In the longest and toughest race of the year limit rider Ken Mansfield pulled off a great victory. Ken rode 70 kilometres on his own in hot and extremely windy conditions on Sunday September 28 to win the inaugural “mountain top finish” handicap race. Riding off 55 minutes before scratch Ken held off the strong 12 minute group of Dave Spence, Vic Mason and Shane Korth to win by over 2 minutes. The tough conditions took its toll on the riders with over a third of the 33 starters failing to finish. Matthew McDonough recorded fastest time of 1:52:42 Ave 37.4km/hr
1.Ken Mansfield 2:44:57 Ave 25.5km/hr 2.Davis Spence 3.Vic Mason 4. Barry Clay 5. Shane Korth 6. Matthew McDonough 7.Dave Pike 8.Tony French 9.Jonathon Lacey (Eur) 10. Andrew Baker