Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

The “John Windsor Memorial” Christmas Handicap 38 km. proudly sponsored for the fifth year by the Windsor family, medallions presented to the place getters by son Michael Windsor.
The handicap today was three laps of the Hendy Main circuit, finish in Larcombes Road. The weather conditions were fine, with gusty South, South Westerly wind. Thirty six riders started of the forty one who nominated. Scratch conceding 24 min. to the two limit riders, eight bunches were created and were sent off at the call of the starter. The gusty wind played havoc for a few of the riders who ultimately had a DNF placed beside their name. The handicapping looked good on paper, however it was even better on the road. With four kilometres to travel at the club room corner, riders rounding the bend for the forth time up misery lane, and into a strong head wind would now be asking the body and mind for every bit of energy that was in the tank. By this point limit were caught by the merged 15.0 min. and 13.00 min. bunches, hotly pursued by the merged 11.00 min. 7.30 min. and only a small gap to the 1.30 min. and 3.30 min and approximately thirty seconds to scratch who were down to two riders after the first ten kilometres. The leading group of five, not about to give up were led in by the strong riding of Doug Wilson off 13.00 min. was over taken in the sprint to the line by just centre metres by the fast finishing Ian Walker off 15.00 min. and Jim Knott off 13.00 min. in third place. Scratch rider Steve Young taking fastest time, 22 seconds in arrears, led in the remaining twenty riders.

Final results:

1st Ian Walker 15:00 Time 1:15:03 Avg 30.77km/h
2nd Doug Wilson 13:00
3rd Jim Knott 13:00
4th John Hilsdon 13:00
5th Ian Sumner 13:00
6th Steve Young Scratch
7th Daryl Suter 3:30
8th Andrew Goodwin 1:30
9th Kane Airey 1:30
10th Joe Gulino 7:30
Fastest Time Steve Young Scratch Time 1:00:25 Avg 38.25km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Summer Criterium Series, Race 2. 2012/2013

The first race was under way at 1.00 pm. sharp, with numbers down on the previous meeting there was still some very competitive racing in all grades.The early morning rain had stopped and cleared, however the weather still looked threatening throughout the afternoon, the predicted rain and thunder storms held off, still the riders had to contend with strong Southerly gusty wind. In division one Steve Young turned the tables on Rick Buckwell. Division two Marcus Coppock held his own for another win and now moves into division one. Division three, Tony French put in a very strong performance and reversed the placings to keep Darren Terry at bay to equal the points. Division four, saw Neil Maurer take the points in a strong display from Mike Jones. Division five, Paul Ryan continued with another win to elevate him into division four. Division six John Hilsdon wins again for a much deserved promotion.
Marcus Coppock, Paul Ryan and John Hilsdon are equal outright leaders with two wins each in the aggregate on fourteen points.

Div 1.
1st Steve Young
2nd Ric Buckwell
3rd Paul Beretta

Div 2.
1st Marcus Coppock
2nd Kane Airey
3rd Byron Mitchell

Div 3.
1st Tony French
2nd Darren Terry (Eur)
3rd Carl Leahy

Div 4.
1st Neil Maurer
2nd Mike Jones
3rd Amanda Hosking *

Div 5.
1st Paul Ryan
2nd Terry Robinson
3rd Jeff Johnson

Div 6.
1st John Hilsdon
2nd Holly Lusher *
3rd Phil Cox


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

3 laps of the Circuit out and back Nobles Road finish in Larcombes Road.
Todays race a 49 kilometre Handicap, run in fine sunny conditions with South Westerly wind building momentum as the race progressed, 27 riders divided into seven bunches, scratch, a strong bunch of five got into stride early picking up the 5.30 min 8.00 min and 10.00 min bunches by the 30 km. point. As the lead riders consisting of the 17.00 min. 21.00 min and 30.00 min. entered Hendy Main Road with 19 km. remaining looked to be the winners with a good seven minute gap, however Steve Young and his team drove hard gradually pegging back the leaders but losing Kane Airey up Nobles Road, the leaders now in sight and riding into a strong head wind were then over taken just before the turnaround, just four km. to travel. The four remaining scratch riders hit the line together with Steve Young just inching out the other three.

Final results:

1st & Fastest Time Steve Young Scratch Time 1:14:54 Avg 39.44km/h
2nd Jeff Miller Scratch
3rd Peter McDonough Scratch
4th Rick Buckwell Scratch
5th Holly Lusher * 17:00
6th John Bell 17:00
7th Ian Sumner 17:00
8th Terry Robinson 17:00
9th John Hilsdon 17:00
10th Kane Airey Scratch

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Todays handicap of 46 km. was Out and Back Forest Road, One lap of the Hendy Main Circuit and finish in Larcombes Road.

Final results:

1st Malcolm Lloyd 2:00 Time 1:11:47 Avg 38.44km/h
2nd Andrew Baker 7:00
3rd Nick Brown 2:00
4th David Phillips 7:00
5th Bill McConnell 4:30
6th Marcus Coppock 2:00
7th Tony French 4:30
8th Peter Ladd 7:00
9th Greg Steenvoorden 10:00
10th Tony Spark 10:00
Fastest Time Jeff Miller Scratch Time 1:10:50 Avg 38.95km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Summer Criterium Series 2012/2013

First race started at 1.00 pm. the weather conditions fine and sunny with strong N/Westerly breeze early turning S/ Westerly then Southerly for the last race. The races were run on the one thousand meter circuit where their is great viewing for the whole of the race from start to finish. The day was full of exciting racing with attacks and breakaways, some stayed away for a time before being reeled in, then the cat and mouse games started to see who, where and when, one could gain an advantage, riders watching one another till the bell lap, then it was on, good competitive close sprints to the finish line.
Div. 5 & 6. started with seven riders, 30 min. plus two laps.
Div. 4. with six riders 35 min. plus two laps.
Div. 3. with six riders 35 min. plus two laps.
Div. 1 & 2 with seven riders 40 min. plus two laps.

Div 1. (3 riders)
1. Rick Buckwell
2. Steve Young
3. Michael Hipfel (E)

Div 2. (4 riders)
1. Marcus Coppock
2. Peter Kirby
3. Daryl Suter

Div 3. (6 riders)
1. Darren Terry (Eur)
2. Tony French
3. Carl Leahy

Div 4. (6 riders)
1. Mike Jones
2. Vincent Haveaux
3. Neil Maurer

Div 5. (5 riders)
1. Paul Ryan
2. Brad Keating
3. Terry Robinson

Div 6. (2 riders)
1. John Hilsdon
2. Phil Cox


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

The Geelong Veteran Cycling Club hosted the 30th running of the “Jack Griffin 46 km. Handicap” combined with Colac Veteran Cycling Club at Paraparap. The course, out and back Nobles Road and out and back Forest Road, onto the Hendy Main circuit, and finish in Larcombes Road. The conditions for the day were near perfect, 18 degrees, sunshine with a mild South Westerly breeze. Fifty four entries, six scratching’ on the day. The handicaps, divided into nine bunches. Scratch with five riders giving lone limit rider Phil Cox 28.00 min. then off 2 min. ( 5 riders ) 5.30 min. ( 8 riders ) 8.30 min. ( 5 riders ) 10.30 min. ( 7 riders ) 13.00 min. ( 7 riders ) 16.30 min. ( 6 riders ) 21.00 min. ( 4 riders ).
At 10.00 am the starter lets the first rider go then all other bunches in turn, riders tapping away on the pedals giving there best for their respective bunch kept the gaps fairly uniform over Nobles Road and on the way out Forest Road. About half way out Forest Road the lone limit rider was over taken by second limit and closing in quickly was the 16.30 min. and 13.00 min. groups, at the turn around the 10.30 min. and 8.30 min. bunches had merged looking to be the threat to the leaders, then 30 seconds to the 5.30 min group. This bunch with the numbers and the strength then became the real threat, The 2.00 min bunch and scratch came together at the half way point on the return leg of Forest Road and were chasing four minutes to the leaders. In Grays Road the 5.30 min group had made the catch, overtaking the leaders, this group did not look like being caught, shelving all passengers in Hendy Main Road and continued onto the finish line in Larcombes Road, with new member Simon Whitcher out sprinting the ever green Bill McConnell and David Spence third. Scratch riders Rick Buckwell and Steve Young put in a huge effort vying for fastest time, Steve took the time in a close sprint, one minute twenty two seconds in arrears.

