Autumn Sash Race 2014 sponsored by KVA Design 25th May 2014
Phillip Robinson takes a well deserved win after riding most of the race on his own from limit finishing ahead of the field.
A good field of 33 riders tackled mild Autumn conditions with wet roads from earlier rain and an increasing north westerly winds made difficult conditions towards the end of the race of 49 kilometres at Paraparap on Sunday April 25th.
The thirty two minute limit riders of Phillip Robinson and Ken Mansfield road well for together till the turn around at Forest Road until Phil decided to go out on his own making good time up the road.
The majority of the groups were working well together making up time on the front riders. The very strong scratch bunch were working very well and quite fast making up good time and caught the second scratch bunch before the Grey’s Road turn for the first time. Meanwhile the 12.00 minute group were making good progress catching the 16.00 and 21.00 minute bunches around the lap for first time but still they had Phillip to catch well up the road.
The combined scratch and second scratch bunch started to break up along misery lane for the first time mainly by the strong work by visiting rider Shane Millar. (Grampians Vets). Shane continued to ride at a super pace trying to catch the leading riders. Still 11.00 minutes behind Phillip with one lap to go, Shane road through the field to finish by himself one minute behind Phillip. Dennis Sonogan sprinted very well to finish 3rd.

1st, Phillip Robinson. 1:40.08 (29.37km/h) 2nd and fastest time Shane Millar (Gr) 1:08.18 (43.18km/h), Dennis Sonogan, Peter Wynne, Andy Schep, Paul Bird, Joe Gulino, Dave Phillips, Robin Smith, Carl Judd