Geelong & Colac Veteran Cycling Clubs – The John Windsor Memorial & Christmas handicap trophy race
35km handicap – 3 laps of Paraparap Circuit

For supervet cyclist Ken Mansfield, Christmas came early. Riding with co-markers Peter Dickson and Gerald Green he powered away from the bunch after collecting limit riders Les Goody, Sam Flaccavento and Bob Johnson in the final lap of three, to cruise comfortably across the line and claim first place. However, the win was a big surprise for Mansfield who believed that Lisa Ashdowne was in fact the winner. Ashdowne had started the race with the limit group and rode away from them early in the first lap opening up a huge gap and keeping it right to the finish of the race. Unfortunately for Ashdowne she was ineligible to claim the win after riding as a non member on a free ticket in a trophy race. Although, after such a stellar performance, one would hazard a guess that she will be eager to get her racing licence at the beginning of the 2008 season.

In a seemingly impossible task the scratch riders, second scratch and most of the other chasing groups with heavy handicap penalties in place took little pleasure in chasing the 28min limit mark that was set. The 7min30s riders were hard pressed to hold the wheel of Brian Long who was putting in huge turns of speed at the helm. Amanda Hassan showed how well she has taken to her first season of racing and displayed real determination and stamina. The flying doctor George Henderson’s fitness program was right on track as he paced his progress into the skiing season in Canada. The 4min30s riders Denis Sonogan and Ross West where pushing forward with gusto as Mick McGarrigle, Daryl Peterson, Dave Robinson, Jeff Brough and Joe Gulino from the 3min bunch punched away through the head wind along misery lane in pursuit. A brave Darryl Tonkin kept in touch despite a nasty crash from the previous week.

The freight train Markus Coppock, lanky Nic Oakley and speedmiester Graeme Walker combined with scratch riders Darren Gray, Peter McDonough and Michael Hartman to merge with other groups to form the main peloton on the hunt for the leaders, but it was all too big a task.

Ken Mansfield had long since taken the chequered flag followed some way down the road by Peter Dickson who claimed second place. A sprint for third was fought out by supervets Les Goody and Bob Johnson with Goody getting the spoils.

Darren Grey emerged from the peloton sprint to take fastest time for the day in 52min25s.

A double whammy for the elated winner, Mansfield also went home with first prize in the Christmas raffle.

The inaugural Fig Jam shield – a concept brought into fruition by Amanda Hassan and now to become an annual trophy was awarded to the truly worthy recipient, Ross West.

1. K. Mansfield (1hr14min22s)
2. P. Dickson
3. L. Goody
4. B. Johnson
5. D. Phillips

Fastest time: D. Gray (52min25s)

First supervet:1. B. Johnson – 2. D. Phillips – 3. R. West


Geelong & Colac Veteran Cycling Clubs – The Jack Griffin Handicap – Sponsored by Jack Griffin of Geelong
46km handicap – 4 laps of Paraparap Circuit

Photos from the days racing are HERE

“I managed to collect second place in this race in 1999 in a sprint finish and I’ve been trying to better that every year since. Back then it was raced over a 59km circuit, and I was eight years younger, it’s taken me until today to achieve my ambition.”

So said an elated Mike Montague in accepting the coveted trophy from cycling legend Jack Griffin yesterday at the Paraparap club rooms. Seventy riders from Geelong and Colac raced for glory in the 25th Jack Griffin Anniversary Race under clear blue skies with a brisk wind.

Montague’s bunch had pushed hard all day with Colac’s Jeremy Tatchell and John Hulm doing a power of work out front. They assumed the lead late in the last lap with stragglers from other groups latching on and falling away as the speed increased. They were never sighted by the pursuing groups until the Hendy Main Rd finishing straight, but the gap was going to be hard to cross. Approaching the chequered flag the leaders played cat and mouse looking for the right wheel to follow, aware of the main peleton not far behind. Hulm lead out too early in the sprint battling the cross wind with Tatchell tucked in behind and Montague on Tatchells wheel. As the sprint inched closer to the line Hulm scummed to the pressure and dropped back, with Tatchell now out front and Montague in perfect position. On the line it was Montague by half a bike length from Tatchell, Gourley, Murnane, McNaughton and Hulm.

A nasty crash ended the peleton’s sprint for minor placing with two riders badly injured and another being taken to hospital. Fastest time was awarded to Colac’s David Lunn who continues to amaze everyone with his cycling talent.

Ryan Bird note: Dad’s ok, just quite sore and sorry! There is an intertesting photo of him starting to come off in the photos.


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club – Marilyn Harbison Memorial Race – Sponsored by Baum Cycles of Geelong
46km Scratch Race – 4 laps of Paraparap Circuit

Photos from the days racing are HERE

There was a clear sense of purpose in the minds of all riders contesting the Marilyn Harbison Memorial race at Paraparap on Sunday morning. Baum Cycles of Geelong had sponsored the race with a pair of custom built racing wheels valued at over $1000 to the winner and riders were eager to test their legs.

Scratchman Steve Young, the recent recipient of a swag of medals at this years National Titles, was determind to add to his tally of trophies and collected the win with a well judged sprint over the finish line. Neil Freeman set out as lone limit marker with a 26min gap to the scratch bunch maintaining the lead until the third lap, when overhauled by Rob Gaylard and John Randall from 16min30s. Paul Bird and Mike Montague were both outed early when falling victim to punctures, as riders dropped off the pace from all groups with speeds increasing sharply on the fourth lap. As the final lap approached, the scratch group were still 4mins down on the leaders and had a huge gap to bridge. The lead group consisted of the survivors of the the 10min, 13min30s and 16min60s groups of riders, all hungry for a new set of Baum wheels.

On the final lap the scratch group had combined with the second scratch riders and were hurtling down Greys Rd in excess of 50kmph, begining to feel that the catch was now or never. Approaching the turn into Hendy Main Rd they really put the hammer down, sensing victory was in their grasp even though the leaders still had a good gap. Within metres of the chequered flag, scratchman Steve Young unleashed his customary lightning fast sprint and hit the front to take the win in true style from Michael Hartman, Rob Gaylard, Mandy Hassan and Denis Sonogan. With Young accepting the sponsored Baum wheels, fastest time was awarded to his co-scratchman David Tozer.

Next weeks race will be a combine with Colac Veterans and is The Jack Griffin Trophy race, sponsored by the legend of the bike – Jack Griffin. Racing starts at 10.00 am. Entries email [email protected]


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club – Grant Rogers Graded Scratch Race
35-46km Graded Scratch – 4 laps A,B,C – 3 laps D,E of Paraparap Circuit

Overcast conditions with a light breeze gave riders some respite from the frequent strong winds and high temperatures experienced during the National Titles last week on home ground. Regardless of the tired legs and acheing limbs resulting from the competition at national level, it never showed on riders who again were racing for honors on Grant Rogers Day.

Points were awarded for the first rider over the finish line in his grade on each completed lap of the race. Points were tallied at the conclusion of racing with riders with the most points the winners in each grade.

A Grade riders stayed together for most of the race with the majority of attacks coming in the final lap. However with Darren Grey collecting the sprint win over each lap the fourth lap became academic, with Grey taking the win with 15 points from Graeme Walker with 10 points and Jack Langedyke collecting 5 points.

B Grade riders were subjected to some hard riding and attacks from Warnambool rider Clive Coomber who was out to prove his worth. However Tony French, Bill McConnell and Mic McGarrigle were equal to the task and never gave Coomber any easy sprints. French was the eventual victor with 10 points from McConnell with 8 points and McGarrigle on 5 points.

C Grade riders kept cagey all day with riders watching each other with suspicious eyes. When the attacks eventual came the feild split apart. Rob Gaylard was driven into the gravel by the hastey move of another rider leaving Gaylard adrift of the pack and unable to regain contact. Rod Lambeth sat up on the third lap leaving the remaining riders to fight it out on the line. The lightning fast sprint of Rob Nicholls was no match for the bunch with Nicholls taking the win with the most points from Keith Dorling and Maurie Dean.

D Grade with only a small entry, was a race between two riders. Taking the overall victory was Grant Rogers from Brian Carnegie.

E Grade was represented by only one rider resulting in only one winner. Neil Freeman taking the line in a solo effort.

Next weeks race will be The Marilyn Harbison Memorial race, sponsored by Baum Cycles of Geelong.
The winner will recieve a pair of hand built wheels from Baum Cycles, custom made for the winners bike.
Entries by 8.45 on race day, no late entries accepted. Or email [email protected]

16-11-07 — 19-11-07

Australian Veteran Cycling Council – National Championships 2007

Over 176 cyclists from every state in Australia raced multiple arduous events in Geelong, Torquay and Paraparap this week, finishing with a tough criterion on Monday on the Torquay Esplanande. Stand out performers for Geelong were Steve Young who collected three gold and one silver medal, Kim Howard, William McConnell, and Brian Long all with one gold and one silver. David Moreland also from Victoria went home with three gold medals. Heather Hamling from Victoria finished with two gold and one silver medal. 33 Geelong riders competed bringing home 26 medals.