Final results:

1st Simon Witcher 5:30 Time 1:14:16 Avg 37.15km/h
2nd Bill McConnell 5:30
3rd David Spence 5:30
4th Rex Comb 8:30 (C)
5th Tommy Gray 5:30
6th Chris Fennech 5:30
7th Tony Spark 10:30
8th Gerard Hickey 8:30 (C)
9th Len Murfitt 10:30 (C)
10th Mark Purdie 5:30 (C)
Fastest Time Steven Young Scratch Time 1:10:08 Avg 39.35km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Age Group Championships 2012

The event was run in cool sunny conditions with a fairly strong South Westerly which favoured the riders when turning out of Forest Road and into Grays Road and Hendy Main Road to the finish line, which made for fast sprints to the line.
Thirty one riders competed for there respective age groups, eight groups, and now eight age group club champions. The races were run over 46 km. of the Paraparap circuit for the younger age group up to the 59 year, and the 60 plus and women raced over 34 km. Rick Buckwell was impressive in riding away to win comfortably, as was Peter Quibell, three races finished in a bunch sprint and the other three were lone riders.

Women 45-49
1. Amanda Hosking

Men 40-44
1. Kane Airey
2. Jeff Miller
3. Grant Edmonds

Men 45-49
1. Rick Buckwell
2. Greg Steenvoorden
3. Paul Ryan

Men 50-54
1. Peter Quibell
2. David Spence
3. Chris Fenech

Men 55-59
1. Paul Bird

Men 60-64
1. David Pike
2. Phil Tehan
3. Keith Dorling

Men 65-69
1. Tommy Gray
2. David Phillips
3. Dennis Sonogan

Men 70-74
1. Bill McConnell


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Graded Scratch Races

Out and back Blackgate Road, out and back Forest Road, finish in Hendy Main Road. 44km.

A Grade
1. Malcolm Lloyd
2. Jeff Miller
3. Kane Airey

B Grade
1. Nick Oakley
2. Grant Rogers
3. Tony French

C Grade
1. Lance Rogers
2. Dennis Sonogan
3. Joe Gulino

D Grade
1. Brian Carnegie
2. Brian Long
3. Terry Robinson

E Grade
1. Gil Wright
2. Ralph Edwards
3. Ken Mansfield


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Melbourne Cup Day

3 laps of the Paraparap Circuit.

Final results:

1st Kent Fuller 19:00
2nd Ralph Edwards 19:00
3rd Daryl Peterson 14:00
4th Brian Long 14:00
5th John Hilsdon 14:00
6th Terry Robinson 14:00
7th John Bell 14:00
8th Gordon McColl 16:00
9th Steven Young Scratch
10th Malcolm Lloyd Scratch

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

4 Laps of the Paraparap Circuit finish in Larcombes Road, 50 km

Final results:

1st Ian Sumner 20:00 Time 1:36:50 Avg 31.0km/h
2nd Terry Robinson 20:00
3rd John Bell 20:00
4th Holly Lusher 20:00
5th Andrew Baker 8:00
6th Bill McConnell 4:30
7th Tommy Gray 4:30
8th Robin Smith 8:00
9th Susan Cox 20:00
10th Brian Long 20:00
Fastest Time Steven Young Scratch Time 1:18:06 Avg 38.41KM/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
35th Anniversary Hendry Cycles 49km Handicap

Sunday the 28th of October was the 35th anniversary of the Geelong Veteran Cycling Club. A forty nine kilometre Handicap, proudly sponsored by Hendry Cycles of Ocean Grove and Phil and Sue Cox from Portarlington. What a wonderful day it was, mother nature couldn’t have planned it better, a beautiful sunny 18 degrees with a very slight 8 kilometre South South West breeze.
To share the celebration, Colac Veteran Cycling Club members and Eureka Veteran Cycling Club members came along to enjoy the day, also foundation members and other older members came to share stories of the history of the club and how it all evolved.
Sixty two entries, four scratching’ on the day left fifty eight riders divided into nine bunches, Scratch ( 3 riders ) conceding 28.00 minutes to limit ( 3 ), 2.00 minutes ( 4 ), 4.00 minutes ( 6 ), 7.30 minutes ( 9 ), 11.00 minutes ( 9 ), 13.30 minutes ( 8 ), 17.00 minutes ( 8 ), 20.00 minutes ( 8 ).
With little breeze to contend with it looked like being a front markers day, however the strength was in the 11.00 min. bunch, swooping by all before them by the end of Grays Road, with approximately seven kilometres to travel, this group had the numbers, grew to thirty six and then dropping an occasional rider as they cruised along Hendy Main Road, the 7.30 min. bunch first sighted the leaders rounding the club room corner in Hendy Main Road with 4 kilometres to go. The remaining three groups merged on the return leg of Forest Road, fort on valiantly but just could not make it happen on the day. Meanwhile with two kilometres to go the gap between the 7.30 min. group and the leaders had closed to about four hundred metres. Then the thirty or so leaders disappeared over the crest to fight it out for line honours with Chris Fennech first, Paul Bird second and Carl Leahy third, all from the 11.00 minute bunch. Steve Young took fastest time from Rick Buckwell.

Final results:

1st Chris Fennech 11:00 G Time 1:16:35 Avg 36.8km/h
2nd Paul Bird 11:00 G
3rd Carl Leahy 11:00 G
4th Andrew Baker 11:00 G
5th Len Murffit 13:30 C
6th James Stuart 11:00 G
7th Tony Spark 13:30 G
8th Brian Long 17:00 G
9th Dennis Sonogan 13:30 G
10th Rex Comb 11:00 C
Fastest Time Steven Young Scratch G Time 1:09:41 Avg 40.46km/h

The “Bill Long” Camperdown to Warrnambool Classic

Conditions on the day, South Westerly wind, a very cool 12 degrees, overcast, some light rain early and a heavy shower mid way in the race, fining up for the last 20 km. to the finish.

Final results:

1st Simon Bone 7:00 Eastern Time 1:48:22 Avg 39.31km/h
2nd Justin Vincent 7:00 Warrnambool
3rd Marco Bramucci 15:30 Northern
4th Tony Giuliano 7:00 Northern
5th Malcolm Lloyd 10:00 Geelong
6th Kane Airey 10:00 Geelong
7th Rick Buckwell 7:00 Geelong
8th Jeff McLean 7:00 Warrnambool
9th David Serra 7:00 Warrnambool
10th Rohan Creed 7:00 Warrnambool
11th Clement Fries 13:00 Gippsland
12th Colin Morris 10:00 Northern
13th Stefan Kirsch Scratch Eastern
14th Wayne Collins 10:00 Warrnambool
15th Marcel Musco 18:30 Northern
Fastest Time Stefan Kirsch Scratch Eastern Time 1:41:24 Avg 42.01km/h

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Geelong Veteran Cycling Club Open
Graded Scratch Races

The Geelong Veteran Cycling Club held our annual Open for 2012, One hundred and one entries divided into six divisions, very well supported by ten of the Veteran clubs throughout Victoria. With cool fine weather conditions, a slight South Westerly made for very good racing.
Division one got away to a flying start with plenty of action, attacking from the gun, dislodging one rider over the Nobles Road section, the pace was kept high so as to keep the bunch together not allowing any one to get away. The sprint started from about three hundred meters out and Steve Young ( Geelong )proved too strong, hit the line first. Average speed was 38.23 k/hr. Unfortunately the Division one race had an accident in the sprint, a touch of wheels in the final two hundred meters, David Lunn ( Colac ) hit the ground, was badly injured, an ambulance called and he was transported to hospital. We hope for a speedy recovery for David.
Division two had their anxious moments with Rick Buckwell ( Geelong ) terrorising this group with his powerful surges, eventually riding away and taking line honours by two hundred metres letting the rest sort out the minors. Average speed 34.76 k/hr.
Division three kept the pace up not allowing any one to get away, and this race came down to a bunch sprint taken out by Nick Brown of Colac. Average speed 33.8 k/hr.
Division four seemed to be another case of not letting one dictate, stayed together and this race came down to a bunch sprint taken out by Marcel Musco ( Northern Vets ). Average speed 33.26 k/hr.
Division five rolled around the course at a leisurely pace, riders keeping an eye the obvious, no one wanted to make a break, eventually came down to a bunch sprint with Stephen O’Brien from the Hume club taking line honours in a very close finish. Average speed 30.43 k/hr.
Division six riders, this turned out to be very disappointing, however it was unavoidable, to race 62 kilometers only to be stopped in the last five hundred meters, allowing the ambulance officers attend to an injured rider from an earlier race.

