Wednesday 4 May – Supervets


The rain cleared for the two laps however the road remained wet and the conditions cold. 9 starters greeted the starter and all riders completed the course. Graeme Walker was first and fastest, He was 2.21 faster than his age standard. Graeme’s time of 41.06 with the standard for a 68 year old being 43.27Second was David Phillips who rode faster than 77 year old standard by 21 seconds. Finishing time of 45.53 and age standard time 46.14David O’Dwyer 68 years was third, being 25 seconds outside the age time standard. Finishing time of 43.52 with age standard time of 43.27. A great effort by the all riders and a big welcome Ian Harrison for his first ride with the supervets.
Congratulation to all starters and a big thankyou to the commissaire Richard Buckwell, to Terry Collie, who was great at math at school, working out the times and age standard, Brian Long starter and time keeper, and to Eugene and Les for the great work on the corners.



Sunday 1 May


Jack Griffin Memorial Trophy Race


It’s time to celebrate Jack’s life with the 39th addition of this challenging race. Just to make it more interesting let’s add a stiff increasing North-Westerly and a bit of drizzle. Tough work for the Handicapper with many visiting riders with a total of 36 keen starters lined up at Paraparap knowing the 70km of Forest Rd and Nobles Rd twice was going to be tough! A few were saying they were way under done but some trained for the occasion. The strong scratch quartet were up for the challenge.

At 8:45, with the wind increasing the three limit riders David Phillips, Neil Maurer and Colac member Murray Mathews got the race proceedings started. Neil is always keen, and David never gives in especially when given a handy lead to the 28-minute group to Paul Bubb, Paul Beasley and Max Clayton, Paul Bubb was the standout of the three dropping riders along the way. Next along the road were the 23min group of Colac member David O’Dwyer, Darren Richards the GSCC President Tina Stenos and Umberto Scolaro, Tina was a bit under done after all her electric bike riding while away on holidays! If only Tina could have snuck the electric motor in like Cancellara.

The 18min group of David Spence, Chris Fenech, Jim Burzacott, Corinne Rice and Sharon Boyd of Eureka cycling club thought they were in for a good shot today, but Sharon had other ideas and was feeling strong in these conditions and rode away leaving the bunch fractured. The 14min group of six included Mr consistent Mario Cordeddea, Laurie Fizsimons, Liam Green (Footscray), Les ‘slater’ Tokolyi, Rowena Harris (Brunswick) and Declan Gregory (Albury) with few visiting riders in this group they rode very well together for the early part of the race until they too lost riders. Then we start to get to the serious end, the third scratch group off 10 minutes of Gary Blick, Craig French (Hawthorn), Ben Drayton, Bill Dempsey, Harvey ‘the singer’ Lang (those who follow Harvey on strava) and Brad Bullock. Harvey was struggling early and dropped off his group but finished strong with 2nd scratch, and the going was a bit too hard for Bill.

Gary Blick drove the rest of the bunch at a very handy pace keeping similar speeds to second scratch group of Robert Ray, Kane Airey, Michael Smith (Northern), Simon Bell (Northern) and Mal Kimpton the Supervet Master Scratchman who was very happy to be riding in a group of more than one! Second scratch started 6 minutes in front of the four scratchmen, #1 Jessy Cropley, Tim Bennet, Shaun Thompson (Colac) and Gregory Hosking. Unfortunately for Shaun he was not quite up to the other scratchmens horrific early pace since he raced on Saturday in Colac and was dropped early but still finish the race.

Jesse and Tim were really humming along with Greg helping where he could for the first 20km or so until he also succumbed to the crazy speeds. Out the front on the first return of Forest Rd, the leading three were still together and riding along very well, with some early forward movement from the Paul Bubb led trio, then with David O’Dwyer, Darren and Umberto chasing hard but still 12 minutes behind the leader at the hallway mark, only making up 5 mins. Sharon Boyd and Mario Cordedda were flying with Tina in tow chasing the leaders to only be red flagged on Forest allowing the chasing group to combine. While second scratch just weren’t going fast enough today and suffered the early wrath of the two remaining scratch men Tim and Jesse who were motoring along on Nobles Rd.

With about 20km to go, along Forest Rd, Neil Maurer said goodbye to his two compatriots and was left on his own while tiring as racing is his only training at the moment. Meanwhile the mid groups were splintering as everyone was tiring in the winds except for the scratch super duo who were starting to catch and pass other competitors like they were standing still with no one being able to get a sit. At the start of Larcombes and Nobles Rd Tim and Jesse caught the remainder of the third scratch group who rode a great race but knew there were still a couple tired riders to hunt down.

