Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
John Windsor Memorial Christmas Handicap
34km at Paraparap

With a powerful sprint over the last 1500m Steve Young took out the John Windsor Memorial Christmas Handicap at Paraparap on Sunday.
Thirty-six entries, plenty of spectators, a rapidly drying circuit and a strong westerly wind set up a morning of keen racing.

With the limit riders on 18 minutes and a strong wind it took until the climb into the head wind over Forest road hill the final time before the race came together.
In Grays road, four kilometres from the finish, the strong cross wind dropped all riders except Jeff Miller and Graeme Walker from the leading scratchmen.
With Steve driving the bunch into Hendy Main road they put a winning break on the rest of the field.
Paul Bird took out the sprint for fifth place a minute behind the winner.

1st Steve Young
2nd Jeff Miller
3rd Graeme Walker
4th Peter McDonough
5th Paul Bird

Winners time 52m 22s
Peter McDonough also riding scratch was fastest time 52m 22s


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
46km Handicap at Paraparap

Four laps of the Paraparap Circuit with fine conditions and a strong westerly wind. At the bell lap the two limit riders Terry Robinson and Peter Dickson had a 4 min gap to 2nd and 3rd limit who had combined. A 1min gap to the next bunch, 1m 30s to scr. and 35s to the lone scrachtman Steve Young.
Heading out of “Misery Lane” the 2nd limit bunch retired. Sensing victory the two limit riders kept their heads down and worked hard to the end.
Coming to the finish line all bunches were coming together except for Steve Young who latched onto second scratch going over the Forest Rd hill.
Then the sprint was on,Terry Robinson out of the saddle hit the line 1st with Peter Dickson 2nd, two bike lengths back, Neil Maurer was 3rd. Only metres behind, were Dennis Sonagon and Chris Colley. One hundred metres further back came a rush for the minor placings, with Barrie Kinnersly leading the charge from Bill McConnell, John Hilsden, Rob Nicholls and Ross West. Less than a hundred metres behind Steve Young took the bunch sprint and fastest time.

1st Terry Robinson
2nd Peter Dickson
3rd Neil Maurer
4th Dennis Sonagon
5th Chris Colley
6th Barrie Kinnersly
7th Bill McConnell
8th John Hilsden
9th Rob Nicholls
10th Ross West
F/Time Steve Young – Time 1:11:47

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Time Trial

Outright Placings
1. Andrew Weightman – 36:02
2. Steve Young – 37:15
3. Marcus Coppock – 38:56

Age Group Winners
35-39 Steve Young – 37:15
40-44 Andrew Weightman – 36:02
45-49 Joe Gulino – 44:11
50-54 Marcus Coppock – 38:56
55-59 Colin Hooper – 40:35
60-64 Doug Barrett – 43:13
65-69 Bill Mc Connell – 43:18
75-79 John Randall – 45:57
80+ Bill Mantova – 52:23
W 40-44 Mandy Hosking – 46:08
W 60-64 Joan Stribley – 52:56

Age Adjusted Placings
1. John Randall – 45:57
2. Bill McConnell – 43:18
3. Dennis Sonnogan – 42:42

Fastest Lady
1. Mandy Hosking – 46:08


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Marilyn Harbison Memorial Scratch Races

Fourteen riders competed for there respective grades in the Marilyn Harbison Memorial Scr races, because the conditions weren’t too kind, a very strong southerly, all riders started off together. The race being controlled for the first two laps of four. Then at the discretion of the race referee the race got off to a flying start with attacks aplenty. A grade were first away with a blistering attack from S. Young hiting 60kph plus to put a gap between him and the chasers. Steve was the eventual winner.
B grade split up on the final lap with the big attack coming from Santos Gregorio who was assisted by super vet Robbie Nicholls and they finished with a blistering sprint with Santos taking the honours. Ross West had a comfortable win in C grade. In D grade Chris Colley and the evergreen Len Bent hit the line hard with Chris taking the honours. In E grade Terry Robinson also had a comfortable victory.