Division 1
1st Steve Young Geelong
2nd Tony Giuliano Northern
3rd Neville Laffy Goulburn Valley
4th Tony Mirabella Eureka
5th David Tozer Warrnambool

Division 2
1st Rick Buckwell Geelong
2nd Leigh Kelly Warrnambool
3rd Simon Bone Eastern
4th Kylhn Heath Geelong
5th Justin Vincent Warrnambool

Division 3
1st Nick Brown Colac
2nd Colin Morris Northern
3rd Clement Fries Gippsland
4th David Pike Geelong
5th David O’Dwyer Warrnambool

Division 4
1st Marcel Musco Northern
2nd Greg Chapman Central Vic
3rd Mark Purdie Colac
4th Graham Nicolson Gippsland
5th David Spence Geelong

Division 5
1st Stephen O’Brien Hume
2nd Rebecca Luppino * Colac
3rd Amanda Hosking * Geelong
4th Steve O’Dowd Colac
5th Tony Spark Geelong
Division 6
Unfortunately this race was stopped with 500 meters to go, and cancelled due to a rider falling ( division 1 ) and being badly injured 200 meters from the finish line, an ambulance attended and the rider was being placed in the ambulance as this group approached and were not able to pass for safety reasons, therefore it was called a no race.


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

The Geelong Veteran Cycling Club’ handicap of 49 kilometres was three laps of the Hendy Main Circuit, Out and back Nobles Road, finish in Larcombes Road. Conditions chilly and overcast, a slight Westerly with an early light shower to add to the chill factor. Twenty eight riders divided into seven bunches, scratch with five members conceding 30.0 min. to lone limit rider Ken Mansfield. The groups were set at 2.30 min. 5.00 min. 10.00 min. 14.00 min. 22.00 min. The big move came from the 10.00 min group of four, maintaining a good tempo, crept up on the three out marker groups, making the catch in Grays Road on the third lap, creating a strong bunch of twelve, these riders stayed together until Nobles Road, the stronger members of the group put the pressure on over the climbs dislodging those who could not manage the pace. Eventually Chris Fenech ( 10.00 min. ) felt it was time to move, with six kilometres to travel, accelerated over the last climb leaving all behind, opened up quite a gap in which no one was able to bridge. Chris Fenech wins by a considerable margin, Marcel Musco from Northern Vets secured second and Grant Rogers hanging in for third. Fastest time was Kane Airey.

Final results:

1st Chris Fenech 10:00 Time 1:27:30 Avg 34.0km/h
2nd Marcel Musco ( N ) 10:00
3rd Grant Rogers 10:00
4th James Stuart 10:00
5th Greg Steenvoorden 14:00
6th Dennis Sonogan 14:00
7th Ross West 14:00
8th Brian Long 22:00
9th Amanda Hosking 14:00
10th Ian Sumner 22:00
Fastest Time Kane Airey Scratch Time 1:20:04 Avg 37.15km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

The Geelong Veteran Cycling Club conducted graded scratch races at Paraparap using the course to be used for our Open to be held on Sunday the 7th October. Twenty five riders making up grades A, B, C, & D . Cold, blustery Westerly wind added with the odd shower made conditions pretty tough for some. Four riders with DNF to there name and seven dropped who were unable to stay with there respective group.

A Grade
1. Rick Buckwell
2. Jeff Miller
3. Kane Airey

B Grade
1. Dave Spence
2. David O’Dwyer W
3. Michael Hartman N

C Grade
1. Jim Knott
2. James Stuart
3. Doug Wilson

D Grade
1. Ian Walker
2. Ian Sumner
3. Gil Wright


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

The event Sunday was a 61 kilometre handicap, Five Laps of the Paraparap Circuit, finish in Larcombes Road. Cool overcast conditions with an early shower and a medium to strong Westerly to keep the riders honest. A field of thirty one riders divided into seven groups. The four man scratch bunch conceded 32.00 min to limit with two riders, four on 2.30 min. five on 7.00 min. six on 14.00 min. four on 21.00 min. six on 26.00 min. The last three bunches still to get away watched as limit completed the first of their five laps. With the gaps between bunches being opened up and riders being rearranged to other bunchs, it gave a number of riders an extra incentive. The scratch bunch got off to a great start reeling in the 2.30 min. group after 20 kilometres, decided not to take passengers, closed the road down making it difficult for one to sit on, they were on a mission, the next bunch was the 7.00 min. Scratch flew past these riders at the forty kilometre point and only the evergreen Rob Nicholls from this bunch, was able to tag on. At the bell lap the 14.00 min bunch had gathered all before them and formed a strong group, were in with a big chance with approximately thirteen kilometres to travel and a gap of four minutes to the chasers. The sixth time up misery lane and two kilometres from the finish the leaders were tiring, scratch had them within reach, making the catch about 700 metres from the finish line, scratch swept through the group with Steve Young leading from the front to take first and fastest from Rick Buckwell second and Andrew Goodwin third.

Final results:

1st Steve Young Scratch
2nd Rick Buckwell Scratch
3rd Andrew Goodwin 2:30
4th Robert Nicholls 7:00
5th Jeff Miller Scratch
6th Kylnn Heath Scratch
7th Grant Rogers 14:00
8th Doug Wilson 21:00
9th Keith Dorling 21:00
10th Ian Walker 26:00
Fastest Time Steve Young Scratch Time 1:38:08 Avg 37.30km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Fathers Day, 49 kilometres Handicap

Brilliant weather for the “Fathers Day, 49 kilometres Handicap”, with a slight North Westerly, the course today was three laps of the Paraparap Circuit, out Nobles Road, turn around and finish in Larcombes Road. Twenty seven entrants divided into six groups. Scratch bunch of three riders conceding 2.30 min. to a bunch of three, 6.00 min to a bunch of four, 9.00 min. to a bunch of four, 12.00 min. to a bunch of six, and 18.00 min. to a loaded limit bunch of seven. With all bunches working well, keeping their respective bunches together over the first three laps of the circuit. However scratch had reeled in the 2.30 group at the 20 km. point, the 9.00 min group latched on to the 12.00 min. group turning out of Grays Road entering Hendy Main on the third time round. With approximately thirteen kilometres to travel, bunches now had sight of the group up the road. Scratch and second picked up third bunch on the third lap, became a group of nine. Turning off Hendy Main into Larcombes Road, still four minutes behind the leading limit bunch. The nine minute group led by the ever green David Phillips, turned into Nobles Road, he decided to give it a shot and rode away from the group, rode through the limit bunch leaving a trail of riders in his wake. The three scratch riders with the rest just hanging in, turned into Nobles Road led by Kylnn Heath, had decided it was time to go, worked hard up Nobles Road over the hills. On nearing the turn around, the leader David Phillips with a sizeable lead now heading to the finish line with three kilometres to go, held on to take line honours by fifty meters from a fast finishing bunch led by scratch riders Kylnn Heath, Kane Airey and Marcus Coppock. Kylnn, finished fifth, still taking fastest time. A well timed super sprint from David Spence taking second, Colin Hooper third.

