Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday the 13th of December saw the final race of the year, with the Xmas Handicap held over 3 laps (35 kms)
It was a clear day with a bit of a breeze from the West that greeted the 31 riders.
The eventual winner, Ted Kearney rode well and stayed clear all day, to take the win by 1 minute.
Then came the next bunch of 3, with the main field another 30 seconds a drift, sprinting in for 5th place.
The Scratch men were never in the hunt, after missing the start time by nearly a minute, but still held there ground over the 3 laps, but still missed the Time.

Final results:

1st Ted Kearney ( 70 mins / Avg 29.5 kms )
2nd Len Bent
3rd Peter Dickson
4th Gordon McColl
5th Neil Maurer
Fastest Time Neil Maurer (58 mins / Avg 35.5 kms)

This was also the final race for the Ray Aldridge Aggregate

Final results:

1st Steve Young 41 points
2nd Jeff Miller 34 points
3rd Neil Maurer 33 points

Please keep an eye on our Web page for the 1st race back next season.

Merry Xmas to all, and see you again next year………..


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday the 29th of November saw the staging of Race 2 in the Trans Otway Scratch Race Series, after being washed out the previous week.
The 3rd and final race, will now be held on December the 6th.
This will be a points score race in each Grade, with Sprints held over the last 3 laps.

The final race of the year, will be on the 13th of December, with Aggregate points up for grabs.

Final results:

A Grade
1. Rick Buckwell
2. Nick Oakley
3. Neil Maurer

B Grade
1. Malcolm Lloyd
2. Carl Leahy
3. Tony French

C Grade
1. Paul Bird
2. David Phillips
3. Kane Airey

D Grade
1. Vince Haveaux
2. Len Scott

E Grade
1. Terry Robinson

Please enter with [email protected] or by 9:00am on the day.

See you all there, next week……


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday the 15th of November saw the first race of 3, in the Trans Otway Scratch Race Series.
With $300 of Prize Money up for grabs over the 3 weeks, racing was competitive in most grades.
Points will be allocated as 3, 2 & 1 for the first 3 place getters in each grade.
On the 3rd week and final race of the Series, all grades will compete in points score, with points awarded on last 3 laps.

This week, we saw 19 riders, split into 5 grades, and take to the roads in pretty fine conditions for racing.
All grades came down to sprint finishes, except for E grade, which saw the eventual winner stay away all day.

Final results:

A Grade
1. Andrew Weightman
2. Colin Hooper
3. Rick Buckwell

B Grade
1. Malcolm Lloyd
2. Carl Leahy
3. Tony French

C Grade
1. Paul Bird
2. Ralph Wright
3. Dave Phillips

D Grade
1. Brian Long
2. Ian Sumner
3. Len Bent

E Grade
1. Terry Robinson
2. Peter Dickson
3. Bill Mantova

Next week is race 2 of the Series, so get your Entries into [email protected]
Or enter by 9:00 am on the day.

See you all there…..


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

John Randall Time Trial

Fifteen keen veteran riders contested the John Randall time trial at Paraparap.
The course was 23km two laps around Paraparap.
In warm conditions with an increasing northerly wind riders took off at one minute intervals from the corner of Gray’s & Hendy Main roads with the finish in Gray’s rd 250m short of Hendy Main road.
In ages ranging from Forty to Seventy Six and on standard road bikes to specialist TT bikes they set off.
Only one rider managed a faster second lap than his first, Rick Buckwell rode 18m 33s then 18m 10s with Joe Gulino having equal laps of 19m 45s.
1st was Jeff Miller in 35m 42s, 2nd Rick Buckwell 36m 43s, 3rd Bill McConnell 36m 47s.

Final results:

1st J.Miller 17m47s 17m55s 40-44
2nd R.Buckwell 18m33s 18m 10s 45-49
3rd B.McConnell 18m07s 18m40s 70-74
4th C.Hooper 18m26s 18m32s 60-64
5th D.Tonkin 19m14s 19m17s 45-49
6th D.Barrett 19m05s 19m35s 60-64
7th J.Gulino 19m45s 19m45s 45-49
8th R.Wright 19m50s 20m29s 40-44
9th M.Hosking 20m12s 20m19s 40-44
10th R.West 20m 20m33s 60-64
11th D.Sonogan 19m48s 21m05s 65-69
12th J.Randall 20m31s 21m10s 75+
13th P.Bird 21m20s 21m46s 55-59
14th T.Robinson 22m26s 23m03s 60-64
15th M.Dean 23m53s 24m14s 65-69
Next week is the start of the Trans Otway Travel Scratch race series over 3 weeks.
Please enter through Handicapper Lance.
Reminder of AGM 7pm 30th November.