Tim Bennett was cooked and left Jesse to continue the hunt, and hunt he did, passing David Phillips, Ben Drayton, David O’Dywer and Gary Blick along the last stretch on Nobles with Neil Maurer the last to catch, the final rise up Noble Road was too tough for Neil as Jesse motored to victory for a very well deserved solo win. Tim Bennet seeing Neil in his sights passed him for a hard earned 2nd leaving Neil to finish 3rd for a great ride in the wind off limit. Sharon Boyd was the first female across the line.

Thanks again to commissaire and all the volunteers on the day and for the Jack Griffin family for sponsoring this great race.

1st and Fastest Time Jesse Cropley 1:42:20 41.3km/h,
2nd Tim Bennett (scr),
3rd Neil Maurer (limit 40min),
4th Gary Blick (10min),
5th Brad Bullock (10min),
6th David O’Dwyer (23min),
7th Ben Drayton (10min),
8th David Phillips (limit 40min),
9th Mal Kimpton (6min),
10th Michael Smith (6min).
Dual Fastest Females Rowena Harris (14min) and Sharon Boyd (18min)
As we did not have our timing system. We acknowledge it was challenging to work out on the day as it was very close. We want to acknowledge that both Rowena and Sharon rode a hard fought race. We have a Dual winners for Fastest Female. What an excellent ride by both women.



Wednesday 27 April – Supervets


Bill is back and stronger than ever! Working well with David to win the race.
1st Bill Dempsey
2nd David O’Dwyer
3rd Paul Bubb
4th Tony Murrell (Welcome back)
5th Tina Stenos
Fastest time the Lone scratch rider Mal Kimpton.



Sunday 24 April – No racing over ANZAC weekend


Wednesday 20 April – Supervets


Velo Palude sponsored my Cummo!
The 3 minute team of Birdy, David Peachy & Jim lit 🔥 the course on fire winning 🥇 by 9 seconds from the 9 minute team. (Marcus said: Trust me I was good a maths at school) The 6 minute team were relegated to 4th position due an indiscretion and losing a rider. I hope Paul Bubb is ok.
Thank you all who assisted in the three teams sealed handicaps that we have conducted this year and to Mark Cummings and the Anglesea cyclist for sponsoring the two “Velo Palude” handicaps.



Sunday 17 April – no racing over Easter


Wednesday 13 April – Supervets


1st Graeme Wilson 🥇
2nd Paul Bubb
3rd David Phillips
4th Tony Spark
5th and the Special Marcus Treat: Terry Collie
6th Rob Masters
7th Ian Sumner
8th Paul Bird
9th Johnny Parrello
10th Tina Stenos
Fastest Time: Tony Ross



Sunday 10 April


GSCC line up of winners! Well Done to everyone who participated! Congratulations to the place getters!
No A grade

B Grade:
1st New rider Welcome! James Morton
2nd David Linden
3rd Harvey Lang (Welcome Back)

C Grade:
1st David Spence in a very close finish
2nd Chris Fenech
3rd Steve Barrile

D Grade:
1st Luke Rowe
2nd David O’Dwyer
3rd Ian Ravencroft

E Grade:
1st Dave Phillips
2nd Neil Maurer



Wednesday 6 April – Supervets


Congratulations to Kent “the rabbit” holds off the pack to win the race by a narrow margin! Eighteen riders arrived on an ideal morning to race the Nobles/Church course and with the handicaps sorted Kent set off with his group of none followed by Ross and Ian, then it was Tony ,Terry and David , by this time the wind had arrived and Rob, Harold, Mal and Paul started. Next off was Ian Ravenscroft, Paul, Tina and Jim, this left Tony, David and Laurie to start followed by Mal Kimpton on scratch. The field bunched up with Ross and Ian Sumner being gathered up by Terry ,Tony and David, they continued as a bunch with the rest of the field in pursuit. Finally on the last lap it was Kent who managed to hold off his pursuers and cross the line 1st followed by Mal Kimpton 2nd and David O’Dwyer 3rd, thanks to todays race officials and thank your mother for the rabbits. Cheers Kent


1st Kent Fuller
2nd Mal Kimpton (F/t 1:00:55)
3rd David O’Dwyer
4th Jim Burzacott
5th Paul Bubb



Sunday 3 April


Ray Aldridge Handicap Race 65km – Stuart get’s a “Pretty” win.

