Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
The John Windsor Christmas Handicap
Three laps finish in Larcombes road 38km

The last race on the Calender attracted a very competitive field of 43 entries, mother nature was kind to us with sunny cool conditions and a fairly strong southerly. Sammy Flaccavento, his first and last race for the season was the lone limit rider off 25.00 min. caught by the chase bunches with about 8 km. to go.
The 5.00 min bunch tore through the field taking no passengers, and along the way the 2 scratch riders Steve Young and Andrew Weightman powered around the course and have picked up the 1.30, and 2.30 bunches catching the 5.00 bunch 400 meters from the line, a bunch of approximately 15 riders set them selves up for the sprint, (scratch riders were caught napping) then to everyone’ surprise Peter Ladd broke free with his renown POWER FULL finish to hang in for a great win with the ever green Rob Nicholls taking 2nd and our season’ aggregate winner Paul Bird was 3rd.

Final results:

1st Peter Ladd 5:00 Winning Time 1:01:24 Avs 37.13 km/h
2nd Rob Nicholls 5:00
3rd Paul Bird 7:00
4th Daryl Suter 1:30
5th Kane Airey 5:00
6th Paul Volk 1:30
7th Adam Smith 7:00
8th Bill McConnell 5:00
Fastest time Andrew Weightman Scratch 0:56:30 Avs 40.35 km/h
Others to finish, Steve Young, Jeff Miller, Peter McDonough, Paul Baretta (new), Marcus Coppock, Grant Rogers, Ian Amsden, Mal Lloyd, Jack Langedyke, Joe Gulino, Neil Wilson, Amanda Hosking*, Dennis Sonogan, Greg Steenvoorden, Ross West, Matt Simper, Len Bent, Ian Sumner, Brian Long, Gil Wright, Brian Carnegie, Terry Robinson, Ken Mansfield, Peter Dickson, Bill Mantova, a number of riders retired.


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Final results:

1st Dennis Sonogan Winning Time 1:31:05 Avg 32.27 km/h
2nd Ross West
3rd Grant Rogers
4th Peter Ladd
5th Ian Amsden
6th Drew McDonald
7th Colin Hooper
8th Gil Wright
9th Amanda Hosking
10th Nathan Williams
Fastest Time Peter McDonough 1:15:18 Avg 39.04 km/h

Others to finish, Jeff Miller, Steve Young, Daryl Suter, David Spence, Adam Smith, Ian Sumner, Ken Mansfield.


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Summer Criterium Series 2011/2012
Race One

A Grade
1. Daryl Suter
B Grade
1. Rick Buckwell
2. Peter McDonough
3. Jeff Miller

C Grade
1. Grant Rogers
2. Tony French
3. Paul Ryan

D Grade
1. Amanda Hosking *
2. David Phillips
3. Neil Wilson

E Grade
1. Richard Buckwell
2. Matt Simper

F Grade
1. Brian Carnegie


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
The Jack Griffin Trophy Race 49km Handicap

Temp low 20’s with moderate winds from the south west, which made for good riding conditions for the 34 riders who turned out for the 28th staging of the Jack Griffen handicap. A special thank you goes to Jack for his continued contribution… to this race and with the great man in attendance some keen racing was on the cards.

The start list;
28 min Brian Carnegie, Ken Mansfield, Ralph Edwards, Andrew Kenyon
18 min Brian Long, Gil Wright.
15 min Barry Primmer, Rod Nisbet, Ian Sumner
13 mins Dennis Sonogan, Daryl Peterson, Ross West
10 mins Colin Hooper, James Stuart, Matt Simper, Nathan Williams, Chris Colley 8 mins Neil Wilson, Paul Bird, Joe Gulino, Tom Gray, Mandy Hosking
3 mins Nick Oakley, Ian Amsden, Bill McConnell, Grant Rogers, Grant Edmonds, Andrew Goodwin
Scr. Steve Young, Nick Brown, Marcus Coppock, Peter McDonough, Jeff Miller, Rick Buckwell

As usual the limit riders had completed a lap and some by the time scratch had started and were not passed until the second lap of limit and the first completed lap of scratch. Whilst scratch was making good time it was not riding as a cohesive group but was able to reel in the 2min bunch as it commenced the third lap. Meanwhile the 8 & 10 min bunches had joined which gave them some fire power and something for the scratch bunch to chase. Out front the limit riders were starting to break up and Ken Mansfield found himself the sole rider leading the race.

On the third lap scratch turned into Grays rd and there was not a solitary rider in sight and as they flashed past ‘Jacks’ corner were still 11 mins behind Ken and a further 5 mins off the 8/10 bunch. On the fourth lap going up Hendy Main at the club rooms corner the 8/10 bunch min became visible to the scratchies and very gettable. Along Grays rd the scrathies finally caught the 8/10 min bunch to make a bunch of around 20 riders with a mass finish looming.

As the riders rode past the club room corner with around 4 kms to go Steve Young who had taken a fair dose of angry pills before the start of the race took off with Rick Buckwell and Andrew Goodwin hot on his hammer. These 3 riders were able to shake the rest of the bunch off and as they turned into Larcombes rd had a 200 mt break over the chasing field. Kens Mansfield who had been out front for the majority of the race was quickly overtaken just 200 mts short of Forest rd by Steve, Rick and Andrew and Nick Brown who had somehow made the jump across without being chased down to make four riders to contest the finish.

Andrew Goodwin who had ridden a brave race finally ran out of steam crossing Forest Rd as Steve upped the ante again with Nick and Rick after him. In the end Steve prevailed to finish 10 mts ahead of Nick who was a further 10 mts ahead of Rick for third and Andrew fourth.