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday, the 18th of October saw 22 riders compete over 53 kms up Nobles Rd, then out and back Forest Rd, followed by 1 lap, for the John Windsor Memorial Race.
Fine weather and dry roads made for a very quick race, and a good hit out before next weeks Camperdown to Warnambool.

Final results:

1st Rick Buckwell ( 1hr 32 mins 22 secs )
2nd Rob Nicholls
3rd Colin Hooper
4th Nick Oakley
5th Neil Maurer
Fastest Time Darren Gray

Next week will be Graded Scratch races, due to the Open on the Saturday.
Entries to [email protected]


Colac Veteran Cycling Club

The Colac Vets were greeted with the best weather since the beginning of the year for their inaugural Red Rock Classic. A field of 32 riders including members from the Geelong and Warrnambool clubs raced a four lap circuit finishing with a one kilometre climb to the top of Red Rock. The three scratchmen set a fast pace averaging 43km/h to catch the next bunch of seven, off the 4 minute mark, after two and a half laps. The 7 minute bunch was caught after three and a half laps, with the 12 minute bunch reeled in at the 4 lap mark with the final 5km to go. The 15 and 23 minute bunches were now broken up with the stronger ones trying to make it to the finish line before the backmarkers. In the last climb up the Alvie hill, David Lunn attacked, spreading out the large chasing group. As the leading riders started the climb to top of Red Rock the backmarkers were closing in. In a close finish, Geelong’s Daryl Tonkin held on by a mere 3 seconds from Warrnambool Scratchman Gary Parsons, with Geelong’s David Robinson holding on for third. The first three overall place getters were awarded prize money along with the first two riders to cross the line from each of the six bunches.

Results: 54Km Red Rock Classic

1st Daryl Tonkin (15.00) Geelong
2nd Gary Parsons (Scratch) Warrnambool
3rd David Robinson (15.00) Geelong
4th Andrew Weightman (Scratch) Geelong
5th David Lunn (Scratch) Colac
6th Ralph Iselt (4.00) Colac
7th Mark Hyland (7.00) Warrnambool
8th Nick Brown (4.00) Colac
9th Clive Coomber (4.00) Warrnambool
10th Neil Maurer (11.00) Geelong
F/Time Gary Parsons (Scratch) Warrnambool
Group A
1. Gary Parsons
2. Andrew Weightman

Group B
1. Ralph Iselt
2. Nick Brown

Group C
1. Mark Hyland
2. Laurie Paltridge

Group D
1. Neil Maurer
2. Stuart Hinds

Group E
1. Daryl Tonkin
2. David Robinson

Group F
1. Anne Gourley
2. Steve O’Dowd


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday the 27th of September saw only 11 riders turn up to have a hard hit out over 57 kms, before next weeks Stan Howard Geelong Open.
With the wind and cold conditions, only 5 riders finished the trek up Nobles Road plus 3 laps.
The 2 Scratch men stuck together, until about the 40 km mark, when Jeff Miller made his move to cross the gap and catch the leading riders going up Forest Road hill, with 1 and a half laps remaining.
This group stayed together, until Jeff attacked on the last lap and came in on his own, for a great win.

Final results:

1st Jeff Miller (1hr 39mins) avg 35 kph
2nd Dave Robinson
3rd Neil Maurer
4th Ross West
Fastest Time awarded to Marcus Coppock, who was the next scratchman in about 3 mins down.

Next week is the Stan Howard Open and Entries have now closed.

On the 11th of October we will be racing down at Cloac in the Red Rock Classic combine.
Entries to [email protected]


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Annual Age Group Championships at Paraparap

On a perfect Spring day at Paraparap the age group championships were keenly contested with many of the groups being split by strong riders.

Final results:

1st 2nd 3rd
35-39 P.McDonough
40-44 J.Miller M.Lloyd S.Hinds
45-49 R.Buckwell J.Gulino N.Maurer
50-54 P.Quibell M.Coppock M.Dunstan
55-59 S.Mckeon C.Colley
60-64 C.Hooper D.Robinson R.West
65-69 R.Nichols T.Gray D.Sonogan
70-74 W.McConnell
75-79 G.Wright L.Bent B.Long
Less than two weeks to the annual Geelong Stan Howard Open Road Race on Sunday October 5th. Entries close with the GVCC on 27th September.
Entries close Saturday for next weeks handicap race. Entries to the handicapper Lance Rogers. [email protected]


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

With many riders away contesting the Warnambool Open road race the number of riders were down for the 25km time trial at Paraparap.
Bill McConnell once again proved what a great rider he is at this discipline by taking out both the fastest time as well as the age adjusted time.

