Geelong Veteran Cycling Club – Christmas Handicap
3 laps of the circuit

-by Monty Montague

“I’m just going to sit on for the ride, I don’t think I can make much of an impression in this race today, the legs are not that good.” Shaking his head and sniffing the morning air, Grant Rogers made this prediction as he took his bike from the back of his car, well prior to the start of Sunday’s race at Paraparap. Whatever changed his mind between then and the start gun, made the difference between winning and losing! Powering away with the 8m30sec bunch he surged to the front and became a catalyst for the group’s high speed throughout the race.

Rogers may have surprised himself with his eventual win, but it came as no surprise to those that have watched his steady progress throughout the season. Rogers was well aided by co-riders Maurie Dean, Brian Long, Ian Sumner, Mike Montague and Barry Primmer who together, kept the tempo clicking away and the adrenalin pumping. John Randall missed his group’s start and joined the 8m30sec bunch early. Having no problems taking long turns at the helm to aid their progress. Randall put in some customary attacks as the race progressed trying to stretch the bunch out, but was always kept in check.

The 6m30sec group with the ‘Freight Train’ Marcus Coppock and co-riders Jamie and David Robinson, Denis Sonogan and Rod Lambeth were eventually caught by the power of the 5min bunch with the lightning sharp legs of Paul Bird and Mick ‘The Flash’ McGarrigle driving the 5min group along. They were picked up by second scratch’s Darren Grey, Tony French and Barry Kinnersley mid way through the final lap and the hunt was on to run down the 8m30sec group who had taken the lead.

Joining the leaders and forming the main peloton was Gil Wright, Len Bent and Jeff Deans from 10m30sec. Deans showed some fine form after split training on mountain and road bikes with training partner Greg Welsh, and looked a good bet to take a place at the finish line. With no other bunch along Grays Road on the final lap this group were certain to take it to the line for a bunch sprint.

The scratch bunch with Steve Young, Jeff Miller and Nick Oakley made short work of the race flying through the laps like cut snakes, but never made contact with the main groups ahead. With a clear road in front of them and the nearest challengers a good 500 metres back, the peloton surged away towards the chequered flag in Hendy Main Road. With 100 metres to the finish line riders were looking for a sheltered wheel and a handy gap.

Grant Rogers got the best jump as Gil Wright took position on his rear wheel, lurking and waiting. Rogers opened up a ballistic surge and screamed away over the line for the win. Wright miss-timed it by the smallest of margins, crossing only a tyres width from Rogers to take second place from Jeff Deans, Maurie Dean and Brian Long respectively. The race for fastest time was to be played out by the scratch group with Steve Young taking the time for the day.


1. G. Rogers
2. G. Wright
3. J. Deans
4. M. Dean
5. B. Long

Fastest time: S. Young

Geelong Veterans resume racing on the 14th of January 2007. Log onto your racing web site on www.gscc.net.au for all race dates, results, photos and
links. Please remember that your 2007 club fees and insurance are now due and must be paid on or before racing on the 14th of January 2007.



Geelong Veteran Cycling Club and Geelong Cycling Club
Tri2cycle 25km Individual Time Trial

The Tri2cycle time trial was held in oppressive heat on Sunday morning the 12th. The young guns from Geelong showed their class for fastest time and the super fit older veteran cyclists proved themselves in the age adjusted competition. Marcus Wettenall was the stand out rider taking out fastest time with a sizzling ride of 34 minutes 30 seconds (average 43.5k/h).

Veteran cyclist Steve Young took out the Veterans 35+ age goup with a ride of 37 minutes 24 seconds (average 39.5k/h). In the age adjusted competition 76 yo John Randall had a fight on his hands managing to take out first place by only 2 seconds from the 3 year younger power house Len Bent. Louise Nicholson took out the prize for the fastest lady rider.


Fastest overall
1. Marcus Wettenall 34:30
2. Steve Young 37:24
3. Will Wettenall 38:32

Fastest Veterans 35+
1.Steve Young 34:30
2.Jeff Miller 38:49
3. John Lynch (Southern Vets) 39:16

Veterans Age Adjusted (time better than standard)
1.John Randall 6:49
2. Len Bent 6:47
3. Tom Gray 5:23

At Paraprap next Sunday December 17th is the keenly contested last race for the year, The Christmas Handicap over 34km. Get your entry in before Saturday and don’t forget a gift for the raffle table.

Geelong Veteran Cycling Age Group Championships
At Paraparap

-by Monty Montague

Sunday’s racing saw the near conclusion of the 2006 season, with only two races left for the year. This week’s race was the yearly age group handicap covering all riders. From 35 to 39 years of
age, right through to Supervet class of 60 years and over. The 35-39 year age group were severely tested by a flurry of attacks from the super fit Jeff Miller. Miller was countered every time, until he finally forged a gap too big to bridge on Greys Road during the second lap. Time-trialing his way to victory way ahead of the rest to clinch gold, after four years of attempts in the age championships. Second was Lara’s Tony French with Barry Kinnersley getting third.

The 40-44 year age group was joined by Grant Rogers (the only contender in the 45-49 year group). Williamstown rider Tony Gavan gave the bunch plenty of curry with attacks and bursts of speed right from the gun. Gavan finally broke free on his own on the third lap riding his way to a solo win. Sprinting for second and third spot Mick McGarrigle led out early with Joe Gulino happily sitting on his wheel ready to pounce. The unlucky Gulino cramped at the vital moment allowing McGarrigle an easy run for second place as Gulino inched over the line with a painful grimace for third. Solo contestant Grant Rogers picked up the gold in the 45-49 age group.

The 50-54 year age group made every attempt to break the resolve of the super strong Graeme Walker. Walker was finally dropped and it looked like plain sailing for the bunch to finish with a group sprint. However the
tenacious Walker never gave up and clawed his way back up and this time stayed with them. In a bunch sprint for the line Walker had the last laugh winning in style from an in-form and flying Paul Bird with the freight train
Marcus Coppock getting third.