A Grade
1. Steve Young
2. Nick Oakley
3. Jeff Miller

B Grade
1. Santos Gregorio
2. Robert Nicholls
3. Paul Bird

C Grade
1. Ross West

D Grade
1. Chris Colley
2. Len Bent

E Grade
1. Terry Robinson


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
58km Handicap at Paraparap

Sixteen riders turned out for 4 gruelling laps of the Paraparap circuit with a strong southerly. The scratch bunch in a very angry manner chewed up all before them. The small bunches succumbed to the windy conditions and wilted under the pressure of the scratch bunch, meaning nobody was going to get a free ride.

1st Nick Oakley
2nd Jeff Miller
3rd Joe Gulino
4th Ralph Wright
5th Len Bent
F/Time Steve Young – Time 1:12:18 Average 38.5km/h

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Melbourne Cup Handicap
3 laps 34km

1st Nick Brown
2nd Jeff Miller
3rd Marcus Coppock
4th Steve Young
5th Darren Gray
6th Neil Maurer
7th Ross West
8th Peter McDonough
9th Robert Suter
10th Daryl Peterson
F/Time Steve Young – Time 50:44

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Jack Griffin Handicap Combine with Colac
4 laps 46km

1st Terry Robinson
2nd Peter Dickson
3rd Bill Mantova
4th Colin Hooper
5th Rob Nicholls
6th Nick Oakley
7th Barry Kinnersley
8th Marcus Coppock
9th Alan Green
10th Jeff Miller
F/Time Equal Steve Young and David Lunn – Time 1:06:41

Camperdown to Warrnambool

1st Terry Colley – Ballarat
2nd Rob Nicholls
3rd Amanda Hosking
4th Brian Long
5th David Wohlers – Hume
7th Joe Gulino

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
58km Handicap at Paraparap

21 riders, fine day, cool conditions, slight breeze which seemed to be in your face the whole time. The evergreen Brian Long off 16min drove his bunch to the limit to record his second win for the year. The 8min bunch led by Bill McConnell and Robert Nicholls were only two hundred metres behind as the leaders crossed the line. Winners time 1:43:58

1st Brian Long
2nd Maurie Dean
3rd Ross West
4th David Phillips
5th Lance Rogers
F/Time Jeff Miller 1:30:50

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Sealed Handicap
3 Laps of the Paraparap Circuit, 35km.

A perfect morning for a ride for the fifteen riders who tested there ability to hang in and do there best to upstage the handicapper. Out of the blocks, M Coppock initiated the first attack, however it was short lived, Jeff Miller & Wade Sechtig attacked & stayed away for a lap, and were eventually run down by the chasers , then the attacks became more frequent, trying to break up the bunch, the attackers tired and a bunch of 4 riders got a break, the chasers were unable to reel them back. Those riders being W Sechtig, N Oakley, B McConnell and J Miller, a very strong contingent.

1st Bill McConnell
2nd Darryl Peterson
Equal 3rd Robert Nicholls
Equal 3rd Ross West
5th Ian Sumner
F/Time Wade Sechtig

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Stan Howard Memorial

Photos from the days racing are HERE

Absolutely perfect conditions and a field of 78 riders provided great racing in the annual Stan Howard Memorial.
Geelong rider Grant Edmonds from a handicap of 8mins made the most of a clear path in the 40 rider strong bunch sprint finish to record a great win with Geelong Supervet Robbie Nicholls close up in 2nd place and Kevin Jackson from Eastern Vets 3rd. David Tozer from Warrnambool Vets rode the fastest time of 1:23:04 and the winners time of 1:28:17

1st Grant Edmonds – Time 1.28.17
2nd Robert Nicholls
3rd Kevin Jackson
4th Brian Long
5th Barry Warren
6th Rod Nisbett
7th Jeff Miller
8th Warren Smith
9th Neil Maurer
10th Clive Coomber
F/Time David Tozer – Time 1.23.04