Final results:

1st Bill McConnell 38:43
2nd Peter Quibell 39:38
3rd Doug Barrett 39:44
4th Dennis Sonogan 41:03
5th Daryl Tonkin 41:29
6th Marcus Coppock 41:45
7th Malcolm Lloyd 42:04
8th Nick Oakley 42:40
9th Ralph Wright 43:51
10th Rod Lambeth 46:00
11th Paul Bird 46:37
12th Ian Walker 47:37
13th Terry Robinson 50:11
Age Adjusted placings (better than standard)

1st Bill McConnell 15:49
2nd Doug Barrett 11:50
3rd Dennis Sonogan 11:47

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday the 6th of September saw 18 riders compete over 4 laps in a 47 km Handicap.
The wind was from the west, and it hurt the riders all day, combined with the cold conditions.
All the bunches stayed together all day, with the 12:00 minute group staying clear to take the win.
Final results:

1st Ross West 12:00mins (1hr22mins / 35kph)
2nd David Robinson
3rd Grant Rogers
4th James Stewart
5th Darren Gray (Scratch)
6th Noel Hunter (Nortern Vets) 9:00mins
Fastest Time Colin Hooper – Scratch (1hr15mins / 38kph)

Next week the 13th September is the Annual Time Trials, followed by the Club Age Group Titles on the 20th September.
You can enter for both these on the day, prior to 9:00 am.

Back to Handicap racing on the 27th September, with entries to [email protected]


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday the 30th August saw 16 riders compete over 3 laps / 35kms. The field were met with challenging conditions, a strong westerly wind and wet roads.
On the last lap the remaining riders from the 5:30, 10:30, & 12:30 minute bunches were preparing for a big finish. Just after the final corner into the home straight the bunch was jumped by the two scratch men, with Darren Gray proving too strong and going well clear to take the win.

Final results:

1st Darren Gray (56:50 / 37kph)
2nd Jeff Miller
3rd David Robinson
4th Ross West
5th Ralph Wright

Next week is a 56km Handicap with Entries closing at 12:00 noon on Saturday at [email protected]


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday the 23rd of August saw 23 riders compete Out and back Forest Road plus 1 lap, a total of 47 kms.
By the time the Race had started, the wind was at full strength and only the strong would survive.
The 2 scratchmen of Steve Young and Peter McDonough took around 30 kms to reel in Colin Hooper and Jeff Miller on 2:30 mins.
With 1 lap to go, these 4 were right on the tail of the middle markers, with the front 3 bunches combined about 2:30 mins up the road.
With the strong winds, the leaders were caught about 4 kms from home.
Steve Young overpowered the field and came in 100 metres clear to win, with a hard bunch sprint to follow for the minor placings.

Final results:

1st Steve Young
2nd Rick Buckwell
3rd Jeff Miller
4th Colin Hooper
5th James Stewart
Fastest Time Peter McDonough (1hr 13mins) Avg 38.5kph

Next week is a 4 Lap Handicap, or the same course as this week, if enough Marshalls.
Get your Entries into [email protected]


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday the 9th August saw 25 riders compete over 3 laps / 34kms.
The weather was calm and cool and it was a great day for good racing.
Most groups stayed together as the race enter the final lap, with all bunches combining in the last 2 kms, except for the 14:00 minute bunch, which stayed away, and came home 1 minute clear to take the win.

Final results:

1st Gil Wright 14:00 (1:04:40) Avg 31.5kph
2nd Terry Robinson 14:00
3rd Len Bent 14:00
4th Bill Mantova 20:00
5th Peter Dickson 14:00
Fastest Time Steve Young (51:42) Avg 39kph Just over 1 minute behind winner
Please note that due to the State Titles and Geelong Tour next weekend, we have changed the Program, with Scratch races or training ride to be held for those that show up.
Enter on the day.. The Handicap planned will go out to the 30th, to replace it.

Also Open Entries can now, still be posted to Harry Tam’s direct, only if Entry Form is filled in correct and monies made to V.V.C.C. Or through myself.

So get your entries to [email protected] and I will see you back on the 23rd August for a Handicap.