The 55-59 year age group made the most of the light breeze and fair weather, staying together throughout the race. A fast pace kept the bunch tested with big turns at the front from speedmeister Keith Dorling and sprint ace Rob Gaylard. Both contributed enormously to the overall effort of the group. However it all played out to a final bunch sprint for the line with Gaylard making the move and jumping from the bunch 100 metres from the chequered flag. Dorling crossed to his wheel but Gaylard’s sprint ability was too good taking first place from Dorling with Mike Montague getting through in third spot.

The 60-64 year age group kept a high pace throughout the race. Attacks came quick and fast, attempting to split the bunch. In-form rider John Hilsden looked set to slip away at any moment, but was always kept in check by Maurie Dean and Tom Grey. Dean pushed hard trying to tire Hilsden but it all came down to a bunch sprint for honours. Hilsden has benefited greatly from track events of late and has honed his sprint down to a mere formality. Shooting to the front he took the flag easily for first place from Tom Grey and then Maurie Dean.

The 65-69 year age group saw only two riders finish with Neville Crosby getting the better of Noel White to take first and second place respectively. The 75-79 year group stayed together for most of the race until Gil Wright lost touch and pulled out. With super sprinter Brian Long along side caution became the key issue when it came to a sprint for the line. However, the never say die attitude of Len Bent will always be in the back of any
riders mind who wants to win. Bent showed no mercy when it came to taking the initiative, unleashing a mighty sprint of his own to claim gold from Long in second place and Ted Harrison getting across for third.

The 75-79 year age group was hampered right from the start with Veteran Australian Gold Medallist John Randall in their midst. Randall took no prisoners breaking away from the group early and crossing to the group ahead
leaving himself the only real contender for first place baring any mechanical failure. Randall took a comfortable win with Neil Freeman taking second place from Les Goody.

The 80-84 year age group was left down to one rider, the evergreen Jack Griffen. Griffen is one of only 4 riders still competing in his age group in Australia and remains an inspiration for all veteran riders from 35 years
onwards. Always a champion of his sport and larrikin wit, Griffen completed the course to a well deserved gold medal

24 riders spread over 5 grades raced for honours in the Grant Rogers Graded Scratch Race. This race has become an annual race on our calendar, to say thanks in a small way to Grant & Louise Rogers for all the hard work they have done around the club over the years.

Steve Young, Peter Cotter, Tony Gavan and Darren Gray raced in A Grade. Steve led from start to finish with only Peter Cotter close enough at the end to see him cross the finish line well ahead of the rest. Paul Robertson, Marcus Coppock, Joe Gulino, Tony French, Daryl Petersen and Jamie Robinson set off in B Grade again over 4 laps. Tony French was the only rider not content to leave it to a bunch sprint to decide the winner and tried all through out the race to split the bunch.Whether an incline in the road, coming to a corner or into a head wind, he would launch an attack hoping to entice an accomplice to help him ride away.

None of the 5 remaining riders were interested and settled down together happy to contest a bunch sprint to decide the winner and keeping Tony’s lead to a manageable distance. Charging out of the last corner Marcus headed for the line some 2km away with Tony in hot pursuit. Jamie winked as he launched a perfect lead out 1km from home, Tony responded with Joe, Paul and Daryl closely following his wheel with Grins from ear to ear. Tony surged again with 100m to go only to be easily cut down by Paul, Joe & Daryl.

Brian Long, Maurie Dean, Grant Rogers, David O’Dwyer, Ross West and Dennis Sonnogan raced C grade with a bunch sprint deciding the placing’s. Brian trying a long way out from the finish was scooped up and spat out by the fast finishing David, Grant and Maurie in that order.

Gil Wright, Len Bent, Ian Sumner, Rob Gaylard, Barry Primmer and David Robinson fought it out in D grade. All took turns to split the bunch to reduce combatants in the final sprint. However it was not to be with all lining up for the chequered flag. Rob easily outsprinting Len and Gil for 1st place.

Only Les Goody and Bob Johnson contested E grade. Les to strong for Bob and rode away to easily claim 1st place.

A few dates to put in your calendars-

Sun 03 Dec Club Age Group Championships
Sun 10 Dec Tri-2-Cycle 25k Time Trial contact President 0427 525032 with an invite to Geelong Cycle Club members to join us.
Sun 17 Dec Christmas H/Cap and Break up.

Ladies day at Paraparap

Helen Murnane was on a generous mark ’30min limit’ with Les Goody but soon left Les and rode away on her own early on for a deserved win in a time of 1hr 38min 41s.

Sunday saw 36 riders chasing honours in the 24th Jack Griffin Handicap trophy race, set over two laps. Nobles Rd plus return and around the small Paraparap circuit totalling 46 km. Chasing limit of 15min30s John Randall, Gil Wright, Peter Neal and Mark Loving worked hard to bridge the 14min30s gap but to no avail. 13min riders Rod Lambeth, Ian Sumner, John Allen, Len Bent and new rider Ross West took over half the race to catch the 15min30s bunch.

11min power house bunch of Marcus Coppock, Mick McGarrigle, Gary Legg, Grant Rogers and Brian Long looked the winners on paper and had caught all bar Helen by the time they were going over Forrest Rd for the last time with a handy lead over the chasing bunches. 7min30s bunch of Joe Gulino, Alan Greene, Noel Symons, Daryl Peterson, Paul Bird and John Hilsdon were cruising along early powered by Greene and Gulino. They had trimmed the gap to all in front until Joe’s mechanical failure at the 15km mark, together with the loss of Daryl and John at the 20km point surely cost them the race.