Final results:

1st Steve Young Winning Time 1:16:28 39.05 km/h
2nd Nick Brown
3rd Rick Buckwell
4th Andrew Goodwin
5th Marcus Coppock
6th Grant Edmonds
7th Neil Wilson
8th Colin Hooper
9th Mandy Hosking
10th Jeff Miller
Fastest Time Steve Young 1:16:28 39.05 km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Criterium Racing

A Grade
1. Steve Young
2. Mal Lloyd
3. Tony French

B Grade
1. Dave Spence
2. Adam Spence
3. Grant Rogers

C Grade
1. Paul Ryan (W’bool)
2. Mark Melnyk
3. Daryl Tonkin


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Age Group Championships 2011.

4 Laps of the Paraparap circuit for ages 59 and under, 3 Laps for over 60.

Final results:

1. Kane Airey
1. Steve Young
2. Tony French
3. Grant Edmonds
45-49 Male
1. Rick Buckwell
2. Joe Gulino
3. David Kolveski

45-49 Ladies
1. Amanda Hosking
1. Grant Rogers
1. Paul Bird

1. Colin Hooper
2. Peter Ladd
3. Neil Wilson
1. Dave Phillips
2. Tommy Gray
3. Dennis Sonogan

1. Brian Long
2. Len Bent

Layard Park Investments
49 km Handicap

The conditions for the day was overcast, with mild temperature and a slight South Westerly wind that increased as the the race progressed.
The coarse is the toughest 49 km. on the clubs program. Three Laps of the Paraparap circuit, out to the end of Nobles Road, turn around, and finish in Larcombes Road. Thirty six riders set out after the largest amount of prize money that has ever been on offer for a club race thanks to “Phill Godfrey” and “Layard Park Investments”. Divided into eight bunches, limit off on 25.30 min, with only 3 riders in each of the 3 out marker bunches and all but Brian Long retired early to the club rooms for an early coffee, the remaining sizable bunches toughed it out with the 9.00 min 12.30 min bunches combining at approx. 15 km. to go, the 6.30 bunch working well snatched the lead into the last leg. Scratch and second combined but still 3 min. down on the leaders heading toward Nobles Road.
In a tight finish Grant Rogers, just half a bike length in front of Grant Edmonds.
Scratch man Nick Brown kicked away from his co markers to take out fastest time.

Final results:

1st Grant Rogers 6:30 Winning Time 1:20:46 Avs 36.4 km/h
2nd Grant Edmonds 6:30
3rd Andrew Goodwin 6:30
4th Neil Wilson 12:30
5th Ian Amsden 9:00
6th Drew McDonald 6:30
7th Chris Colley 12:30
8th Tommy Gray 6:30
9th Jack Langedyke 6:30
10th Joe Gulino 9:00
Fastest time Nick Brown Colac 1:17:55 Avs 37.75 km/h
Other’s to finish, Ross West, Paul Bird, David Phillips, Amanda Hosking, Richard Buckwell snr. David Spence, Greg Steenvoorden, Marcus Coppock, Malclom Lloyd, Peter McDonough, Brian Long, Nathan Williams.


The “Bill Long” Camperdown to Warrnambool Classic

Wind from the south west, rain and cool conditions can only mean one thing, the Camperdown to Warrnambool. A field of 115 riders (19 Geelong) in eleven bunches, with limit giving up 37 minutes to scratch, fronted up for the ‘Bill Long’ classic in challenging conditions.

Most riders were not only greeted with the 2.5km drag out of Camperdown but had to contest with a strong head wind and rain. All bunches maintained their formations with the merging of groups around mid race. The 20, 24, 28 & 37 min (limit) came together around the 40km mark and the 10, 12:30 & 15 doing likewise; the former group was finding the conditions difficult and were starting to fracture while the later group was moving nicely with the 10 min group doing most of the driving of the bunch. Meanwhile the scratch, 2, 5:30 & 8 minute bunches were still banging away in their respective bunches.

As the riders emerged from what shelter was offered along the Cobden Road, the stretch between Naringal & Allansford was where the race really took shape as riders could no longer hide from the elements and started to splinter from their groups. The front markers finally giving up their lead to the chasing 10 minute bunch at Allansford as they turned onto the highway. The scratch group were still down by about 5 mins with around 10kms to the finish. The scratch group finally caught the 2 min bunch at Allansford and then rolled through and caught the 5:30 bunch at Warrnambool speedway with the 8 minute bunch still swinging in the breeze.

With about 30 odd riders in the leading bunch and scratch bunch and a strong cross head wind, officials were screaming at riders to keep to the left lane as they headed into Warrnambool. As the lead bunch rode up the last climb to Fletcher Jones and with around 2.5 km’s to go a mass finish loomed. With 600 metres from the finish line Rohan Creed burst from the pack. The bunch waited until 200 metres to go and Grant Rogers (Geelong) burst from the pack to take the win by a bike length.

The scratch bunch in the meantime had finally caught up to the 8 min bunch at the top of the Fletcher Jones hill and Roy Clark from (Eastern) was able to outlast the other scratchies to take out fastest time.