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday the 2nd of August saw the Peter Hosking Memorial combine with the Geelong and Colac clubs over 5 laps.
26 riders faced up to the 58 kms, with a very strong westerly blowing, and the day ended out cold for those, who stayed around and finished.
The virtual Scratch bunch of Ralph Iselt, Colin Hooper and Jeff Miller, only had to set a steady pace, and were up with 1 lap to go, due to the other bunches weakening in these conditions.
But a few of the other riders, had other ideas, and intended to hang in to the end, which came down to a good sprint finish with Ralph Iselt of Colac, holding off Colin Hooper in a tight one.

Final results:

1st Ralph Iselt (Colac)
2nd Colin Hooper
3rd Carl Leahy
4th Gavin Rowbottom (Colac)
5th Neil Maurer
6th Barrie Kinnersly
Fastest Time Jeff Miller ( 1 hr 32mins / 38 km avg ) same as winner
Next week is a 34km Handicap , so get your Entries into [email protected]

Entries for the Grampians on 29/30th close with me, on the 17th July


11 Geelong riders drove down the highway to Colac on Sunday to compete in the Western Disrict combine , which had a good turn out.

Colac Veteran Cycling Club

The Colac Vets held a Western District combined event with the Geelong and Warrnambool clubs on Sunday. Riders were racing in memory of Ted Taylor.
A field of 37 competed in good conditions with some stiff headwinds in some sections of the two lap course. Eventual winner, Warrnambool’s Neil Hyland riding off 14 ½ minutes had to dismount his bike to straighten up his wheel. He then dropped back and waited for the 11 ½ bunch, which then went on to reel in the rest of the field, hitting the lead after they had gone over the Alvie hill for the third time with 11km remaining.
Geelong’s Neil Maurer was 2nd and Warrnambool’s Laurie Paltridge 3rd.
Colac’s Ralph Iselt led the combined 3 ½ and 6 minute bunches in to fill 10th spot, 1 minute 23 seconds later, with the scratch bunch a further 50 seconds back. Warrnambool’s David Tozer took fastest time.
Paul Allen was presented with the Ted Taylor shield for being the first Colac rider over the line.

Results: 58Km Ted Taylor Memorial

1st Neil Hyland (14.30) Warrnambool
2nd Neil Maurer (11.30) Geelong
3rd Laurie Paltridge (11.30) Warrnambool
4th Paul Ryan (11.30) Warrnambool
5th Dave Phillips (14.30) Geelong
6th Paul Allen (14.30) Colac
7th Alan Green (11.30) Colac
8th Ross West (11.30) Geelong
9th Grant Rogers (11.30) Geelong
10th Ralph Iselt (3.30) Colac
F/Time David Tozer (Scratch) Warrnambool

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday the 28th of June was our last race, before our July break.
The riders set off out Forest Rd and back plus 2 more laps. We had a great turn out with 27 starters.
It was a great sunny morning with no wind, which made for fast racing and making it a back markers day.
With 1 lap still to go in the race the back markers were all up, with only the strong able to hang on for the last 11 kms, of the 58 km race.

Final results:

1st Steve Young
2nd Peter McDonough
3rd Marcus Coppock
4th Neil Jeffs
Fastest Time Jeff Miller (1 hour 30 mins/ avg 39 kms ) same as winner.
Our 1st race back after the Winter break will be on August 2nd, the Peter Hosking Memorial with Colac, so get your entries in early with [email protected]

Also check our Web, as there will be 2 training rides from Clubrooms, over break.
Also on over the break, is the Hume Open, Eastern Vet Time trial and Western District combine, which I think is at Colac on the 26th July. (Check Colac web site and enter through me)

Please note all Open Entries must be recieved through Club with monies, 2 weeks before closing date, in future.

See you all after break


Geelong & Colac Veteran Cycling Clubs

The Colac Vets had a field of 30 for their club race on the weekend with ten Geelong members having a ride with the club. Riders raced in perfect conditions which in the end suited the front two bunches. The field was split into five groups, with the five man scratch bunch seeing the return of George Vallins after a year off racing. However scratch never got into the race finishing one minute behind the combined 2nd and 3rd scratch bunches and four minutes behind the winner. The 23 minute limit bunch was never in trouble of surrendering their lead from the start coming in with two minutes to spare from the 13 minute bunch. John Allen finished first ahead of Peter Neal and Bernadette Rowbottom. In the sprint for fastest time, after a long lead out from Geelong’s Peter McDonough, Tony McGann started off the sprint with Ralph Iselt coming off his wheel. But Vallins overpowered Iselt to take the time.