Colac Geelong Combine
Jack Holt & Bill Fox Memorial
55km held at Cororooke

1st Gerard Hickey – Time 1.31.15
2nd Terry Robinson
3rd Arno VanDerShans
4th Alan Green
5th Tony Pritz
6th Ian Sumner
7th Bernadette Rowbottom
8th Cam Shaw
9th Peter McDonough
10th Ralph Iselt
F/Time Cam Shaw – Time 1.23.11

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
2008 Age Group Club Championships
4 Laps of Paraparap circuit 46km
Men 35-39
1. Oliver King
2. Greg Hosking
3. Peter McDonough

Men 40-44
1. Jeff Miller
2. Grant Edmonds

Men 45-49
1. Wade Sechtig
2. Neil Maurer
3. Joe Gulino

Men 50-54
1. Nick Oakley
2. Santos Gregorio
3. Marcus Coppock

Men 55-59
1. Colin Hooper
2. Paul Bird
3. Terry Robinson

Men 60-64
1. Ross West
2. Maurie Dean

Men 65-69
1. Rob Nicholls
2. Bill McConnell
3. Dennis Sonogan

Men 70-74
1. Ken Mansfield
2. Ian Sumner

Men 75-79
1. John Randall
2. Len Bent

Ladies 40-44
1. Amanda Hosking


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Time Trial

No results for the time trial as conditions were unsafe, too windy and debris falling from trees, so for the safety of all concerned the Time Trial was cancelled


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Fathers (and Grandfathers) Day handicap, 58km at Paraparap

17 entries, fine conditions, with a slight north-westerly. Dennis Sonogan off the generous mark of 16mins and with 5km to go rode away from his co-markers to take line honours in a time of 1.46.25, average 32.7km/hr.

1st D. Sonogan (16 min)
2nd C. Colley (16 min)
3rd L. Rogers (16 min)
4th W. McConnell (10 min)
5th G. Rogers (21 min)
F/Time C. Hooper 1.33.58

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
47km club handicap race at Paraparap – Out and back Nobles and Forest roads

23 riders in cool winter conditions

1st D. Phillips – Time 1.25.03
2nd G. Rogers
3rd G. Wright
4th M. Dean
5th B. Long
F/Time M. Coppock from 2min bunch – Time 1.14.59

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
4 laps Paraparap Circuit, 46km.

A perfect cool morning, light westerly breeze, had no real effect on the end result. Steve Young was lone scratchman chasing two mins. at the end of each lap Steve gradually chewed away at that two min. gap with precision, gaining 40 secs.each lap, each bunch closed their respective gaps, and the race coming together in the final kilometre, but Neil Maurer broke away up Forest Rd. to win by only 100 m, and Steve Young catching the main bunch inside 300m from the line, sprinted past them to finish second. A great effort by Steve.

1st Neil Maurer
2nd Steve Young
3rd Marcus Coppock
4th Robert Nicholls
5th Amanda Hosking
F/Time Steve Young – Time 1.11.50

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Peter Hosking Memorial Combine Colac
5 Laps – 58km

Photos from the days racing are HERE

Peter Hosking was one of the toughest and most popular bike riders on the veterans circuit, and Sundays race was in honour of his many cycling achievements. Peters daughter Amanda Hosking, competing for the second time in this race, was hoping to clinch the victory as a tribute to his memory, and she came within a cats whisker of achieving it. Ballarat cyclist Ken Heras how ever, upset the apple cart by out sprinting Hosking as the leading 15 min. bunch took the chequered flag. Heras, no stranger to a podium finish, was elated with yet another win. The scratch group lost all hope of pulling the race together when Steve Young punctured midway through the first lap putting him out of contention, and leaving the bunch unable to collect fastest time.

1st K. Heras
2nd A. Hosking
3rd G. Rowbottom
4th J. Miller
5th W. Sechtig
6th G. Hosking
7th C. Colley
8th P. Cotter
9th B. McConnell
10th D. Sonogan
F/Time Ralph Iselt from 3 minutes – Time 1.29.19

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Winter Scratch Race Series
Final Week Four of Four
47km Points Score Scratch Races at Paraparap

Photos from the days racing are HERE

22 Veteran riders braved the winter chill for the final of the July scratch race series. Four riders finished equal on 23 points over the four race series, those riders being from “A Grade” Steve Young & Darren Gray, the evergreen, Brian Long, from “C Grade” elevated to “B Grade” and Grant Rogers from “D Grade”. To find a winner of the aggregate, it went to a count back.

