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Attention! 2 male cyclists were at the Moriac General Store. If you left a mobile phone on Sunday 9th June just prior to 2 pm. The Store has it.👍🏼 ... See MoreSee Less
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Supervets Racing: For your reading pleasure, below is Mal Cole’s winner’s report.The alarm went of at 6.20am and I leapt out of bed, well to be accurate rolled over and literally fell outof bed, mad dash to the toilet to relieve oneself, we all know what it’s like getting older. Breakfast largecup of tea with some crumpet and jam, plus all the medication that makes me keep on ticking. Do thecrosswords and puzzles get the mind going, say goodbye to the wife, see you in the arvo, have a goodday.With those words ringing in my ears powered up the car, put the cd on, Cinema Classics, first up MyGeisha and the aria, Un bel di, vedramo from Madame Butterfly the opera, well worth listening to, halfway down to the race I’m listening to Vesti la giubba from I Pagliacci from the Movie the Untouchablesand if you know this is sung by a clown who laments and cries bit like my race from last week, enough ofthe music interlude, arrive a Paraparap post coffee break to see the handicap and who I’m racing with,same group as last week, Ross West, Rob Masters, Murray Riggs and my good self who I will callVictor,(explain later) and will be staring 9 mins ahead of the killer bunch from last week.The day is perfect for racing, a little breeze, overcast, a little chilly but not to bad, Kent Fuller is of firstand then A. Hosking starts 3 minutes in front of us, you will have to check the starting times for all therest, more worried about the killer group behind.Up misery for the first time going at a steady pace, we catch A. Hosking not to far into the race andencourage her to join us and hold on as long as she can, we get into Misery for the second time andMurray states his knee is gone I’m not sure where it went, but he pulled out of the race, Mandy thensaid she was done also, just encouraged her to keep going. Half way up Misery I realised Rob and Rosswhere hanging on to my wheel, not literally but I was going at a good tempo so I stayed where I was, uppast the finish line into Forest and we are still together, I must admit I was feeling quite strong , maybe itwas the Gel I had had before the start, don’t know, crested Forest and hurtled down the other side andonto Grays, we were setting a cracking pace, could we keep this up, into Jacks Corner, red flag, slowdown, green goes up and haven’t lost any speed or time, 3 rd time up Misery and I hear Ross plotting withRob to take turns up Misery, I’m left out of this conference, am I offended I just stick to my tempo andsee if they can hold on, keep looking for the shadows on the ground to see how close, don’t see any I tryto push the tempo a little more but try to save some energy for the last ride up Misery, into the finishingstraight, I look back no Rob, no Ross I say s to myself, myself keep the tempo, keep the pace, up over therollers in Forest and put the after burnings going down Forest, into Grays and I’m thinking will the killerbunch from behind catch me, bugger that, keep pushing into Jacks Corner, green flag time to push hardand hope I have enough legs to get up Misery for the last time, hit Misery and I am trying to maintain mytempo, just waiting to be picked off by the chasing packs, I felt like a Deer in the headlights, have way upMisery I decide to up my tempo and increased my speed I still didn’t risk looking back, into the homestraight I have a little peek backwards and decide to look forward and h goes as hard as I can manage,two thirds up the home straight the checkered flag is being waved enthusiastically, does that mean theThe marauding pack is coming and that I have to sprint as hard as I can, or is there no one in sight,thankfully it was the later, across the finish line with both hands on the bars, ride a safe distance to turnaround and see Rob Masters coming up the home straight by himself, he crossses the line, then a bigbunch comes next with Paul Bird getting third. I am relieved its over, back to clubrooms with an easycool down.The Placings:1st Mal Cole (19 mins) 1:20:182nd Robert Masters (19 mins)3rd Paul Bird (7 mins)4th Garry Day ((7 mins)5th Johnny Parrello (10 mins)6th Graeme Wilson (7mins)7th Allan McKay (10mins)8th Tina Stenos (10mins)9th David Spence (4mins)10th Tony Peach (Scr)Fastest timeTony Peach (Scr) 1:04:04)Thank you to all the volunteers, Dave Phillips, Brian Long, Les Czern, David O’Dwyer, Gordon Spargo and others that assisted with the conduct of yesterday’s event. Very much appreciated.See you all next week. ... See MoreSee Less
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Results of Ray Alldridge handicap race 71st Darren Allan2nd Gary Day3rd Darren Williams4th Gerard Buckle5th Mark CuneenF/t Huon BertinoFull results are here - Alldridge aggregate points standing - report for 2024 (riders average speed from timed races) - ... See MoreSee Less
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