4min riders Bruce Roberts, Graeme Walker, Tony French, Heather and Steve Hamling worked well the whole race. 2nd scratch 2min riders Ralph Islet, Jeff Miller, Nick Oakley, Arno Van der Shans, Peter Lemke and Nick Brown made sure scratch were kept out of the hunt for placings and almost took fastest time failing by only 16s.

Scratch riders Steve Young and David Lunn set off on a mission impossible, to keep hold of fastest time and the remote chance of finishing in the placings.

Turning into Forest Rd for the first time they had lost 30s to the second scratch bunch. After completing the lap of the circuit and heading past Forest Rd to Nobles Rd, scratch had made up 50s and cut the gap back to 1min40s. A massive effort from Steve amd David chasing six determined riders.

Alone and cruising to a well deserved win, Helen greeted the chequered flag for the second time in years. Behind her at Jack’s corner all bunches except scratch had combined to contest a large dash for the minor placings. Fastest time sprint was decided by a tyre width with Steve triumphing over David, finishing 1min45s behind second scratch. 34s was all that separated first and second place, with only 16s the difference between who claimed the fastest time.

Jack Griffin presented the major place winners with their impressive trophies, which were donated by Jack.


1. Helen Murnane (1hr38min41s)
2. Graeme Walker
3. Ralph Islet
4. Grant Rogers
5. Nick Brown
6. Peter Lemke
7. Nick Oakley
8. Arno Van der Shans
9. Bruce Roberts
10. John Allen

Fastest Time: Steve Young ( 1hr10min59s)

Upcoming events:

26th Nov Grant Rogers Graded Scratch races.
27th Nov 7pm AGM at West Oval.
3rd Dec Club Age group Champs.
10th Dec Tri-2-cycle 25km Time Trial with an invitation to all Geelong Cycling Club Members.
17th Dec Christmas H/cap race & Break Up

An inspired ride by Geelong Veterans cyclist Steve Young snatched victory in Geelong Supervets annual Melbourne Cup On Wheels. Just like the Flemington race, it was a thriller to the last bound. Young nailed Grant Rogers right on the line to score by a tyre, cutting Rogers out of a rare double. Rogers had captured the younger veterans Melbourne Cup On Wheels over 58km at the weekend.

The Supervets race was just 34km, the younger riders racing by invitation with Young the lone scratchman, giving 45 seconds to Jeff Miller and Nick Brown. Young rode a scorching opening lap, averaging better than 40kph to gather Miller and Brown. This trio teamed to ride the other 29 starters down.

They were chasing Tony French, Gavin Rowbottom and Daryl Peterson from 3 minutes. Paul Bird, Joe Gulino, Michael McGarrigle and Marcus Coppock from 5 minutes. John Hilsdon, Jamie Robertson, Keith Dorling and Dennis Sonogan from 7 minutes. Brian Long, Len Bent, Ian Sumner and Maurie Dean from 8min30s. Grant Rogers, Tony Spark, John Randall and Gil Wright 9min30s. Graham Gibson and Peter Dickson from 10min30s. Dale Jennings, Rod Lambeth, Ted Kearney and Ken Mansfield from 13min30s. Ian Walker, Ted Harrison and Bernadette McNaughton from 16 minutes and Norm Pollard alone out on the 21 minute limit mark.

There were two big moves early in the race. Hilsdon, Dorling, Robertson and Sonogan from 7 minutes, wasted no time sweeping up the 8min30s, 9min30s and 10min30s bunches by midrace to form an aggressive fourteen strong peleton. But the pace was so hot the bunch was soon spitting riders out the back. A train wreck said one disappointed rider. The second big move was from Lambeth, who skipped clear of his comarkers soon after the start and with 10km to travel had hit the front and cleared out.

With 5km to go, the race was in the balance. Lambeth still nicely out in front. Hilsdon, Dorling, Sonogan and Rogers looming ominously and Young, Miller and Brown swooping hard.

The pack swamped the luckless Lambeth just 500m out, the sprinters gearing up just as the backmarkers tacked on, with inform Rogers skipping clear only to be cut down by an enormous late dive by Young, Hilsdon half a bike away third, Miller and Brown next from a wall of riders.

Young’s winning fastest time was 52min03s, well outside the course record of 50min17s he set a year ago, but a great ride in the conditions.

Geelong Supervets will meet again next Wednesday at Paraparap at 9.30am for a 10 o’clock start. Interested cyclists aged 60-plus can talk to Neil Freeman on 52783940.


1. Steve Young
2. Grant Rogers
3. John Hilsdon

Fastest Time: Steve Young (52min03s)

Jolly Rogers flys the flag after beating the veteran fleet of thirty five riders in the Prestige Jayco Melbourne Cup on Wheels handicap.

36 riders greeted the starter for the 58km course of 1 lap of Paraparap and Forest Rd plus return, Nobles Rd and return then finishing in Larcombes road. Bernadette McNaughton alone on limit of 28mins led the charge. Ian Sumner, Brian Long, John Randall, John Allen, Peter Neal and Grant “jolly” Rogers teamed up off 17min30s to take control of the race and keep their chasers at bay.

13min riders Jamie Robinson, Rod Lambeth, John Hilsden, Dennis Sonogan, Dave Robinson and Gary Legg soon separated and posed no threat to those in front. Paul Bird, Marcus Coppock, Joe Gulino, Mick McGarrigle, Paul Robertson, Greg Taube and Noel Symons off 9mins soon set a blistering tempo with Marcus Coppock succumbing in the first 2kms. 5min riders Barrie Kinnersly, Steve Hamling, Gavin Rowbottom, Daryl Peterson, Gerard Hickey, Paul Allen and Heather “hammer those pedals” Hamling could not get themselves organised and soon started to fragment.