A results listing from the Championships can be found HERE


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club – 20km Time-Trial
20km Handicap – out & back Forest Rd

Photos from the days racing are HERE

In ideal conditions on a demanding out and back course on Forest Rd, 30 riders pitted thenselves against the clock in “the race of truth”. Fastest time was taken by James Timmer-Arends from Southern Vets with a time of 29:02. Fastest time for the ladies was Heather Hambling from Colac with a time of 33:57. The winner on age corrected time was 77 year old John Randall with a time of 8:40 better than standard. His time was 35:08.

The Australian National Veterans Time Trial will be held over the same course at Paraparap on Friday November 16th from 3:30pm until approx. 6pm. All interested spectators are welcome.


1. James Timmer-Arends (29min 02s)
2. Tim Meadon (29min 40s)
3. Steve Young (29min 50s)
4. Darren Sayers (29min 57s)
5. Tom Gray (31min 40s)

1. Heather Hambling (33min 57s)
2. Kim Howard (34min 03s)
3. Mandy Hassan (35min 05s)
4. Anne Gourley (37min 37s)

Age corrected:
1. John Randall (8min 40s)
2. Tom Gray (6min 56s)
3. Bill McConnell (6min 22s)

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club – SuperVet Melburne Cup on Wheels
35km Handicap – 3 laps of Paraparap Circuit

Brian Carnegie from the 17min mark had a great win in the prized SuperVet Melbourne Cup race. Fellow co-markers Graham Gibson and Ted Kearney rode strongly with Brain to finish second and third respectively. Usually fastest time comes from a scratchman, but Col Hooper didn’t stick to the script driving home a powerful second scratch bunch for fourth place and fastest time.

Thirty-nine riders took the starter’s gun on Melbourne Cup afternoon with a fresh south-easterly wind to test riders over the 34km three lap course at Paraparap. Limit riders Les Goody and Michael Lyn were sent out at 24mins but were reeled in on the second lap by the Brian Carnegie trio who were assured of the win after descending the Forest Rd hill for the last time, well out of sight of any chasers. The second scratch group of Col Hooper, Gavin Rowbottom, Graeme Walker, Marcus Coppock and Nick Brown powered through the field catching all ahead of them except the winning 17min group. They caught the last combined groups in Gray’s Rd 3km from the finish.

At the back of the field the scratch group of Steve Young, Peter McDonough, Michael Hartman and Grant Edmonds had fractured leaving only Steve and Peter to catch the leaders. Their race was in vain having time taken from them by second scratch. Due to the fast pace of the race and the strong wind, groups fractured and riders were spat out the back of groups on a regular basis. Only the strong survived to the finish.

1. Brian Carnegie
2. Graham Gibson
3. Ted Kearney
4. Col Hooper
5. Graeme Walker
6. Nick Brown

Fastest time: Col Hooper
04-11-07 — PLEASE NOTE

Due to unsafe racing conditions on November 4th, caused by heavy rain the Jack Griffin race has been postponed until Sunday December 9th at 10am. Colac riders are invited again to enter.

Victorian Veteran Cycling Council
70km Handicap – Bill Long Memorial Camperdown to Warrnambool

— More success for the Geelong club —

Peter McDonough won the prestigous Camperdown to Warrnambool open on Saturday the 27th in excellent conditions against a large field of 150 odd riders. The GVCC managed a quinella with Grant Edmonds running second. Steve Moody placing fifth and Santo Gregorio seventh.

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
58km Handicap – 5 laps of Paraparap Circuit

After placing second last week, Tony French went one better winning the 58km race on Sunday at Paraparap. Riding with the father son combination of Dave and Jamie Robinson, Mandy Hassan, Ross West and Brian Long, Tony’s bunch put time into the chasing bunch. Dave Philips rode away from his fellow limit riders after the first lap. Don Sutherland and Neil Freeman could not ride with Philips and he was out in front on his own until the third lap.

In Larcombes Rd on the third lap Tony’s bunch took control of the race after having picked up all groups in front of them. Tony was driving the bunch hard with Philips unable to stay with them. With no other riders in sight Tony broke away just over 2km from home and was never caught, winning by 50 metres.

Dave Robinson won the bunch sprint for second from Mandy Hassan. Talented scratchman Steve Young had riden away from his two co-markers to record fastest time finishing nearly five minutes behind the winner.


1. Tony French (1hr 43min 10sec)
2. Dave Robinson
3. Mandy Hassan
4. Brain Long
5. Ross West

Fastest time: Steve Young (scratch) – (1hr 28min 15sec)

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
65km Handicap – Blackgate Rd, Forest Rd, Nobles Rd


1. Bill McConnell
2. Tony French
3. Dave Robinson
4. Len Bent

Note: No 5th place or fastest time as the following riders were disqualified for riding on wrong side of road at the finish.


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
58km – 2007 Stan Howard Memorial Open Road Race

At 75, Gil Wright proved that age does not weary great bike riders by winning the 2007 Stan Howard Memorial Open Road Race at Paraparap on Sunday.

Riding from the limit mark of 28mins Gil followed Mandy Hassan’s wheel and rode away from their co-markers 7km from home on the ascent of the Forest Rd hill for the last of five times. Nearing the line Gil sprinted over the talented Mandy to win by half a bike length with the chasing peleton lead by Col Hooper, from the 9min bunch, taking third place only 20sec behind the winner. Peter McDonough, also from the 9min bunch and John Hilsdon riding from 15min rounded out the top five placings.

Powerful Warrnambool scratch rider David Tozer rode the fastest time over the 58km course. Eighty-four veteran riders from all over state, including six women competed this year. In cool but ideal conditions all three scratch groups remained intact without being caught or catching groups ahead of them. The main scratch group averaged 41.7 km/hr and the third scratch group was only 50m behind the peleton at the finish. The 9min group driven by Marcus Coppock, Steve Hambling and Jim Linden caught the 11min group on the third lap and formed a powerful peleton driving along Grays Rd at speeds over 50km /hr.

Ahead in the race the 15min group with tough riders Tom Gray, Joe Gulino, John Hilsdon and Jamie Robinson swapping turns had easily caught the 18min group on the second lap and remnants of the 22min group on the last lap. This group was hunting down the two leaders in Grays Rd and then Hendy Main Rd when 1.5km from home, the Colin Hooper lead 9,11 and 13min peleton overran them. The ensuing panic had riders ducking and diving for wheels as the speed increased toward the line. It was all to no avail as the two leaders crossed the line with 50 metres to spare.


1. Gil Wright (28min) – (1hr 48min 42sec)
2. Mandy Hassan (28min)
3. Col Hooper (9min)
4. Peter McDonough (9min)
5. John Hilsdon (15min)
6. Tom Gray (15min)
7. Jim Linden (9min)
8. Warren Smith (11min)
9. Brain Long (22min)
10. Ross West (15min)

Fastest time: David Tozer (scratch) – (1hr 23min 19sec)

First unplaced Geelong rider, Len Bent



Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
58km – Handicap – Nobles Rd + 3 laps

Marcus Coppock riding from 2m30sec, recorded his third win this year at Paraparap.

Considering the good conditions, a small field of 21 riders contested the 58km race out Nobles Rd and 3 laps of the circuit. Limit riders Genevieve Sutherland, Dave Philips, Anne Gourley, Gil Wright and Don Sutherland rode from 18mins. Len Bent, Brian Long, Jamie Robinson and Rod Lambeth rode from 11m30sec. Dennis Sonogan, Ross West, Bill McConnell, Dave Robinson and Maurie Dean rode off the 7min mark. Second scratch riders Marcus Coppock, Darryl Tonkin, John Hilsdon, Daryl Petersen and Paul Bird off 2m30sec, were caught on the first of the three laps by the fast paced scratch group of Grant Edmonds, Oliver King and Col Hooper. The race came together on the last lap with limit being caught on the Forest Rd hill 7km from the finish.

Marcus has improved to become a consistent member of the scratch/second scratch group.


1. Marcus Coppock (1hr 35min 13sec)
2. Colin Hooper
3. Darryl Tonkin

Fastest time: Oliver King (1hr 32min 43sec)


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Age Group Championships
46km (35-59yrs) – 34km (60+yrs) laps of the circuit

35-39 yrs
Peter McDonough
Grant Edmonds

40-44 yrs
Daryl Petersen
Rod Lambeth

50-54 yrs
Graham Walker
Marcus Coppock
Paul Bird

55-59 yrs
Col Hooper
Rob Gaylard
Keith Dorling

60-64 yrs
John Hilsdon
Dennis Sonogan
Maurie Dean

65-69 yrs
Bill McConnell
Ian Sumner

70-74 yrs
Len Bent

75+ yrs
Gil Wright
John Randall

Mandy Hassan

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
25km Time Trial – Forest Rd

– by Joe Gulino

Fifteen riders turned out to push themselves against the clock. The 25km course starting 150m from the Hendy Main Rd/Gray’s Rd corner in Gray’s Rd, heading to Forest Rd then turning left and turning around in Forest Rd to travel 12.5km back along the same route. First to leave was Daryl Tonkin followed by Steve Young, Tom Gray, Dennis Sonnogan, Ross West, Joe Gulino, Roger Cronk, Maurie Dean, Len Bent, Rod Lambeth, Geneive Sutherland, Dave Phillips, Anne Gourley, Peter Dickson and John Randall.