Final results:

1st David Phillips 9:00 Time 1:30:19 Avg 32.9km/h
2nd David Spence 2:30
3rd Colin Hooper 2:30
4th Robert Nicholls 2:30
5th Kylnn Heath Scratch
6th Barry Primmer 12:00
7th Kane Airey Scratch
8th James Stuart 9:00
9th Joe Gulino 9:00
10th Jim Knott 12:00
Fastest Time Kylnn Heath Scratch Time 1:21:20 Avg 36.50km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

The Geelong Veteran Cycling Club conducted Graded Scratch Races, 42 km. Forest Road, one lap of the Hendy Main Circuit, finish in Hendy Main Road. With cool sunny conditions and our beloved Westerly slowly building as the day progressed, twenty four riders turned up, divided into grades A, B, C and D.
A Grade, sent off first, a bunch of six, set off at a decent pace and the first casualty was Malcolm Lloyd, the remaining riders not wanting to get too excited sticking together to the final sprint, first, Steve Young edging out Rick Buckwell for second and the evergreen Phil Tehan ( N ) third.
B Grade, sent off two mins later, Noel Cameron not allowing anyone to warm into the event, started the first attack one kilometre into the race trying to dislodge who ever, tried again over Forest Road splitting the bunch, four getting away, three chasing, a flurry of attacks kept up, dislodging another on the return leg, three staying in touch until the second time over Forest Road hill, then the big attack, Noel gets away over the crest, creates a gap of 400 meters, with 5km. to travel, Neil and Colin worked solid turns to eventually haul him in on entering Hendy Main Road, 2 km. to go, crawling at pedestrian pace it then came to a bunch sprint with Colin Hooper taking line honours from Neil Maurer and Noel Cameron third.
C Grade, sent off at four mins, warmed into the race, with Joe Gulino and Grant Rogers working in tandem, attacking, trying in vain to rid as many as possible, however the watchful Amanda Hosking and Dennis Sonogan countered each attack with the rest hanging in till the end. Jim Knott started the sprint from a long way out , only to over hauled by the chasers, then Dennis Sonogan not to be out foxed, made a statement in giving his all in the sprint to line, Dennis first, with Amanda Hosking hot on wheel second, and Grant Rogers third.
D Grade, last group away stayed together for the entire trip with no serious attempts to break away, waited until the final 300 meters, Ian Sumner first, Terry Robinson second and Brian Long third.

A Grade
1. Steve Young
2. Rick Buckwell
3. Phil Tehan ( N )

B Grade
1. Colin Hooper
2. Neil Maurer
3. Noel Cameron

C Grade
1. Dennis Sonogan
2. Amanda Hosking
3. Grant Rogers

D Grade
1. Ian Sumner
2. Terry Robinson
3. Brian Long


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club members lined up for a tough 61 kilometre five laps of the Paraparap Circuit, finish in Larcombes Road. Overcast, chilly conditions, six times into misery lane with a stiff westerly to contend. The handicapper created six bunches from the twenty five riders, the four man scratch bunch giving lone limit rider Brian Long 30 min. and 4 min. to second bunch, 10 min. 15 min. and 18 min. With gaps stretched out because of the longer distance, it was at the end of the third lap that dropped riders came into sight, J Gulino from the 10 min group dropped off the second time over Forest Road. The 15 min. group started losing riders in the fourth lap, the 10 min group working well, picked up the three remaining riders of 15 min. making a bunch of seven, they then joined the working party, steadily working through the remnants of the front markers, hitting the front of the bike race entering Forest Road on lap 5 and no sight the chase groups, stayed together. With 2 kilometres to travel Robin Smith ( 15 min ) attacked , however that was short lived, riders watching for the next move, pacing themselves waiting for the bunch sprint, then in the last 200 meters Malcolm Lloyd launched an attack and takes line honours with Chris Fennech on his wheel for second and Colin Hooper third.
Steve Young just pips Rick Buckwell to take fastest time.

Final results:

1st Malcolm Lloyd 10:00 Time 1:46:45 Avg 34.38km/h
2nd Chris Fennech 15:00
3rd Colin Hooper 10:00
4th David Spence 10:00
5th Chris Colley 15:00
6th Robin Smith 15:00
7th Robbie Nichols 10:00
8th Mark Micallef (N) 4:00
9th Phil Tehan (N) 4:00
10th Marcus Coppock 4:00
Fastest Time Steven Young 1:00 Time 1:40:23 Avg 36.50km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Fine, cool, sunny conditions, enticed 26 members to contest graded scratch races, A, B, C and D grade’. Forty four kilometres, out Blackgate Road, turn around, enter Hendy Main Road to Larcombes Road, left at Forest Road out to Gundrys Road, turn around, right into Grays Road, left into Hendy Main then 2.5 km. to the finish in Hendy Main Road.
“A” grade started with eight and moved along at a good rate, losing one rider along Forest Road, the rest keeping together right to the end with Steve Young proving too strong in the bunch sprint with Nick Brown second and Kane Airey third.
“B” grade also had eight riders, all stayed in close contact with only a couple of small attacks out Forest Road, this bunch stayed together until the turn into Hendy Main Road, David Spence attacked and spread the field out going from along way out, taking line honours with Chris Fennech second and Grant Rogers third.
“C” grade with six riders rode cautiously around the course keeping it together for the entire trip, then Chris Colley attacked with one kilometre to go, James Stuart tacked on with Jim Knott, alas James Stuart proving too strong in the sprint takes line honours from Jim Knott with Chris Colley hanging on for third place.
“D” grade had a group of four, rode the entire distance as mates, then contested the last 300 meters for places, Ken Mansfield taking line honours from John Bell and Brian Long third.

A Grade
1. Steve Young
2. Nick Brown ( C )
3. Kane Airey

B Grade
1. David Spence
2. Chris Fennech
3. Grant Rogers

C Grade
1. James Stuart
2. Jim Knott
3. Chris Colley

D Grade
1. Ken Mansfield
2. John Bell
3. Brian Long


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
The Peter Hosking Memorial

The Geelong Veteran Cycling Club hosted “The Peter Hosking Memorial” 61 km. Handicap, combined with the Colac Veteran Cycling Club. Five laps of the Hendy Main Circuit, finishing in Larcombes Road. Raced under very trying conditions, a very strong gusty North Westerly. Six times up misery lane, was enough to upset the strongest of riders. Thirty seven riders divided into eight groups, with lone scratch man, Steve Young conceding one min. to second scratch of six riders and twenty eight minutes to lone limit rider Ken Mansfield. As expected the bunch that worked the best was always going to get up, this was destined to be a race of attrition. Ken Mansfield off limit, expecting to be caught early must have been wondering what was going on behind him as no one caught him until the 20 km. point. Riders from second and third limit had succumbed to the conditions and returned to the club room to hand their number in and watch the race from the comfort of their cars. Meanwhile the one minute bunch, drawing away from lone scratch man Steve Young and merging with the five minute bunch by lap three had their sights set on charging through the field, at the start of lap four they had caught the leaders. Taking no passengers, this group working well finally trimmed down to eight riders, rode the fifth lap seemingly with plenty in reserve. At the turn into Larcombes Road, two kilometres to go, Rick Buckwell tried an attack and go alone, was quickly brought back to the field, the bunch was getting nervous watching for another attack, the block head wind was too much so they waited, and fought out a bunch sprint with new member K Heath starting the charge for the line only to be run down by R Iselt ( C ) taking first and fastest. K Heath second and J Miller third. Congratulations to the fifteen riders who finished, that was a gutsy effort.

Final results:

1st Ralph Iselt C 1:00 Time 1:47:41 Avg 34.0km/h
2nd Kylnn Heath G 1:00
3rd Jeff Miller G 1:00
4th Rick Buckwell G 1:00
5th Heather Hamling C 1:00
6th Phil Tehan N 5:00
7th Andrew Goodwin G 5:00
8th Steve Hamling C 5:00
9th Andrew Baker G 9:00
10th John Lee C 9:00
Fastest Time Ralph Iselt. C 1:00


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Twenty two riders entered the 49 km. handicap. Three laps of the main circuit plus Nobles Road to finish in Larcombes Road. The conditions were still with an abundance of fog lying about.
The dreaded chilly westerly picked up, brought the sun out, then it was clear for racing. Divided into six small bunches, scratch conceding 3.00 min. and 26.00 min. to limit gave it there best shot Marcus Coppock proved to strong for his co markers and rode alone to savour fastest time. Limit, the 22.00 min. the 11.00 min and the 8 min. bunches came together along Nobles Road, Invitation rider K Heath from the 8.00 min. decided to take no passengers, dropping riders off his group, made the catch by the end of Nobles Road and led the limit riders to the line.
Ian Sumner prevailed and took line honours from Ken Mansfield and third was Brian Long. Marcus Coppock held on to take fastest time with 33 seconds to spare.