Off to a good start, but after only 18km of the 58kms, the call came “scratch 100m back” which shattered the hopes of the 1min30s bunch of Nick Brown, Jeff Miller, Ralph Islet, Peter Lemke, Bill Dempsey and Wayne Burnett. Scratchmen David Lunn and Steve Young punished themselves to take early control of the two bunches and the number of workers dropped, with Iselt and Miller doing the lion’s share of turns with others coming through when they could . They gathered quite a few stragglers, some managing a sit. Sensing the urgency of reaching the leaders, some great turns also came from Heather Hamling and Barry Kinnersly on the return from Forest road. The surges through the rises at the end of Forest Rd saw the end of a lot of the hangers on, still with riders from both scratch 1min30s and 5min chasing the leaders down.

8kms to finish the 17min30s group lead by 2min15s from the 9min and 13min groups combined. The scratchmen with all other groups, a further 2mins back.

Joe Gulino attacking at every rise in Nobles Rd finally managed to get a 30m gap from his bunch turning into Larcombe Rd heading to the finish. Big turns from Steve Hamling down Nobles Rd helped bring the scratch, 1min30s and 5min bunches in contact with the combined bunches on Larcombes Rd. The long uphill sprint to the finish strung out all who challenged. Four of the 17min30s riders succeeded and finished in this order. 1st Grant Rogers, 2nd Brian Long, 3rd John Allen, 4th Ian Sumner. John Randall and Peter Neal caught 30m from the line by Joe Gulino who in turn was swallowed up by the fast finishing scratch and second scratch bunches with David Lunn beating Steve Young for fastest time and 5th place. 40secs adrift of the winners time.

Congratulations to all riders on completing this testing race and fantastic handicapping by Lance Rogers to set up a closely contested race. Trophy and prize winners were all presented their spoils by Prestige Jayco’s John Spence.


1. Grant Rogers
2. Brain Long
3. John Allen
4. Ian Sumner
5. David Lunn (also fastest)
6. Steve Young
7. Pete Lemke
8. Ralph Islet
9. Nick Brown
10. Jeff Miller

Fastest Time: David Lunn

Thank you to our Sponsor Prestige Jayco and volunteers who helped make the day a success.

Sunday, Nov 12th – NO TIME TRIAL – (postponed to Sunday, Dec 10th)

Invitation to Geelong Cycle Club members to join us for the Tri-2-Cycle 25km Time Trial and social get together afterwards. Contact Joe Gulino 52503276 or John Randall 52616247.

Marilyn Harbinson Memorial

The wright tactics wins the day

21 riders contested the Marilyn Harbinson Memorial handicap in honour of a long standing and dedicated member who with her family, devoted much time and effort in many aspects of running our club. Conducted over 39km with two laps of Hendy Main Rd to Anglesea Rd to Blackgate Rd down past the club and left into Hendy Main Rd. Then finishing in a southerly direction, ensured varied scenery and a demanding course for all.

Chris Dicrescenzo and Neil Freeman set off from a limit of 23min and worked together trying to hold off the remaining riders. They succeeded until the last time up Blackgate rd. Chasing them was Gil Wright, Ian Walker and Grant Rogers off 15m30sec setting a cracking pace which saw Ian drop off in the first lap. Turning into Blackgate Rd for the last time, Ian Sumner, Keith Dorling and Len Bent riding from 12m30sec had made no time on the preceding bunch and succumbed to the powerful 6m30sec and 10m30sec groups which had earlier combined near Gray’s Rd on the second lap.

The 10m30sec group of Jamie Robinson, Brian Long and Maurie Dean together with the 6m30sec group of Paul Bird, Marcus Coppock, Mick McGarrigle and Joe Gulino all took long hard turns at the front, pushing each other to their limits from Gray’s Rd on the second lap until just before the clubrooms in Grassdale Rd.

Behind were the three minute bunch of Barry Kinnersly, Bill Dempsey and Tony French which had split up early and were soon swallowed up by the young scratchmen Steve Young, Jeff Miller & Darren Gray. These six riders could not get their act together and any chance to cut down those in front quickly disappeared.

Still swapping turns out front along Anglesea Rd, Gil and Grant worked tirelessly knowing if they just continued at this pace, they would make it very difficult for those behind to chase them down. Turning into Blackgate Rd for the last time Gil took his turn at the front and drove hard to get over the first rise, once over he looked back to Grant who was starting to succumb to cramps further back.

With no other riders in sight Gil pushed on and cruised to a welcome victory showing he had the wright stuff.

Grant battling cramps and slight dehydration (due to OD of carbs from previous night) managed to hold off the chasing bunch by just twenty metres to claim second. In hot pursuit of the two remaining riders, Joe Gulino, Marcus Coppock, Paul Bird, Mick McGarrigle with Jamie Robinson and Maurie Dean drove hard all the way up Blackgate Rd catching all ahead bar Gil & Grant.

Joe Gulino, Mick McGarrigle and Marcus Coppock all put in huge turns along Grassdale Rd as they sighted Grant 1km ahead. Turning onto Hendy Main Rd heading south towards the finish line some 400m out, Joe led out his fellow riders Paul, Mick and Marcus with Paul winning the sprint for 3rd followed closely by Mick 4th then Joe 5th.

Coming in around one minute and a half later Steve Young easily took the sprint for fastest, with a time of 1hr 1m20sec.

Riders are reminded this coming weekend November the 5th is a combine with Colac. 10am start at the club for the Prestige Jayco Melbourne Cup Handicap. Could all riders please bring a plate of slices/cakes and a donation for the raffle.

Also Tuesday the 7th is the Super Vets Melbourne Cup On Wheels handicap race (1pm start)


1. Gil Wright
2. Grant Rogers
3. Paul Bird
4. Mick McGarrigle
5. Joe Gulino

Fastest Time: Steve Young (1hr1m20sec)


Sealed Handicap 34km – 3 laps of the small circuit

With many riders not recovered from Saturday’s Camperdown to Warrnambool race the number of starters were down. Even so racing was keenly contested. Len Bent was first from 12 minutes just over 3 minutes ahead of scratch. Maurie Dean was second, coming in with Len but starting with a handicap of 10 minutes.