Final results:

1st Grant Rogers G 15:00 Winning Time 1:57:40 Avs 36.22 km/h
2nd Rohan Creed W 12:30
3rd Wayne Collins W 10:00
4th Danny Burke W 10:00
5th Neil Wilson G 24:00
6th Peter Umbers W 10:00
7th Clive Coomber W 10:00
8th Marcus Coppock G 10:00
9th Paul Dynon Cv 10:00
10th Geoff McLaren W 20:00
11th Heather Hamling C 10:00
12th Barry Webster W 20:00
13th Clem Fries Gip 10:00
14th Rick Lovell Cv 12:30
15th Amanda Hosking G 24:00
Fastest time Roy Clark E 1:45:50 Avs 40.26 km/h



Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Forest Rd + 1 Lap, finish Larcombes Rd, 47km
Final results:

1st Greg Steenvoorden Winning Time 1:28:51
2nd Keith Dorling
3rd Brian Long
4th Amanda Hosking
5th Dennis Sonogan
6th Ross West
7th Nick Brown
8th Grant Rogers
9th Peter Ladd
10th Grant Edmonds
Fastest Time Nick Brown 1:18:59


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club Open Handicap
61km, Finish Larcombes Rd

A total of 86 riders entered and 77 riders fronted up for the Geelong Open. With a steady south westerly, cool conditions and a small field of scratch riders, any mid-field bunch was favourite to win the event. Limit started 30 mins ahead of scratch and had completed a lap just as the 5:30 bunch commenced riding. Geelong riders still basking in the afterglow of their football team glory rode like their footy counterparts and performed well to take out the major awards.

For the first two laps all bunches stayed intact with only a few riders dropping off. A sprint prize was awarded for laps 2, 3 & 4 for the out markers and limit rider Diane Jane (Cv) was able to pick up the treble before she surrendered the lead to the riders following.

By the third lap the wind and the drag up Hendy Main Rd was starting to take its toll on the out markers with them starting to fracture, but the main merging of groups came at the 40km mark of the race when the 8 & 10 min bunches came together. From this point forward it was going to being difficult for the back markers to pick them up.

The scratch bunch began with only two riders and rode bravely to catch the 1:30 bunch around the 50 km mark, but with a lack of fire power and cooperation of this merged bunch fastest time was no certainty. The 3:30 bunch who were riding superbly caught the 5:30 bunch also at the 50km mark and the word was that they were in the mix for fastest time.

As the 8 min bunch hit the lead turning into Forest Rd on the last lap they held a two minute advantage to the 3:30 bunch and a further 3:30 to the scratch bunch. The 8 min bunch flexed its muscles going over the Forest Rd set of rises and spat out a lot of riders just hanging on but still maintained around 20 riders who were putting in.

As the 3:30 bunch approached the Forest rd double (rises) Matt McDonough (G) took off with his brother Pete (G) close behind and with no one else prepared to go with them had put in 100mt gap. As the following bunch turned into Grays Rd they upped the ante and caught Pete & Matt half way along and the grouped settled in again towards the finish. Meanwhile the merged 8min bunch was still riding strong working well as a group up Hendy Main/Larcombes Rd for the last time. With a bunch finish looming, riders had to hold their nerve.

As they peaked on the Larcombes Rd rise and with 200mts to the line, Paul Dynon (Cv) made a dash for the line, however, Mal Lloyd (G) lurking in his slipstream outsprinted him to the line. Rod Hetherington (Eur) came in close behind for third. With fastest time up for grabs Matt McDonough made his move at the start line on Hendy Main Rd with 3km to go and with no other rider prepared to go after him was able to put a 100mt gap in again. Matt rode on his own to the line and put his name in contention for fastest time. However, as officials had not picked him up as he crossed the line and with scratch rolling in around 3:30 later it was unclear who had taken out the best time. After reviewing the finish camera footage officials determined Matt McDonough had got fastest time by 17secs.

Other awards: first unplaced rider over 70, Brian Long (G) and first unplaced women, Amanda Hosking (G)

Final results:

1st Mal Lloyd Geel Winning Time 1:39:15 Avg 36.8km/h
2nd Paul Dynon Cent Vic
3rd Rod Hetherington Eureka
4th Barry Warren Warrn
5th Kane Airey Geel
6th Ken Heres Eureka
7th Ivan Howes Eureka
8th Craig Halliday Cent Vic
9th Rick Lovell Cent Vic
10th Danny Burke Warrn
Fastest Time Matt McDonough Geel 1:36:38 Avg 37.8km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
3 Laps Paraparap + Nobles Rd finish in Larcombes Rd 49km.

Final results:

1st Rob Nicholls 16:00 Winning Time 1:21:32 Avg 36km/h
2nd Bill McConnell 8:00
3rd Chris Colley 8:00
4th Anne Gourley 13:00
5th Kane Airey 10:00
6th Wade Sechtig 8:00
7th David Spence 16:00
Fastest Time Peter McDonough Scr 1:17:29 Avg 37.9km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Nobles Rd, Forest Rd, Hendy Main Rd and finish Larcombes Rd 47km.

Final results:

1st Chris Colley 16:00 Winning Time 1:25:03 Avg 33.16km/h
2nd Drew McDonald 8:00
3rd David Spence 8:00
4th Neil Wilson 13:00
5th Grant Rogers 10:00
6th Andrew Goodwin 8:00
7th Greg Steenvoorden 16:00
8th Brian Carnegie 28:00
9th Paul Bird 10:00
10th Ross West 13:00
Fastest Time Rick Buckwell Scr 1:13:03 Avg 38.6km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Blackgate Road, Forest Road, plus 1 Lap 55 km

A fantastic day of around 22c greeted the field of 31 riders for the 54km handicap (Blackgate/Forest rd out & return and finish Hendy Main rd) and with no wind the front markers were rubbing their hands together for a good day.

Ken Mansfield and Peter Dickson set off on limit and giving up 27 mins to the scratch riders. On 22 min Terry Robinson, Gil Wright, Brian Long, Ian Sumner, Brian Carnegie; 16:30 min bunch Dennis Sonnogan, Keith Dorling, Neil Wilson, Ross West, Greg Steenvoorden, Rod Lambeth; 12 min bunch Mandy Hosking, Paul Bird, David Kolevski, Chris Colley, Anne Gourley; the 7 min bunch David Spence, Bill McConnell, Paul Ogilvie, Rob Nicholls, Andrew Goodwin, Grant Rogers; and scratch Rick Buckwell, Marcus Coppock, Jeff Miller, Mal Lloyd, Nick Oakley, Peter McDonough and Steve Young.