Results for week 4
A Grade
1. Steve Young
2. Darren Gray
3. Nic Brown

B Grade
1. Brian Long
2. Peter Cotter
3. Paul Bird

C Grade
1. Bill McConnell
2. Denis Sonogan
3. Neil Maurer

D Grade
1. Grant Rogers
2. Gill Wright
3. Lance Rogers

E Grade
1. Genevieve Sutherland
2. Terry Robinson
3. Ken Mansfield / Ian Sumner equal on points

Aggregate Results
1st Brian Long with 3 wins
2nd Steve Young with 2 wins & 1 second
3rd Darren Gray with 2 wins & 1 second
4th Grant Rogers with 1 win & 3 seconds

The Points Score Series Trophies were sponsored by the Geelong SuperVets.


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Winter Scratch Race Series
Third of four weeks – Nobles Road and two laps at Paraparap
22 riders

A Grade
1. D. Gray
2. G. Hosking
3. J. Miller

B Grade
1. P. Cotter
2. P. Bird
3. D. Petersen

C Grade
1. B. Long
2. B. McConnell
3. D. Sonogan

D Grade
1. D. Phillips
2. G. Rogers
3. L. Rogers

E Grade
1. T. Robinson
2. I. Walker
3. A. Charleston


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Winter Scratch Race Series – Race 2
Forest Rd Plus 1 Lap A B C grade, D E Forest Rd
23 riders

A Grade
1. S Young
2. O King
3. J Miller

B Grade
1. G Walker
2. P Cotter
3. T French

C Grade
1. B Long
2. A Hosking
3. D Sonogan

D Grade
1. N Mauer
2. G Rogers
3. G Wright

E Grade
1. I Walker
2. K McMahon
3. K Mansfield


Hume Veteran Cycling Club
“George Goodwin” Handicap

1st Dale Kilpatrick Hume 8m30s
2nd Shane Walker Hume 8m30s
3rd Grant Edmonds Geelong 8m30s
4th Colin Hooper Geelong 8m30s
5th David Wohlers Hume 15m
6th Gavin Rowbottom Colac 8m30s
7th Rickey Keast Hume 8m30s
8th Graham Nicholson Southern 8m30s
9th Leon Gibson Grampians 13m
10th Peter Radcliffe Warrnambool 11m
Fastest Time Leigh Egan Hume Scratch
The race was run in fine conditions with a good field contesting the race.
It was pleasing to see a number of riders who had travelled long distances.
Congratulations to the Hume Club for putting on a good race and thanks to their sponsors.

Next Race is Grampians two days on August 30th.


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Winter Scratch Race Series
First of four weeks – 4 laps 47km at Paraparap
27 riders

A Grade
1. D. Gray
2. S. Young
3. J. Miller

B Grade
1. P. Bird
2. M. McGarrigle
3. D. Petersen

C Grade
1. W. McConnell
2. R. Nicholls
3. A. Hosking

D Grade
1. N. Mauer
2. G. Rogers
3. C. Colley

E Grade
1. K. McMahon
2. I. Walker
3. I. Sumner


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
47km handicap race Forest road and one lap at Paraparap

Nineteen riders including one free ride for Adam Charleston. Last of the handicap races for six weeks saw the handicapper do a good job. The bunch from 16minutes were a minute and a half ahead of the ten minute bunch with scrtach 30 second adrift at the finish. Good racing conditions for this time of year with a slight northerly breeze. A strong ride from Ross West with a winning time of 1.23.35 at an average speed of 33.7km/hr

1st R. West (16min)
2nd D. Phillips (16min)
3rd C. Colley (16min)
4th D. Peterson (10min)
5th N. Jeffs (10min)
6th D. Sonogan (10min)
F/Time C. Hooper – Time 1.10.02

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Blackgate Rd, Forest Rd, & 1 Lap, 61km.

