages of the race. Attila Harangozo, Aaron Anstis, Ross West and Ben Kersten forged past the two limit bunches, with Attila and Aaron not taking any passengers cleared away to win comfortably, a minute thirty to third place getter Ross West. Scratch rider Steve Young took fastest time, a little over four minutes in arrears.

Final results:

1st Attila Harangozo 13:30 Time 1:26:50 Avg 34.68km/h
2nd Aaron Anstis 13:30
3rd Ross West 13:30
4th Kim Collins 12:00
5th Dave Warren 12:00
6th David Phillips 12:00
7th Brad Keating 12:00
8th Barry Howden 2:30
9th Malcolm Lloyd 6:30
10th Ian Ravenscroft 6:30
Fastest Time Steve Young Scratch Time 1:17:45 Avg 38.73km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Graded Scratch Races, Grades A,B & C 4 Laps, D & E 3 Laps of the Hendy Main Circuit.

A Grade
1. Richard Lyle
2. Steve Young
3. Barry Howden

B Grade
1. David Spence
2. Peter Quibell
3. Malcolm Lloyd

C Grade
1. Kim Collins
2. Amanda Hosking
3. Jim Knott

D Grade
1. James Stuart
2. David Phillips
3. Leigh Johnston

E Grade
1. Rod Lambeth
2. Terry Robinson


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

The race today was a fifty kilometre handicap run over four laps of the Paraparap circuit and finish in Larcombes Road, overcast conditions, no threats of rain, with a slight South Westerly breeze. A field of forty riders turned out for the event, split into nine bunches, scratch conceding 26.00 min to three limit riders. All bunches worked well for the first three laps holding there own, however scratch and second scratch merged just before the end of the second lap creating a bunch of eight, the four to five minute gaps of the out markers started to tighten by the end of lap three, into lap four the limit riders still holding a slim chance finally conceded half way down Grays Road. Now the race looked interesting, bunches could now see the race was coming together, passing the club rooms for the last gasp four kilometres to the finish, the large chase bunch with Jeff Miller in full flight leading the charge only failed by a meagre 25 seconds. The thirteen minute bunch took control about eight kilometres from the finish and were desperate not to relinquish there lead. Cresting the rise, five hundred metres from the finish, a sizable bunch of riders emerged, in fact thirty riders were vying for a place. However the determination of Peter Wynne and co stretched them out and held on to take line honours from Ross West, next, the first lady rider Denise O’Loghlen finished third. Fastest time was taken out by Andrew Goodwin who finished in the middle of the bunch.

Final results:

1st Peter Wynne 13:00 Time 1:32:51 Avg 32.31km/h
2nd Ross West 13:00
3rd Denise O’Loghlen 13:00
4th Ian Sumner 18:00
5th Attila Harangozo 13:00
6th Brian Long 22:00
7th Barry Howden 2:00
8th Andrew Goodwin Scratch
9th Dave Phillips 11:00
10th John Hilsdon 11:00
Fastest Time Andrew Goodwin Time 1:20:16 Avg 37.38km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

A 50km handicapped race was held on Sunday May 12. Twenty seven riders split into 7 groups with the limit riders off 22 minutes contested 4 laps of the Paraparap circuit finishing in Larcombes road. A mild day with a steadily increasing north westerly wind meant it was a day for the scratch men. The remaining three scratch riders, having lost Marcus Coppock early in the race, grabbed the lead from the peloton in Grays road, seven kilometres from the finish. With Darren Terry putting a big turn from the club rooms fellow scratch man Tony French was propelled to a much deserved win.

Final results:

1st & Fastest Time A. French Time 1:24:02
2nd C.Leahy
3rd D.Terry (Eur)
4th R.Lyle
5th D,Spence
6th G.Rogers
7th M.Hosking
8th C.Judd
9th J.McCauley
10th J.Hilsdon

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday May 5 saw five graded scratch races contested over a 45km course out to the Forest road turnaround and two laps of the Paraparap circuit. An unusually light southerly wind, cool and cloudy conditions greeted the 39 veteran riders. Good numbers in each grade encouraged spirited racing. Most grades lost one or two riders and ended in sprint finishes to the checked flag.