The 16:30 min bunch caught the 22 min bunch on the corner of Grays/Hendy Main with about 14kms from the finish and were able to keep away from the chasing riders. As the lead group headed up Hendy Main for the last time a group of 6 riders remained in contention with a sprint finish looming. In the end Neil Wilson was able to out sprint the group from Ross West and Greg Steenvoorden. In a return ride from illness Steve Young took out fastest time.

Final results:

1st Neil Wilson 17:30 Winning Time 1:39:18 Avg 33.23km/h
2nd Ross West 17:30
3rd Greg Steenvoorden 17:30
4th Ian Sumner 23:00
5th Brian Long 23:00
6th Ken Mansfield 33:00
7th Bill McConnell 8:00
8th David Spence 8:00
9th Grant Rogers 13:00
10th Paul Bird 13:00
Fastest Time Steve Young Scr 1:25:38 Avg 38.55km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Fathers Day Handicap

Drizzling greeted riders for the 48km Fathers Day handicap (3 laps + Nobles rd and finish Larcombes rd) a 15min delay was implemented until it stopped raining making conditions greasy but with a warn and strong nor wester road conditions did not stay wet for too long.

Ken Mansfield set off on limit and giving up 27 mins to the scratch riders. On 20 min Terry Robinson; 14 min bunch Ian Sumner, Chris Colley, Greg Steenvoorden; 11 min bunch Ross West, Mandy Hosking, Dennis Sonnogan, David Kolevski; the 8 min bunch Bill McConnell, Paul Ogilvie, Rob Nicholls, Ian Amsden, Paul Bird; the 5 min bunch Andrew Goodwin, Joe Gulino, Peter Ladd; and scratch Andrew Weightman, Marcus Coppock and Rick Buckwell

The 8min bunch decided they meant business today and had caught the 11min after only 1 lap completed and with Bill McConnell driving the bunch and were able to successfully carve up the field ahead to have a strangle hold on the race after the completion of the third lap. Meanwhile scratch were doing its best to make up time and reaching speeds of up to 55 k’s along Grays rd were confident of catching the bunches ahead. Ian Amsden was continually surging along Hendy Main rd and along Larcombes on the last lap due to the uncertainty of the distance or finish before he realised he still had Nobles rd to negotiate. Scratch finally caught the 5min just before the Larcombes rd turn on the third lap and then along Forest rd Andrew Weightman turned up the heat over the Forest rd double with Rick Buckwell being the only one being able to go with him and dropping the rest.

As the 8 min bunch turned into Nobles rd Bill, Ian, Rob, Paul Bird and Chris were in control of the race with Andrew and Rick 3 mins behind but the margin was enough for this bunch to be able to hold off the scratchies. With Ian still unsure of the finish point the cunning of Bill McConnell was all he needed to pounce and take out the race with Ian second and Rob third and with Andrew finishing a further 2 mins behind to take out fastest time

Final results:

1st Bill McConnell 8:00 Winning Time 1:25:39 Avg 34.3km/h
2nd Ian Amsden 8:00
3rd Rob Nicholls 8:00
4th Chris Colley 14:00
5th Andrew Weightman Scr
6th Rick Buckwell Scr
7th Paul Bird 8:00
8th Marcus Coppock Scr
9th Andrew Goodwin 5:00
10th David Kolevski 11:00
Fastest Time Andrew Weightman Scr 1:19:50 Avg 36.8km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Five laps of Paraparap Circuit 58 km.
Final results:

1st Paul Ogilvie
2nd Paul Bird
3rd David Robinson
4th Colin Hooper
5th Amanda Hosking


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Blackgate return, Forest rd return, Hendy Main finish 45 km

With foggy conditions confronting the field of 25 riders the start time was delayed for 30 mins until racing was safer for both riders and drivers. Brain Long and Terry Robinson set off on limit and giving up 23 mins to the scratch riders. The 20 min bunch consisted of Daryl Peterson and Ian Sumner; 13 min Colin Hooper, Anne Gourley, Ross West, Doug Wilson and Greg Steenvoorden; the 9 min Dennis Sonnogan, Paul Bird, Mandy Hoskings, David Kolevski and Nathan Williams; 7 min Joe Gulino, David Spence, Grant Rogers, Rob Nicholls and Drew McDonald and scratch Andrew Weightman, Mal Lloyd, Jeff Miller, Nick Brown and Rick Buckwell

The out and back leg on Blackgate road was steady as she goes with no change in the fields and it was not until the 25km mark along Forest rd that the 7 and 9 min mark merged which was going to make things tough for the scratchies to catch and the 13 min group had merged with the 20 min group. As the scratchies turned at the Forest turn around with 13 kms to go they still were 6 mins from the leaders (longy and robbo) and 4 mins off the 7 min bunch.

With less than a kilometre to go longy and robbo who had battled on gamely were finally caught by 13 min group who then set themselves up for finish which included up to 8 riders. In the sprint to the line Doug Wilson was able to prevail and hold out Anne Gourley to win the race with Colin Hooper third and Ian Sumner fourth, Jeff Miller was able to continue his fine form and take out fastest time.