1st A Hosking
2nd N Maurer
3rd R West
4th S Young
5th C Hooper
F/Time S Young – Time 1.33.5

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Results from Sunday June 15th at Paraparap
46km handicap race over 4 laps

23 starters raced in misty conditions with very slippery corners. Two riders came to grief on the notorious Grays and Forest Roads corner, B. McConnell and R. Nicholls. Rob was ok and finished the race, Bill pulled out with a sore shoulder. At the finish two riders could not be separated with a DEAD HEAT being declared for first between B. Long & G. Wright. 3rd & F/Time went to scratchman P. McDonough. 4th M. Coppock 5th N. Brown 6th G. Hosking.


Sixteen riders greeted the starter, in somewhat foggy conditions, I was very tempted to cancel the race, after the first lap the fog started to clear, so we continued.

1st S Young
2nd C Hooper
3rd J Miller
4th G Hosking
5th M Coppock
F/Time J Miller Time 1.17

21 riders , fine conditions , no wind , racing was fast and furious.
Terry Robinson WINS again, lone limit rider off 26.00 mins. set off to average 29 k/hr. and did it with 300 metres to spare.The scr. bunch with 2nd scr. combined to run down all before them, catching all but Terry at the end of Grays Rd. on the final lap, Entering Hendy Maine Rd in the finishing straight the fox’ could see the rabbit “Terry”, every rider gave their all but could not catch him.

1st Terry Robinson
2nd Colin Hooper
F/Time Steve Young Time 1.08.23
3rd Nick Oakley
4th Rob Nicholls
5th Nic Brown
6th Jeff Miller

Colac Veteran Cycling Club Inc.
May Open

1st Anthony Zanella Northern 10m
2nd Eddie Ziedatis Warrnambool 10m
3rd Grant Edmonds Geelong 10m
4th Ken Heres Ballarat 12m30s
5th Ray Rhodes Northern 10m
6th Colin Hooper Geelong 10m
7th Gavin Rowbottom Colac 10m
8th Chris Sinnott Colac 12m30s
9th Laurie Paltridge Warrnambool 16m
10th Clive Coomber Warrnambool 10m
Fastest Time David Lunn Colac Scratch

Winners Time 1h39m28s
Fastest Time 1h31m34s

The weather was fine with little wind.

Colac Vets again staged a good event, with the support of their sponsors.

As you can see first and second names start with Z but they were certainly not asleep when it counted.


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Paraparap Circuit, 5 Laps, 58km.

1st J Hosking
2nd C Hooper
F/Time M Coppock Time 1hr. 30.51
3rd A Hosking
4th J Miller
5th T French

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Mothers Day Handicap

1st S Young
2nd C Hooper
3rd R Nicholls
4th A Hosking
5th M Coppock
F/Time N Oakley Time 1hr. 09.52

Geelong Veterans Cycling Club
Forest Rd, 2 laps A B C, + 1 Lap D E.

A Grade
1st C Hooper
2nd N Oakley
3rd M Hartman

B Grade
1st P Bird
2nd M McGarrigle
3rd D Peterson

C Grade
1st D Sonogan
2nd C Gillespie
3rd R West

D Grade
1st N Maurer
2nd M Dean
3rd G Wright

E Grade
1st I Walker

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Anzac Day Handicap, 4 Laps, 46km.

1st T Robinson
2nd T Storer
3rd C Hooper
4th J Miller
5th G Hosking
F/Time T Storer Time 1hr. 10.19

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
47km handicap race – Nobles Road and two laps

26 riders competed in perfect conditions. The powerful scratch group rode through the field taking the lead on the final lap.

1st M Coppock
2nd R Nicholls
3rd J Miller
4th C Hooper
5th T Gray
F/Time P McDonough Time 1hr. 13.0

Geelong Veterans Cycling Club
Hendry Cycles Trophy – Combine with Colac
Paraparap Circuit, 5 Laps, 56km.