GSCC conducted a 65-kilometre road race on Sunday morning at Paraparap. Eighteen riders took the opportunity to ride a longer race in preparation for a number of open events and the “Jack Griffin Race.” The Jack Griffin Race, 1st May, is seen as a major race and a win in this event is highly sought after by the local riders.

With the scratching of the lone limit rider, the 23-minute group became the limit group. This group looked strong on paper with Stuart Pretty, who finished in 5th place last week considered a very good chance for the win. Stuart was having his 4th race and what he lacked in experience he made up in his willingness to listen to the bunch captain Gordon Spargo. The next group on 18 minutes also looked strong with Eugene Czulij and Huon Bertino both having high placings over the last few weeks. They were being assisted by Laurie Fitzsimons and Chris Fenech, both experienced riders in good form.
The 12-minute group started strongly heading out along Forest Road the first time they looked like a winning group. Gary Blick and Geoff Robertson were working well until the lost two of there group. They continue to ride well making up time on the 18-minute group a good effort for the two riders chasing four riders. The 8-minute group started well until they lost one rider. Ben Drayton and Nigel Pearson worked well together and at the halfway mark still had a good lead over the chasing scratchmen.

Scratch lost one rider early and Jesse Cropley was riding very strongly and was working hard to get a win after he just missed the win last week, finishing second and fastest time. Jesse was being assisted by visiting Colac rider Shaun Thompson who had been promoted back to scratch after a couple of very good rides in the A grade scratch races. At the halfway mark it was the limit group holding there own over the chasing 18-minute group. Stuart Pretty was riding strongly with long turns of pace. All four riders were working well together, all rolling through doing there turn of pace. The heavy showers of rain spurred Stuart, Luke and Gordon as the pace increased along Forest Road on the return leg to the finish. The bunches behind were starting to come together but the limit bunch was well clear going up Misery Lane the last time. Just after turning into Larcombes Road, Stuart attacked and gained 4 lengths on the remaining 3 riders. O’Dwyer bridged the gap with Luke Rowe close on his wheel followed by Gordon Spargo.

Positions did not change in the last 200 metres, and it was Stuart Pretty taking the win. Gary Blick and Geoff Robertson caught and passed the 18-minute bunch taking 5th and 6th places. Laurie Fitzsimons and Eugene fought on to hold off a fast-finishing Jesse Cropley finishing in a time of 1:35:47. All riders agreed that it was a very tough race due to the weather conditions and a very good work out for some of the longer races coming up. The race was well marshalled, the safety of the riders overseen by Paul Budd, Motto 1 David Robinson and all the corner marshals.


1st Stuart Pretty
2nd David O’Dwyer
3rd Luke Rowe
4th Gordon Spargo
5th Gary Blick
6th Geoff Robertson
7th Laurie Fitzsimons
8th Eugene Czulij
9th & Fastest Time Jesse Cropley
10th Ben Drayton



Wednesday 30 March – Supervets


Gordon powers to a solo win!
17 riders greeted the starter at today’s SuperVets 3 Lap race over 38kms, in perfect conditions and with a promise from Commissaire, Paul Bubb (aka Jane Bunn) that there was no wind on the course. Sole limit rider Kent Fuller headed off 25mins clear of scratch, closely following was Murray Riggs, who heard the GO word and took off after him, only to be called back to start with his 17min bunch of Terry Collie, Dave Phillips, & Ross West – good try Murray! Next away off 12.00mins was recent winner Graeme Wilson, with Rob Masters and Mal Cole. Off 8mins were Paul Bird, Allan McKay, Gordon Spargo who knew they would be hunted down by the 4.30min highly fancied bunch of Dave Baillie, Eugene Czulij, Tony Peach and Dave O’Dwyer. And today with Mal Kimpton standing a corner, Graeme Walker & Tony Ross, had the job before them on scratch.