Final results:

1st Doug Wilson 1:17
2nd Anne Gourley
3rd Colin Hooper
4th Ian Sumner
5th Brian Long
6th Terry Robinson
7th Daryl Petersen
8th Grant Rogers
9th Robbie Nicholls
10th Mandy Hoskings
Fastest Time Jeff Miller 1:07


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Twenty riders turned out on this overcast, cool, quietly pleasant morning with only a slight hint of a northerly.
The course 47 km. was out and back Nobles Road, out and back Forest Road around the Hendy Main circuit and finish in Larcombes Road.
Scratch consisting of J Miller, M Lloyd and M Coppock were giving 20 minutes to the sole limit ride rider K Mansfield. At 15 km. the 16 min bunch, I Sumner, T Robinson, G Wright, B Long and G McColl had caught the limit rider. The 12 min. bunch of D Sonogan, R West, C Colley, K Dorling who worked well together were quickly being picked up the 3 riders in the 10 min. group of D Phillips, A Hosking and P Bird. Meanwhile the 4 min. group of R Nicholls, D Spence, G Rogers and D Kolevski gradually broke up, however Nicholls and Spence kept working to stay clear of scr. but all to no avail, the scr. group picked them up and carried them through to the finish with M Coppock taking fastest time; 1:16:29 avs 36.8 k/hr.
The surprise of the day was Paul Bird, from the 10 min. group, found an extra bit as the main contenders sprinted too early and faded, however Paul being patient, waited and then hit the line comfortably from David Phillips 2nd. Keith Dorling 3rd. Ross West 4th. Dennis Sonogan 5th.

Final results:

1st Paul Bird winning time 1:24:30 avs 33.37 k/hr
2nd David Phillips
3rd Keith Dorling
4th Ross West
5th Dennis Sonogan
Fastest Time Marcus Coppock


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Forest Road plus 2 laps of Paraparap Circuit 53 km.

Race cancelled due to inclimate weather.


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Forest Road return plus 1 lap of Paraparap Circuit 47 km.
Final results:

1st Greg Steenvoorden
2nd Brian Long
3rd Keith Dorling
4th Paul Bird
5th Joe Gulino


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Three laps of Paraparap Circuit, Nobles Road, finish in Larcombes Rd 49 km.
Final results:

1st Steve Young
2nd Amanda Hosking
3rd Ross West
4th Richard Buckwell
5th Colin Hooper
Fastest Time Steve Young


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Five laps of the Paraparap Circuit 58 km.
Final results:

1st Steve Young
2nd Tony Mirabella
3rd Marcus Coppock
4th Peter McDonough
5th Robert Braszell
Fastest Time Steve Young


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Hendry Cycles Handicap

The Geelong Veteran and Colac Veteran Cycling Clubs competed for the annual Hendry Cycles Handicap trophy race over a course of 47 km.
A field of 40 riders fronted the start line knowing they were in for a tough day, the strong wind from the north west battered the riders forging there way up misery lane three times, some riders succumbed to the conditions and opted out and headed back to the club rooms for an early coffee. The course was out Forest Road turnaround at Gundry’s Road, back to Grays Road and complete two laps of the circuit with the finish in Larcombes Road. With eight riders on scr. chasing six off 4 min. seven off 6.30 min. five off 8.30 min. five off 10.30 min. four off 14.00 min. five off the limit mark of 18.00 min. The four min. bunch of six worked well to to gather all before them with approximately five km. to go, and holding scratch off by 1.30 min.
However approaching Forest Road with one km. to the finish line their was an obvious misunderstanding, this bunch turned left into Forest Rd for a third lap, had they followed the lead car the win was there for the taking. At this point scratch did not realise they had turned into Forest Rd. Fortunately scratch knew to continue straight up Larcombes Rd. Upon cresting the rise in Larcombes Rd. The scratch bunch were thinking they were racing for fastest time, they were surprised to find that there were no riders in front of them and they had actually won the race.

Final results:

1st Ralph Iselt Colac Scr Fastest Time 1:17:21
2nd Nick Brown Colac Scr
3rd Rick Buckwell Geelong Scr
4th Anthony Seipolt Geelong Scr
5th Jeff Miller Geelong Scr
6th Eddy Ziedaitis Geelong Scr
7th Daryl Suter Geelong Scr
8th Ross West Geelong 10:30
9th Amanda Hosking Geelong 10:30
10th Grant Rogers Geelong 8:30

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
47km Handicap

Twenty two riders were happy to see a change in the weather from last weekends strong northerly wind and a solid drenching at Colac.
Paraparap, overcast, dry, mild conditions and no wind with a slight drizzle for a few moments, saw scratch rider Peter McDonough rode true to his good form from last week guiding the five strong scratch bunch through the field to take line honors, for first and fastest time in 1:10:25 avs 40.05 km/hr.
Kane Airey from the 4:30 min. mark rode well to secure second place ahead of Jeff Miller scr. and Wade Sechtig also from scr. Dennis Sonogan 7:00 min. Bill McConnell 4:30 min.

Final results:

1st Peter McDonough
2nd Kane Airey
3rd Jeff Miller
4th Wade Sechtig
5th Dennis Sonogan
6th Bill McConnell