All riders contested the snaking, twisting slightly tail-wind assisted outward leg. S.Young setting the pace with a blistering 17m40s with the next fastest T.Gray at 19m 57s then D.Tonkin 20m27s, D.Sonnogan 20m54s with the following behind. R.West +28s, J.Gulino +39s, R.Cronk and J. Randall +45s, M.Dean +52s, L.Bent+1m6s, D.Phillips +2m21s, G.Sutherland +2m45s, R.Lambeth +2m56s, A.Gourley +3m34s and P.Dickson +3m37s.

The return leg into a slight head wind saw all riders post slower times for the second half. Tonkin 21m4s, Young 17m 54s, Gray 20m19s, Sonnogan 21m36s, West 22m 36s, Gulino 21m44s, Cronk 22m31s, Dean 2m24s, Bent 22m39s, Sutherland and Lambeth 24m40s, Phillips 23m32s, Gourley 24m45s, Dickson 25m28s and Randall 21m43s.

Steve Young riding the fastest time in 35m34s, 2nd Tom Gray 40m16s, 3rd Darryl Tonkin 41m34s.

Placings for time adjusted using the national formula were also given. With the following riders riding quicker than their allotted time. 1st John Randall -9m54s, 2nd Tom Gray -8m2s, 3rd Len Bent -7m27s.

Young ———-17m40s +17m54s 35m34s
Gray————-19m57s +20m19s 40m16s
Tonkin ———-20m27s +21m4s 41m34s
Sonnogan —–20m54s +21m36s 42m30s
Gulino————21m33s +21m44s 43m17s
Randall ———21m39s +21m43s 43m22s
West————-21m22s +22m36s 43m58s
Cronk————21m39s +22m31s 44m10s
Dean————-21m46s +22m24s 44m10s
Bent————–22m +22m39s 44m39s
Phillips———-23m15s +23m32s 46m47s
Sutherland—–23m39s +24m40s 48m19s
Lambeth——–23m50s +24m40s 48m30s
Gourley———-24m28s +24m45s 49m13s
Dickson———24m31s +25m28s 49m59s



Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
59km Fathers Day Handicap – Blackgate Rd, Forest Rd, Nobles Rd to finish in Larcombes Rd

– by Macka

Twenty-five riders faced the starter’s gun at the Paraparap Country Club on Sunday.

A strong northerly breeze was always going to make it a difficult task over the undulating 59 kilometre course. Supervet riders Don Sutherland and Gil Wright hit the Grassdale Rd hill like teenagers, knowing only too well that the trip back into the breeze would be no fun at all. Following the two limit riders who were off 25min was Grant Rogers, Ian Sumner, Brian Long, John Randall and last but not least in the 18min bunch; Mandy Hassan, who is very quickly earning herself a reputation as a very talented rider.

The 13min bunch contained seven riders, Ross West, Maurie Dean, Rob Gaylard, Keith Dorling, Dennis Sonogan, Jamie Robinson and Chris Colley. As the two leading riders were rounding the witches hat near the Anglesea Rd, Paul Bird had taken the 7min group under his wing near the pine trees that house some very aggressive magpies this time of year. This group included Daryl Petersen, David Robinson, John Hilsdon, Tony
French and Darryl Tonkin.

With only five riders remaining on the start line, the next four to slip their cleats into their pedals were Nick Oakley, Col Hooper, Grant Edmonds and Marcus Coppock. The next minute that scratchman Steve Young had to wait must have felt like an eternity before he could begin the huge task of reeling in the 24 riders who started up to 25min in front of him. However Steve is not your average weekend warrior and he had joined second scratch on returning past the clubrooms.
The long trip out and back Forest Rd was uneventful except for “TT specialist” John Randall dropping his chain and losing contact with his bunch and Gil and Don succumbing to the 18min bunch. Passing Grays Rd on the way back the 7,13,18 and 25min bunches had all amalgamated to lead the race with all but nine riders together. Turning left into Larcombes Rd the back markers were 2mins in arrears and had the job ahead of them. At the Nobles Rd turnaround the leaders were still 1min15secs ahead of the chasers. Back down the Nobles Rd hill and maintaining a steady pace on the flat, the leaders ensured that the winner would come from within this group. Turning into Larcombes Rd, with 600 metres to go it was on for “young and old” “male and female”. With the wind at their backs the pace was on from a long way out, but the rider to find the paint first was Daryl Petersen followed by Paul Bird then Dennis Sonogan, Tony French and Mandy Hassan. The winner’s time was 1hr 39min 26sec. Fastest time went to the lone scratchman Steve Young, 1hr 33min 2sec.
1. Daryl Petersen (1hr 39min 26sec)
2. Paul Bird
3. Dennis Sonogan
4. Tony French
5. Mandy Hassan

Fastest time: Steve Young (1hr 33min 2sec)


Thanks to Steve Young’s kids – Stef, Brad and Ricky Young for the excellent photographs of the day


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
34km Handicap – 3 laps of Paraparap Circuit

A Grade
1. Colin Hooper

B Grade
1. Mick McGarrigle
2. Daryl Petersen
3. Paul Bird

C Grade
1. Bill McConnell
2. Ross West
3. Maurie Dean

D Grade
1. Gil Wright
2. Len Bent
3. Dave Philips

E Grade
1. Peter Dickson


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
45km Handicap – Nobles Road and Forest Road

— No results supplied —


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
34km Handicap – 3 laps of Paraparap Circuit

– by Paul Bird

In near perfect conditions last Sunday at Paraparap, Mandy Hassan easily won her first race. Having joined the Vets last month and riden in her father’s memorial race last week Mandy never looked in doubt as the winner. Starting from the limit mark of 15m30sec with co-markers Dave Phillips and Gil Wright, Mandy was the strongest of the trio and rode the last of the 3 laps on her own. Further back in the race riders in the 10m30sec bunch were the ones to watch.

This duo of Bill McConnell and Ross West picked up the 12m30sec bunch and outsprinted them for the minor placings. Even further back the 3m45sec trio of Marcus Coppock, Colin Hooper and Michael Hartman had picked up the 7m30sec group of Mick McGarrigle, Daryl Petersen, Dennis Sonogan and Darryl Tonkin and were motoring along well, but ran out of time to catch the leaders. Scratchmen Steve Young and Graeme Walker split early with Steve once again powering home, this time alone, to record fastest time.

1. Mandy Hassan
2. Bill McConnell
3. Ross West

Fastest time: Steve Young (53min 23sec)



Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Peter Hosking Memorial Race
58km – 5 laps of Paraparap Circuit

– by Joe Gulino

Gusty conditions greeted the 31 starters from Geelong and Colac riding in honor of a valued long time member, Peter Hosking.

Limit riders off 21min Dave Phillips, Bernadette McNaughton and Gil Wright teamed well and led for two and a half laps until caught by the 18min bunch of Len Bent, Maurie Dean, Helen Murnane, John Allen and Mandy Hassan (Peter’s Daughter). This combined group worked well for the next lap with Mandy racing her first handicap race doing long hard turns at the front. On the 3rd lap this group was caught by the remnants of the 15min bunch. Dave Robinson took no prisoners leaving behind Grant Rogers, Ian Sumner, Brian Long and Ian Walker.

The 12min bunch were driven hard by Bill McConnell, Darryl Tonkin, Ross West and Joe Gulino with Keith Dorling and Gary Legg hanging on for hope of a slower second half of the race. These 12min riders took control of the race in Grays Rd on Lap 3. The fast closing trio of Marcus Coppock, Paul Bird and Colin “Hurricane” Hooper had left 8min co-riders Mick McGarrigle and Darryl Peterson well behind. This fast finishing trio soon overtook the 12min bunch and cohorts on lap 4 at the ciquane off Hendy Main Rd and with the help of Bill McConnell, Darryl Tonkin, Ross West and Joe Gulino doing some handy turns set up a winning lead to the chasing bunches.

Puncturing at the clubrooms bend in Hendy Main Rd, Joe Gulino managed to help until the ciquane where the air finally left his front tyre. Bill McConnell drove the bunch hard up over Forest Rd rises, spoiling any chances of the trio shaking off the non workers of the bunch. Mandy Hassan still in the lead bunch lost her chain and contact with this bunch in Grays Rd and also the chance of a top five finish. Back in the race 2nd scratch 4min riders Peter McDonough, Michael Markham and Arno Van derSchans were soon overtaken by three remaining scratch men Steve Young, Nic Brown and Gavan Rowbottom with Darren Gray succumbing to the turns of speed.

Turning for home into Hendy Main Rd from Grays Rd 2km from the finish, Hurricane Hooper stormed to the front dropping all but Paul Bird and Marcus Coppock. 150m out the Coppock Express took control and led home Paul Bird, Colin Hooper with Maurie Dean 50m adrift followed a further 50m back by Bill McConnell and Ross West. Soon after the Coppock Express crossed the finish line Steve “Bullet Train” Young unleashed his explosive sprint to take fastest time in 1hr 29m 10s, 27secs behind the winner.

Peter’s daughter Mandy presented the trophies and perpetual shield.