Third and fastest time went to Steve Young. It was an incredible ride by Steve who the day before rode into 6 th place in the Camperdown to Warrnambool. Steve dropped all riders including his fellow scratchman, Jeff Miller, the first time over Forest Road hill.His time was 54m 26sec. Second scratch riders Daryl Petersen and Paul Bird filled the next two placings.

Memorial Day 56km Handicap
Forest Rd plus 2 laps of the small circuit

Ian Sumner had a great win from the 23min mark. His co-marker Grant Rogers worked well with Ian and came in second at the finish. The powerful scratch bunch caught the rest of the field in Grays Rd and the in form Steve Young took 3rd place and fastest time from Jeff Miller and Nick Oakley.

Conditions were pleasant enough earlier on, but a rain squall hit on the way from the Forest Rd turn and made conditions treacherous. Monty Montague found out the hard way, coming to grief at the Grays Forest Rd corner. Chris DiCresenzo was caught on the return trip from Forest Rd as the 23min group took control at the head of the field. Back further, the 10min bunch of Paul Bird, Marcus Coppock and Daryl Peterson reeled in the 14min bunch of Mick McGarrigle, Jaime Robinson, Paul Robertson and Monty Montague who raced in pursuit of the leaders as they started the last lap of the small circuit.

The last time over Forest, the 7min bunch of Bill Depsey and Tony French caught this group and picked up the pace. This was to no avail as the powerful scratch trio burst past the peloton in Grays Rd.


1. Ian Sumner
2. Grant Rogers
3. Steve Young
4. Jeff Miller
5. Nick Oakley

Fastest Time: Steve Young


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club – Stan Howard Memorial Open
56km Handicap at Paraparap

-by Monty Montague

“I’ve worked my guts out to win one of these all year and it’s so hard to do. I’m thrilled that all the sweat and sacrifice has finally paid off, I’ve done what I set out to do” Southern veteran cyclist Ray Rhodes was waxing lyrical over his spectacular sprint win in the Stan Howard Memorial Open road race at Paraparap on Sunday morning. Racing mid field from 10 and a half minutes with five co-riders, they were chasing six groups out front with six groups in pursuit.

Geelong rider Grant Rogers had broken away from his co-riders early in the first lap and by the turn on the second lap he had taken control at the head of the race opening up a huge gap on the rest of the field. Digging as deep as he could he pushed on into strong gusty swirling winds and showers in an attempt to stave off the might of the 85 riders chasing him down. Back in the scratch group were David Lunn, David Toser, Craig Taylor and Roy Clarke who were finding it tough to catch the combined groups of riders ahead of them. With such seasoned cyclist from second, third and fourth scratch generating such high speeds, it would have taken a super human
effort to reel them in.

Four kilometres into the final lap, and with the wind strengthening, Rogers was finally overhauled by the shear speed and power of the peloton. A flury of attacks from within the peloton began to take effect as riders began to shell out and drop off the pace. By the final turn into Hendy Main Road, the peloton consisting of riders from the nine minute group and beyond began to jostle for position. Approaching the chequered flag Ray Rhodes cranked up the big gear, put his head down and opened up a ballistic sprint to fly over the line in victory. Close behind came Warrnambools Eddy Ziedatis in second with Colac’s Jim Linden in third place.

The scratch group were reduced to only two riders at the finish with the talented David Lunn claiming fastest time for the day.


1. Ray Rhodes (Southern)
2. Eddy Ziedaitis (Warrnambool)
3. Jim Linden (Colac)
4. Peter Canny (Ballarat)
5. Barry Webster (Warrnambool)
6.Robert Boydle (Warrnambool)
7. Barry Kinnersley (Geelong)
8. Allan Barnett (Grampians)
9. Steven Hamling (Colac)
10. Phil Cartledge (Colac)

Fastest time: David Lunn (Colac)


Locals and Colac cyclists have taken out four of 10 Victorian Veteran Road Cycling titles decided at Paraparap on Sunday September 17th.
Brian Long of Belmont outsprinted former olympian Jack Trickey in the 70/74 division, Torquay’s John Randall dominated the 75-plus division, Peter Lemke of Colac took the 35/39 title and Greg Taube of Apollo Bay riding for Colac was too good in the 65/69 division.

Local riders also snared several placings. The women’s event for riders 50-plus went to Wendy Ross of Bendigo. The titles were hosted by the Geelong Veteran Cycling Club in ideal conditions, drawing riders from all over the state.


Women 50-plus (44km): W. Ross (Bendigo) 1, G. Jardine (Eastern) 2, C. Pollard (Northern) 3.
Men 35/39 (78km): P. Lemke (Colac) 1, J McDonald (Southern) 2.
Men 40/44 (78km): S. Bone (Eastern) 1, D. Lunn (Colac) 2, M. Hartman (Northern)3.
Men 45/49 (66km): R. Amos (Eastern) 1, R. Jarratt (Hume) 2, N. Oakley (Geel) 3.
Men 50/54 (56km): C. Morris (Northern) 1, N. Brown (Colac) 2, G.Walker (Geel) 3.
Men 55/59 (56km): R. Jacobson (southern) 1, J. Hunt 2 (Colac) 2, K. Jackson (Eastern) 3.
Men 60/64 (44km): D. Wholers (Hume) 1, J. Jardine (Eastern) 2, J. Swanston (Southern) 3.
Men 65/69 (44km): G. Taube (Colac) 1, T. McCoy (Eastern) 2, B. Goldfinch (Ballarat) 3.
Men 70/74 (44km): B. Long (Geelong) 1, J. Trickey (Central) 2, L. Bent (Geelong) 3.
Men 75 Plus (44km): J. Randall (Geelong) 1, R. Goodes (Northern) 2, N. Freeman (Geel) 3.