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

24 riders turned out to compete in a 5 lap 56km handicap at Parapararap with Geelong Veteran Cycling Club.
Gordon McColl and Brian Carnegie set off first 27 minutes ahead of scratch. 4 minutes adrift Terry Robinson started the chase.
A further 4 minutes back Ian Sumner and Keith Dorling combined to hunt the 3 back markers down. Daryl Petersen, Ross West, Doug Wilson, Michael Dunstan & Rod Lambeth all riding off 12 minutes were hard pressed from the start to make inroads on the backmarkers and keep the chasing riders away. 7 minute riders Paul Bird, David Spence, Dennis Sonnogan, Neil Jeffs & Angus Saunders ( New rider ) combined well to set a furious pace. 2nd scratch of Eddie Ziedaitis, Marcus Coppock, Joe Gulino, Kane Airey & Grant Rogers were working smooth solid turns making inroads into the bunches ahead with a 4 minute buffer to scratch.
Steve Young, Rick Buckwell, Jeff Miller & Grant Edmonds set off from scratch with only Rick surviving the blistering pace set by Steve on the 1st lap dropping both Jeff & Grant by the rises in Forest rd.
This blistering pace set by powerhouse Steve continued until all riders had been caught with 1 & half laps remaining, he and Rick took a brief respite amongst the riders. Steve upped the pace along misery lane on the last lap stringing out all the riders who were hanging on for a chance for the minor placings. Once the rises greeted the strung out peloton Steve attacked with only Rick, Marcus, Eddie & Angus managing to stay with him. Turning into Gray’s rd Steve attacked again this time dropping Eddie and Angus. Steve managed to keep the pace on for the remaining kilometres towing Rick and Marcus to the line. Angus and Eddie slogged it out with Angus pulling away leaving Eddie to be swallowed up by the chasing riders towed by Joe Gulino. Steve managed to comfortably outsprint( Marcus 2nd ) for first in 1hr28m07s with Rick coming in next for fastest time. Angus managed to hang on to the barest of margins for 3rd despite the strong turns of Joe Gulino, Kane Airey & Eddie Ziedaitis in the final kilometres. Crossing the line 2m behind the winner in the following order 4th Kane, 5th Michael, 6th David, 7th Joe and 8th Eddie. Well done to all riders in the cold conditions.

Final results:

1st Steve Young
2nd Marcus Coppock
3rd Angus Saunders
4th Kane Airey
5th Michael Dunstan
6th David Spence
7th Joe Gulino
8th Eddie Ziedaitis
Fastest Time Rick Buckwell

There is no Race next week with Colac Open at Cororooke 10am start.

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Mothers Day Sealed Handicap, Forest Road and Return.

Final results:

1st Paul Bird
2nd Grant Rogers
3rd Anthony Siepolt
4th Nick Oakley
5th Marcus Coppock
Fastest Time Steve Young


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Time Trial

Eighteen riders contested a 24.3km Time Trial at Parapararap conducted by the Geelong Veteran Cycling Club.
The course was Out and back Forest road with the turn at Gundry’s road intersection.
The riders were greeted with fine cool weather and light winds.
Steve Young took first & fastest time with a superb ride of 35:38 averaging 40.9 km/h.

Final results:

1st Steve Young 35:38 40.9 km/h
2nd Doug Barrett 38:05 38.3 km/h
2nd Jeff Miller 38:05 38.3 km/h
3rd Bill McConnell 38:12 38.2 km/h
4th Peter Ladd 38:39 37.7 km/h
5th Marcus Coppock 39:21 37 km/h
6th Rob Nicholls 39:25
7th Dennis Sonnogan 40:30
8th David Spence 41:42
9th Joe Gulino 41:48
10th John Randall 42:06
11th Doug Wilson 43:20
12th Paul Bird 44:50
13th Ross West 45:40
14th Rod Lambeth 46:58
15th Ian Sumner 49:56
16th Ken Mansfield 51:43

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Club Handicap Race

Thirty three riders turned out for a Geelong Veterans cycling club 57km handicap on the following course, Blackgate Rd return, Forest Rd return and 1 lap of Parapararap.

Gusty cold winds were on the menu with only the strong surviving. On Limit Brian Long 26m gave a 5min start to Ian Sumner, Len Bent,Gil Wright & Terry Robertson off 21m.

A further 3min back were Grant Rogers, Jamie & Dave Robinson off 18min. Chasing them was the 16m30s bunch of Tim van Slageren, Irwin Saunders, Mick Dunstan, New rider Angus Saunders & Greg Steenvoorden. The 14min riders David Spence, Dennis Sonnogan, Ross West, David Phillips, Mandy Hoskings & Paul Bird combined well early.

The 6m30s bunch of Rob Nicholls, Bill McConnell, Peter Ladd, Joe Gulino, Peter King & James Stewart set off at a blistering pace right from the start. The 4min bunch had the dubious task of chasing the aforementioned bunches and holding off the scratchmen Steve Young, Anthony Seipolt, Jeff Miller & Wade Schetig.

The majority of bunches worked together and remained intact for the race, the only causalities being Schetig scr, Gregorio 2nd scr, Stewart 3rd scr, Dunstan 5th scr, Sumner 2nd limit succumbing to their bunches pace, Steenvoorden 5th scr mechanical. The 14m, 16m30s & 18m bunches combined to provide the winner.

Final results:

1st Grant Rogers – 1:43:02
2nd Dave Robinson
3rd Angus Saunders (New Rider)
4th Dennis Sonnogan
5th Mandy Hoskings
6th David Phillips
7th Paul Bird
Fastest Time Steve Young (scratch)- 1:28:40

Next week 9:30am Time Trial.

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Forest Rd Plus 1 Lap & Finish Larcombes Rd – 47km Handicap

Forty two riders (with 2 from Hume) fronted up for the 47km handicap event in good conditions with a slight westerly blowing which ensured good bunches and some keen riding with scratch riders giving up over 22mins to limit.

All bunches stayed in tact on the outward leg of Forest rd but in was on the inward leg where the 5:30 & 8 min and the scratch and 1:45 min bunches merged respectively with the outer bunches slowly coming together.

On the lap circuit of the Paraparap course limit and the 18min bunch joined while the 5:30 bunch was able to swallow up the 10 & 12 min bunch and were looking to find the leaders meanwhile the scratch bunch was pushing along at pace to shut down the gap ahead. As the lead riders passed the start line and started the grind up Hendy Main for the last time the scratch riders sensed they may be in with a shot of catching the leaders.