As the race progressed and the wind got up, the gaps started to close as each bunch worked together to chase down the front markers. Murray unfortunately had a back spasm, forcing him to retire, leaving the 17.00min bunch a man down on lap 1. Things started to come together on the last lap, with the bunch of Bird, McKay & Spargo picking off Mal up Forest Road who had cramped and shortly after his compatriots (Terry & Dave), but were aware the 4.30min bunch had them in their sights down Grays Road. The scratchmen meanwhile, were wondering who had bribed the handicapper to load an additional 1.30mins onto their handicap, it could only have been the treasurer!!!Up Misery Lane for the last time, limit through 2nd scratch were all in sight of each other, with scratch also just approaching the club house. Paul Bird had driven the 8min bunch hard onto the first section of Misery Lane, before leaving it to Allan & Gordon to reel in the remaining 4 riders, as they raced to the finish line in Larcombes Road. Also making strong headway, were second scratch who while hot on the heels of Spargo & McKay, just couldn’t close the gap.

1st Gordon,
2nd Allan,
3rd Eugene,
4th Dave Baillie,
5th Dave O’Dwyer,
6th Dave Phillips,
7th Terry,
8th Paul,
9th Rob
10th Graeme Wilson. Fastest Time Graeme Walker (1.01.50)



Sunday 27 March


Wynne, takes the win!
Another great day of racing at Paraparap. 26 riders took on a solid course, Forest Rd, over the Forest Hill, Nobles Rd + 1 lap. The scratch trio started strong with Jesse finishing the best, but he couldn’t catch the run-away winner today Peter Wynne in the 14 minute group, winning solo by 200m after riding away from his fellow riders at the club room corner, Jesse taking 2nd and fastest time (42km/h) after catching the remaining group at Larcombes Rd and 3rd was new member and his first race Huon Bertino. Well done.

1 Peter Wynne
2 Jesse Cropley (F/t 1:13:18)
3 Huon Bertino
4 Chris Fenech
5 Stuart Pretty



Wednesday 23 March – Supervets


VELO PALUDE! Supervets Teams Sealed Handicap (Series 1) proudly sponsored by Mark Cummings and the Anglesea cyclists!

1st place Velo Palude – Murray Riggs, Terry Collie, Ross West, & Kent Fuller Kent also won the “Marcus Treat” for putting up the signs each week!
2nd place Velo Palude – David Baillie, Mal Kimpton, Tony Ross & Graeme Walker
3rd place Velo Palude – Paul Barrett, Paul Bird, David O’Dwyer & Johnny Parrello



Sunday 20 March


A grade
1 Martin Lonie
2 Shaun Thompson
3 Chris Cogger

B grade
1 David Rowe
2 Kane Airey
3 David Linden

C grade
1 Lesek Czernisrewski
2 Chris Fenech
3 Steve Barile

D grade
1 Tony Peach
2 David O’Dwyer
3 Gordon Spargo

E grade
1 Joe Gulino
2 Paul Bubb
3 Marj Rossiter





Wednesday 16 March – Supervets


Blue sky, sunny and a light zephyr greeted the 24 starters for another Supervet’s Autumn classic. On paper it looked like the 8 and 10 minute bunches would have a good chance for the win if they combine early. First away were Kent Fuller and John Faulkner closely followed by Ross West, Ian Sumner and Ken Mansfield. The 15 minute bunch looked strong with last weeks winner Dave Phillips working well with Australian Masters Champion Cecilia Digenis and Terry Collie. The pressure was showing in the 10 minute bunch as Paul Barrett increased the pace up Forest road hill, splitting the bunch. This allowed the 8 minute bunch of Tina Stenos, Gordon Spargo and Ian Ravenscroft to pull back time on the 10 minute bunch.


The race of the back markers was fast with Johnny Parrello and Eugene Czulij, the former Polish Peace Race rider, applying early pressure to the 5 minute bunch. Tony Murrell and Tony Peach were also riding strongly which allowed the bunch to maintain a very good average speed.The 3 minute, bunch of Peter McWaters and Laurie Fitzsimmons were riding well together making the scratchmen work hard to catch them. The scratchmen as usual were working long fast turns of pace and gradually making time on the whole field. Over the first two laps the gaps were slowly closing with the front markers looking like pulling off another good win. As the front markers started the last lap the wind increased and the back markers started to close the gaps. Tony Murrell, Eugene Czulij and Tony Peach increased the pace and they started to pick up the front markers. Gordon Spargo was able to stay with this bunch and up Misery Lane the last time it was Tony Peach driving the pace assisted by Dave O’Dwyer, Eugene and Tony Murrell. Kent Fuller was the last front marker caught with 2 kilometres to go.