Results: 52Km Club Race with Geelong

1st John Allen (23:00) Colac
2nd Peter Neal (23:00) Colac
3rd Bernadette Rowbottom (23:00) Colac
4th Steve O’Dowd (23:00) Colac
5th Grant Rogers (13:00) Geelong
6th Paul Allen (13:00) Colac
7th Gerard Hickey (13:00) Colac
8th Ross West (13:00) Colac
9th Jeremy Tatchell (13:00) Colac
10th Dave Phillips (13:00) Geelong
F/Time George Vallins (Scratch) Colac
Next week at Geelong will be our last Handicap (for Aggregate points) before the Winter break.
Get your Entries into [email protected]

See you there


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday the 14th of June saw 27 riders compete in a 4 lap Handicap over 46 kms.
Most of the groups stayed together for the journey, except for a few, who had punctures, in the cold conditions.
The Limit riders stayed away all day and came in about 100 metres clear, with all the other groups behind, only a minute back or so.

Final results:

1st Terry Robinson (20:30 mins)
2nd Catherine Camerlingo (20:30 mins) N Vets
3rd Shaun McKeon (16:00 mins)
4th Ian Sumner (16:00 mins)
5th Grant Rogers (10:00 mins)
6th John Hilsden (10:00 mins)
Fastest Time Peter McDonough 1:10:30
Next week we will be Racing at Cororooke Colac with a 9:30 start.
Please get Entries in early with [email protected]

Entries for the Hume Open on the 5th July close with me, on Monday 22nd June.
Post Forms to 7 Shortland Way Leopold 3224 with Monies made to G.V.C.C

See you all back at the Club on the 28th of June for a Handicap, before our Winter break.


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday the 7th of June saw 26 riders compete in Graded Scratch races, over 3 and 4 laps.
It was a cold windy day, by the time all groups finished, but all riders manage to stay out there and beat the elements.
Well done to all, who finished.

Final results:

A Grade
1. Steve Young
2. Peter McDonough
3. Colin Hooper

B Grade
1. Barrie Kinnersly
2. Michael Dunstan
3. Bill McConnell

C Grade
1. Neil Maurer
2. Peter Quibley
3. Denis Sonogan

D Grade
1. James Stewart
2. Ian Sumner
3. Doug Wilson

E Grade
1. Gil Wright
2. Len Bent
3. Terry Robinson

Next week is a Handicap, so please get your Entries in by 12:00 noon Saturday with [email protected]

All entries must be recieved through Club Handicapper.
Entries for the Hume Open on 5th July, will close with with me on Monday 22nd June.
Please post Forms (Correctly filled out) with Cheque or Money Order made payable to G.V.C.C
Post to L.Rogers 7 Shortland Way Leopold 3224 or forward to me at Club.

See you all next week


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday the 31st of May saw 22 riders compete in Graded Scratch races over 3 and 4 laps.
All Grades stayed together for most of their races and came down to sprint finishes.

Final results:

A Grade
1. A. Weightman
2. J. Miller
3. N. Oakley

B Grade
1. B. Kinnersly
2. R. Nicholls
3. B. McConnell

C Grade
1. G. Rogers
2. N. Maurer
3. R. West

D Grade
1. M. Dean
2. I. Sumner
3. R. Lambeth

E Grade
1. P. Dixon
2. G. Wright
3. T. Robinson

Next week will also be Graded Scratch racing so get your entries into [email protected]


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday the 17th of May saw 25 riders compete in a 4 lap Handicap over 47 Kms.
The 2 and 4 minute groups combined, which made it tough going for the Scratchmen, but they still managed to take fastest time, gaining 30 seconds only.
The combined group was all up with 1 lap to go, and it came down to a sprint finish.

Final results:

1st Marcus Coppock 1:14:02 / Avg 38 km/h
2nd Rob Nicholls
3rd Rick Buckwell
4th Malcolm Lloyd
5th Mandy Hosking
6th Nick Oakley
Fastest Time Michael Hartman 1:13:32 / Avg 38.5 km/h
Next week is the Colac Open, so there will be no Club racing.
Racing will resume on the 31st with Graded Scratch races, so get your entries into [email protected]
Good luck to all, who are going to Colac……..