Final results:

1st Ian Sumner 22:00 Time 1:47:00 Avg 27.75km/h
2nd Ken Mansfield 26:00
3rd Brian Long 22:00
4th Terry Robinson 22:00
5th James Stuart 8:00
6th Chris Colley 8:00
7th David Phillips 8:00
8th Joe Gulino 8:00
9th Neil Maurer 11:00
10th Keith Dorling 11:00
Fastest Time M Coppock Scratch Time 1:25:55 Avg 34.57km/h

Colac, Warrnambool and Geelong Veteran Cycling Clubs
Western District Combine at Cororooke 58 km

The Colac Veteran Cycling Club hosted one of their feature races of the year, the Ted Taylor Memorial. A field of 47 riders divided into seven bunches were greeted with heavy fog. Within minutes of the start the fog was lifting and lone limit rider Bernadette Rowbottom off 35.00 mins was sent on her way. The scratch riders Steve Young ( G ) and Darrin Jones ( W ) were the two starters of the nominated four scratch riders, were given a huge task of chasing a 3.00 min. gap to a bunch of nine riders, made steady ground in their chase, eventually making the catch the third time cresting the Alvie Hill with about 15 km. to go. Meanwhile second scratch ( 9 riders ) and third bunch ( 10 riders ) merged at the 42 km. point, the rest of the field was reeled in within the next 4 km.
Descending the Alvie Hill toward the lake, lone limit rider Bernadette Rowbottom was still three minutes clear. Around the lakes edge the scratch riders worked their way through the large bunch, then Darrin Jones rode clear with Ralph Iselt stuck on his wheel, Steve Young broke free of the bunch with Chris Kane. These four headed the bunch up Lineens Hill, catching the limit rider half way up. With Darrin Jones stamping his authority at the front, stretching the field out, negotiating the sharp right hand turn best, rode clear. Four kilometres to travel, giving it every thing eventually taking line honours 200 meters clear of Steve Young, leaving the rest to fight out the bunch finish.

Final results:

1st Darrin Jones Scratch W Time 1:23:19 Avg 41.77km/h
2nd Steve Young Scratch G
3rd Justin Vincent 3:00 W
4th Ralph Iselt 3:00 C
5th Jeff Miller 3:00 G
6th Jeff McLean 3:00 W
7th Marcus Coppock 3:00 G
8th Heather Hamling 3:00 C
9th Chris Kane 3:00 C
10th Barry Warren 5:30 W

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

The course today 48 km. out and back Nobles Road, out and back Forest Road and finish in Larcombes Road. Weather conditions today would normally suit the stronger back markers, a very strong unforgiving westerly up misery lane, to start and finish with. Twenty five entrants divided into six groups, scratch giving lone limit rider Ian Sumner 26 min. The handicaps were pretty much on the money, with all groups working well to combat the windy conditions. The five riders on second limit, C Colley, R West, D Wilson, K Dorling, J Knott was the bunch to catch. The 7.00 min. and 9.00 min. groups came together at the 16 km. mark, eleven riders in total heading up Forest Road, working well together to the turn around. The three man second scratch, off 3.00 min. M Coppock, M Lloyd and N Oakley worked tirelessly to catch the large group of the 7.00 and 9.00 min bunch with four km. to go, turning west into a block head wind up misery lane, the scratch bunch of S Young, R Buckwell, J Miller, and M Micallef (Northern) not far off the pace. Meanwhile the lone limit rider Ian Sumner had led the race to within 100 meters of the finish line, had the chequered flag in his sights, his victory speech all prepared, only to be over run by Chris Colley, Keith Dorling and Ross West taking out the first three placings. Steve Young fastest time, 3 min. 4 sec of the winners.

Final results:

1st Chris Colley 15:00 Time 1:31:07 Avg 31.6km/h
2nd Keith Dorling 15:00
3rd Ross West 15:00
4th Ian Sumner 26:00
5th Doug Wilson 15:00
6th Jim Knott 15:00
7th Marcus Coppock 3:00
8th Nick Oakley 3:00
9th Greg Steenvoorden 9:00
10th Malcolm Lloyd 3:00
Fastest Time Steve Young Scratch Time 1:17:03 Avg 37.37km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Todays course fifty eight kilometres. Out and back Forest Road, two laps of the circuit and finish in Larcombe’s Road.
The conditions today, a chilly Zero degrees, although the sun was shining for a change and no wind to speak of. A perfect start to the day, 36 entries, 3 withdrawals, the handicap was divided into 7 groups, with lone limit rider Andrew Kennon off 35 mins. With even size groups desperately holding their own with the race only coming together four kilometres from the finish.
The 12.30 min. group turning into Hendy Main for the last time had the lead bunches of 14.00 min. 20.00 min. 30.00 min. 35.00 min. in sight. These four groups had merged along Grays Road. The 5.00 min gap scratch gave second scratch was a little too great, they tried in vain to make the catch, could only see a small group up the road, and fell just short. Meanwhile the 12.30 group with the ever green Tommy Gray, finally caught the leading riders at the Forest Road corner, one kilometre from the finish line, Tommy lead the charge with his strong customary sprint to take line honours from David Phillips and David Spence.
Steve Young taking fastest time was 3 min. 13 sec’ behind the winner.

Final results:

1st Tommy Gray 12:30 Time 1:39:15 Avg 35.06km/h
2nd David Phillips 14:00
3rd David Spence 12:30
4th Neil Wilson 20:00
5th Greg Steenvoorden 14:00
6th Jim Knott 20:00
7th James Stuart 14:00
8th Andrew Baker 12:30
9th Doug Wilson 20:00
10th Ross West 20:00
Fastest Time Steve Young Scratch Time 1:29:58 Avg 38.6km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
A Grade
1. Steve Young
2. Malcolm Lloyd
3. Jeff Millar

B Grade
1. James Stuart
2. Paul Bird
3. Dennis Sonogan

C Grade
1. Neil Wilson
2. Keith Dorling
3. Ross West


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Todays coarse 48 km. Out and back Nobles Road, out and back Forest Road, finish in Larcombes Road. Eighteen riders divided into five small bunches braved the wintery conditions when it was threatening showers and strong winds from the west. Lone limit rider Brian Long (24.00 min.) sent off on his own was reeled in at the 15 km mark by the three man (24.00 min.) group of Ian Sumner, Jim Knott, and Terry Robinson. These four, with a (10 min.) gap to the chase bunches of D Sonogan, P Bird, J Stuart, R West, C Colley, and a further (7.30 min.) to second scratch, I Amsden, N Cameron, C Fennech, J Gulino. Scratch bunch S Young, N Oakley, Jeff Miller, M Coppock, N Brown combining well from the outset, then set the task of reeling in all before them. It wasn’t till the return leg on Forest Road that the scratch bunch started picking up riders and popping them out the back, but still no sight of the elusive foursome. Two kilometers from the finish was the first sighting and pushing hard into that fierce westerly was just too much for the leaders and were reeled in just five hundred meters from home. At the catch Ian Amsden thought he would try and snatch a win, all to no avail, the finish line still too far away. Then Steve Young led the charge to take line honours.

Final results:

1st & Fastest Time Steve Young Scratch Time 1:15:15 Avg 38.27km/h
2nd Nick Oakley Scratch
3rd Nick Brown Scratch
4th Paul Bird 10:00
5th Jeff Miller Scratch
6th Ian Amsden 7:30
7th Marcus Coppock Scratch
8th Dennis Sonogan 10:00
9th Chris Colley 10:00
10th Jim Knott 20:00

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Handicap 49 Km

Final results:

1st Steve Young Scratch Time 1:18:39 Avg 37.38km/h
2nd Dave Spence 1:30
3rd Nick Oakley Scratch
4th Marcus Coppock Scratch
5th Andrew Goodwin 1:30
6th Ian Amsden 1:30
7th Paul Bird 5:00
8th Amanda Hosking 5:00
9th Charles Castles 8:00
10th Greg Steenvoorden 5:00

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Todays course was three laps of the Paraparap circuit, Nobles Road, finish in Larcombes Road, 49 km.
Unpleasant, cold and showery conditions were the order the order of the day. Sixteen riders fronted for todays event and twelve finished, the final leg over Nobles Road can be a little daunting after being dislodged. Five small bunches were formed with the lone limit rider Andrew Kennon off 24.00 min. With the addition of Ian Amsden to the twelve minute bunch who made his mid season comeback, strengthened the twelve minute bunch of James Stuart, Ross West, Amanda Hosking, Keith Dorling, Doug Wilson. This group gelled quickly and never looked in danger. Over Nobles Road, Ian and Amanda rode strongly to splinter the group, with Ian taking line honours. Amanda second and Nick Oakley riding from scratch secured fastest time.

Final results:

1st Ian Amsden 12:00 Time 1:27:46 Avg 33.5km/h
2nd Amanda Hosking 12:00
3rd James Stuart 12:00
4th Ross West 12:00
5th Dave Spence 6:00
6th Nick Oakley Scratch
7th Jeff Miller Scratch
8th Dennis Sonogan 6:00
9th Noel Cameron 6:00
10th Joe Gulino 6:00
Fastest Time Nick Oakley Scratch Time 1:20:49 Avg 36.38km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Four laps Paraparap Circuit finish in Larcombes Road. 50 km.