Tony Peach continued to drive hard on the front ensuring that the scratchmen could not bridge the gap. In a close sprint finish it was O’Dwyer edging out Eugene Czulij, Tony Murrell 3rd Gordon Spargo, Tony Peach and Johnny Parrello close behind. The scratchmen’s sprint was won by Mal Kimpton just in front of Graeme Walker, Peter McWaters and Laurie Fitzsimmons. Mal’s time was 1 hour, 1 minute and 11 seconds.
1st Dave O’Dwyer 1.04.34
2 Eugene Czulij
3 Tony Murrell
4 Gordon Spargo
5 Tony Peach
6 Johnny Parrello
7 Kent Fuller
8 Ross West
9 Terry Collie0
10 David Phillips
Fastest Time: Mal Kimpton 1.01.11



Sunday 13 March


No race Labour Day weekend


Wednesday 9 March – Supervets


Dave Phillips fights the wind on Blackgate Road to cross the line first!

On the way out and running late, I was thinking what I needed; shoes, taillight etc. I saw a cool dull day ahead with a cold ESE wind, 17 degrees. Big decision about what to wear, extra layer? Along Blackgate Road, Gordon was putting signs out. A quick look at the start list saw me down with Ian Sumner off 18 mins and the last time we rode together Ian won so that was a good omen as we approached the Ides of March. Better check the tyre pressure, looks like there is a slow leak in the rear tyre, hope it lasts the race. Dave O’Dwyer is calling out that the rider briefing is now on, looks like I am late again, maybe time for a warmup when Ken Mansfield goes off on 25 mins. I missed hearing where the finish is. So very tough into the wind along Blackgate Road, we caught Ken about halfway to the turn. When we turned the next group of Celicia, Harold and Mal (13 mins) didn’t seem to have taken much time out of us and it was now good going with the wind behind. The rest of the field were in order Ian , Gordon , Tina and Paul 7 mins then Les, Eugene, Mario, and Tony , 4 mins, was Tony slipping a bit already and Graeme and Mal looking strong as scratch markers. Back at the club room turn, Ian said he had a knee issue, so it looked like a TT race for me now.

Along Blackgate Road into the wind was even tougher; why is there always one more rise than expected before the descent to the turn? An out and back gives a good look at where everyone is, and scratch looked like they had caught second scratch. It turned out that scratch got two red flags at the Blackgate Road turn, such is life. Tina’s group gave me lots of encouragement so did the commissaire. I was still clear at Robbie Nichol’s tree where once a tree branch fell and knocked his bike off the car so only another 5 minutes to the finish. Second Harold Bentley and third Mal Cole. Graeme Walker fastest time (in spite of red flags!)

1st David Phillips
2nd Harold Bentley
3rd Mal Cole
4th Cecilia Digenis
5th Mario Cordedda
6th & Fastest time Graeme Walker



Sunday 6 March


A great morning for racing!! Well done to trial rider David Harmer for riding away solo and finishing well ahead of the next riders. An impressive effort, the handicapper will be watching. Congratulations to the scratch bunch of three for taking the honours hitting the front late in the race. A long sprint by Jesse to take the win and fastest time over Gregory Hosking and Steven Sullivan.


1st & FT Jesse Cropley 1:23:48 40.8 km/h,
2nd Gregory Hosking’s,
3rd Steven Sullivan,
4th Andrew Pounceby(5min),
5th Eugeniusu Czulij (17min),
6th Stuart Pretty (17min),
7th Tony Peach (17min),
8th Darren Richards (21min),
9th David Linden (13min),
10th Chris Cahill (13min).
Fastest female Tina Stenos.



Wednesday 2 March – Supervets


Graeme Wilson rides solo to the finish!
1st Graeme Wilson
2nd Lew Targett
3rd Mal Cole
4th Rob Masters
5th & Fastest time: Mal Kimpton
6th Graeme Walker
7th Peter McWaters
8th Tony Ross
9th Gordon Spargo
10th Tina Stenos



Sunday 27 February


Race cancelled due to low numbers


Wednesday 23 February – Supervets


Nice day for a race on a course we haven’t raced for awhile. Johnny Parrello (part of the awesome foursome) steals the win!
1st Johnny Parello
2nd Allan McKay
3rd Gordon Spargo
4th Tina Stenos
5th Paul Barrett
6th Graeme Wilson
7th David Phillips
8th Graeme Walker
9th Mal Kimpton
10th Cecilia Digenis


Sunday 20 February


Cafe LaHoot in Winchelsea sponsored this mornings GSCC handicap race. Great weather for a challenging course. The racers had to complete 3 lap to claim the goods. Graeme Walker crossed the line just over new rider David Linden to finish 1st!