1st Rob Nicholls Geelong 12m30s
2nd Chris Gillespie Geelong 15m
3rd Brian Long Geelong 15m
4th Barry Primmer Geelong 15m
5th Ian Walker Geelong 19m
6th Jeremy Tatchell Colac 12m30s
7th Len Bent Geelong 16m30s
8th Ross West Geelong 12m30s
9th Gary Legg Colac 15m
10th Greg Taube Colac 12m30s
Fastest Time Marcus Coppock Geelong Scratch

Winners Time 1h54m22s
Fastest Time 1h28m12s

John Trevorrow Scratch Race Series – Final Race

A Grade
1st D Gray
2nd C Hooper
3rd M Coppock

B Grade
1st S Gregorio
2nd J Miller
3rd T French

C Grade
1st S McLachlan
2nd R Nicholls
3rd A Hosking

D Grade
1st B Long
2nd D Phillips
3rd M Dean

E Grade
1st P Dickson
2nd I Sumner
3rd T Robinson

The Aggregate Winner
1st Grant Rogers on 17 points
2nd Brian Long on 16 points
3rd Darren Gray on 15 points
4th Dennis Sonogan on 15 points
Darren beat Dennis on a count back with 2 wins in the series.


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club Anzac Day Handicap

Terry Robinson riding from the limit mark of 27 minutes put in the best performance of his short career. Riding alone for the 47km four laps Robinson won the race by two minutes from the fast closing scratch group who had ridden through the rest of the field.

1st Terry Robinson Time 1hr. 35.38
2nd Colin Hooper
3rd Jeff Miller
4th Greg Hosking
F/Time Travis Storer (Central Vets) Time 1hr. 10.19
There was more success for the Geelong club at the Ted Taylor Memorial Western District Combine at Corrorooke on Sunday. Greg Hosking took out the race riding away from his bunch 3 km from the finish. Congratulations Greg.


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
John Trevorrow Scratch Race Series – Race 3 at Paraparap

Searing heat decimated the field during this weeks section of the John Trevorrow scratch race series. However the event was punctuated with two daring solo breakaway wins in ‘A’ and ‘B’ grade which will elevate Barry Kinnersly back into the ‘A’ grade fold in the final in two weeks time.

A Grade
Darren Grey slipped away from the group early and stayed away throughout the race. Grey took the win well ahead of Tony Gavan in second place and then Oliver King.

B Grade
Barry Kinnersly’s long solo break was never caught. Dave Robinson continued to attack throughout the race but ran out of steam retiring before the finish. Daryl Peterson sprinted for second place from Paul Bird in third.

C Grade
Rob Nicholls cleaned up the win with his customary sonic sprint from Dennis Sonogan in second and then Ross West.

D Grade
Simular circumstances prevailed in this group with sprint ace Grant Rogers crossing in first position, thus elevating him into ‘B’ grade. Brian Long took second from Len Bent.

E Grade
A forgone conclusion in this section with only one rider participating. Terry Robinson had no trouble completing the course to take the win.


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
John Trevorrow Scratch Race Series – Race 2

Sunday March 9th at Paraparap 46/34km
26 riders in warm but ideal conditions
Four laps A,B,C grades, Three laps D,E grades

A Grade
1. A. Gavan
2. M. Hartman
3. D. Gray

B Grade
1. B. Kinnersly
2. P. Cotter
3. J. Miller

C Grade
1. D. Sonogan
2. S. McLachlan
3. J. Gulino

D Grade
1. G. Rogers
2. G. Wright
3. L. Bent

E Grade
1. I. Walker
2. P. Dickson
3. I. Sumner


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
49km John Trevorrow Scratch Race Series (Race 1) – 3 laps Nobles Rd, finish Larcombes Rd

This Sunday was the first week of the John Trevorrow graded Scratch Race Series. Twenty-seven riders competed at Paraparap in perfect conditions.