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday the 10th of May saw 23 riders compete over 5 laps / 58 kms, which was a good turn out, since it was Mothers Day.
The conditions were very mild with a southeasterly blowing, which made it hard down Grays Road.
The limit riders stayed away most of the race, but were caught with 8 kms to go, by the 5 minute and middle mark bunches, which had combined.
With 1 lap to go the 2 lone Scratchmen in Andrew Weightman & Steve Young, still had 1 minute 40 secs to make up. Still 1 minute at Grays Road corner to the big leading pack.
But with a big effort, both were up for the sprint home at 600 metres from the line.
So with an effort like that, they deserved there win.

1st Steve Young
2nd Darren Allen (Colac)
3rd Gavin Rowbottom (Colac)
4th Bill McConnell
5th Dave Phillips
6th Andrew Weightman
F/TimeAndrew Weightman 1:27 Avg 40km/h (same as winner)
Next week is a 4 laps Handicap, before the Colac Open.
Enter by 12:00 noon on Saturday with [email protected]


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday the 3rd of May saw 31 riders compete in Graded Scratch races, with A, B & C grades going out Forest Rd and Back plus 1 lap over 47 kms.
D & E grades just went out and back over 36 kms.
All grades stayed mainly together to contest sprint finishes, except for A grade where Andrew Weightman and Steve Young got clear on the last lap and came across the line dead even.

Final results:

A Grade
1. A. Weightman
2. S. Young
3. J. Miller

B Grade
1. R. Nicholls
2. B. McConnell
3. R. Buckwell

C Grade
1. N. Maurer
2. G. Rogers
3. D. Sonogan

D Grade
1. B. Long
2. D. Phillips
3. J. Robinson

E Grade
1. I. Sumner
2. K. Mansfield
3. B. Carnegie

Next week is a 5 lap Handicap over 58kms starting at 9:30.
Entries close at 12:00 noon on Saturday with [email protected]


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday the 19th of April saw the Club combine with Colac to race the annual Hendry Cycles Trophy Handicap over 5 laps / 58 kms.
With the 2 clubs combined we had a great turn out, with 47 riders competing in fairly good conditions.
The field was split in to 10 groups, with the backmarkers looking to have the toughest day, after the middle bunches combined mid race.
With 1 lap to go the limit bunches were still clear, with the middle markers coming home strong.
The Limit riders were caught about 300 metres from the line by a large group contesting the sprint.
15 seconds behind was the 7:30 and 5:30 minute groups, with the 3:00 minute group on their tail.
Scratch contested for Fastest Time, only 1:11 minute behind the winner.
So in all, it was a great day for all who raced, and thanks to Hendry Cycles for their continued support.

1st Grant Rogers (15:00) 1:39:30 Avg 34.9km/h
2nd Dave Phillips (15:00)
3rd Neil Maurer (10:00)
4th Denis Sonogan (10:00)
5th Gil Wright (23:00)
6th Paul Bird (10:00)
7th Bruce Roberts (10:00) Colac
8th Mandy Hosking (12:30)
9th Michael Dunstan (10:00)
10th Ross West (12:30)
11th Terry Robinson (23:00)
F/TimeAndrew Weightman 1:25:41 Avg 40.6km/h
Next weeks racing is only on Sunday the 26th, not as per Program.
Racing for Saturday is at Seymour ( Open ) with entries now closed.
Please enter with me by 12:00 Saturday for Sunday [email protected]


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday the 5th of April saw 31 riders start the race, to do 3 laps, then up Nobles Road and finish in Larcombes. 49 kms.
The day started ok, but after 1 lap the wind was up from the West and the rain came down, causing problems for all riders.
One victim was Joe Gulino, who had a bad fall, but nothing is broken, just badly bruised and hopefully Joe will be right for Maryborough next weekend.

Final results:

1st Neil Maurer (1:29:51 Avg 32.5km/h)
2nd Denis Sonogan
3rd David Robinson
4th Ross West
5th Chris Colley
6th Jeff Miller
Fastest Time Darren Gray (1:22:12 Avg 36km/h) Only 1:20 behind winner

Due to Maryborough next weekend at Easter , there will be NO club race held, but members can organise a training ride if they wish.
The following week, the 19th of April is the Hendry Cycles combine with Colac. No late entries accepted after 12:00 noon on the 18th April.
Marshalls on duty for the 19th are Tony French, Stuart Hinds, Tim Hindell and Glenys Jardine. Please arrange for some one to help if you wish to ride.
Get your Entries in early and see on the 19th of April [email protected]


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday the 29th March saw the final round of the March Scratch Race Series.
Good numbers again with 36 riders split into 5 grades, competing over 4 laps, 3 laps for D & E grades.