1st Graeme Walker
2nd David Linden (new rider)
3rd Micheal Papiernik (new rider)
4th Luke Rowe
5th Tony Peach
6th Shaun Thompson
7th Chris Cahill
8th Hayden Vigor (new rider)
9th & fastest female Sharon Boyd
10th & Fastest time Josh Vassallo



Wednesday 16 February – Supervets


25 Keen racers presented for the Supervets Team Sealed Handicap race. The field had been divided into five teams of four and one of five and we were sent off on the three lap course at 3 minute intervals. I was in the five member team (later dubbed ‘the Smooth Operators’) with Rob Masters, Terry Collie, Graeme Wilson and Dave Phillips. We quickly got into a good rhythm and I was very soon feeling the benefits of riding in such a smooth experienced team. The conditions were excellent with very little wind so we managed to keep up a respectable pace even up Misery Lane. On the first lap we caught the team that had been sent out 3 minutes before us and then worked strongly to keep ahead of those following.

We only got a bit loose once and then stayed together well for the rest of the race. The key to this type of racing and what made it so enjoyable was that we had to all stick together supporting each other right to the end which we did crossing the finish line just 21 seconds in front of the charging scratch team of Kimpton, Cummings, Cordedda and Fitzsimons. When the sealed handicap was revealed the Smooth Operators were very happy to discover they had indeed won. Many thanks to Marcus, Gordon and Longy, all the Marshalls, organisers who made the race possible and of course my fellow team members. That was fun!! I hope we can do it again.



Sunday 13 February – New riders day



F Grade. 1st John Craig (tr) 2nd Neil Maurer (welcome back), 3rd Terry Robinson


E Grade. 1st Paul Barrett (tr), 2nd Robin Gilchrist (tr), 3rd Paul Bubb.


D Grade. 1st Adam Marks (tr), 2nd Luke Rowe, 3rd Tony Peach


C Grade. 1st Damian St.Pierre, 2nd Peter Wynne, 3rd Eugene Czulij


B Grade. 1st Mike Furness, 2nd Jamie Wallis (tr), 3rd Ben Drayton (tr). (sorry Mike you were talking!!)


A Grade. 1st Paul Sheean, 2nd Steven Sullivan, 3rd Nigel Pearson.


Wednesday 9 February – Supervets


After having my annual cardiology test passed successfully, confirming that I do have a heart and it’s in good working order and I’m good to go there could be no excuses about having a crack at not being dropped. I awoke to an overcast but steaming morning and bid the wife goodbye as I headed down to Paraparap. Whilst listening to the ABC and how the Queen has spaced her vowels. I began to wonder who or where I would be placed in the race and whether I would be spaced correctly. To my pleasure, I had been put forward a group after struggling to keep in contact in the last few races with the groups I had been placed with. I had psyched myself up for the normal race and did my warm-up accordingly and then found out the course had been changed, time to re-think the game plan, don’t get dropped, don’t get dropped. The group of Ross, Murray, Cecilia and myself (the young ones) started 11mins behind the double Ks Kent and Ken.

The initial climb up Blackgate had the ticker working (thankfully) and the group hurtled off towards our first Uturn, we all had the turning circle of the Titanic (which was built in Belfast, and if you have the opportunity to seethe movie Belfast do.) oops I digress once again. At the turn around Ross dropped off leaving just 3 remaining. Dave Phillips and Terry Collie minus oh no I left my battery at home Lew Targett were chasing hard to catch us, a k or soon the group of Wilson, Spargo and Stenos also were riding hard to chase us down, as were the group of Hunt ,O’Dwyer and Peach and further 2nd scratch of Baillle, Fitzsimons Cummings, Czulij and Cordedda were working hard, Mal Kimpton from scratch had the tongue dangling out trying to convince us he was suffering, we weren’t fooled.

Out and back one more time and all groups had kept the positions, we managed to get over Ken but alas our group had diminished to Cecilia and me, heading into Misery still hadn’t caught Kent and could see a solo figure in the distance, or it could have been a tree not sure. We both tried to push hard up Misery to keep away from the pursuing packs and after turning into Forest Rd we caught up with Kent at the 29k mark. Up and over the rollers of Forest then left into Grays and we were keeping the pedals spinning as hard as we could, the two us rode very smoothly together both sharing the load. Once more into the breeze of Misery at this stage we couldn’t feel any hot breath upon our necks although my tongue was starting to loll.