The 18 min bunch had been able to outride the limit riders and were now riding to win the race with a ever threatening 5:30 bunch which had a dozen riders in it sensing they may be able overhaul them. Further back the 3 scratch riders were able to break clear of the 1:45 bunch and took off in chase of riders who were getting closer.

Eventually the 18min bunch of Grant Rogers, Gil Wright, Ian Sumner, Brian Long and Brian Love were able to find the line filling the first 5 places respectively with riders from the 5:30 bunch hot on their heels with the 3 scratch riders of Andrew Weightman, Steve Young and Rick Buckwell immediately after them all within a minute of the winners, with Andrew winning fastest time. The winner’s time was 1:29:48 with fastest time being 1:08:53 and ave 42.5kph

Final results:

1st Grant Rogers 18m Winning Time 1:29:48 Avg 31km/h
2nd Gil Wright 18m
3rd Ian Sumner 18m
4th Brian Long 18m
5th Brian Love 18m
6th Stephen O’brien 10m
7th Bill McConnell 5:30
8th David Spence 5:30
Fastest Time Andrew Weightman Scratch 1:08:53 Avg 42km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Flood Relief Appeal 50km. Handicap

Perfect autumn conditions with a slight easterly breeze greeted twenty two keen riders. Welcome new member Jeff Johnson, enjoyed his first handicap.
Seven bunches were sent off at four minute intervals, limit was picked with 10km to go. The scratch bunch of W Sechtig, M Lloyd, P McDonough, N Oakley, worked well to ride through all bunches to almost snatch victory, only four seconds separated first placed Rod Lambeth (16min) and the fast finishing scratch bunch. Wade Sechtig taking fastest time.

Final results:

1st Rod Lambeth 16:00 Winning Time 1:31:58 Avg 32.60km/h
2nd Greg Steenvoorden 12:00
3rd Michael Dunstan 12:00
4th Gil Wright 20:00
5th David Spence 8:00
6th Wade Sechtig Scratch
7th Malcolm Lloyd Scratch
8th Peter McDonough Scratch
9th Nick Oakley Scratch
10th Terry Robinson 20:00
Fastest Time Wade Sechtig Scratch 1:16:02 Avg 39.47km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Handicap. 50km

Pleasant sunny conditions were the order of the day with a slight north easterly, which really inspired the out markers. Of the thirty four members who turned out for a good hit out, we made welcome two new members in Anthony Seipolt and another (younger) Peter King, also the return of Neil Jeffs.
Congratulations to Michael Dunstan taking line honors, he is now on the way back after a major heart operation.
The limit bunch on 19:30, 14:00 & 12:00 min bunches combined over the final 10km. The 6:00 & 8:30 bunches came together at the end of Gray’s Rd, before the final leg over Nobles Rd. The fine conditions made it tough for the scratch bunch trying to bridge the 6:00 min gap at the return on Nobles Rd. All bunches had sight of one another turning into Larcombes Rd 1.5km to go. Up hill and head wind to the finish, the leading bunch were about to be swallowed up by the chasers, some gutsy efforts of those to get within twenty meters only 200 meters from the line to take the second five placings. Wade Sechtig taking fastest time.

Final results:

1st Michael Dunstan 19:30 Winning Time 1:33:45 Avg 32.0km/h
2nd Paul Bird 12:00
3rd Daryl Peterson 12:00
4th Greg Steenvoorden 12:00
5th Ross West 12:00
6th Marcus Coppock 6:00
7th Robert Nicholls 6:00
8th Jamie Robinson 12:00
9th David Robinson 14:00
10th Eddy Ziedaitis 6:00
Fastest Time Wade Sechtig Scratch 1:16:42 Avg 39.2km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Criterium Racing

Race 1: Scratch Racing

A Grade
1. Kane Airey
2. Mal Lloyd
3. Jeff Miller

B Grade
1. Wade Schetig
2. Ian Amsden
3. Col Hooper

C Grade
1. Paul Bird
2. Matt Simper
3. Daryl Petersen

Race 2: 3 lap 3 rider team event

1. Craig Dowling, Kane Airey, Peter McDonough
2. Darryl Petersen, Colin Hooper, Ian Amsden
3. Doug Wilson, David Spence, Mal Lloyd


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Road racing

Scratch racing saw 25 riders racing over 4 grades.

Final results:

A Grade
4 laps Marcus Coppock, Eddie Zeaditis, Shane Scott, Tony French, Jeff Miller & Stan Gregorio.
1. Jeff Miller
2. Tony French
3. Eddie Zeaditis

B Grade
4 laps Joe Gulino, Matt Simper, David Spence, David Kolevski, Ross West, Dennis Sonnogan, David Phillips.
1. Dennis Sonnogan
2. David Phillips
3. David Spence

C Grade
4 laps Jamie Robertson, Doug Wilson, Paul Bird, Ian Sumner, Greg Steenvoorden, Keith Dorling, Ian Walker.
1. Doug Wilson
2. Paul Bird
3. Keith Dorling

D Grade
3 laps Brian Carnegie, Naomi Wood, Gil Wright, Peter Dickson, Ken Mansfield.
1. Gil Wright
2. Naomi Wood
3. Peter Dickson


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Criterium Racing

Race 1: Scratch Races

Results to come.