Final results:

A Grade
1. Peter McDonough
2. Colin Hooper

B Grade
1. Barrie Kinnersly
2. Rick Buckwell
3. Tony French

C Grade
1. Mandy Hosking
2. Michael Dunstan
3. Denis Sonagon

D Grade
1. Grant Rogers
2. Ian Walker
3. Rob Gaylard

E Grade
1. Peter Dickson
2. Ian Sumner
3. Terry Robinson

Final Results Overall Aggregate:

1. Ian Walker
Equal 2. Rick Buckwell & Grant Rogers

Next week is now a 47km Handicap, over 3 laps, then up Nobles and finish in Larcombes.(Enties close 12-00 noon Saturday)
This is our last hit out before Maryborough over the Easter weekend.
Due to numbers there will probably be no club racing on this weekend , but members could arrange a training ride from clubrooms.
The Sunday (19th) after Easter will now be the Hendry Cycles combine with Colac over 5 laps.
See you all next week [email protected]


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday the 22nd of March saw 34 riders contest the 3rd round of our Scratch race series.
All the Grades had good numbers, which made for hard competitive racing, out Forest Rd and back, plus 1 lap, with a pretty strong southerly blowing. All grades came down to sprint finishes, in a strong tail wind.

Final results:

A Grade
1. M. Coppock
2. A. Weightman
3. N. Oakley

B Grade
1. R. Nicholls
2. S. Scott
3. J. Hilsden

C Grade
1. R. Buckwell
2. M. Hosking
3. D. Sonogan

D Grade
1. G. Rogers
2. J. Stewart
3. D. Little

E Grade
1. K. McMahon
2. I. Sumner
3. T. Robinson

Next week is the final round of the Scratch race series, then a combine with Colac on the 5th of April before most of us head off to Maryborough for the Easter racing. Entries close on the 30th of March for Maryborough , so get them in this week.
See you all next week [email protected]


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday the 15th of March saw 20 riders start, out of 30 that had entered.

This was disappointing as, it is hard to Handicap and set good courses to race on.
But in the end, it turned out a good race, over 5 Laps 57 kms, with 2 great efforts from Ross West (eventual winner) and lone Scratchman Andrew Weightman, who averaged 37 km an hour on his own, in a howling Westerly, which saw most of us struggling up Hendy Main Rd.
To all that started, well done.

Final results:

1st Ross West (1:43:30 Avg 33.5km/h)
2nd Gus Dobie (1st ride, well done)
3rd Marcus Coppock
4th Stan Gregorio
5th Rob Nicholls
6th Colin Hooper
Fastest Time Andrew Weightman (1:34:22 Avg 37km/h)

Next week is back to the Scratch race series, round 3.
Please be reminded that Entries close at 12:00 noon on Saturday, with [email protected]
Also if you are entered, and decide not to ride, you must cancel by same time, or pay the Entry fee outstanding.

See you all next week


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday the 8th of March saw 25 riders turn out to contest race 2 of the March Scratch race series.
This was a good showing, since we had a number of riders competing in Bendigo at the Woodstock Open.
A & C grades only had 3 in each group, but the remainder had good fields, and racing was competitive into a reasonable south wind.

Final results:

A Grade
1. Jeff Miller
2. Wade Sechtig
3. Stan Gregorio

B Grade
1. Daryl Peterson
2. Shane Scott
3. Paul Bird

C Grade
1. Ross West
2. Denis Sonogan

D Grade
1. James Stewart
2. Grant Rogers
3. Maurie Deans

E Grade
1. Ian Walker
2. Ken McMahon
3. Malcolm Moorin

Next week has seen a change to the Program with a 58 km Handicap now scheduled. The Mini Tour will be at a later date.
The course will be 1 lap, out and back Forest Rd , then up Nobles hill and finish in Larcombes.
This will become 5 laps , if we do not have enough Marshalls.
So please check your duties on the Marshalls Roster.

Entries close at 12-00 noon on Saturday with [email protected]


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday the 1st of March saw the first race of 4, in the March Scratch Race Series.
24 riders showed up in pretty wet conditions, and a cold southerly, to race 3 laps plus Nobles Road.