Pushing as hard as we could we reached Larcombes , we ploughed onto towards the finish line, I managed to get a break from Cecilia but still expecting to feel the earth shudder with the peloton engulfing us, it was bum down time and get to that finishing line, I managed to get in ahead of Cecilia to win. We both turned around to see the peloton powering towards the finishing line with Mark Cummings just finishing ahead of Mal Kimpton, Eugene and Tina.

Well done to all riders. Great handicapping as more than 60% of the field finished within one and a half minutes of each other. Thanks to all the helpers if it wasn’t for them it would only be a ride

Next week’s race is a Teams Sealed Handicap Race.


1St Mal Cole
2nd Cecilia Digenis
3rd Mark Cummings
4th & Fastest time: Mal Kimpton
5th & Fastest female: Tina Tina Tober Stenos



Sunday 6 February


No race held due to low numbers


Wednesday 2 February – Supervets


Ken is proving age does not matter! He is not only 84 and racing, but he is winning! Handicap racing is for everyone! I want to be just like Kenny!!


Ist Ken Mansfield
2nd Lew Targett
3rd Harold Bentley
4th Graeme Wilson
5th Paul Bubb
6th Paul Barrett (new member)
7th and Fastest time: Graeme Walker
8th Mal Kimpton
9th John Hayden
10th David O’Dwyer



Sunday 30 January


Race 3/Final of the TCA Get Addicted Scratch Race Series.
30 starters contested the series across 5 grades.

A Grade
No riders

B Grade: 1st Shaun Thompson (visiting rider)
2nd Anthony Seipolt
3rd: Mike Furness

C grade: 1st Les Tokoyi
2nd Chris Fenech
3rd Vincent Haveaux

D Grade: 1st Chris Fice (visiting rider)
2nd Eugene Czulij
3rd Darren Richards

E: 1st Daryl Hilton
2nd Joe Gulino
3rd Paul Bubb

F Grade: 1st Max Clayton


Congratulations to all the series winners!

Series Winners:
A Grade: Paul Sheehan 8 points
B Grade: David Rowe 7 points
C Grade: Brad Keating 8 points
D Grade: Les Czerniszewski 9 points
E Grade: Daryl Hilton 9 points
F Grade: Terry Robinson 8 points
see photos for points for the series



Wednesday 26 January – Supervets


Great morning for a race on the Australia Day holiday! 38 racers fronted up and The Birdman (Paul Bird) flew to the finish for the victory! Australia Day 2022 saw 38 GSCC racers assemble at Paraparap for a 3 lap 38 km dash around the circuit. Weather conditions were humid with temperatures in the mid 20s and a gentle south easterly breeze.

Ten groups started from the limit rider of Ken Mansfield at 9:30 to complete 2 laps of the course to the scratch men of Martin Lonie and Paul Sheean at 10:00.My group of 5 riders, Gordon Spargo, Tina Stenos, Darren Richards, Tim Van Slageren started at 9:38. The turns were smooth and the pace solid for the first lap as dropped riders began to appear ahead. With five riders of similar ability the turns continued smoothly and one and twos of riders from the out marks were passed or clung to the back.

The action started along Hendy Main road when Tina punctured showering Darren and his new bike in white goo as the tubeless tyre sealed itself. Coming up the last part of misery lane, as we were closing in on the group ahead, a collective groan came from our group as we heard the chasing group approach from behind. We felt we had ridden so well only to be caught with more than a lap to go. We knuckled down and worked with the group which included Tony Peach, Laurie Fitzsimon, Eugene Czulij and David Baillie. The only attack on Forest road hill came from Eugene but he soon realised it was too far to ride to the finish on his own. This large group of about a dozen took the lead along Hendy Main road the last time as the strong men hit the front and started to put riders under pressure. Laurie Fitzsimon and Tony Peach dragged the group through the chicane and then Darren and Eugene struck out for the finish line, opening a gap in the bunch which I happily filled.


1. Paul Bird
2. Eugen Czulij
3. Darren Richards
4. Gordon Spargo
5. Tina Stenos
6. Tommy Gray
7. Tony Peach
8. Laurie Fitzsimon
9. David Baillie
Fastest Time Martin Lonie
Fastest female Tina Stenos
Thank you to all the volunteers that made it possible.