Final results:

1st Bob Osburn 20:00 Time 1:40:50 Avg 30km/h
2nd Gil Wright 20:00
3rd John Watson 20:00
4th Gordon McColl 20:00
5th Nick Oakley Scratch
6th Chris Fenech 6:30
7th Kane Airey Scratch
8th Jeff Miller Scratch
9th Tommy Gray 6:30
10th Grant Rogers Scratch
Fastest Time Nick Oakley Scratch Time 1:21:18 Avg 36.9km/h

65km WHK May Open in Colac

Told You… ‘You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down!’

…Three cheers for my old mate Longy, who defied all odds today, to take out the coveted first place prize at this year’s 65km WHK May Open in Colac today.

Worried officials wouldn’t let him race, Longy fronted up to the line with a little secret under his sleeve. His bunch of six riders; all oblivious to his condition, all worked well together to keep the pursuing bunches away until the 55 kilometre mark where 15 or so riders converged to ride out the remaining 10 kays. 1 kilometre to go, the pace was really on… with the side tail wind pushing the riders along at impressive speeds, Longy and Alan Sandford, the only sprinters in the bunch, were set to pounce for the line!

Spectators were treated to a miraculous display of courage and determination when Longy, who was sporting a broken collar bone, burst out of the pack and with one mighty lunge beat Alan Sandford by half a wheel and win!

… I’m just a bit proud!


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Mothers Day Sealed Handicap 40km

The course for todays race, “Mothers Day Sealed Handicap” 40 km. Nobles Road, Forest Road, Grays Road finish in Hendy Main Road.
Fourteen riders braved the toughest conditions so far this season, with strong blustery wind and icy cold showers to contend with all riders managed to finish.
Under a controlled start for the three kilometres the lead car drops the flag to start the race, scratch rider Steve Young stretched the field out quickly with two other riders able to hang in, Nick Brown (Colac) and the much improved David O’Dwyer from (Warrnambool), the remaining riders soon formed into small bunches of two and three helping one another right to the finish. On the return leg of Forest Rd. Nick Brown the “Aging Veteran” found Steve Young, the gun, was suffering, so decided to put the pressure on and was able to hold onto a well deserved victory in such trying conditions, to win by the small margin of twelve seconds, Dave O’Dwyer one minute behind in third place.
Congratulations to all fourteen in finishing.

Final results:

1st & Fastest Nick Brown (Colac) Winning Time 1:10:10 Avg 33.85 km/h
2nd Steve Young
3rd David O’Dwyer (Warrnambool)
4th David Phillips
5th Neil Maurer
6th Grant Rogers
7th Greg Steenvoorden
8th Ross West
9th Keith Dorling
10th Terry Robinson


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
“Rod Lambeth” 30th Anniversary 49 km. Handicap 2012.
Forest Road, plus one lap, finish in Larcombes Road.

This Trophy race was held in conjunction with the Colac Veteran Cycling Club to celebrate Rod Lambeth’s 30th year in cycling.
Congratulations Rod a great achievement.
In overcast conditions with a slight Westerly wind, fifty seven keen cyclists made up nine bunches, with seventeen members from the Colac Veteran Cycling Club participating, made this a great day. Limit was off 25.00 mins. With only three riders, sent out a message to the rest of the field, went too hard early only to fracture, then to be picked up by the chase bunches on the return leg of Forest Road. With five bunches all with eight riders, working well to maintain their gaps, were finally run down by the five minute bunch. These six riders (5 mins) had teamed well and worked hard right to the end, holding off the scratch riders Cam Shaw (C) Steve Young (G) and David Lunn (C) who had merged with second scratch late in the race, only failed to catch the leaders by the small margin of 49 seconds.
Kane Airey taking out the bunch sprint followed by Andrew Goodwin then Chris Fenech for the first three trophies. David Lunn (Colac) timed his finish to perfection to take fastest time.
As there was more than average traffic along Forest Road the marshals did an exceptional job of controlling the cyclists, congratulations to all concerned.

Final results:

1st Kane Airey Geel 5:00 Time 1:14:49 Avg 39.3km/h
2nd Andrew Goodwin Geel 5:00
3rd Chris Fenech Geel 12:00
4th Heather Hamling Colac 5:00
5th Nick Oakley Geel 5:00
6th Grant Rogers Geel 5:00
7th Paul Bird Geel 8:00
8th Amanda Hosking Geel 12:00
9th Neil Maurer Geel 10:00
10th Bruce Roberts Colac 10:00
Fastest Time David Lunn Colac Scratch Time 1:10:37 Avg 41.64km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
61 km. Handicap, 5 laps of the Paraparap Circuit, finish in Larcombes Road.

Final results:

1st Kane Airey 3:00 Time 1:38:52 Avg 37km/h
2nd Nick Oakley 3:00
3rd David Pyke 3:00
4th Mark Richardson 14:00
5th Chris Fenech 14:00
6th Gifford Crosthwaite 3:00 Goulburn Valley
7th David Spence 3:00
8th Grant Rogers 3:00
9th Paul Bird 10:00
10th Andrew Baker 10:00
Fastest Time Steve Young Scratch Time 1:38:00 Avg 37.5km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Three laps, Out and back Nobles Road, finish in Larcombes Road. 49km

What started out to be a near perfect morning, at 9.30 am. with only the slightest of breeze, 31 riders greeted the starter. Lone limit rider Ken Mansfield was first away, off 22.00 mins with seven bunches chasing, the five strong 17.00 min bunch reeled him in at about the 20 km. point. By this time the wind had picked up quickly and now was blowing quite strong from the N/West, riders start looking for cover, then, the inevitable happened. A touch of wheels and a rider came to grief, lost a considerable amount of bark from his right elbow, shoulder and back, mounted his bike and made it back to the club rooms to receive attention for his abrasions. Ken, your as tough as nails.
All bunches started closing the gaps. By the 35 km. mark the 11.00 min. 15.00 min and 17.00 min bunches had merged, a gap of 1.55 mins to the 6.30 and 8.30 groups. Scratch riders Steve Young and Andrew Weightman made short work of the one minute gap to the six strong second scratch bunch P McDonough, J Miller, R Buckwell, M Coppock, M Lloyd and A Goodwin. With 10 km. to travel the lead bunch of 22 riders only holding a slender lead of 1.min 05 sec. were finally reeled in turning into Nobles Road, the toughest leg of the race. At the turnaround with a strong gusty head wind to finish off, the two scratch men put the pressure on back over Nobles to eventually power away.
Andrew Weightman who is renowned for his time trialling, rode every one off his wheel and powered to the line 8 sec’ clear of second placed Steve Young.

Final results:

1st & Fastest Time Andrew Weightman Scratch Time 1:15:18 Avg 39.04km/h
2nd Steve Young Scratch
3rd Marcus Coppock 1:00
4th Rick Buckwell 1:00
5th Jeff Miller 1:00
6th Peter McDonough 1:00
7th Grant Rogers 6:30
8th Chris Fenech 11:00
9th Malcolm Lloyd 1:00
10th Nic Oakley 6:30

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

48km Handicap, Nobles Road, Forest Road, finish in Larcombes Road.

Final results:

1st Robert Nicholls 2:00 Winning Time 1:14:35 Avg 38.6km/h
2nd & Fastest Time Jeff Miller Scratch Fastest Time 1:12:35 Avg 39.67km/h
3rd Marcus Coppock Scratch
4th Nick Brown Scratch
5th Grant Rogers 2:00
6th Neil Jeffs 4:00
7th Paul Bird 6:30
8th David Pyke 2:00
9th David Spence 4:00
10th Dennis Sonogan 6:30

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Five Laps Paraparap Circuit finish in Larcombes Road. 61km.