A Grade
1. K.Airey
2. X.Coppock
3. D.Terry (Eur)

B Grade
1. C.Fenech
2. J.Langedyk
3. E.Ziediatis

C Grade
1. C.Judd
2. M.Hosking
3. P.Bird

D Grade
1. K.Collins
2. J.Hillsdon
3. M.Kelly

E Grade
1. R.Lambeth
2. B.Long
3. I.Sumner


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

On Sunday April 28th 29 members set out on a 51km handicap race of twice out to the Nobles road turnaround as well as two laps of the Paraparap circuit. The finish was in Larcombes road in a westerly direction. Rod Lambeth off the limit mark of 26 minutes held off the fast finishing peleton to record a popular win by only about 100 metres. Rod virtually rode the entire race on his own, with his co-marker Andrew Kennon dropping out early on. The strongest of the rest of the field was the 10 minute bunch with Dennis Sonogan, Neil Maurer, Dave Phillips and Paul Bird reeling in the three bunches in front of them and dropping the “dead wood” on the final ascent of Nobles road. Fire power in the scratch group was down this week with fastest time going to Richard Lyle from second scratch.

Final results:

1st R. Lambeth Time 1:47:02
2nd M. Hosking
3rd D. Sonogan
4th N. Maurer
5th L. Rogers
6th J. McCauley
Fastest Time R. Lyle Time 1:25:05

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

On Sunday April 21st 27 riders tackled a 49km handicap race of three laps of the Paraparap circuit and out to the Nobles road turnaround finishing in Larcombes road. Once again fine conditions greeted the riders with a moderate northerly wind and sunshine. The 14 and a half minutes bunch were the strongest with Ross West, Jeff McCauley and Jim Knott swapping powerful turns. By the second lap they were leading the race and did not relinquish it finishing five minutes ahead of the scratch bunch. Steve Young from scratch only just held off second scratch to once again record fastest time of 1:16:44.

Final results:

1st J.Knott Time 1:36:58
2nd R.West
3rd J.McCauley
4th B.Long
5th N.Brown
6th M.Coppock
Fastest Time Steve Young Time 1:16:44

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Ideal conditions and a good field set up a great morning of graded scratch racing at Paraparap on Sunday April 14. The course was set to travel out Forest road and on return to the finish line in Hendy Main road complete a lap of the Paraparap circuit a total distance of 42km. 37 riders split into five groups took the starters instructions with ten riders each in A and B grades, eight in C grade and 4 and 5 respectively in D and E grade. Average speeds were high with A grade nearing 40 km/h and B grade over 35 km/h. A grade splintered early in the race with three riders finishing well clear of the field. A very different story in B grade with all riders finishing in a sprint finish. The other grades finished mostly together with a few riders being dropped.

A Grade
1. S.Young
2. X.Coppock
3. K.Airey

B Grade
1. D.Spence
2. G.Rogers
3. P.Tehan

C Grade
1. M.Hosking
2. N.Maurer
3. K.Collins

D Grade
1. M.Kelly
2. T.Robinson
3. J.Bell

E Grade
1. R.Lambeth
2. J.Jones
3. R.Edwards


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

On Sunday the 7th of March 36 riders saddled up for a 61km handicap race of five laps of the Paraparap circuit finishing in Larcombes road. A warm day with the westerly wind picking up before race start meant it would be tough day. Six bunches, with limit off 25 minutes settled into racing until the third lap when the majority of the 14:30 and 19:30 bunches were disqualified for racing on the wrong side of Grays Road. This threw the race wide open for the middle and back markers. The 9:30 bunch lead the race until late in the fourth lap when they were caught by the combined 3:30 and 7 minute bunches. The scratch riders could not catch the leaders although Jeff Miller put in great ride for fastest time of 1:43:13. At the finish the head wind meant riders came in in ones and twos with Barry Howden from the 3:30 bunch taking line honors.