Sunday 23 January


TCA Get Addicted Scratch Race Series – Race 2 results
A Grade
1st Paul Sheehan

B Grade
1st Chris Cahill
2nd Anthony Seipolt
3rd David Rowe

C Grade
1st Brad Keating
2nd Vincent Haveaux
3rd Steve Barrile

D Grade
1st Les Czerniszewski
2nd Paul Bird
3rd Steve Barrile

E Grade
1st Darryl Hilton
2nd David Phillips
3rd Tina Stenos

F Grade
1st Terry Robinson
All racing volunteers will get 1 point.
TCA Get Addicted Race Series – Point accrued from Race 1 & 2

A Grade
Paul Sheehan 8

B Grade
David Rowe 6
Chris Cahill 4
Tony French 4
Anthony Seipolt 3
Mark Cummings 2
Kane Airey 1
Craig French 1

C Grade
Brad Keating 8
Vincent Haveaux 5
Les Tokolyi 3
Steve Barrile 2
Corinne Rice 1
Chris Fenech 2
Tony Peach 1

D Grade
Les Czerniszewski 8
David O’Dwyer 4
Paul Bird 3
Darren Richards 3
Eugene Czulij 2
Luke Rowe 1
Paul Beasley 1
Tony Spark 1

E Grade
Gordon Spargo 5
Tina Stenos 5
Darryl Hilton 5
David Phillips 3
Joe Gulino 2
Marcus Coppock 1

F Grade
Terry Robinson 8
All racing volunteers will get 1 point.



Wednesday 19 – Supervets


The wind didn’t stop Ken Mansfield from conquering the course.
1st Ken Mansfield
2nd Gordon Spargo
3rd Johnny Parrello
4th Eugene Czulij
5th Paul Bird
6th Tina Tober Stenos (Fastest Female)
7th Tony Peach
8th Mal Kimpton (Fastest Male) 1:02:58
9th Cecilia Digenis
10th Mario Cordedda



Sunday 16 January


TCA Get Addicted Race Series. Generously sponsored by our member Chris Shay. Thanks to the members who came to race on such a beautiful day. This series is about encouraging our members to get addicted to racing again after all the interruptions of the previous years. Come out and have a go! You don’t have to do every race. You can do 1, 2, or the whole series! Points will be calculated and advertised soon. Placing on the day:
A Grade 1st Paul Sheehan
B Grade 1st David Rowe 2nd Tony French 3rd Mark Cummings
C Grade 1st Brad Keating 2nd Les Tokolyi 3rd Vincent Haveaux
D. Grade Les Czerniszewski, 2nd David O’Dwyer 3rd Darren Richards
E Grade 1st Gordon Spargo 2nd Tina Stenos 3rd Joe Gulino
F Grade 1st Terry Robinson


TCA Get Addicted Race Series – Race 1

A Grade
Paul Sheehan 4

B Grade
David Rowe 4
Tony French 3
Mark Cummings 2

C Grade
Brad Keating 4
Les Tokolyi 3
Vincent Haveaux 2
Corinne Rice 1
Chris Fenech 1

D Grade
Les Czerniszewski 4
David O’Dwyer 3
Darren Richards 2
Luke Rowe 1

E Grade
Gordon Spargo 4
Tina Stenos 3
Joe Gulino 2
Darryl Hilton 1

F Grade
Terry Robinson 4
All racing volunteers will get 1 point.


race date should read January not February


2022 Bay Crits Stage 1 – Eastern Gardens Geelong


There were three GSCC riders competing in today’s Bay Crits.
Corinne Rice (6th) and Erin Rowell (7th) in the Support Women’s race.
Jesse Cropley (15th) in the Support. Martin Lonie finished an impressive 7th in Men’s Support race.
All 4 rode great races on a challenging course.


2022 Bay Crits Stage 2 Final- Eastern Gardens Geelong


Geelong put on the weather for the final day of the Crits. There were 2 GSCC riders competing in today’s Bay Crits.
Corinne Rice (6th) and 6th overall in the Support Women’s race.
Jesse Cropley rode an impressive race (14th) in the Support. Tim Bennett finished 7th today. He has raced this series for 25 years! Wow, didn’t think he was that old? 😊Martin Lonie finished 3rd. He rode a fantastic race to finish 3rd overall!
Congratulations to all who raced!