1. Marcus Coppock
2. Paul Bird
3. Colin Hooper
4. Maurie Dean
5. Ross West

Fastest time: Steve Young (1hr 29min 10sec)


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
The John Trevorrow Scratch Race Series (FINAL RACE)
46km – 4 laps A,B,C grades (D,E grades 3 laps)

– by Paul Bird

The results from the fifth and final week of the series are as follows:

A Grade: 1st Steve Young / 2nd Darren Gray / 3rd Nick Brown (Colac) / 4th Colin Hooper
B Grade: 1st Dennis Sonogan / 2nd Marcus Coopock / 3rd Paul Bird
C Grade: 1st Bill McConnell / 2nd Keith Dorling / 3rd Ross West
D Grade: 1st Maurie Dean / 2nd Len Bent / 3rd Vin O’Flaherty
E Grade: 1st Peter Dixon / 2nd Mandy Hassan

Final overall results for the five weeks of the series:

1st Steve Young – 37 points
2nd Maurie Dean – 34 points
3rd Dennis Sonogan – 30 points on a count back from Colin Hooper

Prizes donated by Len and Val Bent for the most determined riders: Jeff Miller / Vin O’Flaherty / Keith Dorling / Paul Bird


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
The John Trevorrow Scratch Race Series (race 4 of 5)
47km – Nobles Rd plus 2 laps A,B,C grades (D,E grades 3 laps 36km)

– by Paul ‘Maillot Jaune’ Bird

On the coldest morning for many years, 26 hardy racing cyclists braved temperatures around freezing point to contest the fourth and penultimate races of the John Trevorrow Winter Scratch Race Series. This week the handicapper set another demanding 47km course out Nobles Rd and back finishing with two laps of the Forest Rd circuit.

A Grade: Oliver King was the first casulty of the unrelenting pressure put on by Steve Young. King retired early on the way out Nobles Rd and Nick Oakley (suffering the effects of a holiday off the bike) and Col Hooper
(promoted from B grade) also succumbing to the pressure with the two laps of the circuit to go. This left Young and Darren Gray to power on until once again the pressure was too much and Gray fell away on Forest Rd on
the last lap. This left Young to take another comfortable victory with Gray second and Hooper third.

B Grade: Seven riders began working solid turns with the powerful Marcus Coppock being watched very closely as he had successfully broken away from the bunch in every one of his previous races. History did not repeat itself. Rather than powering away off the front, Coppock punctured early and went out the back door. This left relieved riders who seemed content on staying together until Tony French and Daryl Tonkin put in an attack on the journey back along Nobles Rd to gain a small break. This persisted until riders turned back into Forest Rd. French did not learn his lesson and continued to attack being brought back to the bunch each time by either Daryl Petersen, Paul Bird, Mick McGarrigle or Tow Truck (Joe Gulino). Gulino succumbed to yet another French attack on Forest Rd on the last lap leaving five riders to fight out the sprint finish. Tonkin took the front position one kilometre from home with all lined up behind. A dash for for the chequered flag by Bird was thwarted on the line by a fast finish from Petersen with McGarrigle close behind. Petersen first, Bird second, McGarrigle third.

C Grade: Dennis Sonogan may well regret his powerful surge on the Nobles Rd hill which ensured his second win in C grade, as he will ride with B Grade next week. Sonogan and Ross West powered away from Chris Colley, Grant Rogers and Mike Montague forcing both Rogers and Montague to fail to finish and ensuring a lonely ride for third place for Colley. Sonogan and West worked well with experience gained from racing together with the Supervets on Wednesdays. Sonogan had the measure of West in the sprint to the line.

D Grade: The eight riders kept together for the entire race ensuring a hotly contested sprint finish. The Silver Fox (Brian Long) made his move a long way from home and held on for the win from a fast finishing Maurie Dean and an improving David Bent. Also there at the finish were David’s father Len, Vin O’Flaherty, Ken McMahon, Gil Wright and Dave Phillips.

Next week, The John Trevorrow Scratch Race Series final race. With a points score race to keep the riders out of their saddles.
Entries by 8.45 on race day, no late entries accepted. Or email [email protected]


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
The John Trevorrow Scratch Race Series (race 3 of 5)
46km – Forest Rd plus 1 lap A,B,C grades (D, E grades Forest Rd only 34km)

– by Monty Montague

Geelong veterans could have been forgiven if they had prefered to stand around the heat of the burning brazier roasting their chestnuts, rather than race 50km on Sunday morning with the mercury tipping only 4 degrees. But they are a hardy bunch, well accustomed to the rigors of their sport and never give in to the suffering that accompanies it.

A Grade: Riders took to the road with Jeff Miller suffering the effects of a flu virus and not able to give it is his usual unstinting effort. This allowed Steve Young and Darren Grey plenty of latitude and a distinct advantage. Grey was able to stay with Young until the final lap when Young took control of the race to get the win from Grey followed by the ailing Miller.

B Grade: Colin ‘Hurricane’ Hooper left no one in doubt about his recovery from a broken hip in a crash last year. Hooper broke away on his own on the final lap and was never caught. Clinching his second win in the series elevates him into A Grade next week, where things will certainly begin to hot up. Dave Robinson put in the only other attack in the bunch on Forest Rd but was eventually brought back. The race for second was taken by Daryl Petersen from Mick McGarrigle, Joe Gulino, Dave Robinson and Tony French.

C Grade: A flurry of attacks resulted in nothing more than the wearing out of the riders doing the attacking, all a bit pointless and draining. With a strong field of riders there was no way that this tactic would succeed. Keith Dorling gave a stand out performance as someone who can always read a race to perfection. Bill O’Connell took on a heavy work load; youngster Jamie Robinson and sprint ace Rob Gaylard were solid throughout. In the
end it was the young legs of Robinson that got the win from Dorling and then O’Connell.

D Grade: Riders would have expected Brian Long to have excelled in a sprint to the line for honors, but a puncture on the final lap put pay to that senario. In the end it was Maurie Dean, who had tried so hard to get a win in the previous weeks, taking out first place from Vin O’Flaherty, Ken McMahon, Ian Sumner, Len Bent and Dave Phillips.

E Grade: Peter Dixon was in a class of his own, staying with D Grade until the finish.

Ryan note- Paul Bird sat out this weekends race, also managing to forget to take his camera after being reminded twice! So no race day images for this update.

Next week, The John Trevorrow Scratch Race Series Race 4 . Entries by 8.45 on race day, no late entries accepted. Or email [email protected]


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
The John Trevorrow Scratch Race Series (race 2 of 5)
47km – Blackgate and Forest Rd – A,B,C grades (D, E grades Forrest Rd 34km)

– by Monty Montague

Torrents of rain and cold winds lashed the open roads of Paraparap on Saturday, leaving the conditions treacherous for those cyclists who participated in this exciting event.

A Grade: Only two entries in A Grade made for an uneventful race and Steve Young once again showed his dominance as a scratch rider. Young lost co-rider Jeff Miller early when Miller struggled with a breathing problem, allowing Young to disappear into the distance. Young flew around the course taking first place with Miller settling for second.

B Grade: A newly slimmed down and much fitter Marcus Coppock left it until the turn in Forest Rd to launch a big attack, forging a good gap. Colin ‘Hurricane’ Hooper set out after him with the remaining riders trying to bring them back in. The powerful Coppock was never caught taking first place from Hooper, followed by Paul Bird and then Mick McGarrigle.

C Grade: Ross West found himself sitting out in the wind on his own when he put in an oddly timed attack along Hendy Main Rd. This move allowed West to increase the gap to his chasers and the race win. Brian McConnell took second place from Keith Dorling.

D Grade: D Grade riders were closely knit, staying that way until the closing stages of the race. Vin O’Flaherty broke away from this bunch and was strong enough to keep the gap all the way to the chequered flag. Hotly on O’Faherty’s pedals was Maurie Dean crossing in second place followed by Ian Walker and then Brian Long.

Next week, The John Trevorrow Scratch Race Series Race 3 . Entries by 8.45 on race day, no late entries accepted. Or email [email protected]



Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
The John Trevorrow Scratch Race Series (race 1 of 5)
46km – Forest Rd plus Nobles Rd, finish in Larcombes Rd

– by Monty Montague

Heavy morning rain and wind kept the field small for the first of this 5 race series. Points awarded for each race are totalled as follows:

First place: 7 points.
Second place: 5 points.
Third place: 3 points.
Entry and marshal duty: 1 point.

Two wins in one grade will automatically lift the rider into the next grade. Points are totalled at the end of the series when overall winners are announced.

A Grade: Only three scratch riders braved the conditions with Darren Grey retiring early in the race succumbing to the effects of the flu. Steve Young and Jeff Miller soldiered on together and stayed that way until the return trip on Forest Rd. Young attacked before the turn at Pats Corner and forged a good gap. True to form, Miller dug deep and kept on chasing Young right to the finish line. Young however maintained the gap getting the eventual win with Miller not far adrift.

B Grade: The group worked together for a short time until Markus Coppock and Colin ‘Hurricane’ Hooper took the bull by the horns and launched a massive attack on Forest Rd hill early in the race. They pulled away from the bunch, swapping slick turns and pushing the pace up. Paul Bird, Darryl Peterson, Mick McGarrigle and Daryl Tompkin chased hard and looked likely to bring them back in, however the two escapees just never gave them an inch. By the time they had turned at Pats Corner on the final leg Coppock and Hooper had disappeared from view and were certain to finish together. As they approached the chequered flag it looked like either rider could get the win. In the end it was Hurricane Hooper that had the clean pair of pedals to clinch victory by half a wheel from Coppock. The chase riders were over a minute behind and looking for the third place finisher. Peterson was third wheel as the sprint opened up and had to make some ground as Bird and McGarrigle swooped. Peterson was equal to the task edging to the front and taking third place by a small margin.