Final results:

1st B. Howden Time 1:46:13 Avg 34.5km/h
2nd R. Lyle
3rd B. Mitchell
4th A.Baker
5th N. Oakley
6th C. Judd
7th D. Sonogan
8th E.Ziedatitis
Fastest Time Jeff Miller Time 1:43:13

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

On Sunday the 24th of March 36 riders braved the near gale force winds in a 49km handicap race three times around the circuit at Paraparap and then out Nobles road with the finish in Larcombes road. The tough conditions meant that the majority of the seven bunches splintered, weaker riders were dropped and only the strongest survived. The biggest bunch, the eight minute bunch, proved to be the the power house taking all before it and the lead ten kilometres from home. Only Holly Lusher from limit and Phil Tehan from the 5:30 bunch were able to hang on and gain a placing. First time trial rider Richard Lyle was also there at the finish. In a sprint finish for the first six placings Robbie Nichols lead out with the aid of a howling tailwind only to be swamped nearing the line.

Final results:

1st David O’Dwyer (Warrnambool) Time 1:27:26 Avg 33.6km/h
2nd Neil Jeffs
3rd Barry Howden
4th Mark Cummings
5th Robbie Nichols
6th Andrew Baker
7th Holly Lusher
8th Phil Tehan (Northern)
Fastest Time Steve Young Time 1:22:24 Avg 35.7km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

The race for today was a 49 kilometre handicap, an out and back course using Blackgate Road, Forest Road, and the Hendy Main circuit. Perfect conditions, only to be spoiled by an unfortunate incident, a touch of wheels saw Kent Fuller take a fall, we hope for a speedy recovery Kent.
In the final stage of the race a large bunch from the out marker groups had formed, approximately fifteen riders all from the 10.00 min. 14.00 min. and 18.30 min. marks. The sprint was lead out by Kim Collins who was too strong going to the line followed in by Amanda Hosking and a close third was Barry Primmer all from 14.00 min. Scratch 2 min. 21 sec. in arrears, Jeff Miller, proved too strong for his group taking fastest time.

Final results:

1st Kim Collins 14:00 Time 1:26:17 Avg 34.1km/h
2nd Amanda Hosking 14:00
3rd Barry Primmer 14:00
4th Jim Knott 14:00
5th John Bell 18:30
6th Ross West 14:00
7th Ian Sumner 18:30
8th Dave Phillips 10:00
9th Dennis Sonogan 10:00
10th Carl Judd 10:00
Fastest Time Jeff Miller Scratch Time 1:14:38 Avg 39.4km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Summer Criterium Series 2012/2013

Place Name Points
1st Steve Young 38
2nd Darren Terry Eur 36
3rd Tony French 33
4th Mike Jones 28
5th Rick Buckwell 25
6th Vincent Haveaux 22
7th David Spence 22
8th Carl Leahy 22
9th Phil Cox 21
10th Terry Collie Eur 20
11th John Hilsdon 20
12th Ray Hodgson Eur 19
13th Brad Keating 18
14th Jeff Miller 17
15th Marcus Coppock 17
16th Byron Mitchell 16
17th Paul Ryan 15
18th Neil Maurer 14
19th Rod Lambeth 13
20th Keith Dorling 10
21st Terry Robinson 10
22nd Sue Cox * 10
23rd Shaun Terry Eur 10
24th Brian Carnegie 9
25th Paul Beretta 8
26th Jim Knott 7
27th Peter Kirby 6
28th Kane Airey 5
29th Amanda Hosking * 5
30th Jeff Johnson 5
31st Holly Lusher * 5
32nd Michael Hartman N 3
33rd Michael Hipfel E 3
34th Daryl Suter 3
35th Richard Taylor Eur 3
36th Richard Buckwell 2
37th Carl Judd 2
38th Ian Amsden 1
39th Joe Gulino 1
40th Dave Phillips 1
41st Grant Rogers 1