Final results:

A Grade
1. Steve Young
2. Nick Oakley
3. Wade Sechtig

B Grade
1. Malcolm Lloyd
2. Paul Bird
3. Stuart Hinds

C Grade
1. Rick Buckwell
2. Neil Maurer
3. Ross West

D Grade
1. Dave Phillips
2. Doug Wilson
3. Maurie Deans

E Grade
1. Ian Walker
2. Gil Wright
3. Terry Robinson

Next week is race 2, so please enter with Lance Rogers / [email protected]

See you all next week


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Well Sunday the 22nd February saw the running of the Freeman Handicap, which brought 40 riders to compete in.
This race has been sponsored and run for over 20 years by the Freeman family and it is these races that make the club, thank you to the Freeman’s.
The day was fine and sunny and only a mild south-easterly which made it hard for the back markers, trailing by about 3 minutes behind the winners.
It was the 13:30 group which dominated , with new rider Rick Buckwell keeping them out clear.
This group and the 16:30 bunch came down to a sprint finish, with the 11:30 bunch on there heels , followed by the rest of the field.

1st G. Rogers (1:17:50/Avg 35km/h)
2nd B. Long
3rd G. Wright
4th R. Buckwell
5th M. Dean
6th D. Sonagon
7th R. West
8th J. Tatchell (Colac)
9th D. Wilson
10th M. Lloyd
F/TimeA. Weightman (1:07:56/Avg 40.5km/h)
Next week is the start of the March Scratch race series , so please enter by 12-00 noon Saturday to [email protected] or 0409797659
See you all next week


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday the 15th of February saw 36 riders start in a stiff south-easterly wind, which made the day hard, in the 2nd Scratch race of the year.
They were split into 5 groups, with many coming down to the final sprint, except for B grade, which was very strong and could have been split into 2 groups on the day.

Final results:

A Grade
1. Wade Sechtig
2. Jeff Miller

B Grade
1. Stan Gregorio
2. Marcus Coppock
3. Tony French

C Grade
1. Malcolm Lloyd
2. Mandy Hosking
3. Ross West

D Grade
1. Dave Phillips
2. James Stuart
3. Grant Rogers

E Grade
1. Ken Mansfield
2. Gil Wright
3. Anne Gourley


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club

Sunday 8th February saw 35 riders, compete over 47 kms, out Forest Road and back plus 1 lap.
All the bunches came together in Grays Rd with about 4 kms to go ,with Scratch about 500 metres behind.
It came down to a big bunch sprint, with anyone a chance.
It turned out a good day all round after the storm had cleared, with a stiff Southwesterly.

1st M.Lloyd (12 mins)
2nd S.Hinds (9:45 mins)
3rd D.Sonagon (12 mins)
4th B.McConnell (7:30 mins)
5th M.Hosking (12 mins)
6th L.Rogers (9:45 mins)
F/Time S.Young (Time 1:07:30/Avg 41.5km/h)

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Australia Day Handicap
Four laps at Paraparap

Steve Young riding off scratch powered to another great win at Paraparap on Sunday. The first handicap race of the year attracted 36 veteran riders.
With perfect conditions for fast times Steve was too good for his fellow scrtachmen in the sprint. The scratchmen had riden through the field assuming the lead before the start of the last of four laps. Steve averaged 42.2 km/h. Limit riders Genevieve Sutherland, Bernadette Rowbottom, Ante Buble and Glenys Jardine rode from the 19:30 mark.

1st Steve Young (Scratch)
2nd Ken Heres (5:30)
3rd Gavin Rowbottom (2:00)
4th Jeff Miller (2:00)
5th Andrew Weightman (scratch)
6th Stuart Hinds (13:30)
7th Bill McConnell (5:30)
8th Darryl Tonkin (9:30)
9th Neil Maurer (9:30)
F/Time Peter McDonough (scratch) – Time 1:05:27
Next week’s race is club handicap race over 58km at Paraparap. Please Note: the heat policy cancels racing if the 6pm forecast on Saturday predicts a 35 degree or over maximum temperature for race day.


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Graded Scratch Races 46/34km at Paraparap

The 2009 racing season opened with four scratch races on Sunday January 18th.
Thirty riders and perfect conditions provided keen racing.

A grade saw Colac rider Nick Brown easily take the sprint finish from Jeff Miller and Andrew Weightman.
B grade saw Bill McConnell produce a powerful surge more than a lap from the finish to ride alone for a great win. Gary Coomber was second, with Robbie Nicholls taking third.
Eleven riders contested C grade with the powerful Dennis Sonogan producing a winning break in Grays road, four kilometres from the finish. Lance Rogers sprinted for second place with John Hilsdon third. Mandy Hosking was fourth with new rider Dave Stacey fifth.
Combined D and E grades provided a sprint win for new rider Malcolm Lloyd, from Grant Rogers and Rob Gaylard. First time rider Doug Wilson was fourth with the evergreen Ian Sumner fifth.