C Grade: This group of three riders kept a steady pace until the turn in Forest Rd when the bunch started to get edgy. Dennis Sonogan and Ross West were only to aware of co-rider Grant Rogers’ lightning fast sprint, and it gave them few choices; drop him or lose. The heavier Rogers, lost contact as Sonogan and West attacked on Forest Rd hill leaving Rogers stranded. And this is the way it played out until the sprint for the chequered flag. West lead out early with Sonogan sticking to his wheel. Edging closer Sonogan moved to the right and lunged past gaining the lead and keeping it to cross the line by a bike length from West.

D Grade: The largest group of the day had six strong riders all looking for aggregate points. New member David Bent was joined by training partner Ken McMahon, and rivals Vin O’Flaherty, Ian Walker, Maurie Dean and Ian Sumner. The group stayed together throughout the race and looked content to settle things with a sprint finish. O’Flaherty would always be a good bet in a sprint finish but he had traded the bike for the swells of Bells in recent weeks and could have been a little flat. Walker however had trained hard and Dean was making a comeback. Sumner is rarely out of the mix and could easily spring a surprise. They were bunched close as the sprint began with Dean taking the lead from Walker then O’Flaherty and Sumner. Ten meters to go and Walker inched in front and stayed there taking first place from Dean and then O’Flaherty.
Next week, The John Trevorrow Scratch Race Series Race 2. Entries by 8.45 on race day, no late entries accepted. Or email [email protected]



Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
47km – Sealed Handicap – Blackgate & Forest Rd’s + 2 laps


1. Ross West
2. John Hilsden
3. Mick McGarrigle
4. Dave Robinson
5. Bill McConnell

Fastest time: Steve Young


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
58km – Colac Veterans Bill Fox Memorial at Cororooke


1. McNaughton Bernadette (Geelong)
2. David Lunn (Colac)
3. Steve Young (Geelong)
4. Colin Hooper (Geelong)
5. Paul Allen (Colac)
6. Marcus Coppack (Geelong)

Fastest time: David Lunn


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
46km – 3 laps Nobles Rd finish Larcombes Rd

A structured training program has paid off for Marcus Coppock, having his first win of the year on Sunday. After a demanding 50km course, Coppock emerged the well deserved winner in a tightly contested sprint finish on Larcombes Rd.

Twenty eight riders split into six groups raced three laps of the small circuit and finished with a trip out Nobles Rd in cold, foggy conditions. The stand out group from 6m30sec was driven at a solid pace by Coppock and Colin Hooper. Daryl Peterson lost touch early as the trio, which included Paul Bird worked its way through the field.

By the last ascent of the hill in Forest Rd, Coppock, Hooper and Bird had reeled in all the other groups and assumed the lead. Their only threats were the combined scratch and second scratch groups being driven by the powerful scratch man Steve Young.

Graeme Walker had pulled out of the scratch group leaving Young, Nick Oakley and Darren Gray to combine with Jeff Miller, Peter McDonough and Oliver King in pursuit of the leaders. Riders John Hilsdon, Mick McGarrigle, Dave Robinson and Daryl Tonkin from the 8m30sec group and Rob Nichols, Barry Primmer, Ian Sumner and Keith Dorling from 11mins worked with the trio to hold off the fast finishing scratch groups by 45secs on the line.

In the long fast final sprint Coppock timed his sprint to perfection holding off Hilsdon and Bird.

1. Marcus Coppock 1hr 24min 40sec
2. John Hilsdon
3. Paul Bird
4. Mick McGarrigle
5. Colin Hooper

Fastest time: Steve Young (1hr 18min 55sec)

Please note- There is no racing at Paraparap until a handicap race on June 24. Next Sunday the Geelong Veterans combine with Colac Veterans for the Bill Fox Memorial road race at Corrorooke.



Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
46km – 4 Laps Paraparap circuit

With riders racing the annual Rochester Open on Saturday many cyclists opted not to race on Sunday, and instead took the time to recover. Congratulations are extended to Geelong supervet Don Sutherland who took out first place at Rochester in the biggest of a number of excellent placing already achieved this season. Sutherland seems primed and ready to set his sights on a number of big events still to be raced this year.

A small field of twenty riders took to the road on Sunday in fine but blustery conditions. On the final lap of the four lap race Gill Wright was out in front in a solo effort, but the gap was shrinking fast. Riders that were able to hold a wheel as the groups merged on Greys Rd during the final lap, were all looking for a sprint finish. However the three man scratch bunch with Steve Young, Peter McDonough and Jeff Miller had made contact with the bunch, and Wright was overrun before the Greys Rd dip.

The scratch group put in a flury of attacks dropping all other groups and settled in for a sprint finish. Young was far to fast for his co-riders winning the sprint by two bike lengths from McDonough and then Miller. Marcus Coppock and Rob Nicholls had slipped away from the other groups and finished fourth and fifth respectively.


1. Steve Young
2. Peter McDonough
3. Jeff Miller
4. Marcus Coppock
5. Rob Nicholls

Fastest time: Steve Young (1hr 10min 09sec)

Please note- There is no club race at Paraparap on June 3rd. GVCC riders will compete in the Ballarat Open – Chris Cashin Memorial @ 10am on June 3rd.

Special Update (29-04-07)

Ted Taylor Memorial – Western District Combine at Cororooke
Handicap – 48km

These photographs and updates provided exclusively by Graeme Walker, who happened to place 2nd on the day.

Thanks to him as he is the first person to email me images this year! The clubs results page is infinity better with photographs attached to results updates. Email them to me, high-resolution is great- [email protected]



1. Tony McGann
2. Graeme Walker
3. Gavin Rowbottom

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Scratch Race, Forest Road + 2 laps A,B & C grade + 1 lap D grade

Twenty eight riders contest four graded scratch races at Paraparap. A, B and C grades raced 58km out and back Forest Road and two laps of the small circuit. D grade raced 46km only completing one lap after the journey to the end of Forest Road. All grades kept together for sprint finishes with only a few riders being dropped.


A Grade
1. Grant Edmonds
2. Michael Hartman
3. Oliver King

B Grade
1. Darryl Petersen
2. Marcus Coppock
3. Paul Bird

C Grade
1. Keith Dorling
2. Barry Primmer
3. Neil Jeffs

D Grade
1. Maurie Dean
2. Brian Carnegie
3. Brian Long

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club – Anzac day handicap
46km – 4 Laps Paraparap circuit

Torquay’s Ian Walker had special reasons for outstaying his co-markers to take out Geelong Veterans Cycling Anzac Day Handicap over 46km at Paraparap. Walker’s father served with the Australian armed forces in defence of Darwin during the second world war and Walker continued the tradition with two years in the army as a national serviceman. With Geelong Veterans and the 60 years-plus Supervets combining, the field of 37 was larger than Walker and other Supervets have been used to midweek.

Handicapper Colin Hooper had him out on 18min for the fourlap event, alongside Vin O’Flaherty, Peter Dickson, Brian Carnegie and Dale Jennings and this group held a smart tempo together through the first half of the race. They were chasing Bob Johnson on limit of 28mins and Graham Gibson and Gordon McColl from 22mins, while trying to hold at bay five bunches of talented riders.

Nick Oakley, Jeff Miller, Darren Gray, Graeme Walker, Tony McGann and Nic Brown rode from scratch, chasing Grant Edmonds, Paul Bird, Marcus Coppock, Joe Gulino, Darryl Peterson and Gerrard Hickey from 6mins, Dennis Sonogan, Grant Rogers, Paul Allen, Allen Green and newcomer Darryl Tonkin from 8mins, Rob Nicholls, Jeff Deans, Chris Colley, Peter Neal, Mark Loving, Rod Lambeth and Ian Sumner from 10mins45s and Gil Wright, John Randall, Don Sutherland, Jeremy Tatchell and Maurie Dean from 13min45s.

On paper Wright, Randall, Sutherland, Tatchell and Dean deserved to be favorites, but they struggled to become organised, while the smart beginning by Walker’s bunch built a handy break, going into the last 12km of the race. They had dropped Jennings and Carnegie, then Dickson, and worked to the lead, picking up Gibson, as second scratch began working through the field to build the only threat. Walker and O’Flaherty were the drivers, briskly swapping turns over the last 5km, Gibson hanging on grimly, and on the home turn this trio had the race to themselves.

Walker found top gear a long way out and upped the pace, to score by six lengths from O’Flaherty who held off Gibson by a tyre as they hit the line for the minors. Next came the pack, Nicholls jumping through for fourth from Edmonds, Green, Coppock, Bird, Gulino, Graeme Walker taking fastest time from McGann, then Gray, Brown, Oakley, Rogers, Sumner, Dickson, Colley, Loving, Tonkin and Dean, then Jennings, Tatchell, McColl and Johnson trickling in.

Veterans, family and supporters observed a minute’s silence for Anzacs and others who have defended Australia, also in respect for Supervet Neville Crosby who died of cancer this week after a short illness.