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Summer Criterium Series, Race 6. 2012/2013

Div 1.
1st Steve Young

Div 2.
1st Tony French
2nd Darren Terry (Eur)

Div 3.
1st Shaun Terry (Eur)
2nd Carl Leahy
3rd Byron Mitchell

Div 4.
1st Mike Jones
2nd Brad Keating
3rd Jim Knott

Div 5.
1st Terry Collie (Eur)
2nd Ray Hodgson (Eur)

Div 6.
1st Rod Lambeth
2nd Sue Cox
3rd Phil Cox


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Graded Scratch Races

A, B , C. 5 laps. D, E, F. 4 laps of the Hendy Main Circuit

A Grade
1. Tony French
2. David Pyke
3. Brendan Mahar

B Grade
1. Dave Spence
2. Chris Fenech
3. Peter Quibell

C Grade
1. Carl Judd
2. Dennis Sonogan
3. Brad Keating

D Grade
Bunch disqualified

E Grade
1. Allan Prescott
2. Mark Kelly
3. Susan Cox


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Graded Scratch Races

3 Laps Plus Out And Back Nobles Rd, Finish Larcombes. B Grade and C Grade 49Km, D Grade, E Grade, F Grade, 37Km.

B Grade
1. Brendan Mahar
2. Marcus Coppock
3. Dave Spence

C Grade
1. Barry Howden
2. Carl Judd
3. Robin Smith

D Grade
1. Richard Buckwell
2. Daryl Peterson
3. Kim Collins

E Grade
1. Len Bent
2. Kent Fuller
3. Holly Lusher

F Grade
1. Ken Mansfield
2. Susan Cox
3. Phil Cox


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Summer Criterium Series 2012/2013

Place Name Points
1st Darren Terry Eur 31
2nd Steve Young 31
3rd Tony French 26
4th Rick Buckwell 24
5th Vincent Haveaux 22
6th Mike Jones 21
7th David Spence 21
8th John Hilsdon 20
9th Phil Cox 18
10th Marcus Coppock 17
11th Carl Leahy 17
12th Jeff Miller 17
13th Paul Ryan 15
14th Ray Hodgson Eur 14
15th Terry Collie Eur 13
16th Brad Keating 13
17th Neil Maurer 13
18th Byron Mitchell 13
19th Keith Dorling 10
20th Terry Robinson 10
21st Brian Carnegie 9
22nd Paul Beretta 8
23rd Peter Kirby 6
24th Rod Lambeth 6
25th Kane Airey 5
26th Sue Cox * 5
27th Amanda Hosking * 5
28th Jeff Johnson 5
29th Holly Lusher * 5
30th Jim Knott 4
31st Michael Hartman N 3
32nd Michael Hipfel E 3
33rd Daryl Suter 3
34th Richard Taylor Eur 3
35th Shaun Terry Eur 3
36th Richard Buckwell 2
37th Carl Judd 2
38th Ian Amsden 1
39th Joe Gulino 1
40th Dave Phillips 1
41st Grant Rogers 1

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Summer Criterium Series, Race 5. 2012/2013