Race 2: 300m straight line sprints

1. Kane airey
2. Shane Scott
3. Eddy Zeaditis


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Neil and Doris Freeman Handicap

39 riders turned out to contest the Neil and Doris Freeman Handicap over 4 laps of Parapararap.
Split into 10 bunches the riders greeted the start line with limit off 25min 30sec then marks of 21m30s, 18m30s, 13m30s, 10m30s, 8m30s, 6m30s, 4m30s, 2m30s & scratch.
The 25m30s, 21m30s & 18m30s combined early and never looked threaten eventually crossing the line 50s clear of the scratch bunch.

Final results:

1st Gil wright
2nd Len Bent
3rd Anne Gourley
4th Ian Sumner
5th Peter Dickson
6th Nick brown
7th Jeff Miller
8th Nick Oakley
9th Tony French
10th Wade Schetig
Fastest Time Paul Volk


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Criterium Racing

Race 1: Scratch Races

Results to come.

Race 2: Teams Madison 3 laps

1. Mal Llloyd / Darryl Petersen
2. Peter McDonough / Doug Wilson
3. Kane Airey / Matt Simper


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Nobles Road, Forest Road, finish in Hendy Main. 43km

A good field of thirty two riders turned out for their first real test of handicap racing for the year, they were greeted by a strong westerly wind which kept everyone honest. The smaller bunches of the out markers broke up, so it became a back markers race.
Matt Simper starting off 11 mins 30 sec. has started the season well, riding away from his bunch, through all the limit riders and taking no passengers, cruising to an easy victory, Congratulations Matt.
The scratch bunch of J Miller, M Lloyd, P McDonough, N Oakley, E Ziedaitis, giving 2 min’ to the more senior riders in T Gray, P Ladd, C Hooper, S Gregorio, N Maurer, & W Sechtig, made ground steadily over the course reducing the gap to just 15 sec’ on the line, with Mal Lloyd taking fastest time. The bunches started to come together over the last ten kilometers and every one staying together till the end of Grays Road, two kilometers to go, the lone leader still out of sight, the boys started an attack which stretched the field out, and each rider fighting to stay in the race. Then the scratch bunch started to work their way around riders but just failed to get into the placings.

Final results:

1st Matt Simper 11:30 1:10:04 avs 36.6 k/hr
2nd Wade Sechtig 2:00
3rd James Stuart 5:00
4th Santos Gregorio 2:00
5th Colin Hooper 2:00
6th Neil Maurer 2:00
7th Peter Ladd 2:00
8th Tommy Gray 2:00
9th Amanda Hosking 5:00
10th Kel Arnott 11:30
11th Doug Wilson 9:30
Fastest time Malcolm Lloyd Scratch 1:05:03 avs 39.4 k/hr

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

1st race Italian Teams Pursuit
4 Heats with 8 teams of three riding 3 laps.

Race 1 Jeff Miller, Dennis Sonnogan & Daryl Petersen 4m 56.06s vs Peter McDonough, Joe Gulino, Matt Simper 4m 57.12s
Race 2 Kane Airey, Eddy Zieaditis & Doug Wilson 4m 57.11s vs Shane Scott, Marcus Coppock & Ross West 4m 55.31s
Race 3 Mal Lloyd, David Kovleski & Keith Dorling 4m 59.61s vs Carl Leahy, Wade Sechtig & Terry Robertson 5m 0.41s
Race 4 Rick Buckwell, Mandy Hoskings & Gary Legg 4m 48.32s vs Kaine Airey, Eddy Zieaditis & Chris Colley 5m 0.87s
1st Rick Buckwell, Mandy Hoskings & Gary Legg
2nd Shane Scott, Marcus Coppock & Ross West
3rd Jeff Miller, Dennis Sonnogan & Daryl Petersen
2nd race Scratch Race A, B, C & D – 20mins + 2 laps (23 riders)

A grade
A field of 7 rolled around for 2 laps before rick buckwell broke away and rode solo for the remainder of the race, shane scott, peter mcdonough & jeff miller tried everything to bridge the gap and ultimately contested the minors with a bike length between the 3.

1st Rick Buckwell
2nd Shane Scott
3rd Peter Mcdonough

B grade
A field of 6 kept it tight for half the race before wade sechtiq, marcus coppock & mandy hosking rode away from the group to contest the finish in a close sprint finish.

1st Wade Sechtig
2nd Marcus Copock
3rd Mandy Hosking

C grade
A field of 6 kept it tight for half the race before matt simper, darryl peterson & dennis sonogon rode away from the group to contest the finish in a close sprint finish.

1st Matt Simper
2nd Darryl Peterson
3rd Dennis Peterson

D grade
A field of 4 contested the finish.

1st Keith Dorling
2nd Gary Legg
3rd Terry Robinson


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Scratch race results

A, B & C 4 Laps.
D Grade 3 Laps

A Grade 1. Andrew Weightman by + 1km 2. Stan Gregorio 3. Jeff Miller then Peter Mc Donough and Neil Maurer.
B Grade 1. Kane Airey 2. Tom Gray 3. Shane Scott then Wade Sechtig, Marcus Coppock, Eddie Zieaditis.
C Grade 1. Peter King 2. Dennis Sonnogan 3. Chris Colley then Matt Simper, Len Bent, Daryl Petersen, Ross West, Richard Buckwell and Grant Rogers DNF
D Grade 1. Rob 2. Ken Mansfield 3. Gordon McColl then Brian Long & Naomi Wood.

Club welcomed new riders Naomi Wood and Peter King, we also welcomed back Wade Sechtig.


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Criterium Results

Eighteen riders fronted for the first race of 2011 for a painfull 30 minutes plus two laps.

Final results:

A Grade
1. Kane Airey
2. Malcolm Lloyd
3. Rick Buckwell

B Grade
1. Colin Hooper
2. Shane Scott
3. Amanda Hosking

C Grade
1. Matt Simper
2. Keith Dorling
3. Ross West