Geelong Supervets will meet again next Wednesday at Paraparap at 10am, riders to gather by 9.30. Interested veteran cyclists aged 60-plus can address inquiries to John Randall on 52 616247.

1. Ian Walker (1hr 28min 05sec)
2. Vin O’Flaherty
3. Graham Gibson
4. Rob Nicholls
5. Grant Edmonds

Fastest time: Graeme Walker’s (1hr 10min 45sec)


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Handicap Race 3 Laps 34km


1. Nick Oakley
2. Jeff Miller
3. Marcus Coppock
4. Ian Walker
5. Gil Wright

Fastest time: Peter Ladd, visiting from Northern Vets.


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Hendry Cycles Trophy (combine with Colac Veterans)
5 Laps of the small circuit at Paraparap

– by Monty Montague

You just never know when Don Sutherland is foxing in a race, keeping quiet and biding his time waiting for the chance to pull off a big win. Sutherland certainly wasn’t hiding his lights behind a bushel during the Hendry Cycles Trophy race as he consolidated a handy 26 minute limit mark with co-riders Bernadette McNaughton, Gordon McColl and Tony Birkett to pace his way to victory on a day that saw many riders succumb to the pressure.

After battling a spate of prolonged illness in the last year, his comeback win saw him take the chequered flag with a grin as wide as the Suez Canal. Chasing his limit bunch were 36 well seasoned riders split into 7 groups with every intention of getting to the flag ahead of him. The 12minute group with Keith Dorling, Brian Long, Gill Wright and Rob Nicholls were hauled in by the six man 10minute bunch on the second lap, to form a strong pursuit for the lead. By the third lap the 7.15minute riders had caught all three groups of riders out front with the exception of Don Sutherland and Bernadette McNaughton who had broken away from their co-markers to assume the lead.

As the bell rang out to announce the final lap the scratch riders Phil Tehan, Ralph Islet, Tony McGann, Nick Oakley and Jeff Miller had merged with second scratch Gavin Rowbottom, Graeme Walker and Nic Copeman. This combination could have proved decisive if they had not stalled in anticipation of simply settling for a fastest time result. With only a slight margin to the leaders the stalling tactic of the combined group could have cost them overall victory. It all played into Sutherland’s hands as he rode away from McNaughton on his way to a beautifully timed win taking the chequered flag with McNaughton back down the road and making it home in second place with the peloton breathing down her neck. Graeme Walker sprinted free from the peloton to claim third place. The race for fastest time was a close encounter going to Colac’s Tony McGann who had proved to be the strongest man of the scratch bunch throughout the race.


1. D. Sutherland (1hr 56min 04sec)
2. Bernadette McNaughton
3. G. Walker
4. G. Edmunds
5. G. Rowbottom

Fastest time: T. McGann (1hr 34min 37sec)


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club
Scratch 49km – 3 Laps Nobles Road, finish in Larcombes Road

– by Monty Montague

Neil Jeffs spent much of his younger days competing around Australia in surf lifesaving events gaining a reputation as a fierce competitor. Still a committed member of the Jan Juc Life Saving Club he recently turned his attention to bike riding to supplement his training, spending much time riding with a group of cyclist in Melbourne. Proving to be a powerhouse rider in his first race with the Geelong Veterans last week, he displayed just how powerful by blitzing the field in a sprint to the line and clinching his first win with the respected club in a handicap event.

Riding from a tough 8.30min mark with Grant Rogers, Mike Montague, Jamie Robinson, Ross West and Jeff Deans they left the starters pistol like a bullet from a gun. The bunch soon gathered up the 9.45min riders with Keith Dorling, Dave Robinson and Rod Lambeth. Half way through the race they had gathered up the 12min riders and Ian Walker from 18.00mins.

Still ahead in the race was Gill Wright from 18.00mins. who had ridden away from co-marker Walker and had passed the limit men of Brad Mead and Don Sutherland. Wright had spent most of the race in a solo attempt to claim victory and now became the race leader. The 8.30min group had collected all ahead of them before the long climb over Nobles Road, forming the main peloton of 16 riders chasing down the valiant Gill Wright. Back in the race and attempting to bridge the gap were the 7.00min riders with Daryl Peterson, Mic McGarrigle, John Hilsden, Markus Coppock and Arthur German. Also the 4.40min riders with Joe Gulino, Peter McDonough and John Day. Further back came the scratch group of Jeff Miller, Darren Grey and Nic Oakley.

The peloton had finally gathered up Wright just before the crest of the climb and it became certain that this group would now take it to the finish. Sweeping past the final bend to the finish line in Larcombes road riders began to look for a good wheel to follow. With the peloton now driving it’s way to the chequered flag Neil Jeffs took an unenviable position at the front with a host of accomplished sprinters right on his pedals. Given some encouragement from co-rider Mike Montague Jeffs dug deep finding that extra level and powering ahead to claim the win from Barry Primmer, and Grant Rogers squeezing in for third.


1. N. Jeffs (1hr 25min 09sec)
2. B Primmer
3. G Rogers
4. G. Wright
5. I. Sumner

Fastest time: D Grey (1hr 18min 20sec)

With such a close finish all congratulations go to handicapper Colin Hooper for such a well devised race.

Next week. No club race at Paraparap. GVCC riders will compete at Marybourgh.


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club – Torquay Cycle Factory Scratch Race Series Final
Scratch 58km

– by Monty Montague

The final of this four race series was a nail biter. More than a handful of riders stood a good chance of taking out the overall win and the prized trophy, with points up for grabs in all divisions. In the end it came down to a one point win between first and second place, with third place decided on a count back. Jan Juc rider Mike Montague was elated to snatch victory in the four race aggregate series by claiming one win and three second places in what proved to be a tactical battle of strategy and power.

A Grade: This group was kept well in check by Nick Copeman who took on a huge work load at the helm of the bunch. Some customary attacks from Phill Tehan gave the race some promising moments but failed in the end to have an impact. It all came down to a sprint finish with Oliver king taking a well judged win that proved decisive in the final rankings. Nick Copeman was second from Phill Tehan, Peter Cotter and Gavin Rowbottom.

B Grade: The group of seven riders included John Day and Grant Rogers, both riders entering the race with a chance to take out the overall win, providing one of them crossed the line in first place. It wasn’t to be, Rogers lost contact with the bunch as the pace quickened and Day ran out of road at the finish. The powerful Paul Bird took honours at the chequered flag with a meteoric sprint from Dave O’Dwyer, John Day, Tom Gray and Grant

C Grade: It would have been hard for anyone from this 10 man bunch to take the overall win with Grant Rogers moving up to ‘B’ grade with his second win the previous week. However the father and son team of Dave and John Robinson kept the group busy all day with a furry of big attacks. It paid off well for son Jamie who eventually got the win from Denis Sonogan, David Robinson, Markus Coppock and Ross West.

D Grade: This bunch with nine riders was joined by new member Neil Jeffs who proved to be a powerhouse on the road. Taking huge turns at the helm most riders were hard put just to maintain the wheel they were following. Indeed Jeffs impact was such that the final sprint to the line made it all too easy for some and all too hard for others. In the end Jeff Deans got an easy victory over Mike Montague, then Neil Jeffs, Gill Wright and Brian Long.

E Grade: Seven riders took to the road from this division, with new rider Genevi Southerland making her debut. Graham Gibson had something to prove which he could have done providing he crossed the line in first place. However, if Ian Walker posed a threat in this bunch last week, he made it all to clear just what a threat he can be by sealing a well judged win this week. A superbly timed sprint saw Walker claim the honours from Ken Mansfield, Graham Gibson, Genevi Sutherland and Bernadette McNaughton.

Next week: 3 laps, Nobels Road finish Larcombes Road. Entries by 8.45 on race day, no late entries accepted.


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club – Torquay Cycle Factory Scratch Race Series (Race 3)
Scratch 47km – Blackgate Rd, Forest Rd + 2 Laps Paraparap Circuit

– by Monty Montague

Race one of this four race scratch series attracted a large field of riders, eager to challenge for this acclaimed annual event. Points awarded for each race are totalled as follows –

First place: 7 points
Second place: 5 points
Third place: 3 points
Entry and marshal duty: 1 point

Two wins in one grade will automatically lift the rider into the next grade. Points are totalled at the end of the series where overall winners are announced.

A Grade: This group kept a close guard on any break aways, only allowing a manageable distance between attacks. It all came down to a tight sprint to the line at the finish in Hendy Main Road with the bunch still intact. It could have been anyone’s win, but Phill Tehan got the line first from Peter Cotter, Gavin Rowbottom, Oliver King and Nick Copeman. A great day for Tehan who was told only 2 weeks earlier that he would never ride a bike again after being diagnosed with a serious medical problem. Miracles happen in twos. The medical problem reversed itself and Tehan promptly followed it up with another great win.

B Grade: The group worked well together keeping a good pace and staying together for most of the race. Darryl Peterson and Joe Gulino lost contact at one point but managed to claw their way back up. John Day made his day by winning a well fought sprint to the line in first spot from Peter McDonough, Grant Edmonds, Paul Bird and Darryl Peterson.