Geelong Veteran Cycling Club conducted the John Randall & Geelong’s Tri-2-Cycle Time trial (25km Sunday 10th September). The course being out and back over the Forest rd circuit starting at Pat’s corner and finishing 200m short Larcombes rd. Only a small field of 10 starters were willing to push themselves against the clock and the ever increasing strong South Easterly Wind. Maybe next time (November 12) with more promoting and common sense from another cycling governing body there will be more starters.

Setting off at 1 minute intervals the riders left the steady hands of the time keeper to face a stiff head wind for the first half of the undulating twisting course. Steve Young setting off first followed in order by Joe Gulino, Mick McGarrigle, Paul Bird, Keith (looking a certainty on that machine) Dorling, Maurie Dean, Dennis Sonogan, Neville Crosby, John Randall and Peter Dickson.

Steve was on a mission to conquer the stiff wind and beat the clock, which he accomplished and stormed in a time of 38min 22s to claim first place outright and third for age adjusted time. John Randall was on the same mission and finished 1st age adjusted and 4th outright with a time of 45m23s.

Placings for outright times:

1. Steve Young (38m22s)
2. Paul Bird (45m12s)
3. Joe Gulino (45m17s)
4. John Randall (45m23s)
5. Keith Dorling & Denis Sonogan (46m11s)
6. Mick McGarrigle (?.. sorry mick!)
7. Maurie Dean (47m11s)
8. Peter Dickson (51m33s)
9. Neville Crosby (54m51s)

Placings for age adjusted times:
(ie: differance for time expected for that age rider. -faster +slower)

1. John Randall (-7m27s)
2. Dennis Sonogan (-1m28s)
3. Steve Young (-32s)
4. Maurie Dean (-6s)
5. Paul Bird (+1m12s)
6. Keith Dorling (+1m27s )
7. Peter Dickson (+2m44s)
8. Joe Gulino (+4m30s)
9. Mick McGarrigle (+5m7s)
10. Neville Crosby (+6m2s)

The riders would like to thank the sponsors Tri-2-Cycle.


‘A grade’ riders were treated to a flury of attacks from Anglesea speedmiester Graeme Walker who pushed all day attempting to string out the bunch. However all riders managed to keep pace and finish with a sprint over the line. Clearly on good form Walker took the win from lofty Nick Oakley with Steve Young getting third place.

‘B grade’ riders were also subject to intense attacks from sometimes mountain bike racer Tony French. French worked so hard attempting to get a gap that he wore himself into a frazzle and petered out any hope of taking a sprint win. The Colac thinman Daryl Peterson delivered the final blow swooping over the finish line for the win from Mick McGarrigle and strong finishing Paul Bird. ‘C grade’ riders stayed together for the full 4 laps despite some half hearted attacks from within the group. The legend of the sprint Brian Long took no prisoners when it came to close it out on the line. Chalking up his zillionth victory almost unchallenged from Keith Dorling and Mike Montague.

‘D grade’ riders kept everything nice and friendly all the way. Jeff Dean who hasn’t raced for months went along for the ride but decided to call it a day early. The broad smiling Len Bent took the win from Gil Wright. ‘E grade’ riders also kept things together for the entire race leaving things to end on a sprint note. Peter Dickson made the most of it by scoring the win from Grant Rogers and then Chris DiCrescenzo.


A. Grade
1. G. Walker
2. N. Oakley
3. S. Young

B. Grade
1. D. Peterson
2. M. McGarrigle
3. P. Bird

C. Grade
1. B. Long
2. K. Dorling
3. M. Montague

D. Grade
1. L. Bent
2. G. Wright
3. J. Deans

E. Grade
1. P. Dickson
2. G. Rogers
3. C. Di Cresenzo

For next weeks race: Entries close 5.00pm on Thursday at the Bicycle Factory (tel 52 221363) or with Lance Rogers on 52 481780 (mob 0409 797 659) by Friday.
No late entries will be accepted. Race entry money must be paid by 9.00am on the day of the race. Late payment will not be accepted.

Race directors next week are N. Oakley, G. Walker and A. Thornton



Geelong Veteran Cycling Club 47km Handicap
Forest Rd plus 1 lap of the small circuit

-by Monty Montague

Darren Gray may not have put in an appearance with the vets for nearly a year but his comeback win on Sunday showed that he had not neglected any kilometres on the bike. Riding from the 5min spot with John Hilsden and Daryl Peterson they set out fast and hard looking for limit riders Ian Walker, Bernadette McNaughton and Don Sutherland. The limit group were put under pressure very early when McNaughton punctured and pulled out of the race. The 5min riders had rounded up the strong 8min group with powerhouse men Marcus Coppock and Joe Gulino who were teamed with the pocket dynamo Mick McGarrigle. They had formed a formidable group when combined with Graeme Walker and Gavin Rowbottom from second scratch. The 10min riders with Mike Montague, Vin O’Flaherty and Maurie Dean lost co-rider Rod Lambeth in Forest Road but still put in a credible time despite this disadvantage.

Out in front Dave Phillips and Len Bent from 15min had caught and joined the limit markers on the return along Forest Road and took control at the head of the race. Before the start of the 1 lap circuit finish, all groups had combined with the exception of the scratch bunch of Jeff Miller, Steve Young and Nick Oakley who had taken big chunks of time out of everyone. As the combined peloton began to surge many riders fell away leaving a select bunch out in front.

Dave Phillips took a fall as the group jockeyed for position along the windy section towards the chicane, sustaining minor injuries he pulled out of the race. On the final climb in Forest Road the ‘Gadfly’ Graeme Walker attacked on the rise and some riders fell away. The main body of riders however stayed together and settled down for a sprint finish. The long time absent but clearly no slouch Darren Grey took the winning sprint from Walker and then Hilsden, Rowbottom and Coppock.