A Grade
1. Oliver King
2. Grant Edmonds
3. Colin Hooper

B Grade
1. Daryl Petersen
2. Jeff Miller
3. Paul Bird

C Grade
1. Amanda Hosking
2. Dennis Sonogan
3. Ross West

D Grade
1. Brian Long
2. Grant Rogers
3. Dave Phillips

E Grade
1. Anne Gourley
2. Ian Sumner
3. Peter Dickson

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
46km Neil Freeman Handicap – 4 laps


1. Jeff Brough
2. Colin Hooper
3. Barrie Kinnersly
4. Wade Sechtig
5. Grant Edmonds
6. Jeff Miller
7. Nick Oakley

Fastest time: Marcus Coppock


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
46km Graded Scratch – 4 laps A,B,C grades – D grade 3 laps

Photos from the days racing are HERE

39 riders took to the roads around Paraparap in warm sunny conditions with a light south easterly breeze. On the last lap a touch of wheels on the hill in Forest Rd brought down three C grade riders. Bill McConnell and Chris Ball were taken to hospital with abrasions and suspected broken bones. Steve McLachlan suffered abrasions. The C grade race was not completed.


A Grade
1. Steve Young
2. Oliver King
3. Peter McDonough

B Grade
1. Jeff Brough
2. Barry Kinnersley
3. Daryl Petersen

D Grade
1. Rod Lambeth
2. Brian Long
3. Grant Rogers

E Grade
1. Dave Philips
2. Anne Gourley


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
47km Sealed Handicap – Forest Rd + 1 lap


1. Jamie Robinson
2. Steve McLachlan
3. Bill McConnell
4. Marcus Coppock
5. Ross West

Fastest time: Tony Gavan


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
58km Handicap – 1 Lap + Forest & Nobles Rds, finish Larcombes Rd


1. Mike Montague
2. Len Bent
3. Darren Paisley
4. Ian Summner
5. Grant Rogers

Fastest time: Peter McDonough

Extra results- South Australian Veterans Classic in Adelaide (in conjunction with The Tour Down Under)

Age group time trial (25km)- Winner Colin Hooper – Geelong
Graded Kermesse- Winner: Colin Hooper – Geelong, Second: Darryl Tonkin – Geelong

Geelong & Colac Veteran Cycling Club – The Australia Day Trophy
46km Handicap – 4 laps Paraparap Circuit

A well structured and purposeful training program helped to deliver a stunning win for Marcus Coppock in the Australia Day handicap race at Paraparap on Sunday. Riding off the second scratch mark, Coppock clinched the win by sprinting free from the peloton and showing a clean pair of wheels at the chequered flag. Second place was deemed a photo finish between Brian Long and Mandy Hosking, but a magnanimous gesture by Long gave Hosking the placing with Long settling for third. Fastest time went to Darren Gray from scratch with a slim margin of only four seconds.

Steve McLachlan rode as a non member on a free ticket off the limit mark and was never caught by any of the pursuing groups of riders. McLachlan, although ineligible to claim the win was awarded a glass club trophy for his effort. His placing will be duly noted by the handicapper.


Geelong & Colac Veteran Cycling Club
46km Handicap – Nobles Rd + 2 laps


1. Col Hooper
2. Bill McConnell
3. Darryl Tonkin

Fastest time: Nick Oakley (1hr13min25s)


Geelong & Colac Veteran Cycling Club
46km Graded Scratch – 4 laps A,B,C grades – D grade 3 laps

20 riders raced at Paraparap on a cool windy summer morning. Some riders were suffering from too much “Christmas Cheer”, struggled and were dropped by their groups. It was pleasing to see some new riders and some riders returning from a break of a year or more. As expected no breakaways were successful and all four grades came down to sprint finishes.


A Grade
1. Tony Gavan
2. Grant Blake

B Grade
1. John Hunt (Colac)
2. Barry Kinnersley
3. Darryl Tonkin

C Grade
1. Bill McConnell
2. Mandy Hasan
3. Brain Long

D Grade
1. Chris Gillespie
2. Len Bent