C Grade: This group kept a steady but not hot pace until the turn in Forest Road when the bunch started to get edgy. With aggregate points up for grabs it was anyone’s guess who would contest the sprint. In the end Grant Rogers took the bull by the horns flying over the finish line in first place from, Jamie Robinson, Keith Dorling and Brian Love. Rogers moves up a grade next week with two wins in C-Grade.

D Grade: The bunch maintained a consistent high speed throughout the race but stayed together until the final sprint. With plenty of good sprint specialists in the group it was anyone’s guess who would get the win. In the end it was the smart riding of Len Bent taking the chequered flag from Mike Montague, Rob Nicholls, Jeff Deans and Brian Carnegie.

E Grade: Ian Walker would have posed a threat at any time in this bunch. With plenty of miles in his legs he was kept in check throughout the race. In the end it all came down to a sprint finish with Ken Mansfield taking the flag from Graham Gibson, and Ian Walker.

Aggregate points: It’s all up for grabs in the final next week with 4 riders leading the tally. John Day, Grant Rogers, Mike Montague and Graham Gibson all with 20 points. Followed by Oliver King, Nick Copeman, Ken Mansfield and Keith Dorling all with 14 points. Jamie Robinson with 13 points.

Next week is the final of the 4 race scratch series which should see some real tactics come into play. Watch out for the big attacks. Riders are requested to bring a donation for the after race raffle. For the full results, programme and information log onto our web site at www.gscc.net.au

Next week: Race four of the Torquay Cycle Factory Scratch Race Final.

Geelong Veteran Cycling Club – Torquay Cycle Factory Scratch Race Series (Race 2)
Scratch 46km – 4 Laps Paraparap Circuit

– by Monty Montague

Race one of this four race scratch series attracted a large field of riders, eager to challenge for this acclaimed annual event. Points awarded for each race are totalled as follows –

First place: 7 points
Second place: 5 points
Third place: 3 points
Entry and marshal duty: 1 point

Two wins in one grade will automatically lift the rider into the next grade. Points are totalled at the end of the series where overall winners are announced.

A Grade: Attacks were fast and deadly in this group as riders fought hard to split the bunch into a more manageable group. Steve Young, Michael Hartman and Nick Copeman did just that on the second of four laps opening up a gap that would not be shut down. A luckless Tony Gavin sustained a puncture putting him out of contention as Oliver King, Jeff Miller, and Ralph Islett pressed on behind. A verbal challenge from Hartman to Young too fight out a sprint finish was eagerly accepted by the accomplished Young who is well noted for his exceptional sprint prowess. Young took it all to easily, claiming the win from Hartman, with Copeman getting third spot. (time 1.12.15).

B Grade: Tony French kept this group busy throughout the race with his customary flourishes of strong attacks. He never really succeeded in breaking up the bunch who managed to counter each effort. In the end French
had done so much work that it left him without good legs for the final sprint for honours. The smart tactics of noted sprinter Dave O’Dwyer got him across the line first from Bendigo rider Mark Nally in second place followed
by Grant Edmonds in third. (time (1.19.45).

C Grade: With such a strong bunch of riders in this group you would have expected many attacks in an attempt to split the field. It didn’t happen and they stayed together, leaving it to a sprint to the line for the win. Rod Lambeth, who had kept a very low profile all day, wound up the big ring getting the win from Keith Dorling in second place and Grant Rogers getting third. (time 1.25.27).

D Grade: This group lost Phil Mackley, (in only his second race with the club), and Brian Carnegie, as the group surged on Forest Road hill. The four remaining riders stayed together to settle it out in a sprint for the line. Sprint Ace Brian Long was just to good as he wound up the gears to get first place from Mike Montague in second and Dave Phillips inching in for third. (time 1.32.7.)

E Grade: With only four riders in this group aggregate points were going to be all too easy to come by. The bunch stayed together throughout the race leaving it down to a sprint to decide the outcome. Graham Gibson made his intensions clear as a broke away from the rest on his way to the line to claim the win from Ken Mansfield in second and Les Goody in third. (time 1.18.22).


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club – Torquay Cycle Factory Scratch Race Series (Race 1)
Scratch 57km – Nobles Rd + 3 Laps Paraparap Circuit

– by Monty Montague

Race one of this four race scratch series attracted a large field of riders, eager to challenge for this acclaimed annual event. Points awarded for each race are totalled as follows –

First place: 7 points
Second place: 5 points
Third place: 3 points
Entry and marshal duty: 1 point

Two wins in one grade will automatically lift the rider into the next grade. Points are totalled at the end of the series where overall winners are announced.

A Grade: Some great depth in this field with many well seasoned and strong riders. New member Oliver King showed he will be someone to watch in the coming months after putting in a credible performance. The bunch stayed together however and played out a sprint finish, with King taking the sprint from Graeme Walker (2), Tony Gavin (3), Gavin Rowbottom (4) Nick Oakley (5).

B Grade: Again a field with plenty of depth. Nick Copeman became the stand out performer in this group taking the race by the horns right from the gun. Copeman has trained in elite company over the past months accompanying Davitamon Lotto rider and Australian road cyclist of the year Cadel Evans as Evans trained and prepared for the 2007 series in Europe. Copeman road away from his group on the first lap, reaching and passing the A-Grade riders on his way before crossing the finish line a clear four minutes ahead of the rest of his group. Coming in behind Copeman were John Day (2), Paul Bird (3), Joe Gulino (4) Daryl Peterson (5).

C Grade: Joining this group was Grant Rogers who has chalked up a number of significant wins in the past few months, using his dynamic sprint to much advantage. The mistake the group made was not to shake Rogers off during the race, giving them some needed space at the finish. However the bunch stayed together and Rogers proved again that he would leave no survivors in his wake. Taking the sprint easily it was Grant Rogers (1), Jamie Robinson (2), Keith Dorling (3), Barry Primmer (4) Ross West (5).

D Grade: This group saw the return of Brian Carnegie from a stint in Japan and Rob Nichols from an injury. Joining them was Mike Montague, slowly gaining fitness after suffering a fractured collar bone, cross training rider Jeff Deans, supervet Ian Sumner and new member Steven Taylor. The pace was shared among the stronger riders, however a mid race attack saw Carnegie and Taylor lose contact. Rob Nichols pulled up with a mechanical fault while the remaining riders managed to stay together to fight it out in a sprint to the line. Deans stayed at the front with Sumner on his wheel, then Montague. As the sprint began Montague got a gap on the outside managing to hold it crossing the finish line for the win. Ten meters back was Ian Sumner (2), then Jeff Deans (3). Further back was Rob Nichols (4) and Brian Carnegie (5).

E Grade: In this group Neil Freeman was joined by Graham Gibson, Les Goody, Bernadette McNaughton and new member Kerry Hogan. The cracking pace set by the group found Goody and Hogan in need of a tow rope as the leading trio stretched the elastic eventually dropping these two riders. They remained on track and headed for home with McNaughton taking the line ahead of Graham Gibson (2), Neil Freeman (3), Les Goody (4) and Kerry Hogan (5).


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club – Ray Aldridge Aggregate Shield
Neil and Doris Freeman Trophy – Handicap 46km – 4 Laps Paraparap Circuit

– by Jack Griffin

The annual Neil and Doris Freeman trophy, a combine event bewteen Colac and Geelong riders attracted a large field. David Lunn and his co-marker Nick Oakley, conceded only 45 seconds to Gavin Rowbottom, Ralph Iselt, Darren Gray, Nick Brown and Arno Van Der Schans. Intermediate handicaps were 3min30s, 6min45s, 9mins, 11min45s, 14min15s, 17min30s and 22mins with limit riders Gordon McColl and Robert Johnson on 36mins.

At the half-way mark, Gordon McColl had left his co-marker and a lot of keen judges were proclaiming him likely to take out the event, but with one lap (11.5km) to go, his lead became a mere four minutes. He became easy prey for the bunch of eight riders in pursuit. David Lunn and Nick Oakley soon apprehended Gavin Rowbottom and company, but the 3min30s bunch containing Graeme Walker, Jim Linden, Oliver King, Darren Allen, Tony Gavin, Steve Hombling and John Day were riding at a cracking pace and were not caught.

The 6min45s riders were in all sorts of bother with five losing contact. Jeremy Tatchell on 22mins was too strong for co-marker Bennadette McNaughton and with two laps remaining he was looking like overtaking leader the current race leader Gordon McColl, but the latter compounded and retired from the race.

With one lap to go, the race was now in control of riders from the 11min45s group, the 14min15s group and Grant Rogers the only survivor off 17min30s. His co-markers Barry Primmer, along with Gil Wright had lost contact. Riders Ross West, Jamie Robinson, Dave ODwyer, Allen Green, Greg Taubek, Garry Legg and Heather Hamling were the strongest from the 9min bunch. They finally made contact with Len Bent and Maurie Dean, the sole survivors out of the 14min15s group.

With 8km to go Gordon McColl was still holding the lead, but not for long. In the uphill section Rogers, ODwyer, Green, Robinson, Bent, West, Legg and Dean flew past McColl. 9min riders Greg Taube, Heather Hambling, Tom Gray, were further back in the field. 2km to go, the sprinting freight-train (Grant Rogers) had the others worried. The final 300m was filled with attempts from riders to break clear, but with the checkered flag glistening in the distance, Grant Rogers ignited an electrifying burst of speed, blowing everyone else away.