Div 1.
1st Rick Buckwell
2nd Steve Young
3rd Marcus Coppock

Div 2.
1st Darren Terry (Eur)
2nd Jeff Miller

Div 3.
1st Byron Mitchell
2nd Carl Leahy

Div 4.
1st David Spence
2nd Vincent Haveaux
3rd Mike Jones

Div 5.
1st Terry Collie (Eur)
2nd Keith Dorling

Div 6.
1st Phil Cox


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

The Geelong Veteran Cycling Club was proud to host a race in the name of “Tour de Cure” trophies proudly sponsored by Steve Young who is a very passionate member for this great cause. The Club and members of the Geelong Veteran Cycling Club have made a significant contribution supporting Steve Young. A 57 km handicap, racing out Forest Road, plus 2 laps, finish in Larcombes Road. The morning was grey and overcast with the likely hood of a shower, a South Easterly to start with, shifting to a fairly strong South Westerly. With forty six entries and two no shows, the handicapper divided them up into nine bunches, lone limit rider Phil Cox off 35.00 min. went out at a cracking pace making use of a tail breeze. Scratch ( 3 riders ) 2.00 min. ( 5 ) 6.00 min. ( 5 ) 9.00 min. ( 8 ) 13.00 min. ( 5 ) 15.30 min. ( 8 ) 21.00 min. ( 6 ) 26.00 min. ( 3 ). All bunches kept a good tempo out Forest Road to the turnaround at Grundies Road. Brendan Mahar (13.00 min.) made a statement, rode away from his bunch making good use of the tail wind on the return leg, pursuing all before him. The 15.30 min. group was first to make use of his strength and tacked on. Scratch merged with second scratch on the return leg of Forest Road, finally overhauling the 6.00 min bunch on entering the main circuit. The 9.00 min. bunch gathering momentum and closing the gap on the leaders. Over the following two laps of the main circuit, new rider Attila Harangozo (15.30 min.) bunch was able to go with Brendan, these two forged ahead gathering in all the out markers. Up misery lane for the final leg to the finish, this pair stretched those of the limit bunches to the max. Brendan Mahar broke the shackles with a kilometre to travel, eventually dropping the clutch and rolling over the line for a comfortable win, the camera not required for this finish. Second place to Attila Harangozo and Tommy Gray third. Scratch rider Jeff Miller takes fastest time 4 min. 09 sec’ in arrears.

Final results:

1st Brendan Mahar 13:00 Time 1:37:32 Avg 35.07km/h
2nd Attila Harangozo 15:30
3rd Tommy Gray 9:00
4th Ian Ravenscroft (N) 9:00
5th Andrew Baker 9:00
6th Carl Judd 13:00
7th Anne Gourley 21:00
8th Eddie Ziedaitis 9:00
9th John Bell 21:00
10th Ian Sumner 21:00
Fastest Time Jeff Miller Scratch Time 1:28:39 Avg 38.58km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sundays race was run under very good conditions, cool with a constant Westerly that seemed to be in your face through out the whole race. The course was out and back Nobles Rd. out and back Forest Rd. onto the Hendy Main circuit and finish in Larcombes Rd. Forty eight kilometres. Thirty four riders started, the three man scratch bunch conceding 28.00 min to lone limit rider Ken Mansfield, the gaps were 2.00. ( 3 ) 7.00. ( 4 ) 9.00 ( 5 ) 12.30 ( 5 ) 16.30 ( 6 ) 18.30 ( 5 ) 20.30 ( 2 ). The rolling hills of Nobles Rd sorted a few riders out from the limit bunches, stretched to there max, finally conceding enough was enough. The 16.30 and 18.30 bunches merged by the turn around on Forest Rd. Scratch and the 2.00 min bunches merged at about the same point, all other chase bunches staying together. At the gravel pits the 12.30 bunch sighted the leaders, a ten strong bunch looked to be moving along nicely. The back markers gathering momentum on the return leg of Forest Rd picking up the 7.00 and 9.00 min bunches. Up misery lane for the last time the 12.30 bunch eventually narrowed the gap to the lead riders. At Forest Rd, the gap was a mere 150 metres, with less than one kilometre to the line Barry Howden, Dennis Sonogan and Brendan Mahar finally made the catch just as the sprint started, Anne Gourley leading the charge was over run only metres from the line. Line honours went to an aged renown sprinter from way back, John Hilsdon, 2nd Doug Wilson and 3rd Kim Collins. Steve Young off scratch taking fastest time, 3.09 min in arrears.