Final results:

1st Malcolm Lloyd 6:00 Winning Time 1:37:40 Avg 35.57km/h
2nd Kane Airey 6:00
3rd Craig Dowling 10:00
4th Nick Oakley 6:00
5th Grant Rogers 6:00
6th David Spence 6:00
7th Greg Steenvoorden 10:00
8th David Phillips 10:00
9th Stephen O’Brien 10:00
10th & Fastest Time Steve Young Scratch 1:31:45 Avg 39.9km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

The course today, 49 km. Out and back Forest Road, plus One lap of the main circuit and finish in Larcombes Road. Seventeen starters, mild overcast conditions with a South Westerly building. Terry Robinson and Ian Sumner started the day with huge smile’, the handicapper being very generous due to the small field. Well these two got away to a good start and worked very well to stay away with Terry taking the sprint by a bike length from Ian, the margin to the chase bunch was a mere 1 min 21 sec’. David Spence takes the bunch sprint for third and fourth place getter Marcus Coppock snuck in for fastest time.

Final results:

1st Terry Robinson 19:00 Winning Time 1:30:24 Avg 32.5km/h
2nd Ian Sumner 19:00
3rd David Spence 6:30
4th Marcus Coppock 1:45
5th Robert Nicholls 6:30
6th Malcolm Lloyd 1:45
7th Greg Steenvoorden 10:00
8th Kane Airey 1:45
9th Ross West 10:00
10th Brian Long 16:00
Fastest Time Marcus Coppock 1:45 1:14:30 Avg 39.46km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Summer Criterium Series 2011/2012

Place Name Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Final Points
1st Brian Carnegie 5 5 2 5 17
2nd Rick Buckwell 5 3 5 3 16
3rd Peter McDonough 3 5 2 5 15
3th Grant Rogers 5 3 2 5 15
4th Amanda Hosking * 5 5 1 3 14
5th Darryl Suter 5 0 5 2 12
6th David Phillips 3 3 5 0 11
7th Steve Young 0 5 0 5 10
8th Matt Simper 1 5 3 0 9
9th Richard Buckwell 5 2 0 2 9
10th David Spence 1 2 5 0 8
11 Darren Terry 0 5 1 2 8
12 Jeff Johnson 0 3 5 0 8
13 Marcus Coppock 0 2 3 2 7
14 Jeff Miller 2 1 0 3 6
15 Brian Farrell 0 3 0 0 3
16 Tony French 3 0 0 0 3
17 Neville Laffy 0 3 0 0 3
18 Terry Robinson 0 0 0 5 5
19 Ray Russo 0 0 3 0 3
20 Greg Steenvoorden 0 0 3 0 3
21 Keith Dorling 0 0 0 3 3
22 Joe Gulino 0 2 0 0 2
23 Paul Ryan 2 0 0 0 2
24 Neil Wilson 2 0 0 0 2
25 Neil Maurer 0 0 1 0 1
26 Adam Smith 0 0 1 0 1
27 Paul Barretta 0 0 1 0 1
28 Neil Jeffs 0 0 0 1 1
29 Paul Bird 1 0 0 0 1
30 Ian Amsden 0 0 0 0 0
31 Carl Leahy 0 0 0 0 0
32 Vince Haveaux 0 0 0 0 0

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Summer Criterium Series 2011/2012
Race Four

A Grade
1. Steve Young
2. Rick Buckwell
3. Darryl Suter

B Grade
1. Peter McDonough
2. Jeff Miller
3. Marcus Coppock

C Grade
1. Grant Rogers
2. Amanda Hosking *
3. Darren Terry

D Grade
No Starters

E Grade
1. Brian Carnegie
2. Keith Dorling
3. Richard Buckwell

F Grade
1. Terry Robinson


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Scratch race. 14 starters.

A Grade
1. Steve Young
2. Kane Airey
3. Nick Brown

C Grade
1. Daryl Peterson
2. Ross West
3. Dennis Sonogan

D Grade
1. Ian Kennedy
2. Ken Mansfield
3. Holly Lusher


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

The conditions today sunny with very strong Westerly wind tested every rider, twenty five starters in all, over an out and back course of 49 km. starting in Grassdale Road, out and back Blackgate Road, Forest Road, onto the circuit and finish in Larcombes Road. The twenty five minute limit riders of Brian Carnegie and Ian Butch Walker worked tirelessly to stay away from the chasers getting the line 1min 21 sec’ from scratch rider Steve Young.The 2nd limit bunch succumbed to the windy conditions along Forest Rd, broke up, then tried desperately to hang in with the chasing 15.00 min bunch . Scratch man Steve Young caught the 1.30 bunch at the foot of Forest Rd, then at the turn around joined the 6.00 min bunch, then finally over hauling the 8.30 min bunch and the remnants of the 15.00 min in Grays Rd, all riders are now on the circuit, the two leaders still out in front, not to be seen until they were all in Larcombes Road, Brian and Ian cresting the rise kept there heads down to the line with Brian taking out the sprint. Congratulations Brian.

Final results:

1st Brian Carnegie 25:00 Winning Time 1:41:37 Avg 28.9km/h
2nd Ian Walker 25:00
3rd Steve Young Scratch
4th Kane Airey 6:00
5th Robert Nicholls 6:00
6th Jeff Miller 1:30
7th Marcus Coppock 1:30
8th Chris Colley 8:30
9th Ross West 15:00
10th Tim VanSlagaran 15:00
Fastest Time Steve Young Scratch 1:17:58 Avg 37.70km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

There were only 15 entries for Sunday’s scratch races. They were raced over 4 laps with just 2 grades A & B in hot and windy conditions.

A Grade
1. Daryl Suter
2. Grant Rogers
3. Kane Airey

B Grade
1. Craig Dowling
2. Dennis Sonogan
3. Joe Gulino


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

The course today a 49 km. handicap, three laps of the Paraparap circuit, Nobles Rd. and finish in Larcombes Rd. Excellent conditions with a slight North Easterly, thirty one entries with twenty nine starting, divided into nine bunches, greeted the starter and rode off at a cracking pace, all in with a chance in these near perfect conditions. With all bunches working well and staying clear of each other until the tough Nobles Rd. leg, with approximately ten km’ to travel the front markers off 30.00 min 21.30 min 18.30 bunches started to merge going up Nobles Rd, then after the turn around could see the pursuant’ in full flight not far away. At this point the race still not won, these guys had worked so hard to stay away and were not about to relent. The evergreen Ian Sumner off 21.30 min take’ line honour, closely followed by Gordon McColl also off 21.30 min. The field just 1 min 28 sec’ in arrears.
Malcolm Lloyd from second scratch 1.30 min taking fastest time.
Congratulations Ian Sumner, winning time 1.32.45 avs 31.7 k/hr.

Final results:

1st Ian Sumner 21:30 Winning Time 1:32:45 Avg 31.7km/h
2nd Gordon McColl 21:30
3rd Ken Mansfield 30:00
4th Andrew Kennon 21:30
5th Jack Langedyk 10:00
6th Paul Bird 10:00
7th Greg Steenvoorden 10:00
8th Tommy Gray 10:00
9th Doug Wilson 13:00
10th Matt Simper 13:00
Fastest Time Malcolm Lloyd 1:30 1:12:43 Avg 40.40km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday morning 7.30 am. Mother nature decided to open up the heavens and that was enough to dampen the enthusiasm of ten riders out of the thirty who entered the 49 km handicap.
Blackgate Rd, Forest Rd, around the Grays Rd and Hendy Main circuit and finish in Larcombes Rd.
By race start the rain had cleared, the roads had dried, the riders then had to contend with strong, swirling south easterly to south westerly wind.
Five bunches of three and two bunches of two riders set off with the task ahead. All bunches seem to maintain there gaps working into the wind and on the return leg of Forest Rd is when bunches started to merge. The 13.30 and 15.30 bunches with gate keepers in Brian Long and Ian Sumner teamed well and maintained a good pace but were unable to reel in the one limit rider of Ken Mansfield who took line honour.
Eight riders set themselves for the bunch sprint to take out the miner placing’s with Amanda Hosking timing her sprint perfectly, easily accounting for the rest.
The lone limit rider Ken Mansfield off 35.30 min with the task ahead, ”head down and an iron grip on the drops”, is the only position he knows, worked tirelessly to hang on to a very hard earned victory. Congratulations Ken.
Scratch rider Steve Young took out fastest time crossing the line in tenth place was well supported by Peter McDonough and Daryl Suter who were 4:36 min in arrears.