Dave O’Dwyer took second place with Len Bent third. Ross West, Garry Legg, Allen Green, Jamie Robinson and Gordon McColl made up the minor placings. Gordon got across the line just ahead of Tom Gray, Greg Taube and Heather Hambling to take out eigth place. The 3min30s group were next to cross the line with Graeme Walker, Tony Gavin and friends. The backmarkers were in view, Lunn, Oakley, Rowbottom, Iselt, Brown and Arno Van Der Schans, but only Lunn and Oakley would contest the sprint for fastest time with Lunn taking the honours.

After the race, Dave ODwyer was disqualified which altered the finishing order. The winner Grant Rogers had a grand day. For a while Grant had been battling to get fit and has sometimes struggled to finish. His diet of grit and determination has recently got him to the finish, with a win and forward placings his reward. It was that same grit and determination that saw him fighting out the finish of the 1990 Melbourne to Warrnambool road race to finish in seventh place.

After Sundays great win he was wearing something that never goes out of fashion, that winning smile. Congratulations Grant!


1. G. Rogers (winners time, 1hr28min7sec)
2. L. Bent
3. M. Dean
4. Ross West
5. G. Legg

Fastest time: D. Lunn 1hr10min37s


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club – Ray Aldridge Aggregate Shield
Handicap 58km – 1 Lap + Forest – Nobles Rds. Finish Larcombes Rd

– by Jack Griffin

Last Sunday the Geelong Vets conducted a 58 kilometre road race. Twenty-four riders arrived at their Paraparap Country Club for a 9:30am start. The handicapper had Jeff Miller, Phil Tehan, Oliver King, Nick Oakley and visiting Southern vets rider, Michael Hartman on the scratch mark. Intermediate marks were 6min30s, 12min, 16min, 19min, 27min with limit riding from 36 minutes.

The winner was Tom Gray riding from the 16 minute mark. He and co-markers Dave and Jamie Robinson, along with Rod Lambeth, were combining beautifully with goods turns of pace which kept their speed to 34 kilometres an hour. They were not overtaken and by the half way mark, never appeared in any danger of being caught.

The winner Tom Gray is also a member of the Northern Vets club as well as Geelong. The 63-year-old is a back marker with the Geelong Super vets which is a division of the Geelong Veteran Cycling Club that race on Wednesday mornings.

In the sprint to the checkered flag, Gray hit the front with 100 metres to go to record an easy win, he showed no trace of fatigue but could not, in any way, conceal his pride and satisfaction in winning this, the toughest race so far this season. Ian Sumner held on to finish in second place, Rod Lambeth third, closely followed by Dave Robinson with his son Jamie in fifth position.

I got the feeling when Tom Gray saw the handicap he was given, he might have thought the handicapper was still handing out Christmas presents.

The scratch riders gave Gavin Rowbottom, Greame Walker and Darren Gray a tidy six-and-a-half minute start but still the trio are very strong and rejected the thought of being apprehended in spite of Miller, Tehan, Hartman, Oakley and Oliver King averaging 40.2 kilometres per hour.

Further out, the 12 minute group were in all sorts of trouble on the way out in Forest Road. The air deserted Joe Gulino’s tyre and Mike Montague lost contact. Daryl Peterson and Keith Dorling lost contact on the return from the Forest Road turn, which only left Paul Bird and Marcus Coppock to continue on their self-imposed tortuous way. But it was the sixteen minute riders that had control of the bike race, the raced past the bunch ahead that had Len Bent, Dave Phillips, Grant Rogers and it was only Ian Sumner that managed to tack on. Bernadette McNaughton on 27 minutes was caught after 35 kilometres, Neil Freeman on limit put up a good performance, riding alone for 42 kilometres, before being overtaken by the 16 minute group of riders. Two and a half minutes after the winner crossed the line, the back markers were winding up for the chance to obtain fastest time honours. The lung busting sprint was taken out by Phil Tehan from Mike Hartman, Nick Oakley and Jeff Miller.

1. T. Gray (16min) winners time 1hr39min12sec
2. Ian Sumner (19min)
3. R. Lambeth (16min)
4. D. Robinson (16min)
5. J. Robinson (16min)

Fastest Time: P. Tehan 1hr26min39sec


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club – Ray Aldridge Aggregate Shield
Australia Day Weekend Handicap – four laps 46km

Twenty three riders contested 4 laps of the Paraparap course vying for honours in the Australia Day weekend Handicap.

Limit riders Les Goody and Neil Freeman off 27min were soon caught and overtaken by 22min riders Gil Wright and Bernadette McNaughton early in lap 2 of 4. Gil decided to break away from these three over the rises in Forest Rd, setting a cracking pace. Chasing behind these three, the 16min bunch of Ian Sumner, Rob Gaylard, Len Bent, Brian Long and Maurie Dean had reduced Gil’s lead from 6min to 3min with 2 laps remaining.

Ross West, Vincent Haveaux and Grant Rogers riding from 12min30sec had reduced Gil’s gap to 7min at the 2 lap to go mark. 9min riders Peter McDonough, Paul Bird and Chris Colley working smooth turns from the start tried hard all day to grab the lead. Oliver King, Daryl Petersen, John Day and Gavan Rowbottom riding off 4min30sec had the hard task of trying to catch all in front while also keeping scratch at bay, who were breathing down their necks.

Scratch bunch of Nick Brown, Phil Tehan, Jeff Miller and Steve Young were on a mission to blast past all in front of them, taking no prisoners.

With 1 lap to go Gil’s solo 2 lap break was brought to a halt by the flying five from the 16min bunch of Ian Sumner, Rob Gaylard, Len Bent, Brian long and Maurie Dean who overtook and left Gil behind approaching the finish line, with 13km still to travel. They maintained their steady tempo all the way to the finish. Rob Gaylard timing his powerful trademark sprint to perfection easily blasting past his co-markers to claim 1st place.

Exiting the chicane in Larcombes Rd for the last time, the combined 9min and 12min30sec bunches saw riders touch wheels in the windy conditions with Vin Haveaux, Ross West, Paul Bird, Chris Colley coming to grief. Only Peter McDonough managed to stay upright. All except Vin Haveaux remounted and limped back to the finish with Vin nursing his injuries and bike in a marshal’s car back to the club.

Scratch had caught the remaining riders with 3km to go. Steve Young easily accounted for his co-markers to grab fastest time of 1hr11min, some 2min 7sec behind the winner Rob Gaylard.

1. Rob Gaylard ( 1hr24min53sec)
2. Maurie Dean
3. Len Bent
4. Brian Long
5. Ian Sumner

Fastest Time: Steve Young (1hr11min)


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club – Ray Aldridge Aggregate Shield
Handicap 46km – Nobles Rd and return plus 2 laps

Ross West claims first points for the Ray Aldridge Aggregate Shield in a show of strength during the season opening handicap race. Riders will once again contest the Ray Aldridge Aggregate Shield, which is awarded to the rider with the most points accrued from club handicap races over the year with points for 1st to 5th, plus fastest time.

Eighteen riders greeted the timekeeper to contest the first of many handicaps for the 2007 season including three new members (welcome and wishing you many enjoyable kms with our club) Peter McDonough, Chris Colley and Oliver King.

Limit riders Dave Phillips and Ross West set off 22min and soon got settled into an impressive tempo which they both maintained until turning into Forest Rd for the last time. 15min riders Gil Wright, Len Bent and Brian Long were soon reduced to two as Gil found the pace up the Nobles Rd hills to much, loosing touch with Len and Brian.10min riders Maurie Dean, Rod Lambeth and Jeff Deans were riding comfortably until caught by the scratch bunch in the rises on Forest Rd during lap 1. They soon succumbed to the pace of scratch and the strong breeze.

6min bunch of Marcus Coppock, Keith Dorling and Chris Colley could not keep it together and soon found themselves separated. 3min riders Peter McDonough, Daryl Petersen and Paul Bird could only manage to keep scratch at bay until the rises in Nobles Rd, with 42km still to travel. Scratch soon got down to business early with Jeff Miller, Nick Oakley, Nick Brown and Oliver King working together swapping turns into a ever increasing wind.

Turning for the last time into Forest Rd, Ross West decided to up the pace and soon had a handy lead over Dave Phillips. Ross increasing his lead over Dave, finished first in 1hr32min, 1min5sec ahead of Dave who took out second place.

Way back the dynamic duo of Len Bent and Brian Long tried desperately to hang on but the fast finishing scratchies swallowed them up 100m from the line.

A solid performance by Ross and Dave helped Ross to finish 7 minutes ahead of scratch.


1. Ross West (1hr32min)
2. Dave Phillips
3. Nick Oakley
4. Oliver King
5. Brian Long

Fastest Time: Jeff Miller

Next week Sunday 28th is the Australia Day H/Cap 4laps. Members please bring a donation for the raffle table and a cake/plate to share after the race.


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club – 14th Jan Scratch Race


A Grade
1. Jeff Miller
2. Nick Oakley

B Grade
1. Daryl Peterson
2. Grant Rogers

C Grade
1. Brian Long
2. Jeff Deans
3. Vince Haveaux

D Grade
1. Chris Colley