Final results:

1st John Hilsdon 18:30 Time 1:27:04 Avg 33.06km/h
2nd Doug Wilson 16:30
3rd Kim Collins 16:30
4th Ross West 16:30
5th Barry Howden 12:30
6th Dennis Sonogan 12:30
7th Brendan Mahar 12:30
8th Jim Knott 16:30
9th Anne Gourley * 18:30
10th Ian Sumner 18:30
Fastest Time Steve Young Scratch Time 1:11:43 Avg 40.16km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Summer Criterium Series 2012/2013

Place Name Points
1st Tony French 26
2nd Steve Young 26
3rd Darren Terry Eur 24
4th John Hilsdon 20
5th Mike Jones 18
6th Rick Buckwell 17
7th Paul Ryan 15
8th Marcus Coppock 14
9th Vincent Haveaux 17
10th Ray Hodgson Eur 14
11th David Spence 14
12th Brad Keating 13
13th Carl Leahy 12
14th Neil Maurer 12
15th Jeff Miller 12
16th Phil Cox 11
17th Terry Robinson 10
18th Brian Carnegie 9
19th Paul Beretta 8
20th Terry Collie Eur 6
21st Peter Kirby 6
22nd Rod Lambeth 6
23rd Byron Mitchell 6
24th Kane Airey 5
25th Sue Cox * 5
26th Keith Dorling 5
27th Amanda Hosking * 5
28th Jeff Johnson 5
29th Holly Lusher * 5
30th Michael Hipfel E 3
31st Jim Knott 4
32nd Daryl Suter 3
33rd Richard Taylor Eur 3
34th Shaun Terry Eur 3
35th Michael Hartman N 3
36th Richard Buckwell 2
37th Carl Judd 2
38th Ian Amsden 1
39th Joe Gulino 1
40th Dave Phillips 1
41st Grant Rogers 1

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Summer Criterium Series, Race 4. 2012/2013

Div 1.
1st Steve Young
2nd Paul Beretta

Div 2.
1st Tony French
2nd Jeff Miller
3rd Michael Hartman (N)

Div 3.
1st Darren Terry (Eur)
2nd Carl Leahy
3rd Shaun Terry (Eur)

Div 4.
1st David Spence
2nd Vincent Haveaux
3rd Mike Jones

Div 5.
1st Brad Keating
2nd Keith Dorling
3rd John Hilsdon

Div 6.
1st Ray Hodgson (Eur)
2nd Rod Lambeth


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Australia Day Handicap

Forest Road plus 2 laps finish in Larcombes Road. 57 km.
28 starters

Final results:

1st & Fastest Time Steve Young Scratch Time 1:27:31 Avg 39.17km/h
2nd Rick Buckwell Scratch
3rd Nick Brown 4:30
4th Peter McDonough Scratch
5th Jeff Miller Scratch
6th John Hilsdon 22:00
7th Kim Collins 17:30
8th Jim Knott 17:30
9th Barry Howdon 13:00
10th Chris Fenech 8:00

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Graded Scratch Races, Paraparap Circuit.

A,B,C, 4 laps D,E,F. 3 laps.
33 starters.

A Grade
1. Steve Young
2. Jeff Miller
3. Tony French

B Grade
1. Bernard O’Sullivan (N)
2. David Spence
3. Bill McConnell

C Grade
1. Carl Judd
2. Lance Rogers
3. Mike Jones

D Grade
1. Dennis Sonogan
2. Amanda Hosking *
3. Jim Knott

E Grade
1. Rob Gaylard
2. Brian Long
3. Kim Collins

F Grade
1. Jeff Johnson
2. Len Bent
3. Kent Fuller


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Summer Criterium Series, Race 3. 2012/2013

Div 1.
1st Steve Young
2nd Ric Buckwell

Div 2.
1st Jeff Miller

Div 3.
1st Tony French
2nd Darren Terry (Eur)
3rd Richard Taylor (Eur)

Div 4.
1st Vincent Haveaux
2nd David Spence
3rd Mike Jones

Div 5.
1st Brian Carnegie
2nd Terry Collie (Eur)
3rd John Hilsdon

Div 6.
1st Ray Hodgson (Eur)
2nd Sue Cox *
3rd Phil Cox