Final results:

1st Ken Mansfield 35:30 Winning Time 1:45:45 Avg 27.8km/h
2nd Amanda Hosking 13:30
3rd Neil Jeffs 15:30
4th Dennis Sonogan 13:30
5th David O’Dwyer 15:30
6th Greg Steenvoorden 13:30
7th Ross West 15:30
8th Brian Long 22:30
9th Ian Sumner 22:30
10th & Fastest Time Steve Young Scratch 1:14:51 Avg 39.30km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Out Nobles Rd and back, Out Forest Rd and back, finish in Larcombes Rd. 48 km

Sunday morning; 9.30 am. overcast, warm, mild with humid conditions greeted 25 riders for a 48 km. handicap out over Nobles Rd, out Forest Rd, return to the circuit and finish in Larcombes Rd. As the race progressed the conditions changed dramatically as the strength of the wind blowing from the North was almost gale force, splintering bunches severely when they turned into Hendy Mane Rd for the final six kilometers. Daryl Peterson from the limit bunch of 20 mins tried to go alone only to be chased down in the last two km. Peter Ladd from the 9.0 min bunch also tried in vain only to be swallowed up with one kilometer to go by the strong backmarkers, in Steve Young, Peter McDonough, 3.00 min Jeff Miller, Malcolm Lloyd, and Grant Rogers, and only Grant was able to hold the wheel of Steve Young who took out first and fastest time with Grant finishing second.

Final results:

1st & Fastest S Young Winning Time 1:12:43 Avg 39.6 km/h
2nd G Rogers
3rd D Peterson
4th C Dowling
5th G Steenvoorden
6th J Miller
7th K Dorling
8th M Lloyd
9th R West
10th D Wilson


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Summer Criterium Series 2011/2012

Place Name Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Final Points
1st Rick Buckwell 5 3 5 13
2nd Brian Carnegie 5 5 2 12
3rd Amanda Hosking * 5 5 1 11
4th David Phillips 3 3 5 11
5th Peter McDonough 3 5 2 10
6th Grant Rogers 5 3 2 10
7th Darryl Suter 5 0 5 10
8th Matt Simper 1 5 3 9
9th Jeff Johnson 0 3 5 8
10th David Spence 1 2 5 8
11 Richard Buckwell 5 2 0 7
12 Darren Terry 0 5 1 6
13 Steve Young 0 5 0 5
14 Marcus Coppock 0 2 3 5
15 Brian Farrell 0 3 0 3
16 Tony French 3 0 0 3
17 Neville Laffy 0 3 0 3
18 Jeff Miller 2 1 0 3
19 Ray Russo 0 0 3 3
20 Greg Steenvoorden 0 0 3 3
21 Paul Bird 1 0 0 2
22 Joe Gulino 0 2 0 2
23 Paul Ryan 2 0 0 2
24 Neil Wilson 2 0 0 2
25 Neil Maurer 0 0 1 1
26 Adam Smith 0 0 1 1
27 Paul Barretta 0 0 1 1
28 Ian Amsden 0 0 0 0
29 Carl Leahy 0 0 0 0
30 Vince Haveaux 0 0 0 0

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Summer Criterium Series 2011/2012
Race Three

A Grade
1. Daryl Suter

B Grade
1. Rick Buckwell
2. Marcus Coppock
3. Peter McDonough

C Grade
1. David Spence
2. Ray Russo
3. Grant Rogers

D Grade
1. David Phillips
2. Greg Steenvoorden
3. Neil Maurer

E Grade
1. Jeff Johnson
2. Matt Simper
3. Brian Carnegie


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Aggregate Handicap, Forest Rd & 2 Laps, finish Larcombes Rd 57km

In energy sapping conditions thirty two riders fronted for the Australia Day handicap being the first aggregate points race for 2012 and Dave Robinson first race as club handicapper. With little or no breeze about and the dry heat coming off the road it was sure to have an effect on riders as the race wore on. On the out and back leg on Forest rd all groups stayed together with minimal time being taken out of the 7 bunches. However the 2 min bunch was riding strong and holding off scratch and taking a minute out of 4:30 bunch

The 18 and 29 min bunches were plodding along and riders slowly splintering off leaving riders to their own devices. On the second lap of the Paraparap circuit the 9 and 13 min bunch merged and the 2 min gathered in the 4:30 min bunch along Grays rd and then reeled in the 9 min bunch at the clubrooms corner. As this group of riders went up the rise Peter, Rick, Andrew, Jeff, Marcus and Ray Russo took off and were able to shake off the rest of the field and set off in chase of the dwindling lead riders. In the meantime Greg Steenvoorden had been able to keep his rhythm out front and was now riding by himself. Scratch had succumbed to task set for it and was out of contention.

Along Grays rd for the final time the odd rider was picked up with Greg still tapping a steady pace. At the clubrooms corner for the final time Andrew, Jeff and Rick surged up the rise and put in a gap in to the other 3 riders, Rick Buckwell then made his move and kicked again riding Jeff and Andrew off his wheel and was able to put in a 100 metre gap as he cleared the rise. He continued to up to Larcombes rd corner and onwards to cross the finish line by nearly over minute to the chasing bunch.

Greg Steenvoorden remained elusive all day and took out line honours by over 2 mins to Rick who also took out fastest time then followed by Jeff, Marus and Andrew.

Start List:

Scratch Steve Young, Daryl Suter
2:00 Peter McDonough , Rick Buckwell , Andrew Goodwin, Malcolm Lloyd, Jeff Miller
4:30 Peter Ladd , Grant Rogers, David Spence, Ray Russo, Marcus Coppock
9:00 Tom Gray, Joe Gulino, Paul Bird, Dave Phillips
13:00 Dennis Sonogan, Matt Simper, Ross West, Daryl Peterson, Chris Colley
18:00 Doug Wilson, Greg Steenvoorden, Tony Spark, Brian Long, Keith Dorling, Len Bent
29:00 Gordon McColl, Brian Carnegie, Ken Mansfield
Marshalls Bill Mantova, Rod Lambeth, Colin Hooper, Richard Buckwell, Terry Robinson, Ian Sumner, David Robinson
Final results:

1st Greg Steenvoorden Winning Time 1:43:44 Avg 28.09 km/h
2nd Rick Buckwell
3rd Jeff Miller
4th Marcus Coppock
5th Andrew Goodwin
6th Tony Spark
7th Ray Russo
8th Peter McDonough
Fastest Time Rick Buckwell 1:30:30 Avg 36.97 km/h


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

29c, Mostly sunny
4 Laps A, B, C grades. D, E, F grade 3 Laps Paraparap
Circuit – Finish Hendy Main Rd

A Grade
1. Steve Young
2. Jeff Miller
3. D Ladd
Kane Airey

B Grade
1. Peter Ladd
2. Ray Russo
3. Grant Rogers
Joe Gulino
T Gray

C Grade
1. Paul Bird
2. Matt Simper
3. Dennis Sonogan
Jeff Johnson
Ross West
Daryl Peterson
Chris Colley

D Grade
1. Greg Steenvoorden
2. Brian Long
3. Len Bent
Gil Wright
Rod Lambeth
Terry Robinson

E Grade
1. Gordon McColl
2. H Lusher
3. Dale Jennings
Peter Dickson

Brian Carnegie
Ian Sumner
Richard Buckwell
Dave Phillips
Doug Wilson


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Summer Criterium Series 2011/2012

Place Name Points
1st Brian Carnegie 10
2nd Amanda Hosking * 10
3rd Rick Buckwell 8
4th Peter McDonough 8
5th Grant Rogers 8
6th Richard Buckwell 7
7th David Phillips 6
8th Matt Simper 6
9th Darryl Suter 5
10th Darren Terry 5
11th Steve Young 5
12th Brian Farrell 3
13th Tony French 3
14th Jeff Johnson 3
15th Neville Laffy 3
16th Jeff Miller 3
17th David Spence 3
18th Paul Bird 2
19th Marcus Coppock 2
20th Joe Gulino 2
21st Paul Ryan 2
22nd Neil Wilson 2
23rd Ian Amsden 0
24th Carl Leahy 0
25th Greg Steenvoorden 0

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Summer Criterium Series 2011/2012
Race Two

A Grade
1. Steve Young
2. Neville Laffy – Goulburn Valley

B Grade
1. Peter McDonough
2. Rick Buckwell
3. Marcus Coppock

C Grade
1. Darren Terry – Eureka
2. Grant Rogers
3. David Spence

D Grade
1. Amanda Hosking *
2. David Phillips
3. Joe Gulino

E Grade
1. Matt Simper
2. Jeff Johnson
3. Richard Buckwell

F Grade
1. Brian Carnegie
2. Brian Farrell – Eastern