The scratch bunch were still a way back despite a sensational ride by Nick Oakley who had spent all his biscuits and fell away leaving only Steve Young and Jeff Miller to battle it out. Young, still nursing a bout of the flu, pulled his foot from the pedals twice as the sprint for the line began giving Miller an advantage. Miller was not slow in grabbing the chance giving it all he had he took the fastest time for the day for the second week in succession. A great result for Miller earning him some good aggregate points.


1. D. Gray (time: 1.31.40)
2. G. Walker
3. J. Hilsden
4. G. Rowbottom
5. M. Coppock

Fastest time: J. Miller (time: 1.12.40)

Next week’s race: ‘The Jeff Deans Scratch Handicap’ Entries close 5.00pm on Friday at the Bicycle Factory (tel 52 221363) or with Lance Rogers on 52 481780 (mob 0409 797 659) by Friday.
No late entries will be accepted. Race entry money must be paid by 9.15am on the day of the race. Late payment will not be accepted.
Geelong Veteran Cycling Club 34km Handicap
3 laps of the small circuit

-by Monty Montague

Race smart Vin O’Flaherty made the most of a generous handicap by steering the 11.30min riders across the line to victory on the windswept roads of Paraparap on Sunday morning. With co-riders Gil Wright, Ian Sumner and Ian Walker they road a consistent pace and kept the 8.45min riders out of touch all day. The 8.45min bunch with Keith Dorling, Brian Long and Mike Montague lost co-rider Ken Hudgell when he dropped back on the Forest Road climb leaving them one good rider short.

Markus Coppock, Mick McGarrigle and Rod Lambeth from the 6.15min group were caught by the strong second scratch riders of Paul Bird, Joe Gulino, John Hilsden and Tim Meaden by the third lap and were in pursuit of lone leader Neil Freeman. Scratchmen Jeff Miller and Graeme Walker blitzed through the race and had combined with all the front groups mid-way through the final lap with the exception of the 11.30min bunch and limit man Freeman.

Approaching the chicane in Hendy Main Road Tim Meaden put in a strong attack forging a gap with Jeff Miller on his wheel. The bunch was slow to react as the gap widened to 100 metres. Any effort to reel in the 11.30min group was fruitless after they surged past Neil Freeman on the Greys and Hendy Main Road corner to assume the lead with only 1km to go. O’Flaherty and Wright were the noted sprinters in the bunch and either one of them could have taken the win. It was however the gritty Irish legend that cruised in first, followed by Wright and then Sumner.

The race for fastest time went to the popular and powerful Jeff Miller who just keeps getting better.


1. V. O’Flaherty
2. G. Wright
3. I Sumner

Fastest time: J. Miller

Next week’s race: Entries close 5.00pm on Friday at the Bicycle Factory (tel 52 221363) or with Lance Rogers on 52 481780 (mob 0409 797 659) by Friday.
No late entries will be accepted. Race entry money must be paid by 9.15am on the day of the race. Late payment will not be accepted.


Geelong Veteran Cycling Club August 6th at Paraparap – Results by Joe Gulino

The wet start couldn’t damper the spirit of 34 out of 38 entries from Geelong and Colac Veteran Clubs who contested the 2006 Peter Hosking memorial handicap of 5 laps for 57km. Peter was a founding member, strong club supporter on and off the field.

Lone limit rider Chris Di Crescenzo (31m) soon disappeared into the misty drizzle once the starter had sent him on his way. Bernadette Mc Naughton, Vicki Wilson and Don Sutherland teamed together off (24m) trying to bridge the gap to Chris. Gil Wright,Ian Walker, Mark Loving & Peter Neal (17m) kept clear of the (15m) riders Brian Long,Ken Hudgell,Keith Dorling & Tom Gray for 3 laps when just past the clubrooms they combined. Shortly after this group was swallowed up by the (12m) riders Terry Robinson,Rod Lambeth,Gary Legg & Brian Bell as they turned off Hendy Main road into the cinquain at Larcombes road with 17km to travel.

(8m30s) riders Paul Bird, Joe Gulino, Heather & Steve Hamling set a steady tempo in the still & wet conditions, even with the loss of Joe puncturing with 47km to go they managed to elude the (5m30s) bunch for 3 more laps. Daryl Peterson, Barrie Kinnersely,Eddie Heit, Noel Symons & Gerard Hickey ( 5m30s) caught the (8m30s) bunch in the rises in Forest road with 8km to go. (3m) riders Nick Brown, Gavan Rowbottom, Graeme Walker with Arno van der Shans looked the winners on paper and proved a force to reckon with & proceeded to chase down and swallow up everyone in their path. Turning into Gray’s road for the last time this awesome foursome cut a swathe through the lead riders and headed the peleton down Gray’s road with a considerable gap to the four remaining scratchies Steve Young,Jeff Miller,Ralph Islet & Tony Gavan.

Scratch rider Colin “Hurricane” Hooper coming to grief in the 1st lap on the treacherous Forest/Grays road corner in the wet & greasy conditions. ( suffering a broken hip form this fall .) The scratchies continued unfazed by Hurricane’s demise & pursued all in front of them as a shark senses it’s prey kilometres away out of sight. They say “lightning does not strike twice in the same place”. Ralph Islet disagrees, coming to grief on the last lap at the same corner as Hurricane Hooper. ( Ralph only suffering grazing to his leg and pride). The trio of Steve, Jeff & Tony continued their hunt with every turn of their pedals. The capture of the lead riders by scratch was completed on the last turn ” Jack’s corner”, all that was left was for them to fill the major placing’s.

The peleton now consisting of the remnants of the scratch, 3m,5m30s,8m30s,12m & 15m bunches, 20 or so riders jockeying for positions in the upcoming sprint some 2km away.

500m from the finish line Paul Bird launched an attack which proved to be more bravado than brawn. This early attack caught many by surprise, but not the three remaining scratchies who then unleashed a powerful attack led by the fast finishing Steve Young.

Steve (scr)easily overtaking the fading Paul for 1st & Fastest time ( 1h29m10s ) with Tony Gavan (scr) 2nd. Graeme Walker(3m) 3rd. Nick Brown(3m)4th. Jeff Miller(scr)5th. Paul Bird(8m30s)6th. Daryl Peterson (5m30s) 1st unplaced Colac rider and Barry Kinnersely (5m30s) 1st unplaced Geelong rider.

Peter Hosking’s daughter Rachel presented all placegetters with their prizes.

The Geelong & Colac riders on the day as well as honouring Peter raised $400 for Warrnambool rider David Cust who was seriously injured in a race fall 3 months ago.

Thanks to all who contributed and to the great gesture by the scratchies who donated all of their prizemoney of $120.

Race Duty Roster
13th Aug- Dave Phillips, Norm Pollard, JohnRandall.
20th Aug- Jamie+Dave Robinson, Grant Rogers.
27th Aug- Dennis Sonogan, Tony Spark, Ian Sumner.

Sunday the 30th of July saw the final round of the Belmont Stereos Winter Scratch Race Series.
A group of 33 riders turned up to race the final round split into 5 Grades.
All grades raced for points on every lap which meant for a hard days racing with a strong North -Westerly blowing.

Results for the final round:

A Grade : Steve Young / Jeff Miller / Colin Hooper
B Grade : Daryl Peterson ( Colac ) / Marcus Coppock / Paul Bird
C Grade :Jamie Robinson / Rod Lambeth
D Grade : Ken Hudgell / Keith Dorling / Maurie Dean
E Grade : Peter Dickson / Graeme Gibson / Neil Freeman.

Results for the Overall Aggregate ( Points awarded over 5 rounds )

1st : Steve Young ( A grade ) – 39 points
2nd : Paul Bird ( B grade ) – 28 points
3rd : Graeme Gibson ( E grade ). – 26 points

Graeme was also the highest placed SuperVet. Well done all……….
Next week is our annual Peter Hosking Memorial with Colac over 5 laps, so get your Entries into me (Lance Rogers) or the Bike shop by Thursday 5:00pm.
Please bring something small to put on the Raffle table, or a plate for after the race, and if not racing show up and help out on the corners.

Sunday the 23rd of July was the 4th round of the Belmont Stereo Winter Scratch Race Series.
There was a turn out of 24 riders divided into 5 Grades, with A & B grades going Out and back Forest Rd plus 1 lap.
C , D & E Grades rode Out & back Forest Rd.

All grades rode together all day with all results coming down to sprint finishes.


A Grade : Steve Young – Colin Hooper – Jeff Miller
B Grade : Mick McGarrigle – Paul Bird – Gavin Rowbottom ( Colac )
C Grade : Rod Lambeth – Brian Long
D Grade : Rob Gaylard – Ken Hudgell – Vin O’Flaherty
E Grade : Ian Walker – Graeme Gibson – Peter Dickson

Steve Young is now almost certain to win the series. The fight for the minor placing is between five other riders.

Next week is the Final round of the series, with the following week being our Peter Hosking Memorial combine with Colac over 5 laps.

Sunday the 16th of July saw the 3rd race of 5 in the Belmont Stereo’s Winter Scratch race Series.
The rain and cold kept most riders away, but 15 still turned up to compete in 3 grades.
A & B grade raced Out & Back Forest Rd plus 1 lap,with D grade just going out and back.
Steve Young broke clear on the final climb up Forest Rd to clearly win A grade.
Jeff Miller , who punctured in the 1st 4 kms, still rode on to finally come in a fair way down and still take 3rd points.
In B grade, Tony French broke away with over a lap to go and had a good win.
In D grade it came down to a sprint finish with Ken Hudgell taking out 1st place.

A Grade : Steve Young – Colin Hooper – Jeff Miller
B Grade : Tony French – Paul Bird – Joe Gulino
D Grade : Ken Hudgell – Vin O’Flaherty – Dave Phillips

The aggregate for the series now sees Steve Young with a good lead from Paul Bird, Barry Kinnersly, Vin O’Flaherty, Rob Gaylard and Graham Gibson.

Sunday the 9th July was the 2nd week into the July Winter Scratch race Series.
It was a good turn out of 27 riders and we saw good racing in all 5 Grades.

The only stand out was Barrie Kinnersly in B Grade taking his 2nd win in 2 weeks by a lone break away over nearly 2 laps.
This has now promoted Barrie to A Grade next week and I think he will do well. Also good to see Rod Lambeth back after a bad fall, out training a couple of months ago.

Any one interested in racing next week , just enter before 9am on the day. There is still 3 races remaining in the Series.

A Grade

1st Steve Young
2nd Tony Gavan
3rd Nick Oakley

B Grade

1st Barrie Kinnersly
2nd Paul Bird
3rd Daryl Peterson ( Colac )

C Grade

1st Jamie Robinson
2nd Mick McGarrigle
3rd Rod Lambeth

D Grade

1st Gil Wright
2nd Rob Gaylard
3rd Vin O ‘Flaherty

E Grade

1st Ian Walker
2nd Graeme Gibson
3rd Grant Rogers

Sunday the 2nd of July was the 1st week of the July Winter Scratch race Series.
22 riders turned out for the 47km journey out and back Forest Rd then out and back Nobles Rd with the finish in Larcombes Rd.

A Grade
1st Steve Young
2nd Jeff Miller
3rd Graeme Walker

B Grade

1st Barrie Kinnersly
2nd Paul Bird
3rd Marcus Coppock

C Grade

N/A today

D Grade

1st Rob Gaylard
2nd Vin O ‘Flaherty
3rd Ian Sumnor

E Grade

1st Graeme Gibson
2nd Neil Freeman
3rd Chrissy Dicrescenzo